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REVIEWS OF Somerville Car Wash and Detail Center IN Massachusetts


Good but not dried well.

Stephanie Joseph

You definitely get what you pay for. Staff are decent. Perfect that there's a Starbucks up the street. Convenient to hang while your car gets serviced.

Leanne Egan

I go in as often as possible. Always greeted by the same 2 gentlemen. And most of the staff I have seen there for years. Which is a nice bonus. They're polite professional and always make my car look like new. I have 3 dogs that love to trash it on a regular basis. And drive so much for work, that I feel like I'm living out of it, on occasion. Lol Thank you all! I happily recommend them to friends and family- and all who want and need their inside and out of their car cleaned. Bonus on the wheels. I love the extra shine ;)

Gabriel Colono

Is expensive in compare with others car wash. I suggest to everyone to compare others car wash prices, too . That is my opinion.

Daryl Popper

The team at Somerville Car Wash, led by the hospitable Dom Previte IV, is on their game. The team provides top notch service and really cares about their customers. I would not go anywhere else. Thank you all so much!

Vaughn Allen Goodwin

I love this car wash. The staff goes the extra mile to have my car sparkling. Other car washes just can't match up.

Phillip Cox

Price is right. I usually go in for a wash and a mini-detail. Staff are friendly and they will call when the vehicle is ready. My car always looks great afterwards!

Paul Thompson

Friendly and consistently good service and wash. Getting the inside done is worth it from time to time, they do a good job and comes out looking nice.

Sherry C

Amazing job. This was my first visit here in my car. The workers are all very polite and do a great job. I used the automatic car wash and then had my car detailed and cleaned inside. I was very happy with the results. I highly recommend if you are in or around the somerville area to visit. They do a wonderful job and they are not too expensive either. :)

Stuart Mitchell

Quite overpriced for what you get. Very small and uninviting waiting area.

Johan Lannek

Great experience, truck looks like new. Fair prices, will definitely use them again.


The people here are very nice and know a lot about the detailing world. They can get anything from pet hair to the worst stains and smells out. I would highly suggest coming here for anything cleaning related. They do an awesome job at an awesome price. If Chilo is around and you need anything or have any questions, he is the guy to ask!

Jim Mac

Just got my CRV back from the car wash. Had it detailed. The guys did a fantastic job. I almost didn't recognize my own truck because it was so clean. I gave it the once over when I got back to the house and discovered that they did a better job than I originally observed. I can be a tad OC on this type of stuff and I was pleasantly surprised at the thoroughness of their labor. So impressed that I bringing the wife's car in next week. Thanks guys!!!!

Azi Amiri

It's pretty good. I am giving 4 as I was waiting for my car for almost two hours and no one told me it's ready! :-/

akshith reddy kandakatla

Best place to wash your motorcycle that I’ve found. Allows you to park your vehicle in an enclosed spot for some quality time with your vehicle that’s if you care for it.

Renata G.

Extremely expensive and they didn't clean well, $49 thrown in the trash!! I do not recommend!!!

Brian LiuConstant

The quality of the detailing was good. I will definitely use this company again.

Bian _

Confusing signage and staff was unhelpful

Travis McGrath

Their detailing service does an emaculate job. Only issue was they left something on in my car and killed the battery... Fortunately they had a charger and jumped it for me.

Elizabeth Hill

Great service

Matthew Smith

Never been to a car wash where they don't do at least a little vacuuming at the end. They guy said I could either wait 45 minutes for a full detail, or get the outside washed in their automated scratch machine. If I had 45 minutes, I would have waited. But I didn't, so I got the outside washed given I was already in line. I assumed they would do a quick vacuum at the end like every single other car wash I've been to. Not a full service, but at least vacuum the floors quick. Nope. They jolted my car through their scratch machine and then wiped it down outside with a greasy rag so my windows were smeared, and I was on my way. Thanks guys!

maryellen martocchio

I paid $180 for a complete car wash in wax polish. It was disgustingly filthy. I put my finger in the vent and dust came on it. It was Grime inside my used car that I bought and wanted it cleaned. They were effortless in their work. It was done at 11 a.m. and it did not let me know in till 3:30 p.m. on a Saturday. Even the simple things like Windows had streaks. Do not go there. Terrible terrible terrible service

John Thibodeaux

The best detailers for the best price around!


