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REVIEWS OF Classy Chassis IN Mississippi

Enrico J Fiorentino

I know the managers here and they always make sure my vehicle is done properly and meticulous detail is taken care of. Bravo Charlie and the other manager. Sorry I forgot your name.

Austin Sines

Got a full interior and exterior clean. The exterior was dirtier when I left, and it took them literally 3 hours to clean the interior, the car wasn't touched for and hour and a half until I rushed the receptionist to get someone on it. Interior seats looks the same, but now they're just wet, Now I'm out $120 and have to get my car washed again.

K D Alexander

I enjoy washing and detailing my vehicle, but when I'm in a hurry, I always trust Classy Chassis. I was disappointed with my visit today, but I've always received great service, so I will return. Believing today was just a small hiccup with the great service normally given. I believe this is the longest I've ever waited for my vehicle, and I ended up coming home and redressing my tires. There should be a line for the type of service requested - basic wash/no vacuuming, full detail, etc. I waited over an hour for the $5 wash and $3 dress tires. When I finally got my car, the young man thanks me as the indication that he was done. I had to let him that I paid for my tire shine. Staff is always friendly, and there's several great items to purchase while you wait. Again - I will return.


Takes too long and cost too much. To get a car detailed over 250$.

candy crain

Did not vacuum underneath my seats, didn't clean my wheels until I made a comment about it, and the inside of my windows were not cleaned...cleaner was sprayed on them bit never wiped off!!! Very disappointed!!!

William Boyd

Pulled up to have truck washed and no list of packages and what they included. Bought Classic package because I was told it included interior and exterior dressings on plastic molding. Spent $36. Attendant told me vehicle was complete. No dressing on tires,inside or outside moldings. Was told not included in package. Could have easily done much better job in my driveway in less time that it took. Will not go back to Classy Chassis.

robert hicks

Been here a few times. Probably won't go back after the treatment from the staff and the poor wash job this last time. I still give it 4 stars because in the past it was 5 stars. This last time was soooo very bad I find it hard not to go elsewhere now.

Teresa Chatham

Dropped our car off at 9:53am to be detailed. We were told an hour and a half.... we are going on 4 hours now! Still not done! You’d think spending $140 you would get great service?

Larry Tant

Had one if the worst experience of my life and had to pay almost $40 for it. The manager was young and veryyyyyyy rude to me even threatened to call police cause I complained. I called the owner-very nice and professional. Found out the …

Rhonda Roberts

They aim to please.

Deryn Le

The kid, yes KID, that greeted me was very sassy. When I asked if he spoke to all of his customers like that, he replied "like what" with a sarcastic smile and walked off before anything else was said. When car came out they dried it off then when I opened my door, there was more water in the jambs and he said they don't dry that. What?

Emil Joseph

They broke my antenae mast three months ago, and still have not fixed it after saying they would replace the mast. I have called several times to speak to the manager Phillip, and leFt messages for him to call me back and update me, but he …

cyndy carroll

They normally do a good job but I was kind of upset with them it took them so long to get my car even into the car wash I was there for almost an hour waiting for it to come through. Although they did a great job I don't know why they took so long to get it in line it weren't that busy when I went there

Nancy curtis

Not a friendly lady in side but outside fast and curious

James Bright

I have been using Chassy Chassis for 20 years. Day in and day out they do a good job. Car comes out cleaner than when it went in. The last time I was there coincidentally will be the last time that I was there. The young man checking in the car informed me they would not vacuum the leaves out from around the trunk lid. I had requested that service. He Offered to PRESSURE WASH IT INSTEAD. I asked if he could do that without getting everything in there wet. His reply, it may get wet. I have owned this car for six years. I have brought it to classy chassis the entire time and They have always vacuumed the leaves from around the deck lid. I ask him if he was sure about this. He replied He was. I thanked him got in the car and prepared to leave. He then offer me an apology for making me angry. I told him I am not angry, but you should know you have just lost my business on all 3 of my vehicles for your employer. As a business owner customers are hard to come by. I can tell you if one of my employees allowed me to lose a LONG TIME customer without bringing the problem to someone’s attention besides themselves. I would fire there manager on the spot. YES THERE MANAGER The young man was Either mistaken or improperly trained or both. Regardless of why the ultimate blame falls on the manager for not having properly trained him to handle customers. Without me having written this review no one at that establishment would know what happened. I should have gone in and informed them. I did not. Because I had to get my car cleaned for a trip. Its hard work to find 1 new customers even harder to have to replace ones you had and fail to keep.

