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REVIEWS OF Rain Tunnel Car Spa - Downtown/Old Town IN New Mexico

Jim Cucci

The wash and hand drying leave the car looking nice. I've had detailing done here and the results were fine. Customer service depends on who is behind the counter. I have been going here off and on for years. Usually when the car gets really dirty.

Bro OrangeTreez

I was told they don’t wash dirty trucks just dusty ones?! Seriously?! I asked for the manager, since he didn’t care I asked for district information. He said his daddy owns it. I then advised I will NEVER be back with any one of my three vehicles. Mister is bottom dollar better all around. And they clean dirty vehicles. That’s always a plus!!!!

Rick Hale

Excellent quality carwash, it seems more secure than other washes...I like that you stay with your car right up to the point where they vacuum it out.

Luke Davis

Very friendly staff, and very fast wash. I paid just over $18 for a premium wash "Wheel Express" (though, not the most premium wash "The Best"). Your vehicle starts with a team performing a vacuum on the interior. They did a pretty good job, though some dust was left on the interior panels or both passenger and driver doors. Next, the vehicle goes through the automated tunnel where it gets some of the grime off. Most of the vehicle was pretty clean! However, despite paying for undercarriage wash, etc., the rocker trim panels still had lots of visible dirt and grime. In fact, most of the trim pieces near the lower part of the car looks like I just drove around a dirt lot doing doughnuts. This was slightly annoying. At the end of the tunnel are powered forced-air dryers and they did a good job. After the tunnel, a driver pulls your car into the drying and window cleaning area. This is where the minor details and wheel cleaning gets done. My wheels were pretty shiny, but still didn't get some of the build up of dirt from normal in-town driving. This also would've been a great opportunity to clean the rocker panel and other trim that the tunnel missed. They didn't get to them however :( ...they did a good job of cleaning the windows though, including the interior sides of the glass. Most of the water was dried off, but there was some residual water trapped in the usual spaces for my vehicle. I'd say it was pretty good for a wash that was just under $20, but if you want the car looking great, you're going to have to put a little effort yourself in getting the stuff they missed.

Marlene Duarte

Took one hour for a regular wash. When I got there-- there was only six cars in front of me! When I confronted Kurtis the manager he didn't even make eye contact with me completely ignored me! WOW I got more respect from the regular employees. Maybe the managers need a refresher course on how to treat a customer!

Llewellyn Kennison

I support local businesses as much as I can, so I drive from the west side to get my jeep washed here. When I pulled up the other day, the guy checking cars in told me that the manager said they won't wash my jeep because I had some mud on my rims! I'm sorry, but the last time I checked, isn't that why people go to car washes, is to wash off dirt and mud from your vehicle so it get "washed and cleaned". I will never return to this establishment again!

Deborah Moore

The only car wash in Albuquerque that I will go to. The other car washes in town don't care if your car is clean. Rain Tunnel always does a great job.

raymon funes

The best car wash in ABQ. The prices are fair for how well they clean cars; inside and out! Helpful staff and very thorough.

Tom Skinner

They don't even deserve1 star. It didn't appear they vacuumed my vehicle, windows were streaked from using the wet towels they used to dry the cars with. The wash job was not very good either. It is an older vehicle and that's how they treated it, and don't go there if they are busy. You don't always get what you pay for.

Hector Gutierrez

Forced air for crevices is great.

ProudNavyDad SWO

Went with the "best". And let me tell you it is the best. They take their time and vacuum, dry, wipe everything down and use compressed air to aid in the drying process. We will be going back again.

Rhiannon Samuel

DO NOT take your vehicle here. My husband and I just took our, not even 3 weeks old, brand new off the dealership lot, Mazda here and left with over 6 scratches that the management refuses to take ownership for. Extremely disappointed in their refusal to accept that this happened in their care and their poor customer service. We pride ourselves in supporting local business but we will never return.

Michael Phlieger

Crappy wash and service. I really don't like to give negative reviews, but after giving them a few chances I really have no choice. You will save money by just going to a gas station drive through. Quality will be about the same.

Joe Hastings

They never quite get the car clean, no matter what level of service I buy. Today it was the wheels package, and they didn't clean the wheels. I asked them to clean them, and they said the dirt wouldn't come off. So I grabbed a rag and cleaned off the grime. They shrugged. Mister it's much better.

