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REVIEWS OF Car Wash USA Express IN Missouri

Kevin Harmon

1st time here, Different prices for different options. Pricing is reasonable. I believe this is a newer car wash. Clean place and staff were nice. Free vacuuming after the wash. Will come back, check em out!

swatantra neupane

Easy car wash, they do quick scrubbing before you get on the ramp. Their free vacuum and carpet cleaner is awesome.

Bryan Richey

Good quick car wash! Friendly staff!

Laura M. González

Place is great and free vacuum along with floo matt cleaner

Shirletta McClinton

Sabrina Mitchell

Quick, simple & inexpensive!

Kayla Sportsman

SCRATCHES!!! EVERYWHERE!! I’m beyond angry, I have never been to a place that I’ve had issues with. Had a membership at Mister, which was always awesome service! Never a problem! But this place, umm very disappointed. I can’t be the only one that’s had this issue with all the ppl I’ve seen there with the free car cash offer! NEVER again.

Loretta SANSOM

I went here today because this was a full service car wash for 25. New owners have dropped the price to $21 but now it is self serve. So you say four dollars less and get a third of the service

Michael Washington

NEVER GO TO THIS CAR WASH IF YOU HAVE A LIGHT COLORED CAR. 4/28 I went through their wash paid for the $12 wash and left with red blemishes and scuffs to both sides of my car from their brushes. After informing he manager of this he laughed in my face and was less than empathetic. He attempted to wash one of the scuffs off with a sponge which made 0 sense, and told me there was nothing that he could do, to come back on 4/29 when Daniel his supervisor was in. Today spoke with Daniel he refused to remedy the situation not even an offer for a refund instead he told me that his car wash wouldn’t do that when it’s clear that I didn’t have scuffs on my car before coming to get the wash. I WILL NEVER GIVE THIS WASH MY SERVICE AGAIN. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

Carmen Irizarry

Fast and economical.

Hugo Rodriguez

Car wash does not wash car clean still have a dirty car yet I payed for a car wash and also refused to at least pass my car one more time poor attitude and very rude personal running it!!!!!!! Do not waste your time and money here!

Austin Craver

I tried to clean my car once a week, so it's no surprise that I find myself reviewing a carwash. I like this place because of its decent prices and the short amount of time it takes to get in and out. It makes keeping my car clean very convenient.

James D

Good place to get car cleaned, reasonably priced

Squished Tab

My car goes in dirty and comes out clean.

diamondbackdan Dominguez

Great carwash, not expensive and their vacuums work well.

Darryl Sanders

Needs better blowers don't dry car well

Lisa Denief

Got in on a free $20 car wash today awesome!

Camarie Wallin

Well I was a little disappointed when they didn’t have a full service car wash but they made it up in service the guys were great gave me a little extra which is always nice!!!!

S Williams

Michael Fortner

Process is easy, fast, and inexpensive; plus free vacuums with any wash. I haven't yet tried their full service, but what I have tried seems exceptional.

The Williams Family

Savannah Moore

Wilson Collins

Great car wash for a good price with free vacuums

Toney Green

Outstanding wash after towing our jeep behind a Class A RV. Wasn't far from our KOA campground. The attendant will ✋ hand brush your vehicle before it enters the wash. It did a great job knocking out the dirt and grime. The free vacuum is an additional plus.


In and out

DJ Jones

The only thing I dont like is the tight squeeze pulling up to the payment machine, and exiting the wash, for pickup trucks. For the cheap wash, two attendants still prescrub the entire vehicle. Its cheaper than going to a DIY coin wash, and infinitely better!

Barath Ragul Manimaran

Express Wash for a decent price in the Arlington area. Goo Goo!!

rene arevalo

(Translated by Google) Great and fun (Original) Exelente y divertido

ALL-Phase Electric

There vacuums work great . Very polite young men working there.

Giuseppe Baldi

I get my truck washed here every month or so and I've always been happy with the quality of the wash. Better than doing it myself! And faster!

Kristian Kapon

You get great service and wash for $14


Does a,good job on your car.

Crystal Christian

Bought the 15$ wash still had bugs and dirty spots... Doesn't offer any cleaning supplies such as armor/all windex wipes or even car scents....

Bob Thomas

They recently raised prices, but they put more effort into the pre-wash process than other drive thru car washes.

