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705 Chicago Dr, Holland, MI 49423

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REVIEWS OF Quality Car Wash IN Michigan

Ethan Tinsley

Got charged twice for the same car wash. Employee was no help at all didn't offer a refund or anything. Last time I come here.

Josh Taytay

Great carwash but if your vehicle is really muddy it wont clean it off

Amanda Meade

It's always clean, the staff is always friendly. I love stopping in here when I get the chance to. Keep up the great work quality! I am always blown away by the expectional customer service I receive!

Sharon Armstrong

Conveyor belt moves a little fast to clean the car well

Angela Masters

This place is always clean and the staff are friendly.

John Maurer

Great wash and great service and friendly staff!

Jodie Clark

We go here every day. Yep yep.

Russ Holton

Speed turned way up. 16 dollar wash isn’t even a rinse

Gaia Fox

Convenient and fast

Lynnette Rumsey

Love this place for good coffee, and breakfast snacks. Doughnuts are good too. Prices are reasonable

alex pattee

Love it works monthly plan

Kristina Smith

We have the unlimited membership and love being able to access quick service with a monthly fee instead of paying every time.

Shirley Schutt

Very nice place to get gas and a car wash!!!

Michael Amick

One of my favorite gas stations in Holland. Includes car wash and free vacuums!

Rachel Harling

Great, fast, and clean carwash. Free vacuums.

Trevor Schewe

Love the unlimited carwash!

Janet melvin

Love the unlimited feature!

Jeff Mass

Name Change - Customer Service is the linchpin of any organization whether it be a manufacturing firm or a service related industry. To provide quality service, any organization focuses on customer satisfaction and service. I'm disappointed with any company that has the word Quality in its title and doesn't pay attention to customer service. A broken rear wiper brought me back in to follow the protocol for a claim. Even after the attendant reviewed video footage clearly showing the "in place" wiper at the entrance and the broken wiper on exit, he landed on the idea that the wiper was deteriorated and failed too easily. He mentioned he would review the footage again and call me within the hour. No call. A $54 wiper and lack of attention to customer service and satisfaction prompts me to let others know that the convenience of this drive thru wash is not worth the effort and they deserve a name change.

Debbie Briggs

What a great place!

Wayne Rose

Little expensive but does good job cleaning your car with my Silverado I need too fold in my mirrors and watch out for your antenna both mite get ripped off your car or truck


Nice place

Casey Kingery

Tim Hortons and Free Air! Love Quality!

Robby Siegel

Good combination of car wash, gas station, and coffee shop.

Bret Lubbers

Nice job cleaning the truck!

Robert Stauffer

Completive gasoline ,good wash

Rachel Louks

Get your car washed and entertain the kids at the same time!

Jim Miller

Subscribed to the monthly car wash service. It's a great value, just stop in as I pass by to get a car wash. Line moves quickly and the car wash always does a great job! Plus you can vacuum your car for free! Haven't tried the Tim Hortons yet, but the car wash and gas station are top notch.

John Richards

Pay for a month starting at $20 and wash your car without paying any more for that month. Car looks great

frances sallis

Great ar wash and just about anything you need

Jeremiah Copeland

Nice people!!

Lisa Bartz

First time I went through it didn’t really clean my car. Went through again and they had me prewash my own car and then apologized and upgraded me to a better wash. It was pretty clean after the second time through but not completely. Its a cool looking car wash but I won’t use it again.

ethan pendergrass

Tim hortons is the bomb


Good quality brushes and cleaners. My car looked clean and shiny. Also has free vacuums!

Tyler Lubben

Great car wash and unlimited monthly pass is a great deal

Ezra Heethuis

Clean and modern. They offer a lot. I have not had any issues with the carwash except that they raised the prices.

Tara Zalsman

In love! Not only can I get gas but I can wash my car, vacuum my car for free and get Tim Hortons!! All the employees are extremely friendly too.

Jourdan West

Hot coffee

Jane McCarty

Best place for a car wash

Terry Meyer

Dryer suck and so do vaccuums

Michele Siriano

Nice gas station!

Jack Evans

Nice car washes, was pleased with the look of the car after

Ron Biolette

The car wash deal is a good thing to have.

Colby B

Excellent car wash at Qualuty Car Wash. And the vacuums are free to use!

