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3437 Branch Ave, Temple Hills, MD 20748

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REVIEWS OF Sam's Self Serve Car Wash IN Maryland

Tiffany Stevens

Im frugile so I have been here many of times to vacum out my car and wash the car down. So affordable. Vacum your car for $1 then clean your car for $2.25. Hell of a deal. They have a machine out side so you can get change. Cash only.

Javi Oliu

The lines aren't terribly bad. I do like that they allow you to hand wash your car if there are minimal customers waiting. Some of the vacuums don't work, which sucks. The upside is that they don't have any special coins, they use standard quarters. The price to start the equipment is a bit pricey, but as long as you move quickly, you should be ok.

The Truth

Been going here for many Years now. Good place to vaccum & clean out your car. As for the area???? The area is just fine. I'm black & I love my people. I drive 20mins to just come here. It's like the barbershop for cars. Great to see a black owned business being a positive influence on the community. I will ALWAYS support this establishment. Brings US together. Never any fights or gun play at Sams. Is everything perfect??? No. Is everything perfect in Starbucks???? I don't think so. As soon as we try to bring a business to a community people wanna call it hood & complain about every little single flaw. This OUR carwash. Let's keep it going brothas & sistas.

Shirley Smith

Nice clean area. Brings the community together. No violence.

Paul Arnold

Starr Chase

Went here with someone while I was in town omg the hood boys with there outdated cars riding around the lot omg the cars wasn't even all that they looked a hot mess..they should look up California and Atlanta and see how it really should be.. better yet look up on YouTube even closer to them how Baltimore cars look nothing else better to do hope that the kids are dressed and have food and in carseats there's a place for all this hanging like go ride around in a park that's what people are doing that has groups and that fill even the biker boys

Delores Wood


G James

Antonio Fulton

tamhappynaplife 28

Clean and vacuum always work

Greg Holland

Bling bling your cars.

John Lee

Smitty Smit

Love this place. They should stay open 24 hrs.

king joker ya dig

Favorite place to hang and wash my car

Marvin chavez

Siempre que necesito lavar mi carro voy a este lugar brinda mucho jabon un muy buen lugar

Ronald Miles

Cherylnel Edwards

Mariah Young

Gail Douglas

Just went to vacuum I hand wash my car at home.

james harvin

Michael Cherry

Tasha Harkum

Jeffrey Gore

Jose _wzd

Kim Beatty

Carolyn Hancock

Myeshia Johnson

Muscle Platform

The ability to clean your car, I use 10 to 15$ in quarters for a exceptional wash, so worth it.. most places are missing spots

Pipe Dream

John Talor

Donita Martin

Nice place!

KeepingUpWithSyria Baby

Quick spot to wash your own car at. Self serve

Trina Robinson

Easy for me to wash and go for $4

william white

on hot sunny days people are out washing their car for the least amount of money, at Sam's it will only cost you $4.00 dollars and you have to dry your car off, that is one of the lowest prices in town to get your car done. I am almost getting to the point where i want to go to the high price full car washes, as of right now i still enjoy doing my own car.

Robert Butler

Jacinto Bracmort

andy anderson

Need to give you change for ten dollars and twenty dollars, that will make you leave keep change

Elsa M Malloy

Sam"s is the best for anything needed.

Judah Samuel Israel

kacey johnson

Jeremy Terrell

Tai Rollins

Eugene Lewis

Bruce champion


Phillip Datcher

The only soaps that you can use is the high pressure wash soap. The tire cleaner, pre soak or any other soap never works. This place is cheap and they have a big lot to detail your car in. You can also buy tree, microfiber towels, K2, wax, and many other things from the unpaid salespersons in the lot. Typical hood car wash and really one of the best.

Erwin Dratte

P Arnold

Lynn Horner

All the equipment is in good working order, but I wasn't real happy about the location and positioning of the wash bays. It's in a questionable part of town, and your left somewhat vulnerable. I would not recommend washing your car here at night

Kevin Booker

Al Gibbs

Larry (Mgr) is great and always has change

Mack Mack

Reginald Ford

Deborah G

This was my first visit and I must say I’ll be returning from entering the line to check put was smooth customer service was on point and prices decent

steven pearson

Linda Barnes-Walker

Good spot for cleaning your vehicle yourself

Candylee Tomlinson-Henry

I really like this place during the day the vacuums run a good time for the price $1 and the wash is very reasonable compared to other parts of Maryland. The older gentleman who works inside is very polite and helpful. I don't like it so much at night though, as there are groups of cars that block the access to vacuums and subsequently the wash area, and they are not using the facility. Just hanging out. they usually block up to five of these areas, plus they're on the side. Hope this changes

Anna Sumner

Decent pricing, but a card machine would be a nice update. No one carries around $10 in quarters any more.

Amy Reitz

Exactly what you want in a self car wash. Plenty of stations so the wait isn't long. The machines work well, they're affordable, and they run on quarters. There's also a lot of space to park so you can dry and clean your interior. There's also just a good vibe on the lot.

Eddie's Eddie's Money


Michael Hutchinson

Great Car Wash

Khamise Abdul-Jabbar

Everything this broken

Stephanie Davis

Brenda Brai inson

Nuki Fantroy

Shena Braxton

Jodi B-easy

Wesley Holmes

Vision World

For the price not too bad

Rudebwoy Spencer

amk kh

omari newell

Lorenzo bELL

Not vacuum clean

Luke Watson

It's a coin operated car wash.

richard valenta

Armando Simms

Tracey Davis


Barrington Ambers

Best car wash in Prince George’s county! Has been around for 60 plus years

Kenny Graham

Lamont Leathers

It's ok

Deonjalo McGirt

Whoever is running this should definitely invest in newer equipment and machines.

J Adams

I have loved coming here for more than 25 years

Nita Fashion Show

Clarence Short

Myles D

Questionable people at some times of day and don't add quarters for time. Just restart, you get more time.

best gamer holloway

Adam Smith

Taneka Earle


Samuel Adams

Manager was on site, helping leaving a good impression on me for this establishment. Everything was in good working order that I used. I would definitely return. Though I think there should be a Sam discount. (:

Michael Fenwick

Does a great job

David Corley

Yuhao.Frank Fan

broken equipment in all bays, very little water comes out, very neglected business.

S Burks

Ok, vacuum should only be _0.50, but that's just my opinion.

Jonathan Warner

Wesley Johnson

reahaun matchem

Resee Dixon

Katrina Stephenson

Lonza Jones

Linberg Garner jr

Good chill spot to wash your car and get a piece of mine

Tim Green

Richard Proctor

Mary Evans

Great service.

Kimberly King

Kwesi Mason

Charles Macarthy

Linberg Garner Jr

I'm there all the time

Paul Waldron

Rochelle Parham

Alexander Pounds

Keith Baldwin

jim hensley

Clean and equipment works well

Jason Holloway

Loved it

Househead 844

The Worst...just plain lazy employees...dirt still on car!

Samuel Davis

Kenny Palacios

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Angelique Gaither

Tymeen Jackson

Steve James

Michael Marks

Love washing my cars there.

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