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609 E Grant St, Minneapolis, MN 55404

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REVIEWS OF Ziebart IN Minnesota

E Hall

If you want excellent service then Ziebart is the place to go.

Tommy Eam

Man, if you need to get your vehicle done. Ziebart Minneapolis is the spot, and I can't say enough how friendly the staff there!!@ Ben is the man and he is such easy to work with. Of course you cant forget about Lindsay !! Get your vehicle done at Ziebart, you wont regret it!

Nicholas Bazant

Great experience overall! Needed a car detailed to get rid of smoke smell and Lindsey was very thorough in explaining exactly how they would clean it. Highly recommended!

Travis Gosselin

Bring two of my cars here come out great every time

Clay Conrad

Too many good things to say about Ziebart. Unbelievable work as always, I've gotten 7 vehicles taken care of by them, and all 7 have never had one issue, and the service is always fantastic. Lindsey in Minneapolis is honest, upfront and attentive to detail. Plethora of options to choose from, they saved me 130$ on just two services..Ill be back soon

Jason Anderson

Lindsay and his crew do a great job! Would highly recommend them

Colin Allen

Did my tint and it came out awesome all the way round. Would recommend.

James Tyler

This place has been hidden downtown for years. And they always tint my cars with quality products in a timely manner. The prices are similar to most places but the quality here is top notch. Me and my family have been bringing our cars here for years. I have personally had at least 10 of my cars tinted here. And i haven't had a single issue with peeling or anything.

John Barcomb

Always great service and prompt assistance from the crew here. I being all my cars here!

sx hippy

Adam Stevens

I had a great experience at Ziebart. The workers are all very professional and knowledgeable.

Lloyd Jordan

Top notch with his vast Professional Knowledge and years of experience knowing all makes and models of vehicles keeping up on new trends Lindsay is the one to go to he will work with you very friendly customer service makes you feel right at home !

Judy M.

Superlative interior cleaning of my car. Absolutely pristine. Lindsey and staff were personable, attentive, knowledgable. Plus Lindsey suggested a nearby coffee shop for my wait. Update: 2nd visit, this time to remove dishwasher detergent from the trunk. Fair price, top-notch service, got me in quickly!

John Pare

Had a wet sand and outside detail. The car looks better than it it did out of the showroom.

Timeka Kuhnley

Great customer service and great product! I had a car done in 2014 and one just the other day. Both times were amazing. Thank you!

Michael Meserve

Ziebart's customer service is second to non. Their staff goes above and beyond to make sure their customers are treated right. You don't find businesses like this very often these days. I had a particularly challenging car starter install where most companies would have turned the job done, these guys embraced the challenge. Thank you guys!!

Nick kong

Lindsay did a great job walking me through the options. He always had my interest in mind and wasn’t looking to make a quick buck. My replacement windshield looked great! I will be back for more of my window needs as well as their detailing service.

Cresandra Williams

These guys are the best. Wonderful customer service and awesome workmanship. There are other Ziebarts closer to my home but my husband and I have been going to this one for years,tried another location one time and hands down this one is the best.

Perry Phillips

Excellent protection. Very experienced workforce . Friendly.

Megan Hall

Ziebart did an amazing job tiniting my windows! Very prefessional! I would HIGHLY recommend.

Brian Winfrey

Went in for a simple window tint job. Guy behind the desk seems to have an attitude the entire time. I proceed to receive my car with 2 DENTS BELOW THE TAIL LIGHT. They refuse to take responsibility for damaging my car and I call corporate about it. They get in contact with the owner Steve who calls me and proceeds to act like a complete ass over the phone when he hasn't even seen the damage to my car in person. Claiming that it was nothing they did. UNBELIEVABLE! STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS! The strangest part is they added some kind of substance to the dent/scratch to try and hide it! WHO DOES THAT???

Mark EcKo

The job was great but the guy doing job was very hateful. He got mad for having to clean the windows on my car, I guess if your white they're cool with you but if your another race they get picky, nothing new this is Minnesota.

Helen Noury

Great service and an awesome window tint job.

Michael Crosby

Charlene Williams

Excellent Customer Service and Quality Auto Care, done by Experts. Ziebart, gets a 5 Star Plus Rating; they are Simply Nonpareil. "I highly recommend this company, to anyone who wants it done right the first time"and expects the work to last a long time'.

