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REVIEWS OF Waves Car Wash IN Massachusetts

Hope Kalajian

Quick & convenient, great service too!

jake sherman

Charged 85 dollars in person instead of 75 dollars listed online for detail and seat shampoo on a kia soul. They made several new scratches on the interior, missed dusting in several areas, did not remove stickers from door panel, missed trash in rear. Look elsewhere for detailing

Braden Payne

Good car wash and pretty quick

Paul Dzurec

It's fine. Tough to get in.

Stephanie Joseph

Love this place. They are upfront about the in and outs of their membership. They mean it when they say " Unlimited " they mean it. You can even utilize it daily. The staff are always very pleasant and really friendly. Its in a very easy location.

Donna Mac

Great car wash!

T Marie

WARNING ⚠️!!! I recently went to waves car wash in West Roxbury MA. I have a new 2017 vehicle with absolutely no scratches or scuffs. I drove my car through the Wave car wash and came out with a huge deep scratch mark on my entire rear quarter panel! The manager was very unprofessional laughing and told me the scratch couldn't have came from the wash. I guess this just magically appeared on my car! Smh GOOD LUCK if you decide to wash your car here!! 10/31/2017!! PLEASE VIEW "YELP APP" to see all the HORRIBLE pictures!

Sarah White

Just had my car detailed at Waves car wash. They did a great job and my car interior looks like new. I'll definitely be going back.

Nem Perez

I don’t ever do reviews but I had to after getting my car detailed here. They were friendly and fast and did an incredibly thorough job!!! Reasonable price, reasonable extra charge for dog hair- Loving my like new interior and feeling very thankful to the folks at Waves who helped make it happen!!!

Chani Parent

I love the staff here.

Michael Browder

great car wash! I've been a member for two years

Davidson Louissaint

These guys keep their equipment up to date. Provide great customer services!

Vaughn Henry

I love the unlimited car wash thing.

India Tatum

Great place to have vehicle cleaned an washed appropriately. Staff are very friendly an helpful as well.

Adam Hockman

Expensive. Paid for my tires to be done and they came out terrible. Not going back.

Nancy Zesch

They just make it so easy!

Michael Aprille

the help

Shirley Vega

Under average

Anas Rihawi

You can get unlimited carwash for monthly $29 which is a very good deal. their carwash is very friendly for your car paint.

Joshua Mann

Best car wash in the Boston area. My car always comes out looking sexy AF, with no scratches or water stain spots that I get at other car washes. Staff is very friendly too.

julian zapata

Excellent service

Anthony Morley

Very nice people

Liam RBG

Decent car wash


They wash your car real good, but towel dry isn't the best. Cheap to make up for it though. If you get a full detail, and have some time to kill, they are lucky they are within walking distance of some shops.

Arnold Kraft

Friendly staff.... super clean car wash and detailing. The unlimited package is a great value

temitope adeyemi

Excellent job

Jonathan Rock

They did an outstanding job detailing my car. Friendly and professional staff.

Robert Warner

This is my favorite automated car wash in Boston! I'm particular about my car and this place does the job well and for a great price. It even getting into my difficult to clean hubcaps! Make sure you come before 6pm and they will give you a complementary wipe down.

Desiree Reed

The best at interior car detailing

Katherine Plunkett

Love it. Cleans the car to my husband's high standards lol

Abdelghani Redjem

Awesome service

LRenee Martin

Awesome people and great service...


I had one of my vehicles detailed at "WAVES" and there were a few minor issues which were disappointing. I called over and spoke with "Jessie" who was very helpful and asked me to come by and she would take a look at my concerns. I can't emphasize enough the effort Jessie put into "making things right." I am thoroughly impressed with their "customer satisfaction" policy and I will be patronizing "WAVES" for sometime to come. WAVES is by far, the best car wash in greater Boston. I have not seen, or been to one more efficient. I highly recommend WAVES if you want the job done right and at a very reasonable price.

Vidhu Nambiar

They have ZERO respect for customers. There was a long line for the car wash today but I had come here for an emergency vacuum situation. When one of the guys was moving the cones to allow me vacuum, the manager stopped him and asked us to leave. The manager may have been overwhelmed with a large line of car wash customers, but it was awful to on-the-spot decide to prevent a customer from using their service. If it was necessary, how about saying so politely and maybe apologizing for the inconvenience? If you are closing down your vacuum service for the day, how about having a sign saying so? When a customer has taken trouble to get there, at the very least be polite to them? You can't be yelling at them and telling them to leave. The guys who work here are fine, the manager is a total jerk.

