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REVIEWS OF Clean Getaway Car Wash & Detail Center IN Michigan

Theo Baugh

Absolutely the best experience for a car wash. Very friendly staff with an absolute pride in what they do, so much so I watched them give each other a high five when they were done. I own a ram 2500 power wagon it fit in the wash with no problems. 7ft 6in clearance.

Phil Campbell

Simply Put, incredible service. Took a vehicle that needed to be sold soon, and hadn't been cleaned in a few months. In 6 short hours they detailed inside and out flawlessly. Even handled a small oil spill in the trunk for a $25 upcharge. Highly Recommend for quick, quality service.

Nichole B

I am so impressed with how clean my car is now! The employees were extremely nice to me from the first phone call to set up the appointment. I was able to book my mother's car right after mine. Then I was able to park my car there on my way to work so I didn't have to take time out of my day to bring it there. I had to bring my mother's car in and they had everything pretty much done! Very nice and very professional. Would highly recommend.

David Nolan

All in all a great place to go get your car cleaned! From their car wash to their express interiors they do it all, the employees are extremely nice and make sure to take their time on your car to make sure it looks good. Only place I’ll ever go when I’m in Portage to get my car cleaned!

First Last

Paid almost $500 for 2 cars, and I could have done better with a towel and water and a vacuum. Do not be fooled. Bad customer service.

Rick Quick

Stan Smart

Have had several cars here over the years. Drive-thru car wash & hand auto detailing. Full array of services.

chuck teague

Always clean...affordable

Otto Molmen

Professional wash! Reasonable prices! Nice polite staff.

Afton Rachut

devin andrew

Best place to get all of your car cleaning needs!!

Schuyler Westcott

Purchased the "express interior wash". They skipped a lot… Didn't wipe out the cupholders, skipped a lot of areas with the vacuum,, just a very Poor job for the price paid.

Marty Ellard

The best

Gower Consulting, LLC

I went in with a dirty car and left with a clean one so... WINNING. The new owners are super nice and have done a lot to make improvements.

justin zegerius

Nor a bad wash. Except they want additional money to hand dry your car as their air dryers are less than adequate.

monica mcbride

Overpriced. Another car wash one block south providing a better wash, for less money.

r cm

Great personel , excellent detail.

Anna C

So helpful! I called in the morning panicked after spilling an entire coffee in my driver seat the morning before a road trip and was met with helpful solutions. They got me right in and cleaned up for an incredibly reasonable price. I will absolutely be back. They offer a full range of services. The staff are obviously knowledgeable and provide excellent customer service. The products used were effective and smell nice.

Raegan Radke

Excellent experience!! Guy with long hair was super friendly and efficient

Mariah Steele

Steve Rating

I agree with the first reviewer. I had almost the exact same interaction at this car wash. I was first a little displeased that the min cost was $7.50 and then when I handed him my credit card and told me there was a $10 minimum, it was enough send me on a rant to educate the young man on proper business strategies. Although he was not the owner he confided that many customers have been displeased as well. I ultimatly went to Buggy car wash down the street for $3.50 and vowed to never go there again. I am a car wash owner myself. (out of town for business)

Bobby Robinette

William Myers

Ruined my $1000 chrome wheel and then told me to file a claim with my insurance company. Don't ever go to this place. Ever!

Doug Shaffer

Cheapest wash is $7.50. Small sign next to the door that the attendant comes out informs customer that the minimum charge allowed for credit/debit is $10.00. When I went to pull away because I did not want to spend at least $10.00 for a wash, the attendant shouted across the parking lot "YOU COULDN'T HAVE WAITED 5 MORE SECONDS!?" To which I replied "No thank you". I received the two handed brush off that meant forget you to which I pulled on the street to go back through to explain why I was leaving. When I got up to the attendant, I explained that I was just the guy that pulled away and did not mean to offend him in any way but wanted to verify a few things. 1. Was the cheapest wash $7.50. His response- "Yes". 2. Is it true I have to spend at least $10 in order to use my debit card? His response, "Yes". I then informed him that I did not drive off off because he was taking too long to come out of the building, I drove off because this was the first time coming here and I was not aware of the minimum charge to which I was required. Before I was even done explaining, he brushed me off and said "ok" and went to walk to the next customer. I stopped him and asked him what his name was and he gave it to me. When I called to talk to the manager, one was not available and I left my name and number. After not hearing back for 4 business days, I called back and explained my experience and felt like he was just listening and not trying to "make things right". He said he appreciated me calling but couldn't do anything else for me. I was frustrated and called back later to go further with my complaint and asked for the owner's contact info. He was reluctant to give it to me and when he finally did, it all made sense. The first individual who was rude to me was the owner so of course, the general manager wasn't going to offer a free wash or anything else he should have done. Will never go back again!