They do a great job. Hand dry and brushes dont scratch

stephen podymaitis

Great prices and service

Olivia Hastings

My car looks brand new! Incredible customer service and attention to detail. These guys are the best of the best!

Kristen Harden

Best carwash I've ever been too

Paulo Bernardo

Very good job the do. I liked

Fred Meyer

Overall, probably the best car-eash around. Very fully-staffed with modernized equipment. Seldom long lines because they move you through quickly. Suggestion: Before you give the guy who hand-dries the car his dollar tip: make sure there are no annoying and distracting water-droplets left in your outside side mirrors. Hear and watch commuter trains whiz by, in the adjacent Boston/Fitchburg commuter-rail line.

Andy Dennie

They did a great job on an interior detailing at a good price.

nelson rivera

Good place To get nice and Shine car. I when 3 day ago to Get SPA for my car. They did the best on my car.

Philippe Montillier

Excellent service and even better quality work. I am meticulous about my cars and new to the area. While SCW&D is not the closest to me they received he highest number of reviews with a very successful rating. It all proves true in my book. Kevin and Dominick were very open and honest about the levels of detail service I needed for my white X5. They went over and above most shops to do a quality job. If simple details are missed I would be very unhappy and they didn't disappoint. Thanks for a great detail and look forward to the next.

Suzana Cristina

Been a customer for many years. They are busy most times. Usually it will take from 45 minutes to 1:30 to get it done. But I leave happy every time. My car come out show room quality!

Tony Moreira

They do a great job when it comes to washing your car the went to those gentlemen wiping down your car who's giving the tip it work hard for their money

Brianna Brothers

The detailing they do here is amazing, highly recommend!

Catarina Costa

100% recommend this place! So far I had the best experience with Somerville Car Wash! I everytime my car comes out spotless inside and out! Excellent customer service!

Esther Saraceno

3/6/2016 Finally went to get my car washed here and I have to say I was delighted. The men were so courteous to whatever I asked for. They efficiently went about doing their job and no matter what I asked they would smile and vacuum away at the inside - As you can see I was definitely thrilled I stopped at SOMERVILLE CAR WASH Sunday. My car felt great and so did I. When I got home my husband thought I had bought a new car! It did look good and I was again proud to drive in. I am sure I will be going there from now on! Give it a try, then you will know what I mean!!!!

Shawn Aaron


Cota Lacota

The car wash or wax left a sticky glue on part's of my window's and vehicle. Never again!

Larry Mulrey

Great wash . Just love this place

Emily Hanna

After waiting over an hour, there was still dirt on the back seats, some of which I could easily wipe away with just a wet wipe, and there was no attempt to get into the smaller areas. There was even dirt that I could brush away with just my hand. I could've saved two hours of my time and $41 and done it myself.

Eva Lejosne

Amazing service, thank you for great cleaning with lots of dog hairs and helping fix my wipers! I’ll be back!

Philip Seger

Great deal on a monthly subscription for car washes. Staff are helpful and the wash is quick.

Tom Jaques

Great service, nice staff and a great wash. The mini detail is the best value around

Cassandra Novick

Got the manager special (interior and exterior for $60) took 1.5 hours and they did a great job inside and out

Timothy D. Brooks

Best car wash value in Greater Boston, excellent detailing, often crowded when weather is nice, so it can take up to an hour, but well worth the wait!

Richard Mudge

My car always looks amazing after getting a wash here and I was extremely pleased with their detailing services as well. I have a monthly membership and will continue to bring my vehicle there because of the great work they do there. Highly recommend to others!

bayside prod.

This place is very close and convenient (for me), and the staff seem to be very friendly and knowledgeable. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because everyonce in awhile, when you pull up to the carwash door, they don't always realize you are there. I've had to walk around a few times to let someone know I was waiting. But other than this, great business and great carwash.

Joseph Braga

Garbage. Go somewhere else. Poor Customer Service. Don't tell you that they can only take cash because their Wifi is down until you get to the front of the line. Overall extremely poor.

