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REVIEWS OF Quicky Car Wash IN Nevada

Harold LLoyd

Love the free vacuuming. You know hard it is to find anything free these day's. They even have a air blower. Not a fan of car washers. I prefer to wash, clean and detail my own rides.

Ryan Kellner

Their machines are getting worn out and it seems like no technicians are checking the way the car wash is operating. On two separate occasions my car has slipped out of the tracks in the middle of the wash, with other cars behind me. Both of the cars rear ended me and pushed my vehicle slowly out. Luckily there was no damage and the other drivers understood.

Jenifer Huynh

This is my favorite place to get my car washed. It always looks so clean when I pull out. The rims even shine. Always feels like a party in the car wash with all the lights and colors. Puts a smile on my face every time. The vacuums are free to use and the are air blowers are great for getting the dirt out of the small hard to reach areas. With the more expensive washes you even get a towel and a dash wipe. HAPPY WASHING!

Merrill Baer

Love this car wash

Theodora Rndolph

Great place to get a car wash

Don Sherman

Great place

Ken Jermyn

Good car wash and area to wipe down and vaccums to clean the inside.Nice place to get car washed.

Paul Yu

My vehicles come out looking clean! Free vacuums too.

D. K. Walker

Excellent semi-self service carwash.

Janet Anderson

Love this place. $35 unlimited washes each month. Great deal. Free vacuums. Great staff

Nicholas Barr

Get the month wash. Great deal, super fast. The vacuum stations are awesome. This place is such a good idea and really ran well.

Brian Mejia

I've been here twice now and the only issue I have is that the air dry blowers at the end, don't have enough force. I'm having to wipe off too much water at the end. I do like the free vacuums and there's plenty of spaces to park after the wash to clean the interior.

Marcus B

Paid for the top wash it was 17$ got a free wash-wipe for windows and microfiber cloth. The crew there were really friendly and cool especially Addison.

william orellana

Nice free vacuum & air...humm nice

Ryan Anderson

I do the monthly wash for unlimited. Great place.

Aja Armstrong

I went through car wash and my right side outside mirror was snapped off . Management was very polite but unfortunately if your vehicle is older than 5 years to date, due to the company's policy they WILL NOT REPLACE any damages that the carwash causes. I now have to replace the mirror on my own when I never had this problem at any other carwash with the same set up. I liked the quickness and the free vacuuming but a 7 dollar carwash has now cost me financially, emotionally, and physically :-( This was my first visit and sadly has to be my last...I cant afford any further damages that could possibly be caused. I'm so distraught about this. I wish I never came.


Was good at first but now the wash is all out of adjustment so the brushes don't even touch the car. I would recommend the unlimited plan because I had to go through 3 times to get my car clean. LOVE the air blowers though... You can get a spot free, streak free dry if you're fast enough. If they would fix the brushes, I'd give it 5 stars easy. The owner replied and said everything is in working order so I tried it again. Got my car clean but my truck still doesn't get totally clean. There was a bunch of soap left on the right mirror area that left a huge blue area. I wish I had noticed it before I left. But even when they let me run it through again, I don't get the Lava wash for thr rewash. I just get the cheap one. :-( The workers are all really nice though.

C McGovern

Great place to wash a car

Joshua Phillips

Great car wash, dryers could do better job

Judi Robinson

People were very friendly and the drive through wash was better than most I've used and the vacuum s were free. The only thing that would be great is if that had a free towel wipe!

Ms Humphrey

This is a nice place to go get your car wash low prices $5 for a basic wash and it goes up to $12 for a high-end wash you have free vacuum after your wash so it's pretty nice very clean and there to get your car nice and sparkly inside and out enjoy.


Good wash for the price

Bill H

Nice automatic car wash. Unlimited vacuum use also for free. Definitely recommend this place.

Kyle Morrison

Good place to wash, vacuum and general cleaning of your vehicle.

Mike McKay

Friendly staff and a decent quick wash.

Carey Brantley

Cleans your car good, nice and economically feasible car club, water is clear and doesn't leave spots, and free unlimited vacuuming. You can even wash your car multiple times per day!

Sofiah Carlson

Horrible car wash. It scratched up my car and did not get off the bug splatter that was on my windshield. So what did I pay $15 for again?

Dovilyne Joyce Erese

Fun bec u can vacuum ur car after cleaning

Chris Rogers

The employees here are very friendly and helpful. The car wash is pretty great as well!

AR Seven

Easy Peazy!

Lis Driskell

Very interesting...multiple choices for the type of car wash you want..the prices are reasonable...the associates who help guide your car into the railing was friendly. The wash did a great job. They also offer free vacuuming which they keep clean.


Only been here one time definitely a place I wouldn't mind going back to

Amanda Hafen

Rude staff , while cleaning front of car they pointed out damage on my car which obviously I know is there and laugh about it which is very disrespectful and shows a bad work ethic , also the vacuums have no suction for a “new” car wash Will never use this car wash again , sadly because of ignorant staff .

Adrianna Bento

Staff were friendly and helpful. Great car wash experience

Robert Keraly

Clean car. Happy driver.

