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374 Main St, Reading, MA 01867

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REVIEWS OF Simoniz Car Wash IN Massachusetts

Jimbo Stephenson

They work on our car it looked like it came off the car lot bran new loved every thing they did excellent work I will go back

Daniel Hood

You have to get Junebug! So dang amazing !

Beth Francis

They always do a great job!

Linda Coward

Always happy with a job well done and friendly faces!

Joseph Wright


Unfriendly white folks taking your money and having underpaid undocumented immigrants doing all the work...

Julie Romanszky

Great Service, quick and easy!

James Simcock

Very unprofessional service. Had to purchase my own oil filter which their service normally comes with and still was expected to pay the same price. Manger said absolutely nothing they could do when I even suggested just giving me a free car wash. Oil left inside car on steering wheel and shift knob. No one that works there has any sense of pride or professionalism.

Nickylee Frost

David Stinnett

Great service!

Steve Coburn

It works for meany people

Ashley Simpson

Always does an excellent job!

Mary Smith

Didn't do a good job of washing the windows

Trevor Smart

Windows still dirty, wheels still very dirty despite paying to have the wheels cleaned. Didn't vacuum the trunk. Poor vacuuming job on interior. Poor job wiping down interior. I'm not expecting a detail, but I could do a better job in five minutes at the $3 car wash than what they charged $30 for.

Greg Cate

They always do a great job and also have plenty of coupons online!! :-)!! makes for a awesome experience :-)! :-)

Francis Tartaglia

Quick, easy, and inexpensive way to get your car washed. There are several options. Operated by professionals.


Top notch

food smasher's

I love this place in and out

Krystal Zeogas

Best car wash around. I drive from Pepperell just to go to this specific car wash because of how much better it is. Even after being covered in snow my car still looks great. The entrance is a little confusing but once you have been there once, it makes sense. For the automated car wash stay to the right and go past the manual bays/vacuums. You also get a car freshener with the $13 package (which is well worth the money). The guys are really nice there too.

Timmy O'Hearn

Good people who work work here and great prices

Deb Colameta

They saved the paint of my car. I had parked in a Boston public garage all day and got awful, huge white lime stains all over my car's metallic black paint. I was unable to remove them at all with a hand washing... and the auto car wash didn't help much. When I went to the manager, he calmly explained to me that he sees this a lot and that it could be fixed with a machine compounding. I left it for a few hours and when I returned, it looked like a new car, inside and out, maybe better than when it WAS new 6 years ago! (There was some permanent damage on the rubber/plastic part of the door trim, but that's not Simoniz's fault.) I am really grateful for their high level of customer service and attention to detailing. My next stop was a body shop so they saved me from having the car repainted. Thank you!!!

rick sexton

david mountcastle

David Rawlins

Absolutely fantastic car

kk kk

JOE D. Did an excellent job on 2000 Corvette and 2008 Corvette. But the guy you pay tried WAY to hard to UP sell me! I DID NOT EVEN had the car in front of him! How can on try to sell me on more then I need for the outside car detail with out first examining the vehicle? Talk to Joe D the expert detailer for all the proper needs. And then when you pay beware of being sold stuff you don't need. Read the flyer and work with Joe.

Michelle Frankel

If anyone is in need of an AMAZING detail job, go and see Nick! He took great care of my car and made her look brand new, which was quite the task as she was in some pretty rough shape. I could honestly not be happier with the job that Nick and his team did. Thank you SO much, fantastic work!

Olivia Lopez

Got the full service #1 and it didnt seem like I got it. It kinda felt like I got my car pretty quickly but it was my first time there and I'm not sure how long it usually takes. Still a lot of dust on my dash. There were water marks on my side mirror that I had to wipe off when I got home. And my front window wasnt cleaned properly. I had tried to clean it a few days earlier and did a bad job and still saw some of those spots so now I have to clean it again when I can. Just overall didnt feel like I got what I paid for.

Kenneth Taylor

They do a good job for a decent rate.

Prateek Hiremath

Talk to Craig for professional car detailing!

Brian Mace

I purchased a #2 inside and out wash. My Jeep was absolutely stunning after my wash. I am very impressed. Thank to all the hard working staff great job great value!!!

Ralph Dasilva

Friendly people and they do a super job

richard gauthier

Track moves to fast, card don't get dried off very well.

A Jones

Went to the car wash today and my interior cleaning was terrible. Looks like all they did was vacuum the car out(well besides the drivers seat). Steering Wheel still had dust on the sides, and a makeup stain(which i used a wet rag and it came right off which means they could’ve cleaned it), dirt on the sides, cup holders weren’t cleaned out.... just very unsatisfied

Maya Berri

We got the exterior wash only and they did a great job. Not very friendly but the work was done right.

Ghina Intl.