John Carrino

Wash was great the people working lazy and rude. I'll pay the twenty something $ but to have someone yell at me about the time they start full service is a joke. They do full service at 9:30 I was told but looked over and not one but three cars where getting done. I asked why do they get full service ma merger looked at me and we don't start till 9:30. So I guess some people just get special privileges there. Not my kinda joint and def The rudeness after I questioned him was overwhelming

Kit Behringer


Albaraa Nawaz

The worst customer service I have ever had in my life

Jessica childress

So easy to get in and out for a quick wash and vacuum.

Martha Herrera

Full service is excellent.

Shania Redding

They stole my Jabra bluetooth headset while they half washed my car. I was so livid when I left this place I paid $25.00 for my interior and it basically was still dusty as it was when i drove off. But them stealing my headset was the lowest. I laid it down in my console and forgot about it while my car was getting the worse service ever. Now instead of being out of $25.00 I am out of $125.00 and dont try to talk with them because everybody here seems like they are hitting a pipe or something. They are all spaced out. Literally the Walking Dead. Also the manager was very lackluster about the whole situation he really pissed me off when his only solution was to re wash my car. Why in the heck would I want to let you get back in my car again to clean it poorly and steal again. Im not an idiot. Please dont waste your time going here. I have never been so upset at a carwash like I have been with this one. I wish I would have keep driving that day. They will never see me again.

Sandy Asi

Great car wash! Love the air fresher they give out for free.

Sofia B

I stopped going to this car wash when the manager told my 75+ mother that he hopes she wrecks her car and dies!!! My father was also in the car! Real professional! I since wrote a letter to the Cooper St. location and never heard back. So I wrote a letter to the corporate email address and no answer. This is totally unacceptable for a business. All over a disputed $6 car wash between a business and an elderly lady on a very fixed income.

Meagan McMeekin

First visit was great. The gentleman was friendly and enthusiastic. But sadly I’d rather not wash my car than come here. I’ve gotten stuck twice in the wash now. I had A membership at a previous car wash and will just go there. The last person was rude, and my car isn’t clean. I was Excited, but they have lost my business.

Felicia Cubit

The attendants were very helpful. Good vaccums

Mamdud Mithu

All the facilities are available for car wash


Best car wash place for the price

Michael Nguyen

Only reason I came to this wash was because of the awesome air freshener that you can purchase. They don't have them any more. I dont go there

Kelsey BW

Hasan Qasem

Fast, Friendly and Economical.


Didn't get my car as clean as I'd liked it to be

Stacy Hachtel

I used to go to a car wash and have them hand wash my Mercedes for $30 but the wheels were always dirty. Then one day I drove through car wash USA to get the $6 wash and my car and wheels were spotless. Since then I only go to car wash USA. I now have a $35 monthly pass which gives me a $21 car wash every time. The workers are friendly and polite and the vacuums are great.

Mégan Alba

Always enjoy going here! Nice location, clean, good service. They also take Apple Pay.

Immer Alles

Falta más por el pago

Yuvaraj Bhatta

Nice service

Arub Khan

I've tried several car washes, both full service and self service. Each place offered much the same menu: wash, wax, tire wash, vacuum, wash the interior and the mats, wash interior windows. Hands down GooGoo has surpassed them all. It is surely worth the $25 I paid.

Vijay Thakkar

I have been getting my car washed here for around a decade now. It's reasonably priced and includes free vaccuum and car mat cleaner. The car wash completes in 2 minutes and 38 seconds. The restrooms are very clean and staff is friendly. I have never experienced high traffic at this location. You are in and out in no time.

Nikki Boyd

I like coming here bc I'm able to clean the inside of my car the way I want it and they have the free mat cleaners!

Natalie Maxwell

A quick place to get your car wash

Tou Che

Nice employees, no waiting, free vacuums at a gud price.

William Oglesby

I once ordered the full service wash by accident and I was very impressed by the work they did on my car. They did a very thorough job. I felt guilty after leaving because I didn't feel I tipped them enough. I wasn't expecting to be tipping. All the other times I've been I have not been disappointed. Great customer service.

Andrew Games

For less price the effective wash and vaccum($6 only).


A great carwash at a great price

Preston Twohey

I showed up at 6:40 an hour and 20 minutes before closing time and before I was through vacuuming my car they turned off the vacuums almost an hour before closing and wouldn't let me finish. I'm a Uber driver and I wanted to get it done so I could have a nice clean car for my customers and I would appreciate them leaving it on 5 more minutes. I don't care if they close early but I mean it was rude!!

Stacy Jenks

Hilma Torres

Powerful vacuum cleaners

Aaron Patterson

Polite, quick workers. Decent prices

David Thol


Connie Landron

It was fun going through the car wash and the free vacuums actually work, each and every time.

