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REVIEWS OF Meade Lexus of Southfield IN Michigan

Norman Haro

Excellent service. They were great. Nice lounge.

rebpdx .

I feel very fortunate to have worked with AA'Shala Al-Ali. Her attention to detail, honesty, and helpfulness made the car deal as seamless as possible. From making sure it was the car I wanted to, filling out the paperwork, I felt confident that this was the purchase I wanted and there would be no regrets.

Jiang Ouyang

very satisfy for the car service. Thank you JR!

Virginia Lee

Clean facility and attentive staff. You invest not just in a decent vehicle but also the dealership services that comes along with it. Their team takes care of you and your vehicle for the long term.

robert marshall

Excellent service as usual. I love this dealership. They take such wonderful care of their customers!!! My service advisor was great,and she did everything she promised. Thank you Meade Lexus of Southfield.

Parris Avery

I drove 20 hours from Maine for the exact deal I was looking for. The staff were helpful, honest, and completely accommodating. The paperwork was painless with no hidden costs. Best car buying experience I’ve ever had.

Karishma Patel

Maria made the process of purchasing a car very easy and simple! This was my first time buying a car on my own, and I did not have a clue. Maria had reached out to me several months earlier, from a referral, and answered all of my questions, even though it would be a while before I decided to move forward. When I finally did, Maria exceeded all expectations! I will definitely send anyone looking for a new car over to her, and will definitely be returning myself! Thank you Maria and Meade Lexus!

Qais sharif

I made an appointment to get the 15k miles service and when I got there they did not have the loaner I reserved. A waste of my time. I called the manager to express my disappointment and it has been almost a week I still didn't hear back from anyone. Considering to go to Ann Arbor dealer. Hopefully they are better.


We are very happy with our new lease. Highly recommend!

Khaled Hammoudeh

I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Maria because my relative bought several vehicles from her. I enlisted her help with an Earth Day Event at my children's school. She ended up bringing a hybrid vehicle to the school and spent much time with the students, teaching them the benefits of driving a Lexus hybrid. She discussed how energy efficient they are and how they are far less harmful on the environment. She engaged the students with questions and answers as well as getting in and out of the vehicle to demonstrate the features. Her professionalism, friendliness, and enthusiasm was much appreciated, and we look forward to having her back next year as well. Anyone in the market for a vehicle, that wants spectacular customer service should look no further than Maria!


I forgot a small bag in the car they gave me, i went back the next day to ask for it. The car went out with another customer and the employee said is not my Priority to call the customer to look for your bag after waiting for 1 Hour to finish his priority then he called the customer to look for it but the customer couldn’t find. I was about to leave then the drive follow me with the bag and it was there all the time and when I opened the bag an iPhone 6 and some cash was missing what kind of employees take the customer staff. Be careful..

John Sudan

I had a horrible experience there. I was shopping for a new Lexus SUV. The master sale manager "Michail Kravaritis" was very arrogant and has absolutely no customer service skills. He told me "why would I lose money to sell you a car" !!! He dealt with me as if I can not afford the car! Don't go there please. I don't recommend this place.


Excellent vehicle selection. Friendly service and sale staff. Super clean facility.

cor- k

This dealership is a joke I went to buy a 08 g35x a month ago got all my paperwork and financing through my credit union in a week was speaking with my sales guy who was very down to earth to make sure everything was working put then I spoke with sales manager Seth Arnold who knew I was buying this car in a couple days this was on a Wednesday and the plan was to pick up the car with my check in hand on Saturday I am very busy with school and work so that's what worked for me I told my salesman Josh he was not new school salesman style no pressure versus the old salesman style of pressure and manipulating you to buy a car which I can not stand . So anyways Friday come around I speaking with Josh my salesman to make sure everything is set up and. The car gets detailed or what not Friday right before I had to go to work at 6pm on Friday I picked up my check for the 08 g35x at 530pm I get a call and voicemail at 533pm saying from Seth Arnold the car has been sold and he is sorry.. I also had my insurance company set it up to have insurance put on that car for Saturday cause that was the plan mind you there not open on the weekends so I was very upset and annoyed at the unprofessional of this place and. The sales manager so I yelled at him so did my girlfriend he said let me rectify this we gave him two weeks he didn't deliver then a month rolls by and still no resolution just excuses and his lazy antics they try to sell me a 2009 g37 which I did not want with 130,000 miles like what a big slap in the face yes it's a 10 year old car but wanted a 10 grand car with under 100,000 and all wheel drive this place is a joke be warned I will never buy a car here I suggest you do the same unless u want there high pressure sales gimmick to manipulate u in Shady sales tactics...

