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REVIEWS OF Flagship Carwash Center IN Maryland

Sharice M

I did a Full Service Detailing here and it was excellent. I have a 14 yr old car, and it looked like it was old and crusty, but it came out looking brand new. Ultimate wash +Express Super interior cleaning + Express carpet. I didnt have to wait all day, I'm super happy with my services, I think Carlos was the main guy who detailed it. Thank u guys.

Katherine H

They did a great job at a reasonable price. I don’t know what it’s like when it’s busy, but it took less than 10 minutes with two cars ahead of me.

Wendy Schultz

Fantastic! My car was immaculate after I got it detailed here. Everyone was kind and helpful. My car was a terrible mess when I brought it in and it was like new when I brought it home. Best detailing I’ve ever had! Richard the manager went out of his way to make sure everything went right. If you want your car to look dazzling clean get it done here!

Organ jones

Free vacuum awesome thank you very much what a brilliant idea.

Nathan M

On 3/5/18 I stopped by Flagship to have my car washed and windows cleaned, They did a wonderful job and got me in and out quickly. I had the chance of meeting the manager Richard, who is a very friendly and honest guy. I have been coming to this location for many years and they do a wonderful job!


What is the point of paying for the ultimate car wash when they don’t even bother actually vacuuming the entire car well or wiping down the console or cup holders? Upon complaining about the terrible job I was essentially told there was nothing they could do about it but I could go re-vacuum my car myself. Needless to say, I will not be returning to this car wash.

Richard Boly

Love the free vacuum cleaners. No waiting for the car wash. Friendly service.

Luis Alvarado

Self- service is great ! The only downer is you as a customer are obliged to bring your own towels for efficient drying. Nonetheless, the shop store does offer towels and polish wax for a reasonable price.

Charles N

I have used this place for years and if there every was a problem they took care of it and made me feel like a valued customer. A reviewer mentioned about them having a Better Business Bureau F rating. Well they are not accredited with the BBB and would thus so get an automatic F as they don't want to shill to the BBB scam to pay for a good rating. I have always been friendly and polite to the management and staff and it has been returned to me in kind. The do it yourself wash bays need repairs but the automated wash is pretty great.

Ben Bailer

Good car wash, pretty reliable. They do full service here, but be sure to ASK for RainX if you want it (I forgot to ask). Nice interior clean for your money as well.

Fernanda Mouco

Good. .price okay

Daniel Sadan

I was worried because of all the bad reviews, but my brother told me they do a good job. So, I booked a their bumper-to-bumper service, and the car came out spotless! Would have been nice if they had followed up with me to let me know the car is ready, but all in all, these guys are terrific! Highly recommend.

Uuganbayar Dashdondog

I like this location over the gaithers urg flagship as this one offers free vacuuming. The employees are nice too.

Shannon Long

Made my car look brand new and at a fair price!! Will come back!


This carwash needs to take a page from Crew Carwash in Indianapolis and allow the customer to sit in the car while the car goes through the car wash! None of the employees speak english. The vaccums used to be free and now they are not free anymore. Not coming back

David Martella

Love to detail my car myself but in between Ive been going to this car wash for 16 years. Only one problem with a stock antenna that broke off and manager replaced it in minutes. Always updating their equipment. Just follow the directions. Save $ with the coupon books. Take out valuables.and small stuff you dont want in the vacuum. And remember, its a car wash. Not the Ritz Carlton.

Bob Dunmyer

Want to love this place because I bought a multi-pack that's probably good for a year. They just do an okay job. I hate washing my own car so I have to suck it up. The competition in the area isn't any better. Maybe because they have a monopoly in MoCo


I wish they have the option of minus five starts it was horrible i paid for the ultimate they finish in 2 minutes and the car was the same way i paid for nothing the worse car wash ever first time and never coming back i lost my $$$

John Brown

Great place

Sylvia Alfaro

Who doesn't like a clean car? I just wish I didn't have to go back in line again so they can actually vacuum my car well

Trevor Harper

Decent price, do it yourself carwash. They also have detailing services if your feeling lazy

Joe Schepis

Express wash is $10 and they provide free access to industrial vacuums for self service. Several guys spray/clean the inside windows and towel dry the excess water from the outside. A good deal.