Jennie Kryptonite

After being referred by a friend to their window tinting service, I was greatly humbled and appreciative of the quality of customer service Lindsay provided and will be a returning customer and referral for future services

Chris Evans

I recently moved to Minnesota from a very small town in southern Ohio where everybody knows everybody, so when I looked online for a place to have my windows tinted on my 2018 Camry I stumbled across Ziebart's listing and I knew immediately that this is the place I would be giving my business to simply because I really appreciated that nearly every single review left by previous customers was personally responded to and it had that personal touch that's such a rarity it seems these days. I spoke with Lindsey when I arrived he was extremely courteous and helpful in helping me decide what option to choose for my vehicle. Best of all, when I picked up my vehicle I got a handshake and I was thanked for my business. Of course, the tint looked fantastic as well, but I just wanted to let everyone know that this is a fantastic business and I will definitely be a returning customer should I find myself in the market for any goods/services they offer.

kathleen bresine

My husband and I take all our cars here and have for many years. One of the only honest places I have found.

Samantha Fortier

Great service, love it here

Cat Salonek

These folks were amazing! Best car service I have ever had. I called at 10 am because a vandal smashed my window and by 12:30 my window was replaced all the glass cleaned up. I had great customer service the entire time. Often as a woman …

Steve Baker

I called and scheduled a car detailing after my car took on some water while parked on the street during a flash flood. The staff were friendly and professional, and they promptly fixed my swampy car smell. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Courtney Clark

WARNING! SCAM ALERT! STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS! I get a phone call from the owner Steve while my car is there being worked on. He states that because of how new my car is (2012), they need to order additional parts for my car for the keyless entry portion of the package I bought to be installed. This is going to cost me an additional $99. AWESOME! So not only am I not going to get everything I paid for in this visit, I'm going to have to return a THIRD time, and have to pay an extra 100 bucks that I wasn't told about when I originally paid for this package. (They were well aware of the car I had when I booked the appt). I said fine order the parts and I pay over the phone with my debit card. I ask how long are they going to take to get here.. etc. I was told I would receive a phone call when the parts came in. Three weeks go by and I never receive a phone call. I finally call and ask to speak to Steve the owner about where these parts are. He tells me they aren't here yet and to call back in a week or so. I literally call this business back about once a week for two months and get the run around from Steve-who is rude to me each time and acts like I'm annoying him. On one of these follow up phone calls about four months after the original service appt, there is now a new manager who answers the phone and she acts like I'm making up this entire story of me waiting for parts to be delivered etc. I had to explain the whole situation to her. I finally just ask for my money back- apparently these "additional parts are never going to arrive and I should just get my money back at this point. It's been like 4 months now and I'm STILL waiting for the service to be complete. She asks me where my receipt is- I tell her there is no receipt since I paid over the phone with Steve because he told me about the additional charges over the phone while my car was there being worked on the first time. I said please just put me on the phone with Steve since she has no idea who I am or the struggle I've had with this business for the past 4 months. Steve is who I've had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with this entire time. She refuses to let me talk to Steve on the phone- she says the owner does not come into the business (this is obviously a lie, I've spoken to him there more than a dozen times-he's now avoiding my calls apparently?). I tell her I can print out my bank statement that shows that I paid for the parts over the phone. She hung up. I'm furious at this point and send my boyfriend into the business in person to talk to the owner- if they're not going to deliver on the service I paid for then I just want my money back. The owner refused to refund any of my money. He basically just screamed at my boyfriend to get out when he asked for any of my money back. I mean come on it's been months and they still haven't delivered on the service I've paid for! Plus they charged me an extra $100 bucks for "additional parts" that my car never saw! SCAM! My boyfriend ended up speaking to the police based on the behavior/threatening at the business when he asked for a refund. He was basically told to contact the better business bureau. There was nothing the police could do about it. I called the business back a couple of days later to try to come to a resolution. I asked to speak to Steve. The manager said Steve's not here and hung up the phone on me. I called right back and Steve answered the phone this time and screamed through the phone at me that If I ever called back he would "put a restraining order against me". Excuse me? You're the ones ripping me off! I know this has been a long rant, but I felt the need to warn other unexpecting consumers from these horrible people. Stay away from these scam artists! I never even received the original package I paid and was ripped off an additional $100.

Al Sipple

Always on time and great work

Will Kessler

Courteous and knowledgeable staff. Spoke with Steve and got expert recommendations on how to treat an auto rust situation, and exterior detailing. Definitely recommend.