John Chatzopoulos

I'm so happy I ended up purchasing from Meade Lexus! Maria, Mark, and Bianca all were truly exceptional! I know I could be difficult, but they found a way to work with me. They exceeding my expectations and that's how buying a Lexus should be. I am a customer for life!

Omar Bahashwan

Honestly, two times I had little issues in the car they fixed for free. One was the tire lucker they gave it to me for free and the other one was one of the blags in the bottom for the oil cover. It’s best services I have ever been through. Thanks for making my car worths to be serviesed in there

Scott Brumley

A wonderful experience dealing with David. He was very helpful in finding me the car that fit my budget. He was patient with me while I was deciding which direction to go in. I'm very, very happy with my IS 250 F Sport!

Krystal Nguyen

Lexus wanted to charge me $100+ for reset tire sensor in my car, which was less than 5 min work, ridiculous! I had put winter tires on my car by myself preparing for the cold weather. I stopped by Lexus asking if they could reset the sensor for me, and they told me they would have to charge me $100+ for pressing a few buttons... unbelievable, wasted my time.

Lady Lori

The employee Don Allen was a great help!

Kristen Court

I just purchased an RX from Meade Lexus and it was a great experience! Marissa and Miguel both went above and beyond to make sure I was happy! Very professional staff and I would highly recommend!

Mark Goad

Nice folks. Willing to help anyone that walks though those doors.

Bridgette Burley

Thank you!!! I walked into Meade "just shopping, not buying anything", oh but I did buy something...A brand new car!!! Well new to me anyway. I had four other vehicles planned to test drive, this was my first stop and my last. Thanks Natasha!!! She was awesome, I had no doubt about the information she provided me. Words can't express my appreciation and gratitude to Natasha and all who helped me thru the process, this includes you finance! This was the best experience I have ever had! Keep up the excellent professionalism, you got me hook, line and sinker. Thank You!

Ghazaal Sanaa

The worst service ever, I'm really disappointed from Lexus specially the manager for not correcting the problem. I left the dealership after supposedly they fixed my truck but by the time I got close to home my car got caught on FIRE. I'm glad the mechanic had a fire extinguisher. He said who ever worked on my truck forgot to put back the auto sensor. I'm not even comfortable to go back to the dealership :( .

Angie Green

Great customer service

Kevin Manuel

The service department staff is always professional and courteous. When I went in to pick up my car I had to wait a little longer than usual and because of the wait my service bill was discounted without me asking.

Sterling Hts Pharmacy

I purchased a car from david israilov and a year later I lost the access to the app, when I called and spoke to the office manager michael kravaritis, he said you have to pay for it and david lied to you and said its free and thats why hes fired or no longer works there. Michael was very rude and short with his answers. I really dont recommend going there, and because of that and as upset michael made me, I am selling the car and buying new makes

Mark Bradford

Excellent selection and service!!

Ian Sherk

I brought in my CT200h to get a new key programmed. They broke the computer in my car, blamed me, & charged me $2,900. This was just my experience, I'm sure they are usually great.

Helki Jackson

I bought my first Lexus from Meade Southfield. My saleswoman, Maria, was great and made it possible for me to drive the car of my dreams! She introduced me to an awesome service consultant, Tony, who I continue to work with each time I need service. Tony and his staff have been wonderful and consistently provide timely, professional, excellent quality service. I've leased many cars before and have never been to a car dealership that makes me feel so appreciated to be their customer. Everyone at Meade Lexus continues to show me that they know and care about customer service and that's most important to me. I'm so happy I became a Lexus driver!

