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REVIEWS OF PJ's Car Wash Park IN New Jersey

Michael Ammerman

I just got my car washed 5 minutes ago and it’s still dirty. This place is an absolute rip off. $25-30 for a wash and they don’t even clean the inside of your car. The maintenance works are nice but the inside employees are trash. Now I have to go home and wipe down my dashboard, drive shaft, console, and doors. Stay away, this place will eat your money for a severely below average job.

Tracy Kaiserian

Beautiful job.. Need to go back well worth the price

William Sy

Good place to get your car washed

Danielle Thomas

Shity job. I had to dry my own truck because it wasn't dried. Charged me for something they didn't ask for. Didn't dry my wheels when I paid extra. Such a horrible job why I'll be going somewhere else!! Trust me don't waste your time

Dan Toth

What a great locally owned business. Every year for Christmas I get my wife the VIP Car Wash membership that allows for unlimited car washes, and especially during the winter time they have the undercarriage wash which cleans off all the salt from the snow storms from under your car and helps prevent rusting. Great, friendly people there as well

Donald Eilenberger

They do an adequate job. It's a bit spotty. Sometimes they dry the door sills, sometimes that's overlooked. Sometimes the window are cleaner when they're done, sometimes not so much. Adequate if you're not too demanding.

John Dvorschak

Sap left all over my car. Very disappointed.

Eileen Calabrese

Fabulous job

Keith Vanbrunt

Thay do a nice job

M.Patrick Gianforte

Great prices, great service. Line looks long at peak hours but it moves fast

Lance Nelson

A bit pricey, but..........great results.....

Emanuelle Sedita

$28 for a garbage wash and cleaning. Dirt all over the car. Wouldn't even let me go through the wash again. Poor.

Brian Fox

Paid for the Full Service $22 package, not very impressed. They did vacuum and wipe, but they do NOT try very hard, still have grit and dirt on the seats, noticeable, not the kind wedged into the cracks either. They were kind enough to offer a free wash for tomorrow, due to It raining while my car was in and coming out of the tunnel, just a freak pop up shower. I will mention the dirt tomorrow and see how they address it.

Jennifer Fary

My coworkers and I always bring our cars here, great place, never had an issue.

Samantha Kane

Free basic car wash if you go on your birthday.

Delma Benvenuti-Rothman

Good service

Michael Treadway

Always do a great job and never have an issue.

Wally West

The car wash at the circle in Asbury beats PJ's hands down. "The Basic" is $13.50, they spend time vacuuming the mats and floors - best car was I've ever received. PJ's too expensive and marginal at best. Circle a little farther drive, but well worth it.

Paul Archinaco

I'm not part of the unlimited car wash club.I come in about two times a month. I always get the #1 wash, it's like $27.00 with tax, I also always put a $5.00 bill in the tip box. NO MORE !!! They never fully wipe my car down. Never ! I have to grab a rage and do it my self. No one has ever asked me why I was doing that, but this last time I told the guy who pulls the cars out of the line and parks them to be wiped down.He really didn't care. I will drive to RT. 33 Car Wash in Freehold from now on, there the BEST !!!

Dianna Marques

THE WORST PLACE EVER!!!!!! they broke my windshield whipper and then tried blaming it on me saying I had them on. mind you it is 50 and sunny. i am not happy and the manager no better. telling me I upset yeah, you trying blame me. The way it was handled was not professional

A coburn

Not a bad place just watch out for loose parts they just rip it off

Amy M. Toman

Having not been to PJ's in a while, I went back recently and was pleasantly surprised. The staff keeps the process moving, and the shop is well-stocked and welcoming. The work done on my car was great, and I really appreciated how well the inside was vacuumed. I'll definitely come back.

Thomas Rose

They have a first class operation there. Quick and efficient.

bob d

It rained the day of my birthday and the day after. According to their policy if it rains i don't have to get my birthday wash that day. I went to the car wash and at the register they wouldn't let me get my free birthday wash because my birthday had passed. I explained about the rain and I'm a loyal customer for years, but the associate stated she would get in trouble and had been scorned several times for allowing...?


Typical drive through cleaning is just “ok.” It s over priced and always a wait. Even with membership. They typically forget to vaccum or clean interior - even w a platinum membership. Only go for an average exterior wash. Outside Crew is friendly. Inside cashiers are not. By appointment detailing is good.

Edward Brady

Great place. Great service. Great price. Sometimes there's a long line, but if you arrive early or around closing time you can navigate around that problem.

Barbara Thompson

Great carwash ,very friendly and helpful employees.

David Feng

Great service.