Mohamed Osman

Thank you very much

Birdie Corleon

Came in and got my windows tinting & they did a great job I recommend ziebart to all my family and friends been getting work done here for over 13 years hands down they are the best in town

Jolene Bauer

Ziebarts off E Grant was highly recommended by a friend that has all his cars done there. I brought my vehicle in today for tint and I swear I was leaving with a brand new car! They did such Wonderful job, and they stand by their work which is hard to come by these days.

Ray Posterick

Staff did a great job undercoating my 1979 Firebird. Aftercare explained well. Car delivered clean.

Rebecca Parrell

My OLD car looked awesome again. My 75-year-old dad drove up in the dark, came in the house, and asked why we got the car repainted. (We didn't, just an exterior detailing looking GREAT.)

Samuel Lee

I walked in to check tint prices and was out the door with an excellent product in less than an hour. Great price and friendly owner.

Natasha G

Lindsey and team did a great job on my vehicle. I went in for a detail and windshield replacement and could not be happier. They were friendly and efficient, focusing on exactly what I wanted done. I will absolutely use this company again!

C Mae

Called for estimates on a few different things. Got a ball park range and was told it would be give or take. Scheduled an appointment and paid almost exactly what the woman in the office gave me for a price range. Thanks ziebart - my car looks perfect!

Jeff Paske

This place is great. They provide a great product, great customer service, and also have great pricing. I really can't ask for much more. Big thumbs up from me.

Courtney Shay

Called today for detail services. Easy communication, great prices.

Sheila Willson

The person who took my car keys and walked me through the process was very helpful and patient. I asked to be called when the cleaning process was winding down and that’s exactly what happened! I was immediately met with a warm welcome when I picked up my car, a person walked me around my car so I could inspect the cleaning to make sure I was completely satisfied with it. I even noticed that they fixed small things (ex. They re-adhered my remote start box that had fallen off my windshield a few months ago). My car was very clean and the people who took care of my transaction and my car seemed very professional, knowledgeable, and quick. I’ll definitely be back next time I need my car detailed.

paul pizzimenti

Great place, friendly ppl, great prices, good service.


Excellent service at Z! Fraenkel did a great job. On time and in budget. Real pro

Allyson Webber

Trevor Hulke

Had my windows tinted last week and they look great!! I recommend anybody that wants their windows tinted to go see Lindsey! He'll take care of you and have your car looking good!!

Dilan M

Went to Ziebart to get a Rhino spray in bed liner on my truck. They did everything on time, and my bed liner came out awesome. It had good, clean lines, good thickness, it was definitely worth every penny. Plus, the staff was great to work with. Will be back for more services.

Jim Strout

I'm usually not the type of person to write reviews, but if I can help someone that was in my position I would. I have a 2014 GMC 2500 with just over 30,000 miles on it. I was starting to notice a little bit of rust and figured I should get it protected considering the price of a new one, and this truck is in good shape with low miles. I went to Ziebart and they sent a guy to look at the underside of my vehicle, he told me the bed would have to come off, and the truck would need to be sandblasted, due to rust. I thought there is no way possible, the guy took some pictures and explained the problem that GMs factory coating causes. Just looking at the pictures I couldn't believe my truck looked that bad underneath. I was a little hesitant to move forward but the knowledge the guy had made me trust what he was saying. I let them do the work, and when I showed up to pick it up, it was like a brand new truck under there. They took pictures of every single step, sent them to me, went over everything they did. They were profession, knowledgeable people. If you want someone that knows what their doing to protect your vehicle its them.

Darryl Hudson

They do a great job period

shahmeel khakwani

Lindsay was great to work with. Had last minute decision changes but he accommodated them without any trouble or hesitation. Got my stuff dome before the promised time and the quality of tint work was just like OE manufactured glass. Will be my go-to place from now on. Just drop your car off on the way to work and pick it up on your way back. Thank you for everything!

Matt Dechaine

Ziebart undercoated my truck and did a great job. Im happy wirh the results and they were professional.

Rick Cullen

I've been a customer of Ziebart for probably close to twenty years now I've had multiple cars undercoated, and brought them back yearly for the touch ups, they helped me out on the fly when my daughter spilt her cup of juice in the back seat, I've gotten truck accessories from them, and I feel like the list goes on from there. I've recommended them to many people, they're friendly, personable people, but their also reliable and understanding which you don't find often anymore. Two thumbs up Ziebart and thank you guys for your services over the years

Quinn Trabold

Awful experience. Forgot to write original appointment in the schedule. Went all the way back got quoted a price, signed off for it only to get called and told I was quoted the wrong price. Then was told I was a rude customer and was not welcome. Awful attitude problem. Work is good but would NEVER go back.