I paid a monthly unlimited services and I was told half of the time I couldn’t get the service coz they are busy I decided to cancel and look for another one

Crystal Watson

Employees were very polite, but the point of a car wash is to get the car clean. I shouldn't have had to come home and still have dirt spots that I easily wiped off with a kids wipe. Won't be back!

Dixie Tolman

Had to wash 2 times. Still has bug guys on hood.


This place is great.

Dave Gautreau

These guys can really get tough stains out of carpets!

Zachary Seiber

ian bales

The carwash itself isn't very good. If they didn't hand dry, it would be dirtier than it still is.


Have the unlimited wash. Super quick, easy and well worth the money! Good people working!

James Webber

Scott Saindon

Quick and easy to get an oil change and car wash.

Karl Fisher

Went for the power washer. It did the job.

T Kerk

Great service 48 hr bring back no questions asked.

Silpa Mohapatra

Awesome job!! Their bumper to bumper detail is super expensive ($170) but completely worth it! I usually drop off my car and head over to LA Fitness, since they take 2hrs (more like 2hrs and 15minutes). Make sure to have other plans during that time! Love it though!

Glenn E. Murray

Brian M Jones

Got an oil change from this place and it was good service at a decent price. It was the first time I visited this establishment. I was there no more than 20 mins for my oil change..

Lois Bartholomew

Do it yourself. Not worth the price. Vacuums are poor Will not return there

heaven ramsey

angela maxwell

Every two weeks great job!

Lisa Sandberg

I always get good service from Simoniz. I will never take my car 2 another car wash facility.

Steve Ahern

fred donovan

Joe did a good job on my caddy

John Davis

Just went through a second time and gave up. My car is far from clean and is still covered in the pink wax I paid extra for. I should have just gone to a do it yourself place and not got ripped off. I should have just waited for the next time it rained. If 0 stars was an option I would have picked it will never go again.


Best car wash in town for the money and the quality of the work. What I liked best was how my vehicle looked just as good after riding around town for a week ( no rain of course).

Piper Paisley Music

$32 and did not vacuum passenger and back floor, or wipe down inside

Mountain Man

I always get the best service from this car wash. Anytime I would try a different car wash, I always wish I would have just come here. The basic wash is a great value, and the wax specials they run are great!


D. D. Harrison

Not a bad place. Sometimes it appears as if there is no employees working.

Mike Ward

A little on the expensive side for the quality of the wash job that they did on my truck.

edward frotten

When I lost my window sun visor the girl in reception area went to retrieve it for me wiped it down and was apologetic thanks for a good car wash

Michael Cooper

My wife took her car there for the full service $150 and Nate was the one who did her car very nice guy and very professional it looked great inside and out. We just wished they was able to get stains out of the seats better for what we paid but other than that it was great. We will be back to see Nate!

Lady Bunny

Very ideal and less pricey.

Patrick dacosta

I like this place their professional and quick but for some reason they always charge more than what they advertise on the price

Mike Bradley

Great place

Justin Williams

Paul Jacksom

Mike Stholair

Don't use the hand car wash garages I put $10.00 in it and ran out of money in about 3 minutes. To expensive by the time you soap it up start to rinse your money is gone. Change machine is always out of order. Save your money and go somewhere else. That fat lady up front stinks like body odor bad.

Jared Genta

Shavona Chambers

Worse car wash I've ever got for $49.00 they didn't clean the windows good at all or wipe my interior down good there was still some dust. I definitely won't be going back.

Russell Rhodes

Did a great job

Richard Dorney

This is without a doubt the BEST car wash around. My car looks brand new when they finish.The staff is terrific and very hard working. Veterans Day is free for all vets. Very much appreciated.


Automated and manual wash bays with plenty of vacuuming stations

daniel steiner

The only reason I go here is because I'm lazy, Otherwise it would not be worth it. The car gets kinda clean.

Vikram Karandikar

Unlimited mechanized exterior cleaning for $20/mo. Sometimes rinsing doesn’t remove all the soap. Overall okay service. Feel the speed of can be reduced for each cleaning step.

matt miller

Over priced

Michael Chatten

From car wash to oil change. I recommend this place. Good prices and services and never had a problem. Very friendly. Give it a shot.

Barbie Lee

Lazy mechanics and poor customer service! Took my truck here knowing that one of my tires was low. They changed my oil and claimed that I had 35 psi in that tire. I checked it and that was not the case. I brought the issue to their attention they checked the pressure again in front of me, 31 psi. Didn't appologize didn't air up my tire didn't offer to correct their mistake. May sound trivial but what else did they claim to do that they didn't or just half ass do? Will not be returning!

Jarma Lomax

William Ainsworth

After promising a hand wash and full detail if I arrive early, I got blown off because they were to busy at 7:30am. Don't go here if you are looking for integrity and kept promises. I was the only vehicle on the lot.

