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530 Rockaway Turnpike, Lawrence, NY 11559

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REVIEWS OF Five Towns Hand Car Wash IN New York

Michael Sheard

They cleaned the car well every single guys rock

Jeffrey Diamond

I am crazy about my car and this is the only car wash I will go to. No machines touch your car. When things touch your car more chances for damage and scratches. They have guys inside that use mitts to had wash your car. They make it nice and soapy so the dirt lifts off. If they miss a spot they are happy to run it through again. In the winter I try and go once a week to get the road salt off the under carriage.

Shalaunda Andre

knights OTRT

This Car Wash is Amazing. I Get a Full custom Executive Wash with a wax Every Week. The Car is Always Ready On Time, Every Time. And Spotless You can eat Off the Paint. I don't let anyone touch my Car But this wash is after my own Heart. I Highly Recommend this location it's 100% hand wash (no Brushes). Catered to High End Cars and the Price is Right A1 !!! $

Nerlin Honore

Alan Lama

Worst car wash ever !!!.. I went yesterday and the owner is a very rude person, makes you feel like is a free car wash service...they dont clean your vehicle properly, don't waste your time going to this place.... NOT RECOMMENDED.. Dont visit this car wash, NOT worth it and VERY Expensive

Js Js

Hand washing

Mouri Bee

Great place. The owner likes to b apart of his staff. Hes a very people oreinted individual. He makes sure ur happy with all.hes the white older guy with curly white hair n glasses.that u wouldnt even tell he own the place. But great guy. When ur vehical comes out of here its show room. He owner is informative,his place details as well with top of the line products,hand wash to,suprem wash for 22 to 25 not bad for what u get from inside to outside of ur vehical. If anyone person is out of line the owner nips that right their.but his staff is great n trust worthy no stealing from ur vehical. Costomers r pleased. I go here every week. Try it n u will see on rockaway tpke. Counter clock wise from cosco u cant miss it.right beside batting 5towns.

John Hartung

Loved this place since they opened LONG ago. But now they put RAIN-X in the cleaning mix. It's like smearing silicone grease on my windows. Very difficult to get off. Makes a mess.

andrew zaltman

Rude don’t vacuum cars well.

adam weinreb

Barely cleaned anything on the interior then said my car was cleaner than it was before and they got 60% of the dirt. I don't know why a car wash cleans based on percentages

Chanoch Sofer

osvaldo pena

Sam Baron

Bad service, plus they close at 6 pm not 7 pm. I don't think you should use this place. Thanks, Sam Baron

Xiomara Shepard

Nissim Bee

Horrible service owner son had an attitude paid for the more expensive clean and they did not clean. Ended up cleaning my own car in front of them. Don’t waste your money having to be on top of them. Go somewhere where they just clean your car and you leave happy the service was done

avrum teitelbaum

Best car wash ever seen for high end cars making great job and great customer services and very affordable pricing

Gloria Creech

Excellent service

Ross Silverman

Pushpinder Singh

Karol Popławski

It is the beat car wash if you comper it to other car washes in the area. I was it that business couple years

Nathaniel Levin

Genuine hand wash

Aleem Abdool

Best car wash. Decent prices. Regular customer.

Armena Gayle

Jesus Castillo

(Translated by Google) Very good service and friendliness (Original) Muy buen servicio y amabilidad

ernest harris

I'm The Original

I take my S63 there all the time crew does an excellent job

Shirley Tillman

Yitzi Gantz


It was quick, wash was good but the mats were not done well even though there was a separate charge for each. A bit pricey but that is expected from an actual hand wash.

liltt12343 Msp

Best car wash I ever been to


Quick service make sure to check the details. They will make any correction necessary

travis barclay

One of the best car wash in the area..the super wash package leaves your car shining for the entire week

jamal Busby

Did a great job on my car


All I have to say is that if you want your belongings taken out from your car without permission, this is the place to go!!! I had my beats headphones go missing from my car and it was done when you pull in around the back. I usually only let one attendant in my car because I have had quarters stolen from my car before but on this day he wasn't there in the morning. I got their "executive package" and a rude tall attendant got in my car to move it and once it was moved it was left in the spot for about 10 minutes and no one started to work on my car. I decided to leave and go to a different car wash. On my way to the other car wash I realized my headphone which were on my passenger seat were missing. I called them and spoke to a manager who didn't seem to care at all. Never will I ever give them any more business nor will any of my friends and family.

Math Tutor

I wash my car here every 2 weeks on the way to work. It’s a car wash, what else need be said?


Only sometimes you get your car wash good


Spot Light

Great car wash, does not tear up the paint. Gentleman out there cleaning your car clean throughly and pay attention to detail. I have been a customer for over a decade.