Tobey Poirier

Mark Straffin

I purchased a brush guard for my son's Pathfinder and I realized a lift was needed to install it properly. I am familiar with Ziebart and gave them a call. Allyson got me in right away and sent me a picture three hours later with the product installed and it looked amazing. I asked her since they had it in the shop could they install a pair of KC lights on the brush guard to really dress it up. Two hours later she sent me a picture of the lights installed and it looks amazing. Window tint is next on the list and I will certainly call Ziebart again.

Josh Clark

I got a rhino done on my truck, very impressed with how it came out. Would recommended.

omar whittaker

great service and best prices in town highly recommend.

Chip Chang

Was initially offered a rust protection service through the dealership and so glad I said no. I reviewed the service they used and saw subpar reviews, then found Ziebart. I took my car to get rust protection and other services. Lindsay was awesome! He was professional, honest, and incredibly helpful.

Azalia Bushrod

Over priced. Got job done for a lot less, professional, and with warranty.

Stephen Crutchfield

Thanks for the window tint and alarm system on my 95 Cadillac Seville. The tint looks real cool and had added more attraction to the car! Will definitely be back... THANKS

Tiawanna Johnson

Ziebart is a great place to work and it's a friendly atmosphere

C Schmidt

I have window tinting put in my vehicle at Ziebart on Grant St E and was very pleased with the entire process. Everything was explained up front and there were no hidden fees or surprises. The application took less time than estimated and the final product was great. I would go back for further tinting and also recommend this place for quality work at a great price.

Jamison Langer

I talked with two different people at Ziebart. One at drop-off and one at pick-up. Both were extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They made me feel like my van was in good hands. I hope to do business with either or both of them again in the future. The manager Lindsay Fraenkel was great to work with. He let me know as soon as my work van was ready to minimize my down time and get it right back to work. I'm lost without my van because it's my "toolbox on wheels" and he was very understanding of that.

Shane Mallick

I have been here a few times. I always get the best service from the owner. Once in awhile the crew misses a few things, so I complete them at home. It is too really a big deal. They still deserve a full 5 stars to say the least.

Robert Sanichar

Very professional and quality work!

Chris Dolan

After seeing the great reviews I decided to take the 4Runner I bought a week before to Ziebart to get it a deeper clean. The dealership had pretty much just vacuumed it, and wiped it down with Armor All. I went with the total interior package, shampooing, everything. $160-something out the door. At Ziebart I showed them some areas on the seats and headliner that were particularly dirty as an example. They said no problem. I went to pick up the 4runner and immediately noticed that the spots I pointed out weren't even touched. The headliner and door pillars were filthy. Even the radio knobs had dirt rings around them that I easily wiped off with my finger. They didn't bother to shampoo the edge of the seat, just the middle. The person helping me acknowledges the issues (same person when I dropped it off) and grabs a spray bottle and rag to quickly wipe some areas I pointed out. There was clearly hours of work left, and he was done in a minute. I pay for the work, unhappy and head home. I later spent hours cleaning the rest of the car myself and finding that they didn't bother to clean the most simple surfaces. I waited a month to cool down and write this review, and I'm still extremely disappointed. It was a total waste of money and i couldn't recommend anyone getting their car actually detailed here. The pictures are AFTER the detail.

Vicki Teske

I was staying downtown Minneapolis and someone knocked out my window with a brick. Ziebart located a replacement window and had it replaced in less than 3 hours. They were great so work with and understanding of what was a traumatic situation for me. Thank you!

Roger Cote

Second to none very pleased.

Travel Guys

almost considered getting the groupon deal for another place , reconsidered once I remembered how complete and flawless my last tint job came out of this shop. Looking forward to seeing your work again next weekend! Not the cheapest out there & definitely not the most expensive, but the ratio of quality to price surely blows competitors out of the water. BRING YOUR CAR HERE. They handle your car like they own it. Other shops will damage your interior, unlike these guys :)

Richard Mankin

Called for info, guy was rude on the phone, didn't seem like they wanted my business.


Lindsey: Great customer service and Great work. I highly recommend this Ziebart.

Dustin Humfeld

The quality of work was satisfactory and the staff was very friendly. My only knock is that it was overpriced compared to others in the area.

