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1101 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89117

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REVIEWS OF Fabulous Freddy's Car Wash IN Nevada

Bigg Hamilton

So I have been going to Fabulous freddys for over a decade now and today was the worst experience EVER!! Not only was my car wash half done but there was still dirt and a balled up doughnut in my van. Middle console was filthy and wet to the point i had to ask for an extra towel. My vans sliding door, which was just used when I dropped kids off to school was on door going into carwash but was not when it came out. I waited 20 minutes to speak to general manager only to have her blame me for everything with her examples and was very condescending. No solution but I left because I felt something trying to over come my faith at the time. Never again will I ever go back to Freddys let alone that location. I DO NOT SUGGEST ANYONE GO HERE. YOU WILL BE UPSET!!!

Cyn Smith

I will never visit this location again. Twice I've had to circle back because they didn't clean the inside of the windshield. Carpets are vacuumed with minimal effort. This time I was heading out of town and they were the closet. I had to ask them to wipe the inside of the window shield again, the arm rest still had dust and along the windows. I notice the carpets were once again half vacuumed though only the driver side gets used. I got home and as I was wiping the back seats down I noticed that even though I paid extra for cleaning the wheels there were lots of dirt on all four rims. The passenger side of the car had smear marks from dirty rags. Leaving my fingers black as I wiped it. it cant even be blamed on being busy days.

Cecilia Morris

They always treat my cars special

Robert Joy

They came right to our house and did a fantastic job of detailing the car for a fraction of what it costs at a location where you have to drop off your vehicle for hours. And they have everything they need right in their van from water to vacuums to steam cleaners to electricity. Best of all, everything is eco-friendly. Viktor is very professional and very thorough. I plan to use them twice a year from now on.

Jessica Lee

I had a terrible experience here. The only good thing about this location is that they have a girl named Janay that works here and she is super sweet. Other than her, no one was accommodating. Charon, or whatever her name is, was SO rude. I ended up going to the other Summerlin location and had much better service =)

Andrei Moisoiu

I would stay away if this place. The car wash service is so bad! You'll get your car kind of vacuumed and kind of wiped. Full of sports and they didn't even lifted the carpets to vacuum underneath and also found a lot of dust in the pockets. I was reading the other reviews and usually some manager Chris is replying to ask the contact information. I m assuming they will offer you some discounts but... what is the point of getting a discount and getting the same poor service. How about training and supervising your workers to do a better job or replace them. Or maybe have a sup checking every car before delivery. Or maybe it's a management issue. Dont know... but fact is that I live 5 min walking from this place and I avoid it every time.

Natalie Maldonado

Thanks to the Gm Teresa Norelli my experience at fabulous freddys was amazing She was very helpful the car wash was amazing... I highly recommend Fabulous freddys great customer service and Great team thank you Teresa....

Natala Marchi

Came here the other day to do an external car wash and noticed some change in my car missing AFTER noticing that they left the entire back half of my car dirty. I called to see if I could get my car rewashed since they had left my trunk and around my trunk completely untouched, even though I paid for the whole exterior to be cleaned, but because I got the $8 package instead of the $12 package they said I didn't qualify for a refund or rewash WHICH ARE TERMS THAT THEY DID NOT DISCLOSE PRIOR TO MY SALE!! regardless, they are a CAR WASH and should not need to have re wash terms of service, if you pay to get your car cleaned it should be clean when they are done. It wasn't AND change was missing from my car when I got it back. There are lots of carwashes, chose a different one.

Rob Lavender

I care very much about my car and for car-care professionals to do the same. I stopped by for the second time at this location to receive a "VIP" hand wash (the first time I received the same thing + wax and had no complaints). This time was horrible. It actually looked worse than it did bringing it in. It was poorly dried and even poorly washed. I spoke to the manager and supervisor who agreed. While they wouldn't provide a refund they asked me to bring it back to make an attempt in making it right. Kevin (a supervisor at this location) is the only reason this review is marked 4 stars. He truly empathized and did what he could to make it right. He is the only reason I will consider returning.


The worst car wash, I've ever had!!!!! Nothing was clean, inside was the same as before the "cleaning". Total disappointment!!!!!!

Barbie Davis

I have been here for 3 (!!!!) hours....I came to this location because I also needed an oil change and there is a jiffy lube attached that will give you a discount if both services are done in the same day(btw, the jiffy lube was closed by the time my car was done. I was told I could come back at 7am to have my discount honored...). I dropped my car off and walked across the street to get my nails done. I arrived at the salon at 4:35 and it is now 7:23...I understand that I got an interior detail added to my "VIP Car Wash" but this is absolutely ridiculous. When the car was finally "done" there was a spray residue on my windows and handprints on the doors. I spent the last hour and a half watching the employees talking to each other, doing things on their phones, and just walking around with no overall sense of hustle or pride in their job. Imean, customers are on the other side of the window WATCHING your lack of work ethic. I would chalk it up to the median age of the employees, but it's really just a lack of management. Really irritated and disappointed in my first and last experience with this location.

