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REVIEWS OF Kerner's Car Wash Center IN New Hampshire

Bob Falco

Quality car wash. Automatic and self wash bays, with vacuums and an area to towel dry the vehicle.

Roland Mertsch

Fast and honest service

Luis Rodriguez

They failed me for things I've never heard a car being failed for. I have a 99 acura integra. ..The engine passed with flying colors... He said my bumpers were a danger because they were hanging agai .Btw the bumpers weren't even a half inch apart.. .Guy told me to jus get 2 screws and jus screw it together also said there was a slight oil leak even tho I've never seem it there are no oils spots and he is the only one to this day tl see it. My directional light was working fine but said he sae some moisture so he said I had to replace that even tho it worked perfectly.. .No check enji e light car showed no codes and actually had a current up to date sticker but when I bought it I needed a new sticker. ..All they r trying to do is screw you mechanics tryna get people to fix nonexistent problems so they can get paid... I'll never take my car there again

leah sky

They always make my car shine!

Ryan Zecchin

I have had an "unlimited" monthly membership here for the past three months and was told by the owner today that I "needed to cut back on the frequency that I have my car washed out of courtesy, because most people only come 4-5 times a month"...why bother selling an unlimited membership if realistically you only want them to come 4-5 times a month? I have a nice car and I like to keep it clean which is why I purchased this membership in the first place..... furthermore the membership was mentioned to me by one of the employees because she saw me there 2-3 times a week and said that I would be better off getting one because the only restriction was that I could only get one car wash per why are you selling and advertising something you actually don't want your customers to use?

judy Gilliam

went through last night my car was still dirty.... came back they were closed just came back by and was told too bad.. to get the dirt off the car you need to buy all the extras.. wth... never go there...

Robert Brown

A great car wash, always prompt and friendly service.

Adam Groulx

Great staff, great wash! Get a membership!

Kacie Holbert

Best place to get your car cleaned inside and out around Manchester

Anthony Pirri

Very friendly service, car wash equipment is modern and the actual car wash results is the best ever.

ryan joyce

Four dollar do it your self car wash always makes my pos shin!

Dawn Croteau

Just at the car wash and the guys there prepping cars before going in were awesome!!

Lissy Feliciano

I have gone there for the past 30 years service hasn't changed, it has always stayed great and has long term employees that are always smiling.

Robert Leighton

Good car wash

Young Og


Secret Horse

I payed for a car wash and the machine never started, so I left them a message and drove away. Hopefully they aren't thieves and will at least refund my credit card. Update: Someone called me back and they refunded my money. Raised to 2 stars.

Tim McGinnin

Honest friendly business. Inspected my vehicle it just a walk in and no appt. Price was also lower on the first of the month.....25 dollars for state inspection. .....I was very impressed!

Elaine Perusse

Workers are caring and do a great job. Up graded recently .. At the end of the rinse ...need more water

Veronica Kubacki


Jacob Potvin

Washing the truck cost like ten bucks for self wash it's getting kinda pricey just for soap and water but I do thoroughly enjoy high.pressure.rinsing things.

Samantha Pelletier

Went there yesterday to get my car inspected, I've gone there a couple years in a row since I lived in Manchester and it was affordable. The manager failed my car, saying it "had play" in the front tire. He told me to get my strut replaced and come back. Then the y proceeded to charge me for a failed inspection($40)I have never been charged for failing a car inspection before in my life. So I took my car to the dealership down the street where I bought the car two years ago and explained to them how I had just failed an inspection and told them what he had said about my strut. So they took it in checked everything out and told me there was absolutely nothing wrong with my strut and that I passed inspection. I drove back and ask the manager for a refund since he failed me and my dealership passed and said there was nothing wrong with my car. He refused and said he was concerned for my well being and wouldn't let his daughter drive a car that was damaged like mine. Even if my strut was busted it would not endanger my life on the road. Very uncalled for and I wasted a day of my life dealing with this extra stress and now I'm out of an extra $40.