Buffie Lucas

This place is great. Well not if you're too lazy to wash your own car. I love that they have good monthly plans, great equipment and it really is only about 3 minutes to get the exterior wash. You dry and do the inside of your own vehicle.

Mike Marroquin

Great car wash. Best automated drive through car wash I've found so far. The drying is still lacking, but that's pretty much the case with all automated washes. The drying towels provided with the "lava" wash do the trick to take car of the rest and make sure no water spots are left. Vacuuming the cars at home is not necessary since the vacuums provided work great and the spaces leave ample room to vacuum after each wash.

Timothy Killian

I highly recommend this car wash. Very inexpensive and Easy in and out. The vacuum system is free also. Cleaned my car very well and I was extremely happy.

Steven Berman

Very decent...almost new equipment

A. Marie Walper

Wash has shut off while we were in it. Felt a big bump once while we were in the wash. Scratched my car- notified the "new guy" who was working his first shift. He said a manager would call me the next day. Never did. This photo was taken in the vacuum bay when I parked to fix my mirrors

M Aguilar

Quick and easy self serve car wash. Love the free vacuum. Cleans car good not the best but you get what you pay for so good enough.

Luxury Flooring

Best car wash ever! It cleaned my truck great and it also put tire shine perfectly on. Highly recommended

247 Vegas Fun

Name says it all. Plus they have free vacuum's and shop air!! Huge bonus!

Emperatriz Guerrero

Great customer service, unlimited vaccum use. Membership price is a little steep.

Mommy And Genesis

Beware** Don’t ever come here especially if you have a new car! I took my brand new Pontiac here and during the middle of the wash my right side view mirror was broken. They employees just came and looked at it and snapped pictures on their phones.. They resumed the car wash and told me to pull to the side and when I did the manager told me they aren’t liable for anything that happens to your car.. I spoke to Shawn and he said the same. It’s ridiculous it’s a brand new car! If you guys break something on peoples you need to fix it or refund them their money! Won’t be returning and never will I ever recommend this place

Phil Masaoka

Good car wash. Not touch free or brush free but the machines do a good job. They have an unlimited monthly plan which is a good value. The free vacuums and blowers work very well.

Miriam Smith

The car was busy and I had to wait to use the vacuums which was difficult because the parking lot is very small. People were taking longer than usual to clean out their cars. I paid for the cheapest wash which was $7. After going through the car was my car was clean and they had three other washes available and add services like tire shine etc.

Robert Tellez

Nice attendance working there super nice car wash well maintained plenty of spots to dry your car they have air nozzles that you can use to dry your car and also vacuums I recommended

April Weatherford

A really excellent car wash

Sidney Sharif

Good wash at a great price.

Keith W

Amazing place for washing your car. Its quick and the quality is vary good. With the free vacuums and the air nozzle to dry the car. Pluse with the lava package you get a free micro fiber cloth and a dash cleaning towlet. This is the only car wash I use now.

Jim Richardson

Excellent service always we have been there several times before.

Edgar Rivas

Great price for the wash we got!!!

david brown

Needs more car shots for vacuums. But good spot when not busy

Sal Wait

I pulled in minutes ago because my front and drivers side windows were a bit water stained from my sprinklers at home. I asked the attendant near the pay station if I could get extra attention to my dirty windows. She said "just pull around and tell the guys. They will scrub them for you." So, I pull around, tell the guy my windows are quite dirty and the attendant told me to tell him to scrub them. He rolled his eyes and told me to roll up my window and pull forward. He and his partner didn't do a thing. I went through and my windows are the same as they were before I entered. What a waste of $10!

caz Viljoen

Great place, never have to wait long for wash. Staff are friendly and went above and beyond for me when I locked my keys in the car. Especially Shaun.

Jonathan Tredwell

Great customer service and care

Kathryn Stults

Fast and friendly. This is the best automated wash ive ever used.

Mandy Ordaz

I was able to experience a different way to get my car washed for only $10... I especially enjoyed the free vacuuming! I'll be back when I visit again.

manoyjen TV USA

My favorite car from now on .clean my car really good and also free vacuum

Josh Gaston

Clean car at a reasonable price. Good value for the money. Some of the vacuum hoses are a bit short (especially in the handicapped parking stall) which makes cleaning your car a bit more difficult.

Michael Ross

This place has had a few issues.....however, Freddy (the asst mgr) is always there to handle any complaiints. Not only that but the General Mgr is super cool. I have been a member for quite a while and really enjoy my monthly pass. Come on down and meet the team.

carnie vegas

Decent price, was excellent when it first opened; and my car would come out clean and shiny. Now it’s just like other car washes, but at least it’s newer and has several vacuum spots and vacuum is free! There’s a nice vending machine with various cleaning supplies and another for drinks and snacks.

Jeremy Guzman

Overall this car wash was pretty good, as of yet I haven't noticed any scratches that most, automated self-service car washes do. It's really hard for most of them not to scratch your car, because as they pick up dirt from other vehicles it stays on the brushes which the dirt tends to scratch your car up. But overall it seemed to clean it pretty good, it's a little high on price since they taylor to try to get you to do the monthly service which is a good deal. If you're in a hurry and need a quick wash this is a good place as well as the free vacuums, but it's not the best overall. It could be slightly cheaper

Tabitha Beckman

Great prices my son loves the leds and the rainbow wash.

