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REVIEWS OF Victory Lane touchless Carwash IN Michigan

Valter Prieto Jr

The car wash with the word "touchless" means only water and soap jets touch you car. No brishes or hands. Result: only the gross dirt goes away. But the car remains dirty. The self-wash boxes are not working, a pity. I will not return to this place unless they repair the self-wash.

eric tripp

The vacuums as of 8/25/19 are all broken. The self wash works fine but the machines were in bad need of replacement. Originally went into the drive thru but the lowest cost option was 8 bucks. 8 bucks is midrange I'm more of a 5-6 bucks kind of guy. Do some up keep guys.

Paul Martelli

Soap was out in my stall and spot-free rinse wasn’t functional. Bill changer doesn’t work reliably so bring your own change. End of cycle ringer isn’t very loud and didn’t realize I needed to add more change until it stopped. Recommend going to another place with working components and reliable bill changers.

Chris Standley

None of the bill changers for quarters work. Half of the wash stalls aren’t functioning for every mode. This would be great, if it was functional. Too bad..

Christine Wang

Zahra Essa

Place seems dated. An ok car wash.

Wayne Boyd Jr

Monica Flood

I PD. $12.00 @ this carwash today and it doesn't even look like I washed it. Very disappointed. Won't be back.

Sarah Stedman

Use the self car wash AT YOUR OWN RISK. I was there today washing my car and the hose came apart at the top part that swings around, the metal connector piece fell right onto my windshield and rolled down onto my hood, chipping my windshield and scratching the paint on my hood. Do not use the self car wash if you don't want to damage your car.

Darcy K

It was okay. The automatic car wash did not get my car as clean as other similar car wash places.

Mikki Moscara

The automated car wash does a great job! The vacuums and manual wash not as good. Sometimes the vacuums don't work, and the manual wash will v sometimes eat your quarters. However the touchless wash is the way to go! It's quick, easy, and it doesn't scratch your car.

Chelsea Orange

Great people working here! I wish they would fix the outdoor lights because it gets very dark as most are not working. They also leave the OPEN sign on all night lol


This car wash is too often closed (like today), the credit card reader for the self-wash never works, getting coins is always a hassle as the change machine doesn't seem to like even perfectly crisp dollar bills. When the car wash works, it's great, but I hate this place due to how poorly it's run. Chronic problem that doesn't get fixed.

mobi pete

Jaclyn Bray

Just left there and I want my money back

Kerri Kiple

After their touch less car wash stopped working twice while my mom and I were in the middle of a wash the attendant told my mom it was because she didn’t pull forward far enough. She stopped pulling forward when the stop light came on and apparently that was not far enough forward. Not her fault, they credited us washes until we could finally complete one. Not too big of a deal. The big deal came when the attendant started yelling to all the people in line and his co workers that the machine quit working because my mom didn’t pull up far enough. Like it was some big operator error. Unprofessional and rude. Fix your machine or provide signage instructing people to pull a larger vehicle further forward.

Vazir Fatehi

Best in a 20mi radius.... surprisingly canton doesn't have one, you'd have to drive over if you didn't want brushes scratching your paint

Robert Perrin

Yup this place is still a dump...$12 car wash leaves nasty whitish residue on your car - don’t go here.

Daniel Kesterson

I would not recommend this car wash to my worst enemy. At least half of the bays are constantly shut, and the ones that are don't work correctly. At least half of the functions of the wash are broken, including the vitally important spot-free rinse, so my car left covered in waterspots, and looked just as bad as it was when I came in. On top of all this, the machine ate four of my quarters and would not return them. The vacuums are also a joke, with barely any suction, and their hoses are not properly attached so they fall out of the machine constantly.

Patrick Jones

Lauren Young

Pretty good.

dan christensen

Deena Young

Donique Brinkley

Tim Janis

Love this car wash! Friendly staff and my 911 never looked so good,

Karen Barbu

Car wash does ok

Wenhao Peng

The self-service bays are great! In a recent wash, I experienced very good pressure from the nozzle that sprayed decent car soap on my car. My car was completely clean after a few minutes of wash, despite the heavy dirt and bugs accumulated on my car from a long road trip. My favorite buttons here are pre-soak/bug remover, car soap, and wax. I have been washing my car weekly here for half a year and still like this place because of its convenient location and the affordable prices. Although occasionally the equipment goes out of order, most of the time the wash is available and makes my car shine.

Jon Lieberman

The touchless car wash has about a 50% chance of working properly. I was just there this afternoon and it seemed to be out of soap. It sprayed the car with water 3x and that is it. Car is still dirty and I’m out $8. Probably won’t go back again. I wish we had a better touchless in town.

Chris Koziol

Only the one person, the manager but very helpful and knows what he is doing.

Rick Carter

Checkered Flag Interactive

Was actually genuinely surprised how clean this touchless wash got my vehicle. Pricing was fair as well.

Hannah Larson

Jules Van Dyck-Dobos

Prasad Mysore

Horrible! You are better off going to the Auto car wash on Washtenaw which costs half for a better wash


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