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REVIEWS OF Auto Bright Car Care IN Massachusetts

Bryan Lima

nice customer services! Speak Different Languages which is pretty helpful! Love it

Vahid Majidian

Just know that Full Synthetic and Synthetic Blend oil change does not include vacuum interior! Which I had different perception by reading their sign! Everything else was good!

Nikko Perone

Went to vaccum my car and decided to ask about the car wash membership they offer, for 35$ a month I now have unlimited carwashes that have my car looking close to brand new on the outside. Friendly service, and was told about the diffrent kinds of memberships they offer

Sagnik Ray

Very nice car wash and auto-detailing shop. My car came away looking, feeling and smelling like new. The only thing that stopped me from giving them 5 stars is that they don't provide drop-off services, even when you are within 5 miles. Waiting for over 2 hours while your car is being cleaned is painful, and I had to catch a Uber both ways.

Bill Lynch

Free car wash with an oil change! Always get my oil changed here. Guys are friendly and fast.

Laurie Harrington

Felt Like I was Back In LA!!! ...Good 'Ol School Full Service!!!

Asgar Abdullazade

i would give ZERO! bc i paid 35$ for oil change after i drove 1000milage i see that yellow light turn on for warning oil :) then i check my engine oil and i see there was no oil ! valvoline doung best job !

patricia castano

Love to come here, great people and just really cool vibe all around. I think that it is employees that make this station/car wash so special. Always friendly and helpful.

Deirdre Martin

Pleasant attendants

Kelvin Sandoval

Best carwash in town, great people, easy to talk to and speak many languages. Responsible in the car care maintenance and low on gas always , if any question they help any time love going there

Graham Foster

Purchased fuel from this location on 8 July 2016 and within 20 minutes of driving my vehicle's engine began running rough and the check engine light illuminated on the dash. All the symptoms of water contaminated fuel. Am now facing a $1500.00 repair bill for a $41.85 tank of gasoline. Fuel tank and fuel lines require draining and flushing, fuel system cleaned and a total of eight spark plugs replaced due to being fouled.I called the customer phone number to speak to a manager and was ridiculed by an un-professional and rude employee of this company. Terrible customer service and the most expensive tank of fuel I've had to purchase. Don't waste your money.

Mike Bavuso

They did an amazing wash and interior detail job on my F250. Very happy. Ty

nina pashkova

Cheapest gas in town and their staff are very nice people. I always stop at Autobright to get my gas and oil change. This place is always busy which tells me that people like to come there and do business with Autobright. Their reputation is absolutely fantastic. Very professional and knowledgeable workers.

David L. Kagan

Great gas prices, great car wash, and the BEST OIL CHANGE in the business: -Fast -Friendly -Cheap -Not Pushy Sending my wife there tomorrow to rotate her tires for $19.95. Outstanding!

Alex Aliev

no more half price for the car wash when purchasing gas there. this company was special, now they are the same with anyone else. I can find even cheaper car wash in town. disappointed

Prasad Shetty

Beware of these guys, very bad service. I opted for $10.00 Platinum Car wash at the pump, when I reached the wash area they were closed. I stay in a different city and no where at the pump it was stated that they were closed. I asked the person Francisco for a refund as I cannot come back again. He denied the refund and said it cannot be done. They took my $10 off and didn't offer any service, please stay away from this place.

Josephine Shanks

I had to get my BMW cleaned up and couldn't decide between a car wash or a car detail er the owner listened to what I wanted and quoted me a price that was reasonable. The work was excellent with meticulous detail paid to the inside and out. I needed the car done by a certain time and he made sure that the car was done before that time. They are reasonable, reliable, and does high quality work.

Karen Fishman

Friendly service and great prices! Plus they're the only car wash around that I know of that has a staff person who actually wipes down your car after you go through. Fabulous!