Juan Vazquez

04 Nissan Titan. I got my front windows tinted, service was quick less than 40 minutes. Windows is 99.9% cover (only Pro can do that), I was told that after a week all the bubbles will go away. And it did, but there are some foreign …

Anders Gurda

Might look a little rough on the outside, but it’s a solid deal for great work, great communication, and great service.

Byron Blaine

I have been here for window tinting for several of my cars. The quality of workmanship is very good! The staff is courteous and knowledgeable. Thank you Ziebart for another great experience.

Antoine Donaldson

Polite staff! And they work quick

Andrea A

They did such a great job doing an interior detail! My car is like it is brand new again. The place is super friendly and reasonably priced!

Derrick Banks

I’m tell y’all this this is one of the best places in Minnesota I been going there sense 1998 to get my windows tinted holler at my peoples over there let them know D-Banks sent you I give them 10 starts ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Jonathan Schaller

Need window tint? Yep, this is the only place you'll ever need to go again. So I got my windows tinted 7 years ago on a beautiful Jag, I'd never gotten tint done before and it was flawless and perfectly to the edge all around, just beautiful. My next vehicle I had the dealers guy who he recommended do the tint, huge mistake. I didn't look closely at the time but there were gaps all around the edges and in hindsight it was terrible. Just got my new truck limo tinted here at Ziebart downtown again, and dealt with Lindsay again, who also is fantastic to work with, and learning from my mistakes in the past, and low and behold, once again, perfectly cut all around! I would even say that if you didn't know the tint was added you would think they came from the factory that way. I will never go to any other store again for tinting, this is the best. There might be others who match the quality, but the only time I strayed and used someone else, I regretted it for about five years of owning that vehicle! So, I know for sure now that I will get the best quality each and every time here! Thank you guys, amazing work!

Ron Brytag

"Kept time of appt and was done at time stated. Courteous and professional. A+"

Abraheem Minnesota

Bad customer service

Gary Holloway

Good customer service, work they perform is even better.

B Dank


So got it done last August called them early September to do anuail inspection first thing girl tells me " your out of warranty any way" oh that's good thanks for the reminder. "Doesn't matter because we can't get to you until december anyway". Ok thanks forget it. Also by the way when you fill the drain holes in the doors water pools in the door. "That's your truck nothing with what we did" like I can take a picture right now. Bad staff, bad managment. The guy that refered me is going going to get an ear full. Would not recommend this company. Brian.

Lyndsay Reese

I've gotten my windows tinted and had my car detailed by Ziebarts and I have had a wonderful experience both times! All of the workers were informative and pleasant to me while I was there both times. Also by car was done either on time or before the estimated time! I highly recommend this company for both of those services.

becly barger

Fast, efficient, and super nice. I highly recommend them :)

Jeremy Harty

They did an amazing job both inside and out of my heavily used work truck. They gave it back to me looking like it just came off the showroom floor. Lindsay and his crew all deserve a raise

Keya broadnax

Ziebart on E Grant street gives speedy service and very affordable prices. I made an appointment about a week out because that is what they had available, but as soon as someone canceled they called me to see if I would like to move my appointment up. So I took my new Honda accord to get the windows tinted and they were done within the time frame they told me. 3 days later the tints look great and I have a lifetime warranty if I am not satisfied or there is a problem with them. The shop is tiny but efficient, I would recommend.

phillip camp

The service and the quality of work was great.

Boom D

Great customer service! I got a handshake and and thank you which is rare these days. Got the job done faster than expected with great quality. I’ve been here many times and every time is always pleasant.

Dave Bucklin

Prompt service, excellent work.

Charlotte Minogue

I took my cat there after some one vandalized my windshield. They offered me a new windshield and put it in. Great service. Well user them again and refer others there

Parker Cornwell

This place is absolutely phenomenal!!! I dropped a friend off to pick up his truck, loved the tint he put on his vehicle and needed some myself. The office, service tech and I were able to work out a quick deal they took my vehicle on spot and got it done within a couple hours. I'm sure I just got extremely lucky and they are usually pretty busy but their customer service and work was extremely well done! I will absolutely be recommending this place to all my friends!

