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REVIEWS OF Cross County Car Wash IN New York

Jason Obrien

Very happy with the final result. They took their time and made sure one of the dirtiest cars in the Bay left sparkling. Fast and Friendly service.

Dee Mack

First time I went it was grea t second time I went it was not so great

Thomas L.

I'm very reluctant to use automatic car washes. No matter what they claim, they all leave swirls in your car's paint over time. But in a pinch, sometimes this is your only option. Cross County did a great job with the basic, $13 full service wash, which should be good enough for most people. They cleaned my floor mats, vacuumed the carpet underneath and did a good job wiping the windows and dashboard clean. Again, I try to stick to hand washes but in a pinch, Cross County Car Wash does a good job. Go during the week in the morning to avoid long lines.

Michael James

I used to take my Mercedes AMG there when I had it, BRUSHES DON'T SCRATCH the paint. Hard withing staff, funny forget to to those guys that wash and dry the car.

Hector Cabassa

Got an oil change and the car detailed, very friendly and efficient.

Triqqa Trent

I helped one of the owners at my job gave them a great experience then they rewarded me w| an offer to get a full detail at half price. I finally cashed it in at the end of August. When I went to the 1 of 2 owner and told them he said the best he can do is a price slight more than what I was offered before. Ok, I didnt mind I scheduled anyways and went to get my car detailed & before I left the car w| my friends I sprayed my (Sauvage) cologne on to walk around the mall. Few hours later come back to Car was done. He explained the stains that couldn’t come out and why I understood , later when I check my console my bottle of cologne is MISSING. (along with $2 dollars which I could care less about) Knowing it was in there originally I called and asked if they had seen it they said they’ll look. Didn’t hear anything I called 2 days later and the manager says nothing was there he’ll ask the workers. I called the next day and the manager answers and he say sorry there nothing there and nothing he can do. I tell him I know it was in there because I used it before I left them the car. He says “Thats why you’re not suppose to leave anything in the car before service.” I don’t agree with this. THE SAME WAY I ABLE TO TRUST YOU WITH MY CAR TO DO A SERVICE IS THE SAME WAY I SHOULD BE ALBE TO TRUST THAT NOTHING WILL GO MISSING IN MY CAR THAT WASNT AN OBSTRUCTION. The best he said he can do is offer a few free car washes. WHY WOULD I GO BACK TO A BUSINESS WHERE I LEFT SOMETHING IN MY CAR AND IT JUST DISAPPEARS. In conclusion I wouldn’t trust getting any service there w| valuables in the car or wouldn’t Recommend their services to anyone.

Alexis Cruz

These guys do an excellent job with details.


Excellent car wash. My car just looks right after these guys are finished with it. Also love the fact I can get organic car air freshener here.

Jake Lim

Good car wash, they're very detail oriented compared to other car washes in the area.

Paloma Cavallo

They are very fast!

Michael Denning

Great wash

Alida Arnao

Dont have a car

Alex Estremera

One of the best car wash around, it's hard to find one and I found it.


This car wash is ghetto you go there for an oil change, the Workers Do not acknowlege you, They are on the telephone. do what I do, just drive away and go somewhere else. This is a tall tail that they are going to do a crappy job. NO THANKS! They do not value the business. The car wash people, the same thing. look Who they hire, even worse, the staff are very sarcastic to the customers.

Erica B

If you love long waits

Ronny Oemraw

I always have my car cleaned here the staff are nice and they work fast and they do a correct job all the time no complaints

Tuffy Questell

This car wash may have kept me on line a little too long, but the service was excellent, they knew that it was my first time and they gave me a free air freshener & were really personable!! I will return and YOU should try them!

Raffaele Maffei

Actually, a really good car wash. Got the basic wash, 10 bucks I think but truck stayed clean for days, even after it rained

The Realist Michelangelo

Lots of different prices for washing, kinda expensive depending on what you get. The line for service and wash can be confusing, the left side of the line is for the car wash and the right side is for service like oil change stuff like that

Jacob Leoni

Just did not get the car clean. There was just no care put into the work. The exterior of the car had bugs still stuck on areas (pictured). The interior of the car was very poorly vacuumed (pictured). The interior of the car was also very poorly wiped down (pictured). I purchased the 2nd place package.