William Strickler

They do a good job for the price. Buy the prepaid books - makes for a good price. Free vacuums are a REALLY nice touch. No reason for the inside of your vehicle to resemble a trash heap. You WILL feel better about your vehicle and yourself!

Dan Forero

Always select the ultimate car wash and car feels spanking new every time. Highly recommend. Be sure to tip!

Ryan Whiteis

I only ever use the self-serve car wash but it's great and cheap. Never had to wait in line. Always a bay open. Free vacuums 24/7 as well is a big plus. Easy to get to and great location.

Sharon Comstock

My most recent visit they were not even busy, but after they were finished wiping down my car, I had to ask them to go back and wipe down soapy areas they had missed. I have never been 100% pleased with an "ultimate" wash at this establishment.

Marvin Gonzalez

Always come here! Free vacums! You can't beat that. Suggest buying ten dollars in tokens to get some free for washing! Save em for next time just dont lose them .

Rachel Bonas

Love the free vacuum

Victor Almeida

Their bays are usually in good condition but sometimes the buttons dont match up and the stop time doesn't work. I dislike the automatic wash because it has scratched two cars of mine. I dont use it anymore. Just the bays.

Allan Freedman

The do a good job. A bit pricey but my car is clean inside and out.

Orling Guardado

I love

Renard Payne

Generally do a good job on the car. Buy the ticket book for the best value.

Elmer Mendoza

Wash your own car this people dont know how!!

Tianzhi Jin

Closed during alleged open hours except selfserve

Dinorah Cader

Fast and good service

Anthoni LA Edwards

Very good business, very clean and organized with a variety of options for the Up keep of your company/ personal vehicles.

Yemi Alemu

If you buy the booklet make sure to always get the EXPRESS ULTIMATE WASH b/c the regular ultimate wash is pointless. They don't clean the interior part of your car so it's waste of money to purchase the regular ultimate wash. I always end up with filthy car (interior) b/c they don't touch anything on the inside. You literally have to ask them to wash the rug to pass it through water. I mean come on you charge more so the interior portion of the car is cleaned but they don't do anything with it. One time the guy blamed it on the cold weather the other time another guy blamed it on the long line. My thing is if I had to pay extra to get the interior cleaned I want the service that I paid for. Don't waste your time thinking they will clean the interior portion. I will always get the EXPRESS wash after I finished that regular ultimate wash booklet! Regular Ultimate Wash - Supposed to clean interior & exterior. They always only clean the exterior but spray something inside to make it look like they touched it but you will end up with all the dirt you left inside. The cup holders as well as the rug and everything else is filthy. This is not worth your time or money. Express Ultimate Wash - This is the best b/c you pay for the exterior portion of your car only and the machine does a great job.

A. Thomas Grunley

I have always thought very highly of the Flagship Carwash Center brand, however, I was very dissatisfied with the service I received during my last visit there. They did a very poor job vacuuming the interior - so much so that the car interior did not really look any different $20 and an hour prior to getting it “washed”.

Christina Lombre

I’ve been to this car wash twice and I’ve recently moved into the area and literally my second time I washed it was 2 weeks ago and my car still looks clean and shiny with the basic wash. Definitely recommend this location. I will be a regular soon!

Dr. Mizo Taha

Good service. Wash was not bad. Vaccum is free.

Anthony Price Jr

Good if you don't go on a crowded day. 0 attention to detail when they are busy.


Great service. Really does a great job at cleaning your car. The staff is very professional and caring. Definitely should buy a book of car washes, it saves you money.

Daniel Stanko

Standard outside wash, no attention to detail inside even if you pay for it. First and last time here.

BK Simendic

Today I had the best car wash experience ever When I was about to take the car after express washing one of the employees approached me and said “sir if you don’t mind please wait another 15 minutes we have to rewash your car”. I was truly amazed that somebody is paying attention to the details and that this company has employees with integrity. Great job

Glenys santana

I paid $24.95 for a Ultimate wash and they really did nothing. I found trash and dust everywhere. It will be better if I did a self washed.