Alan Dossett

These guys make sure they get it done right.

Chance Mccollough

They used to be polite and act like they cared but now they just wanna push you through quick get your money and they don't even do a good job anymore. Better off going through a drive through and vacuuming it urself.

Elizabeth Hofstee

They did an awesome job on my car. Had tons of bugs grom my drive from Folrida. Took a long time but worth the wait

Donnis McPherson

We were able to get excellent service with cleaning our vehicle!!!

Nathan Rowe

Took my Ford fusion for a full detail. Wife got home with the car and it was scratches all over it.called the manager ( oh yeah bring it back and we will make it right) well after trying to make a appointment for him to see the damage I couldn't get him to return my call.So ya better have a painter on speed dial cause you will need him when your done down there.All them 4 and 5 star ratings are probably fake or friends with stock

Mario Garza

Good prices, and wonderful service. Took their time on it, and made it look a brand new car again. Highly recommend.

Allana Taylor

Always willing to help and never complain when you find a spot missed.

Bruce Campbell

Mike was excellent and the service was exceptional. Every time I drive down (twice a year) I will return.

Justus Truett

The self serve vacuum stopped working I called the number and Matthew said come across the road and we will vacuum it for you! Great service..

thomas edwardson

Fast in and out with a clean auto.


Placed a counterfeit $100 on the floor of my car just to see what would happen. Watched Mexican guy steal it lol... maybe he's dumb enough to spend it.

Frank Becker

Terrible place to work for. No regards to employee health and well being. No breaks are givin, no lunch breaks. Employees are made to work even when sick, even when bleeding and passing huge clots. Will not let them get off to go see a doctor. No respect for the employees. Shame on you , just shame. Poor management, wonder if the owners know how you are. If they do, them shame on them also.

Michael Ramirez

Great service and good quality for the prices. I highly recommend to anybody to stop by and get their car detailed.

Terry Chizek

Over priced car wash I have done a better job cleaning my car in my driveway.

Robert Harper

I have been here to get my truck washed several times. Always a good experience dealing with this business.

Mario Quintana

Easily spotted from the road it's located between marathon/motel 6 and the Chateu bayou. I came on fairly slow day, I was able to get right in. They do not have a list of services prior to pulling up to the greeter, Basically have to entrust that they don't try to sell you the largest or most expensive service. I had to ask what other options aside from the $59.99 "handwax special" they had. I went with the $39.99 which was without the hand was which had all the same services. I did add leather protection for my seats for an additional $12.99. luckily they do offer a MILITARY DISCOUNT. So it did come out to a reasonable $45.24 for the exterior wash, vacuum, full interior wipe down and polish. Covered the tires as well full clean and dress. I appreciate the work they did, hand dried the entire car and door jams included. The detail team did an excellent job! The waiting area offers various vending machines for beverages and snacks. Also offer various car fragrances and small accessories. They do offer coffee free of charge while you wait for your car. A limited of inside and outside seating. I will be coming back.

Mimi Fountain

They always do a wonderful job taking care of my car.

karen jones

Always been satisfied! They aim to please!!!

brian greenwald

Great job...just a little pricey

Verne Mayhew

Excellant prices, outstanding service, beautiful work on my cars.

Robert Wright

Truck hasnt looked that good in a long time!

Sam DePew

Very poor customer experience High pressure up sell. They do not display their pricing to customers. Reminds me of a used car lot with salespeople in a plaid sports coat. Let the buyer be ware!!!!

Doug Ellsworth

These guys do a great job of cleaning a car.

Trillian Swimm

Had a wonderful experience today from start to finish. The very friendly staff explained all my options and didn't pressure me to get services I didn't need or want just to make a sale which I appreciate greatly. My previously neglected car came out looking shiny and new in a short amount of time. They even have WiFi in the waiting room! I will definitely be back.

