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REVIEWS OF Chesapeake Car Wash IN Maryland

Christiana Cortina

The best Car Wash in Annapolis!!! My family and I don't take our cars anywhere else. The staff is wonderful and always so helpful. Great customer service! One time I lost my credit card but it happened to be under my seat and they placed it in the cup holder. Highly recommend going to Chesapeake Car Wash!!

Michelle Lane

WOW! Best Car Wash in the Annapolis area. I have been trying to find a new car wash for a little while now. I came here and received terrific customer service. I would highly recommend going here. My boyfriend and I are on the Monthly Membership and it is such a great deal! We get to come as many times as we want for $50. You get the best wash inside and out--can't beat that. And you can't beat the friendliness of management and staff.

Brenna Valle

Love this car wash!! They always make sure my car is to my satisfaction. The staff is always so friendly. I recommend this car wash to everyone!!!

Jennifer Johnson

They did an amazing job washing and cleaning out my car. I have my dog in my car a lot, so I accumulate a lot of hair , and they were able to get rid of it all. I would definitely come back!

M Evans

Great job and friendly too!

la piedra pisque

Good looking car wash but no that good service. I have VIP membership AND I WAS BERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE SERVICE I GET LAST 2 TIME. THEY LIEVE MY CAR RELY DIRTY They even clean the bird drops. they need get better

Richard Dombrowski

F that place. Part of the mirror came off and they blamed me.

Paul Acito

It's a very nice place and do a great job on the car.

Christopher Kroh

Couldn't have been happier with how efficiently and throughly my truck was washed.

Mary Kokosko

I've been wanting to try this car wash out for awhile. I finally made it over there today. I chose the "silver" option which was an interior clean plus my wheels done with the exterior for $24. It was steadily busy, but I was still in and out in 20 minutes. The staff was very friendly from the start, greeting me as I pulled in, while checking out, and conversing with me as they escorted me back to my car. They do have a monthly wash program but no one mentioned/pressured me about it--a pleasant change from other places!! The staff was working hard in the heat and doing a good job to keep everyone moving. I tipped them $5 -- they definitely deserved it! The facility itself was very nice, pristinely kept and welcoming but business-like. They did a good job--not great--but good job cleaning my interior. There could definitely be improvement in this area. I will say that my exterior was spotless. I'll definitely go back here. The location of this car wash is convenient to get to and they did a better job than other washes in Annapolis. Give them a try!

Alena Kuh

Very good and quick car wash. The employees there are always pleasant! I like the express interior vacuum service!

Eugene Melech

I payed up for the wash. The person that preps your car before you enter the tunnel, at times doesn't spray the bug remover. Side mirrors get folded inwards. You come out the tunnel and they're folded outwards.

Mark Fitzpatrick

Chesapeake Car Wash has an express interior cleaning service that is perfect when you just want the inside cleaned and vacuumed. Family run business that seems to take pride in what they are doing. They always clean my car quickly and do a great job.

Wes Bedsworth

Best car wash in Annapolis!

ronald wesley

Great work prices were high totally forgot my wheels

Baldwin Huie

Totally satisfied with the service provided by the management and staff.

Golfer Guy

Paid $18, they vacuumed and ran it thru the wash and jet dry and then hand dried any excess water.......very pleased......will be back.

Brian Shannon

I have a very large truck and they were quick to bring a tape measure out and make sure I’d fit. Very cool and that’s just for starters. Then the owner walked alongside my truck to let all the guys know we had measured it and through the tunnel ready to hit pause if needed. Then he and his daughter helped dry the outside. Great family run business.

Ray Wingo

A little pricey for a car wash, but they do a good job...

Vince Buscaglia

There are about 30 or 40 cars in line and it still took only 30 minutes to complete the entire process! Highly recommended

Andrew Pavlick

Do not use Chesapeake car wash, I came in to get a wash and detail and left with a cracked windshield. When I left the vehicle to have the interior cleaned there was not a crack in the windshield after going through the tunnel and them drying the car I have a nice 12 inch crack dead center of my drivers side. The 16 year old managing this operation showed me a grainy cell phone picture taken from their security camera showing my car just before going in the tunnel but after I had left the car in their possession as proof of the crack already existing. (Again it wasn't there when I got out of the car). They refused to fix my windshield, as well as refused to give me my money back. Not only will I never use Chesapeake car was ever again I will make sure that every single friend and family member knows to never use their services.


A clean car and a smile. My goodness, the staff is so pleasant. We get our truck done there at least once a week and it’s always been a wonderful experience. Nice tidy waiting area with a variety of arts and crafts for sale.

karen king

Love the staff, always take great care of my car.