Joyce Baumgardner

The Holland Quality gas/car wash in Holland is the best! Great design, neat, friendly, and you can grab a coffee and treat from Tim Hortons at the drive through. So happy to visit this business!

Tiff Arens

Love the free vacs & air! Great place!

Joshua Rohrsen

I got the most expensive car wash offered to get home and find so much junk i.e bugs and dust remaining I wound up having to hand wash my car. Complete waste of money.

Matthew Sallis

Could have been a little more friendlier service well I am at Tim Hortons there is a great place to go

Joe Trevino

Quick and shiny. LOL.

David Hellenthal

Love to clean my care

Devin Heitzman

Ill start off by saying I never use car washes, too many bad experiences. But anyways, I decided to try this one out and overall I was happy for an automatic carwash. I paid for the most expensive wash ($15) that included a three step wheel clean and tire shine, which brings me to the disappointment. As you can tell by the picture it didn't clean the wheels really at all and the tire shine is very patchy. Other than that I was pretty happy, but I would recommend paying for one of the cheaper options.

Angie Wooden

Some really great people work here! This is my favorite gas station to fill up, get a fast and good car wash, vacuum my car for free, go to Tim Hortons and mix up my own raspberry lemonade slushee!

jeremy thaler

They literally accused me of car wash fraud when it was their shotty computer system that didn't update my tags. The employees were extremely rude. The corporate office people even worse. Avoid at all cost.

Jessica Rubeck Gould


J.B Bell

The best part is ur rims don't get chipped or scratched!

Matt Harmsen

Is not getting my truck 100% clean very often anymore


I came to vaccum my car and stop at stop that this Tim Horton's. the employer there was a wonderfully sweet and very helpful as I had a few questions about their Rewards Card plus . I got all my food that I had asked for I love coming here for their Oreo iced Capp and then being introduced to a great Bagel breakfast sandwich .was a plus came also to vacuum my car which I'm so glad they had emptied the trash cans the equipment there was working wonderfully and the place was nice and cleaned.

M Perkin

Good wash.. No damage.

Amanda J.

Good quality car wash. Competitive pricing.

Jeff Bloemendal

We stop here all the time when passing through.

Nicholas Hayhoe

The new car washing tech that they use is great. I go there a couple times per week with the unlimited plan. Plus, with the Tim Horton's drive through, I can grab a coffee for the ride through the wash.

Joshua L. Rennison

Really wish I didn't have to hear poorly sung Christian music in the morning. We get it, you're clearly aiming for a higher class of people...

Phelan McQueen

Good prices, but just for upkeep, won't get all the bugs off front on vehicle

Oscar Palomo

Quality car wash! Name says it all. Nice!

Rick Solis

The people are friendly and work hard to make your experience a memorable one...

Charles Rinehart

Very nice place to gas up and get a car wash.

Jill Parlove

Decent price, fast service. But the car comes out dirty still and I found small scratches

Shannon Homrich

Very fast and cleans car well.

Mark Holman

Gas is lower there and their car wash does an Excellent job, staff very friendly. The newest one on Chicago Drive and Waverly Road I like the location, not out of my way home, just gas and go.

Rich Zuker

This is the best location by far.

Shannon Konkel

Amazing! Tim Horton's with free vacuuming and an awesome car wash

David Laura Faris

everyone knows these are the best gas stations around. Fantastic reasonable car washes with a friendly helpful staff

Michael Bennett

Awesome clean organized place great place to go and get a quick bite to eat or drink and to get your car wash and vacuum are free

T Brook

Great clean open car wash. Good prices. Friendly staff

Jose Marez

Good place to go wash your vehicle plus good deal unlimited

Lora Boone

What a car wash they have....ya gotta take your vehicle there

Spencer Emmons

Nice staff, gas at a good price, free vacuums!

Nick TenHarmsel

Best Car Wash you can find. Love the monthly plan. Tim Hortons has good breakfast.

Kashyap Sigdel

Wished they offered free vacuum like the other quality wash does!

Robin Boyd-Hamilton

Super great

Mark Snyder

Unlimited car washes ... unlimited.

John Spoelhof

This station is well maintained and staffed with friendly people.

Ryan OCallaghan

Free vacuuming.

Rebecca Lubbers

Best drive through car wash in Holland..