Dom Previte

As co owner of this service, I can tell you first hand that any positive reviews you see here have been created by the business and that our business is a scam. We find it even funnier to let you know this and for you to still pay way more than you should for our below average services. -Dom

Milda Mancia

They work good and friendly

Nathan Jenkins

Horrible don't waste your money. I enjoy washing my car, I think I'm certified enough to say this is the worst car wash that exists

Michael Tarselli

Dedicated, professional staff who love to keep cars clean and shiny

Ian Witherby

These guys do a fantastic job, I'd never go anywhere else! Inside and out if my car, completely satisfied. Friendly service and accurate time of completion estimates. Highly recommended!

Paul Barry

Pretty good wash most of the time. Sometimes they get in a hurry and miss a spot.

Done Done

They always have done a fantastic job detailing my car.

Sarah Elizabeth

Too pricey , paid $15 for the Silver for the undercarriage wash and “hand dry” but my car is wet in multiple places. I asked before entering if there are vacuums to use and after the wash they refused to let me use them. After complaining about how I clarified before paying for the wash they let me near the vacuums. Then they kept coming over to me during my vacuuming basically asking me to hurry up! Also you have to pay $2 for 4 minutes which is ridiculous since the place I went last week was 75 cents for 5 minutes and $8 for car wash and hand dry and they did a much better job with less staff. Not coming back here again

Kailas Kemkar

Its a symbol of fantastic use of technology

Daniel Thompson

Craig at Somerville Car Wash couldn't have been more available by phone, and couldn't have given more personal attention to our car once we arrived. Our A/C had been leaking into our passenger side carpet for longer than I care to admit, and it was starting to smell bad - Craig took time to diagnose the problem over the phone courteously and thoroughly, looked at our car personally immediately upon arrival, we had the leak fixed across the street at Aris, and brought the car back. Craig saw us personally, made extra room even when all the bays were full, and personally shampooed the carpet for me while I waited in the car and told stories and joked with me while he worked! Couldn't have been a faster, nicer, more affordable experience - the kind of customer service that makes you want to take the time to write a glowing review! :)

Mourad El Nawasry

I'm giving one star to the manager not for job that got done on my car. The most unexpected attitude ever form the manager at 10am in the morning. I came and I ask for the car to be wash outside and vacuum inside so they said will take an hour, I was like I just want to vacuum forget about the entire car from inside they said will take an hour. I was like really......anyway the manager came off on me like took his paycheck or something just because the guy was helping me ask him one more time, can we let him out of here quick, he came off Shouting at me for no reason and I don't understand blah blah blah do you GOT IT.... I said yes...HE GOES OKAAAY... If he acted like that at 10am, so how you are going to work the rest off the day....stay home buddy if you can't handle your job, and let someone else be more Professional than you. Once again this because of the Manager not the employees or the service done on my car. (( I Found out that the guy percent to be the manager that was talking to me, Was not the manager just wanted to be fair))

Dan Jahnke

I would give this place more than 5 stars on the detailing, they do an awesome job and work magic on your car or truck. They really do a nice job. For everyday car washes though, they are fine, but for the price, would expect at least a vacuum and some hand detail (basics you see at other places), but it's purely just a run through the machine, with a quick towel dry.

Samantha Byrd-Fulbright

OH EM GEE! I've never had my car detailed in the 11 years that I've had it. I thought it might be nice to have it cleaned thoroughly before our baby arrives, especially because I keep the dog in the back seat. I purchased the Spa Treatment, and when I got my car back it looked brand new. Their attention to EVERY detail is impressive!

Geoff Korb

Dom and his team fit me in on short notice and made my car shine like new. They have a friendly culture and I would recommend them to anyone who wants a clean car.

Josh Nedelka

Even with a line you get in and out quickly. Good price.

bill billy

Best clean in the area you can get. Strongly recommend.

Peter Salem

Got the silver wash because I needed an under body wash. Very affordable price, and a surprising well run operation. Finishing off with a hand dry is a nice touch. Probably will be back when I need my interior clean.

B.J. Spoonzes

Clean cleaner cleanest

Davis Vanderslice

Really great car wash! As an Uber driver, their monthly membership is a sweet deal. The hand drying makes a huge difference

suraj sharma

Excellent service within budget

steve kunsaitis

Total rip off, very rude and overpriced. Arlington Auto Detailing is not too far out and is much MUCH better.

Patricia Dugan

First time through a car wash, I was a little nervous. My car looks good from far away, but alot of places were missed, like the entire back of my car, when dryed at the end. I know it was busy, so maybe next time will be better.