Lorraine Chavez

Excellent! And fast! Blow the rear view mirrors, too!

carmelita m vigil

This is another location of the best car wash in the city

Jaime O

If you like your vehicle Don't go to rain tunnel! They broke one of my mirrors. The manager "Curtis" had me feel out an incident report and he kept telling me he would call me when he looked at the videos but everytime I called he would avoided my phone calls and it is now 3 months later and he is now saying they wont fix it. He has Horrible management and people skills! Don't go there!

David Krantz

Probably won't go back again. They locked the keys in the car, then was told they where not responsible to open it.i told them to call a locksmith, I was told I had to pay for it.

Dennis Gonzales

Great car wash , everyone is nice this place is always busy morning is best time to go .

Paula Larsen

I had to ask a supervisor to see the interior of my vehicle after "cleaning" service. My dash was loaded with dust, the glove box still had fingerprints, my windows were spotty and areas never touched. My console was not touched!!!!! Supervisor stated "we don't do consoles" but I pointed to their huge sign (less than 10 feet away) which states consoles (even with a basic package). Supervisor grabbed a rag from his pocket & tried to wipe areas missed by staff. No offer to refund or compensation on a future visit!!!!! I won't return!!!!!!!!

John Lockman

Washed my car with fast and friendly service.

Luella Eastman

This place is fast and efficient

Karie Taylor

I like it better then Mister Carwash. But they never really do a great job.

Eli Sheppard

Worth the money!


I always think they might do better. But, when you get the basic car wash, be prepared. When they say "basic" it actually means "nothing done, but we'll take your money."

Larry Tyler

I come to this particular rain tunnel on a weekly basis and they usually do a outstanding job but today was very disappointing. They never even touched my interior they left dirt all over my car dident even clean my windows i had to go back so they could touch up everything they missed. Very very dissatisfied.....

Faustina Castillo

Their prices were complicated, beware what you pay for. $14 for a "basic" car wash?

Alfonso Lovato

It's ok.

Rick ybarra 1

Great job inside and out

Kristashia’s Life


mary ellen Little

Was not happy with the job, mentioned it to the person who takes the order and I had a whole new wash PLUS custom cleaning. Super good place.

Brenda Lial

I'm guess to pay 20.00 plus tip, but i also need a better job done. My doors on the inside weren't wiped down, and my step to get in my truck could have been a bit more cleaner.

Calvin Welch

My favorite place to take our vehicles.when they get done u think ur getting into a brand new vehicle.

Sarah Szurek

I went to the new location on Coors. When I first drove up, it was very confusing which way to enter the wash. I paid 23 dollars for full service carwash. One would expect you pay that price, they vaccuum your seats, and wipe the interior. I first took my Audi, which was not too bad on the inside. When I got in the car I noticed nothing was wiped on the inside, but I didn't need much vacuuming, so I didn't notice the seats or anything not being vacuumed. I went home, got my RAM which was way worse on the inside. Crackers on the seats, dust, and floor mats dirty. I pay for full service another 23 dollars. I wait about 10 min for them to finish. As I drive home I take a look around. Again no wiping, and the seats were not vacuumed. I did see them take the mats out so I for sure thought they were clean. No, the mats looked the same as when I brought them in. One point while waiting I noticed one of the attendants standing at the door with a vacuum, but was not vacuuming just looked like he was. When I got home I not only had to vaccuum, and wipe everything down. I noticed soap spots all over both cars. I had to get a damp cloth and wipe the outside all over again. I paid the same price I would have at a Mister carwash, and ended up doing all the work myself. Not acceptable. I will say the staff is very friendly; however, I will not be going back. Terrible wash for the price.

Maria Chavez

I canceled my unlimited service at Mr. Car wash because the team at Rain Tunnel seemed to pay more attention to detail. This will be my go to spot for car wash and detailing services from now on.

Melissa Lauer

My experience here was less than stellar. As I waited for my car to come off the line, they locked the keys in a man's truck, and had to jimmy his door open. When my car came off, they bumped it into the car in front of me-twice!! Not what I would call careful service. There are too many other carwashes here to put up with this ineptitude.

george torrez

Don't leave any loose change ( or valuables), they'll take it. Spend your money elsewhere, and the employees drying car don't do a very good job. Wish I could get my $5.00 tip back.