Jere May

Speedy, and my car was looking good afterward.

Sabrina Angelic

If you are looking for a great carwash from a great place with good prices this is it!!


I don't wash my car very often, but when I do Only come here to get it washed. Best full service in DFW. Been coming here for years.

Fiorella Thomas

I’ve been coming here since I was in college at UTA. It’s changed it’s name! Well, it got bought out by a new company. Now it’s called Car Wash USA express and it looks like a 4th of July car wash lol everyone that works here is nice and keeps the place clean. I would give them 5 stars except that the employees don’t enforce the “no radio” policy. Maybe they should add to it a “no base” policy either. Come on now! You don’t live alone in this world! If they were better at doing that then I would change my score. But I’m already sweating and working hard vacuuming my car lol stop being annoying and turn your car radio/bass off. Aside from that, great place. 6 bucks for the cheapest deal (I remember when it was 3 bucks hahaha) it’s not bad at all.

Linda Lusk

I like going to this place to clean my car. Vacuums are powerful, the car wash got my car very clean & dryed it well. Also, the staff was friendly & price was very reasonable. The only concern I had is they don't furnish paper towels to wipe your car down & clean windows.

Lucca Tavares

They provided exellent service in cleaning my truck than most other places have and for a good price

donnetra january

James Cooper Ware

I don’t think my car ever looked so good coming out of a car wash. I got the ten dollar wash and my car looked waxed and wheels shined.

Jacquelynn Tucker

The only car wash I use

Said Cuevas

(Translated by Google) Excellent service (Original) Excelente servicio

akilesh rajan

Demolition Man


randy Mitchell

very nice and awesome wash job

Erica Pruitt

This car wash is good for a basic wash. Only thing I wish they had was spray and towels to clean the interior of my car. I like the free mat cleaner and the vacuums did a good job.

Viktor Vaughn

Always a good wash. Never disappoints.

Scott Slatten

It's now a Carwash USA Express great car wash

Karl Reigle

Slow rude

Adam Zaayer

Best place in town for a 6 dollar, 3 minute car wash! Free vacuum as well!

Dustin Lowery

They really do wash and dry your car inside of 3 minutes! They've also got upgraded wash services available if you're in the market for a super clean ride too :)

Angela Blackmon

Goood Wash!

Scott Weigand

Service WAS good. Terrible now.

Sidonnie Bukam

Cheaper and good job

Steven Hall

Personal were very rude.. will not ever go back. Car was not clean

Norma Ayala

They claim they are open till 8 pm, but I went to wash my car at 7:20 pm and the cones were up blocking the entry. Truly disappointed with how far this car wash is going down hill.

Joshua Aufderheide

Great Service even first thing in the morning. Their floor mat cleaner vacuums up your mats excellently! Free Vacuums! And friendly welcoming! They are awesome! Uber Driver approved!

Laura Farnell

The top tier car wash here is $25, and I was extremely happy with the wash I received for that price (basically a quick pre-wash, a run through the car wash, and detail interior work by 2 employees). They were very friendly, and the work was completed quickly. They don't shampoo the carpets, (which I knew beforehand), but they did either spot clean or use water (or both).

Fabian Serrano

Fast service and they scrub your front grill/bumper/window as well as your back window and back bumper before you go into the wash. They have multiple spots where you can vacuum your car without having to wait for some one to back out.

Shai Hill

Love the free vacuum

Peter Butterfield

Monthly plans are a great deal here

sidney taylor

Robin Doyle

Vacuum was terrible (it sucked, insert joke here). was wasnt much better. there are better car wash options out there and close by this location

Joy Long

Good service

Victor hugo Ramirez

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Mohamed Ibzie

Anthony Boze

Best wash in Ozark.

Stenila Simon

I use their car wash every other week, and I've always had fast and friendly service here! Highly recommend!

Beth Isbell Fisher

Arun Sharma

Did not even clean the dirt of my car, had to use the brush again and clean it myself

Vince Hamilton

Easy to see from the road, and easy to drive to, (it's off Marler Rd so you don't get stuck in traffic).

Bacon Bandit

They just told my father in law that his car was too dirty and they wouldn't wash it. He has a farm and it does pick up a little extra grime, be but he's not mudding. They just lost more than one customer.