Daniel Glime

John in parts department was very helpful and courteous

TJ Klein

I brought my car to Meade Lexus of Southfield on Friday 8/2/19 for a scheduled airbag recall. Upon arrival they asked if I had any other issues with my car and I mentioned that the front headlight was out and that I tried to replace another headlight in it but this did not work. The service specialist I worked with assured me that Lexus was very reasonable and always works with customers to provide excellent service. Upon scheduling my appointment, I also discussed with the service specialist that I needed to be out of there by 2, as I had scheduled travel I needed to accomodate. He assured me this would not be an issue. At 2:30 pm, the service specialist came up to me in the waiting area and told me he had bad news. He told me that they were able to fix the airbag (recall) and the headlight ($290). However, he said, after doing those repairs, my other headlight went out and it would cost me another $290. I told him that I had no issues with the other headlight ever and that it was working just find the night prior, and that they should repair it and not charge me since it was working without issues prior to arrival there. He then went to get the service manager, Gregory Edmonson, who provided some of the worst service I have ever received. Gregory was rude, dishonest, and disrespectful to me. He told me that I am responsible for the repair of the other headlight and that I would have to pay in full. I told Gregory that I would not pay for it and that they should repair it since the issue occurred on their watch. Gregory told me "You are not going to stand there and tell me how to do my job." He also said to me that it is not his responsibility to maintain my vehicle for me. I explained to Gregory that I maintain my vehicle very well and that it seemed like too much of a coincidence for me to come in and pay $290 for one headlight to be changed and suddenly, while my car is there, the other one stopped working and to have to pay another $290. In an extremely non-genuine and near-mocking tone, Gregory said "I don't think that's a coincidence at all." At this point, I was extremely frustrated with the situation and completely regretting ever scheduling service at this Lexus at all. He told me to wait so he could speak with the car mechanic. Nearly half an hour later, Gregory returned to tell me that the headlight had only flickered and was actually working properly once they tightened the bulb down (why they needed to tighten it down, since they weren't supposed to be working on that headlight, I do not know). I'm not sure whether they were just trying to get me to pay another $290 for another headlight or if they genuinely saw an issue with my headlight, the latter of which I highly doubt since I haven't ever had any issues with it before. And on top of all that, I was an hour and a half late leaving when I needed to leave by 2 pm and explicitly explained that when I made my appointment, to which they agreed and said everything would be done by 12 pm. I will never go back to Meade Lexus of Southfield again and I warn all Lexus or potential future Lexus customers to avoid at all costs and go elsewhere.

Zakareah Sikdar

Tony from service is not only a genuine person, but he goes above and beyond to make sure all of his customers are satisfied. Don from sales also is great and responsive. I recommend this dealer and their service department!

Tyler Saidla

Outstanding fantastic customer service. I’ve owned handfuls of vehicles from numerous brands, so far Lexus is leaps and bounds better than any other brand I’ve encountered! Very pleased. You have a Lexus long-term customer. It’s simple treat your customers right and they stick around. Went above and beyond. Maria, Johnny, and Adam were outstanding, matter of fact every employee I encountered was great. Pick Meade Lexus of Southfield!

Nicholas Kalnins

Every time i come to this dealership Anthony (Tony) treats me as if i were family, it makes coming to this dealership just like walking into my own home which is a very refreshing experience. He always explains everything in detail and with …

Tiffany Meller

Meade Leaxus of Southfield is a very well run dealership. The entire facility is super clean & nice looking. All the staff is friendly & helpful. I'm on my third car from this office. Today I came in for my 10,000 mile service & Dave Ferguson was there to greet me. He got right to assessing my vehicle's exterior condition and noticed a scratch I hadn't even seen. He had another person on the team buff it out before I even left! He explained the services being done and had me sign all the paperwork very efficiently. He picked out an awesome loaner car that just happened to be a model my husband's been considering, so it was perfect that we got to check it out. Dave called me in less than 3 hours to let me know my car was ready. When I went back to get it, there was Dave welcoming me again. He quickly told me everything checked out fine, as expected, and got my car out promptly. He was very friendly and also funny to chat with. I've worked for Quicken Loans for over 20 years and we put a tremendous focus on delivering an amazing client experience. So it really means something for me to say MEADE LEXUS & DAVE ROCK! Thank you for the opportunity to share my great experience.