Santiago Palacio


Rick Ybarra

Great employees, took great care of my car

Kelly E. Brown

Nice. Clean. Profesional.

Victor Martinez

Love getting my vehicle cleaned here.

Kelly Segovia

Got my truck looking new as ever! Good job to the old town location always got me leaving happy!

Anne Reynolds

Great service, better then mister mister. Still have to show them some things they miss. But you won't find a better car wash in town

kurt mccollum

they did the job well and were very friendly

Erick Humphrey

Nice spot for a quick carwash and nice vacuum services also they have the these blowers know that super blow any wet hard to reach areas.

Christy Hales

They did a great job. My car was cleaned in a timely fashion.

Vero Aldana

My windshield was dirty and wet as well as my mirrors , i hate to have to ask them to wipe it again ,they should take a little bit More time to do a better job

Rose D

It was great

Charlene Atencio

Much less, for the same service at Mister carwash.

Jim Keener

The Rain Tunnel car wash is okay. Neither extraordinary, nor bad. The machines and staff get my car clean in a reasonable time. The staff is neither overly friendly nor standoffish. It's a business that functions satisfactorily.

Edwin Rodriguez

Decent place. Cashier ladies are usually pretty rude and don’t seem to care much. The wash always ends up being very clean and well done. I’d give it 5 stars if they had friendlier staff.

Bertha Gallegos

Because I can't give them less than 1 the second time I come to clean my automobile. They shure name it the mud tunel. My carpet, seats, dashboard, cup holders are exactly the same as it was before I pay over $15.00 for nothing.wasted money.

Merlinda Lincoln-Chee

Great place to get a good wash for your vehicle. A one stop place for cleaning

Stephen Montoya

I show up at 8 a.m. for a wax and am told they cannot do it. They don’t have employees there to do it for another 40 minutes after 8. Then why advertise a service that you cannot do? Have a sign about detailing not available until 9. A total waste of my time and they were not even apologetic. A good company would at least apologize if not give some sort of discount for the inconvenience. I am honestly glad I left because I didn’t have a good feeling about the people working there.

Bonnie Esparza

A great, quick spot to have your car washed. They do a thorough job.


Did a great job cleaning my car. Dried the car very well even consi5they were busy.

Gina Ortiz

If you want a good carwash you will be pleased. If you want amenities you will not. I'm there for the was so I'm happy.

Matt Bott

Make sure when they're vacuuming your car watch them vacuum your car because I went in there with my truck and they didn't even vacuum the back seats some of those kids that are just really lazy

Mary Baughman McCoy

Great clean up. Must exit car n allow employees to take vehicle thru wash. NOT pet friendly, so leave them at home.

Enrique Robledo

Always consistent with their car washes. Staff has always been friendly even when asking to wipe a spot missed (which rarely happens). This location is too notch. (Old Town)

Shannon Steffes

They always do a great job of washing my car inside and out.

Joseph Martinez

Very reasonable prices and they spend extra time wiping down the dash and door jams and Windows with, "The Best" package.

Dominic Baca

Very friendly and helpful staff. They do an excellent job washing and drying the vehicle. Best in town.

Grace Cornelius

I freaking LOVE this place! Fast, friendly, cheap, and they do a great job. I come here all the time and recommend it to anyone with a dirty car!

Cindy Wolf

Job well done. Very clean. Helpful staff.

MZ -

Great service every time

Fred Cobley

Worst job on the inside of my vechile EVER! I will NEVER return! How can a person be so incapable of vacumming?


Good wash. Fast service

bernard herrera

Excellent car wash pkgs. Good car wash. $10. Gets u a fast clean car.

Charles Michael Paiz

I experienced no line, quick decent service, but I've seen lines to the street after bad weather so prepare for this if on lunch hour

Windell Gilliam

Always fast and friendly. Keeps my car shiny

Dominic D'Angelo

They did a great job on the outside of the car. But when it comes to inside their awful. I have kids so I had a pretty messy interior. I went to the car wash to try and get some the chrumbs cleened up, when I got the car back all the trash and clams were still there. I complained and was told there was nothing to be done. I wish there was a way I can share pictures it wasn’t like my car required to detail just a quick spot cleaning with the cloth which wasn’t even attempted.

