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10705 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87123, United States

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REVIEWS OF Rain Tunnel Car Spa Flex - Lab/Kirtland AFB IN New Mexico

Megan Kamerick

I would have shared this privately but the website has no option for contacting owners directly so I'll share it publicly. I like your service, but it would be really nice if you made a better seating area at the Lomas location. I wait for 1.5 or 2 hours for my car and I need to do work. Honestly your competitor, Mister Car Wash, has a much nicer area where folks can sit and work and even get water or coffee. You guys only offer three really old decrepit plastic chairs. This combined with no way to contact you on your website tells me customer service is not necessarily paramount for you.

John C

Regular exterior wash is what I always purchase. Reasonably clean results. Is it better than hand wash or spray wash? No, but is a lot easier and quicker.

Jeff Coddington

Used to like using this car wash, but that has passed. Went to car wash at 550 pm and lanes were blocked with closed sign. Business hours show they are open till 6pm. Employee was at machine collecting money. He stated the car was was closed for the day. As I was I leaving other cars were arriving only to turn around and leave. If not for the lazy employees wanting to close and leave early, this business would have made at least another $100 for the day. But lost revenue instead and probably permanently lost some customers.

Douglas Logan

Very poor results today. Had to get out and realign mirrors. Too much water left as after exiting.


I love this car wash! They are super quick and my car was spotless! I will be back

Leslie Lewis- Helgeson

Fast, easy access.

Mike Sheahan

Shout out to the manager Enrique and assistant manager Jonathan. Great leadership unbelievable service, the interior crew did a phenomenal job to my 2018 dodge ram duly way above my expectations with car spas. I have been traveling for a month and a half pulling a Travel trailer with the wife and our dog. And when they finish with my truck it looked like the day I Bought it inside and out. Heading back to Arizona but will make it a must stop next time traveling through, keep up your high standards.

Veronica Licea

Way better prices than Mr. Wash and same quality washes if not better. Every time I've gone to Mr. Wash I have to talk to a manager, waste more of my time, & have my car vacuumed again. I'm so thankful I heard about Rain Tunnel. I will only be using Rain Tunnels to clean my car.

Israel Alberdi-Leon

Bring tour car to this location they do a great job

colleen saavedra

2nd time the there machine has broke my hood emblem and did not even try to replace it going there to see if they found the other piece this week will keep you informed

Shane Vaughn

Everyone was really nice and had accommodated all of my needs on my 02 Lexus LS430I was very pleased with the job that was done and would recommend these guys again...n much live to the manager endrique

carmelita m vigil

Car Spa is the only place i like to get my car washed. Im always happy with it

Robert Wright

Was baffled at the price, when I used the automatic payment for a wash it was exactly $19.00. The auto pay was broken this time so I had to go inside and pay and the was was $21.40 something. Maybe I hadn't be paying very close attention before. The services are second to none, truck is like new looking

Michael Wills

Best wash in town

Lori Phipps

Great I go there with my friend to wash her vehicles. It's fast clean and convenient.

B Garcia

Came to get my vehicle washed, so glad I came here they did a excellent job! I will definitely be returning!

Lorenzo P.

Mediocre service with a lack of a clean car in the end. Not worth the money spent when there are multiple better options within a short range of here. Don't patronize except in emergencies.

Irene Herrera

Omg!!!! This place is amazing. I am so satisfied with the service and the manager Curtis makes it a point to acknowledge you. He is so friendly along with the rest of the staff. Please do go give them your bussiness they are well worth it.

Rich Saravia Jr

This place sucks I took my truck to get washed and they refused to wash it due to it being to dirty. I took my truck off roading and its definitely muddy but come on I thought that was the whole point of a car wash. They wanna charge you $20 plus for full service but yet they dont want to actually do the work sad cuz I'm a regular customer there and now I will never go back. To top it off they were not even busy they were all just standing around. I'm definitely disappointed with their customer service.

Emily Lacey

The very best. Great service and friendly people.

Debbie Allen

Pretty cool place. Car wash with a little store and a nice outdoor waiting area.

