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REVIEWS OF Royal Touch Hand Car Wash IN New Jersey

DaPeRfeCTpaPi .

Did a really nice job on my car and the staff is friendly.

bobby martin

I usually take my cars here because they wash by hand and do a good job. This last time I went and when I got home there was still bird feces on the passenger front door I had to finish cleaning and multiple dirty spots. I called and spoke with the girl that picked up the phone and she said sorry nothing we can do. This is horrible customer service and will not go back again.

Moeen Khan

guys did great job, they don't rush it great detail..

Bryan Tiedemann

Only place I go. Fair prices.

Antonio Ashworth

Employees act like they don't like their jobs and it shows in their work.

Mikey Singhaseni

Went there for my first and last time. I pulled up and was instantly greeted with attitude. I pulled through and let them do their thing. They missed a bunch of areas on the car. Roof was dirty, mirrors still dirty, quarter panel had missed spots along with anything below knee level. Ah well. But when I pulled my car outside for the interior cleaning they were throwing stuff all around the inside of my car. They took the floormats and just tossed them around and whipped them onto my seats. They changed the radio station and blasted it all loud while laughing about it. After they were done they just walked away from the car. Doors still open, seats all adjusted out of place, music still blasting. Pretty bogus.

rich kaiser

Top notch. Just went in with my filthy, salty work van. They killed it!!!! Awesome!!!!

Dan Riley

They do a great job cleaning a car and with a Groupon it's cheap.

Cup Cake

I’ve been going here for years , I go out of the way just to wash my car here , If you want a squeaky clean car this is the place !! :)))

Shay Jay

They do a horrible job! The location is hard to see/enter. YOU have to go over the half job after they finish. I paid for a King, they didn't even clean my rims, and my white car had visible dirt. There well stains on the windows

Tony Mendoza

Very hard workers! Even if you had an issue, for example if the was didn't completely clean off the bugs from your windshield the manager is willing to clean it for you. He is a very polite man and a hard worker actually they are all hard workers! Especially if you're the first customer I came here at 8 in the morning so I had all hands on deck:) I do love their Groupon deals, big saving:) My car came out looking fantastic! They are worth every single penny!

Michael Sclafani

Great car wash. I bring my BMW here every week. They do a great job. The manager stays on top of his employees and even works with them (good leadership IMO) which ensures a great wash. Never had an issue. Some people complain about not putting a lot of tire shine on. I agree with the amount they put on, otherwise it splashes on your vehicle when you drive off. Then you have splashes of tire shine all over your car. If you are unhappy with the amount, just let them know and they will put some more on. Highly recommend them.

jeff brush

Great place

Danny Corleone

Very professional! My kind of place! "THE STALLION BKLYN" DANNY C.

Juan Castro

Better than your average hand wash. I have been trying several car hand wash and so far I always end up going back to Royal touch. Not only does it have a friendly atmosphere and a well done job, the price is just right.


I bought the Groupon deal for King wash and they did all on the list. The passenger side seat were not vacuumed in detail but upon request, they redo vacuum for me. Nice job!

David Lee

Decent wash and dry.

R Frey

Great car wash and cleaning..nice people

Stella Wilkins

For a kid who's obsessed with car washes, this is an awesome drive through car wash definitely worth the $$$. Flashing lights and a very very clean car at the end.


Best Inside Car wash: Case Closed. The Outside of my car is ok. I think good would be too strong as there is always marks and missed spots. I feel that I could get better elsewhere. The inside of my car is Great- Note I've seen the reviews that they don't do anything. That has happen to me where they forget its King and don't clean as good as they should. Its disappointing you have to keep up with them but when they do clean on King it's the best and close to detailing you'll get for that price serious. Notes to Live By When getting King... - Open the trunk if you want it clean (they will forget or don't want too if closed) - The paper they give you for King...leave it there on the dashboard. I don't care if they want you to take it back to the register. I want the guys cleaning to see it's King and not some cheater wash. You can also tell them It's King to the cleaners. - Make sure they paint/shine the tires ( they do forget) - Make sure they do the bootleg Armor All shine on your dashboard. It's a CAN they spray! - Your Car should be smelling like cherries when done. ( Discount Go to Groupon to get King for $14-$16 dollars or on there site for a $5 off coupon making it $20)

E. K.

Excellent hand wash spot. They do a very thorough job

Nick Lisanti

A great place for an old fashion Hand Car Wash! Get there early, otherwise there's a bit of a line. prices are OK!

Ofelio Mendoza

Good place they did a great job price it's good remember it's a hand wash ..

Thomas J Sabia

Excellent place to get your car or truck cleaned

Abi C

I felt trapped when I had a sudden emergency and needed to leave. One lane for it all. Impossible to leave once you're on line.

Abhi Parekh

One of the best car wash service. Hand wash is best. They cleaned every corner of the car.

Ahmet Cakirca

Pretty good

Jeff Perrapato

Awesome and priced right

Tim Boland

Drove all the way here to find out they close at 5p on Sunday. Update the hours!