Patrick Mason

Dealer facility was state of the art, and sales/finance team was great.

John Pena

Great selection of preowned cars and SUV's

Samantha Strozynski

Just purchased my very first Lexus ever! I am beyond excited and blessed with the best! Ed W. and Mike M. made it so easy, from the moment I walked in I was treated like family. In less then 2 hours - test drive, negotiations, financing, paperwork and done. The entire process was simple, comfortable, and enjoyable. I will defiently be back in the future and recommend Meade Lexus of Southfield to anyone looking to purchase a car. I will see you guys in a couple years for an upgrade! THANK YOU!!

David Woodard

I've always loved this dealership. Great staff!!!

Eva M

Just not a huge fan of this location wouldn't recommend going there a lot of other Lexus dealerships in the area that will treat you way better than they did here. They literally didn't even acknowledge my presence and I was ready to purchase a new vehicle and knew what I wanted and had the money on a hand but since they never approached me I left and bought a vehicle elsewhere

Virginia Dunn

Enjoyable experience

Marcia Jones

Decorated for Christmas already the cars are beautiful . And nice people to work with.

Pruitt Empire

Always Great Customer Service

Cathy Hill

The customer service is good very good the people are really nice and they do a good job is a nice dealership to go to to purchase a car

Vazir Fatehi

Happy. Bought our ES here. Great inventory, fantastic customer interaction and good deals.

Karen Gilyard

In home state GREAT service experience handling of customer

Heather Bessant

Aashala Ali is the best salesperson ever!!! I will follow her where ever she goes. Bright, talented , professional.

Lisa Pollack

Service staff are phenomenal!

Steve Thomas

Just a really stand up car dealership!

Keenna Bell

Maria was great to work with! I leased my IS250 with no hassle. She made me feel like I was her only customer that day with how much time and detail she spent finding me the car that I wanted. Maria remained patient and very professional even during my moments of indecisiveness. I hope that Maria is available to assist me with my next Lexus!

Antoinette Bostice

I was looking to purchase a luxury vehicle but never considered Lexus. However, after the great customer service I received from Mona Buchannan and the staff at Meade Lexus of Southfield, I will never drive anything else. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by a very kind gentleman who allowed me to look around the showroom without any pressure. After I found the model that I was interested in, my salesperson, Mona, came over and introduced herself. She truly listened to what I wanted instead of trying to sell me something that I didn't want. The model that I wanted didn't come with the interior color that I wanted. However, Mona searched and found me something that was even better. After that was done, Marla from finance came over and took my information and processed my application. Moments later she asked "are you ready to take your car home?" I took delivery the next day and I am happy to report that I am in love with my new car. Thank you Mona and the entire staff at Meade Lexus of Southfield for providing exceptional customer service!

Lesley Nizza

My experience with Maria at Meade Lexus of Southfield has been absolutely incredible. She has made the process of leasing a new car so smoothe and painless! She has taken care of EVERYTHING from making side the insurance is handled , the car is everything I want in it , the price is right and delivered it around my schedule. I would highly recommend her again!

Thelma Norman

They truly do have the best service ever. Thanks Don


I’m on the market for a new vehicle and was interested in a trade in for a new lease. I recently put in a request for information on a 7 seater I’d been eyeing. I received a call this morning from a gentleman named Russ at this particular Lexus location. I was at work and only answered because when I get a call from a 248 number in the morning, it’s usually my sons school. When I answered and realized that it wasn’t, I tried to explain that to him and he kept trying to get me to speak. After the third time trying to get him to disconnect and asking him to call me back later today, he very rudely may I add, stated that if I wasn’t interested he didn’t have to call back. I will inquire about said vehicle with another location. I should’ve read the reviews first.

