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REVIEWS OF Oasis Hand Car Wash IN Nevada

Tandra Goodwin

I've been getting my car washed here for years. Even after moving to Henderson I still drive out here. It's a better car wash and a better price.

Larry Ehrlich

Been here many times and I feel for the price it's awesome. Yes sometimes you have to inspect thoroughly, but overall they get the job done right. If your looking for good service and a great carwash Oasis is the place.

Louis Hartfield

I had got my car detailed and they did a very terrific job for $100 I liked the way the guy took his time and cleaned everything my carpet my seats my foot mats he did a very terrific job. If you planning on getting a detail on your vehicle go to this car wash.

Keith Sheppard

Very busy, good quality work

Patricia Aubain

Yesterday I went there to get my car washed and I have a brand new Infiniti QX60 I have to leave urgently right after but when I got to my doctor's appointment I was walking up to my car and noticed that the back was scratched and dented on my brand new car terrible terrible service and when I was watching them wash my car only one side. Wipe down while the other side was left unattended they just lost my service completely

Gregory Ervin

You no longer can get cash back for tips. You have to use their fee-based ATM. So now the owner is going to cheat his workers out of tips. I've been a customer for years. I won't be back. There's a brand new car wash on Desert Inn that's just as good and just as convenient.

Hillary Papirio

By far one of the worst car washes ever. They didn't wipe my car off correctly, and my car now smells like mildew. Will never be going back to this over priced car wash.

Tracy Hunt

Great car wash great service


If you want your car detailed like me this is the place

Sharon Morales

They did a good job but::missed areas & of course it rained the next day.

Charles Howell

Excellent service for a great price. Extremely professional my new car wash .

Critical Times

I used to go here a lot but I had been traveling and not been there in about a year. Went there today and all I can say is that if this was the only experience that I ever had there I would never go back. Half washed car wiped down scratches and swirls added because the car was not completely washed. I don't know what's going on here but the person that did my vehicle could have cared less.

Michelle G

I have been here 45 min. and my car has not come out yet. Crazy not good.

Johan Rodriguez

poor quality wash. paid a $50 hand wax was and did poorly. left the inside dusty and it was and what was not in "sight" (behind tweeters) extremy dusty. will not go again.

Christopher Scott

Finally filled up my punch card to get my "Free Works Wash". Watched my car go thru and no hand wash no polish soap. Asked for them to put my car back thru to get the "Works" wash and they did wash it again. At the drying area and NO tire shine NO dash board shine!!?? I guess the "Free Works Wash" when you fill up your punch card is only the basic wash. But when I pay for the works it is the works. Won't be returning to this car wash again.

Dymond Lane

Majority of my car was clean but they did not give it 100%. They gave me my car back with a huge dirty hand print which was very noticeable due to my car being white and it was on the drivers side. They also did not vaccine the back of my car, they only did the front, they was also some dirt marks here and there left of the exterior of my car and they did not clean my windows all the way. I paid $80 including my gas and it was more like a $10 car wash job done to my car.

William Geller

Great hand wash

Jennifer Stuart

Seriously the second time I've gone there and my car is still filthy on the inside and the windshield is still dirty! The only reason I come here is because it's a hand car wash and there's a cool place to wait inside. But forget it! I'd rather sit in the heat at a mobile car wash than get my car washed at this place again

Robert Bergman

Excellent customer experience. Have used them many times. Great job in complete detailing.

Imperfect Pampered Chef

I want to give no stars. While the actual wash and cleaning after were fine, the vacuum person threw everything behind my seats in the trash, WTF? I called and talked to the manager the next day, who said he was going to have someone look through the trash for my items (yeah, right). Never was an apology offered or anything else. I have never, ever had people at the car wash throw things away from my car. Will not be back.


Looked like a really solid place to get this work done, they took their time doing to trick hand wax, but after it dried down the road I noticed my black rims were hardly touch and dust on them still from a dirt road I was on, after running my finger over I could tell half the rims were not even physically wiped. Left a bunch of big mark on my front grill which I expressed was my number one concern. And no tire shine was used. Also, I think but can't be for certain they used the same cloth they used on the tires and rims (where they did wipe them) on the body of the car. The body looked great everywhere else, they gave the roof plenty of attention and the interior was well taken care of as well. Irritated with myself I tipped as much as I did, I would go back but I'm heading home back to Texas.

Michael Simmons

Very consistent with service. Great value for the price.

Mario Spasovski

I am almost certain that my AirPods went missing after visiting this place for the first and last time!