Rutuja Dharmadhikari

Well done work in reasonable price and time!

Cleyce Reis

they do a great job. For several years I take my car there, I've never been disappointed, the price is very fair.

Robert C.

Terrible service here. Was using the self wash and the coin dispenser wasn't working and the staff refused to help. After waiting several minutes for my coins I went to ask for help and they seemed less than interested. I had to use cash to get more tokens at which point the ones from the credit card came out. Now they won't refund me for any of the tokens.

Daniel Gutierrez

Always pretty quick service. They did a great job on my headlights restoration.

Michael Bahrynivsky

Went there to get my car washed a couple times, very poor service explaining the types of washes they offer and they make it seem as though you're inconveniencing them by showing up. whenever you exit the car wash there's no one there to dry it or tell you where to go. Just a negative experience every time.

Luis Quiroga

Great job!

Leigh Redman

Perfect car wash. The self serve vacuums work so well they could suck up a small child...beware. This is a positive as most self serve vacuums have trouble picking up a blade of grass!

John Lagedrost

Had a very positive experience with the management of this establishment. After realizing that a piece of my car's roof molding had come off during the wash, I contacted Somerville Car Wash asking about their policy with regards to vehicle damage. I received a prompt response from management, and they were very willing to provide assistance. I provided the details and documentation of the incident, and they immediately ordered a new part, which they even installed for me when I brought the car in. Throughout the entire process, management was very courteous, cooperative, and helpful. The wash is quite good as well, but beware: the "self-service" bays may be occupied with Car Wash staff, meaning that you have to find another location to clean your car's interior (or pay an extra $25 for the staff to do it).

Wellington Sodre

Great service! Kevin gave me a complete overview of the detail service and I was very happy when I saw the work done. Thank you!

venkat sankruth

Usually busy but otherwise the best place for car wash.

Andrew Bates

They do a great job cleaning and detailing cars. I've had my vehicle there twice and been extremely satisfied.

Andrea Como

does excellent job cleaning and drying the car. super friendly.

Randall Williams

First time for me coming to this car wash and I was very pleased. The customer service was professional, and they did an amazing job with my car. I really recommend this car wash to anyone who wants good quality, and customer service for a good price.

Joseph BuAbbud

Top notch service. Wouldn’t take my car anywhere else.

Daniel Ben-Atar

They force you to buy. You can't back out of the purchase if they say detailing the car will take 2 hours . Bad service

Michael Uttley

Best car wash around. Friendly employees. Hand-dry at the end is great.

Kim Melton

I have been to many car washes before and I have finally found THE one! This car wash has exceptional customer service and does a fantastic job on my car. I will literally go out of my way to go to this car wash. You will not be disappointed. Craig, the manager, makes sure his customers are completely satisfied. This is the best car wash around!

Maximilian Halus

This is a nice place to use in the winter, it is definitely overpriced, and you will need to dry your car yourself if you are obsessive about waterspots like me. The staff don't really care too much about drying your car thoroughly. If you know what to expect, it does make washing your car a bit easier. I would give it 3.5 stars overall.

Robin Jarvis

I've tried the touchless carwash and I have to say I'm more disappointed than impressed. It didn't clean the glass. Only took most of the dirt but still not nearly all. The underbody wash is no good. Didnt get anything under the wheel wells or under the car for that matter. Finger to car revealed too that there was still a lot of dirt left behind. In general I'd probably say that the same can be said for all touchless car washes, not just this one.

Badr Tejado

Had some nasty lime stone damage on the hood of my car that another car wash didn't know what to do about and an auto body shop wanted to charge over 3x the amount it took for this place to completely remove. These guys were very friendly and professional and did an outstanding job. They were very thorough and cleaned my car inside out. I can't recommend this place enough.

Julien Van Wambeke-Long

Fast service and professional staff. Been coming to this place for years!

Joe Sidoti

I paid $5 for a wheel rim/tire wash and $11 for a regular wash cleaning on July 2. When i got home i noticed that only 2 of the 4 tires were cleaned. I kept the receipt and went back for a wash today and informed the man at the register about what happened and he offered to do nothing about the tires. I paid $11 for my wash and just drove away. Looks like i'll be finding another car wash.

