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500 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87121, United States

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Here you will see the reviews of real people like you who are consuming the products of Quick Shine Express Wash (Car Wash) around New Mexico area.

At the moment the business gets a rating of 4.2 over 5 and the rating is based on 307 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Quick Shine Express Wash IN New Mexico

Dennis Lucero

New facility awesome

Itachi Uchiha

Love this place. Always leave with a truck super shiny and clean on the inside. Great environment. Get to show off your sexy cars to passers-bys on the road. Not too pricey either. This is my spot!

Fabian Mitre

Never long lines and cheap!

Robert Gilbert

Standard prices and good working free vacuums. My car comes out cleaner here then other places and the parking lot isn't too congested. It seems like the monthly membership would be totally worth it.

Jose Aragon

Great place to take your car to wash

Renaud Ramirezcano

A power wash does a better job

Robbie Vigil

Slowly went down hill in the quality of their car washes.

james montez

Refused to refund my money for services not provided ,paid for extra detail with my membership , tire shine was not completed as the machine that should apply it never moved was then told no one else complained so there is nothing wrong cancelled my membership. Manager claims owner policy and owner can not be contacted , was kindly provided owner contact Information from Better Business Bureau and competed complaint with them. If you are going to conduct business do it honestly !!

Saul Ponce

No touch... Clean wash... Shiny finish dry.... Can't go wrong... Try it...

Brenda Montoya

I love getting my car washed here. Affordable and fast

Mary ann Vasquez

Love it !!! Always freindly

Maria Ybarra

Quick spot for a carwash

joseph lopez

Great place, I have been coming here since they opened.

Isaac Ortiz

Today, I went to the car wash in the morning to wash my car of course. I have a membership (or had one for that matter) for the car wash, but as I was at the toll gate waiting for the machine to scan my membership sticker to let me in, it did not work. I honked the horn and apparently the manager came over to come assist me. I was telling her what was going on, that this is the 3rd time this has happened to me at the car wash, and she was giving me attitude. I did not know it was the manager until I asked her to speak to her manager, she said she is the manager. I do not want to go to a car wash that is ran by people who don't take pride in their work and are disrespectful to the customers when they have a complaint or an issue for that matter. It was terrible customer service. I asked her to cancel my membership and to give back my personal information from the car wash to end my monthly subscription, but she ended up giving me someone else's information, My name was not spelled correctly and did not have my last name on it. The manager is some pregnant lady who's hormones that must be raging. I asked to speak with the owner of the car wash but was no where to be found, I am here telling you guys to NOT COME TO THIS CAR WASH. The customer service is terrible, they hand out people's personal information all willy-nilly, toll gates that don't work with membership, and there is no one who has higher power than the manager. I highly recommend coming to this car wash!

Trung Tran

Good and less expensive

Daniel Sanchez

Fast friendly and quality cleaning equipment. Would recommend to a friend

Christa Benavidez

Very impressed never been here before. Love the air to get all the nooks and crannies!


Coolest carwash with the best vacuuming!!

Hermes Santiago - MSW, MBA

Good place to wash, vacuum your vehicle.

Big BadB

Best automatic car wash on the south side.

Kerry Gashweseoma

Miss kranky Franky's place had to scrub bugs off myself miss the round big brushes. Tire shine $2 bucks didn't spray on right I went to family Dollar for son of fun to apply myself

Curtis Francisco

If you had compressed air I would give you a 5 star rating but you are still great at any rate

Teresa Rector

Left my car dirty. Will not go back. Had to rewash my car at another drive through car wash.

ramona penner

Best car has every thing that works.


Good service

Mary Ann Vasquez

Very friendly and they have 3 large cans in front of bugs begone that you can per washer your car before running it through the car wash to make sure that you car is clean. They also have free access to vacuum clean your car

Spike Hopkins

Great car wash in the employees are very nice


Car looked clean after car wash . . .price is gud not expensive

Trevor Toledo

The best car wash center in 505!

Rick ybarra 1

Great for a quick wash,free vacuum if you are not in too much of a hurry!

