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100 Washington St, Attleboro, MA 02703

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REVIEWS OF Triple Play Car Wash & Quick Lube IN Massachusetts

Tyler Cali

Great car wash, owner Terrance really took car of me and the car. Great affordable prices and worth the money. Highly recommend.

Matt Daubert

The suddy smile faces on the windows are a nice touch for the kids.

Shiki tyan


18,000 Ford Edge beautiful never a scratch metallic tuxedo black, the "no touch" wash put 3 long scratches in the driver's side door, if you care about your car do not use this wash I will never again..

Iva J

Please tell me how someone can stay in business and charge you $74 for a car wash and not wipe down your seats. Nice people but totally not worth it! First and last time customer.

Haley Laverdiere

Honestly this is the BEST place to get a oil change. The staff are always incredibly friendly and helpful and you don’t feel like they are trying to sell you a million things you don’t need. You can sit in your car while they change your oil! SO fast and SO convenient. I will never go anywhere else!!

Hija dedios

Welcoming and truly heartfelt people. There service is fantastic and they genuinely care for their customers. I come down from Woonsocket RI just to come here. Definitely recommended!

Cynthia Fiedler

Some time ago I began using Triple Play on the advice of a co-worker who said it was hand's down the best $25 car wash around. she was right, the service and attention to detail was superior to any other car wash . My experience today was different. Today, I missed the personal attention to my business and the detail usually given to the care of my car. In the past, the employee that detailed my car usually escorted me back taking great pride to show me the wonderful job he had done and ensuring I was happy with the work. Today, my car was deemed done, the employee returned to work and I got into my car leaving and missing that usual interaction. It always felt good when the person washing my car completed the job with this measure. As I drove off, I noticed there was no scent in my car and upon arriving home noted that the rear trunk had not been vacuumed and there were still muddy paw prints on the rear leather head rests from yesterdays trip to the dog groomer. hope this note serves to let you know how much I appreciate and missed those details today. I hope my next trip there will be back to the superior standards I have come to admire best about Triple Play.

Andrew Nelson

This place is the best. Ever time I've ever been, every employee was extremely polite. They are fast and courteous.

Axel Donis

(Translated by Google) Very friendly staff (Original) Personal muy amable .

Natasha Czerepanyn

Amazingly fast service and great incentives (free car wash, gas treatment) for being First time customers. Thanks guys!

Md ad

I had a small issue resolved almost immediately by Terrance. He cares for his customers, and for the reputation of his business. Theres a reason I only come here for my car wash and detailing needs . Would give a 10 if the scale went that high.

Michael Demers

I brought my wife's RAV-4 here to be fully reconditioned this past weekend (the Grand Slam complete detail). The staff did an amazing job and her car looked like new when they gave it back to us. She is still talking about how beautiful a job they did with her vehicle. The interior was spotless, all the seals and engine compartment were immaculate, and the wax job they did was one of the best I have ever seen. I plan on returning to have them do my pick-up truck next.

Kevin Correa

Peter Iarusso

Fast service free car wash

Bethany OHara

Try to get my car detailed today and was told that the services advertised on the website, they can't actually do. I wanted an Express detail...their website, on the express detail page, says no appointment necessary, Express combos take 60 minutes, and suggest getting two or three packages, which is what I wanted. I was told by the owner that I could get two services at most, and that I needed to make an appointment and leave my car there for the entire day. If that's the service they offer, that's perfectly fine but please update your website to reflect what you're actually capable of doing. I've been here for detailing many times in the past and the staff was always really nice and did a great job, but I won't be back. Misleading business practices.

Osmar Pinto


I wouldn’t recommend this car wash! I give it one star for the free vacuums and the way it cleans but actually going thru the car wash made me nervous because it kept bumpin my car around, loudly! I didn’t think anything of it until my husband came home and notice a dent on the back bumper and 2 dents on the front bumper! It’s a brand new Jeep! Very upset. Will not be coming back.

Ed Silva

Catch the full car wash early, they take their time and really get it clean!! A+++ Dunkin Donuts, Subway, liquor, car detailing, oil changes!! 1 stop shop, free vacuums!! Stop here daily!!!

Nick Najjar


The car is not completely clean, there's still soap on the car, sorry on the windows and they do not assist with washing the rubber mats.

