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1112 S Canyon St, Carlsbad, NM 88220, United States

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Here we offer you the reviews of people who buy the services of Tornado Wash (Car Wash) in the area close to the state of New Mexico.

Nowadays this business receives a rating of 3.7 over 5 and that rating was based on 199 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Tornado Wash IN New Mexico

Reva Cole

Not happy at all. Something blew during the wash and I have hydrolic fluid all over my truck. Still here been waiting for an hour to correct the issue. At least they can do is wash it off. Super greasy. Still waiting.

Cindy Eck

Staff are unfriendly and for $20 I expect my car to come out somewhat clean. The people drying aren’t very good at it. The only good part.. free vacuums.

Ruth Hackney

Went thru the other day and they not only did NOT get my car clean they argued with me on the phone about how that "Is detail and we dont do detail." Only after stating that I had recently moved here and was use to WAY better customer service and telling the "manager" I would post this review did she offer to look at my car and "maybe" wash it again "if it's not detail" VERY displeased with this company.

Rebecca Montano

The vacuum cleaner suck

Paul Hill

I go there ALOT and because I am a veteran they cut of $2

The Webster's

Matilda De La Rosa

Good place to wash your vehicles, but could improve there help when cleaning tires


Did an ausome job!!!

Felicity Forlorn5

The first and only time I've gone there I didn't know the procedures. The guys scrubbing my car yelled at me for not moving ahead fast enough and then I got yelled at again because I had my foot on the brake. The whole thing gave me a panic attack. It's over priced and the guys toweling off my car didn't really dry it very well. I hated the rudeness of the staff. I won't ever go back.

Tom Avery

Fast friendly thorough

Margaret Lee

Awesome JOB!!!...

Yvonne Roacho

Rocky Riley


Guadalupe Castaneda

Behind my truck I had many things they removed them all for me and but them away. While my truck went trough the machine. Very friendly and good prices.

Amanda Eubank

Vaccumes have gone downhill and truck was still dirty after the wash.

Israel Rodriguez

William Lewis

They do a fair job,always friendly and helpful

Johnny Appleseed

did pretty good, could have dried a little better but not bad at all

ricardo gonzalez

I have a membership at carlsbad location, they have a good service but time to time theres a guy that want to send everybody ti the mud pits. I went today my truck has mud to be to the mus pits but he want charge me $5 because he say i have mud. On my truck. And thats not true.

Casey Hall

Anny Trejo Luna

Es un buen lugar sólo que un poco costoso a mi parecer ya que es muy concurrido debería ser un poco mas económico

Nat Tru

Wish there was one in Las cruces

David Urschel

Cindy Gonzales Mendoza


Heather Devine

My son loves it

Judith Trejo

Paying for a monthly package in Hobbs is extremely disappointing because each time I go they rush the cars through even when they write "bugs" on my windshield... deserted or not... I have limited options so I can't do much about it but after visiting this location I was so impressed by Cortez's customer service, attitude, and friendliness at right about closing time. I rolled down my window and thanked them BEFORE going through the wash... for once I was satisfied with Tornado Wash and oh how I wish they could go train the Hobbs crew!!! Thanks Cortez and Devin!! - A happy customer!

Tyler Matthews

I think my photos speak for themselves. I got the Thunder Wash, I was told I would be charged an extra $10 for mud but they took my card and I was charged an extra $16 without them telling me first it was going to be more. They did not spend nearly enough time on the truck. It was still filthy. They did not earn the money they charged me.

kitty pearson

Quick service & great job

Racheal Hall

Eli Sheppard

Good wash

Creig Wallace

Did a good job

Jen Fun

Love this place everytime I go my vehicles are cleaned and stay clean for a awhile they are pretty fast, love the vacuums.

Jonathan Gonzalez

Sometimes they can do a better job on the windshield, also lately is full a lot, the hours of operation could be extended in Carlsbad.