Jennifer Rettick

Jose Alonso-Marrero

If you come here don’t expect your car to be washed, according to one of their own employees they will literally only “dust it” for $22, and that’s their “VIP Package”. Save your time and money, believe me you’re gonna be better off going somewhere else.

Bonnie R

Car is never really clean, always miss the back windows

benito jimenez ortigoza

Yo estuve en ese lugar fue excelente

ed espinosa

אלעד אלעד

Don't go there. Bunch of kids don't know how to clean Waste of money

Emily Gonzalez

KJ from the Fort Apache location was so awesome! She was very attentive, sweet and very knowledgeable when she was explaining to me the deals/coupons they offer. I come here a lot and love the customer experience I receive here and KJ made it all the better so kudos to her!!

Jennifer Caulder

Love the store on ft apache. Edith copp is very polite and efficient

jason sale

Vanessa La'Tei

They do a really good job, so friendly. They even have one of the guys look in and out of the car making sure everything is cleaned before they flag you down when your car is ready. I always come here and I love on the opposite side of town.

Michael Horwitz

Car wash was bad!!! Workers did NOT wipe down good at ALL!-bad customer service!

Tony Kasrmelli

I will never come back to here Was very bad !!!

Lukas Nachtigall

After the oil change at Jiffy Lube, the guy told me that I got 50% off from carwash service at Freddy's Car Wash I wanted to try them. Even though I saw bad comments on Google, I wanted to give them a nice comment to make them happy. I choose $50 cleaning VIP. It took them almost 3 hours ( it was 4 cars ahead of me ), so it's understandable. I came to pick up my car and I found, that the trunk carpet was not cleaned. Any of inner windows was not cleaned. Front doors panels was not cleaned. Car was only washed, waxed, vacuumed and all seats was shampooed. At the cashier, they told me, that 50% off is only for CAR WASH, not for other service! So total it was $39.99 anyway. I can say, that you can use Terrible Herbst Car Wash for $9.99 and use FREE Vacuum cleaner. I love to see that teenagers are working there, and I wanted to support them. The bad side is, that Freddys Car Wash have SO many options and hidden texts, that you are not able to identify, what exactly you are paying for. My car was half shiny and half dirty. So that's a 2 1/2 stars from me.

Heiko Johannsen

Paid 24 Dollars to get inside cleaning and window cleaning. They did not clean my windows and the inside was still quite dusty. Had to clean it by myself... should have done that in the first place instead of paying someone.

Joey Finley

I came to have my car hand washed and was quoted a 45 minute wait. I sat in their waiting room for over an hour and my car hadn't been touched at all while 7 other people came in after me and had their cars finished. The manager was friendly and refunded my money and I left. I've been happy with washes from Freddys at other locations but this was a joke. I'd suggest you go elsewhere.

Dr. Joseph de Beauchamp

Fast and hood detailed

Toni Smith

Came here once for an emergency wash. I usually hand wash my own car using Chemical Guys. The worse $40 hand wash ever! There were streaks everywhere and the windows were not cleaned. Also took over an hour. Good thing I only let them do the exterior. Not returning.

James Vitale

I usually get the VIP wash. They do a good job, but not fabulous. Often use wet towels on glass leaving streaks and a general "fog" on the windshield. I've done the mini detail a few times. Less than stellar. Seats and mats were wet and took 2 days to dry. One time my battery died and they couldn't start my car. They tried extra hard and gave me a jump and also gave me 5 VIPwashes for free. The help is friendly but don't seem highly motivated or detail oriented. My car always looks good but not that much better than a standard gas station $5 car wash.

jesse miller

You can't help this car wash it needs an enema. Even if they gave me all the free car washes in the world I still wouldn't go back because they're detailing and wash jobs are some of the worst I've ever seen, I've seen better at gas stations where the kids fundraiser wash cars for their schools and such things like that. These people literally leave dirt on the Windows bumpers tires Wheels everywhere all day do they spray water on your car and expect your hard-earned money.

Emily Lo

Very happy with the people at this car wash. They were all very polite and did a great job on my car. I highly recommend them.

Shadd Wade

Not fabulous. Twice now I have paid $20 for a car wash, specifically asking them to vacuum the rear of my hatch back. Twice they said they would and lied. Waited 45 minutes for my car. I can do it at home in half the time, and next t time I will.