Anilesh Sharma

6 months after I posted, I stumbled upon my review of their service and saw the response from the owner. Google doesn't notify the content poster that the content has been responded to. UPDATE TO THE RESPONSE: Your place seems to have a lot of happy customers and that is why I came to your shop. I accede that I should have probably come back if I had a complain instead of writing a negative review. My thought was, after you have already sprayed a scent, you won't be able to undo it. At best you will put in something else to mask your first folly. Please do consider that a sub-standard work is not justified after asking a super-standard price. And it is not that you are a novice in this field. Instead of putting the blame on me that I should have told you, please make effort to learn your customers and ask them if they want something. I had to put activated charcoal in the car later to clean that artificial smell out. --- ORIGINAL REVIEW: I went to the place for my car's interior detailing after reading so many good reviews, but came back disappointed. While the place may be good for other services, car detailing is certainly not their speciality. When they returned me my car, the seats were still not totally dry and I'm ok with that. What I am not ok with is that they sprayed something in the car as part of the interior detailing. I have kept my car scent free always. There is only one scent that I'm ok having in my car and that is the scent of a brand new car (The brand new car scent is a product and it is sold online too). Good interior detailers spray brand new car scents after interior detailing. It really feels like a new car if the car has been detailed nicely otherwise. When I gave them the car it was smell-less. When I got it back I expected a brand new car scent. What I actually got was a really cheap and artificial, sharp smelling, headache inducing, chemically scented car. (No exaggeration there - the smell was artificial, was sharp, and caused me headache after driving in it for mere 5 minutes). They clearly don't do a job for which they charge over $100.

Danny Hoke

Autobright car wash provides amazing services at a very fair price! They give you so many options to save money and get an amazing deal. The workers here are very friendly and caring and work extremely hard to make sure you are satisfied. I personally love coming here because it is a very well managed business. I wouldn't want to get my car washed or oil changed anywhere else.

Michael McAllister

Great place to get a quick carwash. Friendly people

Nebati Siftan

First time going so I didnt know what to do. They were very helpful from the beginning. Felt so comfortable! Great car wash! Great gas prices! Great auto detailing and oil change services! Great customer service, very professional! Definitely worth the money! I bring all three vehicles here to get cleaned. My car was super dirty going in and came out looking so fresh and clean and it was fast too! I will definitely be coming back again!

amie st george

I got my car detailed yesterday it came out AWESOME!!!! Also got a free car wash with my oil change!!!! Such a great deal I will be using them for now on.

Thiago Sodre

Terrible rude service

Rachel Mosesso

Awesome place!

Darlene Colageo

Best car wash ever

Edson Jan

Nice guys works there

Holli Andrews

Fantastic place to fuel up and get a car wash. The prices are super low, but that's not reflected in their awesome attention to detail!

Ben Berzai

For a Boston person like me, it's a little out of the way, but when I am in the Framingham area, I make a point to stop into Autobright for special treatment. Car washes are solid, and it is a quick oil change if that is what you are looking for. Boris and his crew keep you running!

benney Colon

They treat you good are very profesional i use them all the times.

Connor Lefevra

Autobright carwash is an all around great business that gives you many options to get a great deal while also being able to get great products and services! The workers are great and have amazing personalities which is rare these days. They are very quick in the oil change and carwash but I can tell they do it with great care! autobright is an amazing business and Framingham would be different without it!

Strider Teague

Self service bays for higher profile vehicles

Joan Apiyo

Not satisfied with service ofered at all it was lousy

Pasquale Straccia

Pat and his crew did an amazing job. Car looks brand new. Drove in all the way from Walpole so worth the trip.

Mark Cabana

Good place for car care

James Lefevra

Fair price and no water in the gasoline.

Miguel Cura

Cheap gas. Decent car wash.

dennis black

The best car wash in a probably 100 mile radius, hands down. I've tried many car washes all over east coast and let me tell you that this one in Framingham is THE BEST! Whenever i'm in town i'd stop in and get the best car wash that is being offered which is platinum. the best part is you'd only pay half price for any car wash with fuel purchase. their gas prices are the lowest in the area by the way, so the most expensive wash will only cost $10. can't beat that. this place is the best!

Greg Gies

Amazing service! Great value! Very friendly people! Don't take your car anywhere else! Brought my car in to have it detailed before trading it in. After the harshest winter on record my car looked like crap. Now I want to keep it. Glad I found these guys and took a chance based on Google reviews.

brendan maclellan

If you want to be solicited by junkies for the change under your seat while vacuuming this is the place for you. The car wash was also sub par.