David s

I took my truck up there on Veterans Day, they tried to put it through the wash didn't fit :( but, did they hand wash it and took care of the inside. I wast even sure they hand wash, I was very pleased that they found another solution! The intire staff was very polite.

scott j

John, don't b rude.

Mike Grabbe

Quick service, high quality wash. Interior cleanings are also a great value!

Charles Walton

I went primarily for interior detailing, but I left pretty disappointed. It seems they do a good job on exterior work, but not on interior detailing. I had an appointment to get to when I left, so I didn't have the chance to really give an inspection. When I got home, I noticed all the spots they missed inside. It seems they did little more than shampoo and give a quick and basic wipe down. None of the hard-to-get cracks and corners had been cleaned. Definitely one of the most disappointing $120 I've ever spent.

Jordan Lefebvre

I normally go here for all my car cleaning services. I have never had an issue until recently when I went there recently on Fathers Day. I went through the car wash like usual. As I went to leave I noticed my mirror hanging off the side of my vehicle. So I went back around to the men working at the car wash and requested the manager (DEVIN) come and speak with me. Not only was this man not professional he was rude and made it clear he couldn't do much to help me. He aggressively proceeded to offer me a free car wash, (the same car wash just ripped my mirror off) clearly that's not the answer here. I requested my money back. He began to raise his voice at me and then rip his personal wallet out of his pocket and flap it in my face asking me if I wanted to take his hard earned money to shut me up! I couldn't believe it!!!! Long story short I will NEVER return to this location ever again!!!!!

Phil Harrell

Dont go there with black wheels or offset wheels unless you want your wheels damaged! I've been going here for a long time. Had an unlimited monthly plan. I put black offset wheels on my truck and a week after getting them I had them clean my truck and the wheel scrubbers made a burnish mark on the inside lip of the offset of my wheels. I went back several months later today. Spoke to the manager and he assured me they would check my wheels after washing. They didnt. I did. I spoke to another supervisor who wouldn't take responsibility for the new burnish marks on one of my wheels. They are in locations impossible for anything driving to damage them. I'm cancelling my membership and will not be back.

Kourtney Houser

Wallace Comeau

Nice car wash

Jillian Carr

Susan Bain

Can't say enough good about this place. Very professional and thorough

Ty Carr

Not happy

Barry Sack

Carolyn Gomez

Todd Dunsmore

Very slow. 2 hours to get carpets shampooed and interior cleaned. $100 and i had to finish cleaning it myself

Zane Salam

nelly shea

Very prompt and good service

Janet Broughton

Bill Rose

Great wash for the price.

Reggie Nick

Quality car washing and interior cleaning every single time. Please tip well, Simoniz's staff work hard and provide the best service in all types of weather!

William J. Snell, III

Used to be great but current management is poor. The intake lady is a one person bottleneck and the entire experience is frustratingly slow. I was spoiled by the prior operators.

Sean O'Donnell

Run of the mill. My white walls get dirtier here than when they started! I know I'm probably the only guy in Nashua with white walls but don't advertise it on the sign if it's not gonna clean them!? Fine other than that...

Kenny Cunningham

Kristian Tapp

The only reason why im giving this place 2 stars is because the manager was nice and polite. But on the other hand when i take my car through and it comes out with a broken seat handle and hub cap missing and i get told the my hub cap was on there and it must have flew off... On top of that the windows were horrible and they vaccumed horribly.... the manager did send a report out about the seat but still kept saying the hub cap was our fault when clearly it was theres. I wouldn't recommend spending your money at this place!!!

Anthony Bishop

Jason Rush

Always use them

Eddy B

Caroline Maples

Too bad negative scores aren't available. My rearview mirror was turned 180° from it's initial position... I'm surprised it was not broken off. My brand new floor mats were upside down, carelessly thrown on the backSEAT(yes Seat) and the front mats in the back floors. It was so unprofessional and disorganized that I thought it might have been intentional!Brown water spots on the windows after drying. My car looked cleaner when I pulled into the establishment. Never ever again.

Kevin Goe

Got my free birthday wash! They were careful with my car and did a great job!

Brenda Corum

They do a good job.

Justin Backus

They do great work here, even when,it's super busy. Made my truck look good in about 15 minutes.

Margaret Pangburn

Little on the pricy side for an oil change, but they noticed I had a brake light out and got that fixed up for me and the waiting room was comfortable so I'm not going to complain.


Was good car came out clean

Anthony Preece

These people work the hardest of anyone and your looks like new or at least the best it can. Amazing job and they take of everyone and anyone. A car wash The Race card. Really.

Chris Andrews

Great business

B Winter

This location does not clean well.

Ronald Boggs

What's not to like they hand dry your car for you..