Carlos Rivera

Best car wash in town! Everyone there always makes sure my truck is clean and dry before leaving. Enrique does a great job supervising the care and work that's being done. I have a brand new 2019 Ram Limited and I know I can trust this place to take care of her. I like how when you buy the "Best" they dress all your black plastics with armor all to protect and make the black pop. They remove carpets and vacuum. They even vaccuum my kids carseat!!! I will continue to go to this place for quick washes and more detailed ones as well!

Tai Fano

I wish I had an option to not select a star, but service is really slow. We waited for 25 minute to get in the tunnel to get my car washed. I saw about 3 cars tired of waiting pull out and leave. Need a better and quicker system. Management please do something about this.

Michael Loewenthal

Wash tunnel is very good. People doing windows not so good.

Matthew C

Outstanding customer service. Great wash (even though I purchased the cheapest one)

Tiffany Archuleta

These guys are awesome! It’s the only car wash I’ll go to I’m super particular about how my car is clean. Their hours are great they’re always friendly they go above and beyond and you can’t beat the prices

Saira Martinez

They always do a really nice job and have a really good customer service I would totally recommend this place to take your vehicle just for a simple wash!!!

Sir-Christian Kelley

Excellent service. Washed and detailed my car for a great price, with high quality work. Would recommend AND come back.

Jose Cordova

Great Customer Service, the employees are really nice and help full they leave your car nice and clean... Manager Enrique is really nice and his on it, helping his employees out to leave every car nice and detailed...i recommend you guys to go check them out!!

Calvin Welch

I have taken my pkp to this one particular carwash only one time.when I got it out of the shade,I could see 3 different spots that they missed.The staff was very polite and worked rather to fast.I will take my pkp back to them but I will slow them down and do a walk around before I leave.The car wash was very good.

Chad Corbin

The Exterior wash was fine but the interior was abysmal. Didn't even wipe the dust off the dash, one swipe down the infotainment panel, and somehow they rolled down a window and I had to ask twice for them to clean off the streaks. I wish it was like Lyft and i could decide to tip later after I see how good of a job was done...or not.

Matthew Gallegos

Great experience every time. These guys and gals spend time on every single car, make sure they send them off in tip top shape. They care, and you can tell. Thanks to Daniel for going the extra mile and always ensuring my car looks great..

Steve Rodriguez

Went Saturday. They did a better job than Mister Mister and charged less too. I will be back. Enrique, I think was the manager, was super nice. Everyone was great.

sjc ste cli

Fast and easy does a pretty good job cleaning too

JB Bice

They did such an awesome job today. Will definitely be using them from now on.

Lila Baca

I trust reviews... I'll drive to another one.. Thank you reviews

Justin Damrill

The machine blew the sidewall on my brand new 250$ tire i felt my tire get caught on something and the roller was still trying to push it sheen my front end dropped when we got out to see why my truck was down I the front it was completely flat then they said it was my responsibility. So my cash wash turned into a bill for me

Isaiah Soliz

Excellent car spa, best employees in town! It’s the only place I’ll wash my car in the east!

Felicia Mendez

Payed $21 and my car is still dirty on the inside!! Windows inside are still dirty!! Horrible job wiping inside. I could have paid less and cleaned it myself. Im not happy at all!! If i couls gave no stars I would. Save your $$

Brittny M

This is our best car wash service in town. I used to go to Octopus but it was never as good as Rain Tunnel, but it was close and cheap. Now that Octopus was bought by Misters, I come to the Rain Tunnel. Misters did not do a good job and this made me realize the Rain Tunnel is just amazing! I always assumed pet hair could not easily be removed from a car. These guys are so good at it, it's crazy. Honestly, for $20 it's very affordable. I'm not sure why I waited so long to make this my go to place. This place does use cleaning tools that touch your vehicle. This is not a pressure jet only place. There are vacuums and trash cans for cleaning prior to purchasing a cleaning package. At this location you purchase your cleaning package at an electronic service kiosk from your car. It will print you a ticket you give to an attendant. You drive onto the wheel rail yourself. You are asked to make sure all your windows are up and the car is in neutral. You will stay in the car as it is machine washed. After going through a dryer, you drive to a service station that cleans the inside of the car (if purchased). While you wait for the inside to be cleaned, there is a small store where you pick out your air freshener and can by car goodies and ssnacks.The full process takes about 20 minutes. If you have cash, there is a tip box.

