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285 Amherst St, Nashua, NH 03063

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REVIEWS OF Camps Car Wash and Detailing IN New Hampshire

Dan Vaillancourt

Phillip Thomas

I love this car was the $20 wash is great It’s the only was that my lifted truck fits in.

Andrew Ahern

Waste of money. My car looked filthy after coming out. It was hand dried, too. One of the two dryers should have said something.

Eric Fasciani

They did an amazing job taking out all the dog hair from our Jeep and making it look brand new!


I am a car wash connoisseur of sorts and now that I have a new car I am seemingly more OCD and meticulous than ever lol. So I wanted to check this tunnel wash out because of the added bonus of the cloth down drying. It is a "good" car wash with the added bonus of a rag wipe down after you are out of the tunnel. This is one of the biggest plus's of this place and In terms of price and great deal cause they still need to compete with the other guys that Don't do this AND still have to pay those guys so hats off to the owner but still room for some improvement. They are decent and just like everyone else however I have received better foam and ploy detailer wax from other guys like Simon and Burlington carwash for around the same price but those guys often offer a little less in the bigger packages like the 16+ dollar ones so I believe because they have the cloth dry guys it is a pretty decent added bonus. The tunnel is slightly small so I want to check out the other Camps one as well. It can be depending on how you look at it for your new car a good or a bad thing. I personally like longer tunnels cause it gets more dirt however that also means you have a higher chance of getting more scratches or ruining antenna's or external bumper mounted license plates like on out perfromence cars not an issue though but I thought I would mention it. One thing to note for the owner. I am hoping the rag wipe down guys use new rags for every car because there is still dirt that will be trapped on every rag from each car and I personally had them miss a lot of spots on the few times I went. I still offered to tip them but they said its ok. I would like it if there was an area that we can go to inspect our cars afterwards but I can't blame that on the owner because the location of the car was is on a giant hill. Also want to put a note out there that the guys have jackets on that have large metal zippers on them and several. Rather shocked this was over looked because these zippers can put a nice gash or scratch into your car if they ever have to reach to an extended spot on a bigger car or any car, so maybe when its time to buy new jackets to think about it. I would say to get the guys some covers for the zippers or just jackets without zippers? Again shocked that this was over looked by the owner and that is just the detail version of me thinking of such a thing. The operator in the beginning is a very nice girl and explains the options ahead of time and what they do there and I kinda like that they don't add tire shine to any of the washes unless you ask because tire dressing has tons of silicone in it and will dry rot brand new tires way faster. The rag service is why I keep coming back and I look forward to seeing the other property near laundromat so I can do a vacuum as well.

Mark B Montgomery

Ron Mann

UNBELIEVABLE...Great,the best ever!

Elizabeth Hackett


Bill R.

Best car wash in southern NH by far! Reasonably priced and your car comes out with no streaks .... thanks to the hand towel dry. The only wash I go to when I don't have the time to do it myself.

Jarrod Williams

Great car wash. Good detail service also. Use them often.

Paul Fimbel

keri kevorkian

Great place.. I got the 15$ package this time because it said it cleaned tires n wheels.. I just got beautiful tires and wheels... I was a bit skeptical but everything came out beautifully, staff is very nice very polite.. It's worth the money.. When I wash my car, tires&wheels at home it takes me 2hours... I think I'll continue to use "camps gentle touch".I'm truly one happy customer.. Check it out.. U won't regret it.. They towel your car off when you pull out as well.. I always tip! And ask for a fresh towel.

Heriberto Hernandez

Kimberly G

Great attention to detail. A bit expensive for a car wash.

John Johanson

Quick clean and staff keeps it moving!

Tom O'Loughlin

This is one of the only car washes that I go to these days. Prices are average and a wipe-down after you exit the wash is an added bonus.

Steve Dana

Mark Edmunds

I was disappointed to find out there were no more wipers when you came out of the car wash. A few drops of water won't kill you but what gets me is soap clinging to the vehicle. Plus the price didn't change for the service reduction?

Dave Dugal


Terrible ! In fact their equipment is dated and strands of their wash mops that touch and wipe the car were wearing off real bad and no one seems to care. Even the guy who wipes dry the car post wash does such a crappy job that my car is always wet with sloppy water stains on windshield and glass...forget about drying the car. Just cancelled my membership! Found multiple scratches on my car and the owner won’t admit damage. Be careful and check your car after each wash, take pictures before and after wash if you suspect as the owner will never accept fault and that’s what my insurance also told me how reckless owners never have enough to cover these incidents.