S. Park

Greg Fisher

Job week done on the car. Sparkling

Derrick Jefferson

Robert Connolly

A little expensive for the oil change, but friendly people and good service.

Charan Medisetty

Kim Foresha

Did an awesome job. Vacuum and wash. Perfect!

Heather Vandeventer

Sharon Humphrey

Nice workers

Linda Durbin

Galina Krasilnikova

Quick oil change + free car wash

Kai Le

Went to get my car washed. Ended up getting it detailed as well because the price was too good to pass up. VERY friendly and professional. After the wash I found out my car had some scratches due to my stupidity scraping off ice and snow. For just a little extra they took care of it and my car looks like new now. Definitely just made a new cystomer for life!

Nicky Starkes

My boyfriend is the supervisor there! His name is Joseph Starkes he does a wounderful job detailing your car!!!!

Robel A.

Timothy Nelson

Except for not knowing how to open the electronic hatchback they did an excellent job!

Amanda Catania

They BROKE part of my car. I went into to get a full bumper to bumper service after making an appointment a week prior for 9am. I went in this morning and after they charged my card they said it would be done by 4pm and they would call me if it was early. In other words it took SEVEN hours to clean my car. After being stranded with no means of transportation for that entire time I finally get my car back and the second I get in I notice that one of the radio knobs is broken and they didn't full clean my car. Both the pictures I have included are taken from their lot seconds after getting back my car. When we complained they tried to claim that the knob was already missing from my car. Additionally, they claimed the car was ready at 11 despite the receipt I was given shows that they didn't get the car in to be cleaned until 2 and the fact I was in the area at 2pm and saw that my car was not finished. This was despite the fact that I had a 9am appointment regardless. I wasted over $100 dollars at this placed to get SCAMMED and RIPPED OFF and then accused of lying the second we tried to say anything about it.

Jessica Marshall

Id give 0 stars if I could! 120 bucks! For the ultimate interior! I get it! Who comes in when it rains! Well I did. Bc I have membership to a quick car wash. And Didnt need my car washed. I even emphasized. That All I want is the shampoo. And all cloth interior cleaned. I drove about 17 miles. From my home in Maryville to have the above done. And done well. And what I got was a half A$$ Wipe down. It barely looked like they attempted to clean my car. Spots all over my seats. And Dirt and residue in my door handle. Did yall even use a Vaccum? Also After spritzing water on my seats. They left me with a wet back side to finish my day in Knoxville with! This was the worst Car detail Ive ever had. I didnt bother with throwing a fit! I drove to the other side of Knoxville. And went in to the kingston pike location. The servive guy came out and took a look. And Couldnt believe how bad it was. After speaking to his manager. They decided to go ahead and Clean it! Instead of sending me back to this shady location. I will return to the simonize on Kingston pike! They did an outstanding Job! My car looks brand new again!Oh and after reshampooing my seats. They placed a plastic covering on it. Too keep my clothes from getting wet! But heed my warning! This place will only waste your time! Go get what you pay for at the kingston pike location!

Shaun Tufts

Do a great job for a great price!!

fred graham

A few years back I got an oil change, antifreeze flush, and transmission flush here. The next time I went in for an oil change, they told me my antifreeze needed to be changed. The technician was holding the floating bubble antifreeze tester sideways, so it looked like the tester was showing a fail. I flipped out at the manager, and he apologized and gave me a free wash. About 15000 miles later my transmission started to slip. I brought it to ford, and they told me that the fluid had never been changed. So, they tried to scam me into an antifreeze flush I didn't need because THEY had just replaced it, AND they charged me for a tranny flush they didn't even do. It turns out, they didn't even have the special machine needed to flush a newer sealed transmission. Don't ever go here if you like your car, or prefer not to be screwed. Except for a car wash. Car wash works pretty well.

Gary Comeau

Great place for oil change/And car wash

Ivana Patterson

Good services

Stephen Roach

Cheapest bays around 1$ for 2 minutes I frequent this location weekly

Seth Friedman

Great spot to get your car washed or detailed. They get the customers in and out very quickly. Yet they are quite thorough in making sure your car is serviced properly.

Gaylynn Wolfe

If I could rate in the negative I would. My husband took my car to get cleaned for Valentines day (he took it in the Sunday after because of the rain). After they told him it was finished, he had to to go in and tell the manager that they didn't vacuum/wipe it down. He had to do this 3 times. They kept bringing back and saying it was clean. They obviously didn't wipe it down inside because there was mud all down the side of the passenger seat and door and the middle console, a LOT of it. It was still clearly not vacuumed thouroughly, but he just gave up trying to tell the manager after the 3rd time that it was still not done. And this was after paying for the premium $30 package! I'd hate to see what the basic package would have been. After he brought it home, I had to go over it again and clean all the areas they missed. There were splatters all over the place still, not cleaned at all. I had to clean the dash, cupholders, door plastic, etc. which should have been some of the first things they they should have cleaned (if they wiped it down, which they did not). All were untouched. There is still many areas that need vacuumed all over the car. I could have done a better job with a towel and shop vac. This place is SUB-PAR at best. Save your money and go elsewhere, you are throwing it away here.