Rebecca Gillespie

If only one of these were in my hometown. I only refilled & got a car wash. Should have went in! Or used the free vaccuums! Anyway, the wash I got was the cheapest, it was far superior to any wash I get at home! Please come to SE Michigan! The Tim Horton's was tempting but we had just eaten. I'd go out of my way to get gas here. People who don't in the area are foolish then. More services than a Wawa.

Raymond Merfeld

Definitely a Quality wash!! Well worth the money!!

Trev Barns

Decent car wash but I prefer the wash on south Washington it seems to give you more suds idk call me crazy but my opinion.

William Santiago

Best car wash ever

Ericka Buitenhuis

If you live locally, the car wash club is totally worth it.

thomas texer

Didn't get car dried off. Left spots all over. Not a good wash at all.

Brian B.

Very clean top notch locally owned gas station with a coffee shop ( not the machine mixed coffee either ) with seating inside also with the usual assortment of groceries too. The car wash system is a automatic system that escorts you're vehicle through it ( not the more common cheap ones that spin around your vehicle ). They advertise the monthly subscription with unlimited washes at different price points which we find really useful in the winter months of salt and slush on the roads. This place is always busy and still about same price as other stations that offer less.

Quintero Family32

Absolutely wonderful staff!

Quinton A

Friendly staff, great convenience section, great car wash plus Tim Horton's.

Eric Elgersma

Best carwash in town

Jenni Bouwkamp

Love a clean car!

Chelsea Heyboer

The signs of warmer weather: biweekly car wash and vacuum with donut holes for the kiddos! We really appreciate the efforts the employees make at being upbeat and friendly--the clean interior area to sit, and the turnaround on vacuums that stop sucking well. Here's to spring 2018--thank you Quality for contributing to our family's traditions and memories.

Alexis Hyde

Love the free vacuums! Nice store inside, very clean and lots of food options.

Douglas Kronemeyer

They need to teach their employees to Repect customers vehicles. They took things out of the back of my truck without askig then loaded them back in by reaching over the side of the box after I just told the kid to open the tailgate to load it.

Hannah Joy

What's not to love about free vacuums for your car??


I'm a quality wash club member and devotee, truly amazing service

Cesar Fernandez

Great store , nice service very good car wash

James Curtis

Always good service. Car looks great.

James Addessi

Mostly just use the car wash but it does a great job cleaning my large truck

Noah Rouleau

There's another maps marker for the Tim Hortons individually. The two are joined, and the Tim Hortons is full-service, not just a donut cart or something. Nice, clean atmosphere.

David Check

Love the fact I can run my F350 dually through the car wash here!

John Buckley

Although there were a lot of folks with the same idea getting the winter crud and ice off their cars, the line moved right along very quickly. Quality does a good job every time. Will have to sign up for the unlimited washes.

Sarah Donovan

Great coffee

Jeff Stark

Fascinating place

Eric Fleischmann

We have a monthly subscription that allows us unlimited washes so we go here frequently. Michigan Winters and salt can be hard on cars so we have had the monthly service for a few years now. This one is a newer wash type with the flat moving conveyor, not the wheel pressing track thing. Feels safer to me since people in front of you can't brake and stop the wash. They have three pay booths so there is almost never a wait to get in the wash. There are three other quality car washes in town but this is by far the nicest and newest one so we go to this one most often.

Codie Harrison

10/10 the best car wash ever.


Got the bird poopies off my whip

Alan Beagley

Good service, but I have sometimes found that I get a lesser grade of wash than I selected, and I've had to go through again-- for free, of course.

this trans life

Best monthly subscription I have

Marianne Pollard

Great service, very friendly staff.

Jeff Scripps

Excellent service! I'm impressed with their speed.

Tom Johnson

Very good. A little too busy at times.

griselda edgell

Great place normally to wash your car but I washed mine there about 3 weeks ago and it broke my antenna still waiting for repairs and played phone tag with manager for over a week. Not sure I will return since this isn't being handled in a timely manner.

Sir Astrix

Great car wash at decent price, just be prepared to lose your clear coat on your car, and the management claim you never had one.


Great place to get the truck washed. Gas is competitive since there is a Speedway across the street. It does get a bit busy on the cross streets as far as getting in and out.

Priscilla Rutherford

Tim Horton's Coffee inside and great car wash

Alex Rodriguez

2nd time visiting same worst service

Jane Mokma

The monthly car wash plan is the best deal!

