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10921 Excelsior Blvd, Hopkins, MN 55343

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REVIEWS OF Car Wash IN Minnesota

Palak Agarwal

not a good experience at this place. I bought their package#2 but they did not wipe the dash and interior, did not hand wash the wheels, did not apply tire shine on it, no wax and there were still bugs on the front of my car. My car did not dry properly either. They did nothing that was shown in the package that I bought for $20. Any standard gas station car wash does a better job than this place for half the price. Never going back again its a waste of money.

Glenna Cheney

This is my second time at their detailing center. A wonderful job again. They knew I had to wait for my car and made extra effort to get it done as quickly as possible.

Christopher Moore

I’ve used the Hernando USA Car Wash since it opened. It produced a quality car wash but I’ve noticed a decline in the quality. I noticed missed areas along the passenger side door and white spots on the windows. I called Customer Care but no one answered; I left a message and no one single person returned my call: What message is that sending to a loyal customer? Where is the Quality I was promised?

Cynthia Smith

In and out and looking good!

Miranda Hall

Messed my car up, tore my bumper. The manager told me there was nothing he could do.


Got a #1 deluxe wash nobody knew what was going on windshields still dirty & lower front bumper is still covered in mud I feel like I wasted $34

TwinCities4Life .

Friendly. Brought a 2 yr old black car in which had a lot of very small hairline scratches. I asked for the service to buff it but was talked out of it. Scratches remained. Swirls were there. Always did it myself except this one time. 4 months later I did it myself. Those scratches are all gone after using a specialized scratch and oxidation with a buffer, polish, then wax. Looks new. Why offer a service and talk me out of it?

Just 2 Kidz

Garrett and Dillon were very helpful and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I was taken care of.

Brandon Hayes

Patricia Bonds

Linda Rhodes

Rhonda Harris

Joon Park

First time there after the new ownership. For five dollars, you get pretty good carwash. Also free vacuum and dashwipe. By the way, if you happen to have epilepsy tendency with flashing light, you might need to close your eyes.

Kathy and Bob Simmons

Much easier than washing at home, great service!

Fred Williams

Great wash for 6 bucks!

Sara Christopher

Bonnie Kirk

Tina Fairlee

Great experience. I got in and out quickly.

Brandon Wilson

Wow! Loved the amount of soap that was on the car! Got my car clean cleaned great! Loved the free vacuums too! Worked great!

Madi McCrary

I absolutely LOVE this place! I've got the monthly membership and it is completely worth it. The employees are always so friendly! Garrett and Dylan ALWAYS greet the customers with a smile and represent this company very well! Definitely my favorite car wash around!

angela smith

Amy Hart

Great car wash for only $5 plus the free vacuums/rags/cleaner makes it the perfect spot. It was 100 degrees out when I was vacuuming out my car and the staff walked around and handed out ice cold water bottles to everyone which was amazing! Definitely the best place to go.

Keith Stone

brad cummings

This is my new favorite car wash! My car looks better than ever and the staff was very friendly. The vacuums at this place are amazing! Highly recommended.

Brenda Warren

Robert Herron

Paige Derrick

Avian Sullivan

Morgan Keeling

Free vacuums!

Betty Loyless

Vy Coomer

Keith Bowers

Sorena Lawson

Darrick Flintroy


Great service- they even sprayed the crusty bird poop off my car before going into the wash! Free dash wipe to clean your car while the outside is being washed. Free vacuums. Highly recommend.

Kiersten Hunt

richard bowden

The monthly unlimited program is great, especially since it good at all their locations!

Megan Armes-Johnson

Janice Cascio

Rodolfo Villagran

Good place to get a wash fast and cleans good.

Oldskool Mercado

Awesome Wash!!

Heather Clark

Nice manager set me up. My account was acting with wonky. Everyone was very nice and pleasant too!

mike oz

Great car wash. However, there are a few vacuums do not work properly and haven’t the last few times I have been there. If you get these working properly. 5 stars.

Jess The Blessed

Absolutely love this car wash! It actually washes your car and you have unlimited time using the vacuums. I suggest you get a Fast Pass it's the best deal if you have kids or like keeping your car clean inside and out! A Fast Pass is unlimited monthly access. This particular location I experienced this: Blonde young girl was too busy talking with her friends to guide my car through correctly fortunately I felt the machine catch my tire in order to put it in natural because she walked off to talk to her friends in a parked car. Also, she never sprayed anything on the back of my car only barely a little on half of the front. Obviously her social time was more important than her actual job. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!