Clifford Wooley

Damaged my vehicle 3 times 1st broke off my antenna 2nd ripped of my windshield wiper 3rd broke the glass out of my drivers mirror. Then cancelled my membership because they're equipment damaged my vehicle. Would avoid going there with any high end vehicles at all cost.

Lauren Loeffler

Awesome staff and great costumer service! The girls inside are so helpful! Been coming here for years and I’ve never had an issue! Best car wash around!

Paranormal Descendants

I love PJs. They do a great job on cleaning every detail. I have a VIP pass there for unlimited washes. It's worth it!

Matthew MacDermant

This place provides a decent car wash. I like how they vacuum and hand dry your vehicle. I'll go here for basic detailing needs.

Howie Ski

I give this car wash 3 stars at this time. Whilst the machinery appears to be good equipment and the reception area is a nicely appointed, cozy gift shop, the manual labor is consistently lackluster. I always come here with a dirty car and leave here with a clean exterior with dirty wheels that I have to clean myself when I get home. This clearly defeats the purpose of a car wash. Today there were 6 people to hand dry my car, yet not one touched the wheels! Unacceptable.

Doug W

They are ok at best.. no where near as good as they used to. Just convenient for me to go there

William Castillo

Very good car wash love it here

John Schmiegel

I basically paid $30 for one of the worst car washes I ever got and it was supposed to only be $18! First I got there asked for #2 then he asked me a couple questions and rushed off, I got online to pay where I hear a complaint from another customer that she was over charged then realizing I was too.. It was for a hot wax that he supposedly asked if I wanted, didnt realize I agreed to pay for this scam that he snuck in and not like he included that it was for an extra charge but I wasnt gonna complain and get my money back like the lady before me cause, "hey it's kinda my mistake." Get to my car after they wiped it down to see that the inside was barely touched looked exactly the way I brought it in, I had to wipe it down and clean it myself and vacuum.. What is the point of paying for a car wash especially for $30 when it's not even half way done?! Save your money go somewhere else! They are lucky they dont have competition in the area otherwise they wouldnt last!

Joseph Palmer

Not worth it. Don't bother with the #1 wash because they do a very poor job on the interior. The exterior was okay, but I have had a better car wash for $5.

zachary english

It was good everything worked well ✌

Logan Robinson

Best car wash around, you get your car back very clean for a reasonable price.

Marie Green

Great staff and service with good pricing.

brian bainum

Great place for a car wash, offers great savings, employees extremely nice and accommodating

Nancy Ricany

Car was cleaned outside nicely. Inside was cleaned lightly. Staff was kind. One of the men took the time to explain to me about the wax on my car. I had a nice experience they did a nice job

Theresa Bourbon

Love the Blue service with detail !

Debbie O'Hearn

I have gone to PJ for years and I must say the quality of service is falling. This is the second time that I pd $30. only to come home and vacuum my car out again, and wipe down areas of the inside of the car. If I hadn't an appointment I would have gone back and complained. Very disappointment

Thomas Paolino

Best Deal and car wash in town. Some People think they should get a detailing done, but its a car wash. Find a better one if you're not happy, or spend the 10 bucks in gas to go to Shrewsbury.

Michael Papa

I went to PJ's car wash because my puppy had an accident in the car in which my carpets needed to be shampooed. I figured since the interior/exterior needed to be washed anyway, I'll just bring it to PJ's instead of just shampooing the carpets myself. I waited over 30 minutes in line to be told that they can't shampoo the carpets because they are too busy - the main reason why i was there to begin with. I paid about $25 for a mediocre car wash (their most comprehensive wash choice) to have bird dropppings and dirt remain on my car and the interior vacuum was equally as ineffective. By the time my car was finished i had spent an hour and $25 at PJ's with carpets that still needed to be shampooed. The Four Seasons Auto Spa on Rt 70 in Lakewood puts this place to shame.

Diana Fiumara

This is always my go to car wash because it’s convenient and I like the shop. However, this is the 2nd time in a row I left disappointed. I got the number 2 specifically for the purpose of the vacuum job. Not only were there still crumbs and dust left wide out in the open in the areas they claim to clean, it didn’t even seem like a vacuum was used at all. Will not go back. Big waste of money.

Myles Nazarene

I bring in a Black SUV for a wash. First off I clearly state the wash package I wanted and the manager rings up a more expensive one. I recall they did this the last time I was there. When I come out they wave me over to say it's complete. From 30feet away I can see it's filthy. Let's say it's 65% clean. I ask them to wipe off the remaining dirt. The crew speaks no English and just smile and nod as they walk over to the next car. I go back inside and address the manager about it and he goes out and wipes it down somewhat, but still it's filthy. I readdress the issue and one worker returns to clean it and when he finishes its 80% clean. I give up and leave. And because of their lackadaisical effort and complete disregard for me as a customer, I wrote this review.

