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REVIEWS OF Copart - Lincoln IN Nebraska

Robert P

Only got 1 star because I couldn't give them 0 stars. Don't bother calling these rip off artists. Called them on a 2001 Chevy Blazer which through web research indicates a price of $1000 to 2000 and these monkeys offered me $200! I could scrap the car for parts and get more than that.

Shareef Haji

The greatest place to buy a damaged vehicle with good price. I bought all my car from here ( more than five cars). I fix them myself.

Ronnie Morfitt

The lady's in the office are great and handled everything very good and in a timely manner. We had a excellent experience.

Nonny Pat

The manager’s customer service is zero! I am new to Copart and didn’t realize that it’s hard to get transportation from this location to southeast. I called customer service and explained my predicament to them and was asked to talk to the manager to help me. I called but all the manager was after is taking my money instead of helping me. Not even offering any kind of discount considering the money I have already lost!!! The worst customer service ever!!!!

Kelly Coffman

John Hegarty

Lourdes Ruiseco

Byron Aberle

Quick and easy vehicle purchasing! staff is very helpful and knowledgeable

J Neuf

I know its as is where is but they didnt take pictures of obvious damage in an RV.

Jayson Bouchard

Sometimes it's good sometimes it isnt

Matt Templin

Dylan Sutherland

Terrible place to buy from, first off I’m from Winnipeg and I purchased a fifth wheel and when I got it I wasn’t aware that Copart wasn’t open weekends yes that’s my bad but I was laughed at and put down for that and saying it’s my mess up so then I called and asked about the transport company’s that go through there yard the most and they gave me some company’s but they wanted more then the fifth wheel is worth to pick it up and deliver it like they all work together to screw good people and the customer service didn’t know what there talking about I called and asked what I needed to do to let someone pick up on my behalf and I did it then I got someone there and I heard that I needed a POA which caught me off and so I did that while the driver was waiting and then they said he wasn’t able to pick up the title so I’m messing around trying to deal with it and then the driver quit cause it took so long and then the storm hit and nobody was getting through and no company’s wanted to pick up so I was stuck and yet I was still charged storage and then I finally get there and the jack on the fifth wheel is electric and the battery was dead and they laughed at me and walked away what a joke never buy from them ever

Keven Neujahr

Good people to deal with but understand how fee structure works. Your maximum bid is what what your bid is not minimum. Automatically takes you to your max. If your going to pick up a day late you get charged even if you call to tell copart that. Lots of fees ......lot charge and such......make sure to read all items prior to bid submission.

Khalid Khalaf

Nick N

Jey Martinez

Randle Jensen

Terrible. I drove down from Omaha to look at a vehicle getting sold at the next auction and it was in an area that I wasn't allowed to go into and they were too busy to bring it out to let me view it. So I just wasted my time and gas to go down there. Their webpage for Lincoln says you're allowed to view vehicles Monday through Friday.

sean hageman

Lil over priced but good cars

Ray Barnes

marcia danekas

Greatest people to work with ,nice polite and knowledgable

Noemi Hernandez

Love the service here and they're all so nice

Veronica Perez

Good for a cheap car that you can fix it

Milma Leyva

alonso valle

z r

Mark Stockton

Try to sell two different cars they lose my title and take several months to sell the vehicle then they promised to not charge me fees for my inconvenience when the check shows up they double charged fees !

Al_alwey Ahmed

Copart- Lincoln There is a white skin kid , he is a mean and RACIST

Stephen Okafor

Copart Regional Manager Mike Friedman is a bully and has zero customer Service. I purchase a car from Copart for export. Being a new customer I didn't know how everything works with Copart and didn't know how difficult it is to get a truck driver to pick a vehicle from auction in Greenwood, Nebraska to Port of Baltimore or any Port. Didn't know there is no close Port to the Copart location. I called and emailed the manager explaining my predicament and my loss. I asked if they can give me some discount on the storage fee or re- list the vehicle per their policy as the car will be costing me $1000 more than the retail value. The manager refused to offer any help over the phone and said its my problem not there's. They didn't care at all because I have already paid them for the vehicle before realizing the shipping problem. I decided to escalate to the Regional manager and this is his rude and intimidating response From: Mike Friedman Date: Friday, 15 June 2018 Subject: Member No: xxxxxx, Lot No:33865428 To: Stephen Okafor Cc: Richard Miller I will abandon the car on Wednesday unless it is picked up. I will not respond to any future emails about this.