Monte Porter

Meade Lexus of Southfield is truly a place to go for excellent customer service. My sales person Shawn, was courteous, polite, and very professional. The environment is full of friendly staff! Every corner I turned I was greeted with a warm smile or handshake. While my transaction was being completed and finalized I was instructed to visit the snack bar for refreshments as I waited to sign and drive away. I haven't been this impressed with the staff of a business in a very long time. I highly recommend visiting this location in Southfield, Michigan if you want the best service possible. Lastly, I have to mention my experience with the Delivery Specialist Marla. She met with me today and put me at ease as she explained all the bells and whistles my vehicle has. She was very polite, respectful, and performed with the utmost level of professionalism! I love my Lexus IS 200 and couldn't be any happier than I am with the purchase I made. I thank Shawn, Marla and the rest of the staff for the degree of professionalism they provided and highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for great service and an excellent vehicle!

Jules Voss

First of all I would like to thank Ronald Bowers for taking such good care of me as a client and my second half: my car. I was treated very friendly by him, he paid a lot of attention to what I was saying and he showed that he genuinely cared. Ronald a good portion of ‘’professional humour’’, making me feel comfortable as a customer. He showed me exactly how he calculated the price he was quoting and he also took the time to elaborate on what was wrong with my car. As it would take a few days till the replacement parts would arrive for my car, the dealership decided to give me as replacement a brand new Lexus RX350 for the time. They even gave me several options to choose from. I came in with my rather old Lexus SC400 from 1993, but I was treated like I just showed up to the party in a Maybach. It was an absolute pleasure! I would recommend Meade Lexus of Southfield to anyone who wants to be positively surprised. Thank you for this great experience!

Keisha Glenn

Don in the service department is always great!

Riverside Auto Care Lincoln Park

My go to car dealer in the D. Rest In Peace Mickey Whiteside. I bought 3 ls460s and one sc430 from him. What an amazing car salesman and entrepreneur! He once helped me trade in a Mercedes s500 I owed 60k or so on and rolled it into a brand new Lexus. I lost a little bit of money but how fun!!! Sincerely, Jason

Erica Johnson

Their bodyshop Global Impact Solutions is absolutely awful. I heard that they don't even own this body shop anymore. But they still have the Meade Lexus logo on the building. Weird. I will never bring my Lexus to Meade as long as they still recommend Global Impact Solutions. They did a number to my Lexus like the bolts for the passenger rear door wasn't tightened all the way down so the door was wobbly and almost fell off. Major imperfections in the paint and a small dent on my drivers door. Next time I'm going to Lexus of Ann Arbor who recommends Service King.

Craig Harris

Maria is wonderful!! She drove a car to my home for me to look at since my time is very limited. I wasn't in need of a car for a few months and just looking, but Maria made me a deal that I couldn't refuse and a few days later I had a brand new Lexus in my garage!! I will be a return customer and will recommend many friends to her!!

Lauren Maniere

I worked out a decent deal with them. I had to put a little money into the car right after I bought it, but it is an older car.

Lori Caruso

The Lexus brand vehicle offers the highest quality and comfort. Meade Lexus, specifically Karen Klaassen, provides the greatest service possible associated with a car purchase and maintenance. We have been purchasing Lexus vehicles since 1998 - to say we are satisfied would be an understatement.

john stemmler

Found beautiful certified RX and drove 3+ hours to purchase. Replacing a 13 year old RX which has been a trouble free SUV for 167,000 miles. The salesman, sales manager, finance manager, and their manager were all absolutely fantastic. They delivered on every promise and the experience was absolutely enjoyable. Certified Lexus or Toyota vehicles are a great value. The cost of ownership is quite low. My 11 year old Avalon limited has 257,000 miles so between both vehicles we've driven over 400,000 miles and I think in addition to oil changes, tires, brakes, we haven't spent for than $2500 over the years we've owned the vehicles. I would buy from Meade in a heartbeat. Please note I have no relationship with anyone there . . . just a satisfied customer. Obviously I am a fan of Toyota as nothing but great experiences with both Lexus and Toyota.


