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250 Main St SW, Los Lunas, NM 87031, United States

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REVIEWS OF Champion Xpress Carwash IN New Mexico

Erica De Smet

This place is terrible. I wish I could post photos. For $12 my car is still dirty and the vacuums actually spit dirt back in to my car. Went to complain to staff and their answer was “the wash doesn’t do well with SUV’s”. Save your money and go elsewhere.

Mollie Gosnell

Good carwash for the price. Need more people drying

Sammy Lueras

Love it

Paul Cieremans

This place is awful it scratched the whole side of my truck bed, broke off one of my mirrors, snapped off my antenna, and the whole top contraption came down and caved in my windshield and roof. Water began to flood the inside, i was trapped inside my vehicle and had to call 911. The fire department showed up and had to use the jaws of life to pry the doors open before I drowned. I was very angry because I was wearing a white T-shirt and all the boys were staring at my breasts. They didn’t even bother to dry my car afterwards.

Ron Romero

Great wash and good service

Tom Butler

Love the monthly unlimited pass !!!

Priscilla Garcia

Rachel Dakarangel36

Love this carwash

D & T Wind Dance Farm

Ellen West

Karen Lutz


Wash prices are fair, being that they have free vacuums and you can vacuum every crevice for as long as you want. Location is okay, couple of tight turns for trucks, but you can make it work. Staff are very helpful and polite, I also like they do a finishing touch with hand drying after any wash service. I'll be back soon, my baby loves seeing all the different colors when going through the wash tunnel and the soap smells good, lol

Chris Otero

Not worth the money the kids they have working there have no experience they need to get people who want to work

Robert Davis

Cool place

Nico Chico

Rose Ruiz

Benny Chavez

Justine Chavez

angie M

Luella Eastman

They dry your car as you come out, I find that refreshing

Marlena Maes

Best value!

Jim Condit

Wash cleaned my pickup really good. Staff and Manager was really helpful and nice people. Will be back.

Faustina Castillo

Great job for great price!

Nadine Estrada

Best vacuums!

Krista Vigil

I used to take my car to Mister carwash but I live in Los Lunas so its more convenient. I feel this carwash leaves a few more smudges then I like, however the staff there is friendly and I like your vacuums!!

Angella Aragon

Car wash dies a good job! Remember to tip the guys hand drying the car at the end. The free vacuum's work really well.

S Fiske

Love this carwash!

L Jaramillo

Nicholas Otero

I paid for a monthly membership for the highest service. My truck was never cleaned well. Undercarriage seemed like it never even went through a wash. My vip tag never worked for the automatic gate. Service was always notified and they never fixed it. I also cancelled my membership and im still getting charged. It's a bummer that a facility so nice isn't being operated as it should.

Cecilia Cox

The Critic

Amanda Trujillo

Paid for the expensive wash and dry and my vehicle was still dirty. And they don't completely dry your vehicle off. Will not be using this car wash again.


Vulpes Strix

Nice folks, car wash is a little on the pricy side but I mean, they actually buff your car when it comes out the other side. However the wash didn't get the tape residue from my replaced windshield, but they have free vaccuums! So would totally go again!

Edwin Chavez

Great place to get your vehicle washed

M. Gail

Definitely not worth the money!!! Takes way to long and the guy that dried my car put multiple scratches in the hood, tried to complain, but they just blew me off. My car really didn't get clean! and the vacuums are really weak. Very unhappy, I Will never go back.

Brittany Arneson

Curious as to why your hours say 8:00am and it's now 9:00am and there are 10 of us in your line outside and clearly employees here and your still not open. Either change your hours online or learn to open on time. Clearly you don't care about your business very much.

Marylou Sedillo-candelaria

Doc B

Kelvin Garcia

Best place to get a car wash in Los Lunas!

Joseph Rose

Lisa Morrison

Wash and dry was good. But the area where you park to vacuum is filthy....dirt, some mud from the cars dripping after the wash, food, trash . So after the vacuum and matt wash, couldn't avoid tracking it all back in. Might expect to see that at the end of the day , not mid morning.