Kevin Singh

Nicole K

Dani Siegel


Sadiq Cyrus


(Translated by Google) God (Original) Gud

Roseanna Marshall


Paul Attanasio

Great attention to detail.

Snow Bunny

Excellent wash and vacuum, just wish it wasn't so expensive.

Ronald Thompson


Good service

Chauncey Plummer

Beto Brooks


Really cheap and they do a great job.

Jessica Staco

Disappointed. I've never left a carwash with my interior so dirty. It's like an insult, like I'm not going to see the obvious dirt. I've seen similar complaints in other reviews. That being said, *some* of the staff was really nice and attentive and went the extra mile. The two stars are for them. One fellow cleaned some grass off that was sticking to the car (evidence of the careless, lazy job of the main crew). Another gentleman was kind enough to shoo a bug out of my car. All very much appreciated. I didn't complain. At that point, I was just disgusted and done. I'm not going to pay you, and then beg you to do a basic part of your job. I just complain with my wallet and not return.

Joel Rosenberg

Herstyle T9s

Excellent service

Michael Stewart

No diversity



jacqueline parker

New management is awful Father and son They do not deserve 1 star I usually get xtra vac.... Now i must take out the things in my trunk .or they don't vacuum. No engish speaking workers... Called to soeak management He presumed it was another issue Constant ...unprofessionalism

Nesha Gordon

Mark Sarro

Michelle Dunn

I have always received great service at this establishment. My car leaves shining. Thank you all for being thorough and taking pride in providing great service. Love the new renovated check out area.

Rah Khan

I drive past several others car washes to come here. They are 100% hand wash. With that being said they are gonna miss a spot here or there, that doesn't mean they won't fix it when they are done. The owner or the supervisor walks around each car and approves if it's good or not, and if it isn't they start to take care of it. Overall a great car wash.

Gregory Patterson

Kishaun Hall

Laura Brinkhus

This is the best car wash for miles. They pay attention to detail very well.

lo PVO

Amazing service I love it I go here every time for a wash !

leon Kennedy

The people hear so unbelievable I trying to wipe my car but then someone come over to me say I can't wipe my car so I left don't go there it has bad service

david shin

It's not worth it, they don't clean right, stains everywhere. Stay away!!!

Fay Willis

The owner of this business is the most arrogant, racist and small minded person I ever met. He need to get some hospitality training. Please and thank you goes a for way.

Darren Nelson

Great carwash

suvendra rampersaud

Great service and a good value for your money , staff pleasant to deal with .

Cj Mccaffrey

I just bought a 2016 nissan altima and took it for its first car wash here. When it was done I looked at my car and there were multiple scratches on it. Then the manager comes up to me and say "yo, show me where it happened." I said I have no clue, it's a band new car. That did not have any scratches when I got here. He returns and says well idk what to tell u call the cops. So that's what I did. Terrible service and rude workers. I'm sitting here waiting for the cops and they are heckling me while I wait. Sorry i know 100 percent it happened here.

Jake Marsh

Service is good

Thelma Cadet

William Hogan

Steven Vega

The place is dated along with the majority of the area. I checked out their website which is very nice and modern but seems to be in disagreement with the actual businesses appearance. The car was clean. That's all that matters. One of the few hand wash spots in the area in which should be capitalized on. I wish I knew about this spot sooner working @ JFK Airport.

Yukio Mukaibo

Hand washers are fun to watch

lance lexus

This place was the place to wash your car. They recently changed owners, at first i was hesitant to go back because they changed some of the prices. But when the job was done i was sold. My car looked like a brand new car fresh from the showcase.

James Bradshaw

Robert Mizrahi

Impeccable attention to detail with a car wash done by hand. Gentler on your cars finish and hand wiped with the boss supervising

Loretta Denoie

It good could do better services price gone up a lot

Jacob Soffer

Love this place. The new owners are great. Excellent service and they really seem to get the car cleaned


Anastasia Morris

They are very good at what they do

Sabyasachi Kundu

Great people and attentive service.

Jessica Treadwell


julius peart

The staff and service is always good. The owner or the guy in charge is very rude. He does not know how to speak to customers.

Marcus Pyatt

Great hand washing, waxing, and employees Your car will look like New!!!!

Kara Cakes

The best hand wash for a great price!! They completely clean your car and send you off shining!! I drive all the way from Brooklyn just for their wash!!

Sadekul Alam

If you want to waste your money and time then go there. They didn’t vacuum correctly even tho I paid for platinum and I felt rushed to leave. unprofessional customer service.