Steven Del-Bosque

Solid prices, quick service and a free car wash with my oil change?! Will be going back

Haley Sinclair

This was my go to place to get my car cleaned. Last time I got it detailed they left white fibers all over my black cloth seats that to this day are still there, no matter how many times I vacuum. There was a wax put over my gear stick that was never taken off & even paying for a full detail I had to go vacuum it again after because so many places were neglected! The in and out used to come out fabulous, and these people are very busy which is totally understandable, but every time I’ve gone in the past 2 years I’ve had to ask them to vacuum places (like the passenger seat) that was missed. I’ve tried to come back multiple times because like I said i always loved it, but disappointed every time. I believe there was an owner change a few years back & the quality hasn’t been the same ever since.

Ghina tour&travel

Got the unlimited full service I had complaints now and then but I was trying to be optimistic and played denial so it was so consistent I have decided to cancel my membership I don’t know if it could help but they are racist and discriminate a lot and lurk really the manger Dave the old white dude literally was happy to cancel my membership he did not even bother to ask Well you sing getting my money old pal

Marian Winton

Watch your vehicle. Some individuals working there are not as careful with your vehicle as others.

Anup Ash

Very nice car wash..

David Russell

Si McMurray

Kinda ticks you off when you pull up 25 minutes before closing needing an exterior wash and hand wax and they turn you away; especially when you see one other car there and five guys standing around doing nothing. This business is a classic example of service industry. It doesn't take an IQ higher than room temperature to see you provide your service to the customer, wash the car and throw four people on the hand wax to bring in the revenue and not pay overtime. Nope...... I won't be going back to this place.

Tim Lawson

I have been coming there for years and got one of the worst wash jobs ever water spots on all the windows.I should not have to ask hey can you wipe the windows off before they dry. Update this is now one of if not the best car or pick up wash jobs you can get for the $$.

Jenna-Rose Finnie

I tend to move around alot, so I've had my cars serviced at a lot of different places and I have never had such amazing service. The staff here is professional and consistently courteous. They are all extremely knowledgeable without being sales people. On top of the phenomenal service everything is low cost and performed quickly. I highly recommend!

Tim Coward

The employee taking the money for the car wash is a rude douche bag

James Parkhurst

Fast oil change and a comfortable kid friendly waiting area.

James West

Did a good job

sea mcguguin

Love the 5 day rewash guarantee with #1 carwash So it rained after wash and rewashed 3 days later when weather was better #2 wash has 2 day guarantee

Brandon McMahan

Went an hour before closing and they couldn’t do a simple interior clean because they didn’t wanna do their job. Spoke to manager. Rude as it gets.

Carol Pate

Normally they do a great job. I've been going there for close to fifteen years. I took it back because it wasn't the normal clean i always received from th m and was informed I needed a chemical carwash. Really?

Bryan Vaught

Got my Black F350 shining like no other. Have aftermarket rims and nice to see them take the time to really make them shine.

I am Me

Lady on phone says they do bikes come in anytime 25 bucks. Says than after placing me on hold to come in on monday. Places me on hold again as I'm wondering why, a guy named Craig gets on and says they dont do bikes and to take it to harley. Says they havent done a bike in over 6 months. Than asks what type of bike I have. This place has wasted my time twice now. Why I even called again was a loss to me.

Arsenal Fan #1

Jimmy did a great job.

April Elaine M.

Travis Mader

grate service

Paul Anderson

Been going here for years. Great people, and the best carwash in Southern New Hampshire.


They do an excellent job. Would recommend them to anyone needing a car clean up.

John Riccardi

Eric McBride

It took double the time they said but WOW, great job and everyone was very courteous. I will be going back.

Cranston Sherley

Friendly staff. They do a great job

neil doh

I only used the self wash as the machine wash line was pretty long. Plenty open stalls and water jet was strong. Minus 1 star because $1 is good for only 2 minutes.

salwa hamdan

Some time there exelant and other time when they busy baaaad

Steve Quish

Brought my one month old car in for a cleaning. New to the area but know the simoniz brand from my hometown. As the hours went on in the day, I noticed a handprint stain in the leather along with other drip looking stains. I tried car seat leather cleaning wipes and the stains won’t come out. I’m furious. It looks like they dripped the dashboard cleaning substance all over my brand new leather seats.