Long lines... $$

Kane Wyatt

Most of the employees have a great attitude and do a good job of washing and drying the vehicles. They routinely close before the advertised time and it has recently changed from 8pm to 7pm. UPDATE 12/5/16 The closing time has now been changed to 6:00 pm.

Alma Vlz

Expensive and leaves the cars dirty, even when paying for the most expensive wash. Also the vacuums suck. I wish we had a better option here in Carlsbad.

arturo fernandez

Randy Christian

They were awesome at cleaning my Tahoe

glenna smith


Cindy Salcido

David Arch

Fast as molasses and vehicle clean as it was before washing it

Nautic Taylor

Why pay to get your rim's shined if they aren't going to do it right? Now I have to do it all over. Won't pay for rim service again, just do it yourself you'll be better off

Diego Quintana

LaFonda Rockey

Good car wash

Eddie Daniels

Will not return. Bad wash and had to dry my car myself. Didn't get clean after two trips thru wash. Waste of money

Keith Dziokonski

Eloy Sedillo

The staff isn't very friendly. Seems like their forced against their will. Vehicle never comes out clean. Will only go there if there isn't any other options

Caitlin Hammer

I thought 240 bucks for a full detail was crazy, but after I got my truck back I was so pleased!! They did an amazing job and I'm glad they took their time detailing my truck. Amazing service!

deanna proffitt

Love that they dry it too & not bad prices

Robert K

15$ car wash and my pickup was still filthy

Lisa Fehr

Always satisfied

Roxandra Koch

So we went through the first time and told the lady about the bugs and the dirt on the back. Tipped the guys hand drying. Then we got out at the vavcums and there's still bugs all over the front of the car and you can see where the hand dryers just made one swipe through the dirt on the back of the car. So we took it back. And the only person who deserves any props is the lady at the front. She saw what we did and reran the car-no charge. We tried to tell the guys washing the car and they got mad. The one guy even threw his brush after he "re washed". The pic that I posted was AFTER the second wash.

Dublin Burgess

Didn't get my truck clean and I paid extra for my rims and my 4 year old Granddaughter could of done a better job! Very dissatisfied!! Hopefully they'll do a better job next time, I will give them another try because everyone has an off day!

Magen Yturralde

Lovely experience! You pay what you get for, i dont have to do it and its nice and clean very awesome, sometimes line takes forever but worth it!

yahir davila

Carlos Ortega

Igual queda sucio el carro, lo que ve uno bien es que hay muchachos trabajando y eso vale.

Samuel Mullins

When they first opened they where ok, but now there is not even enough water that comes out to wash the soap off, just now the brushes are so dirty seems like there is a new scratch on my my car every time. They could at least change the brushes.

st7 cengo

Excellent car wash. Had great experience here last time I visited. The employees treat you with respect and honor your needs.

Rytha Cordova

One of the worst car washes I've been to. I still had mud in the fenderwells, my windows were so streaked we had to pull over and clean them ourselves just so we could make it home. Unless they start doing a better job I will NEVER go back.

Dayana Lazo

Angie Brito

Great deal

Brian Cormier

Nice place and great staff

Diane Guidry

Great car wash. You druve through and they have guys to hand dry at the end.

Chasity Huysmans

Pretty good, prices seem a bit high. Lines get long, but a decent wash. Bugs don't come off as easy as they advertise

Nat Ferguson

In need of a full service wash, I decided to visit Tornado Wash. The line wasn’t very long, maybe six cars ahead of me but it took at least 20 minutes to get up to the wash. My vehicle had moderate bug splatter in the front and I chose the $12 wash package which advertised “big removal”, of which about 60% was actually washed off. I then had to pay another $5 to have my wheels cleaned plus another $2 for Armorall. It’s also worth noting that you’ll have to vacuum out your own vehicle and you don’t get an interior wipe down or windows cleaned (for $17 I get all of this done at my local hand car wash). Very pricey for the end result.

Sherry Beachum

Rolando Valdez

Fast and affordable car wash. It did a great job washing my car, they dried my car and they have free vacuums on location. For the price you pay it well worth it.

