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REVIEWS OF Broadway Bridge Wash & Lube IN New York

Jerry Maiberger

Unlimited car washes for $35 a month!


Thorough thorough thorough. Car is spotless

Al Cohen

Efficient car wash. They drive your car through automatic car wash. People are friendly.

rosa deleon

All you need is on this place so your car looks clean and radiant.

Pa Louie Gomez

Very friendly staff and they make sure that you happy with your car wash.

Texas Storm

Reliable and thorough. Line can get tricky with the light, outflow and corner. Everybody goes here because they do it all and they do it well.

Verlene Jinks

Price moderate.does a good job . Lines are a little long..but worth it.


Its Ok... If you like being rushed with a side of half-A$$ drying and wiping of your car.

Peter M

This review is for the car wash facility. I have not used their oil change facility. There are not many car wash facilities available so I am lucky that this one does a decent job and the prices are reasonable. Sometimes you have to ask the attendants to wipe some debris off that the machine left behind (and leave a tip). The basic wash does not include interior cleaning so be prepared to get the next level if that is important. Over the years I have never seen any scratches or damage from the car washing. If they did a more careful job cleaning after the car leaves the machines, I would give them 4 stars

Mrafaelperez Perez

You have to be careful with these people, they'll tell you that you need several oil changes, you do not really need it. If you know what your vehicle needs you have maintenance otherwise do not believe everything they say.

Maria Jaircst

LOVE this place! Cleans better than any other drive-thru wash and the $12 premium was is actually worth it! Makes my car look SUPER CLEAN!

carolina de hoyos

They are good with oilchange and car wash gets packed.

Tamanna Irin

Wash department is not work what they have to

Xavier Bunyan

Great local Wash and Lube spot and its pretty cheap!


This place is always busy.

Benny Blanco

Poor interior cleaning, they don't even touch my dashboard just vacuum the rugs. Good exterior cleaning but they suck at drying your vehicle afterwards and sometimes forget you ordered armor all on your tires.

Ebk juju Bcb

Very poor job in the inside. The fun fact is that I did complaint to the manager because it looked like they didn’t even touch the dashboard or the center console. The guy he sent he only wiped the radio screen. I just left the place. Very disappointing. I just swore not to coma back again. There are hundreds of other places that offer way better service probably for less too. Este lugar es una porqueria y tan caro que es. Los trabajadores mas vagos que yo haya visto. Me dejaron el carro igualito de sucio por dentro. Dito tieto!

Leonardo Arcentales

Good place for change your oil

Chris Liriano

I love this place. I get my car oil change and lube here plus a free car wash. I can't complain not one bit. Very proffesional. The staff is super cool. And they have a monthky unlimited wash for under 40 bucks. If your like me. Go in every 2 to 4 days and always keep your car fresh


I rarely give such low ratings, but this location has several problems: - No clear signage to know where to drive in. I had to drive around the block past another line of cars that seemed to be hanging out very near for whatever reason until I found the entrance. Could also be that I'm blind as hell however, so I'll give that a pass. - The cleaning was pretty mediocre. The machines do a decent job of getting most gunk off, but the crew which is then supposed to dry and touch up the car afterwards did a terrible job. Soap suds in multiple places and a very low cleaning effort in general. The vacuuming was pretty rushed as well. It was mostly a rushed experience overall. - The price is too expensive for the service you get. $18 for a basic wash and rim cleaning, for the results you get, is pretty bad. The best price for the most basic cleaning is $14. There are multiple places that do it for cheaper and far better. Overall, if you just need a quick exterior wash to wash some big gunk off or something, for $7 it is satisfactory at accomplishing that job, and a good value. If you want a deeper cleaning in any way, shape, or form however, you are probably better off looking elsewhere.