Shaakira Hendrix

There have been many times I've been wanting to stop at this car wash, but it's always closed due to my work schedule. Finally had time after work and was calling to make sure of what time they stop taking cars (because certain places will stop taking customers after a certain time, despite the closing time.) I asked about the variety of car washes and got a vague response. I just felt a bad vibe. It's a no for.

Larry McConnell


Greg Harvey

Great job cleaning my car

Tony Neader

Rushed job, aggressive sales. A man practically jumped on my car and found two tiny little chips on windshield and before I knew it had me filing a claim with my insurance to repair. Rude manager and the wash was no different than the 3 dollar car wash. I paid more than 20 dollars.

Anthony Soto

They did a fantastic job!!! It is also very affordable! Highly recommended! I will be going back!

Corey Clark

I've been coming for the past 8 months. Today I bought the wax and was really impressed with the outcome. Throughout my time it hasn't been perfect but I get great results overall. Would recommend if you are looking for fair priced hand wash.

Rico Romano

Guys working were nice but the staff behind the counter were rude. No was to get cash back to tip the workers and no place to wait indoors for your car. Have to wait outside in the Vegas heat...

Evan Martinez

I’m not going to rant, others have done that for me. Groupon deal is not worth it. Go somewhere else.

Fran Chan

Reasonable price for my car washed by hands and machine yesterday, I was very happy for my car washed so clean n smelled Jasmine, I will return back for good

Arthur Johnson

Great people. Very good job

Dewey Jones

They do a wonderful, professional job. Great!!!


Great place to get your car washed, during wash there is no machine touch, so no bristle mark on your car, no scratches.


This is a great car wash, all hand washed so you don't have to worry about your car getting scratched. Also there fast and they do a great job. They also have a restaurant if your hungry while you wait. 10 stars

M Harju

Worst service ever. First they did not vacuum the entire vehicle. Second, it's not a hand wash. They run the vehicle through an automatic wash then hand dry. The wash does not clean well and the guys wiping the car down don't seem to care about any dirt still on the vehicle. I walked around the car after reading other reviews and used the hem of my shirt to clean 5 or 6 dirty spots they missed. Then I find a plastic piece that came off the car. I asked the guy who was detailing the interior where it came from. He had no clue. Needless to say I will NOT BE RETURNING.

Allan Smith

My car is from 2005 and they make it look new

Michelle Merillat

They always do a fabulous job.

Zachary Wallace

My dad is the manager and I sometimes get to see what everyone's doing. they're great at what they they do. some customers can be very frustrating but they still manage to talk to them in a calm, clear voice.

Alfonso Rivera

Very bad service the manager puts claims and offends obscene words not recommended oasis carwash

Sk8 Legend

It doesn't matter what you choose a wash or the works you will get the same job. I got the works paid $30 the mats are still dirty, the rims weren't done and no fragrance. They sit like hawks waiting for a nice car so they can get a better tip. Get the plain wash and zero tip.

Brett H. Pojunis

They did an amazing job with my SUV

Christopher Torres

Rain check even after expired 24 hours. Rained both days. No questions asked. Greatly appreciated!

Courtney Jones

this was a very annoying experience. i went to get a car wash and randomly this man promised he would fix my car window for free about three times regardless if my insurance covered it or not. so i said okay. then made me pay after it was already done! I can’t believe he did that and then was just so calm about how he lied to me. saying if he was 10 years younger he would’ve gave it to me for free., like that had anything to do with why he blatantly lied. such a weird and irritating experience. please don’t go here.

Dietrich Murphy

Good service.

Bob Pearson

OMG! Excellent value. Will definitely go there again. Great attention to detail.

Brandon Hilbun

I used to like this place but the last few times the whole experience of the car wash sucked. Everything from the payment when you pay the clerks who was very rude a,d disrespectful to the employees standing around and not cleaning cars which I sat and hour and fifteen minutes for a car wash. I spend about $1,000 dollars a year washing my cars. I guess I will find someone else to take care of them for me. What a joke this place is!!!

Tamani Stiner

They did a horrible job my car did not get vacuumed and they did not wash the outside good is still dirty why pay someone smh I could have done a better job smdh

Olivia H

I’m very happy with my experience here. My car was filthy when I brought it in and now it looks at good as when I bought it. There were a few minor spots I wiped off in the interior when I got home but nothing major. Especially for the price, I don’t have any complaints. Check groupon for deals. I was also pleasantly surprised with how quick it was, I was only waiting for about 20 minutes, not bad for a hand wash. Also All the workers were super friendly.

Juice Man

Easy to use!