Duramax_00 Duramaxx 800hp y que

Best service!

Spindian Shaw

ok at best ... car was clean

Alicia Turcios

The people there are very friendly

Frank Rodarte

Very poor job. Refused to clean dirt off tires. Refused to give me the owner's phone number to speak to him.

Savvy Smart

Fantastic full service car wash experience. The detailing was comprehensive, and completed before their estimated time.

Jeramae Perez

Best car wash hands down in Albuquerque!!

Daniel Fruchey

Full detailing for a 3 row CUV less than $200 - for waxing and shampoo that's hard to beat.

Anthony Knox

The military discount was not offered, because of a layer discount offered to everyone. It makes no sense.

Arthur Baca

I used to like Misters but rain tunnell is cheaper and do a better job.

Roberto Perea

Best staff ....great work

Joseph Griego

Car wash done right Manager Curtis sees to it that everybody's vehicle is taken care of if you have a concern he takes care of it immediately He also has a great Staff that shows attention to detail when washing your car Much better than all these other knock off places who careless when you have a concern regarding your car I took my Jeep after I polished for 4 and a 1/2 hours the rims. When it came out the detergents the use stained my aluminum rims When talking to their service manager he basically said it wasn't his problem I agreed I left and have never gone back

Chelsea Banteah

Waste of MONEY!

N.harold Gallegos

Howdy ya'll I'm the Service advisor in the back and i take great pride in meeting new people and working in a stress free environment where we all will work together and hard every day to get your Vehicle clean no matter what services you pick

Allen Reade

I don't ask much, just get the dirt off the car, that's what they do. Satisfactory.

Jocelyn Martinez

(This review is for the location next to Old Town) I took my car over to get “The Best” and it was the worst $20 I have spent! They didn’t clean my car and to top it off they scratched my drive side mirror. I called the Lomas and San Mateo location to see if they could possibly reclean my car to me and their supervisor Joe was VERY nice and understanding and told me to go ahead and bring my car to them to rewash and that he would even take care of my scratch on the mirror, but to call the Old Town location and speak to their supervisor and let him know what kind of service his crew was giving, so I did that. The Old Town supervisor was SO rude and tried to say that the reason my car still looks dirty and has “water spots” is because I have left my car dirty and that messed with my paint. I told him that was not the issue because on the roof of my car you can see where is was washed and it looks like they just smeared the dirt around. He got very rude with me and his exact words were, “Alright so what do you want me to do for you then?” I will NEVER go back to that location! ONLY GO TO THE Lomas and San Mateo location!

Jackson M

Sunday (2/17) staffing was rude, unprofessional and didn't do the job I'm use to.. Took over 40min in line just to get my unit vacuumed, the wash job I requested (the best) was actually mediocer. Had to have them re-vacuum the front floorboard, windows had streaks and remained dirty in the corners, 1 rim wasn't wiped down/cleaned.. The 2 star represents this particular visit only...

John Sanchez

I love this Rain Tunnel location. They always do a great job and I love the fact they used compressed air to blow out the extra water in your mirror and trunk molding. The price really made me drive across town to wash my car here but recently the prices increased which kind of sucks. If you collect coins in your car door handle well like I do they will take any silver coins you have. I found this to be true at most car washes.

Lena Ryan

I just left the car wash....I normally go the car wash on lomas and san mateo but I was on this side of town so I went to this location, (downtown/old town) which I will not do again, and I always get the "best". everyone was friendly enough...but my interior was not clean the doors, console, dash were not wiped down. My tires were left undone....totally disappointed...if I could take back my payment and tip I would... the only person that I really saw working was a tall man, dirty blonde hair with glasses. I could understand if they were busy but my car was the only one!!!!

ilia galaviz

They say you could take your car back within the next 3 days if you need to rewash. Well that didn't happen that's a lie I went back and they declined my rewash. Then why offer the service if you're not going to honor it.

Matthew Hanseman

Great staff always great job

William Gallegos

My car was not vacuumed right and window were dirtier then when we got there and the whole top of my car was still drity!!

Mathew Martinez

Paid for the best package. Left my windshield and mirrors horrible. First time trying this place. My interior didnt even look touched My cars my baby when I get my car washed I expect it to be washed like I did it myself. Especially if I'm paying good money for services.