Richard Tow

This place is car had been sitting under a tree near a construction site for two months and was absolutely filthy. I took it to Chesapeake and they detailed it completely for thirty-some dollars. Thanks

Gregory Hinkleman

Very good car wash Place was very clear, organized and well staffed. The car line moves quickly and signage is easy to understand. The gold wash is 30.00 bucks which seemed to be in line with the other car wash locations in the area. Inside had a little bit of everything for your car along with sodas and gift cards. Plenty of room to sit inside and a nice seating area outside.

James Triebwasser

They don't clean all of your wheels. Just the tires and wheel spoke surfaces. The remainder of the rims stay dirty.

susan humphryes

Very nice place and the people were friendly, but the quality wasn't up to par with what I paid. Worth a second visit though to see if it improves.

Candace Tucker

Pleased with the service. Car wash machine seemed gentle on the cars. Staff had excellent attention to detail in cleaning car. Price was average.

Shane Galloway

Awesome car wash!!! Friendly and helpful staff. I had something on the hood of my car that I couldn’t get off. I asked one of the guys what I should do and they took care of it for me! So impressed. I will definitely be back!

Ken Chisholm

Nice car wash.

Craig Schamburg

I first had an issue with this place in that I would run my car through and my front end wasn't even touched, kind of like another reviewer stated. Got past that and signed up for the monthly exterior subscription. I ha=d two windshield tags put on my car and neither one of them worked. One is still in my car so I guess I have to remove it. I go in and complain and the owner gives me a card to use and now that doesn't work. I went in and cancelled my subscription and leave. As I was getting in my car, the owner pops out of the door so I stop getting in my car. He quickly went back in which tells me my business does not really matter. His equipment is horrible, three different means and none of them work. Three strikes your out. I'll take my money where I'll feel appreciated. If you read the owners responses to negative reviews, he just gives you lip service. There are plenty of other washed for us to use, so use them. OK, Tom give me some lip service I want to hear how you defend your failures.

Logan Holmes

If I could take away stars I would. Absolutely terrible customer service. Their machine broke my side mirror. After a week of of waiting for them to take care of the issue like the high school manager said he would. And they said they can't prove my mirror wasn't messed up some how before. If you enjoy your car take it somewhere else. This place doesn't car about your service or cars. The owner would speak to me and told his high school manager to take care of it. This place needs new ownership or go out of business. Their is other great car washes around.

Cari Wright

Good job! A little slow service but it was a busy day. Price is high compared to place I regularly go to, $3 more for same thing.

Rick & Lisa Dye

If you don’t mind paying $30 for a decent vacuum and a pathetic wash, then this place is for you. They do nothing other than vacuum and send your car through their automated washer. They watched and talked about me in Spanish while I wiped down my own car. Total ripoff!! Don’t waste your money!!

Elaine Keenan

I spent a lot of time there and money the problem was I could not get change for a $20 so I couldn’t finish.I was not happy about that

Walter Johnson

Good, solid car wash. Cleaned inside and out. It wasn't busy when we went, so we were in and out in about 15 minutes. Folks are friendly. Price isn't as low as some, but still competitive. We'll go back.

Sally McMillan

They did a decent, but not wonderful job on the exterior but a sloppy job on the interior. They left a lot of moisture in my cup holder and area upfront. It also doesn’t appear that they wiped off my screens or the perimeter of my windows.

Joe M

when you first pull up, the SALESMAN, comes up to your window and tries to sell you on a $45 car wash. When you say you don't want that, he goes down to $ signage and they don't even have a price list. If you want a great car wash without a SALESMAN trying to overcharge, go to Annapolis Car Wash on Crownsville Road.

Stewart Johnson

Have only used once, but they did a good job

Glenn Fueston

The wash has seemed to slip a bit this summer. Doesn't seem to be the normal crew cleaning the interior.

Bongo Bongo

Best car wash around. Very fast service and people always meet you at your window to help. I use the basic service...not going to spend $30 like someone commented earlier. I prefer to wash cars myself for $0, but I have happily gone here in the winter when I don’t wash it myself.

Erraina Cox

Poor job was done on my car...soap was streaking across my car and the windows and mirrors were smeared...I will not go back it wasn't worth the money I paid! The crew that usually did my car never did such a bad job!!

Dawn Landen

Very friendly staff, great processing system to get customers through as quick as possible. Love the waiting area inside and out, very cool to have glass wall so you can see the cars being washed. It took about 30 min on a Saturday for my car to get cleaned inside and out. They did a really great job and all I had to do was drive there and enjoy some sunshine while waiting.

Anthony Harrison

Super friendly people

Martin Carrier

Quick and easy. Great service. Hand and dry. I gave 2 guys each 5 for a job well done. The wash was only 10 bucks. Nice.

John Mellon

Brand new car wash. Good prices. They will wax your car and do a good job. Clean inside and out with a waxing for $60. They have a great waiting area.