Felicia Chavez

I paid for the top of the line car wash and it was the most basic wash. I was supposed to get a fragrance according to details of wash but they said they didn’t have any. I will never go back. Waste of money.

Raul Pineda

Great wash and fast service Needs to have sprayers to rinse the back of cars and tall trucks

Daniel Gabaldon

No pre-spray for bug removal. Terrible service. Called and left a voice return call! I will not return. Many car washes to choose from. “Cranky Frankie” was better.

Calvin Welch

Our favorite place to wash our truck.


The people here get the job done quick, easy, and affordable. The vacuum station however needs to be supervised, as there's a no loud music sign and nobody follows through.

Kim Gutierrez

Nice, easy and inexpensive.

Dion Romero

Always good service and friendly

Jette Edwards

Cheap and unlimited vacuum. Can’t beat that!


Wrong hours, on here it says it closed at 7:15pm and I got there at 6:55 and the gate was already closed. Need to fix the hours.

ابو سجاد

Good &cheap

Michael Archibeque

Great local business! Great customer service!

Gilbert Torrez

Good carwash

Travis, Olivia, Isabel & Alex Jackson

Locally and family owned. Great wash. Excellent service. We love this place.

Rhnae Robinson

Good value. I'm from where the same type of wash is 2 or 3 times more. Missed some spots but again very good and cheap.

Nancy Quintana

It cleans your car pretty good, but I paid the $17.and the rimes did not come clean. I had come home and do them mysemg..

Susan Henry

Great prices, 4 differnt choices, and unlimited time to use vacuum. Vacuum on both sides of the car. They use a combination of hand washing and machine even at the cheapest level.

Lisa Chavez

Since changing names it doesn't seem as if it cleans vehicles very well.? Please fix

Thomas P

Best automated car wash in Albuquerque!

Rodzilla 134

A larger corporation bought out the family owned business. The initial change over was a little rough but the new staff is very helpful and seem to be doing a good job. They are doing major upgrades, so the wash quality should increase. No reason to change my 5 star rating as they are working hard to keep their customer base and grow. Easy, quick place to get a good wash.

Isa DeJames

It's great if you need a car wash or need to clean the inside that's the place to go

Jesse Rohrs

Great price have all my cars on the car club membership

Thaddeus Garcia

I take my CRV for the $11 wash windshield and rear windshields both still dirty front windshield covered in bugs. When I asked attendant can They wash it again because windshield and the car are still dirty. He states: No I can't do it for the $11 wash. I won't be back. Another car wash in town does better for 12 bucks And they do they do the inside!

Kim Roy

Best carwash on the West side.

Dee Lucero

Free vacuum

Capry Crockett

Love taking my car quick shine Auto spa because of all the different options of getting my car washed and I really love the free vacuuming

Thomas Gutierrez

This is my favorite

Stephen Griego

Came in dirty left squeaky clean

Tim Molina

Quick and easy

albuquerque 505 newmexico

Wish you guys had more locations but great place

Alejandra Talamantes

Leaves car all scratchy

Jon Abeyta

Great car wash and quick!

Kristina Gomez

Fast and easy car wash. Love the new vacuums. Great service

Stephen Day

New, rebuilt and it shows. Great place. Price. Value abounds. Get your clean on here at Coors and Cloudcroft.

Kevin Saavedra

Fast, cheap, and I get to vacuum the car myself.

Mike Trujillo

Best car wash in town, get to clean your own interior correctly to your own satisfaction.

Yvette Dow

Great for a quick wash.

Gris Beltran

Car wash

juangummy lol

We payed for tire shine and lots of other excluded things but they were not given

Jeanette Estrada

Car wash is good and cheap. I go here all the time. It could do better with getting the back of the my minivan. However the vacumes weren't all working I had to move my car twice to a different spot.

Grace Martinez

Love it free vacuums

Carmen Sanchez

Got my car washed yesterday and 2 hours later it rained and dirtied my car. Went back to cranky franky today and didnt honor or jave the 24 hour rewash for free guaranteed. Very disappointed. I liked that place until now

Yadira Rivera

Car looked fantastic after carwash but them noticed that the carwash brushes don't reach all areas on minivan. Bring a towel to complete the job

Big Panda

This is the go to spot!