Abram Jacobb

I will say, the guys of the daytime, whom vacuum, and prep the car as you're pulling in have been pretty okay with me. Yes the cashier's have attitudes which I don't need but that's their problem I just don't go there anymore I rather wash my car all the way in Queens when they do a better job actually I hope they get new management but there's all the car wash in that particular area. Needing to wash the car there have to deal with the rudeness that exists good luck. I will say that sometimes the cars come out dirty what is a streak of soap or whatever but as ice also said I don't go to that place anymore I'm going to tolerate their ignorance and stupidity so good luck

FSCflip Arachie

This place didn't wash my car right they put wax on top of the dirt and now I have wax on top of dirt that won't come out unless I get it detailed and spend a couple hundred dollars because the workers are lazy don't go to get your car washed here they will damage it I paid for a 4 star left with a dirty car with wax on top of it It's too noticeable because my car is white

Hope Lyon

Fantastic Car Wash - inside and out looked perfect when they were done - and the inside of the car was DIRTY!! Oil Change was quick and priced VERY REASONABLE!!

Ryn Miake-Lye

Excellent car wash with interior vacuum, undercarriage wash and hand dry included in the “number 1” basic offering.

Matthew Hunt

Good (not great) service. Long wait. Nice waiting area.

Alfredo Acosta

I commute. 225 mile a day. I go there once a month. Service is quick. The staff is friendly & knowledgeable in what they do. The free car wash is nice too, with the oil change. They don't b.s. you.

Zach Rosen

Awful. Car went in and out of car wash in, maybe, 5 minute. Interior looks exactly the same as before - filthy. Would never go back again. Waste of time and $.

ambrish sinha

This place is amazing. Fast service and cean service. I always come here to get my car washed.

Gladys DotsonMercedes

Good place to have car washed once a day per month for $37.

Ellen Higgins

Kind of pricey for a drive through car wash, but they have every option you could imagine, AND its a show. Went on a whim, and now it will be my go-to car wash place.

Gina Marquez

A reliable place to get oil change and car wash. They always tell you that your car needs more than what you wENT for.

Iam BigBlood

Honestly this was my worst experience ever at a car wash. They didn't properly clean my car and had the nerve to get mad at me when I complained. The car wash left big scratch Mark's on my brand new white car. When I brought it to the manager Max's attention he said that its impossible and I showed him other cars and he still denied it. I am left with scratch Mark's all on my hood and a terribly cleaned car that I had to hand wash myself after they finished.

Rafael Fernandez

Clean, good service

Robert Reid

They did a great job and were very accommodating in answering my (kinda stupid) laywomen questions about car detailing. To sum up service: I was reminded that my car was white and just a year old when they were finished, they made my car shine like the Chrysler building....PS I was very pleased to see that the crew was not ALL male and they literally had no water waste. Very pleased indeed.

Abif Bhuiyan

Both good and bad. The place is very nice. It is accommodating. It has a little shopping place with an expresso bar. The mechanic was very nice, and the oil change service was excellent. What I did NOT like is the car wash. They left my mat very dirty and did not clean certain places inside. This is why I gave it 4/5. Overall is a good place for the price.

Antonio Vargas

The line to get an oil change was slightly discombobulated but I made it through and the car was was included and decent.

A Lacroix

I've been going here for years. Oil change service is great with my yearly activated discount card.

Jackie Almonte

I get my oil change here all the time why not your car wash is included and if you become a Vip member even better you get better deals.


Visiting this car wash for more than 10 years. Oil change and special detail car wash is provided. Other treatments engines options are provided as well.

Brian Guillen

It's good in a pinch..but lines are long

Clemente Aponte

Good car wash it can be pricey for basic wash

Tabatha Young

This is the Only place I'll go to have my oil changed in the Bronx! Sadly, the only time I get my car completely washed!

Ramon Vidal

Nice price but their washing machine scraches the vehicle and they are not responsible about it.

Nicholas Falletta

Call ahead if you want your car hand waxed. Apparently they often don’t have workers in to do that, despite what their website says about that service being available all day, 7 days a week.

Eric Bond

Go for the 5 star wash! You won’t be disappointed!

