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REVIEWS OF Love My Car Carwash IN Maryland

Walter Streeper

Best car wash anywhere. Always do a good job on my car. Has to be kept clean because I drive for Uber.

Frank Aparicio

Have been going to LMC for over 7yrs! On the monthly plan from the beginning and can say the service has been excellent! Staff friendly no matter how packed they get. The recent upgrades and remodeling show me they care about the customer.

Paul Switzer

For $22, your car will look like new, inside and out!

Will U

Poor experience over and over. I gave them every chance in the world to do good work because it is close to me but they failed everytime. It is worse when you pay for superior washing. It is better to go with most basic washing as it does not make any difference as I still had to use their towel to rob off some dirts off all corners of my car and I don't mean stains l mean regular dusts. Remember I paid for what they call" best wash". I paid for tire dressing also and when I got home I found out that my tires were not shined.

Sameh Elrahimy

I recommend this car wash to everyone. They always go above and beyond and cleaning my car. They take their time and cleaning the car and they can guarantee your satisfaction and believe it perfectly clean.

Evangelos Poulidakis

The best in town

Linda Balon Stein

Went here after recommended by an aquaintance. Full service doesn't begin to describe the job they did. There are a bunch of options, and a frequent customer deal. The car goes through while you watch from an adjacent glassed in hallway. This was before a trip, and they did a careful job cleaning the inside too. Convenient, the entrance is on a side street so you can safely wait out of traffic. Highly recommend!


Just no. Expensive and full of racist white people. The community is disgusting here. The wash bays are cheap, dysfunctional and poorly maintained. You're better off going to a fully automatic car wash at any nearby gas station. It's cheaper and it doesn't fund a poorly maintained car wash.

David Banks

Great value for the service. My car was clean when I left. Nice work! Good staff that explained all the payment options

jawad bb

I paid $25 for getting clean but guess what nothing done tire not clean inside still dirty it stir dirt on dash board I spoked to one was in charge he said that s the cleaning you paid for it. mean I paid $25 for that. by the way car wash auto spa in germantown road you paid $22 and they do a good job than them. they were close that day 9-3-2017.

Reviewer First

Love this car wash. It gives you the option to wash your own car. The vacuums are great and it always gets the job done.


Do it yourself, you won’t get what you paid for.

Frenchvision Johnson

Wow. My car was filthy when I went in. The wash was good before they even put a towel to it. AND it was only 11 bucks for just the outside. Nice job.

Jonathan Brier

Very nice place. I went with the top their wash with lava wax. My sedan was heavily covered in pollen and dust. They prewashed with a pressure spray and after exiting where the rotating brushes touched my car was squeaky clean. I didn't notice until I getting home that my car had a 6 inch mohawk where the brushes failed to touch down the back window and a foot on the back side of the roof. So just make sure to check the back end of your sedan after exiting in case this is a configuration gap in the system.

Daniel Moore

Great wash and interior clean.

Yvener Volcy

I I’ve this carwash. The owner is a great man: humble, generous and smart. This is the only place that I take my cars to get washed. They just renovated their waiting room area. You should pay them a visit. You will never go somewhere else.

Jason Paone

Excellent service.

Kirk Murray

Great service and great staff

Nicole Adams

A piece came off through the wash, the inside still looks like it wasn't wiped down and the tires are all dirty still like they ha ent been cleaned for months. Yet paid 30 something bucks for a truck to be washed.

Neal Hewlett

I've been to a not a car wash before the price in the service you get is the very good deal in town in my car as always looking good

Jennifer Donohue

Outside of the car is great, but of course that was a standard drive through thing. The inside however, looks like it was barely touched. Not worth the $32 we paid when we can go elsewhere and pay about the same, or less, for a much better car wash.

Living Life International

5 star service and a super clean vehicle for a good price. We have used their services for years...great car wash!

Christophe Jergales

Good quality work as long as you avoid their busiest hours. UPDATE: went on the weekend. Early hours, no one in front of me. They cut corners big time. Disappointed. Went from four stars down to three.

Cloude S

The best car wash in the montgomery county.

Steven Liniak

This place always does an excellent job on my vehicle.