Mike Curran

Didn't dry car properly I had to stop and finish it, pd $21.00 for exterior wash & dry

mindy kruichak

Friendly professional staff who truly take pride in their work and do a great job this is my favorite car wash

Henry Steele

Absolutely worst exterior wash ever. Spent $18 for an ultimate exterior wash, and ended up with a vehicle that was still wet all around. I ended up having to dry it off myself after leaving. Also, supposedly the price included wheel cleaning, but still looks like they weren't touched. Used to go here all the time, but after the management/title change, it has gone to the gutter. Do not go here, period.

David Shepherd

Fast and easy. Very professional!

David Sa trucks

I give enrique 10 stars in management!

Ranch House

Paid for the most expensive service, they did an extremely half hearted job on the interior. Didnt wipe down well, completely ignored the back windsheild.

Danille Holbrook

I recently moved to the area and had been looking for a good detailer. First stop, this place is great. They are fast and detailed. They go above and beyond!!! Attention to details. I will not go to another place.

Tom F

Excellent service! The employees at this location go above and beyond what would be anticipated regarding making vehicles clean and shiny. Thanks for putting a happy face on top of my shiny set of wheels.

Darian Yachik

It's got great service!

Christopher Jansson

For a wonderful and very good wash to your car,inside and out,go here


Hands down the best car spa in town. I'm a member of the Monthly Unlimited Wash Club.

Thaddeus Garcia

Great service, always leave with a really clean car

Tina Falling

This was the first time I did inside and out. They did a great job. The price was reasonable, very reasonable. Everyone was friendly and helpful. I won't be going anywhere else.

Mike Haynes

My current experience was awesome. Enrique and his crew was most professional and they gave a service beyond what is found at any other establishment.

Felicity Duran

Paid for the most expensive services available here for both the inside and outside of my car and it doesn’t look like most surfaces of my interior were even touched, let alone attempted to be cleaned. I was just on a road trip and my kids have been eating crackers in my car, and those weren’t even vacuumed out of the seats. No trash inside my car was thrown away. They even had the nerve to give me a hard time about not tipping them. I don’t know why anyone should expect a tip period, especially not when they didn’t even work well enough for a tip. I will absolutely never return here.

Joshua Lopez

By far one of the best car wash in Albuquerque! The mangers were amazing and workers gave the best quality work! Especially the Manger Enrique for ensuring my time at the rain tunnel was a good experience!

David Fincher

Do great work the only car spa in town that get my windows right the first time

Stefan Ketcham

This place is extremely inconsistent, sometimes you will get an extremely clean car other times it seems like no one touched your car after it went through the wash.

Adam Moussa

Excellent customer service here! And they did and exceptional job waxing the pin stripes out of my truck! The attention to detail just in the regular washes I get here far exceeded any other place I’ve been in town!

Susan Moore

Great value, I vacuum, they wash the exterior. My go-to carwash.

Katie Martinez

2nd time we have taken our car here and they don't clean it all the way through. They don't even touch my 3rd row. Or wipe down the doors or center console very well. Not worth 21$ at all..

norman latini

FYI all users: Went through car wash today and car in front jumped tracks causing my car to hit the car in front causing minor damage. Neither driver hit brakes or believe anything they did caused the problem. The car wash manager said it was not the car wash’s fault and that we had to contact our insurance company to make a claim.

Melanie Duran

My car, with stained gross interior got a custom clean and it was amazing....looks new!! Enrique and his team did an amazing job, spent over an hour on it, and ensured it looked great. Thank you!!

Jacob Gonzales

Decent service not amazing but its reasonably priced

John Harris

The manager named “Enrique” is very unprofessional. I used to work for him and he’s always doing full details to his personal trucks. Also gives away free details/washes to most of his friends. He’s making this company loose money and making it look bad when you have such an amateur working at this type of position.

Gisel Breceda

I just purchased a new vehicle and have been looking for a great car wash location. My search is over! Daniel did a great job with my car and I’ll definitely be back. You really get a bang for your buck here.

Nidal Jawad

Really good car wash for the price you pay. 1000 times better than mister and no lines you get in and out quickely.