Mike Sylvan

WORST car wash I've ever gotten. Paid for inside and outside for $17. The inside still had dust everywhere, liquid marks, and on the dash was sticky residue that was not there when I brought it in. They have no respect for hard work. Terrible work ethic. Just do the fastest job possible is their attitude.

Antonio Advincula

I brought my car to get vacuum and washed at this location. I went to the register to pay and when I came out to tip the guy that was supposed to work on my car he had already finest. I brought the car in the inside is fairly clean but I payed for it to be vacuum and the guy did not even try. Not a good place to go to pay for car wash... 1 star guys


They didn't clean my rear interior glass, and though I specifically asked for the back of my truck to be vacuumed & them agreeing, it didn't happen. They didnt even vaccuum under the rear floor mats. I will not go back.

Elizabeth Grayson

It took over an hour and my car still wasn’t clean. For nearly $30, I expected a better job.

Jacqueline Jones

Cash washes have been poor lately

Giovanna James

I went to Freddy's on Friday to meet this wonderful lady at the gas pump who ended up being the general manager, Teresa. What a pleasant experience. She talked me into getting a super interior detail after seeing the inside of my car!Said it would make my car look fabulous, I laughed and thought why not. I have never been more pleased with not only the service but the customer service was immaculant and "fabulous" . I will recommend Freddy's to all my family and friends. Teresa made me feel comfortable and will always remember her ! The staff and cashier's are amongst some of the most fabulous I've ever dealt with!

white blue

The wait here is ridiculous. Expect at least 20 min to be in line to pay.

Colin Turner

50$ to hand wash the outside of a work truck.

Matt C

2h45m to get my car washed and detailed. They missed a lot, including not even bothering to vacuum the trunk or wipe out the cup holders. Terrible for a supposed VIP cleaning.

Sarah Pacheco

So a came the fabulous Freddy's to get my smog done Smog girl that helped me I was very helpful and very courteous then she also gave me a half off car wash stamp To try fabulous Freddy's car wash I ruin at Fabius phrase was very courteous and polite Definitely using services Freddy's car wash again

G Leyva

If they would stop standing around and talking and being lazy maybe our cars would be a lot cleaner, they do not do a good job at all on cleaning your car especially when you bring a $100,000 car for a wash... I just moved here and this is the worst car wash I've ever been to my car gets cleaner just going through the machine without people touching it then it does here your employees sit around and talk more than they do work.. But it's my fault I should have checked all the bad reviews I see on here before I came!!

James Link

I got complete detail service the other day and the young man Nathan made my hunk of junk look like a brand new car ! I will be returning once a month for Nathan to take care of my car. If you go here suggest Nathan he knows what he is doing!

Joseph Sanford

For $8 I got INCREDIBLE service and a great car wash. I'm stunned by the number of low reviews. I skipped the first 'step' by accident but the guy was super nice about it, ran back to get me a service ticket and brought it out to me. Hand dried and the kid made sure I was happy with the cleaning before I left.

stuart Paul

On 9/8/19 We have had a wonderful & helpful cashier Eleisha. She went above and beyond answering all our questions regarding our car wash. Asked her to make sure some things on the car were done and she did. Eleisha was wonderful !!!! Hoping to see her again soon. Patty & Stuart Paul

Bruce Banks

Awesome car wash!! Cleans great, thoroughly and it lasts. Plus wheels and tires actually get washed and cleaned while other car washes claim this but it's doesn't. Highly recommend this car wash.

Donnie Gentry

I have used this car wash twice now since it’s close to my house. The first time I gave them the benefit of the doubt but it was a brand new car and wasn’t very dirty but wanted it washed for my road trip. There were spots all over but I let it go. Today I washed my truck and a few hours later when I walked by the passenger side at the store I thought someone had hit it with a car. It wasn’t hit, it looked like they used a dirty towel and left black all the way from front to back. One long black streak. The windows were clear on the drivers side but there were water marks and you could tel they barely cleaned the other side of the windshield and the passenger door window. I’ll go back tomorrow for the 4 day guarantee but that will probably be the last time I use them. $30 for a wash you would think it would be done right the first time.

Carlee G

The absolute worst experience I have had anywhere! Had a terrible experience with a car wash and detailing and returned for them to make it up to me only having an even worse time. Long wait time even though they didn't seem busy. Almost like they forgot my car was there. Teresa was so rude!!! She did nothing to help and clearly has no training as a manager.