Michelle Miszlai

Very nice, my car is so shiney!

churumbela Chipilona

Ray Chavez

Andy Sanchez

To me seams like they don't take the time to do it right, they didn't do my windshield or front grill still had bugs on them, when truck went though car wash by the time we got to the end of it we still had soap all over the truck, it's like they speed up the wash to get car out of there faster. If you just have dust on your car it'll be ok to go though there. MAYBE. Poor service I think.

Allison McCormick

Tiffany Martin

This place is over priced and always misses the dirt on the back of my car and the SUV. The dryers are inattentive and more worried about carrying on their conversations than thoroughly drying the vehicles. Easier to do it myself.

Monique Valenzuela

Nice place but car doesn't always come,out clean.

Sam Macho

So I guess the chain broke just after I got into the car wash. The guys working the wash were great, keeping me updated on their progress and very apologetic but the manager Cherie I think her name is not so much. After sitting for an hour in the car wash I asked one of the guys if they could give me something like a coupon or whatever so I could come back later since I am now in a hurry. He went and asked his manager and she told him no because I was still going to get my wash once they fixed the chain. I am now running late, won’t have time to vacuum which is why I came here in the first place and payed for a wash, and she couldn’t even come out and talk to me herself or rectify the problem. I think you should move one of these guys up into her position and give her the boot. Her customer service skills suck. Ok rant over.

J Mo

Got my car washed this morning and what a horrible job of drying it! The windshield was so streaked I had a hard time seeing through it! So many streaks on the body of the car from poor hand drying! I will not recommend this place to anyone! I had to rewash it when I got home.

Kathy Perkins

Myrna Delgado

(Translated by Google) very well (Original) Muy bien

David Hunter

Got the most expensive wash and it didnt wash all that great and the people who wipe the cars down left streaks and water spots all over the car

Greg Kalstrup

Whether it’s hot or cold the ZK crew is always ready to get my truck clean quick! It’s so nice to have this in Hobbs especially since it’s 39 degrees today! They do a great job! This business is run very well!

Georgeann G

Good and fast

Joseph Rodriguez


William Dixon

Depends on the day how well you are taken care of

Martin Rolando Leal

They need to get down some more in drying the cars....they dry like if they didn't have any strength and skip every wet part......they need to put more dedicated people to it and not young kids out there just for the money.....

Chris foster

I use to love this car wash till today. I guess it started just recently, I didn't know about till today. They no longer wash muddy vehicles. I've taken my truck there numerous times before never had an issue, even paid the $5 fee sometimes for being muddy. No problem right!?! Not today... I even have, let me rephrase, had an unlimited wash package with them. Cancelled it today after that. Was treated very disrespectfully by the manager there. Went to ZK Express on N Grimes and spoke to the owner. Told me go back and they will wash it. Props to the owner for her part in good customer service. I was happy till I got back. The lady that checked me in when i got up to the door said "oh your the one." That's how you treat customers! I'm perturbed by that but carry on, once I get inside the tunnel they start prepping my truck to go through. I've seen this guy there before, I couldn't make out what he was saying but it was directed at me since I went and complained about my experience before. Again poor customer service. After today I wont use ZK/Kassis Co for any business with my truck or my wife's vehicle. After the amount of disrespect I received I'll be taking my business elsewhere. I guess they won't care if they lose one customer. But beware to the public, if you want great customer service rethink things and take your business elsewhere.

Mabel perez

(Translated by Google) The car was dirty and they did not throw me almost water, I'm not going anymore (Original) El carro quedó sucio y no me echaron casi agua,no voy más

Dj Quan

I've tried this place on multiple occasions. Don't waste your time with the $20 wash, your card won't be any cleaner than the $12 wash. And their wash doesn't clean around the base of your doors and quarter panels. The wheel.cleaner is a joke. The Manager is clueless. The don't divide the tip shares up evenly with their employees. Those kids need their fare share too. Every vehicle here is still somewhat dirty after it comes out of the wash. Y'all got a million dollar business but your work is SUB PAR at BEST...!