Rachel Mottet

Great experience with Ziebart detailing my car. I brought it to them in a pretty gross state and they got it looking like new! Not to mention, Lindsay was incredibly professional. He shook my hand and thanked me for my business. EXCELLENT customer service. I will come back! Cote

Good service, good price

Aram Eskridge

Lindsey is the REAL DEAL folks. I have brought in 2 different vehicles to this Ziebart and both experiences were awesome. My first service was replacing a window tint that had begun to bubble, which they were able to quickly schedule and do within a week or so of coming in. Most recently I brought in a different vehicle to have a remote start installed. During the installation Lindsay discovered there was an issue with my ignition and promptly got in touch with a locksmith who was able to assist me in getting the additional repairs done that were needed. During the entire process I felt like the shop went above and beyond to help me out, and I am very appreciative of such a great little shop right outside of downtown. There is nothing super fancy about this place, but don't let that deter you from having your car worked on here. I highly recommend this place!

kosh hako

great service and ontime no delay

Brad Duranceau

Brought my 04 Subaru Forester xt in for window tinting, interior and exterior detailing. I am beyond happy with how everything came out. Can't remember the exterior ever looking this good. The windows look amazing and same with the inside of the car. I would highly recommend ziebart.

Elliott colby

Just brought my truck back to Ziebart for the second time. First time I had a remote starter installed and the second time was a buffing/wet sanding of the whole driver side of my truck. VERY impressed with their quality of work and customer service! Steve and his crew are people you can trust and depend on. If you want the job done right the first time, I HIGHLY recommend Ziebart in Biddeford!

D Banks

Best window tint place in town I’ve been going there for 25 years to get my windows tint on all my cars and trucks

Sonny Crocket

I bring ALL of my vehicles to Ziebarts for window tint; Lifetime warranty on tint and tint is very good quality... The last couple of times I was there I didn't even need an appointment they did it same day! I tell everyone to go there for tint. They also do many many other services!

K Johnson

My company is located in Dallas, TX. A recent promotion required me to search out and work with 3 local area Minneapolis service providers.The E. Grant St. Ziebart was one of those providers. From the initial discussion through my/our final conversation I found Lindsey and his team to be very knowledgeable, accommodating, professional, and dependable. Lindsey had a great price and backed his service up with a 10 year warranty. Most important, my client seems very pleased and that makes me/us VERY happy! I sincerely appreciate Lindsey and team making my "visit" to the Minneapolis area as painless as possible. 6/26/2014

Esmir Kadric

You’re not getting any better then the ziebart downtown I’ve been coming here for years always good work in a timely manner

Rediet Affan

I run a limousine business for the past 7 years and I get my tint and detailing with this location for long time. After I read some of the reviews I didn't find them quite right so I decide to get my side review. Friendly service, affordable price and every time the tint come of for some reason they replaced it quick enough to get my cars back to the road!

Elysia McDunn

I’ve been coming here for years for window tint and they always do a fantastic job. Very friendly, quick and great warranty. Thank you!

Jack Daniels

One word describes this place; QUALITY. Talk to Lindsey, the owner. He'll get you exactly what you want.

Ray Seville

Always the best service and there upfront with it

Ashley Aceto

Had my Nissan Altima tinted there, and I absolutely love it. will recommend Ziebart to all my friends!

Michael B

Unbelievable job done tinting my windows for the best price in Minneapolis

Warwick Varney

I don't feel compelled to write online reviews often, but feel it my duty to when I receive exceptionally good or bad service. Unfortunately, in this case, it's the latter. There's a good rule of thumb that you can really only measure someone's level of Customer Service when you really need it. This is usually when something goes wrong. Today, something went wrong with my job, and while it could have been resolved quite easily it was handled completely wrong, leaving me an angry and unsatisfied (former) customer. I had my car booked in for a window tinting job first thing this morning. Simple job: remove the tinting from the 2 front windows, and replace it with Maine compliant tinting (the car is from the south and has 60% tinting on the front windows which is not Maine legal). I dropped the car of at 8:30 as agreed, and was told it was second in line to be done, and should be more than 3 hours. I ran some errands and on my way home over 3 hours later I called to see if the car was ready. I was told it was next in line to be worked on. Strange, as I was told the same thing first thing in the morning. 2 hours later I called back again and was told they were "just starting to remove the old tint from the windows now, and it should be ready about 3/3:30pm". I had no choice but wait, but then I realized that I had to have the car later in the day, so I called back. This time I spoke to a technician, who told me that it the delays were due to a problem with the doors to their shop being stuck. He agreed to have the car ready for me in 15 minutes to pick up. I went to pick the car up, thinking it would have no tint on the front windows (as I had been told it was being removed). At least that way I would be able to get the car inspected and stickered, as right now is has no sticker (because the tint is too dark). Imagine my surprise when I get there and absolutely nothing has been done to the car. Knowing I have no sticker and the car is not road legal, I was expecting them to bend over backwards to get my tinting done so that I could take to the road without the fear of being pulled over (I've already been pulled over once for not having a sticker. I got away with a warning but I'm not going to be so lucky second time around). My message to Ziebart: make some effort to satisfy your customers, for instance: squeeze me in between other appointments, don't take lunch tomorrow, work a bit late to get the job done, do anything you can to make me feel like you care. Don't tell me "sorry, we don't have any appointments available for another 5 days, we can see you then". Don't lie to me about why the job's taking so long. If you've had equipment failure, own up to it, and then do everything you can to mitigate the problem. Today I did not receive good customer service, and an attitude like Ziebart's is going to end up with someone giving them a 1-star review online.

