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REVIEWS OF Tiger Express Wash IN Missouri

Laura Marquardt

Best Car Wash in Columbia

Lisa Lucas

The maintenance they did on the equipment really made my car shine!! Thank you!!!

Seth Malone

Best wash in town IMO. The subscription is worth it

LC Rice

Ranked from best to worst. 1. Sandman location 2. Grindstone 3. Providence The Providence location is a last resort, which sucks since it's the one I'm closest to. Hopefully the renovation they're doing there now helps.

James Holman

A little pricey but got the car clean inside and out.

Ryan Westerdale

I have to give credit where credit is due... I had the unlimited wash for several months until they remodeled the entire thing. Upon going through the remodeled bay a couple times, my tire snagged on a sharp edge and it punctured it. I let them know but my frustration made me cancel the plan and wash it in manual bays at other car washes, but this sucked. It sucked paying for crappy vacuums and over time my car was getting steadily dirtier, even when brushing it. At one point I had brushed my windshield only to find the same grime on it afterwards. I couldn't believe brushing didn't get it off. So I decided to try tiger car wash again. It came out spotless... I've been through it several times since with no tire hangs so they must have corrected the snag. My car is clean as ever, the free vacuums are worth the unlimited price alone. As for those complaining about suds, I wipe my car down with the FREE microfiber afterwards and the only thing I have to wipe is inside the mirrors and the back end a little. Sure they have a hangup once in a while, nothing is 100% perfect. Today there was a truck in front of me and the bed was full of trash. The wash boys jumped in the back and personally cleaned out his whole bed. That alone prompted this review. You can try elsewhere but you will come straight back. They simply are the best in the business.

Tammy Walker

Always great

Victor Arnold

Great wash for the price

Steve Morris

Sandman Lane-The "full service" is terrible. TWICE I have tipped the guy $5.00 only to find the worst excuse for vacuuming I have seen. I feel like I have been SCREWED twice !

Jennifer E. Todd

Did a great job on truck

Nathan Canfield

Love the monthly plan. You can get in and out very quickly.

Yazen Aswad

They are the best in town

Victoria Stallis

Will never visit again. They sprayed my car with the pressure washers, and then sent it through the conveyor belt. None of the brushes spun and it didn't when rinse off the soap. I had to take it elsewhere just to get the suds off.

Paul D

So far I have no complaints about Tiger at all

Joe Young

Good wash for car and trucks

mike richardson

Great car wash. I bought the Truman car wash that cost $20.00. The Truman is the best wash. The least expensive cost $10.00 all car washes come with free vacuuming and use of the floor mat cleaning machine (you do the vacuuming yourself). Tiger express also has unlimited car was plans available. I gave the four stars due to the cost of the best wash being $20.00 dollars it seems a bit much considering the black gold cost $14.00 and you really don’t get that much more for your $6.00 bucks


Good product, but they used brushes

Bethany Bornhorst

DO NOT GO HERE! My car was rear ended inside of a car wash and nothing has been done to reconcile this situation. I am extremely unsatisfied with the service I have received thus far.

Bryan Lushbough

Never a long wait. Gerat prices.

Shane H

The wash at this location is pretty nice. Sometimes has a long line (unless you have fast pass) other tiger express in town is being renovated


2 for $20 was a great deal and kept me coming back. Now they just push the monthly pass.

Taylor Huffman

The car wash is fine, but I'm pretty upset with the service. Going through the wash the side skirt under my passenger side door came off, which I don't blame the wash- my car is a 2000 so I'm guessing it was just loose. But when I called to ask if they had the part I was told no. The girl I spoke with even told me it must have fallen off driving. Well no, the part came off in the car wash. It is killing me because this car means a lot to me. It's been in perfect condition for over 18 years. It's going to be painfully difficult to find another part somewhere- maybe impossible. I would still happily take the part if Tiger Express happens to find it, but I'm guessing it's in their dumpster. I think I'll go and check the dumpsters now..

Michael Zimmer

Awesome place to wash you're car

Tyler Hewitt

With te new $1 fee you can keep te rag

John Blatz

Does a fantastic job on my F150. Tip the workers! They all deserve it! I do ..

Troy Callahan

Great car wash job

Heather G.