A Ibrahim

Super clean is the best thing, steam clean, wheels polished tires shine vents clean windows cleaned dash wiped, best car wash in germantown md, now it rained I'll see if I can get the rain special

Arienne Brown

I've been a customer for years but the service is no longer the same. They used to have a package called the Best and they cleaned your car inside and out. They wiped down everything!!! Even inside the cup holder. Your car looked brand new. Now they charge you more for the same thing and call it Gold. The Gold package now includes a lava light show, one towel swipe across your dash and if you're lucky a quick vacuum. If you feel like having your car washed and then wiping down the interior yourself when you get home this place is for you.

Reizah YAHbless

How are you going to clean a car and your hygiene isn't up to par? Employee need better uniforms and soap and water. Waiting area needs to be cleaned and a little more inviting.

nadeem sinnokrot

This is best car wash in Montgomery county hands down .coming from a lifelong Montgomery county resident..

Gianluca Ortwerth

Amazing company! They value and treat their customers like family. They do a great job cleaning vehicles and you can be sure to want to go again! Get a membership! Saves money! Plus you’ll always have a clean car! Think about it y’all.

Alvin Chee

It’s Truly Above & Beyond!

Matthew Deitch

I used to go here a lot. It's gone way downhill. It's ungodly expensive. One of the worst car washes. Brought in a very clean, new to me car. Wanted to get it looking really nice newbie going out in the evening. There was still plenty of spots on the exterior untouched. Mirrors looked like they were untouched. Simple to wipe off spots still there. Then the interior. A lot was missed vacuuming. Large spots that were easy to wipe off, in obvious locations were untouched. Back window looked like they smeared something on the window. The borders of the windows untouched, and looked dirty. Not impressed at all anymore. No reason to go back. You've been warned. Pay for the Gold Package, and you'll see you're not going to get what you think your paying for.

Nicholas Durieu

Extremely impressed. It took about 25 minutes for the truck to be finished. But they did a hell of a job. Car looks brand new. Will be back again.

Priyaa Varma

Robert is great. Awesome customer service, Left my car squeaky clean. Thank you so much! I’m coming back in the future!

Ashley Eure

This was a huge waste of money and time. I was not allowed the same offers as those who get the standard "silver/bronze/gold" washes because I spent MORE money on a super clean wash. If you're looking at this review, please check out my full Yelp review posted today (Ashley; 2/3/19) to see what happened. I could not post the entire thing due to a word limit but I am highly considering reporting this business to the BBB.

Theodore Watkins

They need car washes like this in Toledo Ohio , very nice car wash.

Fox Ram

I got their package with inside/out clean. They charged me $50 (Jeep Cherokee). I taught that I would be receiving the top service. My car left the bay with outside spots and stains. The service inside, wasn’t good enough. A lot of dusty and again, stains. I do better by myself at Flagship. Waste of money!

Shawn Rousseau


Lindsay Tayse

They do a great job. I have the monthly membership and they remember me every time. Wednesday is the best time to come after work... there is almost no one here. The weekends are a bit more crowded.

Ted Kurkowski

I had two bad experiences in a row. The first was when they were doing a Super Clean which apparently includes wiping out the inside of the gasoline filler opening. They couldn't find the lever to pop the filler door open because my car releases the door with a button on the dash. So they pried it open which broke the locking mechanism. The second time I was in a hurry and asked how long a super clean would take and they said 45 minutes, knowing full well that one of the two moving belts in the detailing building was broken, which I couldn't see from the car wash entrance. When it became clear it would be more like an hour and 45 minutes I made them back the cars out to free my car so that I could leave.

Parth Shah

This review is for the Super clean package for $45. After going through the automated exterior cleaning, they spent an additional half hour to vacuum, steam and clean the interior and rub and clean the exterior. Well worth the money. The waiting area is clean and relaxing too.

Bobby Nichols

Please be aware of this Carwash very unprofessional they do not know how to clean rush rush job and not to mention that it's took over one hour for a drive-through car wash and charged me $45 to wash outside and inside they would not correct my issues or concerns they was trying to pass me over a free car wash which I did not want I just wanted to done correctly please take your business somewhere else

Geoffrey Carson

I drive an hour to get to this carwash. I discovered it years ago when I lived in Gaithersburg, MD. I wont go to another carwash. I get the platinum detail service. I wish I would have left a review sooner.