Aishah San Andres

After the whole craziness with Sandy I can say these guys did such an amazing job controlling traffic and making sure everyone got serviced. They have been open.over 24hrs some standing out there for.hours... I got to give it to them... The car washes are pretty good although I prefer hand wash but its convenient to go around the corner... Ever place may need some improvement but overall they are great

oscar noel melendez

Cross County Car Wash,I consider it as the best of yonker, because when I go to wash my car, The painting looks bright I see new I love it, always use the best products To wash the cars, but The best experience you take it in the way They treat you The owners and employees are very friendly.Always they are there to help you to make you happy with the service. I'm leaving happy thank you

The Professional

My favorite gas carwash and coffee, Frankie and alex make you feel like your walking into a 5 star hotel ! Shout out

Damian Gul

I been going to this place for years so has my mother today i took my car in for a wash a brand new 2019 accord sport my driver side wheel got curbed from there car wash they didn't wanna take responsibility. I was told my car had to jump the track holder for your tires to hold you in place so that your car can be pulled through the wash. I have 19 inch low profile tires my rim kissed the track on camera and said it couldn't have caused that damage thats a blant lie now i have to come 600 dollars out of pocket for something i didn't do never will go back

Karl Scarlett

Need to clean car better.

Julio's kitchen Ramos 52

Good car wash. Only one stall to wash car.

Ron Charles

The best car wash in Yonkers.

Reacting with Ashley kimberly

They doing a good work

Isabella Tyson

Highly recommended car washing company :)

Craig Casey

Very good staff, friendly and competent.

Thomas Ramirez

Very very poor job was done to my Mercedes Benz they couldn't even finish doing to my windows You pay over $35 to get a great job done is such a joke I guess out to try oakleys I never had a problem with them

Jay Kool

Not so bad did pretty good job, but the never wipe the inside of door jams

Joe Carrión

Always the best second 2 none. Worth every penny

Yezenia Velez

Great service. Staff is very friendly. A lot of options to choose from. Can get packed especially for the car wash part. Oil change area is phenomenal. They take great care of my car.

kristina nilaj

I went to the cross county car wash for the first time earlier today and my car is usually very clean. I just needed a little vacuum and exterior. I paid for a full service and when they brought the car out I looked inside. The matts were not clean at all they did not put any water on them. Underneath the matts was still dirty. I told one of the guys and he said rudely "they did vacuum and we can pull out the cameras". I explained to him that it was not an issue of if they did vacuum or not but the quality of the work. He then took the car to vacuum it again and again it was still not good enough. At this point I was frustrated and left. When I got home I called the place and at first seemed to be understanding and receptive to my criticism and then the guy on the phone hung up on me. I would never go back and I do not recommend this place to anyone.

Richard Savel

I was extremely impressed. Everyone was super professional. I wish I had come here before. The staff was super friendly and very detail oriented. I strongly recommend. My experience was superlative.

Elizabeth Nichols

Friendly staff, and they made my old car look nice. :)

Almas Redz

Worst car wash, I went in for 1 wash and I got swirls all around my car. Now I’ve gotta look a place to remove it Absolutely garbage, do not go here.

Crystal Lightman

Great crew, fast and courteous, the kind of place where the people that work there know their thing. They keep things going in and out asap! Don't slow them down because they'll tie you up and run you through the car wash too! So go in and out!

Carolyn Davis

The worst car wash service. I will never forget taking my new red cadillac Escalade there to get a basic car wash. The attendant drove my vehicle in the wash in such a way that he jumped my front tires over rolling metal slamming my tires down. No apology, "no oops I'm sorry," and no "my bad". Nothing. Just total disregard for the vehicle. Thankfully, I drove away with no damage to my tires BUT my tire sensors message light was activated. I called the owner to share my experience at the establishment which was a complete waste of time. Do yourself a favor and go to the car wash on Pelham for consistent great service with a smile from the front door to the exit. Just look at the reviews here and you will see mostly NO Response or acknowledgment whatsoever from the owners to consumers poor service experience at their establishment. Enough with the fake advertisements on News 12!

Scott OBrien

I came into this car wash for car detailing a few weeks ago. While I was waiting for my car to be finished, I asked someone in the front which car freshener spray they thought was good.(they sell them near the cash register). I mentioned I have a dog and I just couldn't get my car to smell good. A nice young man gave me his opinion on the spray but then asked me if the cabin filter in my car had ever replaced. I had not even heard of a cabin filter before. So, he recommended I change it and then use a 'car bomb' air freshener and it would make all the difference. Well, it DID! He showed me the dirty car filter (omg disgusting). Explained all to me, was so professional and helpful and charming too! You just don't get this kind of service anymore. HERE, you do. Also, it didn't cost a fortune and the work was done without a long wait. I also would like to mention that when I asked for the manager to tell her my positive experience with Gabriel (name of man who helped me) she was so receptive and nice too. The manager's name was Joyce. Thank you Joyce and Gabriel and the staff at Cross County Car Wash. I am sorry took a while to post this review, but know that you have one happy customer who is singing your praises.

louise powell

No comments.