The wash was great and they sprayed off my inside rubber mats while I vacuumed. So friendly and helpful

Brenda Meyer

Great car wash

Todd Rowell

Got my ride very clean. Lost a piece of my taillight in wash. They said they would find it or get me another one, but never did.

Slippin Jimmy

Best car wash in CoMo


Good place very popular. Wish they had more deals through out the year.

Christopher Fujihara

Been to most of the tiger car washes but this is the best 1

Moses Gingerich

Expensive but did a real good job

Justin McKinzie

Absolutely a pathetic excuse for a car wash. I had a membership with them and I will never do it again. My truck went in somewhat dirty, came out slightly cleaner but sometimes just as dirty. I am currently on my second wash in a row with them because my truck is still covered with filth (mud, bug guys, and so on). My windshield, grille, hood, running boards and tailgate are ALWAYS dirty leaving Tiger Express no matter what wash I get. If you want to waste your time and money, please go to Tiger Express. If you want a clean car, please go anywhere else. You'll have a better wash with a rain storm.

Daniel Dubey

Best tiger express was at of the rest.


Friendly staff and great car wash!!

Dave Walden

Used to be a great place to get your car washed really good the first time... Not so much anymore. My car is never completely clean after a wash. And the monthly price went to an insane rate.

Beverly Barker

Best car wash with free vacuum!

Shaun Coleman

Fast and friendly.....

Kylee Pritchard

Love this car wash its great

Hekmat Khoukaz

Happy user of unlimited carwash. Sometimes the machines need some re-calibration but the staff is responsive whenever i point something that didn't perform as expected.

Jeff Steevens

Good place to get car washed. A little pricey but you can buy them in packages for a better price

Dustin Jeffries

Quality finish for the money

Angelina Harper

Dryers damaged the trim on my car. Emailed and never heard bk. Won't be returning and will be warning anyone to stay away

Covenly Deardeuff

Love how easy it is to do. Vacuum is great

Jake Schneider

Not worth $10.. new pricing is horrible

Don Pendergraft

It's a little on the expensive side, but they do a superb job. I love the extra attention of taking care of the bugs before going through the wash. The vacuums work very well. Highly recommended.

Ben Gilmore

Pros: Car does get really clean. Vacuum is powerful and super convenient. Cons: It's a little pricey ($12 for basic wash). It's not a touch less car wash.

Andrew Kassel

Monthly pass is a great deal, and it gives you access to the fast pass lane.

Adam Runde

Always satisfied with how my car looks after! Great staff. Self-service vacuums and $1 towels make this the best car wash in Columbia for the price.

Brock Weimer

Great full service car wash

Willard Sisson

Not a fan.

Jared Anderson

Easily the worst location. The staff sucks and th machines are always broken. Do yourself a favor and go elsewhere

Abby Courtney

Convenient to Hwy 63--fast in and out and those vacuums.....

David Nyaberi

Excellent car wash services.

Patrick Daniel

Definitely one of the best car washes in Columbia. Don't ever waste your money at a gas station car wash when this place is just as good.

Kerry Brinsa

Expensive but good wash.

Scott Wendling

Good car wash to get in and out of pretty quick. You get to vacuum yourself so no spot missed.

Joshua Lorentz

Quick wash

Sandy Breshears

Paid for the best one and didn’t even get tire shine it must be broken

Joe Pangborn

They do a nice job.

Janet Davis

The full service is definitely not worth the money. Perhaps I just got inexperienced workers, but their idea of wiping down surfaces was with a barely damp rag that did not get anything off, nor did they vacuum out door pockets or wipe down anything remotely difficult. On an off note, Google states that they are closed today but they are open until 6pm.

Glen Stauffer

Tiger express used to be the best wash in the state but have gone down hill in the last couple months. I cancelled my monthly subscription due to #1 they changed the soap to something that smells nasty ! #2 lots of dirt on when I get thru . #3 I can't clean my rubber floor mats there .

Sue Don Edwards

They always treat us good we take both of our cars there

Samuel Trapp

i ended up at the front of the line with my monthly auto pay option!