Andrea Shanahan

Very impressed with the work.

david durand

I spent $5 to rinse the salt off my truck, what a waste of money. The water pressure in my shower is better than the self-service bays at this place. I've never used any other services, but I will not be going back for self-service.


The owner is not responsible for anything he cares for the money and he doesn't want fix the problems that his employees makes .

Danny Young

Took two hours to get my car cleaned on a Sunday, I get it they are busy , but should be better staffed during a busy day .

Matt Reese

Very impressed I got the deep clean seat package and they really went at it. My rims look amazing The whole package might have cost $100 but my car has not been this clean since I bought it. My wife bought the basic 50 package a few months ago and They did an amazing job then too. Would recommend

Brittany Waters

I dropped in at Love my Car Wash (Germantown) last Wednesday afternoon for the "Super-Clean" $40.00 (express interior clean, vacuum debris blowout, and basic wash etc). The total job took about 40 minutes from start to finish. It was worth the time and money. My car was glossy and spotless in the end!

Carla Febus

They left my car sparkling last time I took it there. It makes a difference when you pay a little extra.

Philip Raskin

This is a hidden gem of a car wash. I have never seen a carwash like this clean the interior of the car in such a detailed way. For $50, you get a mini detail which looks like it is worth every penny.

gusgusgeol .

The carwash itself does a great job buy only for the highest price one IMO. the staff have always been super kind to me. They have a self wash of you are on a budget and they also do detailing which i did once, and it was amazing, brand new car. I have been going here for years. Just save up your pocket change

Byung Woo Kang

Very much satisfied with the job they did for diamond detailing. My seats and leather parts on the door had really bad stains and they cleaned it up like new. Also love how they got the wheels cleaned up. Got almost all the brake stains off. Only reason I give 4 stars is for missing phone mount and the time it took for them. I could see that it was a busy day but they took literally all day to get my car ready. At least could give a call to let me know that its taking longer than promised next time.

Dominick Nordin

One star because they refused to do an interior clean (platinum service) because they wanted to close early. I came at 1:30pm and their closing time is at 6pm!

Melissa Rivera

Don't come here unless you have all day. More than an hour and a half for a Super Clean... And I'm still waiting. They can't keep up with the business!

tevyn howard

My car always looks great after I leave. We got a family plan because we use it all the time. Definitely worth the money.

optimum utilites

Carlos was very helpful with addressing a scuff Mark I had on my car. Instead of trying to upsell me for a wax detail, he took care of just the scuffed area. My experience here has been great, the best in and out left my car looking great. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in the area.

Tiffany Ash

The car wash was fine and reasonably priced. One of the employees, however, was rude and condescending. We paid for the outside only wash, weren't given any instructions by the employee who took our money, and then we pulled up to the wash area. There was no employee there and no directions telling us what to do besides put the car in neutral, foot off brake, etc. So that's what we did. We waited a little bit and nothing happened, so we inched forward and tried again. Still nothing. Two minutes later, an employee comes out and, obviously annoyed, gets onto us for pulling up. He then rolled his eyes at us and followed it up with a smile (little late, dude). I think this particular employee needs a change in attitude, better customer service training, or both. Even if a customer is in the wrong, they deserve to be treated with respect. We won't be back.

Dixie Barahona

I used to love getting my car washed here... but the last few times.. they haven't done a thorough cleaning... I always find something that still dirty, and when I tell them, I feel like I'm inconveniencing them.. even when you pay $50 for the detailing and "best cleaning" package. Also I wish they had a list of things that they can't clean or get out.. like sand... I can't believe their vacuum can't get sand out of the carpets.. I went to a gas station vacuum and got all the sand out in 5 minutes. I wish I could add a picture.

Rey Canton

They do a pretty good job but just like any other car wash when they are busy they will rush. I try to go when they are not as busy but sometimes it doesn’t work because sometimes they are always busy. Decent prices and the staff is always friendly......