Salvador Cruz

Sue Sochor

It was my first time here. The people were very nice and friendly. there were a lot of options to choose from, and I got a car Wash and my inside detailed for a really good price. they did a really great job so no matter what option you choose you can't go wrong!

Josh H

Good detailing service. Price is reasonable and comparable with other detail centers around. No issues.

James Carden

Great place! My 2015 Chrysler 300 was in rough shape. Took it to the beach nearly everyday for 2 years. The we’re alike to haul out my sand trap of a car and make it like brand new! Thanks guys

Cara L

One star for the staff being nice. Price wise, I was not impressed. I went there out of convinience despite the negative reviews I had read here beforehand. I was able to get in quickly. The place seems to be staffed by WMU freshman or those just out of high schol. They clean cars about as well as you'd expect an 18 year boy to. I pointed out the areas I wanted clean, although it should have been cleaned without me saying it. It took way longer than I was told and I was not called with an update, so I just went in. I had to point out 9/10 of the original spots I had asked to be cleaned and he did a couple of them before I got fed up a left. I had to go back to get a whole section re-cleaned that had been carelessly missed. They were nice, but I WANT MY MONEY BACK. This was a total wate of time and money.

Adam Parmenter

Looks like new. Bought a 2008 car used from an acquaintance. The inside was pretty dirty and it had a unique odor. Clean Getaway at Crossroads made it practically look like new.

Larry Grodstein

Josh Ubietu

I detailed my second car there today and they did an amazing job. Friendly staffs, awesome turn around time. My car looked like a brand new car in and out! Thanks guys!

Evan Heiser

D . West The One

Horrible service .

Paul Cockerel

I've used this car wash since I moved to Portage but... I went in there today to get information on detailing and was treated so poorly by the little guy in the attendants booth I won't go again. I asked one question and he insinuated I couldn't understand it if he explained it to me, then went in and got a flyer and told me to read it so I wouldn't get belligerent with him. I said what? He wouldn't answer me and then said I had requested an interior shampoo. The odd thing was I didn't I only asked him if I needed an appointment for a #1 detailing job. I never complain at businesses but when I went online and saw all of the complaints at this business I felt I should.

Tamisha Smith

Stella Molloy

Detailed my 2011 Jeep Liberty - Dog hair, crumbs, dust and dirt; they surpassed all my expectations by a mile. Manager is very nice, great job guys, Thanks.

Joseph Risselmann

This is the third time in a couple of months that I have been here for the detail service. The staff is very friendly and I wish I remembered their names to mention them in person. The employees that worked around 1:00PM on 5/4/18 are very nice. I spoke to at least five of them and they do a great job of representing the business

Tango Duet

Best carwash in portage. But, last time it didn't rinse the car completely, I had streaks. I will go back. It may have been a fluke.

Mackenzie Patterson Le

Great work, awesome customer service. Shoutout to Afton & Andrew for assisting me! Despite an issue arising, they were very quick to accommodate and help me out. I would recommend Clean Getaway to anyone looking to get their car detailed!!

Denise Negrea

I will not be returning to this car was and I do not recommend taking your car here. After mentioning the following issues with management I was told I could not receive even a partial refund. It all started when I was leaving the car wash. The machine spit me out of the dryer so fast that my car was still dripping wet. Then I enter the interior garage to for an express clean of the interior of my car. While I was getting ready to leave I noticed my back seat was not vacuumed. I asked them to vacuum it which they did but it was still covered in sand/dirt. As I am driving to my other errands I notice smudges on the back windows that appeared as if they were sprayed in some areas but not wiped. Once I am finally home I notice one of my rear mats is missing. I call them and they tell me I have to come pick up the mat if I want it. I explain the other issues I had and asked for a discount or a refund and they blatantly told me no, but that they could re-do the job. I explained to them that I already cleaned up the messes they missed so re-doing the job would only waste more of my time.