Nalisha Dickson

Very disappointed that the cost for car wash keeps going up here. The service and quality you get is horrible. I had to remind them of vacuuming my back seats. Then when I got home i noticed they didn't wipe my back windows. Last I went it's at almost $12. When I first started coming it was around $9. I don't plan on coming back anymore. There are competitors around way cheaper and do a great job. Not sure what you guys are thinking when you up your prices but not the quantity. Not okay


Lately the full service wash has been less than the best. Eugene, the manager, is not customer service oriented and obviously hired the young boys who do a very sloppy job and are more interested in doing a hasty job and looking at their phones. The only thing decent about the place is the location, the older African American gentleman and the young lady. I asked the manager, who was talking to a friend, if it was their management policy to have six employees not doing anything while the young lady finished up my car by herself, the manager made an excuse that they worked in teams and the second guy was on the other side of the car. He was not as he was already sitting down looking at his phone with his friends. After the manager had to ask the boy to raise the back tailgate and wipe out the water I had to ask him two more times to wipe the majority of the water off. Terrible, terrible customer service starting with the manager who made nothing but excuses for his employees. One employee thanked me as I was leaving for bringing the sloppy job to the manager's attention. The three young boys were mumbling comments to me as I got in my car. They too, like the manager, are not customer service oriented. I will be looking for a new place to wash my car.

Kathryn Perea

They do a great job

Kareem Jessemy

Better service than Mr. Car Wash, for a lot less...These professionals, move quickly and their 72 hour guarantee, definitely saves your butt, if it rains immediately after you get your ride clean. Recommend! ❤️

Joseph Slagle

They do a great job and very Courteous !!

Eric Clifton

This place is awesome. I have detailed cars for years and they hit every note. Like a symphony. Spent 1-2 hours on my truck. Wax jonlb was great.

Ali B

Never have had a bad experience here. Employees are always kind and friendly. The kids enjoy going through the carwash and pretending that we're being attacked by octopi and jellyfish.

Roberta Golden

I am very pleased with the wax job. Enrique the manager is so nice. He checked out the car when it was finished and suggested a little more buffing. He took care of it himself. I brought in a van and two Hummers in for the wax and wash. The vehicles were very smooth when you touched them. The employees work hard. A small improvement could be made around the console and cup holders. Some of the time that is missed. The price is right for a wash and wax. I observed Enrique chatting with the customers about their needs. I think he is a great manager.

Sharron Moore

They do a really good job

Ronald Reynolds

They took extra time to make sure truck was cleaned to our satisfaction.

Delora Neal

Love the services

Victor Roberts

Great customer sevice!!! Enrique and his staff took the time to explain everything to me and naje sure i was satisfied, thats very hard to find nowadays, i really appreciate them!!!

Jeremy Polk

Great car wash. Enrique and Jonathon run a tight ship making sure the job is done right.

Nadine Marquez

Car spa on central and Juan tabo is always a great Experience!! I won't go anywhere else. They r very polite, mostly they do a great job on both my vehicles. And always!!

Damien Charles

Today I didnt feel like vacuuming out my own car aand wanted the inside of the doors wiped down after the wash. I Explained this to the lady at the counter. She charged me for them vacuuming and wiping the inside doors. Tells me to hand them the ticket after the wash, so i do. The kid I hand my ticket to goes and talks to his manager after telling me I only bought a blowout and comes back and tells me he will wipe the outside down and give it a blow out, but i can use the vacuums in the back and vacuum it out myself for free. So I said Ill just ask for my money back and went inside. She tells them I paid for them to vacuum it they did....I thought. I noticed immediately they didnt wipe the doors and I go down the road and pull over to wipe the doors myself and check the back seats and floors to see that they didnt even vacuum there! Waste of time and money.

J. Brian Hennessy

Contemporary Machinery makes for a good wash. Average to above-average finish work by the good-natured employees post wash. I had to check my car and in doing so pointed to a few issues. They were quick to please. So, that's a good thing :-) All in all, one of the best car washes and finishing centers in Albuquerque. Price is competitive.

Linwood Wroten

This place is awesome. Very friendly, and they do a great job. The manager, Enrique, does a awesome job leading the workers there. Enrique, I appreciate your dedication and work ethic. Keep it up, and I'll keep coming back.

Patrick Turney

Very good car wash. If looking to get a specialty service or detailing would recommend either going inside and purchasing or go online before and pick out what you want. The automated purchsing machine doesn't have descriptions of what each package is. Car looked amazing after I got the full detail, basically brand new!