Jonathon Mayfield

Paula González

Puedo confiar en que si me ayudan bien.

Vince Homer

Depends on the crew that's working, but most of the time they do a good job. Don't splurge for the add ons either...the basic $12 wash is all you need. Super crowded on sunny weekends.

Lucas Ainsworth

Great hard working employees with good car wash!

Karen Nelson brooks

Does a good job. Free vacuums

Jonathan Pettit

Eric McElroy

I wouldn't get the top package. Wheel shine is always only on half tire . the back is never clean and then they rub in the dirt at the end .

Kelly parkinson

My truck wasnt clean...

Cindy Brito

Nice staff, especially Marlena. She's awesome!

Rick Bridges

Does a good job cleaning my pickup truck. Usually busy. You vacuum yourself but they do the rest, washing and drying.

Cheyanne Trujillo

Employees were very nice and car wash works great!! Love the free vacuums!!

Timothy Woodbury

Its my work

Jamie Stowers


Ellery's No Limit Adventures

Was a fine place


Good for a quick wash when you don't want to do it yourself.

Luis Salazar

Just went there to get a car wash and they were closed already. Google says they close at 8

Dick N'yourarss

hert my 28" rimz

Erik Alvarez

Harry Gonzalez

The best amd fastest carwash there is around here. Cars come out shiny and super clean, amd there free vacuums finish it all off.

Erdwin Gutierrez

Max Bell

Get your clean on here

Daniel Chase

Don't come in with any dirt on your vehicle if there is anything other than road film they will charge extra

Nathan Hughes

All ways like free vacuum

It’s so Jade

Very very awesome the owner is super nice and this place has great workers and is the best in town good job!!! Everyone should come here they have great prices nice boss and awesome workers and they are all always trying to make the customers happy!! And who ever the owner is keep bieng great and moving forward

Danny Cavasos

I don't recommend this place at all ,car wash not good they left my truck dirty I paid 18 plus dollars they couldn't even dry my truck, the free vacuum that's a joke it work's when it wants to (do not spend your money there ).


Alright for the price

Beverly Thurston


aprill mcgee

Very great car wash. My only complain is the detail center closes at 5 but there aren't any signs saying that. You guys close at 6 so I think the detail center needs hours up or they close at 6. It's a great place.

Jerry Anderson

Great car wash

Debra Jones

I got a monthly membership and loved going there they do really good work. The reason I only give 3 start instead of 5 because I only got to go 4 times and they changed the standard on tires size so I can no longer go there and cancelled my membership. Sad really I really enjoyed it while it lasted

fidencio lozano

(Translated by Google) It is very good place (Original) Es muy buen lugar

Anita Lynn

Love it just don't like to be screamed at.

Jennifer Hedrick

Not bad for the price but my truck is never fully clean when i leave there.

Donald Jones

Chastin Ward

I told them no brushes except for windows and I could hear the sand just grinding against my windows while washing them. Front bumper didn’t even look like it was touched, guy that dried it after the wash used dirty towels and left swirl mark scratches all in my paint. I’ll never go back.

Hector Herrera

Not too shabby, wish that rim washer would of done a better job.

Donna Garrison

Just paid $18 for a wash job that a 5 year old could have done better. Very disappointed. Probably won't go back.


From out of town needed my car washed. Paid $20 for full package that was a joke no tire shine here. Lots of spots on window and car. Package says undercarriage but it looks the same to me had to go to self car wash to finish the job..

Debbie Terrell

Great job everytime. Thanks

Mark Chavez

Good, quick car wash. Free vacuuming that you do yourself

Dale Driver

best place to get your car washed.

Roberto Olivas

Overpriced for the basic wash and poor drying job

Marie Barka

Excellent service.