Charbel Tannios

From negative review to a 4 star because of the owner saved the day. My car didn’t come out the best from inside after the owner noticed the car not being clean enough he asked the workers to fix it. It come out good not perfect but i guess better than bad. The owner is honestly always on top of the workers making sure it’s done right I do give him that.

Dane Smith

I've been stopping at this place from time to time for years now. I'll have to say until recently the washes were top notch. The one I had the other day was not quite poor. I think the focus was on volume and not the finished product. Not sure if the poor wash was a freak thing but time will tell I guess. Hope things improve.

kavish Juneja

I had groupon coupon with which i wont complain much. Its worth that amount. But without that, I wouldn't spend the amount they charge for the service they provide.


Their employes dnt like to work but like to show you attitude like you are getting it for free ..horrible service

Bryan T

It's a hand car wash, which automatically gets them points. Everything has rubber cover so they don't scratch your car which is good. But they don't spend as much time on your car as they used to and THE HOURS ARE TERRIBLE!!! They close at 5pm. I don't know about you, but i would stay open till at least 6pm to catch the after work clients.

Pranav Tripathi

Ok. They didn't clean it properly and on top skipped me somehow

Andrea Jackson

Use the coupons and early-bird specials.

Daniel Rodrigues

Service was ok, nothing magical. I wish they would have power washed all the dirt off your car first. They run it under some water and start using their sponges, I didn't like that at all. I had a bunch of bird droppings as well and they didn't clean all of them off either. Vacuuming and interior was good.

Mustafa Gatollari

Best car wash in north jersey, hands down.

Toy Store

Sloppy , they used to be better & "care" a little bit more about 2 years ago, went last weekend and two weekends ago and had to point out bird droppings on Windows to have them cleaned . Frustrating to say the least that something like bird …

Yiling Huang

Service is good! Just remember when you are doing King Wash, don't let them dress your gas and brake pedals. It just makes driving dangerous.


I paid for the king package which is supposed to be a big deal. Once your car enters its ok. They hand wash everything, you move around to the other side of the building and they dry it up for you. Upon drying I feel that they should check to make sure everything was at least decently clean, they don’t do that. The car was still wet once I pulled out and exited the car for them to do the inside. I asked the guy if they finish drying the car outside he said no. I complained about the wheels being dirty he told me my wheels were stained which they are not. Next the front windshield was still dirty so i ask the guy doing the windows if they do the outside of the windows too and he ignored me, walked to grab window spray and cleaned the front windshield, driver front and rear window and moved on to the next car. Passenger side was left as is as well as rear windshield. I will never come back here again and deeply regret spending $25 with them. I wish i could good shots of how disgusting the windows are but can’t due to sun.

Fatima Azzahra Boubyane

The washing quality is decent. BUT, FIRST, the Sunday hours are 8-5 and not 8-6 as they put on Google (yes, wasted trip), and SECOND, they happen to CLOSE when they feel like it without notifying or posting the info on Google so, again, a 2nd wasted trip!! As I'm writing this, I just came back after finding that they're closed, for no reason nor notification. I MADE AN APPOINTMENT yesterday for today and then when I go, they're closed!!!!!!!!!!!

Anupam *

I have been there 4 time and Everytime it was great! Groupon has great offers for $14 for a full car wash!

Ashish Rakheja

Poor car wash. Dont do as they boast. You have to tell them step by step instructions and they will still miss the spots

cecilia selles

Wouldn't recommend this place. Paid for the top level car wash $25. The inside was still dirty and they didn't even shampoo my rugs. the doors and trunk and clean those corners. I gave tip would like a refund on that!!!!

D Fi

Very nice job with my Tesla. I usually hand wash my car myself but since it was cold decided to stop in. Nice hand car wash and for a few dollars extra they’ll do a little vacuuming and tire dressing. Also fast and efficient. Very nice for not too much money.

Vivek Satec

Got exterior cleaning and found out that my car had tons of stains which it got in fact after the wash. Do NOT recommend.

R.J. M.

They do a pretty good job...the biggest reason I go is that you drive your car through yourself and there are no metal tracks that can damage your wheels. The people are very nice and the office, waiting area and bathroom are pleasant and clean.

Gary L

These guys are worth the money.

Javiel Morales

Took my Hummer and they did scrub the top and I had soap not the best it's not the same old crew

Justin Derevyanik

Quick and easy nice staff could have did a better job on drawing the car and blowing out the jams I know they're a little busy because Groupon is kicking their butt right now


The only thing they are okay for is the exterior hand wash. They pay no detail to inside. I just paid $25 for the king. They didn't wipe any inside, nothing but the floor is vacuumed, the trunk wasn't touched, and it's a shame because I would like to come here but they don't clean the interior at all. The quickly wipe and next car. See my pictures, I won't be coming back unfortunately because this isn't the first time i have gave them a shot and they pay no mind to the interior.

