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REVIEWS OF Royal T Carwash IN New Hampshire

Artem Evdokimov

Good service at a reasonable price. Quick turnaround as well. Absolutely no zombies or ghouls on the premises.


These guys are the best I have a 2017 Civic Turbo my rims and wheels where messed up due to using meguirs products and I only had 10 dollars cash because I left my cards at home they not only have me a car wash but they did my rims and tires and got all the stains out thanks highly recommend


Great place for a quickie!

Sean Page

Very busy and expensive wash was ok not great

Sue Wood

The best car wash and value in this area :-)

Bubba Leduc

For the price, any of the numerous other local car washes will do a better job. the dryer left my car wet (not a good thing in temps below freezing). Just not happy with the whole experience. I will be going elsewhere from now on.

Scott Murray

It was a great price. The staff was very polite and caring I will be back!!!

Melissa Vieira

My car was detailed at Royal T yesterday, and can I just say... WOW. I didn't know my car could look so good! I gave them quite a challenge; single mom, 2 kids (so the typical mess including french fries under the seat that have been there for who-knows-how-long) and 2 jobs, so zero time to worry about cleaning my car (and it definitely showed). They did a phenomenal job and have earned a regular customer. I will happily drive to Derry from Manchester just to have my car cleaned by them!

Fey Lee

Self-service vacuums and car wash stalls as well as a regular brushed system if you don't want to do it yourself. They also have a detail service.

Susan Hunt

Little high a prices but seemed to have done a good job

Diane Mahoney

Nice carwash. Well maintained, friendly helpful staff. Very quick. And convenient.

James Wheaton

Absolutely love this car wash. I live in Londonderry and we have a car wash but I still travel to Derry just to come here. I feel the quality of wash is much better. Highly recommend

Chad Henry


Allows you to wash your car touself for 3.50 Watch out use coins, if you use card it takes 10.00 then will give back the change days later

Helen Muccitelli

Great staff, they fill your propane tank quickly and at the best price I've found in the area. I'm grilling now, baby!

Mark Mooers

Very expert friendly service. Car wash is awesome!!! Does a fantastic job and they provide clean rags to dry off your car. AWESOME!!! Very highly recommend this car wash

Michael Roberts

Wow amazing customer service I was in a hurry but needed to get my 2005 Rx 330 with over 300K miles on it cleaned so I pulled into the Royal T for a quick drive thru wash. I paid for the $15.00 Silver wash and gave the attendant a $20.00 bill. He returned the $5.00 change and I told him that this was for him to keep. Little did I know that this simple act of kindness would prompted not only care over and above what one would expect but as I rolled up my window the attendant asked me to pull my vehicle around to the rear of the building when my SUV was cleaned. It was here that I met Chris the attendant that I just encountered at the front of the car wash. Chris noticed that I had an unusual amount of brake dust accumulated on my left front rim. Chris took the time to use a product to hand clean this rim and remove 90% of the unsightly mess on this rim. He was polite, professional, and took pride in his job. Chris was unaware that I was looking for a company to detail my families three vehicles. I asked Chris a few questions about the services that Royal T offers and before he knew it I was scheduling all three vehicles for detailing. I also added clay bar and headlight restoration, I could not be more happy with how all three looked when Chris and his team completed them. I talked to several of the employees at Royal T and everyone of them were polite and took pride in their jobs. I will be a repeat customer and highly recommend Royal T

Dawn Munson

Everyone there is so helpful and nice.

Micah Rowe

Best carwash in Derry. I always go here. The guys are extremely accommodating and very genuine people. Reliable and good at what they do. Spotless details done on all kinds of cars and they have different washes for different vehicle needs. They will take wonderful care of your car.

Sylvie Normand

Car looks great

Peter Kirby

Best Detailer around!!!!! Also best place to do it yourself!!!!! The owner Brian is very friendly and his manager Chris rocks


Super methodical interior detailing! The guys over at Royal T are very thorough and won't disappoint. While I was enjoying my complementary coffee waiting for my car, I noticed the workers going over and inspecting a truck that had just gone through their wash. They were pointing out something that was missed in the wash, something that I could not even see. Then one of the workers said, "Alright, run it through again til it looks how it should. " I was impressed that they didn't just try and buff it out right there. They sent it all the way back through the wash a second time and did it right. They have plenty of self-cleaning stations as well, which I frequent often to get a quick vacuum done. Take a trip to Royal T if you want to treat your vehicle the way of royalty!

Haeyoon Jacobus

A little pricey, but I was in and out quick. They provide wiping cloth, which was very nice.

Michael Bartlett

Went through touchless and it didn't do a great job so they let me run through the tunnel for free! Great customer service.

