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REVIEWS OF East Brunswick Car Wash IN New Jersey

M Jeff Castillo

Decent setup but the foam isn't really a good foam but more like suds. If you need a quick clean then it will do.. just remember to bring your own towels

Michele Pyzik

Horrible car wash. Car still filthy. Paid for most expensive wash and every customer gets the se car wash! Got ripped off


Excellent car wash. Very professional, quick, and good prices. They also have self serve car washes and vacuums. Highly recommended, never had a single complaint in the last 18 years.

Saji George

Great service

Allison Krajewski

I have a monthly car wash membership here. I don't get out of work until 5pm and there is no way I can make it here on time in the morning either. Also, it is out of my way. My boyfriend loves this car wash because of the amazing service, even though he has to drive out of his way too. We even have a monthly pass for both cars. I rushed here from work and got here at 5:55, hoping that I would be right on time to take a quick run though. Nope. They were already closed. Even the free vacuums were gone. This is very disappointing to me. And every time I ask about summer hours, they say I will know it because there will be a sign. 1.) I never drive by here - it's out of my way. 2.) Just tell me when summer hours start, since on the website they say they start in May. It is now over a week into May. It's frustrating to rush here and drive out of my way, and even when I make it here before 6 it is still no good. Seriously thinking of cancelling.

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Jennifer wantz sauce

The best!!!!! Get your monthly pass!!

Damien Byrne

Fare price for car wash , or you can do it your self if you want

Ranjith Nair

Good monthly plans available in the website. Has vacuum option

Joshua Nacht

I got the lava wash done on my car through the automated car wash. It did an incredible job, I was very impressed. Also enjoy the free vacuums on the opposite side of the self wash stations.

Stephen Romanowski

Great no hassle and great wash n wax quickly

Ralph Anderson

Great car wash

Hilary Burnand

horrible experience. not going back again

Jaime Brownell

I used to wash my car regularly here. After some time, I would notice that my car still had numerous dirty spots after being washed. I thought their $6 basic wash was a good deal, but realized it wasn't cleaning my car as well as it should. I went back to washing my car by hand myself during the warmer weather. Will continue to wash my car here, during the winter months.

Nancy Johnson

Good wash but using the automated machine to pay takes to long to find what service you want on the menu

Jeff Fowler

This is one of if not the best car wash in the area. I have the top monthly subscription, and go just about every day. The staff is friendly and helpful. They do a very good job.

Mirna Jess

It's free and affordable love it

Yolanda Mackey

Fast and friendly, the gentle who dries the cars is very sweet.

Sanjay Barrett

Was good free vacuum too

Teerthesh Gheewala

Great packages and thorough wash with free vacuuming

Philip Pearson

I travel to this car wash because of their great detailed service. Always a massive job. My last visit was extraordinary. I watched as my car got the royal treatment!!

Alexandra Tarasov

Got a full service, all for $20: wax keeps car shiny for longer after few days of rain, right after. Overall satisfied, however got several spots where it was still dirty. Self vacuuming is ok, needed to clean some stuff that stuck in there.

Jody Autenrieth

it's only 5:57 as I write this, they close at six. they shut the vacuums off on you without warning, all I needed was another minute to finish the trunk and all the workers have to say is sorry were closed. like at least have the decency to allow the cars who have been here finish, and start closing the vacuums off 20 minutes before yall shut them down on people without warning. not to mention the suction on some of the vacuums dont even pick up a hair because they has basically no suction. we will see is the so called wash is as good as they advertise, I did the volcano $20 wash.

Christopher Blackwell

Quick. Convenient. Fully automated.

Ten Beh

The most affordable car wash with free vacuum. I would drive 30 min just to get here for car wash.

Nancy Chapman

Great place!!! Friendly staff and excellent wash.

Nicholas Eakin

It cost me roughly 16 to $20 to get my car washed for just the outside. They said they don't do inside. This was during the winter, however, I still think that was crazy. I had to go vacuum the inside of the car myself. Granted when I was there the vacuums were free. I would recommend Posh car wash on Route 9. You might pay a little bit more but they do a fantastic job inside and out.