Burr Tolles

GREAT staff and quick work!!

Sharri Sibert

Adam Newsted

High quality service and the people skills to match

Lori Janssen


Kristin slack

I had my vehicle detailed a couple of weeks ago. They did an amazing job! They got my leather seats so clean after my son had been sitting on them with dirty baseball pants. The customer service I received was perfect. Thank you to all of you. I will be back for more detail services.

Jim Bertolina

This is the best car wash I have ever experienced. They have recently updated the equipment and it has made a big difference. I am really impressed!

robert hicks

always great service at this wash.

William Sabin

Mostly a great job, sometimes miss a spot or two but truck always looks good when I come out. Of course the high gloss Candy Apple Red is always good.

Jess Nystrom

Anytime I go to Portage I go to this Car Wash and am never disappointed. My car always has quite a bit of dust and mud in the wheel wells at least it comes out spotless every time. I used the express interior detail today for the first time and it was clear the guy was in training since the lady in the office was instructing him what to do. Everything was well done and I was in and out in 20 minutes tops.

Eugene Wilson

Super job! The dude took time to do a thorough job!!

Ryan La Roche

New owners are very friendly, fair and offer great service.

Kim Cooper


Stacey Nyland

I called ahead to get information on pricing and wash/detail options. Andrew was extremely helpful and informative. They did an amazing job with my car wash/Express interior clean out. Very friendly staff & will definitely return!

Steven Reibeling

Deep scratches on every panel of my wife's car from the brushes. There wasnt any before. I've enjoyed my memorial day wet standing and polishing!

Todd Super

Sarah Dinkins

LOVE coming to clean get away, the staff is super nice and the owner is amazing. They definitely exceed my expectations every time (I don’t always have the cleanest car.) It’s like driving off the lot with a brand new car every time!

Michelle Morin

Could use a stronger dryer

Suzanne Scott

These guys are great. They pay attention to the details and their service is outstanding. I would highly recommend them.

Bill Terrell

Allysa McGuire

Kevin McEneany

These guys were great. Brought my car in after a music festival and it was FILLED with mud. When I got it back, it looked spotless. Andrew was very upfront with me about all the work they did on it, and encouraged me to call back if I had any questions or concerns. Would recommend to anyone

Anne Meinema

Friendly staff, great job on my interior cleaning!

mark cassar

Does a good job cleaning but the blow dry is just awful and $5 for a towel dry is a bit steep

melissa frost

I want to open one of these in Coloma or Benton Harbor!

Carma Kelley

Great prices and friendly staff! Lots of options for cleaning the exterior and interior!! Convenient hours and speedy service!

NanaGG89 JY

Da’Vari Jacksonwesttv


Christina B

3 dogs washed and dried in an hour....went home to a clean house with clean dogs and no sore back! Won’t do it any other way now!

Sue Truckey

I've been here 3 times. First time was a GREAT experience. An adult waited on me and did a very nice job on my car. The next 2 times, I got a young kid with a bad attitude. This place is losing points with me. Looking for an alternative.

Andrew M

Had some stuff on my windshield and windows that the dealership I got my car from never quite got off. After driving around in my car for four months I got sick of it. I happened to notice this place just as I was headed to get an oil change today. I called while I was doing my errands just to see what it would be to have the windows taken care of. Not only was it unbelievably affordable, I was able to get right in and have it taken care of. Definitely impressed with the affordability and the outcome of my windows. And the manager who did it was pretty cool as well. Great job. --2/16/19 EDIT- Decided it was time I had my interior cleaned up. Some syrup got spilled in the center console, and the rest was just messy from usage over time. They did an incredible job in about 20 minutes. I'm impressed again. I got a car wash and a quick interior detail (surfaces wiped down, windows cleaned, vacuumed seats and floorboards) for $31.99. That is a very, very reasonable price for the service you get.

