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11515 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112, United States

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This Car Wash is classified in the category of Self service car wash.

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REVIEWS OF Cancun Splash Car Wash IN New Mexico

Rosalie Ramirez

brian jacobson

Money stealing crappy car wash. Never an attendant or a phone number to call.

Veronica L

Updating review, $10.00 fee was not taken permanently. It was to confirm account, seeing how it was my 1st time there. I HAVE returned many times since my 1st visit, actually I go there every time I come to town to visit my parents. I've paid a visit at least 15 times now. He has a Great amount of soap, and wax when I do the self wash. His drive thru is awesome as well, dry time could use an upgrade though. But none the less, I get a great wash whether I go thru the drive thru and or the self wash. He must check his liquid levels often, as I haven't experienced a bad wash. Lighting is good, as I have gone there at midnight, his bays are very clean as well. So, he's a 5 star for me. I like the cc payment, means I can take my time washing, etc... A+++++ in my book. Beats other washes in town hands down!

joe gate

good wash just time runs out faster then you think for a spray down even if you moving fast to cover your car + didn't see any numbers to call if the change machine took you money, and not enough chemical for spotfree and tire/engine cleaner.

Juan Lopez

Adrienne Hernandez-Garcia

Typical car wash

Jennifer Escalante-Britt

Blane Armstrong

Prices have gone up but equipment is getting older. If equipment doesn't work there are no phone numbers and refunds are not available.

C Arrietta

Not even open. It looks abandoned!

aerostats aerostats

Manuel Velasquez

Nice clean in and out

Edna Medellin

Grace Coccola

Allison Sullivan

What happened to the air drive? It is there but never works

matthew george

Card readers don't work. No soap in sprayer or brush. Dial not set to correct service.

justin harris

Ben Travelstead

Charged my card $10.00 for a quick 2 minute wash. Unacceptable.

Living with Trish

I used to really like coming here but the last times the dryer has been broke!

Taco Wars

On Labor day someone left the wash running on their credit card. It had 13 min on it. I washed my truck thinking it was a count down. Anyway I owe you 12 mins. I tried calling the place, nobody answered. I want to make this right.

v l


Sekhar Bhattacharyya

Hello Truth

Wyatt Slauson

Did the job, no issues encountered

Yvonne Curtis

No Comment

Robert Lindsey

Joie Smith

Takes credit/debit cards

John Darrell Little

All systems go. More of a manual car wash.

Kris P

Touchless wash

El Chingón

Pretty good place to manually wash with the spray wand, which I prefer, I've never used the automatic bay. A major plus is that you can pay with your credit/ debit card. The owner is present quite often, ensuring upkeep and cleanliness, that is very reassuring. If the water were warmer and tire cleaner had more pressure, I would have rated 5 stars.

G.Gecko C.

Car wash takes your money and doesn't work. No one to call. This place sucks! Do not use!

Annette Rauch



I paid 8.00 for a car wash machine did not work will be disputing the charges with my bank call the number listed about 10 times and no one answers I will never use this car wash again and I hope others read this review and not use the car wash too.

Bri Mendoza

Dellyne Bailon

I love this car wash! And family dollar across the street! Small vending machine with car supplies! Perfect location! Clean parking lot too. Very well kept.

Jennifer Escalante

great service from management and washes your car good for the time and money you get and use

Caesar Florez

Reese Pesata

Donald Noble


Robert M

You can wash your car here. Not much else to say. Accepts credit cards.

Mike Roberts

This place needs my touch!

Chris Rael

It's nothing special. It does what you need it to. A bit expensive to hand wash and be careful hpw you use the vacuums. Sometimes it won't read a quarter.

krystle gurule

Guy gives excellent customer service

Carlos Chavez

No nosey owner lurking...

Wesley Pilgrim

timo ramirez

Robert Hudson

Melissa Strickland

Never busy so it is convenient

PatsyRaylene Anaya

Love this car wash especially the unlimited monthly carwash pass

Nokie Jones

Very nice and clean.

Darrell Pach

What a waste of time and money. Went to power wash a automotive part and pressure was to low and water was cold. So I decided to wash my Fairly new truck. The soap cycle didn't phase anything. So I went to the engine tire clean. This did nothing. Must be using cheep products. Just use a garden hose with a spray nozzle. Or better yet just pay $2. More and have some place wash it for you. Could not find any contact information.


One hose was busted after I out my money in and wasted it since the hose was spraying so much that it was unusable. Changed bays and was fine but still, $1.50 isn't a big loss but doesn't make me want to come back if I know they don't even maintenance their equipment.

