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100 S Allen Rd, Fallon, NV 89406

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REVIEWS OF American Car Wash IN Nevada

Juan Vingochea Jr

New owner, very nice Australian guy :). Updated with new signage and furniture. Outside lounge area is clean. I would've given 5 stars, but my car was windows and roof top were not dried down very well. Had to go over it with my own towel. 1st time stop, so will have to see how they do next time. Very convenient area next to the mall.

Jeff Piotrowski

Felicia Bonner

Zachary Abelardo

This car wash has plastic rail guards, to protect your expensive wheels

Morris Foster

I was impressed. Very good service. I will definitely come back.

Matt Reibsamen

The truck was clean when done.

sheri kuzur

Jim Layman

This was my 1st visit in a few months and what a difference. Employees are friendly and I left with a spotless car in less than a 1/2 hour. All the changes are top notch. If you stopped going to this Car wash because of the bad service and bad wash Give it another try You won’t be disappointed

Coco Rousseau

Patti Morgan

Excellent customer service I have bee coming to this car wash for years! Excellent!

Steve Andrade

kendall contopulos

great place great people just a wonderful place to have your car detailed

Katie Mason

Peggy Daniels

After reading previous excellent reviews I was extremely disappointed with my inside/outside $22 service. Most importantly, the windshield was no cleaner, with grime simply smeared. Am Car Wash is OFF my list!

Mason Mohammed

Very good customer service great car wash

Joyce Britt

Dorothy Contopulos

my family only uses this car wash for all our detail needs . we have three cars a Jaguar, Bentley and a Honda just the greatest.

Laurie Plachinski

Carlton Davis

Jodi Waskiewicz

Jesse R

Great service.

Donalda Graves

Glen Williams

Great staff, quick service. Very happy with the car wash and will absolutely be back again soon!

Kevin Elliott

Luis did a fantastic job detailing my car. Cistomer for life

Mike M

I work doing Uber. Their monthly rates are insanely good for my business. The car is always a finished product, to the extent I had a customer say it made his day. I have had countless customers comment on how clean and shiny my 5year old car looks. I do at least 75 rides a week, and the keep it looking great. The staff always gives back any respect given to them, and the cashier's are as friendly as they come.

Farhia Abukar

Great vacuums and its free!

Danny boy

Not bad if you get the cheap wash They used to be so much better

jesus villa

Larry Sturges

Walter Winder

Luke S.

Is great we came ina little dirty and we came out sparkly Got the basic wash with undercarriage and the rims got cleaned very nicely and the wheel wells got cleaned very nicely

beverly burger

Best car wash I have been to in a while. Such friendly people. Took great care in my washing of my truck. I had lots of bugs from traveling from Spokane ,WA.They got them all. Price was great. I recommend this place and one day will go there again in my travels. Nice town, friendly people.I did not do the basic. I did the $12 and it was all worth it. Towel dried and every bug splat gone. I take particular care of my truck.

Lisa Hess

Ed Reed

New owner was on site to make sure things were done the way they are supposed to be. Bugs gone good job!!

Amy Heisinger

I've been coming here for several years now because of their monthly unlimited carwashes. I love this place, it's convenient, and they always do a fantastic job!

William Doyle

Kinda poor service. Top Gun carwash better...

Todd Herschberg

Interior cleaning was mediocre and exterior was left with streaks

Mary Jo Lewis

I just moved here from Phoenix and my neighbor told me this is the best place to go for a car wash. I agree it is very nice my car hasn't been this clean inside and out in years. I felt very welcomed especially being new here, they were very patient with me while I made up my mind deciding which wash to take.

Aaron Sowles

The owner is on site and has outstanding people skills! Could not have been happier with his desire to help! Thanks again!

Ron And Nettie Lawson

Great service and staff. Car wash did great job!

Adam Summers

They really took my car wash seriously. Excellent job! Thanks!

Thomas Hodgdon

Owner does a lot of good things in the community

Robert Keen

Good and fast

Tess Rand

Paid for the works , far from worth the $. Had to go re wash it down the road.