Georgene Baca

Steve C


Good enough. The guys that dry the car off should probably use dryer rags. Other than that. It will clean your car off enough to not be dirty. If you want hand washed performance and details, WASH YOUR CAR BY HAND.

Camellia Termini

Machine scratched the side of my car

Nun Ya

I went for the first and last time. The equipment scratched my car and bent my rear window wiper. No one is paying attention to what is happening while washing. I almost rear ended some idiot who didnt pull forward after drying because the mechanism kept pulling me forward. The moron finally moved as I honked at them and came within an inch of being pushed into them. I wouldn't recommend going there if you like your car.

San Man

Slow at busy times. They need to push it to the limits like Mister Car Wash. I like how they brush the back. Although, I noticed that they might not brush your license plate area.

Alex Montoya

Richard Ybarra

Good car wash at a fair price

Diane Williams

I love this carwash, it does a good job washing your vechile. And the two guys waiting for you dry your vechile. The only downfall the vacuums are not very powerful.

Jay Rod

They broke off my rear windshield wiper didn’t even tell me about it, tried going in 5 days in a row for them to pay me for it, they kept brushing it off saying I have to wait for another manager, then when the other manager came they still said they can’t give me my money right now

Matt Leyba

Stuff is helpful and doesn't get upset if I need to take my vehicle around more than one time

Robert Sanchez

Enrique Robledo

Super slow process for being such a new establishment. 40 minutes to get thru the line being that there were only 4 cars ahead of me waiting to move into the tunnel. Equipment/facilities nice (new). Disappointed at the guys drying just looked at me and didn't give me any directions.. so I just drove to the vacuum area. Maybe the hand dry is for the more expensive washes? Car did end up clean outside though.

J Vigil

Prices are affordable and vaccum's suck well. Only complaint is that the front end and the rims of my SUV didn't get cleaned well at all. I paid for the tire and rim cleaner btw. Good news is they have a good mat cleaning machine and k borrowed a towel to clean the above items.

David Romero


Veronica Otero

Great car wash!! manager very helpful!! Los lunas needed this car wash.

Heather Brooks

Go every week haven't been disappointed

Carla Maez

Went today (Monday) at 9: o’clock. My first time at this car wash and was not to impressed the one person wiping my car down, did a really bad job!! Think he was in to much of a hurry!! Definitely not worth the $19

Erika Luna

Daryl T

The new Los Lunas Champion Xpress is not worth a 2nd visit. I did the $12 wash. I only got the manual pre-wash on driver's side. The wash tunnel seemed to pass very quickly. They "dried" the car on exit but the windows looked better before the wipe down than afterwards, I had to redo. The vacuum worked nicely. Go here only if you need a quick wash off of road dirt after snow or rain.

Kathryn Zaelynn Ross

Tammy Erivez

Aldo Garcia

Bought the monthly subscription and I take my suv to get washed at least 4 times per week...great wash everytime

zia lobo

David Lamb

Gerald Baca

charlie silverwater

domingo Martinez

Nice Car Wash

Charles Perea

The car Drying Guy's tare it up My Ride was Dry & streak Free.


Can't beat Free Vacuume's. Great setvice. Little difficult to access sometimes. But well worth it

Jason Gurule

Jason Henderson

Great service

Carolyn Backer

Does a good job cleaning the car

Carlos Alvarado

Thera Sanchez

Tracy Castillo

Its a little too expensive for me. I get the $7(or $7.99) wash and its the same as if you get the more expensive wash. But it washes away all the dirt,dust and spots so it will do.


Good customer service

Joshua57566 57566

Earlette Mays

Convenient with a variety of price points.

Juanita Padilla

Amorette Montoya

Lorraine Garcia

Christiano Jojola

She Monknig

I was so happy after getting my car washed for the first time at this car wash, only to get home and see how scratched up my front hood is on my brand new car from the guy that scrubbed it before I entered the wash. I am so angry!