Tucker Iacobacci

One of the best car washes I've been too. My tires were really shiny and the vacuums are the strongest in town.

Adam Ridinger

ashton sayger

Kemonica Rodgers

Miranda Rys

Josh Armfield

Get a clean vehicle quick fast and in a hurry!!

harvey chambliess

Love it

Evelyn Evelyn

We love this car wash we have monthly passes.

Fred Hernandez

Ryan Randall

Great place to get my car cleaned, the employees always have a great attitude. Glad to find a car wash close to home, and the vacuum bays are clean. You've gained a loyal customer, that looks forward to to stopping by for a quick wash.

sara perkins

Hands down the best car wash in town! Garrett and Dillon are usually the guys working when I come to wash my car and they go above and beyond to scrub around the bottom of the vehicle where the car wash won’t reach; not to mention the dash wipes are a great way to quickly clean the inside. Highly recommended!

Jackie Burrage


Diana Taylor

Cindy Pind

Gregoria Goleman

Tommy Callahan

Awesome car wash

Danna Howard

Nice experience. Will use again.

Frankie Valdez

How can you go wrong with a place to let you select what you want as far as a wash and free vacuums and they have the best Vacuums in the area. Hands down no if ands or buts I'm telling you if it doesn't say Speedy Splash then you're not going to the right place the best place

Todd Spinks

Chinedu Amajoyi

Skyler Sears

Emily Norris

It's a great car wash! Fantastic customer service.

Eman Smith

Super friendly and my car looks beautiful! A little pricey but they have specials. Great experience!

Jimmie Bryant


aj 012082

Eleveur De Chats

Rosie Morales

My favorite carwash ever. Great vacuums.

Melissa Miley

Kadejah Sherman

Steve Howard


Francis Yarborough

Got a car wash.6 dollars.

Len Rhymes


Daniel Cherry

Great place with great prices


Free vacuum with a wash

April Cole

Great car wash. Needed something that could get all the bugs off the windshield after the first 500 miles of our summer road trip. It was nice to have someone prep the car before we entered the wash and free vacuums are always a bonus!

Devan Treece

Great car wash! Never have had an issue here, the service is really good!

Gloria Thomas

my car was so dirty but when I went through car wash looking a new car

Mike Lover

Bobby Daniels

Daniel Lee

John Link

The water was weak and the line was busted for the Soapy brush squirted all over me won't be back

Alicia Beach

Employees were very nice. Car wash didnt even clean my windshield. Vacuums were great though.

Joe Wcpjoe

Best car wash in town. It's only $5 for an automatic car wash and they have free vacuums.

Greg McMullen

The best. Period

Shari Schurmann

David Osborn

Pricey but a good wash and free vacs

Justin Burgess

1st time there and we'll never go back all 4weels where not clean back in was not clean you could write your name in it still hair line scras all over my car form the wash to had to go home and wash my car and clay and wax it

Whit Yeldell

Love the convenience of a ride through car wash. It definitely does a great job.

Jessica Andrea Sambrano

Megan Mitchell

Always a good wash and with free vacuum.

Vanessa Rodriguez

Fast and nice wash!

Oscar Moreno

Jared Loftis

David Bradford

Absolutely never going anywhere else!!! I will definitely be back because I got a free dash wipe, got to use the detail cart, and got to use the free vacuums!!! So much to offer for affordable prices!

Alan C

I was very impressed with what this place gives you for five dollars, which is what the basic wash costs. As we drove in, a guy guided me into the track while two others washed the rear window and put a cellophane sleeve on the wiper. They gave us a large handy wipe and we cleaned the dashboard and arm rests while we went through the wash. The wash took several minutes and included a pre-soak, the "lava falls" of soap foam, rinse and air dry. Then you can use the free vacuums for as long as you want; we were there for about 10 min and thoroughly vacuumed the interior. They also have a cart with window cleaner and wash cloths. I just learned that they have car washes in Bentonville and Rogers, so we won't have to wait until we go to Fayetteville to clean up our vehicle inside and out. For five bucks!

Taria Jackson

Great hands-free car wash, for my Honda Accord anyway! I only have to clean my Windows and maybe dry it off in a few spots and spray additional tire shine but for the most part it works well. Wish I had one in my home town, closest one to me is 26 miles away.

Sally Garcia

We get a car was once a week, this deal is really good, cant go wrong. Hopefully they still have this deal or have it again so I can help spread the deal

Larry Burrell Sr.