Imelda Amaya

Chang Yang

Very good...Very nice

Les Johnson

Great wash!

Liz Martindale

Good wash

Shauna Lepak

Evelyn Perez

Natalie Perez

Jenny Hibbard

Nice people and car always gets a good wash.

Andrew Fritsch

This place is great!

Nav Toor

A great new car wash.

Lucas Ainsworth

Paid $80 to get full detailing but interior dust still on seats? Plus I had to wipe my rims down after. Even tipped $20 to employee for his lazy work.

Margaret Wallace

The best service, personal attention, and environment. All the people working here are so nice. We really recommend American Car wash. They also have the best greeting card selection. We find ourselves laughing out loud while we wait for our car.

jesus estrada

Carrie Sheldon


Love this place...I've been coming here for years...the management is unbeatable, the detailers do a great job, the cashier is super friendly and professional...this place sees to it that the customer comes first and management goes to great lengths to make sure you're are happy!

Chris Gomez

Great service friendly employees and quick they did a fantastic job at cleaning my car and price was fair I recommend this place to everyone.

della bruce

erika alarid

Save Your Money! This Place is a joke! My husband paid $12.99 which included the wash, dry and tire shine. The employee only dried half of the car and did a horrible job on the tire shine. My husband approached them and asked for a manager and the only thing the manager could tell him is "If you get the next package one up from this one for $20 then you can get everything you want" he proceeded to yell at my husband and insult him. The owner came out and my husband explained again what the issue was and even the owner was rude! This place expects people to be "members" and pay top package for things to get done right. Please save your money and go somewhere else that's more professional.

David Perez

It's a carwash

Erich Lerie

Fast and pleasant service.

DMS AnimeStudios


Christiane Joubert

Always do a great job and service is quick.

Arthur Riley

Hugo's World

This might be the only car place in the world that won't sell you something you don't need. I was there on Sunday and they told me I didn't need a diamond their most expensive wash. Huh? Got the gold instead saved some money car was perfect.

Christine Williams

Jimmy F

Nice and new car wash! I wish they would offer interior window cleaning, though (-1 star).

Al Michaels

Ralph Mills

Great service

Koze Kreyòl

Excellent services!

Keith Waarvik

Decent price good car wash

Traci Wagner

Sherry Boswell

Jackie Gomez

The owner is great! There was a small plastic piece from the center console that I noticed was missing from my car when I got in. I brought it to the attention of the owner, he looked in the vacuums at the end of the day but couldn't find it. He ordered the piece for me and it arrived in 2 days. Stand up guy and great customer service!

Nikki Maves

Dixie Womble

There was an oil shoeprint on my drivers side mat, horrible vacuum job. not goin back!

Branyeleen Chaparro

Amardeep Garg

Great !!

James Lang

Only exterior after 5pm. Horrible advertising.

robert mcelfresh


Mark Shy

Best in town

Wayne Rodriguez

Waynette VAN FLEET

Alycia Roseberry

Joann Weldon

It's the only place that accommodates full service

Christopher Ruprecht

Great and fast service. This place never fails to give the best carwash.

Miguel Ortega Villar


Trip Fisher

Left his car wash my car with squeaky clean

Bryan Krentz

Deanna Fountain

You can drive up to a menu from s12 to $35 depends on how much detail Plus ! They have an express option 7 days a week , stay in your car drive thru the wash and an attendant will hand dry you off !

Hellaluddin Furkanudin


Bernard Leonard

It's one of the better car washes, but they do horrible on wheels and caked on dirt. Don't spend extra...just get basic wash.

Bradley Dill

Delisa Leeds

Jay Jarvis

Really fine car wash. They do an excellent job inside and out.

Cheryl Casebolt

Extremely nice staff helpful front desk lady. Close too early though

Christine Soliman

Ken G

I visited ACW during a visit to the desert today on the recommendation of a relative who lives nearby. I was really only looking for a wash but couldn’t pass up the price for a hand wax. The person who greeted me when I pulled up rubbed his fingers on the paint and suggested a clay polish in a very non-pushy way. I later learned he’s the owner, David. Let me just say that when the owner stands in the heat at the frontline to greet every customer, that is a VERY good indicator that customer service won’t disappoint. The wash/polish/wax job certainly didn’t disappoint either. My car absolutely shines and is baby smooth. Highly recommend!!