Ray Del Greco

Enrique and his crew went above and beyond for my mud covered Ford F-250! I purchased the deep cleaning for my interior and seats and they did a phenomenal job getting my truck looking like new (they even cleaned a stain on my carpet I didn’t pay for). Great job to Rain Tunnel!

Christina Montoya

Decent place . Vacuums have a good suction . Good experience

Benjamin Von Rotz

My car looks awesome every time I take it here. Great service!

David Casaus

This location is rip off. I would recommend a gas station wash over this place. They literally left my car filthy and when I complained they gave me attitude and tried to charge more.

Veronica Barela

Did an alright job. Not all my trash bags were emptied. Manager Enrique was very nice and personable. Facilities were clean and comfortable. They could have done a better job of drying my car and cleaning windows. Streaks were very apparent on windows. Would be nice if they could wipe down plastic floor mats with a damp rag. Overall, pretty good.

Darlene Jost

Great job! Car looks great!

Michele Graham

We went to was our car a week or so ago and we were treated with so much respect and everyone was so kind plus they did a great job. I will tell many of my friends and family about the great service. Thank you!

Martin Tapia

Most car washes do not get the full car including the back of the seats and they did!

Google Approved

These guys did a fabulous job, not to mention very fast! I had been looking online for places that would do an interior detailing and most services were going to cost me well over $100 and take several hours. I just had some kid vomit on the back seat that I wanted gone. These guys had my car done within a half hour and my car's interior looked brand new, and no more vomit!

Brother EDEN Douglas

Love this company !! Always treated like royalty by Enrique and Jonathan. A plus, plus service! Friendly, professional and courteous. My Caddy loves all the workers there!!

Erica Chavolla

Love going there they are awesome

Jack Pettigrew

Don't bother tipping the managers keep it and they forgot to vacuum my car when I got the "best"

Ian Carl

I went today and I thought I first they did a good job it looked clean. So I got on with my day and I went to go eat and as I got out I went to go see my car, and I noticed that my chrome rims were all clean but one was left dirty and I do have a picture, and when I went to go see the other I noticed that they pulled of the center thing that covers a piece to take off my wheels, and this gave me a horrible feeling about this place and those workers I saw today I know I’m not happy about it and there lucky I don’t go back and make this a problem like a should be because those workers today know what they did and if the owners would like to contact me I would be glad to explain to you In person what I feel went on.

Francine Chavez

They did a very good job dealing my car.

Phil Newmam

Very happy with this carwash. Quality probably best in Albuquerque. Management has been very responsive to any issues and I will continue to go there as long as there are no changes. Prices are reasonable and they always honor their rain checks. I would recommend.

Debbie Crowley

I like that you could vacuum your own vehicle if you chose their vacuums Run free for all paying customers with no time limit so you're not rushing to do a good job a basic Car Wash through the tunnel is $8 you can add more like a hand towel dry Wheels Etc of course the price will go up but they do everything they're from a basic car wash to a complete detail. Young lady in the waiting area inside the store was very accommodating and helpful and I will definitely be going there for all of my car washes

Brian Miller

A VERY professional mgr introduced himself as I drove out of the car wash and into the dry off area. I understand they provide a 72 hour 'rainy day' free re-wash guarantee, as opposed to other car wash 24 hour guarantees. They also provide free self serve vacuums. They're about $2 higher overall in their car care options.

Christopher Goes

Wash and a vacuum for $12. Good value and good clean.

Carla Metzner

My car looked great! Best job I've seen.

Ellie Manchester

Awesome job!

Alexandria Coonsis

Very outstanding place with great workers! They did all the work, some places you have to vacuum yourself. Will be coming back again. Thank you!

Michael Carrillo

Very expensive $8 wash they only dry windows went home and finished drying my truck for that amount I can do it my self and so it right and it would be less then $8

Linda Desantiago

Love there service

Gary Edmondson

Manager Enrigue does very great work; always takes time to make share my vehicle is good to go!

Khara Williams

Vacuums sucked... No pun intended. Lol.

Dawn Jackson

Best car wash in town!

Petresia Manso

My car always comes out beautiful and the employees are grest.