Kimberly Legant

Manager was extremely rude. Not work the money. Vacuum job was awful and the rushed my car through.

Adrian Molina

Tony is the most professional worker I've met. He went far out of his way, to fix a stain I'm my backseat I highly recommend going and see tony 5 stars

Max Luna

I've been going there for years and the service keeps getting better.

Alicia Rael

Paid 20 bucks to not have to do it myself left my rims so dirty didn't even bother to clean them so much for wheel express

Ginger Johnson

They do a horrible job. They don't even get the wax off of the $42 polish job. They left white residue in my car. I had to get it all off myself. They were rude whenI pointed out the residue they left! Don't ever come here!

J. Manny Corrales

Best Place Anywhere . Love the Scottsdale experience . Great Management and service

Martin Molina

Horrible. They don't wash cash the way they should. Vehicle always comes out dirty and they don't vacuum well.

Carol Clegg

Great service interior and exterior

Ian Valenzuela

This is the best car wash place in town. Since the other rival was bought by a big chain, they broke bad, but Rain Tunnel does it right. From the cheaper prices, to the multiple packages, they are superior to that other Mister Tentacles.

Anthony Abeyta

Was not able get parts for a chair that we had purchased 1year ago

Erica Sarabia

best place to get your car clean

LaVerne Montes

They did an excellent job.

Donnie Reams

Way better than Mister Car wash.. Just got back from a road trip. Lots of bugs on the grill and mirrors. manager run it through twice per my request. looked great.

Buck Buckner

Absolute best wash, best value in town.

Jomar Montoya

Good prices great carwash

Mikki Roth

They did a great job at half the price.

Joseph Chavez

Update: I've now rated them 5 from 4. I swear service has been better. I had a flat on a vehicle of mine and they aired right up. The job that they've done the last several times has been excellent. Whether they're washing my Cadillac or my off-road beater...the service and wash have been excellent. Misters is over-priced and I'll be bringing my vehicles here unless service changes.

Waun M

They somehow managed to get streaks and smudges on interior windshield....but ok. Other than that decent wash

Duwayne Davis

A little more effort from the final wipe down people would be good

G Nicholson

Nice car wash, drive thru service menu. Recommend the 20.00 wash if your looking for a basic wash and wax, tire cleanup. The drying crew did not spend much time on the truck, had to wipe it down myself after post wash inspection. I would use the service again.

Boyd Barger

My older SUV way overdue for wash/cleaning given my work schedule and the weather this month. I was almost embarrassed to bring it in. 3:50 p.m. today and place was very busy. I paid for "The Best" and received it. Even with the back-up, staff gave me their best and didn't call "ready" until all it was indeed ready and handed over the SUV with a smile.

Robert Romero

Great service

Jonathan Miller

Good service. The only draw back is that it can be congested entering and exiting.

Andrea Beatty

Love the work they do, just can't add tip on credit card.

Nancy Lu

Did not clean inside car .and I paid for that

Roy Marin

Great place for a quick reasonable wash. Centrally located in the Old Town area.

Edwin Ives

GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! Worst job EVER! I told them I was not as concerned with the outside as I was the inside of my SUV. They vacuumed the large pieces of debris and left pieces of grass and a lot of hair left from my dog. They did not even touch my dash at all. I had to complain about it and a guy grabbed a rag and wiped over it real quick to shut me up. The center console was not touched either. They only vacuumed the front seat area of the vehicle and did a poor job at that. My windows were not even half done and there are smears on every window. Some of them are so thick they prevent my vision when the sun hits it. My wife hates them also. I REPEAT... GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!


Good car wash. They could pay a little more attention to the small details in the interior.

Michael O. Garcia

Doesn't matter which service you buy, your car will come out looking the same. Somewhat clean, the windows are always streaked!!!!!!!

Darlene Trujillo

Was fast and delishes

Carlos Padilla

They Barely washed the exterior the past 2 times I went. I had to wash the car again at a self serve car wash

Mario A

Was in 15 minutes before close today. Not only did they rush my car when I wasn't satisfied with the job (due to colored spots all over the windows they tried charging me an extra $3 per window for cleaning). I paid $17 for my cleaning and was very unsatisfied. I don't recommend this place to anyone wanting to clean their car!

