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REVIEWS OF Eclipse Window Tinting & Auto Detailing IN New Mexico

jimmy Ochoa

Very affordable window tint and great quality

Yors Twulie

Great tinting job on both my cars last summer. Very good customer service, competitive pricing. Best in auto auto detailing. Make sure that with ANY detailing company you get an exact run down on paper of what is included, as I've had a bad experience with another detail shop for the same price as Eclipse. I had no choice but to pay the other guy in order to get the key to my car.

Sophia Lizer

Professional employees !!!beatiful job !! Respectful and caring !! I will go THERE ANY TIME !!!

Beau Buyer

After being a customer for 3 years, Victor, his brother, & his staff lost our business this Fall for poor quality work, leaving scratches in the finish, & wasting our time. Victor & Carlos also over-promised and under-delivered--all at customer inconvenience & aggravation, & neither is reliably on site to oversee the work being done, to guide those who actually perform detailing without full attention to details, or to meet with customers & deal effectively with incompetent & poor results. For example, Victor promised to be on site when I dropped off the car, & he requested to have the car all day from 8:30 to 5P. Instead, only two detail workers who speak only Spanish were present, & no one was available to do a check-in for over 45 minutes--& it was not Victor; he was not there at all. Then, after the morning drop off, they did not get to doing the car until later in the day & called to say they needed to keep it until 6:30P--this did not work with my schedule, so they said they could finish it by 5:45P. I picked up a car with soaking wet trunk & carpets & had no time to go over the car with anyone to see that all the "details" were handled well--& didn't see or speak with Victor until the next day after discovering polish left on trunk, back end, door jam, & clear bra as well as interior windows that were not clean & a floor mat hook that got broken off. When I spoke with Victor, he said he made a mistake in putting another detail in front of mine the day prior, causing them to do a rush job on our car (and the poor results). He seemed interested in handling all the loose ends & mistakes & invited me to drop in the following day, but when I brought the car in as arranged, Victor was not there, & I had to communicate it all again to Carlos to have workers glue the clip back in, clean the windows, wipe up remaining polish, & look at other questionable results, including scratches on the hood directly above the clear bra & parallel to the edges. I also noticed one of the workers using their thumb nail to attempt to remove polish from the edge-line of the clear bra, Carlos used a rag on a dirty exterior & then cleaned interior windows with it--not a way I would think an experienced detailing operation would do that task. Christian, who seemed to be the only fully competent person on staff present to deal with the scratches, stepped up, stopped the guy who kept trying to handle things with his nails on the finish, was careful & took time to buff out most of the scratches, but did not feel comfortable after a point getting the last two bigger ones taken out; he told me to bring the car in after the weekend so their specialist in buffing (Ramin, as best I could get) could finish the rest. It was clear that afternoon that these scratches were their mistake, & we had a plan to get them resolved, but when I came in as arranged for the 3rd time, Victor was gone, & Carlos met me with a questioning look, & I had to remind him why I was there. He said their buffer guy did not show up, did not call, & no one knew anything about it. There was no way to move forward with a reliable plan for getting this mistake fixed, & I ended up with a wasted trip into Santa Fe (since I live a hour out of Santa Fe). Carlos called Victor, & I spoke with him. He insisted they could not have put scratches in the finish because they simply don't do that, & if I wanted them removed, I'd have to pay money for that & bring the car in again. I told Victor that was not the way this would go. If Victor had been present, maybe he would have gotten the reality of the situation, been responsible instead of disclaiming poor results & defending illusions of quality that just was not present, & maybe this review would have been different. After I was loud & clear with Victor where we stood, he changed his tune & claimed I misunderstood him, & he revised his word (which is not reliable at this point) to say that he would pay the buffer guy to get the scratches out--but then Victor disappeared off the phone without a way forward, & I left completely dissatisfied.


I was unsure of where to take my Malibu for window tinting. I called some of the "Highly" recommended shops, but either no one answered or no one was at the shop. I asked around and was told about Eclipse. I called and Victor answered. He was very nice...very professional. I made an appointment. When I showed up, he was as nice in person as on the phone. He took the time to explain the different window films..especially the LEGAL ones in NM and around the country ( we moved here from Ohio, and still go back there). He and his crew were professional. The car looks AMAZING! I would send anyone there who wants a great job done!

gabe garcia

Top notch auto detailing job

Elena Dominguez

Excellent job! My car looks good as new, would defintely reccomend!

Sergio Carrillo

(Translated by Google) Very professional their work. (Original) Muy profesional su trabajo.