Bethany Zinka

Great time

donna guillotte

They do a great job and are very friendly

james dubois

Went through the touches and it did not clean my hummer, good thing they have towels because I was able to wipe most of the dirt away! The last time I went through the drive thru and the brushes bent my license plate 90° not the best wash in town,the only one!

Robert Acome

Nice car wash. They also do detailing and can fill propane tanks. They have 2 wash your self bays, 2 touchless bays and a ride through bay.

Linda Larose

I only go here to get my car washed. They are very friendly and have fair prices. Also, they stand behind everything they have and do. If you are not happy with something, they will redo it. I've never had a bad experience though. I dig lose a quarter in a machine after hours once though and they reimbursed me for it the next day.

Kevin J

I couldn't believe how clean they got my car, especially the rims!!

Rae Carlson

The gentleman that was the attendant on Veteran's Day was very nice. Their services are excellent.

Gary Graichen

well kept and effective

Tracy Ash

They are awesome and they are always giving back to the community!!


I took my car there last Sunday to be detailed inside only. It's 11 yrs. old and has never had a deep cleaning. They did an amazing job with it. I'm most impressed with the vacuuming, I have vacuumed my car many times and I can't even get it half as clean as they did. The guy I talked to was very nice and explained why they couldn't get the stain out of my console. I expected that not to come out, but it looks a little better. He said they could scrub it a little more if I wanted but it could ruin the material, so I decided for them not too. I have no other detailing experience so I have nothing to compare them to, but I can tell you that I highly recommend them and I would definitely go back in the future. Thanks Royal T for your great work!!

Wendy Nelson

I had my car interior cleaned. They did a good job in the front and back seat. They didn't touch the back of the car, though. The staff is made up of teenage boys who have no manners nor do they seem to give a crap about you. The boy who was there when I dropped my car off, Freddie, was very rude and honestly must have rocks for a brain since he clearly had no clue what was going on. I gave him my key even though he didn't ask for it since figured it was important for him to have it. He was just like "Oh yea..." and walked away. He didn't give me a time estimate on when my car would be ready. I couldn't ask since I didn't know where he went. I left and called about an hour later. Without being able to finish my first sentence when I called, he very rudely cuts me off and says "I think it might be done soon" and hung up. It's too bad he wasn't nice, I am a generous tipper, but did not tip him. Although they did a good job, I wouldn't go back. Thank goodness I didn't actually have to spend money and that I had coupons and a gift certificate from 2 years ago. I'd go somewhere more professional.

Deniece Penta


Michael Heaton

Signed up for the minimum wash and wS very pleased with the result.

Nick Truskowski

It's ok, too much money for not enough time. Takes too long to adjust. Updated 2/6/19: This place is terrible. I've never left once with a funny clean car.

Ray Larose

Fast service and great manager. Had an issue that they cleared up really fast.

Jim Politis

Quick and easy to fill up my propane tank

Melania Dukes

My car have not looked like this since the 1st day I brought it.They customer service was excellent.bThe owner (Brian) dropped me off at work and was a wonderful person. They was finish before the time that they said and also waited until I was sure I was able to leave work to come get me.I feel they went beyond care for my car.The person that picked me up(forgot his name)but was very nice.I didn't have any cash on me to tip,but everyone of the workers there deserve it and I will be going back to drop a tip off

tom P

Not as expensive as a lot of other automatic carwashes around new Hampshire, and I've always had good experiences when bringing in my car for a detail.

Lenny Logan

A little expensive, a good wash is about $14 here. I wish it was $10 and I would go every week. The vacuum should be free with the wash but it's not. Still this IS BY FAR THE BEST CAR WASH IN AT LEAST 15 MILES!! I don't go anywhere else!

john medina

Andrew and Cam did an amazing job today with my 3 rows sitter SUV. I have 3 boys that go in an out of my SUV, making it "not so very clean"... These guys did an amazing job and finished the car on time. (Within the estimated time given) I'll definitely continue using their services as needed. Great job! Thank you!

Nitro Powerful

I have been a regular customer of Royal T Carwash for years! This is, in my opinion the cleanest, most professional carwash around. The team here is always courteous and professional, the tunnel wash is state-of-the art and the self serve bays are awesome! I love my bi-annual hand waxes too!

Sue Anderson

I heard good things, but when I decided to see for myself I was not impressed. The boy chris who was helping me had no manners and was extremely rude. He didn't seem to have any idea what he was doing. Needless to say I won't be back because of my experience...

Matthew Donovan

I’ve been here for the automatic washes many times. I felt compelled to write a review today. While going through the wash the girl noticed a piece of bird dropping etching a mark in the hood of my truck. She asked if I had time so she could have it removed for me. This is the stuff that keeps customers. Great job.