Teresa Pijoan

Friendly workers, seriously cleaned my car! Inside & out, on top & underneath, windows & carpets! Excellent price, too. The Best! Central is torn up & difficult but worth it!

Josh Waters

Great service and staff, car looked perfect afterwards.

Miss Garcia

The beginning was confusing because the employee seemed new. But they did a great job on my truck and everyone was nice. Support local

Tony Barrio

I got The Best. The outside is always clean. I just wished that when they clean the interior they also wipe the cupholders, dashbaord, etc.

Red L

Hadn't been here in years but decided to give it a shot one day while driving by. We got our car washed and I have to say that they do a really great job. We had a lot of dog hair in the back and I don't know how but they managed to get almost all of it off. We really didn't expect that but it made us very happy. Also they made the outside shine. I think this place gets lost because of the other car wash chains but I would definately come here again and possibly purchase a monthly subscription from this wash and dropping my subscription from the other chain. You won't be disappointed getting your vehicle washed here. If you read my review please hit the like button. Thank you.

Brian P Garcia

I used my rain check voucher. Worked great. Slight attitude from the girl upfront for using the rain voucher but it still worked.

Robbin Gillette

Wouldn't go anywhere else! These guys are meticulous!

Bryn Mywr

I love this place! My car always leaves super clean and the owner is a very nice person he gave me a free car wash card:)

Carolina Urquidi

Do not vacuum correctly, leave fingerprints on interior windows and do not clean dashboard, been there 3 times and same thing every time!

Melissa Roberge

First, no car wash in town is going to detail your car w/out paying bucks. Even though this car wash charges a smidgen more, the staff will usually correct any oversight(s). BONUS: 3-day raincheck on all washes = if it rains in the next 3-days, they will repeat the outside car cleaning again for no extra charge. Just keep your receipt for verification. What looks like the 'pit crew chief/manager' is a really solid hard working middle-aged man w/ a gentle friendly demeanor. He is very approachable and always seems to really be concerned w/ quality control. Above all else, his pleasant professionalism keeps me coming back. Now, in saying all that, I try to keep in mind what time of day & how hot it is for the outdoor working crew cleaning my car. The later & hotter in the day, the crew can tend to wilt a little, but then again what outdoor crew doesn't in NM? Give them a smile & a tip. Their job isn't glamorous. (It's so-not-glamorous that we are willing to pay others to do it so we don't have to.) All in all, I think this is my favorite of all the car washes in town. Lastly, I wish one car wash in town would offer a cleaning package of: car wash, vacuum, windows, and with more than a cursory wipe down of the interior, but yet not quite a detailed fine tooth comb. Somewhere in the middle, to maintain basic day-to-day usage for a car that is kept clean, for about $25-$28 would be solid! That jump in price from $16.75/$18.75 to $39.99 is a cost deterrent, plus that package is more than what I need. Think on it....

Don Graham

I like it here but have to keep an eye on the staff make sure they dry correct.


Keeping my truck clean and detailed!!

Marcus Fryer

They do a wonderful job here. Fast and friendly.

Jennifer Rodriguez

This was my first time here, I figured I wanted to see my options bc I normally go to Mister Car Wash. My car was washed and it came out great and the prices are better than Mister. However, staff is rude and has no sense of customer service. I felt like I was bothering them with asking questions. I had to ask if my car was finished bc no one bothered to wave and say ready. When I finally did ask the kid working was unsure if it was, and seemed kind of lost. There is no clear direction in this car wash, no signage to tell you where to go. Also, the building needs a major upgrade. I'm not sure if I will go back.

Sheldon Whitson

They do a really great job and are very nice people.

Marshal Strong

Great car wash

Sharon Little Berg

This place is dirty. The cashier wasn’t friendly. I was there for an interview I filled out application to it’s entirety and then she told me the position was filled. ThAt was before she saw i was qualified. I felt less than human when I left there. I wish I knew exactly what it was she said about me to the cashier before She introduced herself and not very friendly On a positive note while waiting 2 men who worked for the outside were nice and friendly

Elliott F

Great service! We got way more than expected for the minimum!

sarah condit

Worth the wait. Great service and a clean car now

Jose Ortega

They did a terrible work inside. Carpet

Donald Walker

Awesome car wash and they gave a 72 hour rain check, can't beat that.

Rueben Sanchez

Good service friendly staff

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