Gabriel C

This is the best hand car wash in the area

Arthur Huber

Paid for the Queen. - My van was not dried so after a short drive I have white spots all over. -The door jams not wiped because they are still wet and dirty. - Mirrors and windshield have residue from their rag on them. - Floor was not …

Ranjith Panakal

I was not happy when the service boy came and said that my car is ready to go. I still could see mud in the bumpers and I asked him about it. He just ignored me ( may be he didn’t understand) . Things changed after I talked to the manager ( Carlos) , he himself took initiative in cleaning and gave instructions to the workers . Also made sure that I am satisfied with the cleaning. Thanks Carlos !

John Weigel

Great car wash

Vishnu Prakash

Got Groupon deal and better than most manual car washes

Wences M.

they leave the interior dirty , dont care about customer service i pay for the best service that they have KING 25 dollar and still dirty

Henry Walker

Best job interior and out side. Can't ask for more.


I visited this car wash on 7/28/18 and not for the first time. I was disgusted with a service and manner I was treated with. After asking carwash personal to actually clean the roof of my vehicle and it did not stop there I guess they thought I was asking for too much so when my car came out of carwash wheels weren’t even touched or cleaned, running boards dirty. I spent about 20 minuets cleaning my car for my own money. Later I offered to pay half of intended price and management after looking at my car refused stating pay everything or nothing. So left without paying. But here is where get worse, a week later I got a summons in mail court appearance “thief of services” I spent entire day of my work in court and paid administrative fine. Absolutely insane!!!!!! Beware of this place and only you get your car half cleaned and robbed in a middle of a day but also you might find yourself in court. I’d never go to this place even for free and will not recommend it anyone.

Brett Norton

Great hand car wash with a very hard working staff

Brian P.

This car wash uses glass cleaner that left a thick sheen on all of my windows, causing them to fog like crazy. I’m not going back, ever. Also the girl working the counter can learn some manners and speak to the customers; it would be nice to be treated like a customer and not an inconvenience. But my car was clean so you get two stars for that.

avinash reddy ch

Dnt waste your time here..they dont clean trunk n interior deosnt look like cleaned at all

Harry Hawk

Excellent service, reasonable prices.

Randall Cummings

The best carwash in Jersey

Jorge Suarez

I bought a new car a year ago and this is the only place I feel comfortable washing my car. The self drive through car wash is my preferred method because they use soft cloths to clean your car which minimizes the risk of scratches. And it's affordable!

terry rawn

Absolutely amazing service the best one I've been too Across the u.s.


Royal Touch Hand Car Wash, they really need to get into the little corners. But they do a decent job.

Page Ware

Best car wash I've ever had! Seriously!

Dmitriy D

Quick carwash. Not perfect but good enough. Groupon paid..

w S

It's ok hand wash but only with it with the coupon

Josh Schneider

They do a great job inside and out. It is a hard car wash so they get everything off. They also will clean your car top to bottom with the king car wash get the deal on Groupon.

Brendan O'Byrne

Some times to need to point out things they missed

Allen Serhat

Good prices and great car wash. Staff very friendly.

Eliana Valencia

I took my car to Royal Touch and the guys did an amazing job, they are attention to detail, and they have affordable prices. Best place to wash your car, I highly recommend it.

Debi Kahn

Staff is very accommodating

Erdem Erdag

They clean just regular way. Just after they washed my car, my daughter's fingerprints were still on it.

Christina Aurora

JOSE is AWESOME! Oh, they do fantastic work!

Brian Medina

Ehhh, not the worst but not the best either. My interior wasn't as cleaned as other hand car washes. There was still some dirty spots on the roof of my car and it's a sedan(could only imagine harder to reach spots like an SUV). Used a Groupon and I'm glad I did because if I spent more than what I have($16 "king" car wash), it probably would've been more disappointing.

Pamela Clark

Today was my first visit there and I was not pleased. For a hand wash and wax the car was a little dirty afterwards. The car wash included cleaning the mats but that didn't happen. Once I pointed it out it was done but not well. Not worth $25.

Amy Alfortish

Great service and quick.

J. Jasmine Lee

The King wash for $25 was great for when I couldn't wash my car and clean the interior myself. They shine the inside and outside of the car almost as well as I would if I did it myself. Great deals: $2 off for ladies every Wednesday. $2 off for morning wash at 8am.

John Vervoort

They did an OK job, not what i wouldve expected for the price. Up the road is cheaper and just as good...

satie shova

not good got a groupon and the manager told me it expired! Bad business. will not go ther again! they also left their cleaning materialinside my car would ypu believe that


Hand wash good prices.


Mediocre at best. For average cars that need a quick wash this is your spot, anything high end do yourself a favor and go somewhere that pays attention to detail.

Wei Wang

they are good,spend a lot of time on your car.

praveen .b

dissapointed, even i complained to manager about the dirt he simply said this is how they do in a rude way. not going back there again

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