Elijah Fanelli

Standard car wash. Reasonable rates. Detailers do a good job. I do wish they would allow self wash during the day... you have to wait until after 6pm. Fine for cars, but I can't put a motorcycle through the automatic car wash.

Julie D

I have never had this car detailed professionally so I wasn't sure what to expect. I have a white dog that sheds A LOT. Not to mention I've had other dogs in my car over the last few years. There was sand from the beach and salt from the winter. They did an AMAZING job. They got all of the white dog hair out and they cleaned all of the nooks and crannies. It's cleaner than I ever could have imagined and it smells like a new car. The price was so reasonable. I will be going back!

James Doyle

True professionals who clearly care about their clients.

Kara Douglass

I love Somerville Car Wash! I’ve patronized this place for over 8 years for both washes and detailing. I’ve paid for overly expensive car details elsewhere but Somerville Car wash does a better job, with a fresher scent, for half the price and half the time! Always efficient, friendly service.

Vladimir Barash

They do a mostly decent job, but if you want the inside of your car cleaned, takes a while (up to an hour). Bring a book and hit up Forge nearby while you wait...

Luanna Dealmeida

Amazing place, amazing workers. One of the best car washes in Somerville. I recommend a monthly washing pass!! Definitely worth it when it starts to snow!

Sophia B.

Very disappointed with the result of the interior cleaning.

Celestino Ferreira

Just washed my car at this location. When the service was done I noticed that the bottom of the car wasn't cleaned as I expected. So I returned and explain my concerns to a staff member. He called the manager which was very professional, really took my concerns in consideration. He explained why the bottom of my car still look a bit dirty, and offer a second wash. Also, My wife pointed out that the wheels didn't look as shiny as we expected. So on the second wash he took the job to his own hands, and detailed the wheels. They look sharp! Definitely recommend doing business here, because they really look to get the customers satisfied. Big shoutout to Craig wheeler.

Nathan Gomes

Spent over $100 for a thorough cleaning (Spa) option. The exterior wash and wax was good but had a few nooks still dirty. The interior wash and shampoo also left behind scattered small grass and dirt particles, which I will have to clean myself. It was just not a meticulous job overall. I will try out other places next time.

Alexander Guaba

These guys really did the best headlight restoration on 10/01/18 my headlights are brand new again thanks.The guy that did it is a pro at it wish i knew his name.Thanks

Amanda Chen

Poor customer service.


Very nice customer service. Nowadays, what should it be considered as nice. Anyways. This place has something different from other car washers. Good quality wash with reasonable price.

Justin Reilly

Always top notch quality and service. Great Value!

Sean Young

OVERALL: If you are in the vicinity and have the time, this is well worth it! DETAILS: Convenient location, easy to use self-service car wash bays, and wash bay machines run off tokens which can be bought with cash or credit/debit. DON'T FORGET: Bring a microfiber drying towel for when you're done!

Abhirup Dutta

Great service and extremely helpful staff. I talked to the GM, Craig about cleaning old tree sap that is badly stuck on my car. He tried out all sorts of techniques to clean it out, spent half an hour showing everything I could try out myself at home. And then didn’t even charge a penny for his advice. My neighborhood body shop quoted my $200 for the same cleaning job. Glad I visited Somerville car wash. Wonderful experience, 10/10 will recommend!

Devin Ruiz

You get a lot for what you pay for. Unlike a lot of drive through car washes, there’s someone at both ends who sprays your mirrors and rear window, applies wheel shine if appropriate, and dries the windows and side mirrors. It can be a long wait if you elect to pay extra for additional services, such as interior cleaning. However, I would say that it’s worth the wait if under an hour. They do a good job of cleaning the interior and make it smell fresh without any overbearing scent.

Lindsey Reid

I was very impressed with my car wash. They were thorough, polite, and completed the job in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend if you are looking to get your car washed.

Elaine Judge

My car shined like it was new

Justin Zonay

Car looks fantastic!

Raman Solanki

The normal car wash is quick! For other services you would have to wait

Derek Barnes

Always keeping my car look the absolute best. If they still have it, that $55 interior cleaning is an amazing way to dewinter your car interior.

Diana Mesa

They did not do the work we paid for. We paid for full package inside and they just vacuumed inside. No Shampoo at all on the carpet just the top mats. A very quick wipe of the dash. No seat cleanning at all.