James Elliot

Love this place best car wash around

D Berg

Ive been coming to Waves for years. In my opinion,its the best car wash in the Boston area.

John Haxx

Car wash is always good. The people hand drying are good at getting it done in short work. The unlimted car wash is a great deal, just make sure to get it detailed and waxed from time to time.. all that brush contact isn't good for your paint. Which brings me to the next part, their detail service is awesome. Highly recommend.

Karen Dern

The best detailing ever, car looks brand new! Moderate cost, friendly, free WiFi, comfortable waiting area, schedule appointments online & choose services needed.

Mytsie Thevenin

Must make an appointment for detail services, which I did but when I asked for further clarification on the packages, the attendant became very frustrated and brushed me off. This place is too expensive and unprofessional.

Jovan Boseovski

Best carwash. Wish I still lived nearby but I still get detail done here.

Mike S

Does a great job cleaning the car and hand drying after is a nice touch.

Nancy Samsen

Brought my car in for detail job. Went with the clay and wax job. Wow ! Beautiful ! My car is a 2008 Jaguar and it looks like when I bought it over 10 years ago. The shine is fabulous! They got out all the service snatches too. Could not believe how great it looks , compared to before. Excellent job ! Worth every penny. By the way, there prices are reasonable too. The guys are real nice and make you feel like they welcome your business. The guys that did my car were simply the best. I saw them working on it through the window and there attention to detail was just great. They were done in about an hour and they have waiting room. When they were done I could not have been happier. Love my car even more now. Thank you Waves for a fabulous detail job. I highly recommend Waves for anyone out there thinking about detailing your car.

Lucy Johnson

I would give more stars but the staff's cars were literally parked in the vacuum spaces and after waiting for like 20 minutes I gave up and had to go elsewhere. One of the guys saw I was looking, turned off his parked car and walked inside anyways. I like this place but it would be much better if all the amenities were accessable.

Kevin Bagley

Popular Carlos wash with modern and eco friendly equipment. Staff is friendly and washes are reasonably priced. The only thing missing is a prewash with water to get any large dirt off your vehicle before going through.

Carla Casey

Very efficient

Nick Mardeuse

The car wash runs nice and smooth. Depending on who it is doing it, the towel dryers at the end could put a little more effort into that finishing touch.

Anthony Nin

I came across this car wash 39 days ago (1/27/18) and decided I will give it a shot since I wouldn’t mind the idea of getting unlimited car washes at a certain premium a month. There was a man in the booth selling me on the benefits in order to sign me up for the unlimited wash which was pretty good but he failed to disclose the cancellation fee. My first day going through the wash I realize the gentlemen at the end of the wash did not dry the vehicle to any significant measure. If you know anything about getting your car washed, you know that the dry can be even more essential than the wash itself. I didn’t give the boys a hard time since it was only my first time going and I’m not one to just mark my perspective through first impressions. I went back weeks later to receive another wash to find myself seeing the same performance from the boys up front at the end of my wash. At this point I’m a bit frustrated but I decide to let things go and park to the side of the wash to manually finish the drying of my vehicle. After visiting this place two more times and still manually drying my car I decided to cancel my membership on my last visit (3/3/18). As I walk in to cancel alongside a friend of mine (which was manually drying his car with me prior to walking into the building trying to also cancel his own membership simultaneously) the boys at the counter attended us with no care. Not only did they fail to let us customers know (once again) about the cancellation fee but they didn’t have any care for the value of feedback. They didn’t even ask us why we were looking to cancel the memberships. They simply took our last names and deactivated the accounts with no further discussion. Last night I check my account to find a nice $75 cancellation fee which translates to $119 over the span of 39 days with a grand total of about 4 inconvenient car washes. I find myself surprised by this fee so I call this morning to their customer service line placed on the web which was not even answered. I wasn’t even able to leave a voicemail with a phone number to call me back. The operator just tells me no one is available and says goodbye. I’ve never been one to write a review on the web but this experience could not have been held back to others who may be thinking about this investment.