Chandon Springer

There are a few locations but the one on Providence is by far the worst one but is the closest one to me. I have a monthly service plan (Truman package) and well I am about to cancel this do to the amount of equipment failure that causes me to go through multiple times just to get the soap off my car. The guys that do the pre-spray hits my car with the wand almost every time. The tire shine may spray all my tires, one side or not at all. Same goes for the wax process, side brushes and drying process. So at the end of the day you have to go back around and wait in a line to do it all over again to get only the same results. This is not a once in awhile thing but a continuous problem.

Earl Camp

Great wash

Trevor Swearengin

It's the best wash of all the Tigers

Ahmed Subhi Abdaljabbar

You will get a good service at some locations, although the drying is not perfect

Nina Turner-Robison

Best car wash in town!

Kathy Timms

Nice and clean in a jiffy. You vacuum.

Morris Kropf

Cleans it up real nice without scratching!

Dan Hayes

Do a very good job.

Zea Furlong

Nice place and you get a vacuum your car for free Plus

mike wright

Good car wash Quick Service and free vacuums

David Kirkhart

Excellent Car Wash friendly people and vacuum is Free Major Plus

Lucky Moore

Best in town!

Christopher Overly-McDowell

They now make you pay for towels and don't have the free 24 hour re-wash on their tickets. Don't clean as well as they used to either.

Raymond Morrison

Great place to have your car washed

Mike Phegley

The one on grindstone is the best, only problem is they don't police the vacuums area all the deadbeats that never wash their cars come and tie up the free vacuums and the paying customers can't get in. Bad management

Bradford Thornsberry

Best carwash in Como!

Caleb Dougherty

I got the $20 car wash I don't recall the name of it. My first time there I stated that it was my first time and that I did not know what packages there were or what the names of stuff stood there. I was met with a lack of eye contact and a sarcastic response of "ok. well everything listed up there." The car wash was decent but for sure not worth $20. The only good part about this was the free vacuums that I feel should be done for you for $20 but that just a personal opinion.

Nicholas Blumhagen

Came in on Easter after driving in a snow storm from Iowa back to Columbia. Car was covered in ice, snow, and mud. There was only one guy there pressure washing cars but he was doing great work. Car in front of me was caked in snow as well and the worker (found out his name is Drew) washed it for over 10 minutes, cleaning every area possible. He washed my car for nearly 20 minutes with the same quality. My car has never gone in that dirty and it’s never come out that clean! Thank you, Drew!

One Godly Chest

I have used tiger many times in the past and it does an ok job. Nothing will replace the time and effort of handwashing. However, this last time was a disaster. Lately, the tire shine has been overspraying and instead of wasting my time getting that all over my hands and towel, I have them shut it off. But, anyone who does use the tire shine option, then wipes it off with the the towels they provide you (assuming you pay a dollar). When you bring back a towel they swap it for a new one. Lucky me, my towel, which I thought was clean and damp of water, was actually full of excess tire shine. I found this out after wiping the exterior of my windows and interior of my dash with this. It left a terrible smell in my car and awful streaks. I would have never noticed it was soaked in tire shine until it was too late. Dont trust the "clean" towels they give you. Won't be back to this location.

Sebastian Weigand

Decent car wash, with manual prewash. Occasionally has an issue with the wash selection, but generally friendly staff.

Ron O'Dell

Lil expensive, I like u can vacume As long as u want. I'd say the One by 63 and nyfong is way Better than the one on the .. loop

Chris Old

always a nice drive, be sure to tip the kids working that day!

Johnishca Lee

Collin and Parker went above and beyond to see that my needs were met. Very happy with the service I received today!!! These gentleman were very prompt and attentive. Great customer service!

phillip w. williams sr

Excellent Car Wash all three best one Providence South at grandstone next best one Providence at Business Loop

Juan Garcia

Tiger car wash very good but they put cars one after another and then car in front of you always hit the the dam brake light on they need to keep one space apart

Stephen Voss

One of the better car washes in town. They usually do a thorough job.

M.e. Thomson

Great car wash nice to be able to vacume too!

L Kelley

Best car wash I've ever used

James Price

Great service, courteous staff.

Randy Lowe Jr

Keep it ckean

Sarah Ludeman

Love long wash, love vacuums, proper price for what you get & cam earn free washes. Love it!

Doug Winters

Does a good job cleaning and my bigger trucks fit in here. U will have to dry some your car off after, so pay the $1 for the towel

Katie Doiglass

Good pplz

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