Art Merrill

They put in the extra effort!!

Joe Jaquez

Breanna Bevan

We use to enjoy going to this car wash up in till now. We are disappointed in what just transpired with the owner/Boss David. He was very unprofessional with handling a problem that we were nervous about. He insulted and smiled at us like we were a joke. He did not care to be kind and to even address the problem, he wanted to be right and he tried to question our intelligence?. Very poor customer service.

Don McFall

They do a very good job on basic car wash. I haven't done any other tier so I can't comment on that part.


Russell Buchholz

This car wash was great until it changed ownership and is now becoming a Mister Car Wash. They always gave out a dash wipe with your wash. That stopped. They used to spray your car down before going through the wash. That stopped. And the employees they hire now are more interested in smoking on the side of the building than actually caring about the customers.

Kirk Drake

Took longer than expected but they did a good job cleaning a very dirty car.

michael doyle

Excellent service and attendants who seem to care and interact with the customer. Always willing to go the extra mile.

C Houser

REBRANDED from Red Carpet Car Wash and new owner is honoring previous membership balances. The service was very friendly on my first visit, fast and thorough!

wiliam agosto

Did good job on outer wash and vacuum is free

Annette Fontaine

Good clean wash. Little high on detail for SUV's.

joey rachal

Harry Schneider

AWESOME FACILITY!!! Detail job for inside and out plus engine compartment was unbelievable. Have used your car wash for several years, but it is even better now with the new owner. Employees are also great! Keep up the great work!!!!

Sarah Parker

This place is freakin' awesome. I swore off it back when it was the Red Carpet but I saw that it was under new ownership, so I decided to give them a chance. So so SO glad I did. When I drove up the guys were super friendly and explained the options for the different washes without being pushy. I didn't feel like they were pressuring me to take the most expensive wash (maybe next time!) but I went for the Silver wash to get tire shine and wax and my car seriously looked brand new when I left. So happy I can come back here again!!!

Patricia Glover

David Sexton

Jayson Conroy

Best Carwash I’ve found in the Palm Springs Area.

Daniel Martinez

I’ve been using All American for a year, and my satisfaction with them has slowly deteriorated. I have two cars, with the unlimited washes, and the scanner -ALMOST NEVER- works. The owner is very nice and so is his son; they usually run out and process my car wash manually, but if they aren’t there, the other guys outside won’t even approach you to help. I’ve been asked to get within two inches to the curb to where it almost scrapes—my rims are a little over $1,000 each and I don’t want to risk curbing them. I’m beginning to consider other car washes now and have stopped recommending All American. Next time it doesn’t scan, I’m canceling both accounts.

Richmond Douglas

Adequately run small car wash business.


Sugar Ray N Sweet Pea

Donna Quattromani

Great attention to detail

Joe Sandoval

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my baby!

Joshua Redlin

Max Kartal

polo torres

Chris Green

David Kartal

chameron hatzinger

1st time there and loved it. Got their best wash and was very pleased. Very clean establishment. There also have an air nozzle by there vacuums which was great for getting water out in door jams and the dirt in the tight places. Definitely will be going back!

Joseph Tischer

Wilfred Perez

Jeanette was very nice and attentive great service.

Ryan Marqui

Great car wash for the price. I love the detailing air hose for you to clean your dash and console at the vacuum.

John Smith

This place is good, the only problem it has is sometimes you pay for the works and the works don't work. It's rare so pay attention

Tiffany Jensen

Waiting to pay and the woman sprayed me with the pre wash for the bugs and did not say sorry and then got crabby when I didn’t know the prices because I was waiting in line directly under the sign

Leah Christine

Love the owner and always a great wash!

Diana Randall

Always go here when car needs washed.They do a good job.