Thomas Benson

Anyone reading this do not go here. They do not do what the say they do. I went here for an oil change and all the did was top it off. They never changed the oil. Im a mechanic so i checked the oil and had a engin mechanic specialist look at it and was told it was never changed. That it was way to dark, almost black, for it to be new oil. When I asked the manager about it he said my oil was black because of the old oil that does not get drained out mixes with the new oil making it darker. Yes the new oil will be a little darker but not black. The next week I did the oil change myself but it was to late my oil pan had metal in it from components not being proprely lubed and the engine ended up blowing. Save your self the hassle and go to the dealer you got your car from. This place is a joke and a rip.

Tyler Stafford

Dustin Coffey

Great staff and friendly service from everyone! We had my wifes KIA detailed there and will definitely be back soon. Very satisfied with the quality job they did!

Rick DiLorenzo

I always get my car washed here, they do a great job.

kevin morris

Ken Lanzon

Scott Clemons

They do decent work. But a little pricy.

Faridah Lubega

Very rude manager who is a racist. With zero customer service. I have washed my car. There for some time. They think Blacks are not supposed to wash there cars in such a place. Horrible people. They use Immigrants like slaves. They yell at them. Too sad to have such ignorant people in this era. You wonder why such people still work in common places whete thete is a diversity of people. Terrible. I will nevet go back, neither will I evet Recomend some one. The manager of this place should know that this is year 2016. He will never be in a place with only white folks. Big Shame On this guy. If a Black Person Has challenged you in any ways. Learn how to accept and Understand that all previlages come from God. Go Pray hard to Him. He too will answer your prayers

Ryan Barry

Gotta keep it clean and fresh!

Daniel Tully

Went back with the same truck and they quoted me a price, showed up 9am on a Sunday morning and the "price" was $75 more then last time I went and what they quoted me. Despicable and wrong! Completely unfair and deceptive practice and the manager would not even honor the price quoted!

Stephen Roberts

This place is an absolute joke! Do not! I repeat do not get your oil changed here!!! I was in this past Sunday and they lost my oil cap! Ok, accidents happen but they promised me a new cap would be ordered and shipped over night to my house. It's Thursday and I still have not received the cap. When I called they said it was shipped Saturday! How??? I wasn't in until Sunday! Come to find out it was mailed Tuesday. Not sent over night like I was promised! Who knows when I will receive it. Finally, all of this could have been prevented if the kids that were working Sunday were focused on working. I was the only one in there and could see them dancing around and singing. It's no wonder they lost my oil cap. Run from this place!

Ann Shassere

Car windows were not as clean as I thought they should be


Loved This Place I was in and out for my oil change and got a Free car wash

David Bird

I use the guarantee always, just a great car wash!

Venkata Allagadda

enaytul hasan

Joe Fore

I have a dually truck, so I can only go where hand washes are available. I called ahead to make sure the carwash could accommodate my truck. I was told they could. It takes an hour to get to the car wash from my home. I made mention - "If you can't do it, it's ok. I just don't want to drive there and find out you can't do it." The lady I spoke with said, "I'm saying yes. We can do it." I drove there right after our call. While driving into the parking lot, I was stopped and told they can not do it. The car wash was busy when I got there. And the man that said they could not wash the truck (in less than "4 or 5 hours") was polite. However, I was told they could do it. I told them it would take me an hour to yet there and asked again... and was told again to bring it up and they could do it. I'm very disappointed that they did/could not honor their word and I've lost 2 hours of my day driving to and from the car wash. I absolutely will not count on them and the future and will not give them any of my business.

Donna Jones

The guys that worked on my car was excellent. They worked very hard and my car looked like new. Five stars for Simoniz.

Knoxville Sunshine

Today I went . Thought easy. 3 Rd row seating not even touch. The passenger side is all smudged on outside. Greasy wet stuff on inside Seats we're not even wipe off. $54 of nothing

Derek Moessinger

Friendly staff and great service. I'm a club member for nearly 2 years and still very satisfied.

Hard Head

They have a special low side brushes to clean the brake dust off my wheels. Most places forget the wheels, shiny clean car with dirty wheels is very silly.

Kevin McAlpin

We took our Jeep there for a wash and detail, and let me tell you, their service was not good... it was GREAT!!!!!! The staff was attentive and friendly, even the manager was attending to our needs, and was extremely manly! I will only take our vehicles to simoniz on merchants in Knoxville, from now on. Whoever the manager is should be commended for running such a professional and friendly establishment.

Rakesh Raks

Cheap and best car wash place if you do it on your own... Even drive thru is also good but doing it on your self will be more fun and cheaper...

steven rancourt

Jana Davidson

Very friendly staff. Unfortunately the inside of my car looks untouched except it was vacuumed. I'm disappointed that I came home with dirty interior but the outside looks great.