Simon Diaz

This place is horrible, do not get your car washed here. They have no costumer service and they do not do their job correctly or even try. When they returned my car it had not been wiped down properly on the inside (honestly it didn’t look as it had even been wiped down AT ALL). So when I brought it up to their attention they agreed to “re-do it” but when they returned my car the second time it still had NOT been wiped down at all! But what they did do is turn on my heater ALL the way (mind, the weather is 110+ degrees outside) The way my car heater turns on there is NO WAY they ACCIDENTALLY turned on the heater and not realize it. So petty. They could have just turned me away and tell me they were not going “re-do it” instead of treating me that way. (I had my toddler with me this whole time and it was so hot for the both of us). I’m still so upset people could be so evil and my child was with me luckily I realized the hot air wasn’t the ac trying to cool down but the actual heater feature turned on to the max setting!!! I’d call and complain to the manager Theresa or whatever her name was But she was also very rude and not helpful at all.

Bon Manhkong

2 hours for a car wash by hand. $35 + $10 tip... Seriously?! And they still missed the easy, obvious dirty spots. Guess I'll pull out my Windex and clean what they missed.

Tyler Bens

I give this place a 3 Star Rating, from my experience yesterday. I've learned, you get what you pay for and that if you do not like how something is done, do it yourself. Details on what was done: I requested the VIP Wash which includes a Interior Vacuum/Exterior Wash fro $15 after a FF Coupon I found online. After my vehicle was ran through the wash it sat in the sun with soap and water drying on the surface. Majority of the employees that were there, were mainly talking to one another and horse playing around, granted this was not a busy day for them. As soon as they started my car, they wiped the car down, did not bother doing the roof, or the inside of the doors. The interior was wiped down only on the driver side, nowhere else. Windows had streaks all over them. Tailgate and back seats were not vacuumed. The dressing they put on the tires was really thick and when I drove off and got home it was all over my white car. This location is alright, not the best and not the worst. I would much rather go to Ecowash on S. Rainbow.

Mikhail Kamenev

Jonathan Ovando

Friendly staff and all, but there's hard water marks all over my truck and what looks like dirty water all over my hood. Streaks on my windows are easily visible especially on the passenger side of the vehicle. Carpet cleaning was done well. I can't be too negative. I'd have to say I'll go try another place for 75 dollars.


george lynch

Matt Lewis

This Freddys is Horrible... They don't attend there customer at all... sloppy job on my car, to many kids working they need retraining

Michael James

Decently priced. Hand dry is nice and they do a good job. Speed on the other hand......last time I went there, I waited 40 minutes for an exterior only wash =/

Robbie Broneske

Usually pretty fast service

Kay Smith

Girl was sitting in pickup truck smoking a cigarette & talking with some guy. Very unprofessional. Not coming back here!

Stephanie Schonberger

Wow, they do a terrible job, and SO SLOW! Just waited 1:15 for a car wash, and the interior is now dirtier than when I dropped it off because of some solution they sprayed everywhere. Looks awful. Have to spend some time tonight re-cleaning my car now. Won't be back!!!

Alan Perez

Bad customer service

Michael Bennett

I had a mini detail done by leslye and it was fantastic!! She's is awesome!!

Ron Beal

Wash was only fair didn’t do door jambs didn’t open back hatch and wash window or wipe down lousy job they were put out when I had them reclean grill not at all pleased with their work

Brandon Syverson

Toshia Melendez

Juan Vendrell

Bad service lots of spots didn't got clean or wipe ... poorly vacuuming for the money i spend i get better service elsewhere

Preston Darrough

Emmie Morgan

I went in and had Stefan as my detailer. I had an overspray of white paint on the side of my black mustang. Stefan went above and beyond and worked tirelessly to get the paint off My car looks brand new again! Thank you, Stefan!!!

Nicole Leboutheller

This car wash is getting 2 stars for the pure fact that my mother and I brought our cars and had the upgrades on them. We have come multiple times and always used our upgrade for interior service for free. When we arrived a woman said oh free upgrades are only on Tuesday’s but it’s fine this time we will go ahead and do it. My mother and I were told the same thing for both cars.We both went inside to give our ticket and pick our air freshener out. We were told by two woman running the car wash inside we would need to pay an upgrade fee because it’s not Tuesday. We explained to them both that the lady outside told us yes free upgrades are on Tuesdays but we could do it this once. After a back and fourth and clear lack of communication with us and the lady outside they neither apologized for us being told wrong information or even attempt of fixing this. I will no longer be wasting my time or money going here due to the lack of communication or consideration of people’s tome.

justin fisher

Beware of a ripoff... Went here was sold a package deal of 10 washes in advance for a lower price. They gave me the hard sell saying what a great deal it was. When I went to redeem the first wash they claimed it wasn't for the right vehicle and needed to charge me extra each time I come in, making the prepaid deal no discount to speak of. When I asked for a refund I was told no. Extremely insulting and misleading. Manager wouldn't even come out of their office to speak with me. Very poor service and a bad deal. To top it off they don't even do thorough job on the wash.