Andy Smith

Missed some minor details in the interior. Otherwise 5 stars.

Christof Harper

The basic car wash is pretty fast and decent. I would give it a 4 stars on that. Detailing they are not so great at. I waited a fairly long time for a fairly incomplete detailing. But if you want a decent wash for a reasonable price, it is good

Lauren Schnabl

Friendly staff and great wash!!

Drew Haughton

Raymond Caldwell

Do decent job and people are nice.

Harry Pyle

Gregory Gienko

Phenomenal people. Helped us tremendously.after we had a sick kid in the car. Wonderful experience that left us humbled by their graciousness!

Katarzyna Augustowska

Wow! This is going to be my new car wash. My car is so clean. I am impressed.

Keith Murphy

Remarkably good deal with free vacuums.

Allen Adams



Wasn't Happy with the svc trash was left inside the car and no effort on cleaning the film from the inside of the front windshield.

Sebastian Barajas

Nelly Ortiz

I always drove from Indio to wash my car there, the last time I took it there it was barely dusted inside the doors weren’t even touched not happy at all

Desirae Halterman

Reinhard Seier

Great service! I purchased a 20 car prepay card . It saved me $$$! Check for the best detailers at that place you wont be disapointed

Robert Brzycki

Margaret Arnott

Meaghan Gonzalez

My husband and I have been taking all of our vehicles here to be hand washed for quite a while. They don’t always do the best job, sometimes washes seem good and other times seem rushed or lazy. This past Sunday we took all three cars, one being brand new. We have had the car only a couple of weeks...when we got it home, we noticed a ding in the chrome on the back and they also stained the chrome somehow and it has brown splotches now. We received a call from the owner, but unfortunately he did not take ownership of the ding. We will not be taking our cars here any longer. Very disappointed!

Carol Adney

Anita at the front desk is great.

Dirk Forrette

Good service and nice people

chanel jordan

I called ahead to check if they offered interior steam cleaning. I was told yes and quoted reasonable prices. I asked if an appointment for the steam cleaning was necessary and the person on the phone was pretty clipped not allowing me to complete a sentence before rushing me off the phone saying no appointment just bring it in, and hanging up. Chalking that up to maybe he was busy and had a line, I decided to take it in anyway. I got there a bit after 1pm and the man behind the counter (same person I spoke to on the phone) was very unpleasant when I went in to see if I could pay in advance and pick up the car later. He said it doesnt matter to me ask the guys who clean them. The guy taking in the cars was very nice and said it was possible to leave the car. He then told me that there was not a steam cleaner available and I could not make an appointment to bring the car back for it later but I could try at a later time (not the info I received on the phone). The website says steam cleaning is offered but the offer is only "when they are in the area". So no communication happening there. It would have been nice to just be told the truth on the phone when I specifically called to confirm before arriving and finding out that I could not get what I needed. Not to mention a nicer interaction on the phone and in person interaction with the guy who represented the business (cashier/counterperson).

James Boulding

It's okay for what you get

Cheryl Bessette

Jon Qwest


C Miller

Awesome car wash! Staff is very friendly

dikran megrdichian

Daniel Velalicea

Hillary Annunziata

They took only two hours to fix the heavy marks and scratches and beautifully buff out and shine my bme 328i. Price so ridiculously reasonable. Really took care of me and the condition of my car. And shout out to Henry! Thank you guys.

June Duarte

An American Car Wash is a car wash where you can take your car an have a great experience. They are open everyday from 7am to 7pm that is unheard of for any car wash. They do an excellent job and have many packages that meet many different needs. From express wash to monthly packages that pay for themselves in two washes. You should definitely check it out for your car.

Rita Mae Blumhagen

Trimanisha Washington

pirruco martinez


Okay wash, kinda overpriced for the quality. They will miss and skip small details unless you clearly state what you want. On my vehicle they didn't even wash the area where the Day Time Running Lights are. You would only be able to tell if it was dirty if you actually walked around the car to check. They couldn't be bothered. Pro tip - find a hand car wash these places with machines have gotten lazy

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