John Chino

They have a nice environment while you wait but there is a constant breakdown in communication with what you want done. They do a great job on the outside but when it comes to the inside they ALWAYS miss areas from vacuuming. Every time! I even make it a point to tell the workers and point to the seats and they once again missed it today. I'll give them one more chance before I take my business elsewhere.

Jami Beswick

Received a coupon for free carwash. They also vacuumed and wiped down the interior dashes, excellent job!

Lynda Kroh

Loved my wash today! Great service and my very dirty car came out fabulous! Thank you all for your hard work!

Rae Rizzi

You can tell from the moment you drive up that this business is cared about and VERY well maintained. The employer clearly takes very good care of, not just the property, but his employees as well. They are welcoming, smiling, and do a wonderful job! They genuinely want to take good care of their customers. That doesn't happen if you don't take care of your people. I'm very impressed and we'll definitely not take our vehicles anywhere else!

Rachel Strittmatter

This place is amazing. The staff is wonderful and the facilities are so clean and up to date. You definitely get a great deal for your dollar. My interior was spotless after having not vacuumed in I can’t remember when. Thank you!

Donya Shakiba

Quick service with gold service

Robert McMullen

For a car wash that u pay $32 dollars for you would think your getting top notch service. But that was not the case, I drive a 2017 f250 I had to dry the truck make them add more tire shine,clean the hood and running boards where the brushes never touch. I could have went to the old car wash for $20.00 bucks for this type of service.

P. DiPietro

Monthly member .... great results everytime. Employees always friendly. Never had a bad experience here. Well worth the monthly membership. Highly recommended!

Jeffrey Dow

They are slow, but do an excellent job.

castroplumber Castrohomeservices

Excellent carwash everyone here extremely friendly

Emily K

Nice car wash!

Ana Reeser

They don’t have enough employees you shouldn’t have to wait over an hour to have your car washed !

Ben Tuck

Don’t waste your money. They did a lousy job vacuuming the car. There were still large visible pieces of dirt on my floor mats after they “vacuumed”. They said that they wiped down the interior, but they did a half-assed job of that as well. They left some sort of residue on my windshield wipers so that then they left a white film on my windshield. Not worth the 17$ groupon and especially not worth the full-price of 30$.

Accord Man92

Absolutely hands down BEST CAR WASH EXPERIENCE!!! I’ve been a member here shortly after they opened the doors and I haven’t looked back. I am very particular about how I want my car to look and these guys hit the nail on the head every single time! I’ve tried other washes another full detail services and no one seems to offer the same level of customer care and vehicle care as Chesapeake Car Wash! The entire staff goes above and beyond to make sure that the clients are happy with the services that they are receiving end to make sure that the vehicles look as best as they can before they leave the premises. This facility is always kept immaculate and the outside waiting area is amazing on a nice summer day. The full range of services for the price point cannot be beaten anywhere in the Annapolis/Anne Arundel County area. I will continue to come here to keep my vehicles clean now and in the future!

Brian Coale

I just want to say I own a detail Shop in Glen Burnie MD and I was in annapolis just wanted to run through and get a wash. In and out great service and even better job. thanks

Tom Ellis

I have been a customer of Chesapeake Car Wash since shortly after they opened. Always excellent service and friendly employees. Today I want to commend a specific employee Sean, one of the managers. On Saturday February 10th he provided service above and beyond. Sean's quick response, positive attitude and professional customer service represents both him personally and your company exceptionally well. Due to my carelessness, I got a flat tire just as I entered your property. I pulled to the side and Sean came over immediately to determine my problem. We saw the flat and I told him I would call AAA. Minutes later, AAA informed me that there would be a two hour wait for service. I decided to change the tire myself and when Sean saw me beginning this he immediately came to my aid and essentially changed the tire for me. Sean's actions were certainly not part of his job description, but were very much appreciated.

Andrew Corn

Excellent job on both visits. Very detail oriented. From management down to the hard workers you can tell the culture is to take your time and do a great job. If you do the express exterior only where you stay in the car it's quite an experience with the way they illuminate the suds.

Julie Ridgeway

Work nearby and just went for first time. Never again. Staff was so rude and not helpful. They left mirrors turned in, antenna off, and tape still on back of car. Car wasn’t even dried when I left.

Carolyn Rose

This place is great! They do a good job cleaning both the inside and outside of your car for a decent price. They are typically staffed well so that the wait isn't too long. The only downside is if it is very busy it can take a while. Luckily this hasn't happened to me often. Even when it is busy, there is a nice waiting room with plenty of seats and a small "gift shop" to give you something to do while you wait.

Kit Man

These guys are top notch.

Tyshe Glitter

Amazing car wash, saw this place in Groupon so I had to check it out, this place had the best car wash service I have seen so far, I will definitely recommend!!