Najat Kessler

A great place to wash your car but it is almost always busy, though they go over cars fast enough


Great service from these guys. I was there last weekend, they were busy because the first warm days hit this spring but they definitely showed sense of urgency and courtesy. Would definitely do business again.

Jack Paleczny

The price is comparable to the quality of work. My SUV was covered with dog hair and stains and the interior detail and shampooing made it look better than brand new. Very courteous and professional staff.


Great job.. your car will thank you

Zeppe1964 Trio

Good car wash but a little pricey for special services

Uz M.

Attention to detail is great. A little pricey but worth it

David HB

What a racket! You need to buy tokens then the self serve bays are never open! I've been carrying around a bunch of useless tokens for a month now because they never let me in the self serve bays. They're also rude about it.

Joseph Brassard

Line moves fast, the Silver wash hits the mark for cost/value. I really need to buy the monthly pass to make it worth the number of times I go there. They get you through quickly, and the hand dry at the end is a nice touch. They lose one point for only being open until 4pm on weekends. In the summer there's daylight until almost 9pm, they should give people the flexibility to come a few hours later, at least!

Meagan Steiner

I've been here a few times to get the interior of my car cleaned, and each time they've done an excellent job and took a shorter time than predicted. I doubt you can find interior car cleaning this good for this price anywhere nearby.

Rachel Noyes

My car has NEVER been this clean before I'm ecstatic! Initially I was just going to get their express interior clean and a wash but decided to splurge on the spa treatment package (inside vacuumed, everything shampooed, and outside washed and waxed) since I had the time. They got into all the little crevices, polished every surface, sucked up all the sand from my trip to the beach, and gone is any evidence of the dog hair, drool, or smell! Didn't know my car could look so good, inside and out, worth every penny.

Dan A

I usually come here every other week and get the Platinum watch for $25. Services hair are Top Notch and prices are fair. But be prepared for the wait, if you want a. Detailing, wax, Etc then be prepared to wait at least an hour or so. I would recommend calling ahead and asking staff how long the wait will be.

Elizabeth Schneider

After searching for a local car wash, this place was the only one to catch my eye. Excellent wash and dry service. Super quick when there's no lines. Decent prices.

Aaron Lawson

Friendly staff, value for money and staff is so professional.

Elizabeth Cox

This was the first time I have ever had a car professionally washed and detailed and it came out looking fantastic! Hugo did a great job and had excellent customer service. Only minus one star because part of our car's label went missing in the washing process...otherwise fabulous and so happy we did this!

Ricky P

I drove all the way from Hyde Park to get my car washed here. Best service and affordable price for the excellent work they do. It's worth the drive across town if you want your car to look like it came out of the dealership!!!!!!!!

Hatice Kubra Cilingir

We asked for a detailed cleaning service and they did a great job. We were worried whether all stains and darkening will come off since our car has a light colored interior, but the result was fantastic, our car looked like new! Their price was also fair and staff was friendly, highly recommended.

Steven Guayaquil

They did a great job with the detailing of my car! Just got there early, dropped it off and pick it up later

Yash Gurditta

Not from the area but studying nearby and wanted to try this place out. Service was great but the actual car wash was not worth it. It's about $4-5 more than what I usually pay but I figured it was worth a shot since I was in the area. When I parked my car at home directly after the wash I saw soap still in the corners of windows and mirrors and dirt on the back of the car. Good people working, poor car wash quality. Likely will not be returning.

Usman Fazli

Car was spotless. Customer service was good. Price was a little too high than the competitors. 4 stars because of high price. The tire shine was an extra $5.00 when an entire bottle costs $4.80 at wal-mart. If prices were fair, I would return more often. If you want a clean, spotless car and don't mind the high price, this is the place to go.

Elliott Lancry

I came here for the first time and everyone was super nice and helpful. They walked me through the options and gave me a special deal as a first-time customer. Highly recommend for anyone in the area needing a high-quality, affordable car wash. ¡Se habla español también!

Donal Waide

Good shampoo for you car, not for your closed please

David D. Gardner II

These folks have been cleaning my cars for 8 years now, and they have never faltered. My sweetie and I have monthly memberships on both of our personal cars, and I bring many customer cars here. Have never regretted it.

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