Amos Kedem

general impression

Maggie Taylor

DO NOT GO HERE. First off, the people were very rude and short. When my car came out of the wash it was missing a hub cap and someone had snagged a part of the carpeting which left a tear (very expensive to fix). I called twice and no manager was available and they took my information and said someone would get back to me and as you may have guessed, no one ever called me. Finally, I got a hold of a manager and he said I could bring the car on that day at 6 and someone would look at it. I did as asked and the manager was not there and a man at the desk said to come back tomorrow. After much hassle and frustration finally, Richard was there and looked at it and condescendingly told me they didn't do it (even though he was not there during the wash) and then told me to take the car to my dealership. a $23 car wash turned into a week of frustrating phone calls and encounters and ended in a $1,000 expense. On top of all that I never had a single nice or customer service orientated person help me at any point. So I repeat, DO NOT GO HERE or take pictures of your vehicle before it goes through the wash so you have proof.

James Badou

Got my car detailed here, they left stains that weren't originally there with their "shampoo" and said the stains were caused by liquid inside my seats

Mike Jones

ATTENTION!!!! Do not take your car to this location. I have a new range rover with 22inch rims. I paid 23.95 for the ultimate service, as i watched the guy pull my car out of the wash for (3 people) to wipe my car down not 1 person cleaned or attempted to wipe my rims, put tire shine on while my rims were dirty. I asked the guy for a rag. I sat there for 5min wiping my rims down myself while they sat there and watched me before going back inside to make a complaint. The manager jose told me that they were supposed to clean my rims and told me why didn't i tell them. My response was why should i tell someone how to do their job if i dont work here. I asked for some money back for my wheels not being cleaned and he told me he couldn't give me my money back even though they didn't do their job. SIDE NOTE: If you have a vehicle that doesn't have rims they dont wipe them down. If you have rims they are supposed to wipe them according to what the manager told me.

Amine Zerrouki

Good location and good service. The ultimate wash with RainX is a great value and I never had to wait more than 20 minutes, even when they are busy. Obviously if you need a better finished product, they offer a variety of detailing, waxing and inside cleaning packages which are fairly priced. I drive with Uber, so my car needs to stay clean, and I chose to give my business to Flagship Rockville and so far I am happy with them. Shout out to the manager Richard who clearly knows what he does!

Anthony Terlizzi

Full service wash. Reasonable price

theresa hiatt

I've been going to this establishment for quite some time about 7 months and each time I go my experience gets worse. Nobody speaks English and up until today I was able to stay in my car with my children because that's more convenient for me. but today I got in an altercation with somebody who spoke English demanding that I get out of my car and when I refused continued to argue with me that that has always been the policy even though it clearly has not or else why would I have continued to come? I will never return again.

Lowell Soffer

Been going here for 20 years and usually works out fine. My wife had a little problem last week and Richard, the manager, was very helpful and quickly helped to get it resolved. I was very impressed with their responsiveness.

William Barnes

Poor quality of work and even worse customer service from supervisor. Thry only wiped down the dashboard and refused to wipe down the doors and leather seats for the Ultimate Wash. I will never go to this business again and would recommend them to ANYONE!

Lisa Washington

Pretty expensive already and they wanted to charge me more to wash the inside mats!

edgar Y

Easy to wash your own vehicle and free vacuums.

ujjwal thakur

I paid $25 for the ultimate wash and they were supposed to wipe down the interior as well. They spend just a minute vacuuming and less than a minute wiping down the interiors. You can still see dirt on dashboard and cup holders. I think they just fool people by claiming interior cleaning. Automated portion of the car wash was good. I wanted to give 2.5 stars but that doesn't seem like an option.

Chun Yu

Been going there since the early 90s. Staffs are always friendly. Does a good car wash and their detail shop is very good as well.