Great place to wash your vehicle.

Wanda Grisham

arashid Ahmed

Ajay Kumar Manukonda

Good for cheap and fast car wash. But the expensive versions aren't worth your buck. My car isn't clean even with Ultimate option.

Kenneth Rucker

Christian Gonzales

Linda Follis Smith

Recognized the new manager here from the Oxford MS location. Smiles

Madison Raburn

Needs the drying fans positioned better but still a good place

cindy martimo

My 10 year old car looks brand new with no weird chemical smell. Everyone was very nice and professional -definitely a recommend!

Tracy Roberts

Always a pleasure. Thanks Cameron for being so helpful and polite.

Patti Gilbert

Easy to use, fairly priced and love the vacuum area.


Letitia Turner

Great service , clean car, and shining wheel.

Kevin Edwards

This is the fastest way to wash your car! However, it can miss a few spots.

Claudia Williams

Service is always good. The location is safe and convenient. This is the second location I used, both are great.

David Oser

Shondraneka McDowell

Kelly Couch

It's pretty good.

Phyllis Johnson

I didn't like it because you have to dry your own car and vacuum it.

Christopher Schurmann

Justin Crainshaw

Travis Burgess

Jane Kelly

Quick in & out.....Best vacuums ever

Peter Libby

Great location off of College. Free vacuums for customers which is awesome. Vacuumed my Jeep and it looks brand new!

Robert Hall

Does a awesome job for only $6.00!!!

Betty Adkins

Good pricing free acumn

Robin Davis


Good carwash did a good job. Would give 5 stars but. Didn't clean bottom of my wife's car which does set low too the ground. It's a Hyundai Elantra. Only half of my tires on my truck got Armor Alled. Did a great job as far as cleaning my truck. It had been about a year on my truck. Lol

Jeff Morvan

Pieter DeGroot

Easy, quick, good deal for $5. Nice vacuums to clean out the inside of your car are included

Bryan Wilson

Great customer service, amazing car wash and excellent vacuums!

Barry Tatum

Lumber Pat

Amarylis Goods

The workers are nice and they work hard

Shannon Freas

Michael Scruggs

Lisa Chaney

Great car wash

Dick Fuller

Amazed on how clean my truck came out!!! Got all the bugs off!!!

Tony harris

Like the way they rolled in and left all of us hanging. Go down the street and get membership with Key. This company cant even post a phone number. I know a lot of Base personnel switching.

Chuck Allen

Susan Rice

John Smith

Don’t recomend bad service

Johnny wade

Clean as ever

Simona Rodriguez

Gary Blossom

Got my car shiny clean front to back! Make sure you check out the bug prep Before the pay stations to ensure a better wash

Bill Winters

Markea Threatt

Vincent Burks

Tim Fitch

Wow. Amazing. Did a great job cleaning my truck.

Kiesha Winston

Greg Horton


juan lopez

The only thing they need is a mirror in front of the tunnel

Annette Whitworth

Car came out very clean. I'm impressed! I will come back...

Cy Beaux

Drive through car wash with vacuums available before emitting. Quick and efficient

Robin Willroth

Kevin Todd

Did a great job

Allen Walker


Eve Webster

The best thing to do here is get the unlimited wash package. You have to run your car through a few times to get it super clean

Rick Moor

Love this concept. Wish I owned this location. For $7 you get a decent drive thru wash and unlimited vacuum. Well worth it. Regular customer. Recommended!

Mike Merrigan

Super fantastic car wash ✨

mike smith


Emmasie Tarkwon

Lyle Wallace


Very good carwash with a friendly staff as well

Rae Bean

Very quick service. Good prices!

Deborah K Johnson

Pay $35 a month and wash your call as often as you want. One sticker per car.

Katreina Cotton

Terri Huffman

Michelle Fransioli

Great wash, great vacuums. Good price

Kenneth Hindman

Have had no problems they keep my car shining

Maria Vazquez

Es excelente, las máquinas lavan muy bien.

