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REVIEWS OF New Casino Car Wash IN New Jersey

Eric Ndungu

Tried again and unfortunately still only a 2 star. Paid for express detail. Only got a wipe down. Do not waste your money

Chandra Shekhar Kashyap

They mostly do a good job of cleaning.

jas john

They do an exceptional job perfecting my job!

Alfred Hamkerson III

khush dhaliwal


Orazio Castellana

Haoyi You

Horrible terrible service!!! Don’t go there!!!!

Stephanie Greatermedia

The people were very friendly and the facility quite nice, however the service itself was disappointing. I choose the $17 gold cleaning package which included exterior, interior & tire cleaning. At the end of the cleaning I noticed a substantial amount of dirt still left on the car. Not only were there brush marks of dirt left on the rims but large streaks of dirt were still highly visible on the front and hood of the car! The cloth interior was left still very much covered in dust/hair although the glass and dash looked better. The overall job was poorly done considering the cost. I will not be returning.

Crystal Lynn

One of the BEST carwashes I have ever used!

Manubhai Shah

Your car for hand wash


Outstanding service, great work, and friendly people. They went out of their way to help clean my car after a drink got spilled all over it, and did so at a great price. Love these guys!

Hussain Kapadia

Does the job.

Azam Khan

theresa h

My detail wasn't the best...and i still found myself going over their work

Mary Jo Malanga

Tj Janho

They do a fantastic job and it's great that it's a hand wash. Done with more care.

Darron Baity

Keyur Desai

Avoid if you can. Exact same thing happen to me as Shawn Homerin below. I bought $150 worth gift card and they wouldn't honor it for express detailing service. I had to pay $28 out of pocket and I am stuck with a $150 card. The lady on the counter could have handled better. Allegedly, they changed their policy. No mention of this whatsoever when they were selling it to me. You cannot suddenly change policies like this. It's not a fair business practice. Irony is I like to support local businesses, but in this case I would have to diverge. Again, only go here for a one off basic car wash. Do not buy gift cards or monthly passes, else they will rip you off. Work was OK at best. Be very careful about the full detail service. They will rip you off.

Shawn Homerin

Absolute BullS***! DO NOT GO HERE! Purchased $125 Gift Card for 6 Detailed Washes. I used 3 in 2 month span. I came back for another wash and she says they no longer honor these gift cards for the $28 detailed wash. And expected me to pay $28 when there was $75 left on the card. Absolute criminals. Russian lady at counter kept saying, it was the "owners" decision. Scam artist. Will never be back.

Mark Ford

I washed my car there few times, wanted to check them out before I do a detail there. Finally I got a full detail done there last week… I never saw my car so clean. They did a very good job, left it there for about 5 hours, very professional job. The place looks great, very clean. AAA

vanessa hanlon

They did a great job on my excursion and it was all a mess from two kids and a Saint Bernard

Akwasi Boateng

Didn't do what they said. Leather cleaning was sloppy. Only get reg wash if you go.

Anup Deshmukh

Jim Stelman

Miss Selman

Was here today got Plantinum wash my two mats was not washed, workers was complaining about wiping my door panel. Car had a bunch of streaks, water marks and was well scratched up. Will not be returning, and the lady at the desk is not very pleasant she looks unhappy sitting there.

vincent nelson

Nice job


Shray Amin


Deandre Shields

Hands down the worst place to get your car washed I payed $50 a month for the royal flush membership and every time I would get my car washed they would let my car sit and air dry while there’s still soap running down my car, they would constantly leave water marks on my car and when I would ask for it to be washed again they would tell me it can only be washed once a day (but I thought it was unlimited washes) they would never clean the inside of my car customer service is completely terrible whenever you ask them to fix they’re mistakes they would give you a dirty look as if you were asking them to give up they’re first unborn was honestly the last time me and my family and friends ever got a car wash fron this place. I received $10 car washes that came out looking better than this.