Mary Meade

Very friendly service

Dan Riley

Just had a oil change the worker's must be desperate took one dollar bill I had in door pocket

Chris Cox

Great place to get a car wash.

Justin O

Very friendly staff. Clean buisnss

Juan Cruz

I had been getting my oil changes regularly for almost two years there. I had them do a power steering flush after being told that my vehicle needed it. The next time I went in for my routine oil change, I was told that my coolant needed to be replaced because it failed their tests and also that my power steering fluid was showing signs of needing to be changed due to its color (again). After telling them that I had already had them change the steering fluid I was told that it was just likely a little left over from the previous change. I went ahead and had them flush my coolant system and the second I got back in my car I started smelling a sweet smell but figured that it was just some spilled coolant. After looking at the radiator I noticed that the plastic was now cracked. After bringing it back I was assured that the way they flush the system makes sure that it is NOT cracked (if it was they wouldn't have been able to flush it) but that at the same time it was sheer coincidence that my radiator just happened to be damaged directly after they serviced it. The system flushing through a vacuum does not ensure that one of the people doing the servicing did not put their weight on the radiator causing the crack. I am avoiding this place in the future.

Kimberly Foote

Great experience and affordable


They never give the back of my vehicle a good brushing before the wash so the back always comes out dirty. Although I did see two employees give the entire car in front of me a complete wash-down with the brushes only to get the "one guy quick brush off" job on mine. Also lots of soap left all over the vehicle. I usually get home and very dissapointed with the results. I always pay extra for the mid-grade wash too!

Ken Ross

Great job car always comes out great

Michael Philbrook

Nice employees and good wash but at $22 for the Extreme wash they don't even towel dry the car after you exit the tunnel. I'll gladly pay $14 at Patriots Car Wash in Merrimack and have complimentary towel drying.

Lucien Poulette

Took my car there yesterday for an inspection. Everything passed accept for the muffler. Told me to fix it and bring it back for a sticker. Went back today and They insisted on inspecting it again. Now they say I need new back breaks and rotors. I said it just passed inspection yesterday. The manager started raising his voice at me and said he is a different inspector and he will not pass it. I will never do business there again. Who treats customers like that.

Davieboy Costello

The best place in town for a car wash

Joseph Vasconcelos

Very good wash and wax, pricey

bill frelkie

Becoming too automated and less hands on.

Trisha Nichole Bushor

Eh the price is a little steep for a 4 minute wash.

Ace K

Great car wash

Andrew Stutzman

Atm card readers at wash bays. Best part is the hot air blower. Ppl are nice also.

Chayane Calixto

3 out of 4 times i have been here the blower shuts down before i even move an inch foward

John Petralito

Best in town.

John Roberts

Convenient and thorough

Jules Norcross

After having the clear coat substantially damaged on my truck, I provided photos along with a polite e-mail to Kerner's asking them to repair the damage to my vehicle. A manager got in touch with me and explained that it was likely due to their foam brushes, admitting the reasoning was there equipment. However, Kerner's explained that their equipment, facility, and general maintenance of said equipment was not their responsibility and they could not be held liable. I would not trust or go to a car wash that takes no responsibility for their equipment, facility, or maintenance there of. I had used their car washes regularly while living in the area and had been nothing but a good regular customer. When the manager returned my call, he was rude, even started talking over me when he did not like the valid points I was making.

Paulo Carvalho

Good services

Captain Chris

Keeping the salt off the car is impirtant!

Ray Stevens

Nice wash but the blowers always miss the back of the suv.

scott sayer

Service was not completed and I was charged full price. Bad business practices. Stay away from this place. RIP OFF

Richard Rapazzo

Love it

Scott Martel

I own a 2002 Chevy Tahoe it's still a place I take it for service the prices are lower than 5 found anywhere that knowledgeable very fast to what they do in his back on the road in no time I stop in there multiple times that recommend anybody who's looking for some lube service stop in

Ali T

There are serious issues with the management and the business ethics.