Rafael Molina Molina

Stanislav Popov

The worst customer service ever!!! JERRY should be FIRED!!! He is Yard manager on the copart and they lost my keys from the Porsche 911 and we show them photos that key was present and in the description says that KEY - present. He said that this is your problem, we're not responsible for that! NEVER BUY FROM LINCON COPART!!! YOU"LL LOSE A LOT OF MONEY! UPDATE: General Manager of the Copart Lincoln (Richard) is very nice person, who trying to resolve the problem. I hope he can save the reputation of the Copart Lincoln.

Brenda Minnick

Dave Stander

Tj Besch

Great auto auction

John Smith

Most of the people behind the counter "act' busy but if you listen in they are jabbering about non work related stuff and the paying customer comes as an after thought when they are done with there water cooler gossip. With the amount of money that goes thru this CoPart daily a person would think the customers should come first.

Sergii Atroshchenko

Not bad


Silvia Villalba

Miguel Alejandro Batista Pérez

Good opportunities but worse customers service ever seeing .

Eduardo Rivera


I recently purchased a car here and had it shipped to St. Louis, MO. I had a few questions and reached out to the manager Mr Miller, he answered all my questions and the process went smoothly! Thanks!

dawood knjo

I never thought that

Tandra Dunn

Sabah Qasim

Cheap cars to get

Galen Lovelace

Mike Mcatee

Absolute con men working at this company. Cars are listed incorrectly on purpose, lights are left on intentionally to drain batteries so that the consumer cannot even check the cars out for themselves. Employees tell a whole different tale of the corruption that is running rampant through this organization. Do not even sign up for an account you will be scammed.

Mohammed Ali

Manager just needs to go to behavior school!!!!!!!!

Bob Lipp

Blaine Harms

If I could give 0 stars, I would. Absolutely the worst customer service in the world. I am a licensed dealer and bought a trailer off Copart, they said they didn't have updated copies of my license and had downgraded me to a consumer member rather than a business member. So instead of a $600 buyer fee, my fee was over $3,000!! When I tried to get in contact with them the first representative told me to hold off on paying the invoice until they could process documents. The documents weren't getting processed and were charging late fees. After a week I called and a different representative told me there was nothing that they could do and I was stuck with the larger buyer fee. So I make arrangements to pick up the equipment and then late at night receive an email that it wasn't picked up in time so it has been relisted, at a fee of $2,200!! I at least thought maybe if they would process the licenses I could buy it back at around the same price but get charged the lesser buyer fee to try and recoup my losses buy they still say pending two weeks later.... And if you call customer service they basically refuse to help you, tell you they'll call back and never do.. Just avoid this company and save yourself the grief.

Haider Al Haider


Sam Solem

This place is shady, and lazy. Our car was towed out of our state to here because of our insurance company. They didn't send all our belongings, untill I questioned where our GPS was, and then they magically found it in their safe. Ya, seems crooked to me. We signed and notarized POA for car, but they couldn't except that because there was a scrath mark on it. I asked about that too, because why have the document notarized if you won't accept anyway? Turns out they just have to forward that to DMV, and from there it's DMVs call if they will accept. And these people didn't even try to send it. Don't deal with this place unless you want to be taken advantage off. Question everything!

Magie McCombs

Unprofessional & inconsiderate. Someone totaled my car last month and Copart works with Farmers Insurance to pick up wrecked vehicles - I can’t get into my car because the battery died so I asked if Copart could break into it so I could finish clearing it out. They said they would send someone who could open the door on Friday, so a family member stayed home from work to clean out my car for me. Copart never showed up, and didn’t even call. I called them several times that afternoon (during business hours) and didn’t get to speak with a person, I was just stuck with hold music for five plus minutes every time. A driver called Monday morning to say they were on their way to pick up my car, I told them they couldn’t because no one was home to grab my stuff from the car, and instead scheduled them Wednesday morning. The same family member stayed home from work for a second time and they never showed up. My dead car is still sitting on the street.

Steven Padilla

Great visit. Was cold that day but found vehicles i was looking for.

Katie Jane

Hamza Alsharkanyم

Javier Mainer

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