Blake Leatherwood

Larry Jackson

Larry Dean

Melba Rhodes-Stanford

This car wash is AWESOME!!! I got the "Ultimate" version for $17. Worth every penny! Not only does it clean and wax spectacularly but it also gives you a SHOW!!! There are patterns to the suds and vibrant colors flashing then came the waster falls and wind tunnel! Incredible! Beware... The wind blower to dry the car is really STRONG so make sure everything is bolted down or you will lose it! I know 'cuz I lost my Zombie license plate on the front of my car! No worries, they found it!

bruce mcnail

John Schaefer

Catherine Mosher

They have where you can pay monthly and get your car washed as many times a month as you want. Also free vacuums

Moody Katt

Lisa Hendricks

Brittany Strickland

Larry Clark

Gwendolyn Johnson

Brandon Kelley

Rakeishia Washington

Great service

Naomi Disney

kenny free

Caleb Abbott

Halana Jones

Ronny Smith Sr

I stop by at least twice a week. My dog loves aggravating the help. Very good car wash for the money. We highly recommend rocket fast

Ian Howton

Belinda Minard

Great place to wash your car.

Ted Freitas

Gilbert Dauphine

The best

Alex Wheeler

The best protestant in the city can be purchased here.

Josh Smith

Kenneth Freeman

Wish we had one in VA.

Roxann Herrera

I am so disappointed. I went through the car wash bought a $13 wash and my car isn't even clean! My car looks like it never went through the car wash!

Kimberly Flintroy

Gary Allen

Zin Kruziic

Its really cool and fast of course. And good friendly staff. Id recommend rocketfast to anyone. Oh amd free vacuums!!!!!

Kimleon Turner

Macee McDonald

Daryl Bird

Not impressed 2nd time I have been there after it had changed over.. also the free vacuuming is terrible in relationships to the hoses. Do both think I will return

Kenneth Bearce

Pretty good wash $15

Audrey Turner

Hamid Reza

Today 4/15 I went there, the employee was nice and helpful. However, the rear window and back of the car are still dirty.

Andy Gross

Good car wash, Sarah is the best!!!

Crystal Moore

I love this car wash! Very impressed with how clean it got my Suburban. It even got all of the front that no others have. I will be back!

sandeep sekhar

Leland Anderson


Manuel Huerta

Great price

jane Joyce

Not the best wash for the price.

Theresa Robinson

Van Turner

Good wash


Joseph Williams

Darren Godfrey

My work place

Chad Barr

Does a great job,vacuums work really well, some of the guys that guide you into the wash bay are not good at it ,so be careful.

Marki Perry

Kris Laffin

Rebecca Mixon

Easy in and out location. I don't stop at the bug wash station, and my car is usually clean, even during love bug season.

Samantha Spaur

Amber WB

I was not impressed with the Express detail. Windows and door handles were still dirty and my LCD screen was completely smudged.

Kellyloren Metzger

Fun to watch, a little expensive

David Starkey

Great automatic car wash, sit and watch their colored sprays and strobe lights as though it's a thunderstorms.

Julius Holley

Glen Spence

billy couch

UMECnetwork Und3rgroundMuzikEntCorp

Anna Nelson

It was 100 degrees today while I was out vacuuming my van and a young man named Christian came walking out with a bottle of cold water! I always use Speedy Splash but that just made it better! Great customer service and a fantastic car wash!

Mistey Mcmillan

Got a wash for a great price was in and out in a jiffy. And cleaned very nicely.

Guerry Howell

A great car wash

Dystinee Hollingsworth

Joseph Ward

Tonya Mabry

Jen Myers

Have always had a membership here. I work in Monroe and drive from Arkansas. 3 days a week I go through this wash and the guys scrub any excess bugs of dirt off before you roll through. Free vacuums, too. I have a black car and it stays perfectly clean and shiny.

Paul Shavens

Sebron Walker

Ivan McClendon

Deborah Chadwick

Their "tire shine" does not shine the tires! They switched chemicals and it doesn't work the way the old formula did. Other than that, good experience.

Sonya Kirsch

Okay this may sound weird, but the lava effects and the strobe colors made this a fun experience. I felt like I was in a rave.

Pat Whitmire

Springdale car wash leaves soap on your car. The Fayetteville location is the best. Friendly employees.

Tammy Anderson

Sandra Payne

Good car wash!

Leanndra F

Christina Gordon

Summer Lee

Trudy Manning

Melanie Grimes

Sarah Jackson

Malichia Horton

It's a good price to get your car washed and dried off does a really good job and free vacuums they even have the little houses that go beside your seats

Danette Duprey-Hunter

Best place for a quick in and out wash. Free vacuum!!

Tamara Allen

Two ladies made me feel very uncomfortable by starring into my car and snarling at me. I was nice and minding my own business until one sat down and glared at me with a scowl on her face. Unprofessional.


Fauzia wesonga

Charley Roggerson Jr

Bill Brooks

It's fast,you can't beat that.