Jan Kohout

Wonderful customer service and the results of the tinting is perfect. I've already recommended to others.

John Cook

Robyn Chester

Always a Great job, will not take my cars any place else. I've already recommended friends/family and they are just as satisfied!!!

Anna Weiland

Completely satisfied and impressed! Very professional and personable service - will absolutely return when needed and recommend to others. Thank you Lindsey & team!

Tony Gonneville

I don’t normally write reviews, but Ziebart is an exception. I bring my car her at least three times a year for a complete detail, and it always comes out looking brand new. Staff is great and always go through stuff with me, and answer any questions I have. Would totally recommend to anyone looking for a good detail!

Freakn Love Cats

I’ve never had luck with vehicles so choosing a place to care for my car is a big decision. Bringing my car to Ziebart was the best decision I’ve made for all of my cars needs (or wants).

Erik Sanborn

My car was scratched when I picked it up from being detailed. They told me it was there but I know it wasn't.

Jake Varney

Got my interior detailed. Came out great and Megan at the front desk was very nice and easy to work with. Truck came out like new again!!

Felipe Munoz Jr.

Went in for window tinting car was done 30 minutes later and it looks great. Will be going back to tint back windshield.

Peter Pluwak

I have used Ziebart for four of my vehicles and have never been disappointed. When it came to sell the car, not one spec of rust. Friendly and knowledgeable service.

Tim Solle

Quick service and it was free. I recommend these guys at ziebart.

Nick Larsen

Been going to this place for years, and they have done window tint on 7 of my vehicles, from front windows to an entire vehicle. Always A+ service from Lindsay and great pricing too.

fabian gonzalez

Wonderful work and a very friendly and respectful shop. Ziebart is by far one of the best auto shops I have visited. Do yourself a favor and stop on by!

Amber Smith

The guys are very nice here. Lindsay is so helpful and always is happy to help in any way. This was my second time here and I plan on returning!!

abel serwana

I would recommend ziebart to anyone who wants to get there windows tinted. Lindsey was very professional and very easy to talk to. They did a great job tinting my car. I came with my freind to get our car tinted and we all left with a smile on our face. It has been a couple of months now since we got our cars tinted so far i have no complaints.

Chloe Parrett

I've brought all 4 of my cars here. They've done tints on all 4 cars, alarm system, and detailing on one car. Lindsey has always done such an amazing job on all my cars! I always recommend his services to everyone!

Alec Chiquoine

My experience with Ziebart was outstanding. A bottle of apple cider vinegar had broken open in my car and soaked into the carpet under the front passenger seat. It smelled awful! I'd tried to suction it out with water, baking soda, and a shop vac, which helped some, but did not solve the issue. Ziebart got me in the next day and did a full interior detail, paying special attention to the area where the vinegar spilled. I got my car back the same day, it was incredibly clean (they'd even washed the outside, free of charge), and most importantly, no smell! It was pretty remarkable. Service was great and I thought the price charged was fair. I highly recommend Ziebart for detailing work and I will definitely be using them again in the future.

Isha Thawon

Great services, owner is amazing at what he does!

Riter Kit

I have had 6 or 7 vehicles done by Lindsey over the past 12 years and I wouldn't think of any other place to go, for the next 12+ years! I also do not write reviews, unless completely taken back by a service...this speaks volumes!


The work is done well for a reasonable price and the staff are very friendly. Thank you Lindsay and the staff at Ziebart Minneapolis!

James Sandifer

Great place I loved the service,very helpful

Ray Leaver

I have had Lindsay working on the rust prevention of my vehicles for nine consecutive years. The underside of both vehicles are showroom clean. I highly recommend his service.