Frank Tank

Rip off I went through the drive through car wash and it did not dry my car. I warned someone else who was about to put money in it. There is also no phone number's listed any were to contact the owner, the number associated with this website is also a scam because no answers!! Please save your money and go down the road to a different car wash

Amber Bolser

We went to wash our vehicle and the soap worked fine, but the rinse didn't work so we were only able to rinse one side of our car. FIX YOUR EQUIPMENT!

Edwin Figueroa

Brenton Nick

Easy to find and a clean car wash

Fo Haus

Cherry Merian

D. Omalia

Horrible!!! Do Not spend your money there! THIEFTS! This particular place is not giving change, SO DO NOT PUT YOUR DOLLARS IN THE CHANGE MAKER! This company refuses to answer the phones or door. So unable to get my money! THIEFTS! Oh and the soap scrubbie are filthy! They scratch your car instead of clean!

Chris Gee

A good little spot in the Northeast Heights, they have a drive-through wash, as well as a do-it-yourself.

Tony Lucero

Dominique McLemore

Amazingly friendly. Owners greeted me on a Saturday evening as they cleaned their investment and I cleaned my Camaro. Top Notch!!!!!!

ramzi al

Allen Smith

Timers a little fast but not bad

David Haney

clean and neat. Theynoy have credit card readers in the the wash stalls. The owner hear visits often and likes to micro manage patrons. Be awaer.

Robert Rodriguez

I have no issues wih this place i just use the drive thru car wash and then go about my day.

Goofy T

Nice to clean up at

Sandra Gorman

The drive thru carwash is what I always use. Gets my car fairly clean. I like this carwash because it's not to busy.

terry connors

So much difference in car wash then my favorite on Wyoming. First off instead of $1.25 for 5 minutes it was $1.75 for maybe 3-4 minutes. If you need a extra minute it will cost you 50¢, I was surprised I put a quarter in and got 30 seconds. The wash did work 100% and the change machine gave change as well as the vending machine. Main disappointment was just the little time for the money spent.

Tim Huffmaster

I put 7 dollars in the machine for a car wash and nothing happened. Two other people behind me got service. This is the second time this has happened to me. Last time I got my money back. This time, not so much.

Kristina Lopez

Been coming here since 2011 and when I moved across town I checked out a few other self service car wash places and I wasn't satisfied. The water pressure is the best and the trash is always cleaned out lol I'll drive the extra miles for this place

Lea Prather

Karin Sandfort

charles neyman

Isaiah Sacerio

Blackthorn LLC


Jessica Merino-Osornio

John Mahon

Good car wash

GF Alexander

Went to the Cancun car wash on Menaul today to try it out for the 1st time. The dollar money changer didn't work, the quarter slot wouldn't accept coins, and after that, I surely wasn't going to trust the charge card machine. All in all, the place is a POS, and I won't be going there anymore.

Skudmonkey 2.0!

My dad thinks this is one of the best car washes in town! Quick automatic car wash, I have NEVER found out how any thing tries to over charge you at this car wash.

Cari Lemme

Clean and equipment always works. And, you can go there any time

David Jones

Clean and well lit for the night owls.

Justin Ariyan

In auto wash, sprayer went down 3/4 of the vehicle and stopped. Didn’t even make it all the way around. Completely turned off. No number to get ahold of an owner or someone to turn it back on or refund my money.

Kimberly Wilson

Lots of soap but kinda expensive.

Mark Kistner

love it

eddie l. wilson

Mike is a very good guy owner

BarBiie Begay

The soap wasn't soapy enough

jax 8910

Best $7.00 I've spent on a car wash in Albuquerque. I have a regular sized car and chose the Typhoon wash. Car was very dirty going in and clean coming out. Great for a truly touch-less car wash.

Brenda Sosa

Good place to wash ur car

Gary Richey

Mark Smith

Keith Donkersley

Mr. Kevbo

This is a good self-service car wash location. The automated wash does a decent job, and is a no-touch system.

Brenda Alexander

Justin Thompson

One of the best car washes in ABQ! The automatic wash is one of the few that will wash crew cab duallies even with a camper shell. The owner is awesome if you ever have a problem just slide a note under the utility door and he will take care of you!


Virginia Kowalski


owner harrassed me and accused me of "being up to no good" and "possibly drugs" because I wiped my hood off outside the bay..... yeah way to respect your customers bud

Chuck Dyslin

Kyle Hayes

Good vacuum they accept credit cards inside the car wash bay very cool


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