Always a clean wash!

Martha Manske

Really nice staff. They did a nice job. I had a TON of bugs on my car and was hoping they could get them off but they were not able to.

Philip Halverson

Worst car wash experience ever. First, the intake girl flat out lied to me when she told me they processed cars first-in-first out. I noticed 7 cars make it to finishing that were not in line when I got there. Next, while there were 6 cars waiting to be finished there were at one point only 2 people doing the finishing. Then, when the queue started to fill the cars first in were ignored and the later arrivals got dried. The car wash manager spent his time holding his smart phone with stoned look on his face. Only 2 people worked non-stop throughout the 70 minutes it took to get my car, ENO and a stocky white guy whose name I did not get. Keep those 2 and fire the rest. An unfabulous experience that I will never repeat.

Holly Brunet

Terrible! The people at the vacuums taking my car in didn't listen to me when I paid $60 to primarily have the interior cleaned. The staff cleaning my car didn't know this and nothing inside was cleaned like I asked. Sooo pissed.

Joey Franco

The wait was forever and I got a decent wash.

Maryann Recinos

Big THANKS to Shawn Hogan. I brought my car in on 3/24 and some damaged happened while getting my car seats shampooed. As i patiently wait for any resolution...he ordered the new part from my dealership and gave me free VIP washes. Now that's a FANTASTIC service!!

chelo nrvz



They do a good job for an outer wash only. They have vacuums you can use yourself for the inside. If you tip a few bucks they will spend extra time cleaning your rims, tires, etc.

Kevin Kay

Just Picked up Our XB ... Looks Fine !! inside & Out Pretty Good !!

Aimee Lewis

I'm torn because my car is a million times cleaner. But I was told it would take an hour and a half and has taken three hours. I finally had to go and tell them that I had to have my car back

Mike Slinger Dobiesz

My new carwash after moving to Las vegas!

Chef Boyardee

Should have done my homework after reading the reviews on this place, but I guess it's a little late for that. Not too long ago I took my bike over to the Fabulous Freddys on craig to get my whitewalls done. 15 dollars and maybe 25-30 minutes later I had tires so white and bright they almost hurt to look at. Expecting the same sort of service, I came into this location today. Well spoiler alert, thats not what I got, at all. First off, it was $25 instead of $15. I didn't really mind this, because it seemed like Craig FF didn't actually KNOW what to charge me for what I wanted, as it took about 3 people to arrive at that price. And honestly, seemed too cheap for how great the tires looked. So when I heard 25 so quickly, I took it as gospel. I park my bike in the back, walk inside and pay, and go out for a smoke. About 30 minutes elapsed before anyone actually touched the bike. Now I'm no doctor, but it didn't seem that busy to warrant such a harsh wait time. No big deal, for tires as clean as last time, I'd spend the night. When the time came for them to get to my bike, there were two employees. The first guy I can't rag on, he put in some elbow grease and genuinely tried to clean, despite the methods used. For whatever reason, he left early. Shame. When the other was "done" the whites were still stained, mottled, streaked, and altogether greyish with a tinge of yellow. I think we all know what color a "white"wall is supposed to be. After seeing my dissatisfaction, she offers to take the bike into a bay and work a bit more on it. Great! Except it wasn't. The only thing they had been using the entire time was a rag, a bottle labeled "showroom" and a magic eraser that served in 'Nam. Far be it from me to tell someone how to do thier job, but we weren't getting anywhere. Still grey, still dirty, still not Craig FF. So I start throwing out ideas, most of which I have applied with success before. Black Magic cleaner? No. We don't have that. Baking soda? No. Sandpaper? No. Brake cleaner? No. Just "showroom". Always showroom. Once she told me doing anything more would cost extra, I went to get help from an adult. After showing her the tires and explaining the situation, she came up with a solution: MORE SHOWROOM. MORE WIPING. Even had the nerve to tell me "look, she's doing it. Its getting cleaner" as the attendant ineffectually smears the mystery "showroom" fluid around my tires. She implies that the cracks in the tires are from the cleaning, and not from 16000 miles. I finally realised I was in some sort of Bizarro Twilight Zone Fabulous Freddys, and decided to leave. As I'm leaving, I heard "Have a Fabulous Day!" A phrase that once brought me joy, now threatened to burst my ulcer. Now I'm here, home, with a fresh set of greywall tires, lamenting being conned out of 25 bucks to watch someone who doesn't know how to clean a whitewall tire, to attempt to clean a whitewall tire. My kid could've done that for free. If you were bored/depressed enough to read this, recognize that all these bad reviews are here for a reason, and if you need your whitewalls cleaned, find that tire wizard at the Craig location, keep him, cherish him, because otherwise you will be robbed at nozzlepoint by a mugger with bottle of "showroom".