Dudie Silberman

Fast and cheap. Could be better detailing but I'm not complaining

Rhett Burch

Took their time thoroughly cleaning my car and it looked great. Repeat customer.

micha Jon

Alway quick oil change with tires air pressure checked and corrected if need be. Check air filter and will replace if needed, all oils checked and topped off, along with windshield washing fluid, antifreeze. Great place to regularly get oiled changed. Discounts available. Friendly workers. Oh, also give a free car wash with every oil change.

Akiea Gross

TERRIBLE service. Manager and a few of the cleaners are incredibly rude. The inside of my car was filthy when I got it back. Nothing was cleaned AT ALL. I also heard someone peel the pit bull magnet off of the back of my car when they went to go dry it, and the manager and the cleaners outright denied this THIEVERY. The manager even claimed they put two of the other magnets back on the back of my car, when that was an outright lie because those were never taken off of my car to begin with. This place is ABSOLUTE TRASH. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Romeo Mendez

The do a good job, just sometimes they're very lethargic

Yessenia Roblero

I won't be coming back to this place again. I opted in for a #3 car wash since I went on a Saturday it was the highest option available. The #3 includes: "full service wash PLUS, triple foam wax, hot wax, undercarriage, rust inhibitor, wheel brite, and tires shined". My car was about 15% cleaner on the outside and dirtier on the inside. I have tan interior and tan weather-proof mats. They didn't place any sheets on top of my mats prior to sitting and stepping into my car with their dirty muddy boots. It should be obvious that with tan interior you should be cautious as everything shows. I had just cleaned my mats only to have them leave a puddle of dirty water on the driver side. Idk what wax they used but I didn't see a difference. Tire Shine? The gentleman sprayed the tires and did a quick wipe. The small shop has a decent selection of car smelling items and accessories but I'd honestly wait to buy them at large retailer for a cheap price. I think those who have a great experience with this place are regulars like cab drivers who may have a relationship with the staff. Anyone else is getting the bare minimum. For the price, I paid I could've gone to Unico Auto Detailing in the BX and known they'd take better care of my car for about the same price. DO NOT COME HERE.

Jennifer Roman

They are fast,but i paid the same amount that i would at my reg car wash ($17) n didnt get vacuumed or my rugs catered to... Would only get the basic car wash here, for emergencies only.

Katherine Angeles

Love it! Always come here, they take good care of my cars maintenance and the was is included and all! Nice waiting area and they always take the time to explain to me details about what is being done to my car and why... very cool

eddy garcia

Aside from wash and lube you can get oil change and more.

Virginia Dl Santos

Get free car wash

kirk barnes

Staff is very friendly and helpful

Vedangana Saini Anand

Good service. Cost effective.

Juan Rodriguez

Decent prices for the service.

Erin Kang-Lee

Awesome monthly car wash packages available!



Robert F.

Great Car Washing location near 225th on Broadway. I've been a member for several years straight and staff has always had an urgency turning each car spot clean. Overall prices are competitive, they also have a garage taking care of oil and general maintainance. There is a little shop on the inside offering all sorts of car products at reasonable prices, refreshments and coffee are also available. Worth considering the "unlimited" monthly option for car wash, either was you're spending an average of 30-40 bucks monthly to keep your car clean, here for the same price range you get unlimited rides and keep your cars spotless all the time, in about 15 minutes. Sometimes lines pile up on Broadway, however they're pretty good at clearing it out, so don't refrain from stopping by, your car will be taken care of quicker than you think!

Eric Aybar

Very good service

Marjorie Dominguez

Worse carwash I ever been to. I dont know if it was because there was a lot of people in line but when they vacuumed inside they did not take the garbage out. After they washed the car left it practically wet and now that we got home we noticed that they also left the rings dirty as you can see in the picture attached. SMH

wavy stacks176

decent rates and you get a free car wash with oil change

sj herath

My car wash place. They have cheaper rates after 7pm till 7 am.

leslie santos

Love it here very professional and love the products they use !