Candi Cosgrove

Hands down they are the best car wash and detailing center from Manchester, Nashua to Salem, NH! The owner and employees are very knowledgable and polite. They provide a wonderful service taking account of all of your needs, wants and desires.

Dave M

Kristopher M. Castellucci

Love this place I'm here every week

Brian Gallucci

A good place to go for quality detail work

Todd Donovan


Krista Tockey

Fairly reasonably priced. I use the "touchless" wash. It does an OK job. I've never used the self wash, "soft touch", nor detailing services, but I bet they're all better than the touchless.

Edward Neely

Friendly staff, and the wash is always good.

Nelson Morgan

Very good at cleaning. Varied prices depending on your budget. Detailing service is very good.

Sheryl sassycakes

Charged my creditcard$11 but said card declined twice at drive in car wash ,happen to a neighbor also,fix your computer☹️

Yarrow Farnsworth

Awesome job guys, thank you for cleaning up my truck!

matthew spengler

Quick and quality

Todd Rovinelli

I had not been giving my baby the proper love she needed. I brought her to Royal T. I had spilled some gas in the back of my 4Runner. My wife suggested I get the ozone treatment to remove the smell. But Mike said he didn't smell any gas, so they didn't do the treatment. Which I thought was awesome because you know most other places would have just done it so they could charge you. It took the team at Royal T 8 hours to give my baby the love she been needing for a long time. She was glowing when I picked her up. I couldn't stop rubber her. Omg!!! She smelt so amazing, even my wife said how nice my 4Runner smelled. They got all the tree sap off. I definitely will be making this twice a year thing. I wished I had taken a picture of her in Royal T garage because I live on a dirt road.

Robert Scolly

Just to let you know my last 2 washes I had dirty car and bug stains and left with clean car and bug stains not really happy.

Lito Savvas

Very friendly staff! Pricey but the regular wash is worth it. Touchless is not bad either.

Tim Messina

Best car wash I’ve ever been to, if you go, use the tunnel!

Chris Plumlee

Excellent wash in downtown Derry

Bob Lear

Great job on my detail. Very friendly

Tim Forrest

Very nice setup and great service in the detailing department. These guys have a great eye for detailing vehicles that some other places have missed.


Excellent job, won't go anywhere else

Gregg Berthel

Good full featured car wash with several bays. Some are self service and some are automatic. Full detailing service is also offered.

stephen nilsson

Do you want to really take pride in his Business you can tell by the way is the place is kept and if you have a problem he'll come right out and deal with it and make sure you're happy. Also had my car recon there couple years back they did a pretty good job and they were reasonably priced. Or use them all the time. But then again they are the only place in town.

john smiths

I would never and I mean never take my car back to this place. When I got my car back it looked like it hadn't even been washed and it took an extremely long time to "wash" my car when it had streaks of dirt still on the sides! Horrible I am just going to wash my car myself because these people DO NOT know how to wash cars for the enthusiasts. Worst Car wash place in my life. However the people are nice and helpful but cant wash cars! Sorry guys never coming back again! -Chris

Nichole Francoeur

18$ and I have water spots all over, and streaks all over my side windows and side mirrors. Not worth it, go somewhere else.

Sarah G

Awesome! Took two cars, one dirtier than the other, and they came out looking BRAND NEW! Tyler thoughtfully reviewed the different options/packages with me over the phone when I made the appointment and he called to confirm the day before. GREAT service, will definitely recommend and go again! Thank you!

Tim Cassidy

Good car wash, reasonable prices

bruce hegstrom

Great job detailing

Robert Stockwell

Well maintained facility. Owner is always on site and hands on.

Durthquake -

Paid for car wash, machine ended up not working. No employees on site, called to get a credit and never did. Now I'm out $15

Robert Elder

Excellent soft touch wash tunnel with friendly and attentive staff; touchless wash bays perform a great wash as well!

Sharon Perry

We only go to Royal T! We have a dual wheel truck and it doesn't fit into the bays of most other car washes.

SE Hannan

Nice people and great car wash services.

Kirsten Hildonen

I brought in a minivan that typically transports two tiny humans who are chaos tornados, and now the interior looks brand new. Everyone was wonderful to deal with and the price was reasonable. I definitely will be returning.

Buddy White

Ppl are nice car wash is trash never gets much off scrub a dub in salem is way better

Olivia Patsfield

Good prices, great wash!

Tina Louise

Love that they have clean towels to wipe down your vehicle when done

Robert Farland

Quite yet clean! Will go again.

Christopher Becker Jr

Loyalty to Royal t!!

Sarah Bahr

I rave about this place to friends. You can't get this kind of quality work for the prices they offer. I've always gotten the express detail and i feel like im driving a new car after they've finished.