Veronica Coarety

It was a nice experience everybody it was friendly in my car was clean thank you I will come back to this place.

Ato Kwamina

Clean ur car cleanly inside and out

Russelly Figueroa

The staff was great and pretty quick! Car cleaned and shine!

Anthony R

The staff is nice and works hard to clean your car. Always friendly. Car wash price is not inexpensive and not expensive either



Noreaga Bugatti

The worst car wash that I ever work at. The workers there complain too much and they do half fast job and the owner allows it. But it's cool they let go of there best worker. But sometime next year. I'm going to open my own hand car wash and detail service and going to take cross country car wash out of business.

Mary Middleton

Good price for a decent car wash

Roger Guzman

Great job in ans out! Decent prices

Craig Dixon

They know tbeir stuff very helpful

Shifali Kumar

The car has good options. Oil change is fast. Nice store inside. Car cleaning can be improved.

Tom D

Excellent service, decent prices. Dont go on the weekend as it can take forever

Karina Luna

The staff were really nice, but the Quicklube service station is where they shine. I went in with a nail in my tire and I thought I had to buy new ones but the guy that works there, his name is Josè he's a really nice guy, assured me that he was going to fix it and will run smoothly again. Since then I have been going back for any issues that I have with my car. The space was neat, and clean. I recommend this location for your car needs, easily.


This was the worst car wash I've ever had in my life. I asked for "express detailing" and they didn't even vacuum the trunk or the floor mats. I will never go back.

Anna Pierdiluca

Cannot day enough about Cross County Car Wash. I needed an oil change and didn’t have the time to schedule it with my regular mechanic. Based on the reviews, I took a chance with Cross County and I’m very pleased with the results. I went at 8:00 am on a Sunday morning. It was already extremely busy but well organized and the staff is wonderful. In addition, you get free coffee while you wait in very comfortable surroundings plus a free car wash. The oil change and car wash took a little more than an hour and my car is gleaming inside and out. The staff is welcoming, friendly and courteous. It’s so nice to deal with a business who treats their customers well and provides value and service for your dollar.

james white

So if It wasn’t for the price I would have done 3 stars. I paid 25 dollars for the #1 and it was probably equivalent to the regular wash which is 8 bucks. The door jams were still filthy like they were barely washed when it’s suppose to be included with a full service wash. Also if there was even a little extra grime like bird poop or big splatter it didn’t do much to clean it off. The plus side is the guys who do the vacuuming did an amazing job and the guys who dried it actually dry the car. I’d go back again but just for regular full service wash.

Ivon Artilo

They are very professional and quick. But i just hate it when they miss a spot, and when you tell them about it they look at you with a look that say: Take the full package and then complain. I am paying for car wash in and out, and since i wash my car at least every week here, there is no need to do the full service every time i come here. But they can still be more patient if i notice a spot. Beside that, they are very efficient, and i can recommend them.

Robert Luciano

I travel from the Bronx to have my oil changed here, and a free car wash has a lot to do with it. It is a great value in today's market. With other oil change facilities charging close to $50 just for an oil change and close to $15 for washing your car the $35 I pay here at Cross county, that includes the car wash is well worth the few extra miles. I've also come to take advantage of the retail stores in the area, as the service is friendly and prompt, the stores are stocked, organized and clean. Unlike the cities spirit crushing environment and total disregard for its customers. I live in the city but will continue to patronize those businesses the understand how to keep business.

Samir Hosin

Horrible car wash compared to others . Gotta finish the job yourself

Jean Arias

Best car wash in yonkers! GREAT SERVICE! On top of all that they have great prices. No matter how long the line is they will make sure ur car is spotless and make sure u dont wait too long

Henry Isaac

Fast service

Gabriel Hernandez

Very nice, place, good service and reasonable price, specially oil change.

matty vellucci

Great car wash and oil change


Excellent carwash. Prices are reasonable for the service provided.


Good place.


I'm very picky about where I bring my car to get cleaned, but when I can't hand wash it, I bring it here. Consistent good service with a nice staff. Gas is also cheapest in the area most times. Oil change service is accurately priced and quick with a printed sticker, not some chicken scratch you can't read and need to guess when your oil change is due. Never had a problem here, and have been going for years.