William Aghassi

They do a good job

Kosh meister

Fast service,but itz always busy , worth the wait and free car wash 8/10 rating

Yvonne Gooden

The will definitely let you know if your filters need to be changed...

Rafael Defran

I think price to high for car wash machines

Edwin Infante Leocadio

This place sucks.

April M

If you want a mediocre car wash, then this place is it. They don't always dry your car off and leave streaks with their dirty towels. Other than that, okay place.

jose martinez

I service my car here, never had an issue, good customer service.

Idaysha Quinones

This place is horrible. They don’t vacuum the seats nor clean the windows. I came out of the car wash with bird poop still on the front window. I do not recommend the car wash at all! GO SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR A GOOD WASH

Aziz Mee

Favorite and convinient place to take my car to wash. I hope they keep up the good job in the future too

Ali Zeeshan

Just because the car goes in the machine means its clean. You pay extra for rim and tyre and they are still dirty. It cleaned the same as after my car standing in the rain. Not going back there.

Russell McBride

One of the last remaining drive thru car washes in the city.

Sanjeewa Herath

Good place for car wash they have cheep monthly packagees unlimited washes.

david rivera

Very slow. Never dry your car correctly. Very rude employee's.

Lawrence Sanchez

I gotten my car cleaned here a few times and I find that they do a good job with the exterior especially with the wax and they do a good job in the interior as well, cleaning it out and vacuuming the rugs.

Phyllis Eva

Great carwash with membership ! Fast and shiny. Only 1 thing is the tire shine is too much , sprays all over when you drive off

Christine Spaziano

Quick, reliable and my car was like new.

Juan Pichardo

There are to fast so the car most of the time is no really clean

jacqueline billini

They do not clean cars correctly. The car came out of the car wash with parts which were still dirty. When brought to there attention they did not want to correct the problem. Will never go there again.

DaQuan Bryan

Good pricing on oil change clean atmosphere, reasonable prices

Benjamin Gallina

Decent place, but DON'T GET OIL FLUSH...SCAM--other upsells too probably, so beware!

Misael Fernandez

Fast and quick wash!

Hector Rivera

Do not go here!!!!!! They scratched my car than of course claimed it wasn't them. When im 99% sure it was them . They showed me alittle fuzzy picture of me driving into the driveway and that was it they said because my car has other scratches that it wasnt from them .

Patrick Adams

Horrible service and didn't clean or dry the car properly

Joshua Giron

I was only told that two out of the six car wash service options were available. Mind you this occurred midday and not in the evening . Couldn’t even get my mats washed and had to finish drying the car myself after six people simultaneously “dried” it. Poor vacuuming as well, I found all same dirt above the mats.

Ardy Davari

Convenient location with full cleaning options and oil change.

Vladimir Paramonov

They keep your car's history and service it in a timely manner.

Christos Pencoglu

Good for oil change and car wash. But sometimes very long lines.

Rafael Batista

it's a nice car wash but now i really don't know what happen it's like the water is kind of dirty and the cars does not come out that clean the water smell like kind of weird.

Samantha Trinidad

I called before showing up to ask what time they stopped doing oil changes and the guy I spoke to told me they do oil changes until 7pm. When I got there at 6:50pm an employee told me that stopped doing oil changes at 6:45 and refused to do my oil change just so they could close up shop. Horrible!

Ruddy Galeano

Great service. Sometimes there's a wait but its worth it.

Alexis Coss

The lube jobs are good but the wash jobs are horrible. Check your car before you leave because these guys won't even dry your car good enough. I actually had the inside of my windows sprayed with the window cleaner but never wiped. Another time they didn't even vacuum my interior. I only get my car washed here because I get my oil changes here.

Erin Carrillo

I went there around 3pm on Friday and there's no line. Fast detailing including wash, vacuuming, and light spray of wax, for $23.99. 4 stars because they didn't vacuum the trunk which i think is part of a car... good and fast work in general. Will come again.

Jose Hernandez

I've been washing my cars here since 2001. Same employees, nice and friendly.