Hernandez Hdz


Pratik Yeola

The best car wash they offer is really mediocre and does not clean up the car good. They just blame us for the stains.. same complaint by other visitors. Even after having the costliest car wash; still had stains on the roof and front portions of my car. While the on-site person manually tried to clean my rooftop scratched my car with his belt buckle. Trying to understand it as a human error, I tried to work it out with them. Asked him to get me a free car wash the next time with them agreeing to get something to fix it up the next time I visit. With my next visit, the so called Manager - Daniel pretended helping me at first by assuring about his Body shop friend would address the scratches and later tried to escape with just the free car wash. Very poor customer service. Avoid going there.. Not worth your money.

Snake Leal

crystal cruz

The two men "detailing" around 5pm today may 25 were very rude and did a poor job cleaning my interior. Won't be returning.

Jeremy Morel

This has been my go to car wash for the last year or so. Unfortunately they were just bought out by someone else that will now charge for everything even the air freshener and car mat cleaner which used to be included in your car wash. The service is still good which is why I gave 4 stars instead of 3.

Big dogs rule Dog

Clean your car here


I went there just now & they had cones blocking off the entrance as if they were closed. But they show to be open till 8am. It’s only 7:18pm.

Solomon Johnson

Hours says it closes at 8pm. It’s 7:30pm and they are already closed. Drove completely out of my way to get here.

Barry Smith

Quick and easy

Rornelius Hicks

Great scene and management!

Larry Stotts

I go there, but average. DOESN'T get under wheel wells very good

Christina Albin

I was a regular at this car wash. I went there on Saturday after cashing my paycheck, I had my cashed paycheck in an envelope in my center consul hidden under a few things. When I went to go get the cash envelope out of my center console on Tuesday IT WAS GONE! Their employee was the only other person besides me in my car for those 3 days! I have a brand new mustang. It locks automatically when the car doors shut and my car alarm would sound if someone broke into my car to steal. My car was completely empty except for my center consul so know one would be prompted to break in. It was just me and that guy... process of elimination where did my paycheck go? I thought it was strange after getting in my car the guy who cleaned it with gold teeth was wiping the windshield smiling at me even though it was already clean.... He was watching me to see if I was going to open my center consul. I had to wave him off so I could pull away. I called talked to the manager he said the camera don't point to where they can see them clearly. So he can't say if he took it or not! The manager was supposed to call me back yesterday and never did. I will never be back! Be warned if you have anything of value in your car... the owner and manager will do NOTHING!! Horrible!!! This is NOT doing good business.

Kevin Vandenberg

Amazing job

Ali Sayani

Hayden Hale

This car wash has especially strong vacuums I've found, I prefer them specifically for this and great wash service.

paige strahan

Super quick easy car wash. I got the cheapest one for only 6$ and may car still looked amazing after. I typically wash my car myself but just moving to Arlington into an apartment makes it a little difficult. I was just going to go to the self service car wash but I read a lot of bad reviews so I gave this place a try and the quality of a car wash you get for the price is amazing and it will take maybe 5 min of your time. 100% recommend if you need a cheap quick wash.

Felicia Young

The attendants were very helpful and nice, love the neon lights when you drive in the tunnel for the wash, love the smell of the soap

Silvestre .Perez

The employees that work there are super nice and they go the extra mile to make sure your car is clean and it's super affordable. Overall good experience with them definitely will be coming here from know on to get all my vehicles washed.

Yovani Rascon

Quick and effective car wash super strong vacuums

Gena Yager

Great experience, if you are looking for a wonderful carwash experience with free vacuums in a clean area. This is your place!

Kaelee Wathen

Very thorough! Got a free air freshener :-) the guys are real friendly and free vacuums with all your washes!

Floyd Boyd



Nice place to go . Try once

Suga Bait


Full service worth it. $25, cleaned the door jams, even in the hatch/trunk. Would recommend.

Pandacorn S117

Awesome people. I bought the Unlimited pass and go through twice a day (to work and from) everytime the guys are really nice. I love it and would recommend it to anyone who loves there car like I do!

Fred Wilson

Cheap fast car wash with free vacuum.

Nana T.

Friendly staff. First time visiting enjoyed the service we'll go again and lots of vacuums to use that has great suction

Juan Martini

Jonathan Villela

Great wash, great vacuum, decent price

james tanner

Clean and new with great helpful staff! Highly recommend this place.

Quatoma McPherson

Great customer service

Anita Mitchell

Great carwash and free vacuum!

Brooke Watson

Friendly staff and terrific car wash! Love the top wash, my car actually looks better. Also, fantastic vacuum systems with multiple size vacuum heads. Try it out, You will be glad you did.