Cynthia Cubero

The worst experience ever! Took my car in for a wash came out all stained and when I wanted to speak to the owner I was told that I had to speak to a manager. The manager consisted of the guy cleaning the car. The cashier woman had no clue who owned the place. Said she didn’t get paid enough to direct me to a proper person. Long story short they got upset when they had to reclean and attempted to give it back to me a few times that way saying I brought my car in that way. My car is a new car never even been scratched. Stay away from this place, the cashier woman should have nothing to do with customer service!! She should be the one wiping them down or not dealing with the public at all..

Scott Luczkow

Sometimes they do a great job other times not so much. They use a large brush to prep and it has scratched my car. They do great job drying the car at the end of not too busy.

Richard Colucci

Very rough with my car. Abrasive cloth they use scuffed the interior plastic on door frame and interior door. Yanked out floormat so hard hitting gas release that my gas realease is now loose and they didn't even bother to close cap before running through the wash building. Handwash rush too fast and don't clean well. They want $25 just to include washing rubber floor mats. They denied scuffing plastic even though I happened to take photos of the area a few days ago and it was perfect then. I only post negative reviews when something is terribly wrong.

Nirmal Singh

Best service

Hameed S

Terrible experience. They barely cleaned the out side of the car. Stay away!

Linda Backovsky

Fantastic service.

America O'Connell

Rudest lady at the cash register I have ever met in my life, don't go there on Saturday afternoon if you don't want to be treated like an idiot

Rama Katta

Decent car wash. Cleaning crew could be better. Perhaps the time of day makes a big difference as they might be too tired to pay attention to details if its during later part of the day.

Dave Moro

Chicken Little

Nice people

Robert Palancia

The crew does excellent work.

Lucas O'Connell

iveth javier

Momna Hassan

The worst service ever. I got the Jackpot for $25.00 and I could still see dirt in my car after the vacuum and after all the wax on my exterior I could still see some spots. I should have just washed on car instead of paying them $25.00 absolute WORST SERVICE EVER!

Brandon Tedesco

Car comes out great!

Shanti Mugwe


worst i jave to clean my car by my self


Best hand car wash in the area!!! Everything brand new Got a very good cleaning for my car

Marissa Scott

They do not wash your car well. Always leaving visible spots that are unclean . I payed for the full service, which would include your inside to be wiped down and shined, twice it was missed, today the same. Finally I approached the manager and told him to either redo it or refund me my $25. He had the worker's redo,he tried to go over missed areas but I had already seen by then! Iwill not be going back. Too many times, too many errors. Be aware and stay away! Cashier should take a professionalism lesson as well.

Jingfeng Zhu

Was expecting a better service, but so disappointed that a lot of area still dirty after the wash. Picture taken after the "Jackpot" wash.

Marysue Young

Horrible! Zero respect for customers and their cars!! After they pull my car around to be dried the gentleman put it in park and continued to rev the engine over & over! While the others laughed and then one told him to keep it down. When asked to speak to the manager I got the run acknowledgment of what happened and as I walked away they laughed again.

Aravinda babu

Very poor management and they don’t even talk to you a minute to explain you any thing . I purchased a card and I wanted to return for their bad service and they can return my pending dollars. I don’t recommend this place because of my awful experience

jessica fialk

Paid $25 for the “jackpot” which is the top one includes waxing and armaroll interior. Waited 25 minutes and when I got in the car to leave NOTHING was done on interior. Glass was dirtier than when I brought it and the interior wasn’t even wiped down let alone armoralled!! Awful awful experience

Shon Toledo

Faisal Khan

Nice small place for a quick wash

Richard Ngaujah

Adisesh Yeragudi

I regularly visit this car wash. The staff is excellent. Met with th owner Ari today who has no respect for customers. His attitude is very callous and mistreated a few customers. Seeing such arrogance which stems from lack of emapathy and customer service , I have decided to boycott his business but also let the community know to beware of Ari.