Steve Clark

Great service!

Ken Dickman

They never do a thorough job cleaning my car. They use a cloth towel on the glass that leaves smears. I always have to point out things they miss cleaning. They always try to upsell you. They are not an auto detailer, not professional.

Missy Ryan

Great job. Got here early in the morning my car is immaculate. Thanks


The self car wash in Ocean Springs never gives you the token for the vacuum which is a sham since you pay for it with the wash. Then when you call about it and they ask you to come over to the the office and don’t even care to help you, it’s irritating to say the least.

lori tanner

Every time I go price is never the same. When I tell them ,their answer is oh i dont know. Really there's a price list. All I get is hand wash. I do the inside, because they kind of can't do that part right. 3 times ur out.

Ceci Hammons

Employee stole almost $200 worth of personal items from my car. I waited about a month to post this to make absolute certain the items weren’t misplaced, but I am without a doubt they were taken. I realized immediately after and went back to speak with a manager about it, they refused to do anything, basically calling me a liar and denying any possibility my items were stolen. I am positive they were. Also, I bought a $40 car wash and they didn’t even do a good job, just took my stuff. Don’t go here unless you have literally nothing to lose. :)

Jerry Howell

Great service for fair price

Giada White

Took forever, young teenager girl working on my truck was busier looking prettier than try to get the job done in a timely manner, this place used to be so much better, now just a bunch of teenagers working there, which im not saying they are all lazy cause I've seen some really working hard but some really worthless, sorry, not what it used to be, people spend money there and we expect good service back

Deshá Andrews

They ripped the upholstery of my leather seats while cleaning them and then stated that they weren't responsible and I should have cautioned them to be careful with the leather.

Eric Williams

So they were great until they dented my vehicale. When I asked what happened one of the managers said o this looks like a shopping cart hit your car. Well sorry there sir I dont take this car to Walmart or any malls so no. He then said I even helped the guy wash your car. We didn’t mess it up. No you didn’t because I watched it go all the way through the tunnel. You were no where near my vehicale. They prolly messed it up during the vacuum process and did not want to fess up. Pretty much they don’t want to take owerneship of there mistakes.

Paul Keegan

Be careful and walk around your vehicle before AND after wash. Either someone bumped in to the rear of my car or the person moving my car backed in to the vehicle behind mine (6 speed trans. R & 1st close together). You can see where the license plate bolts dug in to my rear bumper cover. Brand new car with only 800 miles. My fault! Didn't notice damage until later that evening. Would be nice if someone would take responsibility and speak up. Good Luck with your vehicle.

Brad Hawkins

I've always been happy with the service I get from this location! McGee gets my car looking brand new every time!!! All the staff is very friendly to me! They will see me many times in the future! Thanks guy"s and ladies!

Anthony Ghost

Customer service right from the jump got a nice selection air fresheners inside a nice place for you to sit down wait while your car is getting done Drink Machine looks like free coffee in phenomenal customer service I've been to several different car wash places and Gulfport Biloxi Pascagoula and hands down this is number one in my book 5 out of 5 stars

Raymond Scrimpshire

These people are terrible they will take all the money they can talk you out of and do as little as possible! So anytime you got a Pocketful of money and want to get what half of it's worth just head on over to Classy Chassis in Ocean Springs they'll do you an awful job for as much money as you can afford!

Jimmy Blanton


Timothy Cope

Was 2nd in line when the store opened, waited 45 minutes before anyone touched my vehicle. The people cleaning the car did fine which is the only reason they're getting 2 stars here.

brently abilez

These guys have done a great job on our vehicles over the past 2 years. The pricing and packages are high and not very user friendly. Why can't there be a package that includes all the drive-thru wash options, vacuum, clean and armourall the whole interior including the rubber floor mats, and cleaning all the windows? Annoying...

John Carter

Start to finish very professional and detailed. Camaro looked great when finished and hand wax was very well done. Will be back.

Andy Massengill

That was a total waste of money and time!!!! Don't make the same mistake I did!!!! Wash was automated "slappers", hand dry wasn't bad, but the vacuum job ABSOLUTELY atrocious!!!! Find somewhere else.

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