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1200 1st St S #4231, Willmar, MN 56201

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REVIEWS OF Walt's IN Minnesota

Jack Sparrow225

Locally owned convenience store and gas station. Great place to fill up not only because of good service and prices but also, FREE POPCORN! Wether you like it or your kids do, it’s a nice touch. Oil change is fast and the waiting room, (yess there is a waiting room) has free beverages and popcorn as well. There is also a great car wash, either automated or manual as well as Vacuums, scent dispensers and free air.

Shane Knesting

I actually have worked with all of the management and owners that currently on the facility now great team of guys great group of guys I highly recommend getting your car washed getting your fuel there getting your oil changed even great place in general

Sara Dunlap

Best car wash ever!

Josh Danielson

Great car wash and friendly staff.

Doug Madrid

Great place for gas and car wash.

jason mccarthy

Love this place

Karen Lefever

Great service every time I go to Walt's. Always clean.

DVS fisticuffs

Nice place

Bobbi Germolus

Excellent customer service!! Happy and very helpful employees!! I'll be back for sure!!

Debra Slagter

Thank you for your kindness in giving me a $50 gas card as I am receiving radiation treatments at the Willmar Cancer Center for breast cancer. It was a very nice surprise receiving your gift. Your generosity will never be forgotten.

Jessica Mata

Lowest price on gas always

Robbert Stone

Great staff ... Family Friendly!

Matt Anderson

Nice clean friendly place! Sometimes it's a little tough to navigate through as this is a very popular spot and there's always a ton of action! Get gas, oil change, car wash, and popcorn!!

Jose Martinez

I like that they have a place were I can put free air in my tires. Keep up the good job guys

Ethan Fischer

Confusing but fast air pump.

Melissa Knott

I just had the greatest experience at Walts and immediately called my sister to tell her that "this is the best part of living in a small town and the reason we support local businesses". I got an oil change after waiting maybe 10 minutes (the car in front of me was having trouble). Mike met me at my car, thanked me for waiting, and presented me with a free car wash for the delay. I truly didn't mind waiting. The service is great and totally worth the wait. Anyway, my kids and I went in to color, eat popcorn, and wait and the whole deal took less than 10 minutes. Then, he gave my 4yo a treat (for her AND her little brother) for which she was entirely smitten. This is the kind of service that keeps bringing you back. All the stars for Walts, their incredible service, and their spectacular ownership. What a feel-good experience. See you in 3,000 miles!

Darin Hanson

Great customer service

Jared Groebner

Best car detailers in 100 miles!!! You want a new car, have them clean your old one.

Jamie Jensen

Should have a service where they clean your car out like Don's Car Wash in Fargo,Nd

JoeSadie Savig

The best car wash around. Fast friendly service in the 10 min oil change.

Ken Korbl

Walt's has always been a leader in the community of Willmar. They offer oil changes and other small auto maintenance services, automatic and self serve car wash, car detailing by appointment, and offer employment opportunities to several people who have developmental disabilities, all on top of offering gasoline and diesel.

John Evans

Either you're going to leave with a stripped out oil plug, filter not tight, low on fluids, or they just don't have enough time to make sure to spray off all the mud and dirt in your wheel wells. High priced took 3 hrs to flush a radiator in a mini van with the machine that does all the work for them got home and had to buy more antifreeze because it was empty and oil plug leaked half my oil because they stripped out the plug

Michael Dockman

Good service

Tyler Hansen

Great place for an oil change unlike Walmart. In and out so quick too!

Steven Tammen

I love going to Walts! I know I will always be greeted with a smile and a Thank you! I love the points system, the car wash is the best in town, & gas pumps are always clean!

Ben Nelson

Gas stations and car washes with service like this are a dying breed. Glad Willmar has this place. Fast, friendly oil changes and car washes. Check it out!

Ridwan Dah

Great team of workers. Came in thinking I just needed to air my tires , but it got pretty bad due to the plate ripping off the tire. The team was able to put the spare tire in for me for FREE! Willmar's Waltz service is one of kind and I will be going there from now.

Sam Romain

Minus the staff making sexual approaches to my girlfriend and female friends the car wash is decent. Gas is the same as anywhere else and they don't sell tobacco. On the plus side they do have really good popcorn.