Salvatore Ca

What is there to say about a car wash I think it's great

Mohammad Haddad

Great spot to get your car detailed. Last time they gave me 2 extra washes because the supervisor didn't approve of the job. I love that attention to detail! And the price is extremely fair

Vadim Amitan

Awesome deal if you do the monthly membership. 35 dollars come and go as u please

Diana Dozier

1st time there . Its was good and save money with coupon.

Alexa Chew

The exterior of my car had a lot of tree sappy and bird poop stuck to it which were compromising its red paint. Wave Car Wash did an amazing job getting all of those off with a supreme exterior wash and such an excellent waxing job... no stains were left:) I couldn’t have left happier and that is the only place I trust my car, really! Customer service and prices are also awesomely friendly- highly recommend this place!!!!!!

Karen Wright

Love the monthly special price. love that they hand dry it for you

Diana Holguin

They recently upgraded their equipment and the people who work there are all really nice. The unlimited car wash deal is totally worth it.

Frank Perez Avila

Very friendly staff, just got my carpets shampoo and they look great !

Pamela Hale

Lllprices are really high

Sheila Springfield

Wash was good but rainx or whatever they put on windshield makes it impossible to see when raining or snowing, had to clean it off with ammonia

Jon Rego

Probably the best carwash drive through I know of... period

Aseem Adhav

In general I have positive experience with this wash over past years. This morning I took my Acura for Extreme wash after return from Montreal trip, a bit disappointed with the service. The wash Attendant did not soak rear windshield and bumper with soap water before car enters wash run as they would usually do, especially with the car being quite dirty and muddy. He started the wash routine and just left !.. as a result wash didn't turn out good and I had to do quite a bit of cleaning after I came back home.. As a long time customer of this wash facility I'd want to think that this is not a service degradation but probably a one off incident.. certainly would like the owner to address it going forward.. as simple attention to such small details would result in a great wash at the end and a happy customer who'd return back.

Matthew Sullivan

This is an automated car wash just near the Dedham line in Boston. My wife's car was quite dirty and the machine did a good job getting it clean. I suspect that the quality of automated car washes doesn't vary all that much. The reason I give this place two stars is that the staff oversold their monthly memberships. I just wanted to pay and leave and instead got a five minute hard sell (while cars in the other payment line got to get ahead of me for the actual car wash).

G Anderson

Good wash

Bostons Hatter

I had been going to waves since they opened and had a monthly membership for roughly 6 years. For the first three I had two cars on the monthly wash pass and the fourth year I actually had three of the cars in my family on the monthly pass. The last two years I had cut it back to 2 cars on the monthly pass and as of last month we were forced to stop going to waves all together. We are pretty bummed out about it. First off, the staff here are usually pretty awesome. I miss seeing them since we had to stop going. They always keep it upbeat and do a great job. My main complaint is since they opened they are always upgrading the facilities, which I can appreciate. However, I did think it was a little silly to move the vaccums to where they are now because it's impossible to back out when your done vaccuming if there is a line. Also the no left turn into the entrance is only half enforced (either enforce it or skip it) so if you do like your suppose to do and go down a little ways and turn around and make a right turn in by that point 2 or 3 cars have since taken the left and cut your spot in line which is bogis. Anyway, both those things I can deal with. I use the vaccumes early in the morning and i could care less about who says what on the left because its a half ass rule and i have been cut enough to know better. The real deal breaker was the equipment upgrades inside the car wash. Every few years they switch out the spinny brush things and I feel like everytime they get rougher and rougher on my cars. The last batch actually spins in the wrong direction now (for what reason I can't understand) and it does a number on your mirrors from spinning so close and hard on the cars in reverse. My nicest vehicle which I bring the most was getting sp many random scatches from the brushes and my drivers side mirror which is automatic is actually a little loose. Its a factory mirror not a custom. I fold them in everytime to avoid it but the latest brushes are so rough and close it whips them out. My paint is too the point my autobody guy basically told me waves is ruining my paint job with the new brushes and literally said "they should know better". So my wife and I made the tough call to cancel the membership. I can honestly say I was real bummed to do it - to wen make the call. When I tried to explain our reasoning to the gentlemen on the phone he basically turned off the politeness and caring right when I mentioned we have no choice but to stop the membership for now, and then he paid no mind or care to the fact that the brushes got too rough. I was trying to keeo the door open here. Maybe they would listen and thing would change someday and we cpuld go back. Nope. Not even giving me a chance to expalin just "ok, cancelled both vehicles" and then hangs up. Now owning businesses myself and being very reputable in doing that and also knowing that type of behavior isn't called for especially when the customer is giving infomation that could help my business, giving information I would like to know or you would seem would be useful to know. Nope. I was a little shocked. I am not into giving bad reviews, but if the owners at waves are reading this please know that when a customer has been supporting your business since you opened and has 2 cars minimum and sometimes 3 on a monthly membership for roughly 6 years and comes every or every other week then maybe you should listen to some feedback since they are the ones using yiur equipment and are probably familiar with how it is performing on there vehicles. Maybe it is time for some new brushes that aren't so ruff and maybe this customer just might be on to something... If it was my place I would have listened at least. Feeling pretty dissapointed to say the least. Bummed to have left, but my cars need to look good and not scratched up with my mirrors getting unnecessary roughed up. Whomever helped you guys with the last upgrade of equipment didn't do waves any favors. It forced us to leave and if anyone else is paying attention to there vehicles close up they may notice too.