Kristin West

If I could give zero stars, I would. Got my oil changed last night. Went to the dealer today for my inspection sticker. Dealer told me my oil filter was not on all the way and the oil leaked all over my breaks making it fail inspection. The dealership did me a favor and fixed the oil filter and cleaned the oil off my breaks the best I could! I will never go to this place again for my oil change. I should have know better when it took 10 min to finish my car. I suggest no one go to this place. My car could have been completely ruined! I called and spoke to the manager. Wanted to know what he could do! Nothing! I don't even want free oil changes!!!

Ronnie Underwood

Associates are very helpful

Vickie Barnes

I purchased the package where I got the interior vacuumed and wiped down, glass cleaned, and exterior washed w/o wax. The interior vacuuming was sloppy. Also, I had to point out several places that still needed to be wiped down. Brendon (spelling?) took care of it for me, and was very respectful to me. I'm unsure when or if I'll go back to the Merchant Dr location, store #026.

George Koval

The stations are too bunched up and speed is too fast the presoak doesn’t finish spraying and the soap dumps on then the wax then you move through the squid and it starts rinsing before it’s through and there isn’t enough rinse It leaves my vehicle soapy when I get through the drier I have to wipe it down or I end up with soap streaks

David Gaviglio

They do a good job but it ticks me off when they advertise they are open to 6 and I pull in line at 5:45 to be told they are not doing vacuuming and there are no cars ahead of me and they are vacuuming card to my right. I go here 2 or more times a week as I have customers in my car and after driving 10 miles to get here it really ticks me off. Advertise your times correctly and your customers won't get pissed.

melissa lee

Did a nice job, but missed the middle of my front windshield.

Bill Gleeson

Good value for money

Sam Geer

Priced right, convenient location and fast service. However, there were sections of my truck that did not recieve a thorough washing, mainly around the side mirrors and the very back around the license plate - which wasn't even wet never mind clean.

Bruno Soares

The washing bays are the best in Nashua.

Nick Cameron

If you press for time, and need an oil change this is a good place to go. I was in and out within 30 mins.

Rachel Marshall

Pretty good clean. Up

Cherie Kubisty

Paid for wheels and ties to be done. The only wheel that was actually cleaned was the one i watched them do. If i wasn't out there, none of them probably would have been done. More than likely not returning!

Katharine Cleary

The prices are fair but the quality is sub - par and the customer service leaves something to be desired. I purchased a full interior detail on a brand new (two months old) truck and they missed over a dozen areas. There were crumbs, dust, debris in the obvious places (ebrake/console/door handles /steering wheel). The expected wait time was 1hr 45 minutes when I dropped off the truck. I returned in two hours 15 and still had to wait almost 45 minutes after I arrived to pick it up. What were they even doing? The car is brand new, there was barely even anything to clean! I'm really not sure what I paid for. When I returned the following day to have them finish the spots that were missed, the manager didn't seem to acknowledge that it was a burden for me to have to come back and wait. When I asked for a more detailed explanation about the service (was I unreasonable in my expectations with the service I paid for?) the manager just kept repeating that they would re-do it, but would not offer any more details about what exactly is included in the service. I want to like this place; I bring my older vehicle here all the time for the basic wash. Of course with the basic level service I'm going to expect spots to be missed (which they are). But when I paid for a full detail I was expecting a higher level of quality work. This was an overall disappointing, expensive, and time - consuming experience. I will not be returning.

Graham Goodridge

KA Pesina

Azeez Gaurav Swarup

Good Car wash . Nice unlimited plan

sonny noto

just came back from Simonize car wash Reading Ma. where AFTER BEING A CUSTOMER ALONG WITH MY FAMILY SINCE THEY OPENED AS SONNY'S CAR WASH . I will be going back even though A worker NAMED CHRISTIE SEEMS NOT TO LIKE MY FACE. I understand it was a bad day but don't tell me it's going to be an hour wait come back then how's this when I come back in hour she said and can this she said " IT'S AN HOUR WAIT ". Needless to say I was and still am outraged . When I was there the manager did come out and resolved the the problem. "ALL I CAN SAY IS IF Smonize TEACH YOUR HELP TO SOLVE PROBLEMS NOT ADD TO THEM .

Joseph Greene

Decent service, just too expensive for what yu get. Rather do it my self by hand. Good luck

Kelly Michelle

Great employees

Pamela Barry

Very nice people and do a great job cleaning your car or truck

Connie Conover

Car was very dirty the simoniz crew did a great job ckeaning and shining my car

Jane Jones

Excellent full service or self serve car was, very well managed.

BG McDonald

They do a good job, reasonable prices, waiting area not that great, lady who works in front is very talkative, and opinionated and seems to be knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects, entertaining.

Yophtahe Endale

nicky woods

Had a decent wash, some pollen was still on my roof, and I ended up with someone else's floor mats.