Shawn Thomas

Took my car to get a full detail (inside and out). Went to pick it up and there were a few things that I wasn't happy with. When I expressed my concerns management and the person that detailed my car was very professional and made it right. Management even gave me a pretty good discount for my inconvenience in which I passed it along to the worker as a tip. Customer service is all about making things right when they are wrong. I will not hesitate to bring anyone of my cars here

Jared R

The wash is decent but the lines can be long. If you have some baked on items on your vehicle it won’t come off. I suggest using bug spray and degreaser prior to use. Also, they took the wide nozzle from the vacuumed it is only the smaller one.

Dani Clinkaberry

We are from another state and for $15 you can get a complete car wash, rainbow wax, rain x, tire dressing with the inside vaccum, interior wipe down, and Windows cleaned with air freshener. The $15 wash left lots to be desired.

Mark Beaver

It's still cheaper than if you do it yourself with a free vacuuming and all

Daniel Falco

Expensive place

David Testa

I paid $18 and got a $2 wash. There were bugs and water spots all over my vehicle. I had dried soap all down the sides of my car. I guess the sign which says what you get for your money is a recommendation. I was in a hurry and didn't see all this until later. NOT GOING HERE AGAIN.

Daniel Villa

Dixi Jones

Pretty good, but they never get the back of my compact SUV clean. Last time I went the guys that dry didn't even touch it, when I drove off they looked at it and started laughing. *2nd review I traded my small SUV for a 4-door Jeep, went back to see if it would get the rear clean a since it is a bigger vehicle. Keep in mind I haven't been back since my last review, I don't know what they did but the machine pushed me through so fast. Truly feel like I got ripped off. They had to of sped it up because of how busy its gotten from the oil boom. 75% clean and not sure why getting the tire shine all the way around the tire is so hard. They have never gotten that right. Did a little better on the back but not good enough to make me want to pay $20 for something I have to go home and finish.

Escalona Morejon

No es buen lugar pagas el lavado más caro se queda sucio el carro y luego te quieren cobrar de nuevo

Jesus Ivan Garcia

You get a good quality car wash when you visit Tornado Wash. I feel like the prices are a bit high, but unless you want to wash the vehicle yourself, this is about the only option you get in Hobbs. The only downside about these washes is the abrasive brushes used by the machine on your paint. At the end of your wash your your vehicle is hand dried. I believe the package that includes tire shine is $18 per wash. They don't offer a 3 day rain warranty free wash like other competitors out of town do. You get free vacuum cleaners with the purchase of a wash (self service). I like to get the cheap car wash at $12, and put tire shine at home. Service is usually fast, but in some rare days when they get extremely busy you'll have to wait in line for a good while (about 10, 15 minutes. Some days even more)

Carolyn H

Very expensive. Hand dry.

Shelby Hester

Pretty fast service even when backed up, free vacuums work great

Kelsee Ellis

Expensive, bad service, and super slow.

Terry Peden

This place has gone downhill. I pay 60$ a month, for unlimited wash the last 3 out of 4 times ive been there it was either broke, or broke right when i was about to go in. It does not wash the vehicles clean, and i usually end up with grease on mine. Piss poor work ethic.

Bart Moody

Good car wash clean the car well would return

stv 2.0

Long wait for a below average drive thru wash!! 30mins later I'm just getting to front! Not worth the wait!!

Dianna Lynn

Worker was rid causing out loud. I never been there and really didn't know what to do. Couldn't read the sign he pointed at he wet and soaped my windshield. I won't go back. I well do it my self....

Jen Murphy

Amanda S

These guys are awesome!!!

Jaime Mendoza

Not bad experience. Usually vacuums are in good working order. Sometimes not all water or soap jets work, but overall not bad.

Christie Sanders

Best car wash!

Tom Thompson

A good car wash with a monthly unlimited (2× a day) wash. But sometimes they are quiet busy

Mario Vera

We need some of this in California

Geno Valenzuela

Great wash if you're in a hurry. Free vaccums.

John T

Best car wash for Carlsbad, even has a dedicated area for muddy vehicles. If you're traveling and need to wash your vehicle then this is the place to go.