Jose Alberto Castro

Buen Lugar para lavar tu carro

Linda Michaels

Car didn't look like wax had been applied .

john thibodeaux

In 5+ years of getting washes and details here, I had one minor incident (the rear of the SUV was not vacuumed) and it was handled immediately! Spotless cleaning and great staff!

Bruce Dan.

Cleans car and truck well.

J. K.

An above average tunnel wash that also houses a detailing garage. Often busy but with room for a line of waiting cars, they offer the full range of tunnel wash services at reasonable pricing. The tunnel is not new but always appears to be in a good state of repair. They have several wash packages or services can be ordered ala carte. The Detailing shop is large and kept clean. They offer several interior and exterior packages. And recommend making appointments well in advance. The only real downside I've found here is that they have staff doing a final spot dry after the wash tunnel with towels. These towels are usually damp and smear more than dry. You are far better off air drying on route 1 then allowing these guys to dry your car.

Jay C

Had monthly wash subscription for years for 3 cars in my home and service and quality went way down hill. Employees are lazy and don't spray/scrub down your car as you enter wash (like they used to) and newer equipment leaves swirl marks all over cars. It is too rough. They rack up customers who pay for monthly subscriptions and pay no attention to detail. Classic Car Wash on Washington St. (less than .5 miles away from Waves) is far better quality and their monthly rates are the same.

Shawne Weeks

Dyer's never get all the soap off.

Sean Moser

Perfect car wash

Pedro Velazquez

Good car wash at moderate prices. Their monthly plan is well worth the $29. I wouldn't recommend it for detailing. Had my car done there a few years back and they did a poor job.

Nicholas Franco

The people working here were friendly and they did a decent job of cleaning your car. But a big tip jar at the end was a little much!

margo cummings

Good car wash system and towel dryers

Mark Cloutier

$30.00 a month unlimited car wash, great purchase

Jules Nohra

These guys do a good job with outside and inside car cleaning. Prices are not bad.

Mary Girard

I buy the yearly pass and keep my truck sparkling clean!

Filipp Nesterov

I fully satisfied with their car wash. Firstly, they have a vacuum cleaner, what is very helpful when you don’t have a portable one. For $2 you can use it 6 minutes. You can pay with coins and with cards. Very convenient! Secondly, they have different level of membership. It’s awesome, because on my previous car wash they had just 2 memberships: for cars and for trucks. And everything were included. On the one hand it is very good, but on the other hand I didn’t need some services, but I should pay for them. Thirdly, the tire shining is already included in regular membership for $29/month. A lot of car wash places doesn’t have this service at all. Also, quality of cleaning supplies is very good. Is smells very tasty and you want to make one more lap to enjoy it. They always toweling your car, but sometimes very fast and with wet spaces. But it’s not a critical. For people, who live in Dedham, West Roxbury, Norwood and the same area, they are very competitive. I will definitely use them again for next years, if I gonna stay in Norwood for next leasing period.