Derek Cianci

Sadiq Sikkandhar

Alan Leao

This venerable drive thru car wash continues to do an excellent job with the job at hand. They even have 2 people hand drying the car at the end of the wash cycle which is something that not all competitors support. Recently my rear window wiper arm was ripped off the body of my vehicle. The owner of Camps was at the building when this happened and looked at the situation and without hesitation offered to get a new unit and mount this as well. He dutifully called me once the unit was received and took extra car to make sure that this piece was put on properly. A company that stands behind accidents is worth their weight in gold. Thank you.

Sharath Vaddarahalli

Their service is bad, the staff are rude, doesn't respond to any of the calls. and the worst thing is the hours of operation. They say that they are open till 6PM. I am trying to get my car washed from more than a week, I stop by at 5.55 and turns out they are closed each and every-time I stop by.. Look at your competitors, most of them are open till 7PM.. I subscribed for their car wash and was able to get washed only once in the entire month due to their weird timing.. Please refund my money or be open when needed. what is the point of signing a subscription?

Kurt Mathias

The wash does a great job including the wheels (very important) & the hand drying is great.

Leona Whitney

excellent wash and service

Gary Comeau

Gets your car clean inside and out

john thibodeaux

Good price and car came out clean and bug free.

Matt Carter

Beth Dargin

Beth Dunning

Great wash job. My car was very dirty.

Dave deBronkart

Friendly, thoughtful, and I can't believe what a good job they did on the basic detailing!

John Hunt

This is where I go whenever my car needs a wash. They spend a little extra time if needed on the prewash before going into the automated wash if your car is extra dirty. Then at the end they give you a wipe down to remove any large wet spots.

Paul Dery

Great quick car wash. Coupons always available online or in "spectrum" magazine.


This is the only carwash I go to! Absolutely love this place!

Dominique Dube

Good place to wash your car

Ajit Sharma

Bruce Ouellette

Cheryl Mailloux

Great place.

cary wells

Alexandre Cintra

I liked, but I thought kind expensive

Pamela Cunningham

Bri lem

Denise Cyr

Do a great job here! Very friendly service too!

David Hebert

have the monthly pass for long time now tried detailing. wish i did that long time ago, everything looked new. very happy

Reyna De La Cruz

Courtney Lennartson

Pat Walsh

Kristin Cheney

They prep your car will before entering the wash, THE best perk, they towel dry your car by spots

George Cavedon

James Aylward

Chris Ouellette

I only use this place for my car washes. Their setup always makes my truck and wife's suv look amazing. They are reasonably prices. I did have one issue going thru their was and the owner took care of me. I always highly recommend them.

Chris Gable

Terrible job wiping at the very end. Cmon. Really.... You carefully even tried. 20 dollars on a wash and the wipe down was terrible.

Dennis Stevens

They do a good job getting my car clean. Belong to their wash club.

Anor Sadik

Pamela Fidler

Love hand toweling after a care wash

Melissa Farmer

Speedy service and great wash

Leigh Fahel

Debbie Dantes

Elizabeth Cote

Car wash stinks!! Employees are thieves and criminals. I purchased a detail for one of my friends and she reported back to me that she was missing a necklace and some money from her car after the detail. Staff was rude to her and denied that accusation. Its probably why they are featuring 10 washes at 6 dollars a wash rather then 8 dollars a wash. I will never have any business w/ them again.

los blogs de xia

Buen precio y quedan muy limpios lo s carros

Saint Bernard

I have a white car and it always come out clean here.

Timothy Bosch

Kristin Thellen

Anthony Duck

Meh. For $100 detail I expect to see my face reflected in the car paint. This was just basically an overpriced spit shine.

Tara Dee

Amazing workers

The Golden Jet

Michelle Larter

10th wash free. I had no idea. Good customer retention. I was going for convenience of location and have always had good service. This is a bonus.

Marc Nolin

Very high quality car was service with many options as to features. The one downside is that they seem to increase their prices on a regular basis.

The Car Wash Fanatic

Amazing Car Wash! We Bought the $20 Wash which included Hot Wax. They even Hand Dried our Car! This is by far, The Best Car Wash I’ve ever been to.

Blanca Davila

Les falta más comunicación

Lucy Dorney

I liked the carwash, I miss the hand drying it didn't leave spots but now you have to get out and adjust the mirror if it gets pushed in. Attended seemed like I was an inconvenience and interrupting him by having my car washed.

Dan Kelley

They do a good job. Reasonable prices.

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