Sherri Lynn

Very unorganized! One line 7 cars will go while the other line your stuck. Should move as you pull into line.

Dennille Borell

Brandy Guyton

The car wash is nice and fast & very convenient. There are a few ladies that work the payment side that could be a little nicer, but in all it good.

Robert Hooten

Kyla Raburn

Robbie Shoemaker

Clean place and respectfully employees

Garrett C

Nice people

Rosalie Barnett

clean and prompt service

Zombie Truckin

2nd time paid for the 20 dollar wash only this time they didnt put the hot ice wax. Told the cashier who was pretty busy. She came to look around it and offered for the towel guys to come whipe it down more. I asked how that would get the refund? She went to get manager. They never returned. No tire shine. No wax, and bugs every where. Please dont reuse your dirty towels after 2 csra. The dirt really wrecks the paint job

Frank Diesel

Love the place but constant breakdowns and lack of needed help holds it back. Couple weeks ago I went through and tire shine wasnt working and vacuum hose was torn. Moved to next stall and it was missing the attachment. 3rd stall was ok. Deal with these problems and you'll get 5 Stars.

Jessica Colvin

Theres usually a line. It is the only wash with free vacuuming.

billy hoffman

I'll give it a 2 star. I paid for the 20 dollar wash so First off the wheel cleaning is a joke 2nd the guy who dried my car had grease on his towel and got it all over my car (not cool) since it is a brand new 2019 charger and this was its first wash. Wheels looked like boo boo.

stephanie brown

Ross Strickland

This is a great place to wash your car! They get it clean. All you have to do is vacuum!

Tina Richard

Cleaned my car well. I was very happy

Diana W

This was my 2nd time using this car was. First time was great and the guy who cleaned my rims really cleaned them. I Uber and my car has to look good. Yeaterday the guy who hand dried my car rushed through and left my windows streaked. I didn't realize how bad until after I drove off....but he also did my rims..I pulled in and was waiting a while because there were a lot of people waiting. I never saw him do anything and then started checking g my phone...all of a sudden the same guy who hand dried my car tapped my window and gave me a thumbs up that he was done...I drove off and first stop I got looked like one cloth wipe over each rim...there was still water scale from the puddles over the weekend, so I pulled into a parking g lot and cleaned them myself. I spent $5 plus 2 tips to that guy...feel like a lot of wasted money :(

Devene Haynes

Awesome wash job!!!

raymond hopson

Ezekiel Gardner

recamend it to others

Toned Guy

Ramon Orosco

It's a good place to get your vehicles wash.

Wild Child

I paid $18 for a wash that ended with lazy, incompetent people drying my car with dirty towels. The windows were dirtier when I left than before I went through the wash. They also did not do my tires, as the sign says the $18 Tornado Wash includes. Although I let them know, they didn’t care and told me to get out of the way, so they could halfway dry off the next person’s car with dirty towels and rip them off by not doing what the sign says is included in the price. No pride, terrible work ethic, rudeness, and no concern or care about customers. The owners should be ashamed.

BJ Craig

First time there had an appointment for the $40 wash and detail. They made my car look NEW! And it was bad! Besides a shampooing this will be a very affordable way to take great care of my car. Since then... I’ll leave the first review note because it’s truth, however after signing up for the monthly membership and using the wash daily. I decided to part ways with tornado wash. I’m disappointed with their customer service values. There was an incident that happened to my vehicle. Manangment could’ve cleared up w $50 or a free month but instead claimed zero responsibility. They claimed that my roof rack which takes a key and an Allen wrench to remove was already faulty. As if I’d schemed up a ploy to get a new one. I’d been through the wash plenty of times almost daily and someone always wrote “hold top rack” or something on my window. This time the girl didn’t. It wasn’t an expensive rack. But I’m sure they just thought like a lot of companies do, one customer won’t hurt us to lose. I don’t feel like I should be responsible for the training of their employees no matter how many signs you put up. That being said. I will no longer spend my money at the tornado wash.