These guys are in the business of people! Not a long wait time, very accommodating in arranging a loaner vehicle, if needed. UPDATE: Since my previous review I must say that customer service has toppled tremendously. First two times amazing. Last two times horrendous. At this point, we feel as if we need to go elsewhere. Had engine repaired and tape was left on the underbody. How did we know? Because the problem that we initially took it there for was still there and ongoing after we got our car back! So we decided to let a friend take a look at it. That's when we discovered the tape. Also there was black oil dirt smudged within my cream interior. Yes our car is an older Lexus, which we plan to keep. As well as possibly leasing another Lexus in 2020. Unfortunately we will not go back.

Saad Bhatti

Wonderful facility with a wide range of inventory, and an even better staff. Everyone I have dealt with here is very kind, knowledgeable, and really make you feel cared for. Additionally, the service staff are excellent. Scheduling a service appointment is a breeze, I'm always able to get in within a few days, and sometimes even same day. I could not be happier in my experiences here.

Hong phuoc nguyen

I always brougth my car to this dealership for service last over 2 years. Today I brought it in again to reset tire sensors today because I just swapped to winter tires. They asked me $100+ for the job which won’t take more than 5 minutes with an OBD tool. I brought my car to discount tire and got it done for free in 5 minutes. Goodbye Meade!!

David Kensora

I just bought a SUV there yesterday and was very impressed .....i was extremely happy with the assistance from my salesperson Marissa LaRiviere....she was very knowledgeable and definitely was the reason I purchased the car and got it the same day.....she made it all happen and made the experience smooth.

Elizabeth Battle

Mr. Anthony Krajewski was very prompt and friendly upon my arrival into the service garage. He greeted me and my family with a smile and a firm hand shake. He provide us with a quick write up and statement of the 5-star service/inspection that we would receive. He was also able to provide a loaner vehicle while we waited which made my visit very productive since I drove in from Lansing. Lastly, I really appreciated his innate kindness to help load and unload my personnel belongings from one vehicle to another. Thanks to him and the other team members, we had a great first experience to Meade Lexus! Sincerely, --Darlene E.B.

Farron Neoh

I had the pleasure of working with Miguel Nouhan and Wendi Ferguson to acquire an L/Certified 2015 Lexus GS F Sport. The sales experience was exceptional. I was offered top dollar for my trade and the price for the car was fair. The real issue came with my ownership experience. A week into owning the vehicle, the BSM system reported a failure. I brought it back to the dealership, and they said they would have it squared away under warranty. When I got the car back a week later, I noticed some faint door dings on my passenger front door. I was offered to bring it back the next day to have it polished out. I brought the car back to polish the door marks out. When the car was returned to me, I noticed that both driver side wheels had been curbed. The service manager denied responsibility. Luckily, I had bought the tire and wheel protection that would cover the damages. An appointment was set up to bring it back for repair. I was promised that the repair would make it look like it never happened. It took 4 more visits to the dealership to get the wheel repair all ironed out. During the last visit, I was asked to supervise the work done on my vehicle, due to all the mistakes that were made during the prior visits. By the end of it all, the experience had left such a bad taste in my mouth that I no longer enjoyed the car. Just the sight of it would cause a feeling of disgust. I ended up selling it for another brand, 1.5 months after the purchase. I’m sure that my experience was an anomaly, but I was expecting so much more attention to detail from a Lexus dealership. I’ve been a long time Toyota customer and hold my Toyota dealership to a higher standard than the quality of work I was provided here. Despite all of this, I still believe that Lexus makes amazing cars. However, it will be a while before I revisit the idea of owning one.

Steve V

We live about an hour + drive from this place. Looking at a used NX. Went to a scheduled appointment and the salesperson was not there. No call or anything from them. And then had an appointment with a second salesperson on another occasion, called before we left and found they took the day off...they dont seem to take their appointments too seriously.

Johnny Tran

This place is top notch. They went above and beyond for my car’s service recall, more so than any other dealership I’ve experienced. Very professional, courteous, informative, and not at all pushy for sales. Rob Percy is the man!