Lou Esposito

Great car wash. You can swipe your credit card rather then searching for coins, and as you drive out of the self wash, you have free vacuums in front of you...

Jonathan R

New machines and great service

Ann Blackwood

Reasonable prices. You have to do a second wipe to get rid of water marks but that’s no problem cause I have to vacuum anyway

Fab G.

Fast and great prices

Daniel Alfaro

I went there for about 3 months on the monthly plan. The last time I went they didn't dry off my car right and left water streaks all over the side and the back lift gate. I noticed these water streaks while I was vacuuming, thought I would run it through again after I finish. If they didn't dry it well, I would catch it before it drys and do it myself. As I go around and enter the car wash entrance, the guy told me that the monthly pass is only good for one per day. I showed him the water streaks and asked if I can just run it through to make sure there are not water streaks or if I could have a moist towel to wipe the area, his reply was "you can pay to run it through again". I told him to cancel my monthly plan and I'll take my business else where. They rather lose a customer than run the car through again. This is a company that does not value it's customer.


Always a good job. Fast and good


A lot of left over streaks. Left the entire middle of my truck untouched and uncleaned. I had to wipe down my town in another parking lot from streaks and left over dirt :-( after paying $20 for a wash. When I wanted to leave a tip (kind of a good thing I didn't), there's no space in the line to leave it. You have to move up to let them dry off the next car and they kept rushing me to move out the way. So i guess you can do it with ease if its a slow day. This type of car wash you stay in the vehicle and go through. You don't get out of the truck/car which I was confused by because the building looked so big from rt. 18. They do have a self service area. Maybe I'll go back just for that and bring my own wash kit.

Saurabh Suman

Wash is good here and cleans car well but today i visited here closer to closing hours and by the time car was washed, vaccum pipes were removed. It must have been nicer to know that i am not going to avail vaccum facilities before i paid for wash.

Sweetcheeks Jackson

The vacuums before the self car wash are great but the self wash stations didn't get anything off my car.

Seung Lee

Last time, they vent rear side panel. My car is really old so did not care but workers need pay attention to each vehicle.

Melissa Espinoza

If I could give negative stars I would. I paid for the highest service. When I get to the guy at the start of the wash I am told put the car in neutral and stay in the car. I thought that was strange. I go through the service and at the end 3 guys pass with wipes for literally 2 seconds and move onto the next car. They did a HORRIBLE job of cleaning my car. They never vacuumed or cleaned the inside. They did have a station with vacuums running, but the vacuums were just as bad and picked up the bare minimum in my car. When I tried to call management no one picked up. WORST SERVICE EVER!!! Better off cleaning your own car at home. NEVER GOING BACK AGAIN!!!


Great crew, the machines and soap they use does a great job. WISH THIS PLACE STAYED OPEN 7am-7pm I guarantee they would even get more monthly customers!

Russell Homasi

My local car wash. They offer all types of detailing services at very inexpensive prices. I have been using them for over 3 years, and the service has always been great. They do quality work at reasonable timing. I do highly recommend them. Give them a shot next time you are looking for a simple car wash, or any detailing work.

Frank Doosey

Great place for a DIY car wash.

Anthony Beatrice

Like the self service for a quick wash

Ferdinand Verley

Pros: Decent wash, friendly crew and very reasonable prices!! Con: self vacuum. Verdict: 4 Stars

dep one

After looking closer at my brand new car in the sun, the swirl marks from their cheap and filthy dirty brushes left scratches in the paint that look bad when it's sunny outside.

Andrew Tobias

Love for $4.00 I can wash my truck using self service and free vacuums I go about once a sure I'll be there more in winter to get salt off

ChunyMin WuodSuba

Where can you get free vacuums after wash?. Only here. They also hand wipe for only $6 Best car wash in the area. Fell in love

Candice Sudnick

This place is always clean , free vacuum , they also have a self wash station to do it yourself

Naveen Jami

Fair price, Free Vacuums and all these at very economy price. I recommend this place, very friendly staff.