Brett Martin

Poor detailing on windows and interior. Don't waste your money with anything other than a basic exterior wash unless your car is really flilthy. You'll do better job detailing in 15 min of your own time. Customer service/conflict resolution is lacking with these young kids. If there was a better car wash any where near me, I'd go there but unfortunately there isn't. All in all, a disappointing experience most of the time. Just remember, a hand wash for $24.99 isn't guaranteed for a free hand wash if it rains within 4 days. Just a basic exterior wash. So keep that in mind when you spend your money on any wash.

tish Glowacki

Had bought gift books for friends and family for Christmas. The draw was that on Tuesday they would upgrade your wash for outside and inside. Nice selling point huh? Well when we got there to use the coupon, they said that ended 2 months ago and the coupon was exterior only. Now I spent a bit on these books ,told my friends and family about going on Tuesday. What they should have told me was that it was for a limited time only. Be careful with these great offers, because they may not be so great after all. Oh by the way...I spent an extra $14.00 to get my upgrade.

Stephen Morland

It's sometimes good but it seems like most the time it's a miss. I would give them a 3 star but sometimes the cashiers wants you get a ticket outside for a carwash then go back in give them the ticket pay, after you pay go back outside give the ticket back to person outside. Most the time I know what I want when I walk in. But some cashiers will sit there I argue at you that you need a ticket. I could understand if I was getting the inside of my car cleaned but outside no. I have walked out the store 3 or 4 times without buying anything because they want to argue. I know the customer not always right i work retail but ill take the customer money if they came in for a car wash without a ticket. They have tickets I don't understand this. I get the best car wash($20) from them most the time I'll have to end up drying/wipe down the car myself. The wax they use doesn't seem to do the job or make the car stand out really clean. But hey most of them are high schoolers looking for a part time job. Pros: good for if have heavy mud or very dirty so they can knock it off. Cons: you'll have to wax it yourself if you want that mirror look.

Sara S

I was impressed with how hard the staff was working! Despite it being 100 degrees outside, they are hustling. It's more than I would normally pay for a car wash, but they put a lot of manual effort into the wash. A good scrub of the front and back bumper before the machine was and a towel wipe down of the exterior along with additional tire scrubbing. It was worth the extra money. Staff was awesome!

Sean Minagil


Terrible! One disappointment after another! Twice I've been here and your people do a terrible job cleaning! I let the first one slide by, But this is what happens when you hire careless teenagers to clean cars! 35 dollars to wash outside and clean the inside and my seats are still dirty! Check out the pics. I don't want to come here again!


High price and no attention to detail. So many spots were missed that my car left barely cleaner than when I arrived. Pathetic.


Randy Swenson

A quick wash is ok but 1.5 hr detail turned into 4. And once you pay, no refund if you have to leave.

Suchet Lim

Very helpful and friendly.

Bryan Reber

Deborah Kimball

Great service quick and efficient and very friendly Thanks guys :-)


They did a horrible interior job, didn't clean the tires right, and left a dirty footprint inside!


They do ok job at cleaning the car

Vannah Rucker

Checking in with Yelp saved me $5!! Fast service at lunch time, car was spic and span. I will be back.

martin sanchez

Josh Simmons

They do a pretty good job. Friendly and outgoing.

Jose Soriano

This was a horrible experience. I bought a freddy speacial and it came back to me still dirty had to point out spots on the windows and car so they could clean it. Once I pulled out of the tent I pulled over and had to pop the trunk and grab my own clothes and clean the reat of my car. Rims were still full of grease dirt still on the back seat floors. Paid $27 dollars for a job I could of gave to kids and would have done better job. I will say the manager Teresa was very nice and professional and she did give me a free freddys speacial but if it was not for that I would never go there again. Maybe if I had a Porsche or Mercedes my car would have been better detialed. I would not recommend this hand wash you would be better off going to an exxon and gwtting there auto wash...smh And the 2 stars are for the manager otherwise I'd give 1 star.


Awesome car cleaning and OMG...a Roberto's Mexican joint, too!

Darcy Pearl

Staff is super friendly but the car washes are definitely overpriced for what you get. I've gone there tons of times now and paid 20 bucks for my wash and I sometimes will have left with my windows dirtier the when I came in. I don't know if they were using dirty rags to wipe them down or what. Also there has been like a soap residue dried all over my car multiple times now as well, my car is black so it is very noticeable. I know I'm not the only one having these issues with the fabulous Freddy's washes either because my co-workers have all gone and have the same problems. When i'm getting a $20 car Wash I expect it to look pretty darn shiny and clean. When you pay $20 for a car wash you should see a difference between that car wash and a $5 car wash and I really don't so no I don't recommend fabulous Freddy's.