Regina Davis

I love this car wash, it's cheap!

Jorie G

I love this deal in town

Dave Harville

Had to change this from a five star to a three because the 11 dollar manager special don’t get your very clean! Been there three times and out of two I used the 11 dollar cleaning and it almost look like I didn’t even went through! There was a carwash going to down town where u can pay 10 bucks and as you go though they will wipe it down for you and your cars shine!! (NO BUGS) so I’ll will be adding a 10 minute drive to get my cars cleaned! Thanks

Hamato David

Decent carwash

Porfirio Gutierrez

Took over an hour to wash my car the money machine was broken

Delphina Sanchez

They washed our muddy ride twice just to make sure it was super clean and all the mud came off....I love this place

Albert Lozoya

Not bad for price. Wheels don't really get that clean.

Mr. Fox Aguirre

Jamas habia lavado el auto aqui

Lindsey Boldin

Always good place

Audrey Brittenham

Friendly, convenient

Julia M

Love this place. for reasonable prices you can get a great drive through car wash, with free vacuum afterwards. The car wash is like going through a fun ride with flashing lights. I took 3 cars through this weekend, with varying degrees of dirtiness, all came out looking great.

Jesus Padilla

(Translated by Google) What a good promotion that great idea (Original) Que buena promoción que gran idea

Bo Bo

Nice place and very cheep to get a quick car wash

Serena Garcia-Ruiz

Love it great prices and I love the new air blowers they added

James Lewis

Got my car washed and waxed for 11$! They even scrub the car down before sending it through so it doesnt keave black stains in the crevices of my car, they even got the wheels

Knives Millions

I have the most expensive monthly plan here and sometimes the attendant gives me a damp towel and an air freshener. Sometimes nothing. So for that I'm not too satisfied. Not to mention that there's only 1 location.

Jack Reneker

Its a car wash, free vac to clean out your car.

Joe Sanchez

Good place to go nice employees

Jonathan Baca

Always gotta have them run it again always streaks on the side the windows

Mireya Palma

Always leaves me truck sparkling clean and for cheap!!!! Dont forget about the free vacuums.

Francisco Cordova

Great wash and even better prices than big name car washes

Jeremy Cintron

Reasonable price

Michael Lovato

Affordable way to wash your car frequently

Doris Guzman

Very convenient



LeAnn Moya

Need more locations but great!!

Bobby Hernandez

Got to be the best car wash drive through I've ever seen. You definitely get your $$$ worth.

Jorge Trujillo

Cleans better than other automatic car washers..

Denise Farnham

Sorry to see Franky go? New wash is $$ and same results as with Franky? Seems they try to get you with a $5 wash but I ended up with the $14 and it wasn't any better than the $14 at Mister.

Chikis Sanchez

Un buen lugar para limpiar tu auto

Louie Garcia

Service was awesome and they did a great job

Brad Johnson

Great automatic car wash

brenda addy

My car was pretty dirty from recent small rains and blowing dirt, but it came out shiny and clean on the first pass!! I was a little concerned with the business changes recently made, but it is an improvement!!

Jeannette Rivera

Always so busy.

Joe Cz

I always come here for my car wash. Newly remodeled; it's even better! Vacuums are free & they suck... Which is a good thing. ;)

Daniel ramirez

It's a good deal.

Art Ruiz

Not all that

Freechick Albuquerque

Good car wash, vaccuum for free and the have these small compressors to air flush the small areas. I love this place. Also they have a 20.00 deal so you can return as often as you like.

Richard Boldin

All new. Just remodeled. Have monthly membership. Best prices in town vehicle always looks great..

Mo Jo

I am an uber driver. I pay 15$ a month for my membership here. Unlimted wash and every time I go they give me a free scent and cloth to use. Customer service here is amazing. Best place in town

Ray Mora

Cheap carwash. Only 5 bucks!! Free vacuum. Win win!! Thanks quick shine.

Jessica Barrett

Good car wash! Free vacuum and friendly service

Amanda Griego

Great prices, dont let them forget to give u the scent thing for your car though, cuz they will!