Ayat Almanfi

I have been deciding for few months on what car to choose, soon as I went into LEXUS, I fell in love. Wendi was beyond AMAZING.She assisted me from day one up until I received the car. She made it so easy and answered all my questions. She followed up daily and made the process so smooth and stress free. I would have not been any happier with any other choice. Thank you WENDI.

Danial Hyder

Dave was great. Best experience I've had so far. He was accessible, receptive, and willing to work out a deal. I've bought a lot of cars, and this is by far my best experience. I'm waiting for Dave to get me out of my other car so I can get in an GS350 F-Sport. He went out of his way several times to accommodate my requests. Additionally, I'm a car guy and Dave was able to converse with me on a level that satisfied my detailed questions.

David Schechter

Broken antenna. Write up guy told me to go to the parts counter and find out what the part costs, apparently that's the customer's job when you need a repair at Meade. Quoted me (after a struggle, and not in writing) almost 900 for a 325 …

Sharon Zhou

Maria is awesome. She is always professional, friendly and overall very helpful indeed. It was great experience at Meade Lexus and I will definitely recommend this dealership and Maria to my friends.

Rachel Lipson

My salesperson (Marissa) was very nice and they happened to have the car I wanted. A problem with the brakes cropped up prematurely, and I took it to them. Everyone was respectful and really worked hard to make it right, I am impressed by the customer service and they were very responsive.

Corey Nierzwick

Real and friendly staff, decent prices.

Brian Stover

Advertising cars that they don't have.

Jim Vance

I returned from long term overseas assignment and needed to purchase a car quite quickly. After much long distance research had decided a certified used Lexus was way to go. Was lucky that Meade Southfield Lexus was closest Lexus dealer and that Ms. Ali was chosen as my sales associate. The car I thought I wanted was sold the day that I arrived but Ms. Ali was excellent in recommending alternatives and allowing me plenty of time to decide. She offered good alternatives of both new and barely used vehicles. Southfield has a sister dealership in Utica so quite a large inventory was available. Ultimately I chose a 2018 ES350 which is objectively great in nearly every respect. I would highly recommend Ms. Ali and Meade Southfield Lexus to anyone looking for new or used vehicle.

Zsa Zsa Girl

What a sad experience. My 4th Lexus and they always treated customers above and beyond in service. Sadly, not any longer. Used to vacuum the car and wash it, they did not. I emailed stating I needed a car as to drive as I was still working, nope. Sorry but l’m no longer impressed Meade Lexus of Southfield. David in sales gone, Migual in management gone, Don Allen in service gone, guess who else will be gone, me! Service advisor Jonathon didn’t care that I was upset at all. Will be looking into Audi for my next purchase.

Olim kodirov

Service 1.30 mins oil change

Jasim Alnahas

I would like to thanks Mr. Jeffery Wexler ( in service departmet )for his professional way of doing business. I left my car there for recal, he took care of it with full updates of the service details. Also, I came late for my oppointment and he dovoted himself to finish my staff. Also,I like his gentel way of respecting thier customer and dealing with them in polit way. THANKS Alot Mr. Jeff

Walter Wahl

Fantastic service from Lexus as always!

Kaila Thomas

I had a wonderful experience at Meade. Everyone really worked hard to get our business. Our salesman Ed was especially helpful, personable, and an overall pleasure to work with. We were looking at Mercedes, Acura, and BMW. We got an excellent deal on the last 2016 IS 200t in the area! I wouldn't mind doing business with any of the staff from sales to the general manager Bianca to finance with Seth. Thanks for all your help!

dorothy moore

I'm a true believer and appreciate excellent customer service. When my vehicle is serviced, I feel important and special. I always see Don A. in service. He gets what true customer service is all about!

Dawn Stinson

The personal service you receive is awesome. Everyone there is always so friendly

Carl Black

Excellent vehicle selection. Friendly service and sale staff. Super clean hotel with beautiful environment.