Roger Mendiola

Victor and his staff are amazing. Great quality work at a reasonable price. They will go the extra mile for customer satisfaction. Thank you Victor and your wonderful staff

Lorena Alvarez MA ATR-BC LPAT LPCC

2016 Update: I got a new 2016 Fiat and I went back to Eclipse to get my windows tinted again for my new car. Just like before I had superb service and everyone was again so kind and inviting. This really is the best tinting and auto detailing place in ALL of Santa Fe!!! The Fiat looks fantastic! 2014: I got my windows tinted for my 2014 Fiat. Everyone was very kind and inviting. The service was great and the tint job looks fabulous! Best part is the tint job is guaranteed for life! I would definitely use their service again and their detailing services looks great too. I will be returning to get my car detailed next!


Great work, honest and professional

Savannah Romero

They did a wonderful job on my son's car after someone recked into it, it was done within a week. 4 stars cause they are expensive.


I got 20% tint on my brand new car with Eclipse. They did a good job but there was one bubble that I ended up having to go back to get fixed. Make sure if you do go, to go back with any issues before the warranty is up and it should be fine. Employees seem experienced. I would trust them with another vehicle and recommend them to a friend for their quality work at a competing price.

Eunice Solis

I am completely blown away by the quality of service and customer care that I experienced at Eclipse Window Tinting & Auto Detailing. I had a hydroplaning accident and the undercarriage was completely caked with crusted mud and weeds. Victor was happy to take a look and offered me a fair price to clean out the undercarriage along with a full detail cleaning of the rest of the car. What I got back left me in shock! Victor personally showed me every detail of the car, even asking his guys to wipe down a few areas not up to his standards. It looks like a brand new car! I own 2 chihuahuas and I still cannot find a single hair left in the carpet or seats. They cleaned everything from the inside of the gas cap to the spare tire compartment! The engine looks like its never seen the dusty highways of New Mexico. There was not a speck of lint on my dashboard, radio, or even the inside of my air vents! I could go on and on, so I’ve posted pictures to show you the quality you’ll get when you choose Eclipse! :)

Francisco Perez

Joy Trujillo

Excellent work.. my car had water stains from my sunroof . And they were removed . Very satisfied with how clean my car was returned to me at the end of the day..

Daniel Orona

Victor's freaking AWESOME! You need a detail or a tint, this is the place to go... 100% Recommended!

Rita Turner

Awesome experience! Victor is not only very personable, but also, very knowledgeable on the proper care of the interior and exterior of your car. I received excellent service, a super detailing job at a reasonable price, and even help with finding a ride home. Will be taking my auto to him from now on. No more wasting time and money on sloppy jobs by other auto cleaning services. Thanks Victor and staff! Rita Turner

W. D.

I read the recent negative review a customer of Eclipse wrote and I can only say it is nothing less than slanderous. I have a number of highly expensive cars; Porsche 911’s; Macan GTS; BMW Dinan M4; BMW 428i M convertible and ordinary vehicles I have been taking to Victor and Eclipse for a number of years. I have recommended countless people to Eclipse and their customer service has always exceeds my expectations. Victor and his crew are the most respectful and honest people and the only group I trust and allow to clean and detail my automobiles. I would put no merit into that negative review. Each time I have my cars worked on at Eclipse, which is usually once a week, I always get a follow up asking about my satisfaction. Victor is the most ethical person you will ever encounter and he will bend over backwards to insure he maintains the highest reputation. His level of customer care is second to no one. I was there today servicing my Porsche and they were working on a friends $300,000 Mercedes G wagon; to give you an idea of the quality vehicles they maintain. I’ve also seen the care they give to my everyday vehicles and that of others. They treat everyone equally and show respect and appreciation to ALL their customers. I would without reservation recommend Victor and Eclipse for all your automotive detailing needs.

mireya estrada

From the minute I walked in the door, I felt very comfortable doing business with Victor. I was referred by his son Victor Jr. who introduced me to the shop about four years ago when I had bought my first car. This was the second vehicle I took in, and was not disappointed. Not only are the owners courteous and knowledgeable, but their staff are very friendly and professional as well. As busy as they usually are, they take their time to answer any questions one has regarding the various tints they offer. They even show you the difference with the light machine they have on site. It definitely changes ones perspective on how important it is to have tint. I was stuck between wanting to let the natural light come in and having dark enough windows, so I went with 15%. Setting up an appointment was easy, they squeezed me in on that same week. They even offered me a ride to work while my car was being done. You can’t beat that type of customer service! Eventually we get what we pay for, and what I got was top of the line work. When I went to pick up my car, Victor Jr. explained there may be some bubbles, but that it was normal and they would disappear. After two days of the tint settling in, they did go away. I also cannot stress enough how glad I was to see the “do not open windows for three days” stickers on the window switches. (Those were helpful for someone who would have forgotten to not open them). Thank you once again to the Carrillo family, there is no doubt you take pride in what you do.

bkay milton

Fantastic detailing work and very accommodating!

Pavel Lukes

Going to Victor with my Range Rover for the third time and I would never consider going anywhere else. Exquisite work and Victor will bend over to be accommodating.