Jason Morrissey

Helpfule and fast

Crystal G

The people here are always extremely friendly and extremely helpful! I've been going there for years for service and I probably always well! Thank you kerners employees for all your hard work!

Charles Murphy

Nice place.

Kevin Walsh

Friendly service

Dustin Shields

Hello reviewers! I've been a stead customer here about as long as I've had a car. The "do it yourself bays" are great and also has triple foam wash <3 but the real reason I will continue to return is because of great customer service! I parked under a tree this summer and it covered my car in sap! I asked the kind lady at the wash and Hector came out cleared all the sap off my roof and hood and window and did it for free because he could tell I was upset! That's major guys! My car and I thank you!

Janice Kelly

We used the vacuum to clean out our vehicle. Other visits we've used the wash tunnel. A bit pricey but they do a great job.

Jacob Brown

Negative 100 points took my Jeep Cherokee in for an oil change and they continued to tell me I needed all my other fluids changed I refused because I already checked them then they put a screw in my tire

Paul T

Great location for a car wash, especially while I have a rental that I am willing to clean inside and out before returning

D Moore

Employee theft. Always keep 100 bucks of emergency money in my car. Know it was there before hand, as I just vaccumed my car out. Gone now. Hope your thief of a employee gets what is coming to him. I won't recommend this place after this.

Kamran Shah

Crappy wash and over priced, won't clean the car

Ray Cote

Paid for underway and bo wash.Back of car still dirty!

Paul Caron

Good and convenient but pricey like all the others.

Sheila Sturgeon

Love this place

Ethan Garey

Can get vary busy at times, my first time there it was a 20 min wait line for the self serve car wash. Sometime when I had selected high pressure rinse i would get soap in the water half was through rinsing my car. On the up side it does accept credit cards for its car wash, but not the vacuums.

BBasta Store

The car wash is a little pricy but worth it you really can’t get better then no matter what state you live in

SeeU Vocaloid

This place is a joke.. I have the monthly wash and half of the time they look it up they can’t find my info when it already pulled for the month... Then almost none of the staff know how to fix it! I end up leaving with no car wash at all because they ask me to just pay as a regular customer to get my wash which is totally unfair on my part.. This is the second month in a row that I haven’t been able to use the monthly wash. This place is just waste of money and they need to learn better customer service or just how to learn their jobs in general... Don’t bother coming here

Adam kumis

not worth the $20

Jessica hellen

I took my car here and I got the best customer service.. they were very friendly and good with prices.. there was a guy there named Brandon that was great


Just your regular old car wash no big deal

Gordon Armstromg

Nice little call wash I felt it was a little expensive

David Skerry

Can I give a NO STAR!! Service is way under par. The car wash left marks on my vehicle. I called them but was given the third degree. Not really good on customer service. I was told to call back to meet with some guy, make sure you call they said. Try calling an no one answers! The other day I wanted to cancel my monthly car wash. The tall skinny kid "tried" to help. It took some convincing on my part to get someone to actually do it. I would not recommend this place at all.

Peter Place

This morning I had my transmission front and rear differential fluids changed. The man I talked to quoted me 140 and 75 to do it. I said so 215 dollars. he said about that. I agreed. when completed he tried to charge me 289 dollars. When confronted he denied that he agreed to 215. He did deduct 20 dollars. I am not so upset about the money but am upset about the deceptive business practice. I would not have agreed to 289.

Tuk P

Rip-off. First time I got my oil change here they added extra oil and charged me for it, then told me the car needed several services that would cost extra. I declined. They gave me a $10 off coupon for my next oil change, and a free car wash. The car wash is decent. The second time I got my oil changed they added extra oil and told me my coolant needed to be flushed (a $100 service) because it was "testing positive." I took my car to my mechanic who told me that the coolant tested normal, and that my engine had too much oil in it. Two bad experiences = I'll never use Kerners again.

Jon Ford

I belong to the monthly carwash program. Not very excited about the price hike, which was already pretty high to begin with. I think I'm gonna go elsewhere. A couple competitors have same program, but much cheaper.