Lynn Dimas

Um they only focus on drivers side of the car the left side ugh i hate that.

Brooklyn Back kirtley

Douglas Cline

5 thumbs up! Maintaince needed 2 vacuume nozzles partialy clogged And reduced suction. 2 cent discount For cash . would be nice for a water Hose for mats....

Wild West Exploration's

Good car wash they go the extra mile to make sure your ride comes out clean

Virginia Pyburn

Sarah Christensen

I'm always happy with how clean my car is. I love that they have a mat washer and vacuums.

Teresa Carder

Hi hey hello

This place was great!! It was $12 bucks for a basic wash and dry! I was worried they would be too expensive. Did a pretty great job washing my car a solid 9/10 (some nooks and crannies weren't perfect) but I loved it! Will absolutely go again. Only reason they got 4 instead of 5 stars is their vacuums are terrible! No suction, werent built for all this New Mexico sand! But overall really great experience.

Deborah Schmitz

I love this carwash!!! Inexpensive but gets the job done! Nice touch offering free vacuums!! One of my kids and I are quickly able to vacuum the car front and back quickly with the availability of strong vacuums on both sides of the vehicle.

Toni Orionsantini

I take my car in once a month. The prep guy is thorough, and the noisy, colorful ride thru the washing tunnel is a treat for the kids- and me. I dont know if all the services that are included in the price are actually included, though. The mat washer is always inefficient. is quick and easy.

Mia Benavidez

It was ok, but the wash didn't do a very good job

Cynthia Lavato

While using the free Vacuums I accidentally locked my keys in the Car. One of the attendance came to my aid and help to open the car. There were other people washing and vacuuming their cars and no came to help. He stayed with me till he was as able to unlock the door. He was very nice and understanding of my Dilemma. I just want to thank you for hiring great people.

Isabel O

Good wash

Heather Cary

It doesn't get off tree sap or some of the bugs. It is quick and easy though and the Free vacuum is nice

Gloria Perea

Angie Miller

Kids drying the vehicles are LAZY!! The car wash does a fine job, but every time my truck comes out to be wiped down, the kids drying the vehicles don't use the stools they've been provided to reach a larger vehicle. They've climbed on my wheels, jumped on the side of my truck bed (which could have dented) & I noticed some are wearing belts with metal buckles while they lean on my truck (could scratch) I won't go back and risk my new truck for a car wash. I'll just keep doing things myself.

Johnny Brady

Frank Durham

Great cat wash

Samantha Williams

Sherry Gold

The young people who work there are very kind and helpful!

Stephanie Bachicha

Gina Chavez

I go every other day awesome sauce

Roslyn Sanders

Jackie Freeman

Robert Uecker

Jon Doe

Cathleen Lucero

very nice and convince.

JohnNVeronica Castleberry

I pay $30 a month and my truck still sometimes looks dirty. Doesn't remove bugs.

Nina Ortiz

Scott Sampson

Membership makes it easy to stop in and get a car wash, which is of excellent quality

Juan Mendoza

Mi Caddilac se quedo bien suave. Me gusta qe tienen los hombres que secan los caros al final.


Didn’t clean car and They need more people to dry the car. I’ve been a member for other places and they do very good this is the worst

Anthony Jarosick

Charging me twice to renew my membership it’s ridiculous I already had my card on file with plenty of money and it said it couldn’t renew it with my card so I had to sit and wait 15 minutes for an attendant to come help me after I had already honked to let them know the help button wasn’t getting anyone’s attention. I am definitely canceling my membership

Maria Nevarez

Theresa Voss

It goes really fast even if there is a line. They do a good job. The monthly pass is well worth the money.

Veronica Portillo

cheryl towle



Love that you can use the vacuums for free.

Dee Mann

Noel Valdez

Excellent... thx!

Karen Wigley

Rick Fuller


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