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Here we offer you all the information of real people who use the services of Hamilton Car Wash featuring Neoglide (Car Wash) in New Jersey.

To this day the firm gets a rating of 4.3 over 5 and that score is based on 206 reviews.

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REVIEWS OF Hamilton Car Wash featuring Neoglide IN New Jersey

Michael Gervasio

wont be going there again a 5 dollar bill went missing from my center console as well as a bag of change. went back nobody fessed up

Brian Bobko

The highest tier wash is $19 and they usually do a good job for the price. It gets busy at times but it's worth the wait. They also vacuum the interior, clean the windows, and wipe the exterior dry.


Professional service to wash your car.

Tzvi Nitzan

Great place to wash car.

Jim Poinsett

Not a good interior cleaning.

Wilfred Robles

Clean , soft brushes

Jack Phillips

Always good service.

Bob Mule

My father has taken my brothers Ron n Ray thete since they opened,The finest car wash system around. Fantastic! !

Carole Armenante

In and out in less than 10 minutes.

Guy Dip

French Tutor Guy gives 5 Stars! Excellent results for a great price!

Gary Wilson

The best around ,friendly workers most importantly a clean car..!!

Tom M

Did a fantastic job inside and out - the Neoglide system they use is superior imho and these guys have a tremendous attention to detail, I went everywhere else and only these guys can be trusted to really care enough to do a good job consistently plus they have a superior exterior system.

Adrian Renner

Great wash, best wash I've gotten without detailing

Amy Hoppock

Quick, through job

H. T. Scaccetti

The premier car wash in the area. Family run, very innovative with their service and products and a terrific staff and service team. Only place to go!!!!

Michael Serra

Does a good job and the staff is friendly.

Bryan Such

Great carwash girl that works weekends at counter is awesome love her very friendly and not bad to look at lol

margie vazquez

Family owned, and run. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else. Fair pricing and wonderful staff. I would recommend this car wash to everyone!

Stephen Kaiser

Brand new Lincoln, their neoglide machine completely scratched up my roof and hood. Clear coat came right off. Avoid avoid avoid

baldomero vera jr`

I have been on this car wash for more then 10 years never had a problem they always do a amazing job cleaning my car and they are very friendly wish is very hard to fine this days especially in the other car wash in broad street lol

Handy Spark

They do a decent job. And my car always co es out the cleanest.

Nasser Abreu

The best carwash in NJ!! Great price!

Joseph Caruso

Best car wash in Mercer County, NJ

James DeSalvo

Excellent car wash plus.

Richard Kozo

Excellent service and prices


Great service at a reasonable price. Try and go early, when it gets crowded they tend to rush and the attention to detail is lost. My wash was flawless will definitely return soon!

Lawrence Johnson

Simply amazing. I have been coming here for sometimes now and i am not stopping any time soon!!

Kasey Simpson

Get the extra vacuum, it's worth it.

Isis Zayas

Customer service here is great! Definitely will be returning.

David B

Been patronizing Hamilton Car Wash for 30+ years. Fantastic service at an affordable price. Constantly making equipment upgrades with your vehicles best interest in mind. I am one of many that are very protective of their vehicle and it's prestige state.

Tricia Dookie-Shaw

Easy and affordable

Jorge R

Good service fair prices.

Robert St.

Fast and it does about as good a job you can get without going for full detailing. If you get the works, keep in mind you'll still have to pay extra if you want the dash wiped down and conditioned, for example. Extra options available at the cash register that aren't listed in the board outside so look for them (they'll alert the crew by flagging someone off the one when you go for the extras).


Been coming for years! Thank you!


Cool place to be

Maureen Schuster

It was okay. They have different options for the type of wash. Of course I decided to get the most expensive which was $17, but it included wax and detailing and cleaning the interior Windows. They didn't do a very good job, I'm pretty sure my car was never waxed, they just sprayed water in the interior of my window and never dried it. My package was supposed to included vacuuming and floor mats and I could tell that wasn't done. The exterior of my windows weren't properly dried either. It's like they just took a rag and wiped the dirt around instead of actually cleaning and drying. It's an alright car wash, it's not terrible but I don't think what I got was worth $17.

Sotirios Gountas

There's a giant 2 foot straight line scratch on the windshield of my brand new car that wasn't there before I entered the wash yesterday. I'm infuriated beyond belief. Avoid this car wash. At the very least check your car carefully before and after entering.

Brenda Crawford

I have been to this location twice. Horrible service and I don’t Recommend this site at all. Paid very good money and have them to keep wiping down my Mats, doors and everything. Keep your money and definitely go to another site. Lalor Street, Route 1 Lawrence NJ. Horrible horrible service.