Maime Faulkner

They do a good job cleaning ur car

Stewart Cools-Lartigue

Carl Cort

Simon Afriat

Great Car wash

patrick morrison

Nicole Bailey

Tj Davis

Boss Lady

Judith Figueroa

Good job of making your car look brand new!

rawr sauce

I left my car there for detailing and went work. When i came back spotless i work as a mechanic and i come in my car with grease, oil, dirt you name it with tan seats. almost everything was cleaned out it was amazing. It was almost as driving a new car. as for belongings i kept my laptop in my truck and a few tools laying around. If they found it i saw they put it holder near by even the coins! 10/10 would goto them again

K Max

Great job on my mercedes

Romina Lucero

Moshe Feigenbaum

They did a good job on my car.

Don Emanuel

They did a great job

Elchanan Adamker

Worst car wash ever! Massive rip-off! Don't go here!

linda champion

excellent service

Unique Dee

Don't go when it's very hot outside because they rush the process and sometimes I feel like I should have went to the regular car wash

Ariel Aldana

Es una basura no sirve pague 30 dólares y no me lo dejaron limpio por dentro lleno de tierra tube que ir a otro lugar para que me lo limpiará otra ves

Simcha Katz

A 30 minute job took over an hour and then my windows weren't even done from the inside they used dirty rags and there was junk stuck to my car that wasn't there when I got there

Elena Ellis

They do a thorough job. They really pay attention to the details. I am a loyal customer!

Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs

Superior service! Owner went out of his way to make sure we were satisfied. Excellent job as my car shined like new inside and out.


Had to point to the missed spots

Ana Arias

Kevin Marek

Car flooded a bit and needed some water vacuumed out. The job was done and the man who helped me recommended that since it was still damp and was going to smell to pour some baking soda to absorb the excess moisture. Baking soda ended up clumping and sticking to the carpet ruining it. If I left a bad review for that alone the owner would probably respond saying that I should've tried coming over to work it out. I did in fact go back to work it out with them but instead got yelled at by the owner and manager that I was lying about the bad advice coming from their car wash, claiming they don't recognize me ever being there, and that I was trying to scam them. They even refused to look for a receipt to prove to them that I was just there. Straight up terrible service. Edit: The man made a pouring gesture when he advised me. When I specifically asked if it should be poured to absorb it he said yes. It sat there for about 5 days not several weeks. My car was parked where I was told to pull in and I was yelled "MOVE YOUR CAR, YOU'RE KILLING MY BUSINESS" as I was taking 3 minutes to figure out If I was able to leave the car for the day to get cleaned. This poor review is mostly based on how you handled the situation when I returned. I tried talking all you did was yell.


Seems like not as good as this place used to be. My car went in without swirlmarks but I was surprised how bad it looked when it came out Responding back to your comment. Brushes are NOT..repeat NOT the only wash medium which has contact with the paint. So if you knew who I was you'd wonder why I haven't been back. But I think your "guys" need new wash mitts because something happened here.

Sandra Thomas

They take pride in cleaning your vehicle. Plus the manager makes sure everything is perfect when they finish the job.

Hilla Kozuch

Lee King

Nick Lynn

They are fast, courteous, and CONSISTENTLY do a good job cleaning the car. No trouble with scratches or other weird blemishes on windows, etc. Recommended.

Bernie Alvarez

These guys mean business. I stopped going to machine car washes since it damages/scratches the paint. Been taking my Jeep to them for 6 months now and still in great condition. Fast service and chill staff permanent customer for sure!

John Stevenson

Such great service.

Eric L

A bit pricey but they always do a good job.

Nicholas George

Very expensive and for the money wasn't washed properly 1tine experience

Tristan King

They did a great job on the executive walk

Deborrah Smith

Toby Klein

Gerald Lipsky

They do a great job.

Juan Carlos Recinos

Very popular hand car wash place. This car wash has hardworking staff that do their best to make sure your hard comes out clean. it had different packages depending on the need of your car. It is worth visiting and trying them out. I believe it is worth the money.

esther klein

Salem Aziz

Lorraine Stockley

Malika Smith

Nice ppl. But overcharge for interior detailing because it didn't come out all that clean.

Milana Pink

Customer service on point! Closed during the rain yet they still provided service, and this is the best feeling when you desperately need service and they cater to their customers...thank you!!!

David Burke

Love it

Lou Cypher

Staff isn't that friendly let alone polite. They do a decent job washing a car.

Natan Hoffmann

Amazing job and amazing service! You exceeded my expectations. I will be back!! I recommend the "Executive wash"

Lily Light

Katrina Faulkner

Jim Baker

Love the place


Just moved to area my car is sparkling! Left something on register and one of the gentleman brought it right to me... Love the attention to detail and they have women doing the cars as well we will be back next week

Pasha Durr

frank hill jr

too high price

yossi itzkowitz

Very happy the way they cleaned my car.

Learn. Daven.Grow. Shiurim

JuGA Adrien

The place to be shine

Irving Maloney

Good service


Tiffany McCann

I love the way they clean my car with so much care.

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