Courtney Mattingly

Great detailing and awesome air fresheners! Very nice people.

Chicklassique !!

The manual car wash doesn't really clean your car and then at the end you have to go out and dry it off yourself. The vacuums work well and doing the car wash yourself works better

rudjy lafont

Great place to go get a car wash and vaccuum your car but i do not know about the gas

Charlie Brown

They handle everything from my oil changes to my car washes and the only place I get my gas

Alex Silva

Very popular and good Carwash machine there

julio césar


Kim Hegarty-Waters

People are so nice, great oil changes, sit down area with Keurig, chairs, cable tv and magazines and you can see your car being worked on! Also you get a free car wash when you get your oil changed! Also if you get gas, no matter how much, you get 50% off a car wash!! They are great!! Tip the guy who wipes your car down after your car wash... they really appreciate it and do a good job!!

jania de jesus

Employees always nice

Kayla Mosesso

Great experience all around with a variety of services and friendly staff!

Gladison Barbalho

The place you can do a full oil chang service, car wash and convenience store.

Jc Pressley

Do a really great job

S69 Denby69

Ok .place communication is key.


Convenient location. Pay $24.95 with a list of things they offer with that price such as: Includes up to five quarts of oil, replace oil filter, lubricate chassis, fluids check and top-off, inflate tires, and inspect air filter, wiper blades, serpentine belt, radiator hoses, and lights: BUT they don't do all that. AS I sit in my car and watch they do the oil change and fill washer fluid and that was all. Then why pay that if not getting it all.

Eric Warren

First, I turned on the water and it spat soap at me. There were a few cuts in the hose and I got soap all over me while using the brush on my car. Eventually, I was almost done, So I switched from the wax to the spot free final rinse and it doesn’t work. Switch back to wax, it works. Switch back to spot free rinse. Nothing... so I just drive home, and watch wax spots appear all over my car and windshield. When I get home I wash the inside of the windows, and then go to wash the spots from the outsides. That’s when I notice my car is still quite dirty, and now there’s a scratch going across the back. It’s not too deep, probably will be able to take it out with one of those cheap scratch removers from Walmart. All in all, $10 wasted for a 9 minute wash that didn’t even clean and now I have to rewash it somewhere else to get the spots off. Save your money.

Joubert Noel

Less money, and they wash very good.

Marcus Collins

They deserve every star in this rating. I work from home so I couldn't wait for the car to be finished. They offered to drive me home and then pick me up when my car was done. I cant say this is a regular thing, but they did it for me and I couldn't be happier. The detailers here are amazing. I'll be a regular from now on! Top notch customer service.

Gretchen Zottoli

Very positive Experience! Far exceeded my expectations! Car looks brand new!Young lady who drove me home was lovely. Recommend highly. Many thanks for a superb job!

O Swiga

Good pricing on gas and car washes

Kleber Antunes

Cheap Gas, very good car wash.


Good gas cheap and a $5 car wash, what's not to love?

Charles Lincoln

Attendants are always helpful and friendly. Lowest prices around for gas for the most part. Of course they have the car wash center automatic or you can do by hand in one of the bays.

Xue Liu

They don't have special for car wash anymore

Andrew Auerswald

Great place to get an affordable and quick oil change. Only about $30.00 and usually takes less then 10 minutes. Also get a free car wash with the oil change. Nice people that do a good job. I recommend them to everyone I know.

Patrick S

Good place, but they always run out of soap or some type of cleaning product

Marco Estevam

Great service

Robert Tosti

The car detailing done here is awesome, second to none and worth every penny. The drive-through car wash and spray bays are great too. And there's more... convenience store etc. All are excellent!

dennis pashkoff

great place to get your car taken care of, the best car wash all around. the best part - it is always half off with ANY gas purchase, who else does that? my fave!

Gavin Storr

Good car wash at reasonable price, so I use their car wash booklet. The employees are friendly!