Amanda Hagerty

This Rain Tunnel location is the best. They take their time and do a great job everytime I go, regardless of how busy they are. They are friendly and accommodating. Supervisor Daniel was professional and helpful at my last car wash.


Your car can't be too dirty, even though they have a guy with a hose before you go in. On multiple occasions a worker would pocket the tips while the other blocked the view. If I got a standard wash with tire dressing, it was the worse tire dressing I've seen. Went here multiple times and gave many chances, wont spend my money here anymore.

Alston w. Turtle

Workers lie about car being done and making excuses for their atm machine is down waited for 1 hour to sit and wait for them to work on other cars. Car didnt run good when done sad sad sad lame dont go their not a quick lub change. Just sad

Dominic Kratos

I always get the cheap wash. They do a decent job and are pretty fast.

katy sei

Great customer service. Awesome interior detailing done by Enrique and his staff. Enrique even waxed our sports car himself and did a fantastic job.

Will Wimber

I do not visit any other car wash. Today, Daniel gave me A-1 Five Star service. Thanks again Rain Tunnel!

Thaddeus Gray

Way better than Mr Wash. They actually hand dry your car instead of just dabbling it

Tony Davis

I get my car washed here regularly and they always do an excellent job. For a quick wash, their automated wash is extremely good, and for full-service the price is great and they do great work. I've also had my oil changed here and it was very quick. A nice, clean, easy-to-get-to place.

Sheila Kirkham

Best service in town.

Paula Torrez

Daniel was very attendant to detail..good job

Burt Furt

I have been going to this car wash for quite sometime because it's close and convenient, they have never been able to wipe a car down worth a darn, so I have always grabbed a rag and went behind them. Well today they had the odasity to tell me that customers cannot touch their rags. Jerome (manager) came over and said that it is their policy, I asked what about wiping down a car correctly and he said sorry that's our policy. I told him I would never be back and he said over a rag??????? So they lost 4 customers over a rag.... He then said don't come back we don't need customers like you.

Barbara Collins

A great place to go for a car wash! I love the no touch car wash, feels like I am being pampered!

Uphoria Blackham

Good car wash, but I tried to tip nice man who dealt with my car, and he said that he can't accept it or he would get fired, AND that the tips that go in the box just go to the owner. Shameful.

Charisse Decker

Not to bad but not good


If all you want is an exterior wash maybe this place is ok. I paid 23.00 and a 2.00 tip for their "Best" wash. When I drove off I noticed the dash hadn't been touched. Turned around and drove back to get this done. Which they did a barely adequate job of, no armorall or other coating just wiped down with a rag. Then drove off again to notice that the back window hadn't been touched. Considered going back again but decided to never go back. Advise you find somewhere else to get your car washed.

Tim Beard

Fast and quick and the guys did a wonderful job on finishing up my car after the wash I am definitely coming back here it’s worth spending a little bit a extra for them doing it instead of me this was an awesome experience thank you

Gordon Muthigi

They do a good job of cleaning the car. I would definitely recommend

Jeff Gluth

I came in for a wash but decided to get a interior detail and exterior wax because it seemed a good value. While they were doing the interior I realized that my car was in direct sunlight. I remember my dad always telling me to "polish in the shade" I asked the manager to either refund my money or give me a rain check for a cloudy day. He asked why and when I told him of my concern he quickly said they would wax it inside the oil change bay. I was happily surprised by this and appreciated his willingness to satisfy the customer. He even had my floor mats cleaned for no charge. Result = 1 happy customer Thanks Enrique!

Gloria Kennedy

The workers are so friendly and went above the call of duty when I do stupidly locked the keys in my car. They helped me get it open. Thank you guys again!

Tera Crayne

They do a good job.

Nick Padilla

This is one of the most “bang for your buck” car washes that I have been to. Since the last time I did a review the service has not declined at all. The staff pays attention to detail on even the most basic of washes. While I was waiting for my car to be finished the manager Enrique notified me that I had a low tire and offered to fill it for me. After filling the tire he let me know that I would soon need new tires which was very helpful of him. I truly recommend this establishment for any of your car needs from a simple wash to even an oil change. In a way they do it all.