Finn Markmanrud

I chose the VIP Treatment which is $22 (if i remember correctly, might be $24?). I have been to this Freddy's twice now, after moving to Las Vegas 3 months ago, and they are great! The car is cleaned perfectly inside and out, even my hard …


Decent service. Could be better for the price. Also one of the cleaners snaped some plastic attachment from my car and didnt bother to re attach it. Only complaining about it because I have no idea where it goes.

Ron Fletcher

One hour wait to get a car wash is to long. They need to put on more workers

John Marcus

Took my truck for the first time to Fabulous Freddy’s and got the upgraded reg wash. While sitting outside waiting for my truck I noticed one of the employees looking at my dashcam for 10 seconds or more and appeared to be touching the buttons. I thought that was very odd but didn’t really care. Once I got to my truck started it up and drove away I saw my dashcam was turned off. Once I got home I discovered the power cord was bent and ruined. I immediately contacted the car wash and the supervisor said he’d go talk the two employees from my description and give me a call back. But he also took the attitude I can’t accuse someone of breaking it. I told him it’s brand new and wasn’t broken when I arrived and the fact his employee was playing around with it is proof enough he knew he damaged the cam but chose to hide what he did by loosely putting the broken cord back into the dashcam. I received no call back so I call next day and was told he’d give me two free washes to make up for cord. I said fair enough and also brought up the fact the truck was still dirty inside as it wasn’t properly vacuumed. He said we’ll re-vacuum it. I brought it down and said I only need it vacuumed no wash. 45 mins later I see my truck coming out of the wash. I asked the supervisor and he said oh sorry they just went ahead and washed it again. I didn’t have 45 mins to waste. I get my truck back and immediately upon sitting down my jeans at the rear end are very a half bottle of windex was spilled on the seat. I had to take a paper bag and sit on it. Finally I get home and can’t open my front door from the inside. I had to roll the window down to open the door. When I arrived at the car wash my inside handle opened the door. When I got it back it didn’t work. Somehow they broke my door latch assembly connecting the inside door handle. These parts very very rarely ever fail. I spoke with Mgr Theresa. She said she’d view video tapes. She claims my truck out of view of cameras upon arrival but she sees her guys rolling window door to open door at entrance to tunnel. After explaining I arrived ur business and thedoor handle worked but when I left it didn’t should have been plenty of proof for her to accept responsibility and fix my door handle but no she took no responsibility. Now I’m stuck with a door that doesn’t open from the inside. These lock latches can be damaged when employees don’t shut door completely. Bottom this was a NIGHTMARE! Find another car wash. If you use them do ur own video taping of ur car when u hand car off to them. I’d recommend just find another car wash. This latch will cost me about $450 to get fixed. $200 part and 3 hours labor. My experience was anything but Fabulous.

Toni Morgan

Staff is fabulous!!!



Visited on 2/7/2019 Waited for over 20 minutes before our vehicle was even touched to be dried! Vehicle rear was covered in soap!! Piss poor job and unacceptable service.

Laurie Braddell

The young men who dry the the cars are tire shine etc. Are so careful so very nice. Great service.

Arnetta Davis

debra cooper

Bad car washes always, you pay for a service and have to every time make them actually do what you paid for.

Lupe Sanchez

Erika Sandoval

I just left the Car wash and noticed all of my windows have streaks everywhere. As soon as I left and the Sun hit the windows at a certain angle it was more than just noticeable. When the sun hit them, my view was extremely blurry. I had to turn in my windshield wipers to clean them off so I can see. Problem also was, that the inside was the same. It was like the towel they used was dipped in drain water. My Dashboard is super greasy in some areas and other areas were completely missed. I paid for “the Best” full service car wash and it was absolutely not worth my money and waste of life spent for a job that would have looked better if I left it as it was. Save your money and time. I’ve had better car washes at cheaper places with 1000% better results for half the price.

Ron Nelsen

Not perfect but who is? Late in the day you can almost drive right through and have a nice clean car. The young people working here work their tails off leave them a couple of bucks.

Alan Berkofsky

Definitely can't get bored there. The wash itself is terrible and no attention to detail. They tell you that you have chips in your windshield everytime. I'm going to try someplace else. Three guys couldn't properly dry your car.

E Smith

Second time at this location. Car wash was great but attendant who was wiping my car down was called away by another customer and didn't return until my car was dry.. too late to wipe down. Went to get gas for 20 cents off a gallon.. pump is difficult to figure out for discount. Customer service is fantastic though so I will be back.

Barry Hall

This car wash is pathetic. It took over an hour for the car wash. Lots of employees standing around doing nothing and then they did a really lousy job to boot. Never again.