Sharon Priller

Excellent job

Peter Penner

Worst car wash ever your car has to be clean in order to get in I don't recommend this

Luis Villescas

Just Friends

Andrea Woody

Little expensive

Daniel Vice

I like that place :)


Fast place

Gypsie Pipeliner

Free bet. They won't suck up a cotton ball.

Patricia Benavides


Rebecca Armstrong

More people needed for hand buffing. The 20$ tornado Express is a joke . Spend less for exactly the same result

Eric Silva

Not going to bash them. I just wish they did a much better job.

Enrique Collins

Aaron LaFollette

John Paul

Femi Ogunberu

I just did the $20 wash today and $5 rim clean. All was a joke. After the wash I called the lady to come see how poor the service was and from a distance she could see how dirty the rare of my car was and she asked me to pull in for a rewash which ended being the basic wash with no shine and the car still came out the way it went in with the rare still dirty. I think I just lost $25.

Rebecca Ingram

Long wait at times

Janie Dunnigan

They didn't even wash my car good

Mark Parker

Gave me a free wash, didn't clean the first time through.

Michael McNeil

Best carwash around

Juan Sandoval

Claudia Magallanes

Tomas Medina

Always have a great time getting my car washed. Lets tip the crew that dry our cars the go all ought to dry our cars.⏬

Lance Vaughan

I have used them for the $39.99 detail on my work pick up. Both times they have did an excellent job. The staff are great to deal with.

RobAnn Broeffle

Tiffany was super helpful. She did an awesome job answering all my questions. My truck looks awesome.

Kurt Hollembeak

Fast friendly service just what you do Quick Car Wash in and out fast

Tony Watt

Great car wash.

angee lamberth

Danielle Martinez

Always a great job!

Thomas Avery

Great place to get a $40 whole truck detailed


Paid $18 for the tornado wash and my truck was still dirty ... i was so upset yesterday all day cause of it and because i got off my truck did a walk around and saw that it had scratches on it NEVER GOING THERE AGAIN and wouldnt recommend it either.


Do a good job just priced more then expected 12&up

Marissa Montalvo

too expensive

Nick Iacoviello

Long wait time. Be patient and allow an hour or so..

Evelia Arriaga

Hace uno mucha fila

Travis Scheirbeck

Good place of business, sometimes a long wait enough.

John A Ayala

Maira Herrera

I went today and I paid 18$ for a tornado wash & it was just horrible my vehicle windows were still very dirty and the employees there don't even look half descent they look filthy and are very rude !!! I will NEVER GO BACK just a total waist of my money going down the drain . 2 thumbs down

Cipriano Griego

Justin Stuever

Good wash but expensive.

Jimmy Cantrell

Car Cleaned and free vacuuming, sometimes there is a line, but the wait is not unbearable.

Jacob Teague

Every time I have come through here, I am charged an ADDITIONAL $5 plus the actual wash. My truck must literally be spotless for them to not charge the additional $5. That does add up quick. When they use that marker on my truck to write a number, it never comes off. I have always had to manually take it off myself with window cleaner. I thought this was a car wash. The drying is also a joke. When I have to go and dry my truck myself, just to keep the spots off SO I WONT BE CHARGED ADDITIONALLY. I DO NOT recommend this place in the least.

Kevin Kiernan

Great Wash For your money


I like going here. The wash is quick and efficient and the vaccums are free!!! I would give five stars if there was an option to rinse the mats in my car.

Lawrence McLane

Would give zero stars if possible. They slammed my mirrors shut and broke them, smacked their brushes all over my car instead of brushing, the people that hand dry don't dry anything hardly and rush you. So rude.