Luis Velez

Ralf Moller

Victor runs a great shop always great work! Friendly people!

Susan Edwards

My husband had his car detailed at Eclipse, and the result was a like new car. I took my car in next hoping for something comparable, but not expecting a miracle - very dirty car due to lots of recent travel, eating in the car and taking our active dog with us. I was very impressed with the results. Again, it looked near New with attention to all the nooks & crannies, glove box, various recessed, etc. The “Victors” were a delight to deal with. We will be taking our cars to them every 6 months from here forward. Thank you for such great work!

F. Ellis-Beyer

Dionne Duran

Crooks- Scammers-Liars. This place is a joke. Took my car in for a "detail" which they took me for a ride of $185.00. They went on and on how it took 8 hours to clean. Thinking an 8 hour cleaning would be very detailed and be taken care of. We picked up the car and went home. Looked around the car and decided to put more heat protectant on it. When we wiped the cleaning rag over it we picked up so much dirt. Under the seats near the door are not even vacuumed. I called on a Monday to speak to someone and the owner VICTOR rushed me off the phone and told me he didnt have time to talk to me and to just bring it by. I went in to speak to someone and try to explain to them what happened. I wasnt mad, just wanted to get what we paid for. The son VICTOR JR. was very rude and told me he didnt want to argue with me. I was in no way arguing, I just wanted someone to listen to me and my concerns. He wouldnt even look me in the face. The next day took in and was told it would be taken care of. Left it for a few hours and came back to "placed tools and cleaning products" which were dry and un used. As to look like my car was "re cleaned". As we got to the car, the owner and his worker decided to start cleaning the doors in front of us. I just left this car for hours again and yet they are cleaning it now. This place is a rip off. Do not trust this place as they clearly take people for a ride!! Clear indication is when your mats have coffee spills on them and the rear view mirror is still full of dirt looking into the car from the outside. I literally blew $185 for a glorified car wash.

JAM Support Staff

Victor is an awesome owner who goes above and beyond for his clients. Always welcoming, super helpful, and does an excellent job on the tinting. Highly recommend!

David Scott

Quoted me $250 dollars to tint my windows. Got a new windshield for $150 somewhere else.

Leslie Harrington

The courtesy and quality of the service at Eclipse Detailing is their best selling point. The products and personnel are of the highest excellence. To get the best go to the best. - Leslie

SunnyDay Summer

At first, I wanted to get the tint done at The Tint Shop located on Richards Ln because i had a car tint done at that place many many years ago. So i setup my appointment but when i went there the owner or the installer guy said he has other cars ahead of me and it would take a while but i called to setup my appt so that i could just wait there during my lunch break. So that was a waste of time... so i had to leave without the tint. After many days, I searched again. In a small town there isn’t much choice of tint service but I found Eclipse Window tinting. Wasn’t sure but it was the weekend and so i called them up and setup my appointment. This review of Eclipse tint shop is several months after i got it done. Finally writing a review because their fast and QUALITY tint service and COURTEOUS Friendly service! I just called and setup appointment and went and got done real fast. Not only that but the young gentleman was friendly. Definitely recommend Eclipse Window Tinting.

Juan Guerrero

Suzanne Miley

Tony Nelson

I just bought a used car, which had been cleaned by the previous owners, but they missed a lot of things. I decided to splurge on a professional detailing and I’m glad I did. The team at Eclipse was great. When I arrived for my appointment, they went over the car with me, and I showed them some things I wanted addressed. When I picked up my car, it was closer to new condition than I thought possible. I’m thrilled with their work and the state of my car. They are complete professionals.

Andrew S. Griego

The window tint job was great. They also waxed my car and it looks brand new. Victor and his wife make sure every customer is treated like a king!

Estrella Urquidi


So far this year alone I have taken 4 of my own personal vehicles to Victor at Eclipse. Not just for Window Tint but also Ceramic Coatings on all my trucks! If you are in Santa Fe or the surrounding area, this is the NUMBER ONE PLACE for your tinting needs. Not just Automotive but commercial tinting on windows and in your home. Victor and his sons. Are always respectful of me and my trucks! I trust these guys because they stand behind their work and will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. I’m a loyal customer even with the other options out there! 5*’s to his crew! Thanks again Victor! You guys are awesome!

Lora Dominguez

By far one of the best places to get your windows tinted, the service and quality of work is the best and very good customer service. I Highly recommend to anyone and will refer business.

Christian Bates

Before you decide where to go call Victor 1st!!!!! Victor is a 1st class business owner who educated me on the right tint films for my car and exterior protective coating and how it works with the ceramic coatings. I couldn't be happier with my 2018 GMC Denali black edition. I wouldn't take any of my cars to another person to get this show room quality work done. He has an extreme eye for detail and perfection!

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