James Hashem

I HAVE been to many of Car washing. Auto Brite you will not see in the Metro West Area another wash With Any Amount of Gas Purchase Auto Brite is Half prices on all of There Car washes you purchase $5 Dollar amount of Gas and want a wash that Cost $14 Dollars You Pay $7 Dollars ONLY . FOLKS This is a All Cloth Wash Only And is Very Well Maintained Clean, and Always open for your business. Very good Service And A Self Service Gas and 24 Hours of the Day With Deisel Gas. With Low prices and Although AUTO BRITE Takes pride in their Work. And A Full Line of Beer and food, etc To take along with your friends and family members. .......... THANK YOU JAMES H. 16 YEARS OF A GREAT STOP.

Elizabeth Wilson

I bought gas at this location yesterday and now my car is in the shop. The mechanic says that there is water in the gas?! Now they want to charge me $1200.00 to get the gas out and that all my spark plugs are ruined?! The manager at this place is a JERK! DON'T BUY GASOLINE FROM THESE PEOPLE AS IT IS CONTAMINATED AND IT WILL RUIN YOUR CAR!!!!! I'm filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, AND posting these crooks on Facebook!

Jhonathan Silva

I love this place


When I called to schedule detailed cleaning, they asked us to drop off the car the next morning. I asked them how long would it take them to clean the car and they said 3-4 hours. They gave me time and we went to drop off the car at 9 AM expecting it to be returned well in advance before picking up our son from daycare. We emptied our car late at night since they gave us early morning time and with toddler in the house, you could imagine how many things we would have in the car. We had clearly communicated with them about needing the car for drop off and pick up for my son to and from daycare. And when I wanted to call them and tell them how unprofessional it was to send us back, the person hung up on me. I would not return to this place.

Tom Franck

Amazing service and competitive pricing. I know I'm going to get taken care of whenever I go to Auto Bright. I care about my car and that's why I go to get it cleaned there. I've been to a few detailing places and more than a few car washes and like this place the best.

Amy Grucela

Had my Honda Pilot detailed here and I was super impressed with the job that was done. Our car was in rough shape and it practically looks brand new after the interior detail service. The attendant took the time to show me everything that was done and even got a lot of little scratches out of the exterior which I didn’t even know was part of the service. All for $104. Best detailing job I’ve ever had done for the lowest price. Highly recommended.

Sarah Benoit

Made a reservation for uhaul for 8 am and 4 staff members are just walking around acting as though I am not standing there waiting for customer service. Finally after 5 minutes one staff member says oh just wait in there. I said but I made a reservation and it’s past the time. His response was oh the guy that does the uhaul isn’t here yet. I am still here and it’s 842 with somewhere to be. Very disappointed especially since the place opens at 7am and the majority of the staff is walking around and not one is trained for a situation when someone is late to work and customers are waiting. This deserves no stars if anything.

Bruno Reis

Excellent place, one of the best. I do everything there, my oil change, my car wash, my gas. I've never had any problems with them.


The only decent car wash shop in the metro West area. Doesn't do interior unless you pay for detailing

David Yarckin

Best car wash center around !

Jessica Silverman

Had to wait in my car to be seen for an oil change, but once I got my car in the garage it was very quick. Oil change was inexpensive, and came with a coupon for a free car wash.

Eliane Vasconcelos

Needs improvement

Sam Dowd

Great wash! It's quick, easy, the 50% off deal for people who buy gas makes it a HUGE bargain. The hand drying at the end is a nice touch as well.

Joseph Neto

Great services

Peggy John

Great place, amazing service, competitive pricing, friendly people. I definitely recommend for my friends!

Hector Caban

friendly staff, great service and low prices!

Abderrahim Bouchab

The gas is not good

Marissa Kimball

Very flexible with pricing! Friendly service. Excellent detail job. Would recommend!

Elizabeth Kelley

Jose was polite and very thorough. My car was very bad and loaded with pet hair. He did a spectacular job, very impressed. I would strongly recommend AutoBrite Car Wash for your detailing needs. And would absolutely recommend Jose. thank you Jose we definitely will be back. Yours Truly a very Pleased Customer!!!!

Jm Liu

Good price

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