John M Clairmont

Paid for a lower end car wash with a debit card and the receipt was correct. One week later I checked my bank statement and they had charged me double what the receipt said in the same visit. I can get over the money, but have lost all trust in this company as they think it is acceptable to edit transactions after they are made.

Jacob Scott

Nice facility

Chris Leonardo

Awesome services, pretty pricey for basic- oh well, gets the job done! (Free vacuuming)

Lisa Smith

Damaged my car and refuses to do anything about it. Brand new car fresh off the lot and it got damaged by them.

Austin Robertson

Everyone is super friendly in the store! The car wash does a good job and they have free vacuums for your car!

Justin Platt

Well maintained and modern wash system makes Quality a top choice for my daily driver

Klynt Marcusse

Nice clean car

Craig Dykstra

Very clean place, best car wash in town, easy in easy out.

Matthew Gunnink

Nice gas station. Free vacuums and air compressor for tires.

Amanda Venegas

Yes amazing service

Godzilla James

Very nice place....owners go to extreme measures to provide the best of the best to the customers in all facets of there business. They provide gasoline, convienence store items, Tim Hortons, car wash, and vacuums which are free for customers use

Kelly Liebbe

This is my favorite place to get my car washed.

Joe Brassell

Great staff and nothing to rub your wheels on when guiding into the car wash (so no wheel damage risk). Very friendly and knowledgeable staff and you can't go wrong with an unlimited wash package

Vickie M.

Staff are always very nice and helpful.

Laurie Van Den Beldt

Car washes are great, unlimited regular washes for $21.95 a month is a great deal. #Free vacuums!

Tim Palmbos

They have the ONLY car wash I've ever seen that can wash a dually. The people here are very friendly too. (I only delt with the car wash/ convenience store not Tim Hortons)

Jon Lee

Food is good, wash is good, and the employees are always nice!

Jim White

It's ok. I have the ultimate monthly subscription. The drying is not very good, always has water spots. The underbody flush is not very good either, it comes on too late and is not very strong. Backend on SUVs are still dirty. The unlimited monthly subscription plan is the only reason I go here. The wash itself leaves something to be desired.

Bryan Laven

Haven't tried the wash yet

Janet Crothers

Love my carwash!

Kim Copenhaver

Love this car wash and food is great! Clean, nice new structure. Vacuums always free. LOVE them!

Richard E

Not just a great car wash but also gas, snacks, and Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop. They even had a fright night and activities for the kids on Halloween. A great place to go to get your vehicle clean, and yours and your vehicles hunger satisfied.


Got the works had to go through a 2nd time and it finally cleaned outside

Eric Hoogstra

Stopped by to get gas at 10:55pm. Put my credit card in and my transaction was cancelled. Tried the doors and they were already locked. The people inside saw and ignored me. If you say you are open until 11 STAY OPEN UNTIL THEN. Fortunately Speedway was still willing to take my money.

Rich Rudysill

Went to the quality on Chicago drive kinda late to use the wash. Paid and drove into the wash and a employee was standing in the window with his arms folded shaking his head. Wasn't to sure why, but we proceeded into the wash and it seemed good. Got up the next day and realized that the carwash almost completely missed the whole passenger side of our vehicle. This is the second time we have gone here and both times the wash missed half the vehicle. I posted my review last time it happened and it was removed right away. Last time I go to a quality wash.

Rich Brink

Clean inside , And i dont have to Prepay for gas , i like that alot put my gas in till its full and pay for it , sorry no card for me to put in a pump

Jill Sytsma

A little expensive.

Pankaj R

Great place for a gas station and car wash. It has a Tim Horton's and a cafe style sit down area. Very clean on the inside.

jkPaul Dorn

We love Tim Horton's

Samantha Golladay

I have been through this carwash probably 5 times because I can do it on my lunch break :) But each time I have gone I get the best carwash available and there is always some dirt and grime left behind. It's usually on my trunk and it looks like a big white streak down the back. I wont be going there again....too much money to have a half cleaned car

Rasy Ma

Very smart car wash gas station everything clean

Claire Lohman

It's my go to place to get my car washed, happy customer

Brandon Rapp

They have good gas

Alicia Mulder

Nice instructors for the #carwash.

Dave Bongard

Always say good morning to you, very courteous

Mi Val

We came in for a Timmy's coffee and donut. Always a great choice. This place was very clean and had extremely fast service. It was worth the little detour

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