Alex Ramirez

Gets the car clean inside and out.

Claude Gregoire

I had a work vehicle and I had to swap with a co-worker so we could even out the milage. Well let's just say my coworker was a slob. There was dirt everywhere plus the seats were filthy. I could not work in that so I took it to these guys. They did a great job on both seats and really cleaned the whole front of the vehicle. This was some great detail work and it only cost $60. I highly recommended them and will be going there to get my vehicle washes from now on.

Eugene McGorman

As simply the best.

Roger Carson

Friendly service, new equipment.

Gio Giovanni

Car Wash cleans the car great but if you don't keep an eye on the people who wipe the car down they will clean your windshield with a dirty cloth. This has happened to me numerous times that I have to go back for them to re-clean the windows

Ada Ospina

Very helpful staff. I called before going in for service and the person I spoke to was very friendly. Upon arrival the wait was very short and the service was quick and efficient. The staff helped remove items from my vehicle that needed to be discarded and the waiting are was nice and clean (in the store).

rickey odrisco

I'm sorry but when you go in to get to oil change in your car cleaned it should be at least half cleaned take pride in your work guys please this is 3 times in a row I will be taking my business elsewhere

evo kenevo

Have to go and vacuum and clean my car after the number two package here. So bad have to laugh. Outside looks nice though

Alfred DeSilva

Have always had a great experience here, staff is friendly , and very careful with your vehicle. Car always comes out looking like showroom condition. My go to when ever I need a wash

Grace Bilotta

Brought my car in for a detail and was told they were too busy. Rescheduled and made an appointment for the following week and when I brought the car in at 1pm they said they wouldn’t have it done until 7pm. What’s the point of an appointment? I said forget it and walked out and the guy didn’t offer any type of compensation for all my time wasted. They should have called me earlier if they knew they were busy! I will never be returning again and do not recommend this place to anyone!

Devilin Moore

Nice and clean

John Rahm

Everytime I come here and try to get an oil change they keep trying to upcharge me to a 60$ full synthetic oil change. It's happened 3 times now. The first 2 times they said that they were out of regular and synthetic blends. The 3rd time, the guy told me my car only takes full synthetic oil, which is false. This place is good for a carwash, but don't bother coming here for an oil change.

Sc c

I would love to give them five stars but as of late they have falling off in attention to detail, I marked the duston my radio face, and its still there after they are finished., who wants to wipe down a car that was just washed.

M OLeary

Excellent customer servt

Ronaldo Attimy

Good no issues..

Eric De Feo

Solidly priced for regular washes.

Alie Carrington

This spot is top notch. Get your oil washed...and they are quick...and do a really good job. Car wash is always busy...and if you need to have you car detailed...this is definitely the place to come...they clean every nook and cranny!!

dis- versal

Favorite car wash, firefighters get 10% off

Glennis Maximus

This car wash will try and up-sell you when you go for an oil change. Very shady.

Scott Standish-Parkin

I like coming here because the staff do take good care of your vehicles. Also, is worth doing oil changes because you get a free cup of coffee and a free regular car wash that you can redeem at any time even if it's a year later.

Barry Ruiz

Love this place been a customer for over 15 years the oil change guys are always on point... Love the free coffee while I wait thanks

Leo Smith

Besides being over priced, the service was horrible! After spending about 25 dollars for a full service car wash, I still had dust and dirt on the inside of my car. I had to finish the job myself! Unreal! I can’t belive the workers thought they did a good job! I wish I didn’t tip them because their so called service sucked beyond belief! I will never go back to this establishment again and will tell everyone I know not to go there for any of the services offered!

Mildred Sosa

Great prices

saravanan radhakrishnan

Awesome place to wash and do interior/exterior detailing. They did real good work .

Erick Lopez

Been coming to this car wash for years but lately the cleaners slacking leaving water or soap on the car and sometimes forgetting to put tire shine.

Lily P

Fav car wash in yonkers

Jesus Perez

The car wash here is really bad. Basically they let my car (Lincoln MKX 2017) dry outside in the sun for about 10 mins and then they came to dry my car which left many areas not dried correctly and dirt stains. This is strike 3! I will never come back here again. Do yourself a favor save your money and go somewhere else.

Darkness Fallz

Decent car wash.

y m

Apologies wrong car wash!!!

Beerd Gamer

Great spot, they know when to give you your free carwash without needing a card. They take down your plate and the system automatically let's them know it's time. Also the staff help you understand what kind of wash you should go for, if you're going for something that does not apply.

Alwin Johnson

Nice place

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