Greg Love

I've been using PJ's for over 15 years and have had multiple VIP memberships. The last two times I went the quality of the clean was not good. I may not go back.

Elizabeth Seydell

Great place! Friendly workers, nice office staff!

Gil Collin

Brought my vehicle to be washed. When they were done it was not even clean. Had to complain to management to have it washed again.

Jack Buckley

All I can say is good job guys

James Trotter

Nice wash and dry. Busy times the care seems to dtop a bit.

Debbie Wier

Go to place for good service

Tom Jude

They like to hire ilegal aliens. And deprive Americas a job. Still while getting rich off of illegal labor.

Ron Gardner

Fast service and a gift shop too

Enrique e

Great place & awesome detail crew to get you car Detail.

Jim Loux

Very good service even though they were very busy only drawback was $31 for full service was with wheel cleaning and wax and armor all on the tires wasn't included

Weiss Gary

Well I got it almost $30 car wash and it sure wasn't worth it they didn't clean the windows very good there was still bugs and streaks on the windshield there was still dirt on the floor mats sure wasn't worth the price and I doubt if I will return here

Carlos Martinho

Will give them another shot.

James H

I have been getting the VIP treatment for PJ's since I bought my first car in 2008. I have been going ever since because they do such a great job

M Chang

Outstanding customer service!

Brian Johnson

Excellent customer service and a job well done. I feel lucky to have found a place like this! I'll be back next time I need my car detailed, without a doubt! 5 stars!

Gus Pampillon

Fantastic service. My car loves going there weekly. The 6 month memership is worth it if you go even once a week.

Samantha Casasnovas

I brought my SUV here about two weeks go to get detailed and OMG when i picked it up i couldn’t believe it was the same car it was spotless and looked brand new! enrique went above and beyond. I honestly didn’t think it could ever get that clean haha .. thank you so much I’ll deff be back!

Tyler Schmelz

Always get my families cars washed at Pjs. They come out super clean. I actually got a full detail on my wife’s car for her birthday and the Jeep was cleaner than the day we bought it.

Robert Lawther

Good job on truck.

Jordan Kovacs

Disappointed and will not return. Bought the most expensive wash (of the ones that don't include hand wax) as I was mostly interested in getting the interior wiped down and vacuumed. They left spots on the dash untouched and you can see the dust left behind. The guy doing the vacuum looked like he was in turbo speed. At the speed he was going, nothing stood a shot at being picked up by the vacuum. I wasn't there at some crazy busy time either, I drove right up to the attendant and bought the wash without any wait. I was sitting on the bench nearest my car and noticed they were all really rough with folding seats up and down, slamming doors, etc. There were spots they didn't dry, and as soon as I turned off property, I noticed a giant smudge on the windshield they didn't clean. I get that the crew has to move fast and clear a lot of cars off the lot. But somehow Shrewsbury Car Wash manages to do so without being rough or incomplete, even on far busier days. I'll be bringing my car there from now on.

Marilyn Florio

They do a real good wash job. Can be long line sometimes, but it moves quickly. Also 13tg is free, as it is on your birthday.

Scott Dailey

I own a BMW 328i that has quite a few superficial scratches on the hood from a fallen tree limb. Nothing that broke through the paint, but definitely a cosmetic problem. I brought it to their detailing team and for $125, plus tax, they made my entire car look like I just drove it off the showroom floor. I strongly recommend them for detailing work.

Mike Guirguis

Almost always a pretty long line, but good service. There are other cheaper carwashes nearby and you don't have to get out of your car at the other ones. Having to get out of your car is pretty annoying. Overall the service is good and they have guys that towel dry your car afterwards. Never had an issue.

Kristen King

Get theres early. They get packed fast

Brian Berzinskis

I like the place because I can keep going back because I have a monthly pass. It seems to me that the equipment keeps stopping for some reason and just makes the process longer. Nice people though. I like going there. They should add a camera to their website so people can see how long the line is before they head over.

Savannah P

I have been to PJs at least 10 times and every single time I pay extra for the Blue or Silver package and not once have they actually vacuumed my car. I ask them if they have knowing they did not pick up the vacuum once and they say yes. I go into my car and there is dirt all in the seats, cup holders and rug. Gave them another shot today and needless to say it was my last time going there. Not only did they not clean the inside of my car but now my paint is chipping off. They are nice people but if anyone knows a good car wash in the area let a girl know...

Julie Johnston

Consistently going downhill! I keep spending more hoping the more expensive service will help but it never does...

