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REVIEWS OF Whale of A Wash IN New Mexico

Steven Palmer

Too expensive to wash a car

Joseph Russo

My car is shiny again

Max T

Best car wash ever!!! I've been to alot, this place is super clean, everything works, there is no trash loose nails or creepy people about. I highly recommend this place. Just moved here from Minneapolis and this one in the Fargo far out paces others...even has manual dry if u want it.

Brent Hein

If your looking for a good hand wash location this is the one. I've gone to all 3 whale of a locations and this one has by far the best pressure. I ran into the maitnece guy here and he alone earned this place the 5 star rating. Very nice guy and he explained the best ways to wash the vechile.

Tiffany West

Steven Brown

Decent prices. You can use the tokens or swipe your card. That's pretty handy so you don't have exchange money for tokens! This one is in North Fargo near NDSU. Busy times vary in all parts of the day. Dryers have recently been added so that helps in getting your vehicle where it needs to look. No more mirror dribbles after you leave! Open early and late too.

Bob LeBlaugh

corey spoores

A great place to get your sparkle and shine

Ronda Winter

Free vacuum

Rachel F

Dan Hedquist

Jessica Anderson

For me Whale of a Wash is perfect. I enjoy washing and cleaning my vehicle but being a mom and how busy I can be. Leaves little time when places are open.

Shawn W

Does the job

carlton anthony

Great self service car wash, easy to use and accepts cards

michael marsh

Always space available

Dustin Striker

Wash works well. Washers have good pressure and clean well.

Patrick Maher

10 dollar wash and I was in and out in 15 minutes. Wand washing available with wands in adjacent bays.

Bahaa Kadhem

Travis Evert

Lance Thody

Been using this place for 10 years and will continue to.

Bekes Mossa

Monty Waggoner

Edit! Now you do get warned when the wash it about to stop and forget all those quarters, you can use your debit card right at the wash bay. You can't get a cleaner car for the price. Old outdated review: Would have been rated higher, but the wash doesn't warn you when it's about to run out of time, and the vacuum costs $1. Overall it's clean and works and does what is supposed to do.

Jessica Jackson


Good place to wash the RV. Ingress n egress not too high, good clearance on low travel trailer.

Heather Lee Cato

I love this place.It keeps my car clan

Alan Haataja

Not enough pressure

Gordo Gato

Katlyn Dykhoff

Living with Trish

Very hard to get in and out of the lot.

Jessica Larson


Kevin Anderson

The Travelers


Sean Kooren

Corey Norton

Brandon Abercrombie

They never have soap or wax I hate leaving thinking I done a nice job then I get out after the wind dry, only to find I spent 8$ for nothing. Thanks whale of a wash. What a rip off!!! :(

John Kenow

Nice place to detail your car personally

Laura Mae

Ricky Rice

Michael Terry

Wyatt Slauson

Great car wash, on of the best automatic washes in ABQ. Includes features on basic automatic wash that other places don't. I have only been to the Montgomery location and have not tried the self-serve option, only the automatic.. Emissions staff have always been friendly and helpful as well. Only negative is that I wish the blow dryer went back over the car instead of having you pull under it as you exit. Other than that great place!

James Starr Jr.

The drive thru car wash is ok for light dirt. Don't use if your vehicle is really dirty. I preferred the self wash. Make sure to bring extra quarters.

J Barela

This is my go-to spot for car washes. I usually go on the weekends around noon or late at night around 10pm-2am because I can dry my car without sun spots. Great features with soap, wax, the foam brush etc. Sometimes the credit card reader doesn't work and the pressure washer generator stops working but thats a very rare instance.

Nguyen Roche

Brand new car was still spotty and wheels still dirty despite going through car wash at recommended timing using clock countdown for maximal drying.

Gene Jacobs

Could be cleaner

mike melby

Great Car Wash just put your credit card in and go

Earthly Traveler

Car looked good afterwards.

Jennifer Uruo

Love to wash my own car!

Ghetto Ken

$10 hold for using your debit card, be sure to look for signs indicating this.... wherever they may be. Called to notify management or owner, they didn't seem to care that I had been inconvenienced nor interested in improving their business in this aspect. I definitely won't be going to this establishment again.

john davison

Love this place, over 25 years i cleaned my rides here.

Jotyar Ghazi

Perfect .

Rose Barry

Fast for emissions test but they try to scare you to pay $24 to get the license renewal there. I got mine in the mail in a few days.

Kim Smith

Close and conveniently located.