Sae Yi

I've been coming to this car wash for the past three years but what happened today has made me write this place off for good. I'm a military vet, a Marine who did two tours to Afghanistan. Today is Veterans Day and the car wash had a discount for all vets who presented an ID. I didn't see the sign until after I already paid $14.75 for the wash. I asked the woman if I can grab my military ID from my car and possibly receive the difference back ($8.75 since the discount was vets get a car wash for $6.00). She looked with a look of suspicion like she didnt believe me and said "I can't take anything out of the register". I was flabbergasted. I was thinking surely you can make a note. Surely there have been times when a mistake was made in the past and you had to give money back to a customer. Moreover there was another employee there who I've seen for years and she said the same thing, can't open the register. I bit my tongue and politely said okay and left. The $8.75 isn't the issue. It's the fact that they value money more than accomodating a simple request from a vet. On Veterans Day. Unbelievable.

Bob Meyer

They do a good job inside and out!

Andrew Smith

The finest car wash in the area. Nice job inside and out. If you are law enforcement ask about their discount program( not sure if it applies to Fire/EMS- I hope it does) Staff is great.

Ana k

Very fast and nice cleaning!

Nick McManus

Staff is friendly and they hand dry your car when its done. Great services and always a job well done.

Billy Dicks

The best

Shawn Pfeiffer

Terrible. Will never return again. The rags or towels whatever they use scratch your car so bad. Always heard good things and went a bunch of times but I will not go back after what I saw today on my vehicle. Scratches all over that look exactly like swirling of a towel.

June Gazek-Harris

Make sure they clean windows on inside and vaccine it under the seats and under floor mats. They could do a better job...

David Warrick Jr

Had my work truck details they did a phenomenal job or the light surface scratches were gone and the interior looks like brand new absolutely awesome. I highly recommend them for your regular washes and any detailing you need! Very friendly and helpful staff.

Rich Mota

Car got washed and came out clean

Ebony Joy Foster

Good service. Although They can do a better job with the internal cleaning and drying the cars off. I no longer let them do by internal cleaning, I do a better job. But the external wash isn’t bad.

TwinsDad Nassau

Great Full Servive Carwash that has a Tire/ Rim Scrubber

Kelly T

Is always busy and always wait, is free car wash if you buy a car here.

Rick Skanron

Great the one time I came here. But I tried coming again at 5:45pm and they were closed. Ridiculous.

Rob Zorn

Love there service always go the extra mile highly recommend


Very efficient. Large staff

Cameron Green

Very professional carwash. Prices are high, but you get what you pay for.

golfdvl /golfdvl

Graded four stars because price has gone up and quality of services has gone down. Interior cleaning results in missed dash cleaning, windows not completely wiped clean yet you pay for it. Unfortunately it is more about money than a quality car wash which is what they advertise.

Chris Winter

Great car wash. Nice owners and staff. We even take our exotics rental cars through this car wash. They have neo glide foam so we never have any scratches or swirl marks.

sammy raymond

Great car wash with great staff and services.

Sonia Copper

Great car wash

Allison Lewis

I'm usually really happy with the way my tan comes out but the past few times the interior is still not clean.

Nena Hernandez

I took my car to wash and it was a disappointment they scratch my wheel on the driver's side. completely dissatisfied if I could i give to then minus 5 stars very incompetentes

Lorenz Harms

Standard decent car wash.

Holger Drallmeyer

First time here. So far so good. Reasonable and friendly service. Only got an exterior wash and can't complain so far. We'll see how it goes.


Overpriced for what you got I'm paying 15 or $16 for basic Car Wash and I come in and the windows are streaky and there's like no detailing to the dashboard it's just a bum's rush getting in get him out I think I should get a little bit more for $16

Rich Allegretti

Nice staff. Good wash. As for as you would expect a car wash to be.

Frank M. M

Good service and they do a nice job.

Chris Shadek

They do good job in an efficient manner

Thomas S

They do a great job, had difficulty understanding about how some ford's (2013+) will lock when the wheel detects movement, so you need to take key or window code or a guy sits in the car to open it.

John Nelson

Good car wash for the money. Wish they had an interior scent disk like other places. People rating it low because of their hours are ridiculous... if they aren't open, wash it home... don't be lazy... car washes are for a quick fix, not maintaining the clear coat and paint...

Gary Zeus

Very competitive pricing when compared with other local washes. Consistently good at cleaning.

Eligha Chiles

This car wash was a pretty good one. I've been to many of them. And to me, this was one of the better car washes.

Gerald Pinner

Took the wife's SUV in today because it had been on a family road trip with two pre-schoolers recently. The interior (at least the back seat) matched the interior, which was not so fresh. I went with the full service (Option 1), with comes with interior vacuuming, windows and wiping down/light cleaning of the dashboard as well as hot wax with the exterior wash. The whole thing clocks in $18 including tax. The machine was is generally pretty thorough, and has always taken out all but the nastiest of grime in my trips. As the car comes off the line, it is pulled out near the exit where a small army (okay, between 3-5 people) decend on the vehicle and give it a fairly thorough interior wipe down and exterior hand dry. Hand the guys your receipt when they call you over and you're on your way. An earlier reviewer said that this is really a basic wash, if you're looking for that TLC in your wash, do it yourself or go to a specialist. I'm inclined to agree. For $18, they really do a pretty good job of taking care of the interior and exterior while still keeping the line moving along (it can reach out in two lanes all the way to 33 on nice weekends). They interior guys do seem to give things a slightly more thorough cleaning during the week when it is slower, but even when it's just I've always felt I was at least getting what I paid for.