Christopher Doyle

Watch your car and make sure you get what you pay for I paid close to $35 for a good cleaning they always seem to forget to armour all my tires

Jonathan Harter

Paid $35 for a mediocre wash at best. Just watched four employees spend no more than 60 seconds on my car. Still had dirty door sills, bird droppings on roof, and finger prints on windows. Had to grab a towel and finish it myself. Bad first experience. P.S. never got my free air freshener


Went here yesterday to get my truck washed. I had been here a few years ago and wasn't impressed at all. I decided to give it another try. I paid $21 for a sub par car wash. The extra cab portion of my truck wasn't even vacuumed and the wheels hadn't even been cleaned and were still COVERED in brake dust. I was so pissed at myself and should have trusted my gut on heading back. So in closing, if you have some extra money you would like to spend and would like to blow it on a horrible car wash, this is the place for you. Fool me once....

Gary Thacker Gary

Hate to say except for their location they would go out of business. I gave up buying their multiple wash programs some time ago. If I am closer to Red Bank or Trenton they each have either better equipment or better employee's. Was there today and once again I spent a half an hour wiping my car down once their staff failed wipe down the door jams as well as not cleaning the cup holders.

kathy cassiday

Went there last Thursday. Paid over $25 which.included the $5.+ tire 1200 psi cleaning. When my car was ready I notice how dirty the inside of all 4 doors were. They came back.n cleaned them not.very good as I had to show them were they missed. When I got home I noticed how dirty my tires and rims were not to mention a 1/4 of car was still dirty. If I wasn't leaving for vacation in an hour I would have returned. PJ has been my.go to car wash for 20yrs. NEVER AGAIN

marion marzorati

36.00 and I had to wipe the interior when I got home. Chose Gold wash was 24.50 wheels included. I don't know where 36.00 came from. Mediocre to say the least. Waaaaay overpriced. I won't be back.

Jeffrey Scott

Paid $22 for inside and out, their top deal. They didn't vacuum the inside and actually made carpets worse. I don't own a dog and somehow I have dog hair in my car now. Exterior didn't get bird crap off either. They probably noticed the car was new and didn't have to do anything.

Kathleen Gallagher

My car always looks like new when I leave PJ's.

Richard Walker

Nice job, friendly staff there to assure your satisfied with results

Alfred Ferrara

Best car wash I’ve EVER been to! Monthly subscription fir as many washes as you want!

George Paragioudakis

Pleasant and smooth experience. Has a very nice shop

J Crowell

Went there for the first time today. Unfortunately, I was NOT impressed. The exterior wash through their machines was okay. No problems there. However, the interior cleaning done by manual workers after the car came out of the wash left quite A LOT to be desired. The quality of work was spotty and shotty at best. There was hardly any attention to detail, and you could tell that their effort was careless and lazy. They didn't take the necessary time to make sure everything was cleaned thoroughly. All they did was the bare minimum to each vehicle as quickly as possible, so that they could just move on to the next car. I was waiting for them to vacuum out the floor, seats, ashtray, and cup holders as per what was supposed to be included in the service. Well, they moved on to the next car and completely neglected to finish all that interior cleaning. They asked me what I was waiting for and I had to make them aware of their failure and tell them how to do their job. There was no way I was just going to drive away without the interior hardly even being touched. There was all kinds of dirt and debris still left inside. But that's exactly what one of the workers suggested. He said my car was finished and that I could leave. I was shocked!!! Was he serious?! So I had to correct him and insist to him that hardly anything had been done to clean out the interior, in order to get the crew to work on it more. I practically had to dictate and instruct them on what to do after pointing out what they blatantly left unclean. I shouldn't have had to do that! No customer should have to do that! Plus, all of it was so obvious! Everything they missed was clearly in plain sight! Absolutely ridiculous! The owners and management need to monitor their workers more closely, make sure everything is being provided to their customers properly to the best of their abilities, correct any problems, re-train or fire any staff who aren't performing up to standards, and/or hire better employees. In summary: The exterior wash done by the machine was okay. Nothing extraordinary. But the interior cleaning was sub-par and very disappointing. I expected better, especially considering their prices are not cheap. I've seen and experienced substantially better service at other car washes that charge similar prices. So if your car needs a decent interior cleaning, my suggestion would be to go elsewhere or just do it yourself versus expecting an attentive job to be done here.

Joseph Nardino

It's a good car wash, but nothing special. A great location is their best feature. The unlimited wash option is attractive, but you need to use it on average over 2 times a month to make it worth it. Maybe I'm odd, but I don't wash my car that much. It's too expensive for what they offer, especially considering their long lines at peak times. Plenty of washes can do just as good a job for less. I often wonder if they pay their workers well because they have a bunch of men bustin their butts outside.

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