Alfonso Sebastian

Best car was around the area and free vacuum the best..

N n

It is a good place. They clean the car well. You can pay monthly and wash your car every day. I liked how they wash the car.

Illysa Hom

Great experience. Got an inner Detail for my car and they did a fantastic job! Called ahead left message to book an appointment and they called me back within 30 minutes. They put any items you left in your car in a garbage bag in your trunk just FYI. Really impressed with the outcome.


my car isn't clean, not worth the money

Heather HappS

Kristina Fernandes

Great friendly service! Quick and do a great job!

Rachie Banx

My favorite place to get a good decent detailing for a great price. I'm very picky on who touches my car and I trust them whole HEARTEDLY very meticulous and careful and im sure everyone agrees that the free vaccum station is a plus!

Uday Vidyadharan

A car wash with nothing out of the ordinary

Kenny Simpson

A great place to clean your car. Everything seems to work, at least every time I go. Do it youself or go through the car washing service.

anhwar foust

Best carwash in town

Daniel Kerwin

Great car wash for fast service and cheap.

joe mama

A little pricey for full service but not a bad job.

Neil T

I like this place for the self wash stalls. For the DIY folks, they have everything you need to detail your exterior for $10. You just have to be quick with the power wash tools. Tire foam, pre-soak, rinse, foam, rinse, wax seal, rinse then power air dry.

James Jersey

I pay 20 bucks a month, and wash my car AT LEAST 3x per week. I have a Bentley, and they always display a satisfactory amount of attention-to-detail.


Love this place. They recently upgraded the self service bays with newer sprayers and soaping units. It's a great place, especially if you enjoy washing your car yourself.

Doug Scheb

This place uses more soap then water. They barely dry your car, and they expect a tip for sub par work. Keep driving there's better places then this one.

Google User

Liked this place a lot for the self wash. The time did seem to go really fast and not sure if the wax worked for us or if it was even wax. Not too much money, spent $10 for a sedan.

Hec Prez

In and out quick good service

Mike Cairns

Quick and convientent.

Joe Stahl

Super busy, but affordable and the staff is friendly. They close too early.


I've been here a few times for the self service.The brushes are always clean.I've left other places because the brushes were filthy and greasy.Not here they're clean.

MaMa Lila

TOO BAD I can't give a ZERO STAR. There is no interior service included in the $15 package. No way of confirming that b/c you pull into an ATM style drive up cash/card eater that literally robs you so you can only find out from the live guy they don't do interior cleaning. "You can use the vacuums for free", he said. Where on Earth do people EVER pay $15 for EXTERIOR wash only. I can get a better exterior wash for $6. Theirs left my front hood still dirty and all plastic trim with streaks. HORRIBLE.

Andrew Kollman

The wash looks good however;Used this place 3 times since I got my Honda. First time was so bad I had to do it again by hand. Second time through the auto wash, everything went fine on a basic wash. This last time I did a lava wash, and looked good. Except for the number of chips in my windshield and hood. My license plate even got bent somehow.... I counted a total of 15 chips in my windshield, only 3 of which are really even “noticeable” and the paint chips in my hood aren’t really noticeable either...but it’s just upsetting that it happened. If it wasn’t for the damage I would’ve given 5 stars...but I guess that’s the risk of using an auto car wash. And no, I didn’t report it. I’ve been through this before at a different wash with a different car, and since I don’t have high def before and after photos, the car wash just claimed it was preexisting damage.

Brandon Purcelly

The free vacuums are amazing! And the car always comes out looking sparkling!

Peggy Engallena

This car wash is a great place to get your car clean.

sameh mikhail

Good place to wash your car

Marlena Spearnock

Love the new credit card machines! Makes things so easy

Jacob Austin

I wash my car regularly here. Staffs are nice, Jobs is always done nicely. I would recommend to my friends.

Frank Cervone

Decent car wash. In and out of there fairly quick. Free vacuums is a plus

Gina Vingara

Don’t have to get out of your car! Just $6 for a basic wash. Payment is now automated via two drive through stalls to lessen wait time. Very well-run business.

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