Michelle Berger

I used to like going here but over time, the lack of 'attention to detail' just got worse and when I brought it to the attention of the manager (employee 1270), he wanted to argue about whether or not it is okay to pay $27.99 and still have dog hair left in the back of the vehicle. To be accurate, I pay for the 'best inside and out' which does not include a deep vacuuming of hair but only topical hair so I understand exactly what it is I pay for. This is not the first time the manager and I had a discussion about the same thing. I always have to remind the attendants to please vacuum the back and still I leave with dog hair in the back. I often times just leave without saying anything but today I said something and it was a big mistake. I was met with disrespect and anger. I have been a loyal customer to this establishment since they opened and being treated like I was today was unacceptable. I will not visit this establishment again. The customer service can't get any worse and you don't get what you pay for.

Juan Bassett

Average at best. Wheel cleaning is sub par.

Jose Rector

All in all you get a good wash for the money, most of the reviews speak to this and the few unsatisfied ones are going to happen. You can't please everyone and some people are to damn picky. If you have a problem see the manger, or wash and clean your own car for 3 to 5 hours or build your own car wash. The most notable item is, I had a $ 20.00 bill fall out of my pants pocket and did not realize it, after getting in my truck. It was in the cupholder. I will repay the staff this summer with a cooler full of water and gatorade. They deserve it.

Oksana Bolanos

Be careful! Some clarifications: the Bronze basic package includes express vacuum cleaning, which means PARTIAL. Nobody is going to reach any corners ( see the pictures). It’s PARTIAL cleaning of your car interior, nobody even wipes the door. So, for $26!! (SUV) you have your outside and lightly touched inside service. 15 minutes long. The communication with the stuff is good though. One star to each guy I was talking to.

Craig Wallace

Friendly staff. They have full serve and self. The place was clean, bathroom too. Complementary coffee. First class service!

Ivan Turgenev

Generally great work, sometimes bed to do another cleaning pass but otherwise fine service.


Really nice place to take my car get a nice interior super cleaning

Jessica Osborne

They did kind of okay at cleaning but their car wash ripped my side mirror off my car and they did NOTHING about it! I Love my Car Wash? More like I HATE my Newly Broken Car. I will not be coming back. You can take your cheap prices and shove them where the sun won’t shine

Steve Oneill

Plastic rotating brushes scratch car(s) and steer clear of detailing service(s). Exterior (only) is quick, exterior and interior is 1.5-2 hrs to complete.

Tucker Mostrom

They have a new "Express Detailing" that involves steam learning the interior Crud & stains that I thought had become part of my work-vehicle's character were reduced or disappeared outright

Michelle Hoes

Excellent service

Henry Bockman

They did a terrible interior detail on my sons car and took 6 hours to do it

Alisha Worth

I'm so glad I discovered this place! I got the Super Clean for my car, which covers both the exterior and interior. The car is first run through the normal tunnel you'd think of with car washes, which does a good job, but the magic happens when your car gets to the bay with the employees. They meticulously vacuumed, steamed, and wiped down all surfaces on the interior. They shined the outside of the car. It was like getting a detail for my car at a fraction of the cost of a detail. I'm definitely planning on returning.

Helen M. Cuque

Good service, interior cleaning was not what I expected. Exceeded my expectations. Not like any other car wash/interior service I’ve ever gotten. It’s no wonder my husband has the monthly package.

J. Beckwith

I got the $45 car wash.. needless to say they must have used the same water from 12 cars ahead of me and they must have had dogs because that's exactly what my car smelled like after. And they scratched the paint on my car. DONT DO IT. NOT WORTH A PENNY

Zach Shapiro

They got my car spotless...that was tough feat

Sonia Thiady

I paid $34 for interior and exterior wash. But all the interior doors & seats were left untouched. I had to wait for 5 more minutes to have someone come and clean it. I had to show the person every spot that was unclean. The person was very reluctant to clean it first until I said him I am going to talk to the owner. Still he was in a rush to clean it in order to attend other cars. I am not coming back.

Sunny Gogna

Absolutely awesome carwash place for reasonable price.

Michael Wood

Service has really gone down. I spent $45 on a wash an cleaning to day and still had to address spots on my car. Other than a basic wash, not worth the money or time.