Jacob Brown

Cheap facility but the only do it urself in Fargo

Monte Marquis

Mr. Swenson

Clean place, everything had always worked for me. Takes cards too!

Troy Stepp

Andrew Huff

I only used the do-it-yourself wash here. $2.00 for a few minutes and accepts credit cards (although I used quarters. I would have gave this place 5 stars but the brush heads need to be replaced and the brush does not dispense an adequate amount of soap. Also, the soap is not very foamy. The power sprayer was great. Update: 9/16 - The brushes are now dispensing adequate soap; however, the brush heads still need to be replaced. The bristles need to be stiffer on the new brush heads.

Joseph Icenhour

Michael Carl

Great place to wash your car or truck the bays fit a truck and trailer in it pretty nice. And it has great water pressure

Keegan Jones

Horrible carwash. $3 gets you 4 minutes to bust your a$$ around your car to spray it down before time runs out. I put in $10 and got 11 tokens, meanwhile the machine only takes 3 tokens at a time so you are left with 2 useless tokens. High-pressure 'soap rinse' had no soap in it. Car came out looking worse than going in with hard water dry scum everywhere. Save your $10 and go somewhere else, anywhere else. Avoid this whale of a waste of time.

Margaret Hansen

Too m7ch mud where you h a very to walk in it And dirty your mats

Richard Kopp

alex huppertz

Tessa Albertson

Tony Dejournette


Carly Allen

It never prints out receipts.... Work would reimburse me if they would have but instead I lost over $20 simply cause I couldn't prove I ever got a car wash... Except for it being clean

Stephen Rakos

3$ 5min.....

TK O'Geary

Brushless now! While it only cleans the outside, it is fast and good.

Brian Wills

Good for quick "rinse" cleaning of the car without going to one of the big places. Great for clearing off the rain/dirt/wind storm messes.

Jim Matchin

Jeffrey Hunt

Cheaper than Don's...

Kyle Gebhardt

Wish I could give a negative star rating. Owner is completely ignorant and treats customers like absolute garbage. Need a car wash? Some spit and a paper towel is a better choice than this donkey's trash pile.

Devanand D.P

Denise Jenkins

Chad Lachowitzer

Theodore Hamby

Chris Solberg

Finally... someone does a self-wash right! With a blow dryer now!! Wha...?!

dillon lawler

Great wash, high pressure, lots of foam, clean brush heads, and high powered vacuums. My only complaint is that the "Spot Free" wash is not spot free. Just make sure to bring a shammy with you and you'll be good to go

Justen Ritter

Mike Larson

Joseph Casey

Nice job washing the car!

Ed L

Theresa beckmann

There was only one vacuum working and the hose had a gaping crack thus rendering it suction-less and utterly useless. What a waste of time and money.

maria ortega

clay hale

The last do-it-yourself carwash in the far northeast heights, could use an air dry machine though.

Leslie Jackson

Deanna Fettig

Wayne Thompson

Lari Helgren


The Beldam

A really Nice Car wash.

Cody Walls

Nice stalls, cc option is nice, quarters are annoying

Daniel Larson

Alex Rebman

Good self wash, has multiple bays, decent price, good water pressure and warm water. Vacuum and garbage available.

Samuel Landford

Self washing

Claire Hendrickson

No scrubbing brush, no soap. I was able to rinse my car. Credit card awkward and I better not get charged more than once. The vacuum cleaner is okay, but I would just go somewhere else.

RandyJohnson Johnson

I was so relieved to vacuum my car thoroughly at Whale of a wash , l hadn't been there in ages.

Harmonious Ann

What a great place, and between washing my and my friends vehicles... It makes my heart full of such an affordable way to keep my and my friends vehicles clean.

marc Leslie

Good do it yourself car wash they accept credit cards save your quarters

Tim Bauer

Easy access...easy to use....clean bays.

Michael Nygaard

Good wash. Bays on 12th could use help

S Jag

Gets my car clean every time!!!

Jo Ben

Anthony Fetter

Abe Abrahamson

Credit card swipe in the self wash... Give your car the attention it deserves

JIm Bopp

Doc 1% COC Minister

I like this place automated car wash always works place is clean.

Logan Peterson

John McCullough

Fully automatic. Got all the bugs off after traveling across country for two weeks.

Rick Nogowski

This place is the biggest RIP off in Fargo moorhead. The change machine is always broke or never gives back correct change.

Pete V

Great place if not busy.

Harris Begaye

Jon Juelich

$3 to start. Takes credit card or tokens. Has hand held dryer which was nice for the bike.