Jeng Mao

I have been a customer of Flagship for over 15 years. It was always great service. Once when there was damage to my car they fixed it. However, yesterday there was a mishap at the end of the wash bay where an SUV ahead of my car started to back up and bumped into my car. Both my wife and I saw it. When we talked to the manager he insisted that the cars never touched. He said we can go look at the video but never did. He even told the driver of the SUV that the vehicles never touched. It was insulting. I have a few more coupons to use up, after that I am taking my money elsewhere. I don’t need to be treated like a liar and feel insulted. Money over customer satisfaction. Be careful with them.

Eli Horn

Free vacuums man what more do I have to say

S Burks

Clean and user friendly

Melissa Bedoya

The WORST carwash ever!!! I choose to go to this place today because I needed to clean my car ASAP, I always go to Montgomery hills carwash but today I was near this flagship place, the point is, I don't even understand how come they clean the outside but the inside is still the same! If I wanted just to clean my car only the outside part, I wouldn't pay for it! I would do it myself! Please! Save your money skip this place. The best part is, I pay the highest service and I received the poorest service.

Chad Ferguson

A favorite spot on my lunch break to wash my car by hand. Love they have separate brush for wheels! Free vacuums too!

Chelsea Grubb

Fast, good price, my car was spotless inside and out and smelled great! Super nice staff.

Aleksandra Banasik

Much better than the one by Twinbrook pkwy. They have free express vacuum stations! Definitely my go-to from now on

Xiaotong Li

I have owned many cars and I always take then to this location for sled service. Be aware of rush hour on weekend, otherwise it is usually no waiting. Some people do take long time washing their cars and I had to wait 40min+ on weekend. The full service is so so, this is a nice car wash but not the place for you to take your expensive cars and expect for a professional detailing. This is just a car wash

Kat Gale

I've loved this place for years. My last wash was subpar. Really hoping this is not a trend.

Linh Nguyen

This place is generally pretty good. If it's crowded, they do less of a good job in the drying department. But you to be sure you want to wait, if you commit, there's no quick way to back out if anyone follows you.

Make The Trap Say

Love this place. The deals are too sweet; less than $20 bucks for a carwash and wipe down, inside and out, tires and all. They keep my car CLEAN.

Daniel Abraha

Free vacuum!!! Love to wash my car there

Burt Irvine

They do a great job.

Eme Martin

Richard and his team are wonderful! Always pleasant and professional customer service. And when they make an error (rare), they always make it better.

Doron Vendor

Have only used this Flagship Carwash for the drive-through automatic car wash, and giving it four stars because even though it's pretty expensive, it's super convenient and as someone who rarely has time to get her car washed, I appreciate being able to drive up, pay for whatever level I want, and stay in the car while a fairly thorough washing is performed on my vehicle.

Ivan Arsic

I coming there at least 3 times per week for ultimate cleaning and never is 100% ok,compare to they dc carwash,for example, but today is definitely last time going there. This si a shame.

Ms. Payton

Vacuum is FREE at this location, I prefer the Self Service but sometimes I get the express service for $9.00.

Sierra Carter

This isn’t somewhere I plan to take my car again. I understand completely when it’s busy to try to get the work done quickly but I have dog hair everywhere in the car still, they never lifted my mats to clean under them, and the wipe down in the car is mediocre.I also understand dog hair isn’t the easiest thing in the world to get out of the car but when i proceeded to ask if I could just vacuum out my own car it was apperently an outrageous question to be asked. I was then told I had to pay ANOTHER 70$ to get a different wash/vacuum then I ordered. I’m let down at how friendly I was to everyone there and I waited extremely patiently only to have to give negative feedback. The staff was friendly enough but the work here isn’t worth your money I would go somewhere else that places value on the money you provide them.

A.Suderin Ersoy

Today I got a full service first time there, I’m not satisfied! Poor vacuuming even some tissues were still between the passenger and driver seat! I cleaned up some parts after car came out! I have to clean mats again! I will not purchase full service here again!

A. R.

Great services. Really appreciate the services they offer. Free vacuums, an option for a full service touch wash, or simply a wash that you can do yourself. The most expensive full service wash with a quick interior wipe down is like $22 or $23 before the $2 coupon you get with each visit. Wish they just did a slightly better job with the detailing wipe down for the inside of the car but for a quick wash, well worth the price.

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