Phoenixx Lotus

I was skeptical because of some of the negative comments but I went for it. I paid top dollar for The Works and they delivered exactly what it said--cup holders steam cleaned along with doors, etc. If they do this everytime, they will have a faithful customer!

Jonathan Denson

Overpriced and do not clean the interior of the car. And when you bring it to their attention, they look at you disgusted and start complaining. Go somewhere rather than this car wash location to get better service.

Carlest Family

They really take great care of your car.

Charles Stukes

I have to keep it real i been coming here for some time and things have change. my car is never wipe down and the hand amoral is not being applied. I have complained to the manager and today i did as well. It was only 2 workers in lane compared 6 in lane 2. Which they could have come over to lane 1 and help. Bottom line thank but no thank I will not be coming back again because of the level of service. So all who come just don't sit down when your vehicle come here see how long they will let it sit in lane 1 before it is actually attended to.

Jamie Tang Chang

I've driven by this car wash numerous times but never gone in. I don't get many car washes but car definitely needed it so in we went. I brought my 2 boys with me so they could experience it too, and they were excited. Being my first time, I had to no idea where to go and it's not really clearly marked. I pulled up and the man didn't tell me whether to exit the vehicle or stay in. Then after a few minutes he finally indicated that I should stay put. After I pulled through the machine wash, there was interior cleaning so we had to leave the vehicle. Again, they didn't tell me what to do so I pulled into the bay. Then they told me that I shouldn't do that, especially with kids since there are tools, etc out there. Well, they should have told me before I got out, or had signs to let me know! We went into their waiting room which is spacious but the chairs need to either be cleaned or replaced. We were able to watch our car get cleaned and dried, then left. Overall a good experience, and I would return since pricing is reasonable and location convenient. Now that I know when to stay in the car and when to get out, that will be helpful!

Richard Shaw

Loved it, compared to other car washes in the DC area. If they were in Chicago, where I live, they'd get 3/5, because they use an automatic machine to actually wash the car. Then they dry and wax car by hand, cleaning inside as well. In Chicago, I get a totally hand-washed and waxed car by a team of guys, who clean car inside and out, and even cleaning the trunk is included, for half the price. And they do it year-round, even in zero degrees temp, which DC isn't used to. These guys are great. Probably as good as it gets in DC for the price.

Milton Weeks

Professional service. All went well except for ceiling leak in customer waiting room. But the coffee while waiting was ok.

Karlina Solis

I have to say that this time they did a great kid . They are very friendly and they did everything I asked for. But I didn’t get the discounted price . Great job though guys . Muchas gracias a todos los chicos y chicas q trabajen aquí

mr Butler

Best carwash around they do a great job

Joshue Izquierdo

I had a very unpleasant experience at Love My Car Carwash. The staff was not very friendly and some items on my trunk went missing. I went back to reported and they return the stuff they took from me. Over all the customers service they provided me was poor. For all of you who are thinking on going there please make sure all your belongings are in the car before heading out. I will not take my car there again.

Paul Gross, II.

A lil pricey but love the service and car care.

Emily Jacqlyn

Love it! They do such a great job!!

Theresa Shaver

Wonderful care of my car by Kevin and Ast. Manager! Thank you.

Carmita T.

I wish I could say, "I love my car wash." However, I came in or a gold package and was persuaded to get the package that does the waxing and steam cleaning along with seat cleaning. After 2 1/2 hr. wait, what I got was a regular dash in wash! Dust is still in the grooves, seat looks the same with polish smeared on top; and now, I can't see out my windows when the sun shines because the rags they used smeared my windows like a tint job! I feel like I waisted my money and time!....I hate my car wash!

Mark Ross-Medina

Don’t bring anything you wouldn’t want getting stolen from the inside your car.

Christopher Templin

Came south with a car covered in Northeast salt and sand. They took the time to really wash it down. Great job!

Dionne Redman

Workers always nice and helpful.

Curtis Browne

Phenomenal car wash ESPECIALLY when they are not packed and busy. The guy who controls the actual car wash literally scrubbed the front of my car because there were bugs on it and knew the car wash may not catch the front as well as the rest of the car. I suggest you get a monthly package seeing as its pays for itself.

taylor laPerle

Awesome place! They did such a great job on my car. Would recommend to ANYONE

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