JJ Garcia

Way too overpriced. They don't take the time to clean the smears from their fingers on the Windows, vacuum properly under the seats or completely clean rims near the creases. There are far better car washes available and often for less money.

Peter Gross

Aweful service. The first time I went I must have picked the wrong line, because they helped other customers who came 5 minutes after me. Second time I waited for 30 minutes inside, and no one called my name or mentioned the make and model of my car. I went outside and saw my car was ready. The employee told me he went inside and called the name in the ticket, but if course didn't remember what name he called. Never going there again!

Bryanna Thompson

This place honestly is the worst place I’ve ever been to. I’ve given them multiple chances and they still fail to get anything right. This time I went and the back of my car where my dogs hair is wasn’t even touched. So much for vaccuming. The windows weren’t even touched beyond the back seat and nothing was done in the front seat. Thanks for wasting my money.

Todd Crutcher

Paid for a hand wash and 45 mins later I found my car sitting behind the building and it was never started. The place was not even that busy. This was my first and last time I will visit there.

Lorenzo Lopopolo

Dismal, a Chinese fire drill if I ever saw one I paid for a minor interior vacuum and wipe down After 20 min I was told my car was ready great quick service , right! Wrong! Washed the exterior and didn't touch anything on the interior. Good thing we weren't removing my appendix. This is my second bad experience with Fabulous Freddie's and my last.

Chris D.

Full service gas, and car wash. Beautiful woman always running around.


Average car wash

Rob Gustave

Robert Pascale

I like this place everybody is friendly

Mari N

I got the detail service. They were friendly and got the job done, but not at all well. I'm giving 3 stars instead of 2 because they were still courteous and my car was much cleaner then when I came in. The guy also tried wipe up the spots I noticed right away (they were obvious). I would like to give them a better review but I just can't, there were several missed spots (still dirty), like the inside of trunk door, all around the license plate, not getting into any of the corners etc. I assumed from the photos and specifying I needed upholstery cleaning that they had some kind of wet vac for the upholstery, but they only scrub a foam cleaner on, which did nothing because there was no method to lift the cleaner from the upholstery. That was my main issue, spraying on some cleaner but not actually lifting it from the fabric cannot and did not get it clean. I had to lift it with damp cloths when I got home, which got plenty of stuff up.

Kiran Reddy

Kelsey Anderson

I stopped by here today around 4:15-4:30 to get Gas and Cigarettes. I brought $20 and asked that the change be put on pump 7. The teller told me $11.19 will be put on my pump. I go to pump my gas, and notice the sound of the pump doesn’t go off when it’s done pumping. I grab the pump and notice nothing coming out so I figured everything was fine. I get in my car and didn’t notice until I drove away that my gas meter didn’t move at all. I called the store to tell them this and I was told because I only put around 3 gallons in basically it’s not a problem. I accepted this and kept driving. I’m on the freeway, (summerlin pkwy to 95) on my way to work in Henderson and my gas tank keeps getting lower like I didn’t put any gas in it. Before long I’m right on the E line, basically empty. I’ve put about $10 in before and have had more than enough gas to get to work. This time I BARELY made it. My concern is I paid $11.19 for approx 3.5 gallons of gas that never appeared in my tank. Is there a meter that shows how low the tanks are at the gas station? Does the pump still work even if it’s empty? I can’t imagine that there’s no way of telling. Please help because I’m very frustrated.

Stephanie Leonard

Dylan Jeffrey

I was told DMV kiosks were at every location by an employee.

Lisa McGuire

Fair job

Terry Weber

This place is crowded and busy, inspect your vehicle before you leave

Edgar Candelas

Fabulous Job Thanks Guys Definitely Be Back

Desiray Thormo

Pitiful. Got a car wash because it says clearly as their advertised that you get discounted gas if you purchase one I go into get the discounted gas and was told by lazy Larry the associate that they couldn’t do it even though it was advertised. Will never be going here again and will advise everyone otherwise as well. Total waste of time / money

Milan Thakkar

They will use tire stuff on your windows and then not fix it when you bring it to their attention. I have brought countless $100,000 cars and I only get it done right if I see a guy named Dan at the Centennial Hills Montecito place location. That is the only guy I trust in the whole company. Everyone else is lousy. I brought scratches up to them and they act like they didn't do it. First car wash after buying a new $111,000 car and they rub the vacuum hose on the back bumper while vacuuming the trunk and leave scratch marks. How hard is it to hold the hose in one hand and vacuum with the other? When you ask about it, you get an attitude like you are being petty. I don't think that is petty especially if your new car only has 100 miles. I have 3 co-workers and my wife and they all say the same.

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