Quinn Renay

Best experience at a dealership!!!! Maria was amazing

Paul Bore

Great service by Tony and the Southfield team at Meade Lexus.

graham griffin

Maria D'Aigle was great to work with. She listened carefully to what we were looking for, provided us with many options, answered our questions and provided extra information that was so helpful. Most importantly we never felt pressured …

Janisse Green

Excellent service. If you have a Lexus use this dealer for service.

Mars Ma

My dealer where I bought my current vehicle, services are alway exceptional, much better than MB dealer this this area, but seems like the price has gone up since last year. I guess it is due to good growth on economy and inflation.

Lawrence Siden

Staff was professional but annoying like most auto dealers.


It was very nice talking with Dave and all the member at the Meade Lexus, including the receptionist Nancy whom I met on both days I visited. You guys were the best all around within the other dealers I have contacted this time. The main visit was made on sat. which I understand it should be the busiest week, and there were others which I spend more time waiting rather than talk about my car requirements. From the first step I walked in, you guys had someone to take care of me, and I have to say it was the shortest, yet time worth visit. I have heard about the LEXUS Service, and this time I experienced it. Please keep this friendly environment!!

Katie Gordon

I would never recommend this dealership. I had a terrible experience with Rick just like the review from Robin. The finance manager didn't know how to handle the sale and taxes since it was an out of state purchase, resulting in the dealer finance and collecting more taxes than necessary. This required them to issue a refund since financing had already been done. The whole experience was terrible such that the GM had to step in. She even said she wished they didn't sell out of state because of these issues. No kidding.

Endless Supra

A very laid back purchasing experience. A great lounge and top notch service. Marissa was fantastic!

annette wilson

Excellent servic

readandavailable Heaven

Good looking store. Nice salesman. Great test drive!!!

James Estabrook

Don is a ABSOLUTELY phenomenal sales associate, he makes buying a car a joy! He was extremely transparent with everything that was involved in buying. Couldn't ask for more, best experience buying a car EVER!


Service department is outstanding and goes above and beyond. They addressed all concerns and even when symptoms could not be duplicated, they checked bulletins and did research to ensure the problems were all resolved. They kept us informed every single day, were prompt, professional, and courteous. Rob Percy is phenomenal. Extremely happy with our experience.

Tony Hann

They are okay when you get in there they will take care of you right-of-way if you have any questions to ask they will answer them for you


Was referred to Shawn by a friend and was very happy with my experience! The whole process was fast and easy! Would refer family and friends to this dealership and especially Shawn!

Gloria Davis

I have had the best experience whenever I have had to have my vehicles serviced. Greg has been a gem in assisting me with the care and maintenance of my vehicles. I have purchased three cars from Meade Lexus and plan to purchase another due to the service that I have received from Greg. If my car needed service and Greg is not available I am going to wait until he returns. He has understanding and compassion for the job and knows me as a customer.

Magnus Dike

Very professional, and friendly.

Carla Giles

I have been taking my cars for service at Meade Lexus for over 17 years. My 1st car, 1997 ES 300, has over 253,000 miles and still purrs. I contribute that to making sure the car is serviced every 5,000 miles. From the time I drive into the service bay, walk into the reception area, and greeted by the consultant, Meade Lexus services are exceptional! And it's been that way throughout the entire 17 years.

Raayed Saeed

Amazing and luxurious service. Looked and performed on the car very quickly and the staff was very nice and professional.

cristian onac

I took my car is 250 awd to check my power steering light because it's a electric power steering.they said my speed sensor from the back wheels needs to be change.875 $ without tax.i sad no.then they sad leave the car here and we gone do recall and look deeper if that was the problem because my power steering light was on and hard to steering.when they done I took my car home take the back wheel down and guess what.sensor broke and unplug and missing the screw what is holding it.this you call dealer ?!? I WILL NEVER GO THERE . NOT RECOMMEND IT AT ALL.MY CAR HAS A LOT OF RECALLS I DON'T THINK I WILL BUY A Lexus AGAIN. BE AWARE.PS. I FOUND THE ABS SENSORS FOR 25 $ 2 pieces not 550$ they ask me for.they rip off people.unprofessional.

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