Beth Stebbins

Selected the $7 wash option, credit card was charged $10. Will be filing a chargeback.

Joe Pool

jamey workman

Bradley Babcock

cristian espinosa

$3 for 3 minutes. And the cleaning brush too hard for paint


Love this car wash!! My go to. Nice clean bays and fairly priced. Give it a shot!

Shannon Lunasee

Nick Kurpier

I only use Touchless and this car wash has an outstanding Touchless wash . Highly recommend over any other car wash in Albuquerque

Christopher Coen

I was a regular customer at this car wash, but after speaking to the moron of an owner John Lynn I will never go back again. At 9am on Friday I went to the 12th Avenue North location in Fargo, which is not the regular location I use, and put $10 in the dispenser thinking it was the change dispenser. Then I realized it only dispensed premium car washes (the changer is inside). I then pressed the “Refund” button to get my money back but nothing came out (its apparently purposely rendered inoperative, or this one button is just never fixed). I called the phone number on the door and spoke to Lynn (owner and sole employee). He told me, untruthfully, that he had “no way” to make a refund (he would be inconvenienced to come over and get my money out of the machine, or at least mail me a refund check). He also told me I was “the first one in two years” who had made this mistake (??) and I had to buy a premium ticket ($5 lowest cost) and get tokens as change. I said I just get $2 washes and didn't want premium ones. He said that he would not give a refund. I asked why then there was a refund button. He said someone else would enjoy getting free tickets. I said I didn't know what he was talking about. Later he clarified to make the rudeness obvious by stating that I could just leave the money in the machine and someone else would get $10 in free washes. He kept trying to divert the discussion by turning it into a talk about tokens as opposed to quarters. I said I wanted my money back. He said he wished I would call the police or go to small claims court! The guy's a real horse's “A”. My advise: DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY at this Weasel of a Wash.

Heather Menge

Clean and efficient car wash

David Polasky

Lots of bays so I usually can get in right away and stay as long as I need

c c

Kristoffer Shirah

Usually too busy. Coin machines work if you're lucky.

Jane Ohnstad

My car wash place

Shay Perry



Justin Thompson

I'm pretty sure there was no soap in the line. Wasted money.

Khaled Al jboore

Tara Gallagher

Joe Daniel

Andrew Siegel

Their "spot-free rinse" is anything but. It left spots all over my exterior twice this week. I can barely see out of my windows and mirrors.


All the bad reviews makes this place questionable but its really not that bad. The place is actually fairly clean compared to most places Ive been to in the cities. There are good wash options, warm water, and closed in facility is nice. Also, they just added a brand new air dryer to each of the stalls. For $3 I couldn't ask for more from a self wash. Good Job Whale.

Selena Golden

Allen Smith

Megan Stolpman

I would give this business zero stars if that was possible. The wash that I went to in North Fargo did not work properly. I ended up spending over $13.00 on a car wash that was less effective than a heavy rain shower. I immediately called the owner and reported the malfunction. I told him what happened and he stated he would refund my credit card, after arguing for a while claiming it was my lack of knowledge although previous customer overheard my conversation and said he had similar issue. Over a month has past and I have not received a refund on the wash. In my opinion, this business has no right being open if it does not have working equipment nor an owner that shows professional ethics.

West Lennon

Nice basis for self wash. It's a little run down and only one vacuum works. But over all good value. Hand dryers work good as well if you want to pay the extra cost

Adam Atkins

Everything worked great !

Pat G

Clean , nice place.

Christopher Ochoa

Best wash in town

Bradie Langley

Holy crap! All of the whale of a wash sucks! I went there cause it's the only self serve car wash. I started washing my car with the brush I scrubbed really good and the I sprayed it off to realize their was still dirt left on my car. I used the brush again still dirt. My boyfriend swooped his fingure across the dirt and it came off super easy not a problem. The soap smells like nasty bubble gum! My car wasn't even close to clean even after using 12$ worthless car wash. Too bad he's the only one with self serve car wash.. slumlord of car washes should be shut down.

Matt Reinke

W John

Leon Marshall

Good pressure that cleaned the bug splatter

Nevaeh Fischer


Only car wash I go to.

cathy gitlestad

Automatic car wash doesn't clean very well

Dalton Ulmer

All of the vaccuums for your car were out of order. The car wash itself is pretty good, though. Being able to use card is very convenient.

C.J. Flanery

Do you cars fair price

Scott Talbott

Could use a little more soap.