David San Antonio

First time going there and I was extremely impressed! The employees were very professional! Couldn’t be happy. Will definitely bring my car there for now on!


Our car came out so clean and the guy who helped us out even gave my granddaughter a lollipop. Always get a clean car.

Daniel Goodwin

Great detailing service. Lots of options so you don't pay for a lot of unnecessary services. They stuck by their estimate for my vehicle even though it ended up needing some buffing. The vehicle came out great. Cost was about 1/2 of what other places charge for detailing. I have not used their car wash.

David L Clarke

Got propane. Excellent service.

sheryl krawczyk

Car doesn't get spotless and tad over priced

Christian Ordonez

Very opened, love how they have 2 touch less car wash bays

Doug Coombs

Good tunnel wash - and they keep the line moving.

joe carney

Good deals

Tommy Lhussier

Fast service, affordable and quality car wash.

Kelley Nicola

I've only used the car washes, but they are always clean and functioning properly! On the off chance something malfunctions, the staff is ready to help!

Steven McGrade

Best wash in area. Goes nice and slow, always friendly staff. Sometimes tough to take a left out of parking lot depending on time if day. Pull off spot to towell dry. Vacums and vending seem to always be in working order.

Joe Holt

Great detailing

woody westcott

Kathy Schubert

This is the only place I go to get my car washed cuz I do such an excellent job. They also detail and they do an awesome job there too

Joseph Cure

Friendly an out to wipe your car wait..great place..


This a a great place to get your car completely clean. The machines are always in good working condition and there is plenty of room to do what you need to do. There is only three self serve bays, which is pretty good, but you might have to wait a little because they can get busy, but it's worth the wait.

Rick Gagnon

Best detail center around!

Laura Lee Loftus

My dog had a freak accident with an injury. I transported him to the local emergency vet hospital, during his ride he was not able to sit quietly causing a very big mess to the interior of my van. I placed a call to Royal T in Derry explaining my situation and the need for a through cleaning of my car. They said bring the car right up. When I arrived they were waiting for me, went over in detail the cost for the cleaning and the reasons for certain additional steps. I asked if I could have the car by 4 (it was 10 am ) they said they would have it ready for me. I was scheduled to pick up the injured dog at 4:15. The car was ready for me and looked better than the day I picked it up brand new from the show room. Every surface of the car was cleaned even the engine. The car was pretty cluttered inside, they took the time to carefully place all of my person belongings in boxes in the well of the van.They even had a treat for my dog. Thank you so very much Mark & Chris. FABULOUS JOB. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. .

Christina Levitan

You know it's that time of year that no matter what color car you bought from the dealership, it's probably yellow now. Royal T Carwash does an incredible job with their cleaning! Prices are great for the services you are receiving and my car was left smelling like heaven. We were in and out in no time!

Doug Dowers

Great job. Talked to at least four different people and every one was friendly and genuinely helpful. I had just bought a 10 year old car that looked like it was never cleaned. The carpets were completely black in places and the whole car was filthy. I originally scheduled an appointment for full detail on a Sunday but got the car early so thought I'd try to get the car done on Saturday. I didn't expect it since they were very busy but they got me in anyway and worked to the last minute to make sure I got it back that night. The car was gorgeous. They even got the carpets back to their original light gray color. No idea how since I was sure they were ruined. Very nice and competent staff that did a great job. Highly recommended.

Jennifer Thompson

The gentlemen at Royal T were extremely professional and helped determine what the best choice was for my car. I stopped in to get my car looked at for a detail and they never once hesitated to help out. I will definitely be going back!

Robin Finamore

Paula Morel

large selection of cars washes and an area to towel dry your car compliments of the car wash.

Lynette Bergeron

Never a long wait and great service

Ernie St. Pierre

Great job

Stephen Skellchock

It's always done correct.

Donald Clement

Cleaning my baby's always a good thing.... especially in the winter

Ernie The 4th Stooge

Not good wash 4 trucks

Donna Proctor

I am very been impressed with the high quality service I receive here. Each and every employee has been courteous and extremely helpful. They go above and beyond compared to other car washes I have been to. They really care about doing an outstanding job. It seems like they use more soap and give a more complete rinse than any place I have ever been to in the past. I love the complimentary towels that I can use to dry my vehicle after the wash. Since my car has all sorts of nooks and crannys, this is especially helpful to give my car that polished look. I highly recommend Royal-T to anyone who has never tried it.

Wendy Marini

Nate was absolutely awesome and knowledgeable! I haven't been through a cloth car wqsh in decades!! My car looked awesome!!!!

Dusty Barbarian

Friendly and good.

Brennan Crane

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