Melissa Callan

Does a great job cleaning my cars and paying inside is quick and friendly. Been going here since learning to drive out of high school.

Galia G

I have been to every car wash in a 30 mile radius and the best by far consistent wash and service is here. They do everything and well. Bte, their ACTUAL equipment is newer and in best shape always. Any person who one stars these guys is either the competition or really nutty.

Caitlin Clarke

I used to come here with my dad all the time when I was a kid! I loved watching the car go through the wash and the new car smell after everything was finished. I came back with my very own car years later just recently, and while I'm not sure if the same owner or employees work here, I wasn't dissapointed. I'm gonna be real, I hadn't had the car washed in a year. It was a long time coming. The car went through and came out looking like a million bucks on the other side, though. The employees outside tried their best to clean up pre-existing scratches and deep seated gunk- they went above and beyond! The wash was reasonably priced, and I was impressed with the result. If you want a deeper clean that more than just penetrates the surface grime, come here.


Great service!!

Danny Santiago

Very well maintained and operator facility


Love this car wash. Staff is great and the people drying my car are fast and friendly! Always saying thank you with a smile. This is one of the few places I enjoy leaving good tips. I drive from Mt. Laurel to come here.

Charles Kirkland

Got my car washed and my car is nowhere near clean. Got the best wash they offer. They missed so many spots on the inside as well. The back seats and car mats were soaked with water. There are so many dirty spots still on the outside as well. I had them re vacuum and wipe the inside more and it still is horrendous. Now I gotta detail the inside of the car myself. This isn't the first time this has happened at neoglide. I tried to give them another chance and once again they failed to do a good job on my car. I will never go back to neoglide. If you need a good car wash there are so many more places in hamilton that actually clean ur car correctly and most of them are cheaper. Go somewhere else if your thinking of stopping at neoglide.

Gene Patten

Best carwash in NJ!!

Lillian Cunha

I have been coming to this car wash for many years. The employees are friendly, detail oriented and honest. Please do not confuse this car wash with the Car Wash near Hamilton Honda. For convenience a few weeks ago I used the Car Wash near Hamilton Honda and as I was exiting the car wash I noticed low air pressure. I immediately drove my car to Wawa next door and when I went to remove the cap to add air to the tire the stem broke off. Needless to say the car wash track broke the valve stem which resulted in an $85 repair because of a sensor in the tire. I accidentally called these owners on Route 33 car wash and they immediately said to bring the invoice for the repair to them and they would reimburse me. This is a business you want to take you car to because of their honesty. Thank you, Lil

Jay Floyd

Great results here. Initially thought I was reviewing a different spot and gave this a weak review, but they do an ideal job here.


Awesome car wash and affordable

Arunansu Pattanayak

Fast service. Good deal if you get the loyalty card

Michael Wheatt

One of the Best they also service fleet vehicles and have coupon books very professional crew

Fabienne C

Love this place. Car comes out sparkling and smells great. Reasonable prices too. Full service.

Yazmin Feliz

They do a good job but it costs like $16 for a wash and they're never open, at least not for working people who can't be there before 5pm. Not even open Sunday, close too early on Sat.

Linda Hoffman

If you say open until 5:00 then when I come at 4:50 you should be open. Or else say open until 4:45.

Marcella Lowney

Good full service and fast

Anna chis

Awesome car wash service. The inside was vacuumed and my mats were cleaned. My first time coming here and I will return. I did the #2 and my Honda looked so sparkly and gorgeous. The service was quick and easy. I'll recommend this place to anyone.

James Steck

The best car wash in Hamilton. Great people and the same family has been there from the opening day!

Melvin Peralta

Bring your car here if is not too dirty. Their level of quality has been decreasing.

Ruben Desane

Left with no scratches. Rims come out legit. Water on wrist. vibes. With broad Street dinner 24/7

Kenneth Falcone

The price reasonable . The was done professionally

Dan Bigley

Best car wash around... hands down!

Don Sargent

Good carwash and super cute girl behind the counter.


Somewhat expensive but your car will be sparkling clean inside and out. They actually vacuum the interior, wash the interior windows, wipe down the dash rocker panels and anything else that's dusty and dirty. Don't understand why we can't have a car wash like this in West Virginia. If you are not physically capable of vacuuming your interior you will just have to live with the dirt in West Virginia.


Great value for great work.

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