Yvette Delaney

Whale of a wash needs to have the auto wash fixed. One side has almost no pressure and my windshield literally looked the same as when I drove in. The self service area is always good and they are always stocked. Just avoid the auto wash until they fix/upgrade it and you're good.

Harry Lentz

No soap or degreaser low water pressure


Always clean and tidy ready for a good wash

Isaac Pint

Ran out of change after using $5 to wash my vehicle for about 6ish minutes. I swiped my card so I could quickly rinse the soap off. Spot free rinse didn’t work so I spent 3 minutes using normal rinse. After this time I stopped the wash and found that my card was charged $10 for 3 minutes of rinsing. Will NEVER use this wash again.

Ben Sperle

Usually the less busy of the ones in town from what ive seen. But still just as good. The equipment works well and has been upgraded to allow cards and not just cash.

Andy man

Clean and well maintained

Brett Moore

Daniel Baker

Preston Wulff

Nothing to complain about this car wash.

Esraa M. S. Kadhem

Jaded Babyy

Great location

Ultra Kurd

So expensive

Brandon Newman

Chris Rudnick

I seem to always get there when they run out of cleaner.

Stephanie Pauluik

The card reader was broken so it kept charging me for more time that I wasn’t using because none of the sprayers worked. Tried to find someone around but no one was there. Tried calling their number and it said not in service. I had to call my bank in order to get my money back.

Amy Stock

rusty schackleford

Everything thing went well for me but owner was rude to another customer for nothing


OK Car Wash, but make sure and get the WHALE OF A WASH, the price is $12.00 but worth it.

Jeffrey DeRosier

Awesome. Yes, looks shitty, but it all works the same. Extra long bays so you can pull your trailer thru are nice.

Jo White

Open late . but remember it is open late

Cyd Frazier

Great wash!

Anthony Falcon

Very convenient.

Roger A. Gloddy

Liked the equipment a great deal. Easy access, nice folks during the week taking care of the facility. Very clean as you would expect.

Auhsoj Nalpak

You get tokens and can't get cash back for them

Lindsy Perez

I always find change everywhere ..I found 5.00 in quarters last time..tells you how the neighborhood is..

Alyssa Fowler

Skudmonkey 2.0!

Very satisfying car wash. This is one in many car washes that actually makes the car look clean when coming out! But the owner seems a little rude, he got very angry at a guy because he was washing the dry wall in one of the self serve car wash bays. But still 5 stars for a very amazing car wash.

Kimberly Wallace

Rebecca Larson

Not sure why I went back again. Spent $10 to have my car look the same as when I went in. Nothing lime throwing money away. Last time my husband had the same issue he called and the owner wanted him to wait there for 20 minutes so he could take a look at it and prove that it didn't mean his car. Why would someone lie about it? I'll never go back again. Ever. Never ever. Never.

Tom Keys


Michael Kloeppner

It's a nicer newer wash. The owner seemed friendly. $1 per minute for vacuume $3 per minute for wash. Only accept tokens. Overall the wash is nice but overpriced. I use self service washes 3 to 4 times per week and I am very good at getting from start to finish on 3 bucks. I move very fast. Had I finished my wash here I would have easily spent 9 to 12. Which happens to be the going rate for drive threw automatic washes.

J Lynn

We called the police on this individual. Click on his name and see his war with coldwell banker that evicts him

Vincent Gerber

Do it yourself car wash

Bridget Carlson

Omg what a garbage wash... Self serve is a rip off and the drive thru one is even worse... My car looked like some sort of spotted animal when I was done. Will never go there again.

Kory Johnson

Expensive, $3 a minute.


Vacuums eat your change.

Type S

david minton

Clean and not too expensive to brush up your favorite vehicle and as well, it seems never over crowded.

Kimberly Hoskins

Vacuums are never working

Kalynn Beeter


Connie Pratt

Penny Ruper

D McBride

Beau Gavaldon

Jennifer S.

Good car wash.

levi thompson

Usually good. Sometimes out of pre soak and wax. updated not long ago.

Clarissa Brown

b c

austin plummer

Toy Cusick

I will never give this business another dollar.I have never been so disrespected as a customer especially since it was by the owner of the company

Andy Legg

Terrible wash! Very run down place and filthy! Wouldn't even get the bugs off my car from being on the highway on the same day! Didn't clean the car at all still have a film of dirt and grime on my car.

Tyler Nyland

Theresa Zamora

Fav do it yourself car wash

Hemal Perera

Brandi Bennett

Brandon Peckumn

Brett Haworth

Self wash. Vacuums and an emissions check station. Nothing out of the ordinary but nice.


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