Abhijit Sanyal

Mediocre service and very rude manager at the route 27 car wash


Extremely bad service. Even for the most expensive package they do not provide complete service. Stay away from this place. Not recommended

Simon Tutu

fonz joseph

The best car wash place to go

jersey dandt

I purchased the $25 car wash for my husband as a gift. He had by-pass surgery a few months earlier and I didn't want to see him washing the car out in the hot weather. After he returned home, I noticed him preparing to wash and vacuum the car. There was dirt all over the front of the car and inside the rear seat cup holders, and dirt left in the trunk. I called to speak to the owner and was advised he "was not there, but would call me back." Needless to say, he did not call. What a waste of $25 and my husband's time well being.

siva koppireddy

Norm Hurst

Decent. The tire shine guy missed a few spots.

Ben Williams

Deena's Eyes on Entertainment

I have been using Casino car wash for almost a year and definitely there are no major complaints. They give offers when you buy 4 wash packages together which I found to be very useful. There is a store attached to the car wash where they sell small car accessories like charger,floor mats,air freshener etc.

Healthy Ape

These people are thorough. Inside of my car has never been so clean.

Ramakanth V

The car wash was mediocre and my car was not clean by the end. They tried to push me to take the detailing package. Broke the blind spot mirror. Definitely do not take their package. It is not worth it

Mike Majewski

Hadn’t been here in about a year, moved out of the area. In town so decided to get jackpot package. Short employees couldn’t reach the middle of the hood so it never got washed. Other areas missed. Windows streaked, and all the stuff that was applied to my tires, was slung down the side of the truck and not on the tires. Won’t be back

Sam Sam

They have the most rude and most disrespectful front lady. She has no manners and is very rude to her customers. She yells and curses you at if she doesn’t like you.

kowshik alibilli


Kameel Khan

Lady behind the counter is very rude. Asked if they vacuum inside, her response, “What do you think?” Is that good customer service? We asked because last time they did not do a good job.

Kevin Adams

I have gone here for the past three years to wash my car, slowly it has become worse and worse. The quality is getting bad. I asked for the vacuum and outside wash two weeks ago, they didn't vacuum my seats or carpet, just washed the outside and whipped the steering wheel. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and today I wanted to get a detail. That way I knew they would vacuum the seats and carpet. The outside was not satisfactory and they didn't vacuum the rear seats, carpet or cargo area. I asked for it to be done, their sign says no extra charge for suv.


Buen servicio Y buena atenciones

Jerel Washington

Ana Garcia

Nice people, great service.

Jeff Shuke

Poor service. Lazy workers who are careless. They knocked off my 3rd break light everytume they clean the windows inside. Left soap on the car it wasnt dried fully had watermarks all. I had a monthly everwash membership i switched to different car wash altogether

Daniel Roland

I am not from this area but happened to be in the Stop & Shop just down the street from this place, and I saw a big ad right on the shopping cart that said "New Casino Hand Car Wash. Bring your Stop & Shop receipt and get $3 off your car wash". I thought this was perfect, so I went to a car wash I never heard of due to this ad. I showed my Stop & Shop receipt and mentioned the ad, and they claimed there was no such ad. They asked me to prove it by showing a picture. I asked to speak to the manager and was told he was on a cruise. I talked to the acting manager who also said there was no such ad. This a shady business, and they did a lousy car wash also, that was NOT a "hand wash" as advertised. Avoid this place like the plague.

Franchesca Thomas

Kiran Kumar Bankupalli

Miroslav Savic



Devendra Panchal

Kyle Trogen

Michael Ilcyn

We have 6 cars in our family and take all of them to Casino. We've only had 2 (minor) issues and both of them got resolved by the owner, who is not only a really nice guy, but a smart businessman. He was more than fair with us on both occasions. Also, I have to say the hand washing is a big plus for this business (vs brushes which harm the finish). I highly recommend this place. Five well-deserved stars.

John MacLeod

Hand car wash is the only way to go, and these guys do a great job. Only area of improvement is sometimes they need another person or two on the drying team.

Kenneth Paulmenn

John Doe

They have the worst cashier ever. She is so disrespectful. I go there during weekdays and she has no manners and give the worst customer service.

Alak Patel

Ebrahim Abdelhady

Vijaya Kumar Katam

They are doing good job.

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