Sharlin Lawson

I went for a detail clean, and It was my understanding that whole interior of the car would be getting cleaned and was upset that the roof wasn’t touched. When I drove away I found little things like gunk in the gear shift and pools of their cleaner in the center counsel. But when I went back to complain they were so accommodating that my annoyance went away. The young man who was working the front desk (who I’m assuming was the manager) was very apologetic and had an explanation for the roof. He sent over another gentleman named Flaco ( his nickname is all I remember)who went above and beyond to make sure I walked away happy! Unfortunately don’t remember the young manager’s name or I would definitely shout him out. He answered all my questions and made sure while we waited for our car that we were comfortable. Great professional establishment. Staff was so friendly and accommodating that if I ever need a deep clean again I’d go back. Of course now with the understanding that roof is not included lol.

Stephen Delroy England

Nice place

Kevin Curry

Good wash

S Nguyen

Short wash. I bought the unlimited pass and would go through the car wash at least twice to get the car clean. Long lines before and after work hours.

خالد الاحمد

افضل محطه عسيل سيارات في بوسطن

David Sherris

Does what it supposed to do

Eric Goddard

It's a car wash...not fancy, good clean car....

Vinay K. Rawal

Very quick & efficient services

paola andrea palacio angel

the best quality service, and best machines to clean the car. I love waves

Brianna Greene

Good car wash. Nice touch with free hand towel dry

Alex Hills

I have the unlimited car wash, and love it! The wash is a bit inconsistent, sometimes they manually spray extra, sometimes not, but it's impossible to beat the convenience.

Joseph Laurent

Really great

Josh E

Not from the area, just passing by and swung in for a quick wash. Three weeks later and my car is still shining! I've given quite a few quick car washes a chance and this one is by far the best yet. Spent $20 for the wash plus $2 for the guys outside who wipe your car off, a few bucks more than the other car washes around (usually spend $12- $18), but my car has never looked so good, definately worth it to me!

Stephen Davis

Decent wash.

Omar Rodriguez

Best carwash....if you go for a detail ask for Kenny he is the best and say Omar from audy car center sent you

Maria Francis

Very happy with there detail service

Tre Mazotti

Great Location and service too! I highly recommended.

Jesse Weber

Great car wash with very friendly staff and nice deals.

Juan Benetez

I mean what can you say about how good a car wash is yes the car wash does a good job the one thing I do like about waves is the monthly charge of I believe it's like $30 something dollars for unlimited car washes

Steve Yu

Good service


Usually good, today the guy in front complained his car didn't get clean, I thought he was just being a stickler, but once home I saw my car too did not get cleaned. They need to fix their equipment, nothing like paying $20 for a car wash only to rewash it again at home.

Shaun Lord

I googled "touchless carwash" and this place popped up. After finally being able to pay due to computers not working and then circling the building to enter, it's not touchless at all! As I'm quickly directed in, the dude didn't even push my mirrors in. I cringed all the way thru watching them swing back and fourth. Not happy at all.

Can D

I go here for the special. 50 dollars inside and out. They do a really nice job

Eric Vasallo

Everyone very nice here and their $30/month unlimited wash plan is a must for Boston weather.

Eve Diaz

This is the third time I went to waves and the first time I didn't notice if there was hair in the car until after I left. The second time I told them specifically can you please make sure that they get all the hair out of my car the lady had to give me a 50% discount. This time is the third time I went there and they didn't even take the stuff out of the middle console, my back leather seats were not cleaned the only thing I think they did honestly was vacuum the floor and shampoo the carpets the leather seats were not cleaned and she gave me a 20% discount and I still paid $88 for what everything still Dusty now I have to take my car somewhere else . Never again am I going there.. never... three times

Len Goodkin

Good convenient place to get car washed

David Renninger

The staff at Waves have been courteous, professional, and pleasant every time I've gone. The prices are competitive for all their services. I left my car for an interior cleaning, and they called me within 15 minutes to tell me that it was ready. The only drawback is that there isn't really much to walk to, if you leave your car for services! Other than that, i love their appointment system for service, I like that they have staff hand dry your car after a wash, and that they detail all their pricing visibility so you can make an informed decision.


They did a great job detailing my car.

Renee Martin

Awesome place

Michael Wilson

Not to many carwash owners picking up trash around his busines, that was very telling about his family and friends and business

Brett Nazareth

This is a great car wash! Not just on how well your car gets cleaned (very well), but on how well the organization is run. Employees seem to like working there, and are wonderful.

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