Max Felt

Awesome car wash. It missed some on the back and was a bit pricey though.

angelica gonzales

(Translated by Google) Fast and effective (Original) Rápido y efectivo

Qvo Otraves

It's fair

Brendan McCalpin

This place is the biggest joke. I went there first and they said the manager won't take any vehicle that is dirty. So I drove away and pre rinsed my truck at another place just so I could try this new car wash. When I went back, the lovely employee was very nice and said I'll go ring you in. The manager then came out and said I'm sorry I cannot wash your truck as there is dirt in the wheel wells. I said, "so you're telling me that in order to get my truck washed here, I have to first go fully wash it at another place and then come back?" And her reply "yes that is correct". So long story short, they'll only clean clean vehicles.

J Biscaino

Raul Gamboa

Free vacuuming n awsome carwash

Brian Smith


Marcelino Rael

Very fast and friendly place to get a car wash

Hubert Miller

Cory Shelton

Awesome automated car was. Free vacuums with every wash and only $5 extra for them to handwash your rims.

Michelle Harper

Always an awesome experience

Jason Tate

Bought the complete detail for 240$$ and there is still dirt and grime left all over.. half way did all of the car every detail so terrible! Never going back don't waste $$!!

Eric Coleson

They do a good job here.

Pablo Franco

Taylor Gonzalez

Have not had 1 issue getting my vehicle washed. Always in and out hardly a wait. Friendly service.

Ruben Romo

Luz Mirella Guizar

(Translated by Google) Very good washing d cars (Original) Muy bueno lavado d carros

Jacquelyn Lee

Great job..Fast..

omar Machuca

Jennifer U


My wife and i recently went to this car wash and the female at the entrance that attended us was extremely rude. I got the $18 wash and we were very unsatisfied. The 2 people that dry your vehicle did a very poor job. We had to get off the vehicle and dry it ourselves. And as for the car wash itself it didn't get alot of the dirt off. Basically after paying $18 we still had to take our truck home and wash it ourselves. We were so excited to have this new car wash in town but we're not in the business of giving our money away and not getting the service we pay for. Honestly we won't go back just rather keep washing our own vehicle's.

Andrew Gonzales

Great car wash

James Terry

A good car wash!

Cecilia Salinas

(Translated by Google) Good job (Original) Buen trabajo

rachel hand

They always do a good job on my new car.

Michael Calderon

Charles Talley

Steve Cloud

Gets part of your car clean, but don't count on it getting your entire car/truck clean. Free vacs are nice. A few complaints... First, it takes a while to get through the line. Even if there's only a few cars, it's slow. Second, the wash (I bought the $18 wash) just does not get all of the vehicle clean. Bed cover hardly looked touched, and my wheels were still dirty. It's an extra $5 to make sure your wheels get clean. Kinda crazy, as they already hand dry the car. And, if you pay for the wash with the tire protectant, understand that it sprays it all over your wheels, and wheel wells, and will instantly begin collecting dirt. Pretty pricey compared to similar washes in other cities. However, it's the newest car wash in Carlsbad. Talked to the owner, and he pretty much said that to get it cleaned the way I would like it, I need to tell the employees what I want when I go in. Really? Why not just get cars clean the first time and not worry about it? I even pointed out all of the dirt still on the tailgate, rear bumper, factory steps, wheels, fender flares, etc. They basically said "we don't do that, we only get what the machine can get." SMH... with just a little more work, this could be a good place. As of now, it's just not worth the money.

Tara Amos

Good power wash. Hand dried. Good value

Mark Ward

Good Service

letty carmona

$15 plus the tip to the 1st two workers before the wash and then tip to both persons drying car. Not worth it! But since its cold, oh well Still got to vacume and dry the car myself better. Especially Windows. I know their busy but i do tip so it could be cleaned/dried better. Just saying

Pamela Clark

Sat in line for 45 minutes to finally get the wash. After leaving i noticed that the entire back of my suv was filthy! Never going back.

Carlos Camacho

Keith Hay

This is the best car wash in Carlsbad. There aren't any here like it really, where the staff dries your car afterwards. I haven't had a bad wash yet. Sometimes they don't dry it that great, but mostly they do a good job. Pricey, but at least there's a near full-service wash here.

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