Bob Henderson

They did a great car wash for not that bad of a price

Edward Brown

It's okay. Has what you need to get the job done.

Sharon Smith

WORST CAR WASH EVER!!!. I’ve been a customer for 25 years and noticed a steady decline in service, but my last experience motivated me to write my first review ever. They did not vacuum the rear of my suv, didn’t touch the inside of the windows or the passenger mirror, didn’t clean the cup holders and all this took almost 2 hours and the manager couldn’t care less. He could have easily resolved the issue but chose to lose a 25 year customer.

Michelle Mendez

They always do an amazing job on my car. They are detailed and kind. Very clean station, and had a restaurant as well.

Wanda Holliday

Very nice job on my car , everyone was pleasant

Just Jessie

This guys are awesome! I am greeted with a smile and a great helpfulness every time I come. They do a wonderful job. There is a car wash closer to where i live but the service is worth the extra 15 minute drive. Thanks Oasis :-)

Farabundo Gonzalez

Fast and clean wash.

eric rebollo

Good car wash honest hard working wipers.

Yoel Rodriguez

Only 4 stars, because sometimes few employees don't do your job with high details

Adrian Armas

Good quality hand car washes. If I have the money and don’t plan on wheelin’ within a few weeks, I’ll stop by and let these guys shine up the rig, always a solid job.

Karen Love

My Best Friend took her Mercedes to oasis car wash. She left car (keys in ignition and car was running)with the car wash workers to wash the car. She went inside store and paid for the car wash. She then went and sat on bench with other customers to wait for her car to be finished. When she seen workers pushing her car out of the car wash area she asked them why they were pushing the car. The workers responded they could not start car. So they handed her her keys. She tried to start her car and it would not start. Austin was the manager on duty on 12-15-18 at 11:30am. He was beligerant and would give her no information to speak with the owner about the matter no general manager no corporate no nothing no information at all he was very rude. The other manager on duty was Jose and Jose gave her the name of the owner & said she would need to speak to him about this matter. Her car still would not start because somebody there broke the tumblers in the ignition by using the wrong key. Then refuse to help her with the matter. They even tried to say they didn't touch the keys. They handed her the keys back the car was running when she went into the store they touched the keys. The manager Austin said it was said it was protocol to take the keys out of the ignition so it did not get stolen. Then after he found out what was going on he said that they didn't take the keys out. So why did they handle her keys? She therefore had to call tow truck to take the car to the garage where it is now. Where it should not be. She has to work in the morning and all throughout the week. So not only is she out of car, she has to hustle for a way to get to work. She lives paycheck to paycheck. She can not miss a day of work. Nor can she pay for someone elses mistakes. I know this is true because prior to go into the car wash, she dropped me off at my house down the street from the car wash. She came in my house when she picked me up. We stopped at insurance company, Smith's, her house, and back to mine. At each stop car was turned off and restarted with no problems. I've known this woman for over 30 years she hasn't lied to me yet. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her ignition. I'm not only a witness to that, I am a character witness also. How many days before Christmas? Oasis car wash is this totally absurd. The place is a rat hole s******* and all of their employees are liars. I would never refer anybody to take their vehicle here it's the worst car wash in the world. There's a car wash over there on di and Eastern. It's a $3 Car Wash that just opened up Or Terrible Herbst I've never had a problem at either place.

Francisco Montenegro

The cashier Maria and Jorge they need a good customer service no manners to handle service I felt horrible to ask them anything please go to other locations no customer service skill

dave murray

This is the worst car wash I ever gotten paid 50 bucks and the dash was dirty the console was dirty. They just wanted to up sell services. This place is a rip off the guy said 100 bucks to shampoo the inside. What a joke don’t go there.

Bruce Clark

Thanks for your great customer service

Sky Joy

Well they do a better job then the chevron hand car wash I normally go to but I still think they could of spent a little more time on the interior of my car and they need better rags because their rags left a linty residue on the interior and exterior of my car so my husband had to go over the car again himself wiping it down. The tire and rims did come out very nicely though. the best part of waiting there is probably the bar and restaurant attached inside of the property i would definitely recommend going there but as far as the actual car wash-thats up to you.

Penutt P

This by far the best car wash in Las Vegas! No matter what part of the Valley you live in, the drive is worth it. I live 25 minutes away and it’s worth the drive

jason clark

If you value your time do not come here. Just left and it took these jokers an hour and a half to wash my car. It looks terrible. Did the worst job I've ever seen on a wash for $30. I was 3rd in line and my car literally sat for an hour. DO NOT COME HERE!

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