Tracy Brown

Great place. Fast and inexpensive. If you want your vehicle clean all the time tben buy the month pass

Sal V

Okay here we go, so I was curious about all the bad reviews of people saying their car was scratched and the car wasn't dry or the wash itself was inconsistent. So first I consider myself a car enthusiast. I can fully detail my own vehicles as well as wet sand-buff and polish them. I always stay away from auto washes due to a stigma placed on them of dirt and debris being left in the cloth brushes. AS LONG AS THE WASH COMPONENTS ARE MAINTAINED AND REGULARLY CLEANED THESE WILL NOT SCRATCH YOUR PAINT. So I took a look at the brushes before I went in and they looked great and I was wanting to wash my daily driver instead of the show car so I said why not give it a try. Always remember this is an automatic wash so it WILL NEVER be completely dry nor will it be completely washed but this was higher than my expectation and I feel the car came out great and had zero scratches (for all the people that say their car was scratched they most likely were already there but were under all the dirt and grime so you never noticed it until this place did you a favor and washed your car). The attendant even folded in my mirrors for me. The vacuums also have adequate enough suction to clean the seats, floor mats, and floors if you aren't lazy or a little B!tch. They also have airlines to blow water out of spaces like mirrors and what not too. Also, someone else on here said they brought their *brand new Pontiac* in 2018 to the wash and it was damaged...yeah Pontiac was dropped from GM in 2010 so they're lying or they are just stupid but more so probably a combination of the two. Pretty much you can tack up the bad reviews as people that have either an entitlement complex or really have no idea how an automatic car wash works nor how a vehicle is even supposed to be washed and detailed and are most likely part of the "Ever since club" (Ex. "Ever since you washed my car my gas gauge doesn't work"). So yeah if you're looking to just wash your car to keep it clean regularly go for this place and always opt for the under car cleaner and some of the other add-ons are effective in their own ways too and plus looks cool when you go through so kudos for the cool marketing tool. *Oh and also, if you expect sprinkler water (hard water spots) to come off by just running it through a machine, you're kind of an idiot and a lazy POS.

Tex Rickard

DO NOT GO HERE!! Read all the bad reviews about damaged vehicles. If you do visit this business, and they do damage your car DO CALL THE POLICE! Today their car wash machine tangled with a strap in the back of my truck and pulled me back TWICE into my wife’s BMW. The manager admitted reaponsibility, which was obvious, promised to call later to set an appointment with their body shop and then called to say it was MY FAULT and we’re on our own. I’ve been in business 31 years and these are terrible scum bag business owners. The kind that have already calculated how they’ll screw you.

Michael Howard

Get your car clean. Good service.

Jeff VanderLaan

Clean. Quick. Thorough cleaning. They then have free vacuums.

Tony Martinez

purchased the monthly car wash, worth every penny

Zac Zarach

Not a perfect wash but dang close for the price. Air blower and vaccum included in price. I will return many times.

Marina Mills

Great place to do a drive thru car wash and finish it off yourself. They have vacuums and air to blow out debris and/or water.

Javier Garcia

Inexpensive and convenient, love this place!

Douglas Gleason

Came out with small black pebbles stuck all over car. They did a second pass and it was worse. Fed up so left with super dirty gritty grime covering my car . Took to self serve carwash to first rince off grimy pebbles. Then sent long time scrubbing to undo what they did.

Ashley D

Vacuums provided, clean your own interior. Same price as taking it to a car wash who does that all for you.

Jason Macalister

Was going to get a pass. I'll never stop here again, I'll just take my business elsewhere. Overheard the 2 unprofessional washers talking negatively about me and my car. Unwarranted and thank you. Hope its worth keeping these guys on the payroll. (Visited on Thur April 4th, 4pm. )

Melanie Kretzler

My dad went here and bought one of the fancier car washes and with that he got a free basic car wash within 48hours. So I stopped by after work the next day to get a free car wash. Only problem was there’s no way to use that promotion. The digital kiosk had nowhere to type in a receipt number that qualifies you for the free car wash. There wasn’t an employee or anything to ask about it. Since it’s drive-through style and there was a car behind me I had no choice other than to just pay for it and continue on. Once I rounded the corner there was a kid and I considered asking him but he had headphones on and immediately started hosing down my car. I’m glad I rolled up my window in time. If it was a stellar car wash I probably would’ve been able to overlook having to pay for something that was supposed to be free, but the drying portion at the end wasn’t thorough and I had to use my wipers to get the leftover water on my windshield off. With the hard water in Vegas I found this disappointing. There’s a car wash near the intersection of warm springs and eastern that’s only a dollar more and they give you an air freshener and a fiber towel to wipe down any excess water. Although I barely use it because their blow dryers work the way they should. If you’re going to do promotions for something you have to make sure your pos system can actually do that. Otherwise it’s just false advertising.

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