Helen Lamb

Needed batteries for my remote car starter very helpful prices good

Timothy Furman

This place has a bad rep...Be on the look out for trouble! I had some of the same issues as others

Wendy Webb

I had something drip onto the roof of my car in my parking garage and it wouldn't come off. I called another service company and they told me it was catastrophic. The roof needed to be stripped and painted and it would cost thousands of dollars. Then a friend told me about Lindsey at Ziebart. Before I could even describe what was wrong he said: "Sounds like lime. Chances are we can buff it out." I brought it in the next day and that's what he did... for $168. Awesome customer service.

Kelly Sprague

Ziebart is the best....hands down. Great customer service! Lindsay goes above and beyond to meet the needs of his clients. Great prices and speedy service, what more could you ask for? I've been a client for over 10 years, I highly recommend Ziebart. Just ask for Lindsay.

John Jeske

Needed my car clay barred to remove small iron deposits. These deposits were everywhere and hard to remove with over the counter products. I was more than happy with the results. My car is white which made it easy to see the difference upon completion. They completed my car within the time-frame originally quoted, and will always use these guys for my detailing needs. Thanks guys!

Angelica Granero

Lindsay is great! He definitely helped me out when I had my car broken into. I've taken 8 cars to have windows tinted and fixed windows! Thanks Lindsay! I definitely reccomend coming to this location

Toyi Toyisson

Great place, i recommended you 100% satisfaction. Thanks again for tint my 2014 Audi A6...

Janice Callaway

Professional, quality and fast work

Pure Root

Excellent customer service great work and I highly recommend anyone to go here.

Todd Ferrara

Great value, service was awesome ...I’ll be back !


Got my car windows tinted, the staff was friendly and did a great job!

Glen Ingram

Came in this morning for window tint and Everything was beyond good! Will definitely recommend and come back in the future. Thanks for the Service ZIebart.

James Dang

Lindsay is very cool guy and has plenty of knowledge. Got my exterior detailed, but not all the scratches came out which i believe could be worked out with a little more effort. However, the car did shine way better afterwards, just not sure it was worth the $300 i spent.

JC Dampier Jr

Great customer services and great tint job. If I ever need a tint job again I will definitely go back.

Laura Cluff

My experience was similar to Courtney's in that I had a problem with the product I purchased and kept getting the run around from them instead of following through with a solution. I purchased a set of Weathertech windshield deflectors this summer. The two front ones are installed in the track but the rear are glued on. Chris was very specific in the instructions. Do not open the rear windows for 2 days to be sure the glue sets. I waited 3 before I opened the windows. That weekend the first one fell off. The car behind me ran over it. I was able to retrieve what was left of it and stopped to see Chris on Monday. His response was something like "yeah, sometimes that happens with that style. We don't really even offer those anymore" That would have been useful information to have before I purchased them as they did have others to choose from but he offered to replace them and told me he'd call when they came in so I left happy. Several weeks later the other rear one fell off traveling on a bumpy road at night. I went back the next day but was unable to locate it. I called Chris to let him know and to check on the replacements. He hadn't heard anything but told me to make sure I held on to the one I do have because the company will want it back. He'll call me. A couple more weeks go by & I call him. Weathertech doesn't make that style anymore. I suggests I return them, get a refund & get something different. I say great. He says hold on to the broken one. He will check with the owner on how to do this & get back to me. Another week or so goes by & I call again. This time I get the same exact story I got last time I called. I said I know you told me that two weeks ago when I called. He still need to check with the owner to see what he wants to do. Fine I say I'll call you tomorrow. I got busy & forgot to call. They did not call me. The following week I had an appointment in the area. I decided to stop by and see what they had to say this time. Chris did not seem surprised to see me. This time he says that Weathertech has discontinued that style and is just not going to make good on the product. He offers to check with his distributor to see what they can do and off course says he'll get back to me. That was 2 weeks ago and I have not heard back from them. It is now the end of October & I have finally decided to stop calling. Its a shame they are the only local place for some of these items. Over the years I purchased seat covers, mats, even a car starter from them and never had a problem but I won't go back.

Penelope GUZMAN


Samantha Kaner

Brought my car in wanting to get a rust-prevention job done, but Lindsay told me if it were his car he would hold off because it should run just fine for the next ten years without it. He could have just taken my money and done the job, but I respect the integrity of telling me what he honestly would do.

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