Ruth Blackburn

Great place for a car wash. Free vacuuming.

Dallas Shewmaker

Sharletta Pickron

Miracle Hill

Dayna Edwards

Sandra Burton

Love this car wash! I live near a building where birds roost and yes they mess up my car. 5 minutes, bam done clean.

Lena Harrison

Great new car wash in town. The 5 dollar wash is very efficient. From personal experience, the 20 dollar wash isn't really worth it (although the light up "lava flow" is pretty neat if you're into car wash gimicks...which I am). Then again, I doubt I'd say any 5 minute car wash would be worth that.

Pkken 1


SuZanne Wilson

Super nice staff. Sales and customer oriented. Very pleasant. Results not worthy of the "premium" $15 wash. I expected a bit of attention to the windshield and bumper like a pre-scrub with a brush as at other manned car washes... especially for the highest service level offerred. I still have bugs on front end and windshield. Stick with the cheaper version.

Rimzyy Klapz

Dylan Yakaboski

Terrible business, they broke the antenna on my car and they wouldn’t do anything about it. They said I should have came back that day but I live over an hour away so I called several times, but they did not answer so it was “ my fault” Would give zero stars if I could. Also they handle business poorly just look through the reviews they only respond to people who rate high starts, but do not respond to anyone who has a complaint.

Charles King

Amy McCall


Corey Kelly

Car was super clean, and free vaccum!

Gerald Green

5 buck car wash


Ashton Royal

I just went through this location and Garrett and Cameron probably sprayed down my VERY dirty car for a solid 10 minutes just to make sure she was extra squeaky clean before going through the actual wash. I’m always highly impressed with the employees and the way my car is after leaving here. Highly recommended!!

Sheila Carter

Canceled my months subscription and they are still taken out of my account. Thieves to me.

Lydia Hudson

Bo Thompson

Good carwash, nice vacuuming area.

Douglas Turberville

I've gotten better washes in a rain storm!!!

Joshua Meadows

Garrett and Dylan did a phenomenal job today. since reopening it's the only carwash me and my wife use!

jimmy brooks

Dwain B


Carwash broke down while we were inside. They left us in the car, in the middle of the wash, while they worked on the problem for 15 minutes. When we finally started moving again, there was no explanation and no apology, because they were nowhere to be found.

Reggie Harrington

This is an automated car wash. One thing i have noticed the attendants have stopped prewashing wheels. Other than that nothing to rant or rave about. Car comes in dirty and leaves clean.

Kelly Hughes

Mabarin Pacheco

Brushes scratched the whole side of car pretty sad but vacs are pretty awsome

Amanda Smith

matthew gregg

Fast and cheap. Good service.

Fred Smith

Good car wash. Staff very friendly.

Snow Boarder

They did an amazing job on my VW Van. I walked up to it this morning and was amazed! It look like a brand new car on the inside. Very impressed! Very personable and great work. Highly recommended and well trusted. I plan on taking my vehicle here twice a year for interior and get it waxed before winter. Thanks Again!

Xin Ling Zhuo

My first time doing my car wash interior. Maybe I held a bit high expectation for expecting not seeing any dirt on my carpet and window. However, it was such a visible of dusk and dirt that I couldn’t really ignore. Car is still quit dirty after paying for the #1 deluxe car wash service. Window are still dirty, dusts are still everywhere and visible of dirt on the carpet. No worth my $30+ and will not come back. Giving one star for their cleaning crew for friendly attitudes.

Debra DuBois

There was a misunderstanding it seems about what was offered with my wash at first. But when the owner resolved it I was quite happy. The car wash itself is better than the other local one I normally go to.

Hershel Hartford

Kedric Natt

Dacia Wilcox

Broken back windshield wiper! First time I washed my brand new car. Manager said they have signs posted and cant do anything about it. Offered me free washes. I refused, don't need anything else broken and my car was still dirty... very disappointed !

Tony G

Wow, amazing wash!

Bob Onamission

Carson Scott

What an awesome wash! The lava falls is HEAT!

Rickey Roberson

Very good Service

Larry Nicholls

Clay Mcintyre

Desiard Street location stays broke. Seem Everytime I go,they have cones up.

Sharonda Cephas-Evans

Such a friendly staff....Will reccomend!

Ramonda Finister

Brian Wilczewski

Karen R

Easy and friendly

Jai Rivet

Robert Brubaker

Basic wash $5.00, free vacuums. Fast, clean establishment. Well run.