Chris Milton

This place has gone downhill. There is no real detail about them when it comes to cleaning your car. The vacuum guys are very inconsistent. Half the guys will take out the mats and the others won't. The only good thing is the car going through the actual wash. But then you have to rely on the staff to finish the drying sequence. They I am dry leaving streaks and as far as them cleaning the windows....subpar at best. They end up being more streaky then when I took the car in. I would suggest if you want a thorough car wash to go somewhere else. I am fed up with this place to the point to where I am cancelling my monthly pass.

Inocencia Barcacel

Is too crowded. Is only car wash in the area. You have to make a line for thirty minutes o more. They have good special for oil changed and wash and for taxis. They made good work, but you have to be patient.

Mamie Graham

customer service didn't suffer at all.Great car wash!

Guninder Singh

Good For Taxi Drivers but they keep raising price

Reynaldo Derieux

Good service

Julio Frias

Is really a perfect place for car oil change


Clean place, new machines and nice employees!

Luz Ruyol

They are quick and helpful.

Juan Hernandez

The front manager is very rude and not understanding when is come to customer service. Never have 5star car wash available very disappointing. Not recommended to anyone.

Liseli Martin

There is always a long line to get in here, but they are efficient and do a decent clean. Getting out and merging back into the traffic is a bit hair-raising but with patience it can be done!!

Jacob Edwards

Good wash. Clean car

Karla Peralta

Fast and accurate service! Car wash is cheaper in the off peak times.

Carlos blue pony

The worse car wash ever your car is never dry and they use dirty towells full of armor all

Juan Pena

Excellent service

Archie Oman Egbert

These guys are fast and friendly. The line can be daunting as it stretches around the corner, but they hustle the cars through quickly.

Derek Young

Buy the membership it's the best value.

Joseph Faiella

They do a great job on the oil change as well as the car wash. Would definitely come back again!


Good proces for oil changes. Fifteen points check and free car wash with oil service. Quite quick work with wide selections of motor oils and other fluids . Clean bathroom available which is hard to find in other places with similar services. The most expensive version of car wash is 30.75 six star service with triple foam wax , hot wax, undercarriage,,rush inhibitor, wheel brute (rims shined) , complete armor all plastic mats (four washed) ,rain ox treatment hand wax done by hand while you wait. VIP program is available for car wash and oil changes with a price of 10$ a year. It gives you a discount for both services. All tlc drivers should know this spot . Highly recommended.

Ed Gerrity

Just got my car “washed” here for $23. They didn’t touch the inside. Literally in the exact same condition as when I showed up. Disgrace. A joke. Obviously never coming back.

Polansky Pina

They’re good for what it is almost the best . But not the best due to service

Geneva Lamb

In and out in a few minutes. Sparkling Clean! I love this place. I don't really get the inside dirty, so I get the cheapie $7.00 wash. No more paying $12-13 or 14 bucks plus a three dollar tip. And no more waiting to have my car go through the old style car wash places. I am so glad they transformed the old car wash place...

Violeta Fontaine

They were very thorough and got everything clean. From rear view mirrors to door jams it's definitely a great deal. I'll be back!

Aurelio Perez

I like the place. They have good deals. Oil change, car wash.


Good Prices&customer services

Alejandro Rocha

Good for a quick car wash. Taxi drivers has a discount because of the TLC license plate. The only thing I heard from this place was, car mads you should put some eyes om it, they love to keep them. I never experience this but others people yes.

Van Kilpatrick

Fairly good service.

ECShopping & Supply

Unlimited plan the go

Abubakr Saidi

I had came here several time and the service they do is horrible. They’re the worst car wash by far. Most of their Worker are lazy and have no respect to people business. I tried it more that 5 time and each time the service get worst. This was the less I could do to rate their service and let the people know. Even though I always give people Break to improve but this place have no antention to improve and they’re take things for granted believing they will still have business going without looking into the small detail


Great service excellent cleaning reasonable price will recommend to everyone

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