Firas Al Rubaiawi

Good monthly wash price but not good washing also you must to pay for vacuum cleaner

Norm K

Took my car for a wash and had the interior cleaned. After it was done, there was so much stain on my wind shield and on the body which i cleaned it myself later at home, carpet was not properly cleaned, finger prints on my window. I am terribly disappointed with the quality of the services provided. Never going back there again..

Mac D

Free car wash with the oil change was a nice addition.

Chris Clark

They did a great job cleaning my car

Erika Rae

Awesome customer service! However, I should start off with the fact that when I got an oil change, they failed to put the drain pump on correctly which caused my car to break down about 2 weeks later because all of the oil spilled out and in turn, my engine to seized. (Very scary experience on the highway) .. I know you're probably wondering about the 5 stars... but it's deserved, I promise. So fast forward to after my car gets towed and my dad and I get in contact with Hector about the situation. We were honestly ready to threaten litigation but not even a few hours after speaking with him did we get a call informing us that Kerner's was going to completely replace the engine at ZERO cost on our part. We have not had the best luck with cars so our hopes were way down but the fact that Hector took full responsibility for a simple mistake is beyond what I can ask for from a business. Kerner's could have just turned the other way but now we have a brand new engine with less miles so we are so thankful! Thought I would share this since it had a happy ending.

gary smith

I'm a big fan of kerners have been for a long time.

Charles Corson

They are nothing but a bunch of rip offs and do half the job

Erick Ortiz

Jacob is the man

Frank Burwen

In Sub-Zero temperature the car wash bay I went to use ended up being frozen, I had already put $5 in the machine. I moved to a different bay that someone else had just finished in and wasn't frozen. I filled out a lil form and slipped it under the door to what I assumed was the office. Didn't think I'd actually hear from anyone but four days later I got $5 in the mail with an apology

Adam Lankford

Reasonably priced automatic car wash. Their detail job was reasonable as well.

J Argiro

best car wash in Manchester

Judy M

Good wash

Alex Vandelay

Kerner's failed my vehicle on the State's car inspection for *the chip on my fog light*. Let me be clear: the fog light is fully operational. Look at the attached photo. I went to O'Reilly's to pick up a replacement, and I asked the cashier whether he thought that was ridiculous. He replied, "Some places are crazy. Sometimes they'll even fail you for your windshield wipers!" They failed me for my wipers too.

Gia Bee

Nice staff, quick service!! Thanks Wilfredo!!

Steve Bouley

Nice and clean

brian fisher

The auto mated section staffed gives great service. I do not recommend the delve serve washing as it is over run by kids with sports cars that CLEAN and polish in bays occupying them for 30 40 mins at a time and usually have 10 15 cars in line ..good luck if you get there after autowash section is closed

Alan Swett

Great car wash excellent service

Bam Bam

Wash and vacuum

Chuck Gannon

Use the drive-thru carwash weekly.

Burnout Motors

Usually easy to get a self wash bay and the prices are not unreasonable. Would give 5 star but I get robbed on the vending machines about every third time I go there.

chuck gannon

I use the car wash a lot

Daniel Levine

Excellent car wash, took my Jeep here after I had taken it off road, guys took extra care to hose off dirt before I went though, only took one pass and you couldn't even tell!

Ruth Charabaty

I just left the Secon Street location. I will NEVER GO THERE AGAIN!!! Just between the soap and rinse cycle in the touch free bay the water stopped dispensing and the wash turned off. I called the number on the website and was placed on hold for 8 minutes. I called again and explained what happened including being left on hold so long. I was told that the facility is unmanned and I would have to pay more money to rinse the car in the manual bay and fill out a broken tag. The error is not the problem- the problem is the lack of service or concern afterward. I wish I could give them 0 stars. I drove across the street and paid another $8.00 to wash it properly.

Hawkey TTV

Good quick service

Brett Merrill

Great service

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