Clarke Waldon

Easy access. Staff were friendly and professional. Car wash did a great job of cleaning with no complications and there were plenty of clean vacuum stations to choose from. Very satisfied and will definitely be back.

kimberlee bateman

bobbi-paige derrick

friendly staff

Chloe Ford

Carolee Quarles


Felecia Franks

The auto machine does a good job for an automatic machine. I always play the Carwash song as I'm going through. Vacuums work well too! Thanks Guys! Rocketfast Carwash and your vehicle is clean!

Jamal James

Lazinnia Ruffin

Keaton Bowden

Great place to get a car wash

shujuna White

Less than $20 a month to keep your car clean whenever you want w/ a free vacuum; my transmission went out and my subscription stayed active for two months after where they drafted the money from my account, but after going to the website and requesting a call back and leaving the details, I was refunded 2 months worth of my money back. I recommend this company.

Nicole Millerschultz

Grady Neal

Jimmy Smith

Great job on car

Kate Cox

Great car wash and friendly staff. Garrett, Dylan, and the rest of the staff do a great job with pre-scrub on the wheels and bumpers before the wash. Always very friendly and smiling. Purchase the monthly unlimited car’s worth it!

Anthony Smoot

Only good for me in cold weather I love a good ol' hand & bucket wash

Shanda Tyanne Chrestman

Kymira Hines

Brenda Anderson

I love rocket fast good service free vacuum

Beth Iradi


Fue la primera vez que lavo mi auto en usa y muy bien

Rodney D. Gryder

Helpful at keeping our Vehicles Shinny...

Damián Padilla

Stephen Couch

Missed spots on bumper.


Good wash, free vacuums.

Lawrence McLane

Dude in the back slaps your car with the brush, cracked my taillight. Dryers never do their job, smears grease on your car.

Elizabeth Scroggins

Adriana Rodriguez

patricia Hall

Shamiya Smith

Michelle Gee

Bennett Wetherald

Sam Henley

Terrible! I got the ultimate wash and it didn’t hardly get any of the soap off my truck! Their Bentonville location is 100x better.


Brandon Harrell


Kids love this

TL briggs

Great, very friendly staff and really fun going thru the Thank you...we are constant happy customers!

Caite Mae Ramos

This is a super SUPER deal and the staff is radically helpful and friendly! Shout out Garret and Dillion! 10/10 will be back

Milinda Scruggs

andy Coleman

Brian Cole

Great car wash

Michelle McKinnie

Kevin Chan

Went through the wash and there were still bird droppings on the front hood of the car. Brake dust and grime were still on the rims and behind wheel wells. Wash was disappointing but the vacuums and detailing cart were great. Great suction and the added dash wipe made the interior squeaky clean.

Jessica Benson

Lindsay Bryant

Sparkly clean every time!

Marcus Chalfant

Super clean and fast.

Guadalupe cruz

Ms. Undastood

Gets the job done

Deborah Mayer

Nice job on the car, helpful assistance

Tiffany Star

Only two of the vacuums work and the car wash itself doesn’t clean your car (even if you upgrade and pay more).

Fluffy Bunny

Some wash bristles get lodged in sections of my vehicle

Dustin Crain

Emma Barnett

Just wish the brushes were clean after muddy trucks to avoid scratching my car

Julia Cherry

Greg Logan

B.J. Tejada

Robbie McGowin

Great place, great options, and a free vacuuming. What more could you ask for?

Kenneth George

I only have this business 4 stars because I think they need something by vacumes so you can spray off floor mats. Other than that this place is worth the money.

Shelia Sanchez

I appreciate that I can pay once a month. It does a good job and the staff is always polite and courteous.

Brent Smith

Linda Layton

Psi Iota

At first I was unsatisfied by the wash because there was a significant amount of brake dust on the rim. But manager let me go again to get the rest of it.

Alicia Billis

Chase Sullivan

It's quick easy and affordable

Stephanie Castellon


Mary Tobias

Wes Jenkins

not very good car wash sucks the big one

Kapergang MuzikGroup

Mr Crossland

Brian Hanson

They do a good job.

Dennis Borreli

Good service

Captain Morgan

Teresa Murillo

Best carwash in town

Barbara brown


patricia douglas

Miguel Torres

Took my brand new 2018 vehicle of the lot to this place and got scratches all over the place spoke to the manager (very unprofessional) and said it was my fault.. wouldn’t recommend this place save your money and time

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