Casey Valladolid

Friendly staff, lot of full service options.

Ulrica Bragg

The new auto pay station is cool but the wash was really rough on my car. It literally peeled some of the paint off my front end and almost ripped my rearview mirrors off! I guess if you have an older vehicle you may want to avoid this high powered wash.

Shane DeRidder

Great place! Quick, thurough, and beautiful cleaning. The staff is very friendly. Ended up becoming a monthly subscriber after the first wash. My Suburban loves it here.


Management is good and very responsive. The people who work over there are good as well. The only problem is the vacuumes are very old and they don’t work as expected. Only few of them are working good

Dustin Virag

This place is a must go for a car wash and quick cleaning after the wash by the employees. They are friendly and the place is always clean. I will continue to visit while living in the area.

Anthony Gomez

A great wash for a good price. Got the $10 wash a few times now and always looks spotless. Good customer service.


This is a great Car Wash and the service I found to be very VERY good. I just got the Auto Wash with Hand Dry and Express detail and it only took about 10 minutes and its was just as good as having a full detail done. GREAT JOB. Well worth the money.

Brittany B D

This is the first time going thru their autowash. Bug guts still on hood and front bumper. Dirt still in many areas. The dryer does not dry, spots everywhere. I will not go back.



The machines seem very hard and rough I was afraid of peeling, the dryer leaves the car wet quite a bit on the sides. The wash I got was advertised as having underbody rinse however looking at it in the driveway it seemed unsprayed and filthy with mud. Those flashing colored lights are very annoying I wish they had just plain lightings. However the automated pay station is nice so are the wash prices and choices as well as the attendants rinsing on the way on.

Todd Glenn


Gary Laming

Had some crud on my windshield and hood, their wash system took care of it and my car came out spotless. Definitely will return and recommend others to go there

Becca Ham

Just had my Sienna detailed today. The staff are super friendly as is the owner. I wont go anywhere else to have my van detailed. Top notch customer service. Thank you Dean and Andrew.

Heather Stone

Erica Vorpi

They do a fantastic job, they do interiors too for a great price!

Kourtney Brewer

Got an amazing detail on my car today! Looks brand new inside and out!

My Review

I had my car detailed and maybe it was just a bad experience but I will not be returning. The employee tried to justify my mats being dirty by stating he did extra cleaning in another area of the car, then I pointed out a few streaks on my seats and he said it was soap. There was no initiative to correct it.

Joseph Forman

Purchased Deluxe wash, Express interior, and hand dry (extra $5 charge for hand dry). They sent me through a machine wash, and then I pull around to get the "hand dry", and the interior. Waited in line after my wash. They never did do any sort of hand dry so I had a wash so-so wash with streaks. When they claimed to be done the only thing I asked about is that the wheels looked pretty bad. If they could just touch those up since I did not get the hand dry service. The owner manager was very unfriendly, instantly assumed was I was wanting a refund or complaining. This was not the case, I just got a car wash and the wheels looked bad. Still gave over a 30% tip, but was not happy with the owner/manager, but I did not take this out on the worker. Not happy.

craig smith

Lavona VanFulpen

My car looked showroom new after complete detailing services! The crew was very professional and friendly. Would definitely recommend this company. Andrew, Phil and Jacob were great!

Sherri Holthof

Had a great experience the first time I had my car washed and detailed. However, this past Tuesday I went through the car wash. The attendants hand brushed my front grill and back trunk area. By the time I got home, 10 minutes, I noticed my back tail light was broken. I can't prove that the washers did it, but you'd think the attendant that was brushing the back end would have said something. The tail light was intact 3 hours earlier when I had brushed the snow off of my car. They must have a rough machine.

Judy Johnson

This may be the last time I go here. The new equipment in the wash bay has very annoying flashing colored lights. The express interior service was very slow --just cleaned the Windows and a quick vacuum. Over all the cost doubled and took 40 minutes.

Amy Goodwin

Wow! This place had the sevice, timeframe and price point that I was looking for! I had my kid infested van detailed and it looks brand new!

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