Hidid Djdj

Most expensive gas in town and no ciggerettes are sold.

Jeff Martinka

Always friendly folks and small town feel. Not to mention delicious free popcorn!

Dianne Parker

Thorough car wash

Pat G

The oil change people are friendly and FAST. In my opinion they don't try to sell you anything you don't need, however, the prices here reflect the convenience, so you'll pay a bit more. Overall I'd say it's worth it if you don't want to spend a ton of time messing around with appointments etc at a shop. The car wash here is one of the better ones in town, also very fast. The gas station part is pretty small due to limited space but they've got the essentials.

Charles Schneider

Best service in the area!!! I appreciate their attention to detail.

Jeshua Thao

Very quick! Nice crew! Got my oil changed asap!

Larry Bjork

Always have had friendly service and there oil change center is always on top of everything. May not be the cheapest in town but the service has always been worth it.

Duane Kamstra

Had my oil change done there. Fast and professional!

Darlene Peterson

I like Walt's good service

Melissa Walsh

always great service. clean, friendly, helpful employees.

tamara mohr

Good quality service

Sthyvalyz Aguilar

Very great friendly service amazing job!

David Peterson

I like the E-

Holley Franklin

We drive 45 miles just to get our oil changed at Walt's. Last time we had it done we opted for the "premium" oil I guess. It lasted almost 6 months. Definitely got our bang for our buck on that one. Solidifying our loyalty!

Tom Jansen

This is hands down, the best car wash I've ever seen in my 40 plus years of washing my vehicles

Trevor Zimmerman

Good service.

Dave Graves

Always a super friendly staff in the oil change area. The best waiting room in! It's nice to go to an establishment that managed shows up in thier employees and quality of service.

Ben Lanners

Best car wash in Willmar.

Alex Bondhus

In my opinion, Walt's has the best carwash in willmar. I go here feeling confident that my car will be clean when it comes out the other side of the wash.

tina schenk

Best in/out oil change I've had. Consistently fast and professional.

Chris Cave

Dont care much for the gas prices, and they dont sell Tabaco products, but their Self-serve carwash is amazing. $3 minimum for a wash, and if you go here often enough enough, you're better off paying for tokens vs. quarters. Although twords the end of the day, some of the bays are kinda dirty. If you want a clean bay, you're better off washing your car in the morning. Like 7:30 am. Love this place.

Diane Weber

Very helpful customer service and the car wash is superb. Give those guys a tip for washing your car before you go in and after you go out. They aim to please!

Jason Miller

The car wash is by far the best around. Still have not tried the detail center.

Miguel Montez

Free popcorn. Nice

Lonnie Ellingson

Great place to gas up , get a car wash or oil change

Fernando Hermelinda Lopez Cid

Nice staff, i always wash my cars there, a hose wasn't working right when I was done washing my truck I let them know they gave me some tokens back nice deed, and they have free popcorn (never got some but hey who's giving for free?)


Awesome oil change place!

r g

Went in for an oil change, guy asked me if I wanted a car wash and I said sure. I asked for tires to be put to 39 psi. Guy came in to the wait room and told me of some things that needed changing, I asked for a grand total quote, he returned with a quote and I agreed. When it came time to pay, the price was different than the quote. I asked why the difference, after going back and forth the cashier who I assume was the manager told me that the first guy didn't know about things that cost different and taxes. If he doesn't know then he shouldn't give me a quote. Whatever, I paid the higher price and looked at the car, there was less air in the tires than when I got there. Sure enough, they had been set for 35psi. Put more air in the tires and headed for the car wash. Went through and when I get out there are streaks everywhere. It is as if the wash just missed, on top of that there are little lint strands all over my black car, most likely from the drying towels. Then I happen to look at the idiot sticker to see when I am due again. It's the wrong sticker, bring it back in and the guy finally makes me the correct one after making a big deal of checking to make sure I don't drive a red malibu. I have liked going here in the past, but this was just a horrible disappointment.

Deborah Mcdowell

The best place in town for friendly service

Dan Schuld

Walts is everything you need for a busy day or a road trip. People here make you feel welcome. Fast oil change that wont make pay more then you need to. The owners are willing to talk out and issues. Why wouldn't want to come here and help local businesses. Money spent in town help the town grow.... P.S Hi Matt

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