Julyanna Johnsen

could do better in cleanning autos

Joe Michel

I find this one of the better car washes around me, I've been to Walter whites access paid premium for a substandard wash, the guys at rain tunnel do as great job and the prices are reasonable in fact it would cost me more at a wand wash to do it myself. Quick, efficient, enjoyable experience


We came in a few weeks ago for an oil change and we were offered $8.00 off a car wash. We paid for the car wash and got the $8.00 credit on our receipt. Because we were on our way out of town, we asked if we could come in the following weekend to wash the car. We were told yes. Last weekend it was pouring rain so we waited and went in today. We were told they would not honor our receipt. So they took us for $9 because they would not honor our receipt. They could have told me they would not honor the $8.00 discount, that would have been fine with me because we waited too long but they just said flat no! So the fact that we paid money was just lost. Just an FYI folks, we lost $9.00, which may not be a lot for some, but we are seniors and it can hurt a budget.

David G.

Not the greatest wash, for $17. The guys that cleaned/ vacuumed it out seemed more interested in getting it done than doing a good job.

Rich Angel

They did a good job on water extraction with my carpet. They don’t provide any type of towel to dry car.

Martha Valenzuela

Still love the way is washes car. A lil more money but does a good job.

Alberto Garza

Always a good job

Alan John

I bought the $12 wash and interior cleaning. My truck was still dirty inside! They didn’t vacuum the seats or the cup holders. Also didn’t wipe anything. Save your $$$


Moderately priced car wash. I have gotten a better car wash for cheaper. The best part about this car wash is the friendly workers they have. They make you feel welcome and you can ask for extra details without feeling awkward.

Gary Walker

Disappointed. Detailed seats and carpet. Employees were playing with their phones all the time. While I was waiting. I finally walked over to the car and suggested they put their phones away because I was waiting. Other employees were playing with their phones on the dry off line. Managers watched and I guess approved. Manager the day before said he would get a spot on the door. By Friday he had forgotten and said I would have to buy another package for one spot. On a compact car. Too bad. I have liked coming here and Friday the help was not doing their job. Mostly the "managers" fault! Demonstrated poor training and supervision. Don't use the air dry right. Did not clean the cup holders on the floor. How come they do not do the wheels on the Wheel Package at the wash? Drive past 2 other washes to come here. Not anymore.

Kev Sharp

Not very impressed. I paid extra for the hand dry service just so 4 guys could slap a towel around my truck a few times. When I asked them to at least finish the windshield the guy says " you got wipers. Use it" then walked away laughing. That was the last $21 I'll ever spend here.

carissa grey

The car wash experience was excellent. They were fast and responsive. Daniel and his crew were very polite and efficient.

Jason Adamik

Ask for mgr. Matt. He will definitely take care of you and do anything necessary to make sure you're happy with the service. Seriously. I think he'd come to my house to correct or redo something with the wash or detail if it were necessary.

Ted A

Guys did good job.

Ross O'Leary

Hands down best car wash/detailing i have ever got. Little more than i intended on spending at 63 dollars but well worth that money. They spent an hour on my truck and it looks fantastic. Looks better than when i drovw off the lot. I would recommend this place 100 percent.

Vanessa Muller

Customer service was wonderful .. Fast , friendly and they did an amazing job especially on the inside great job guys

Al Cesarz

Good service and reasonable price

Bobbie Archuleta

Always get "the best ".. Usually always satisfied but could pay attention to they're wheels /rims cleanings

Heather Swingle

This place is good if you just want a wash but they dont wipe tires down very well or clean the inside. If you want a cheap exterior wash this is the place to go.

Steve Moss

Very nice job

Kathy Kunda

I was in today with my truck, the team did a great job. They paid attention to detail and worked together to get me out while doing a great job on my Truck. I also take my BMW there to get washed and the also do a wonderful job.

Alexandria Finley

You pay 20.00 and the employees cant even clean your car or vacuum it right I tipped the young boys 5.00 and moved my passenger seat bk they don't move the seats forward to vacuum. I had to call him bk and ask him to do it right. After paying 25.00 for a crappie job and my change taking out of my cup holder.

D Dow

I really like this place. They also steam clean floor mats

George Hernandez

Great job only place that i take my cars to and only place that do good in cleaning my rims

betty Ramos

The only reason I give it 2 stars is because the lady inside waa really nice... But the workers where lazy!!! I had to finish taking out trash and clean it my self... I dont recomend this place dor a full service!

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