Michael Laird

The automated wash itself is fairly good, albeit expensive. The reason I'm docking a couple stars is because of deceptive sales tactics. They advertise a range of books of car washes, but then only have the most expensive ones available. More than a month before their promotion ended, they were supposedly all sold out of the mid-priced wash books, but had plenty of the most expensive ones. They didn't offer any apologies either; they just wanted you to pay more and get moving.

Rodrigo Da Silva

Good service and great car wash! Cheap vacuum with long hoses! Staff is nice and friendly.

Stephanie White

They did a pretty good job washing my car, but they didn't clean my rims nor the very top of all of the retractable windows.

Michael Dean

Did a poor job. Did not wipe down my dash or console, the interior door panels, interior foot threshold panel or clean under the wheel wells.

Jean Johnson

I came by yesterday and had my car shampooed. it still smells. I went back today and the manager told me he would be happy to halfway hit it but that's it. well it was supposed to be full blown hit yesterday. since my floor was not wet I assumed it was not even done at all. I don't come in for regular details because it's never clean when I leave. I will never visit again. this is the merchant dr location. Thanks for nothing I will just continue to clean my own car. 54.00 and a 20 in tip. Oh well

James Greenlee

good job

Steve Mcclain

Rude employees. they didn't do a very good job for the price I paid. I was there for an extremely long time.

cindy arbro

Have been going here forever. Do not go on Monday. I had to go vacuum after I left.Steering wheel and console were not wiped at all until I ask them to and then it was a slop job. My exterior mirrors still had bugs stuck to them.I hope today was just a fluke.

Cam Pate

Great value, fantastic staff

Nicole Marquis

I had an interior detail and I am absolutely amazed by the results! The price was fantastic, and there is not a single inch of my vehicle that is not sparkling clean!

Tom C

Been taking my car here for years and have never been disappointed with the service. They check my air filters and always let me know their state. They do not pressure me to use them to change them when I tell them thanks and I will change them myself. Prices are reasonable and a few times a year they offer a discount when you purchase a second oil change in advance as a way to give back to their repeat customers.

Kimberly Combs

Great job cleaning my car

Tobias Wright

Used to be ok, but they recently double the price on the self serve car wash. Now it's not worth the time to go there anymore. Not until they pave the lot and fix all the broken equipment.

Scott Pelfrey

They are always friendly and do a good job

Julia Anna Trant

Great service, reasonable price, and a very pleasant environment to wait while your car is being pampered.

tailon domingues

NOT COMING BACK....I've gotten my car serviced here so many times and I always get a free car wash and just because my free car wash coupon expired 2 days they wouldn't wash my car and was very RUDE and unhelpful, the manager just turned his back on me and walked away...I guess they don't value Regular customers... WILL NOT be getting my car serviced here again.... very Disappointed

Chris Kordish

Sonny's oil change for 32.95 that includes a free basic wash at attached Simoniz car wash that does a nice job. I had to buy a 2 pack to get 32.95 rate else it would have been 37.95.

Patty Harvey

Steven Gallerani

Quick, easy and affordable!

James Willey

Mark Ch

This is the best car wash of all time!!!!!! I brang in my car for a bumper to bumper detail. paid about 119 for it. they did a exquisite job for a great price. My detailer (Allen) did an awesome job! I had stains all over my carpets and seats but thanks to Simoniz on Merchants the car looks brand new and smells great! The wax looked great thanks again to my detailer. I will come back many more times!

Lele Mak

Worst car wash, to begin the mashine took $2 and didn't register them, the soap brush had no soap, my hair drier would dry my car faster than this air dryer advertised as 180mph speed. Left with a wet car and dirty wheels, thanks Flo's

max scimemi

very good service and they did a good job on my car. Waxed and cleaned inside and out made the BWM shine.

Chelley Covington

Very very satisfied when we leave (we go every week) they always do a wonderful job and everyone of the employees very nice helpful and work hard to get the job done my husband is a disable veteran and we love how they support the military again a BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE EMPLOYEES KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL JOB

Anthony Corum

Great customer service

Kenny Thomas

Didnt clean inside front window

The Car Wash Fanatic

Amazing Car Wash. We purchased the $18 Wash which came with Hot Wax.

Nic Mulligan

Jules Jahn

Dave Shreve


Richard Michael W

Very busy today but got me fixed up quick. It's nice to see a clean facility while so many cars are being washed. I definitely see why these guys/gals are getting good reviews. I'll be back-thanks for the clean ride!


l have been washing my Off road cars at this place for last 5 years. 2 days ago Jon, who runs this place, did not want to let my car go in the washer room bcs its too dirty as he mentioned, he doesnt want to clean dirt after my car. l said okey n l washed my car on the side and came again to get in the washer room with light dirt on it. But, Jon came again said this time he doesnt want to do this bceause the car has loaded with the off road elements. and he said " l personally wont let u go in ever". SHAMEFUL customer service and the WORST experience with JON.

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