Michael Gomez

Love to wash my car here new vacuums are great and convenient!

Theresa Treadwelll

Fast and friendly service!


Cheap price and top of the line washes. No waiting, I was able to get a really good wash and still eat lunch during my 30 min. Lunch break. The vacuums are new and work REALLY REALLY GOOD!

Jay Benton

The air dryer works fantastic good place to get your car washed

Jennifer Sapien

Horrible car washing

Teresa Mendoza

Car didnt come out clean. Everything was sprayed to the back of my car. The front lokked nice though lol

Jenna Aguilar

I was not impressed. Pretty much same prices as Rain Tunnel and you have to do the work at least at Rain Tunnel they vacuum and clean the interior. I chose the $11 and it didn't remove any of the bugs on the front of my vehicle. I had to vacuum and come home and clean the interior. Next time I will definitely go back to Rain Tunnel.


Went there today and waited in line for 45 minutes to get half a car wash. My vehicle only got one of the soaps or whatever then there was no rinse or dry. They were having major issues with the car wash and should have just shut down til they had the issues fixed. I pay for the whole month of washes and this will be the last month i do that. I had to drive down the street and wash my vehicle myself.

Victoria Hobbs

Car looked good but some of the stuff didn't work like the air Blower for the mirrors and one I'd the vacuum heads wasnt attached

Marbeya duran

My cars don't get very clean,but it's a fast friendly & free vacuums.

Jerrod Boling

Great prices great staff :-) make sure that if you pay for the Tire cleaning make sure that you tell the staff before your car goes through the wash or your vehicle will not receive the cleaning.

Christopher Lopez

It's really easy to get a car wash n free vacuums great service friendly environment clean always go there to make the car look good recommend to anyone

Joe Saavedra

It's my truck spa

Oscar Rodríguez

(Translated by Google) Excellent service (Original) Excelente servicio

Brandon Torrez

I like that someone scrubs your car in the beginning but wish there was someone to dry. Its just as much to go down the road and have someone dry it for you too

Nancy Lu

Love it

Aliet Silot

I like washing my car truck here

Bernie Trujillo

Love it

Elvis Flores

Best price for a wash if you get the monthly access but single bought is not worth it!

Cyd Frazier

Really nice people own this neighborhood car wash. Good drive through wash, great prices

chuy zermeno

Grate service good quality

Raymond Garcia

Good place

Erik Young

Cheap carwash

Ricardo Mendoza

It was quick

Jorge Duran

It's OK

Rheanna Guinn

You get what you pay for!

JoyLynn Duran

They do not accept lowered cars

Kevin Painter

29.95 unlimited car wash with lava wax and tire shine is a great deal, plus free vacuuming. Glad to be a VIP member here!

Rene Beltran

It's okay.

Gabriela Crane

Vaccum is kinda weak but great otherwise

Eric Pena

I feel like it washed my car pretty well and dried it didn't have to dry it much when it got out the wash but I noticed one of the brushes wasn't spinning it was just hitting the car and their carpet cleaning machine whatever it's called was not in service and an employee told us it was not going to be back in service

Armando Bencomo

Great place to wash your car

Tom Wood

Rental car had gotten a bit funky, stopped here to get the big chunks off, really helped. Thanks for brightening up my outlook!!

Lori Harris

I purchased the $8 wash and it a great job. The vacuums worked well. The monthly club seems like a good deal!

Adriana Barela

Got the 8 dollar wash. Didn’t really wash anything. They wouldn’t let me get another wash. My car still has so much dirt on it. Doesn’t even look like it’s rinsed . What ever. Will not be there again!

Fabian Yanez

Quick and easy

Marty Autry

Free vacuums! How awesome is that! A lot of businesses could learn a thing or two from these guys. Sometimes a little freebie will bring in unexpected business. Great place to get your car washed!


Awesome!!! They actually close at 7pm but hey the guy was super cool and my diesel truck with an 8" lift n 37x12.5s fit!

Diana Loya

Love that the vacuum does not cost more

Randy Garcia

Just went through the car wash, did a good job cleaning it, The dryers are too strong and blew off my molding on the roof of my car. Need to tone down the dryers way too strong

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