Diane LeBlanc

I have been there twice now and they are great . I wouldn't go anywhere else for an oil change. I like the fact that I can wait in my car while they do their thing and read . The people that work there couldn't be nicer , They explain and answer any question you might have . I had to wait a few minutes today and they came out and apologized . Alot of places now have the attitude that they are doing YOU the favor by making you wait an hour ..or they want you to drop your car off for the whole day . Triple Play gets 5 stars for their workers and their service .

Ashleigh Beland

George Stasinopoulos

I've been thinking lately how this place is what was missing from the area. I like this place so much that i re-signed for the monthly car wash plan after having lived out of state for almost four years. The brushless side of the car wash is open 24/7 while the brush chain driven side is open until 8 pm and they both offer a very good quality wash for your vehicle. I highly recommend signing up for one of the available monthly plans.

Eleah Wilson

This is now my second oil change and this place is awesome. Always professional and polite and they get you in and out fast! Will definitely come back.

shar jarr

James Grilli

Triple Play Car Wash is the place to go to make your car look Brand new in and out. It’s the most convenient place I’ve ever been to, to have my car washed and cleaned. High standard of professionalism and impeccable customer service. They make you feel like family. A huge thank you to my technicians:Jeff Narold and Jeff A. You guys are awesome. I’ll be back time and time again. My car is shining like jewelry.

Robert Newman

Fast, convenient and fairly affordabl

Savannah Carnevale

I love the car wash it is amazing it cleans your car so nice and the last part is the best it gives out colored bubbles. It is AWESOME there I will definitely come back.

DeAngelo J

I rolled up ever so slowly in my pollen covered van never left the car and got both oil change and car washedwith the kids might I add I rolled out clean with the discount car was whaaaaaa...2 birds with one stone less than 25 mins...nice spot!

Tamara Richardson

Womens room literally has mold coming out of the hand dryer, so obviously they dont keep things clean, and considering they sell food here too they should def be inspected by the department of health.


Chase Sullivan

Their detailing service for the interior and exterior is excellent. Great staff and fantastic service.

Amanda Pollard

I came here today for the free vaccum and knew I needed an oil change. I realized they had several bays for oil changes and figured I would walk in and see what kind of wait there was. I was highly impressed to find out that they could take me right away and I didn't even have to get out of my vehicle. Also with your first oil change you get either new front wipers or an additive to your oil -- I chose wipers because mine were in poor condition. Not only that, a free car wash. It was so fast and everyone was so friendly. I couldn't be happier with everything. They did a great job and I will definitely be back.

Steven Ronaldi

Convenient as far as gas, coffee, and car wash. Owner is a good guy. Unfortunately, some of the staff behind counter are rude. I'd give it one star, but again the owner is a good guy.

Rebekah Acevedo Vine

Always satisfied. Oil change, car wash, express details.... Never let down by the quality or friendliness of the staff and owner. They aim to serve their customers and are attentive to your needs. Great customer service all around.

Jenna Souza

The absolute worst car wash I have ever been to. Would give it no stars if possible.I went through the automatic 24 hr car wash and paid 20 dollars for a terrible wash and experience. To start there was a bucket that got blown out of the truck before me in the car wash. I tried calling the attendant before going into the wash and he never came. So I had to get out and get wet to retrieve the bucket. After the car wash was finished and I was in the dry cycle on my way out the door I only had the nose of my car out the door and still had 30 seconds on the dry timer and out of nowhere the timer shut off and the door came down and almost crashed onto the hood of my car. And for a SECOND TIME I had to get out of my car and press the emergency door open button. I am not happy with this place and dont reccomend it.

Justin Nicholson

Horrible car wash . Rude staff. Have no clue how to run the car wash like . Spend your money else where . Damage to my car and truck as well. Also on the mechanics end out the wrong oil filter on ...

Dondi Pangan

I couldn't find a better place to have a good car wash 15 miles of Foxboro. Very organized and clean. Equipment looks up to date and we'll maintained.

eric j

Car wash dept. Has excellent customer service. The employees are always available and always extra curteous to me when I come by to update my wash plan and ask questions. I love the home run wash lava foam and wax save me a lot of time when it comes to keeping my vehicles ready for Friday night.


Once again got amazing service at Triple Play in Attleboro. I got the grand slam and they even went as far as to clean under the hood.

Cesar Faes

Gave it two stars because the vacs are free. Self serve carwash does not dry very well. For the top wash, it is a better deal to go to full serve in North Attleboro. Wasn't impressed. Three strikes and I am out.