Was good until I found out the manager is a complete moron and I will be out money because of him. I'm leaving the state next week and couldn't find my paperwork so wasn't sure exactly what date my unlimited washes "subscription" would be renewed. I went in to cancel, but the manager wasn't there. I left a note saying I wanted to cancel "at the end of my subscription month". He left me a voice mail to say he cancelled it immediately because there were "only 2 days left". Uhm, well, 2 days means I could use it Friday -- which I wanted to because I drive Uber and Lyft and need a car wash for the weekend! It is *my* decision when to cancel, not his. I did not say I wanted to cancel "immediately", and if he had any questions, he *should have asked*. He didn't even bother apologizing, or offering a solution for me (seriously, give me a free car wash on Friday, that would have solved everything, and he would have had 5 * on this rating instead of 1. Guess we know exactly how much these ratings are worth to him!). So while he refunded me the difference, my refund is $4, but a car wash on Friday will cost me at least $10, meaning I will be at a net loss for the Friday car wash.

ceaira dorn

I wanted to vacuum my car first and a black man walked up to my car demanding money for the car wash after I said I’ll go through the car wash line when I’m done vacuuming we then exchanged words I felt very disrespected and harassed by him , I go to that car wash almost every day but after yesterday they won’t be getting no more of my money

David Kornegay

Full service is well worth the cost. Shipping car to Europe with military, and I’m 100% confident it’s clean and ready to go. Very friendly and fast staff

Daniel Miller


The only place of go and not worry about getting my car dented or scratched by the machines.

Kelly Wright

Great place for a quick and cheap car wash. $6 and my outside looks great plus the free vacuums and I'm fully cleaned! The suction on the shared vacs are amazing. I have been to a couple of other locations and the suction was sub par but not at this one!

Shana B

Only car wash where my car looked more dirty after the car wash. I purchased the ultimate and it left black smear lines down the sides on a silver car. The wash did not clean any of the backside of the car so all road dirt remains. I would give this a zero star if could. A rinse of with a garden hose would have looked better. Now I have to go to another car wash just to make my car not look so bad.

Russtina Green

Paid 20.00 and my Jeep still wasn't clean.

Roshan Khichi

Dr. Lesa Ansell

The car wash did a good job at cleaning my car. However, I bought the unlimited package and no one on the staff knew what to do. A manager had to be called, so what should have been a 15 minute process, took 45 minutes. That made me miss an event because it put me in horrible traffic. I think with better training, this would be a great place.

Jose Leal

Sarah Williamson

Great service inexpensive.

Satish Chandra

Opted for full service and was good. However not highly satisfied by service.

Stephen Maltzman

I didn't know if they were going to hand dry my car or not. I think I paid for it.

Trina Brown

Dryers are great but the car wash pulled out my tag and bent it out.

Cyndi Hansel

Great car wash

msh dg

They don't even care about your car , They don't matter what even happens to your car in the wash tunnel .. Worst customer service .. My wheel cap and front bumper were broken in the tunnel ..

Justin Coon

No one ever answers the phone. Constantly has cones blocking the entry saying "Sorry Lane Closed". Does this place want business or what?

Music by Sandol

I used to love this place, but I was humiliated today by one of the employees. The computer does not have a pay guide at all, they used to help you out with the computer pay station, and I did not see the option for an upcharge. I was already embarrassed driving my car into the carwash with bird droppings all over it. I would have gladly payed an upcharge, but I chose the $6 wash so I could run it through twice (no assistance while I paid). I pull up. The employee starts brushing my car, another employee comes over and starts brushing the other side. This is when the older employee complains about me purchasing the $6 wash. All of this could have been avoided had he advised me about payment at the computer buying station. I went back and bought the biggest package...$21! I seriously hope $27 was enough to just wash my car. If I had cash, I would have tipped. I actually should have purchased the $35 monthly access (that employee could have recommended that).

Rick Johnson

Horrible job..the brushes bent my front tag out 90 degrees on both sides. Soap residue left. Too expensive for that quality. Expected much better.

Manaswini Budavati

Quick and good

Nathan M. Prodell

As a previous monthly subscriber to Mr. car wash, we were excited when we saw this new wash being built. Now that we’ve taken both my wife’s Escalade and my truck through it I’m sorry to say we were sorely disappointed both times. The soap does not get thoroughly rinsed off, there was still a film or white haze on the back of the vehicles and the air dryers are not sufficient. No way we can justify $35 a month for something this inferior. With all the technology available nowadays your vehicle should come out spotless! :-/

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