MARINA Daszkiewicz

Susan Gragnani

Just wanted to share my experience with this 5 star facility...Dropped off my foul smelling ( dead mice in heating / air filter ) brand new car on Thursday nite. Was assured by owner they had a plan to remove odor with latest products and equipment. Returned on Saturday to pick up ... Can't even remember all different procedures Terrance and his staff used to thoroughly remove smell from my new Lincoln!!!! His dedication to perfection in all that he does is very impressive...Terrance had his team "clay" my exterior, just becuz?!! My MKZ looked amazing!!! Thank you sooo much for being so particular!!! Triple Play is the best of the BEST!!!!! Tk u for making it happen T!!!

Melissa O'Brien

Love their car wash, always people helping you get through the line quickly.

Germaine Amoh

My wife is pregnant she's very at high risk and one of the store associates made her and pressured her to buy something I had paid for gas also I paid for a carwash I've shopped there many times before going to work in the morning I talk to my secretary of state have shopped there also but today one of the cashiers pressure should my wife into buying something prior so she may use the restroom while I was pumping gas and then we would going to wash and dry or car this time was around 3 Sunday July 16th and I was very upset we had her outside trying to get ready for the baby and it was very upsetting that the cashier made her buy something in order to use the restroom I had already purchased some drinks gas and a car wash and another guy I had explained that he was able to use the bathroom without paying anything without getting any gas and he thought that was very unfair the cashier was very disrespectful towards my wife all she asked that the guy that wasn't back on my wife had said please may I use the restroom I have to go also showing a 6-month pregnant stomach I feel and other side felt that the cashier should just have let her go I'm very upset I will put this online I'm very disgusted with the car wash at the Mobil station on Washington Street I know my will not use that station anymore. Also the Dunkin Donuts in the store was very messy the air is over Messi and my wife had stated that the floors are very slippery in the store as well as the customer that tried to defend my wife he had stated one of the cashiers were nice the other one was texting the one that had told my wife that she had to purchase something before using the restroom she had stated my wife had stated that my husband didn't purchase some items also purchase gas and some other items please if you can understand that and I would like to be contacted my cousin Tanya Anderson works for the Channel 6 news I had already reported to her what had happened and we will be greatly in touch with the gas station. If anybody else feels that a pregnant woman should not have to purchase anything while she is in a need badly to use the restroom please post a comment towards the carwash also to the cashier that was working that Sunday and stop a pregnant woman from using the bathroom I am sorry that you have grown up that way or had a bad day

Brittany Jardin

Best car wash, car shines for weeks even through the dirt ha. Also the best costumer service, accidentally paid for the interior clean I didn't want and he quickly fixed it for me

Deb Baro

Sarah Bukowski

Excellent interior detail!! My husband's company does a lot of business here so we decided to take our personal vehicles. Although they were very busy, Jose was able to squeeze us in and Terrance went above and beyond to make sure we were happy! I definitely recommend using this business.

Robert Dubuc

I have always had great results with Triple Play but today I was disappointed, the individual who drove my 1995 SVT Lightning Pick Up took liberty and revved my engine unnecessarily. Not good! Terry was not there, I am positive it would not have occurred if he was!

Fenil Kusumgar

Best car wash in town.


Whoever owns this place MUST be a Very nice man. They give Free Vacuums now & The suction is Powerful! -its not like Here's something for free, but its not really gonna help due to No or Low suction -like Other places. This guy hit a home run doing this, as little as pple think It may be,.. You still get it for free! and Not many things are free nowadays. Also Id like to Add, If you get something for free Is It really to much to Hang up your hose when your done, or Not throw your trash around..? A few bad apples can spoil it for All. Dont take advantage, that's just Not Nice. Thank you Mr Owner,.

Ann Michalski

The personal attention was outstanding(thanks Dave) and the full detailing service-the grand slam- made my car look brand new. The attendant-Jose- walked me thru every aspect of the detailing making sure I was happy and -taking great pride in the excellent job he had done. Highly recommend.

The Car Wash Fanatic

So, Here is the Story. I’ve tried 2 Car Washes at Shell Stations in this Area and it turned out that Both were Shut Down. Then, I remembered about this Wash and decided to Try it Out. It was Totally Worth the $26 Top Wash. It cleaned very Well and they also Have a 24 Hour Touchless LaserWash 360 That also does a Great Job. I Highly Recommend Triple Play Car Wash!! P.S, I love the BaseBall Theme!

Phillip Louw

50 cents a gallon more than Cumberland farms for premium gas

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