Kevin Johnson

Both visits were excellent! The attendants were professional, the service was quick and the attention to detail was impressive. I'll be back.

Josh Sweat

Excellent attention to detail! I took advantage of the express detail service and was very happy with the results on my new-to-me truck. They obviously are trying very hard to be the BEST carwash in town!

Jamie Foster

I will say that everyone was friendly, professional and the place is clean and comfortable. I was not very impressed with the car wash though. I purchased the Gold Wash, which was $30. I normally wash my own car, however, with the cold temps I had disconnected my hose for winter. My car had some residue on it from the last of the leaves falling so I decided to take it for a wash. When it came out, the majority of the leaf residue was still on my car. I would understand if we were talking about months of my car collecting leaves and dirt and going unwashed, but my car is only 7 months old and I wash it regularly. When I asked someone about it, they said that I would have to do a complete detail to clean it off. I guess it just took me by surprise. I came home with a warm bucket of water and was able to finish cleaning my car. It didn't take much elbow grease to clean it so it makes me wonder what is actually happening in the $30 car wash?

Joel Siegel

The car wash was very sub-par. I needed to just get a simple exterior wash to get the salt and residue from the recent snow and ice events off of my car. When I arrived, all of the agents were standing, huddled in one area. The one who came over to help me at the machine could not get it to work. I finally just put my credit card in and worked through it myself. The car wash itself was pretty standard. Hand dried after. I rolled down my window to hand the agent the tip since the "Tips" jar was very obviously placed and labeled as you approached them, but they did not dry off my window again after I rolled it up. On top of this, the giant black sploch of dirt that was on the front of my car....WAS STILL THERE when I got home. I will not be back. For 18$, I can get a better car wash at other places around the area.

Frank Carioti

Fast and good service

Ed Zierle

They pay exceptional detail to my car. I have not had a bad result in the 4 months I have been taking my car there. They have a monthly "All you can Wash" Plan that is paid for in two visits, GREAT VALUE! Facility is clean, and staff is very friendly. Their waiting area is comfortable and even has local items to browse and for sale while you wait.

Julie Martin

I switched car wash locations hoping for the best but was disappointed. I went for the $30+ package thinking I was gonna get a good car cleaning. They didn’t even touch the passenger side of my car. What a waste of my money. So overall they get 3 stars because what was done was very average.

Collin Kroh

***MUST READ***** This is a great family owned place, father and daughter team. I love supporting them because they are truly a local business. And my car comes out beautiful every time. Even if there is a spot that needs extra attention an attendant is always walking me out to make sure all is well. Highly recommend!!!!!!!!!

Carrie Graham

If 0 stars were possible that's what I'd give! Went through the carwash and it cracked my windshield and they said that there was nothing they could do except refund the cost of the car wash very disappointed

Jeff Hardy

Nice job on cleaning our cars exteriors; a little more attention to wheel grime would be excellent! All workers are polite and respectful.

Matthew Bohle

Had a full service gold car wash on 5/19. It took 45min, most of which was just waiting around, and was not a high quality car wash, particularly the interior cleaning. Maybe a bad day on their end but I am not sure I will go back.

Elizabeth Handy

The best car wash...very thorough.

Jeff King

Wow ,an amazing car wash. Superior to any other car wash I have seen. Super clean inside and out both my car and their business.

Kevin Atkins

I will never return. The machine or pressure broke the TPMS sensor off of my tire. My tire went flat in 5 minutes on my way home. I returned to advise them of the incident. I identified the piece broken which was seen by the owner. He offered a free carwash for the incident. Smh. That tire stem/sensor was $70,00 plus labor vs a free $30.00 carwash.

Zachary Cohen

Okay car wash. They took absolutely forever to clean the car, working very slowly and chatting a lot while working. They also didn't wipe the trunk rim clean which I feel is a fairly basic thing to do. Roughly the same price as other car washes near by which do a significantly better job for the same price.

Jennifer Costello

I have been to a lot of car washes.. This one I absolutely prefer because they take care of you. You can tell it’s a Family Owned Business!

James Catrambone

Car wash doesn’t clean the side of the car. Better off going to the quick wash at the local gas station.

Candee Van Iderstine

Bought a Groupon for 3 Gold washes. Went for my first one and the exterior cleaning was good. I keep a clean car but the rain had left my rubber mats muddy. Finished, the mats were not at all cleaned. Worker said it is an extra $1 for cleaning each mat. With a $30 wash? Are you kidding me? The dash was dusty and the seat has bits of dirt on it that were not there when I brought it in. Two remaining Groupon washes will go to the kids. I won't be back.

Joe Scalone

Have had better car washes for the money. Seemed to miss drying half of my car and didn't clean any of the windows. Will give them one more shot just to see if it was an off day, but if that performance was consistent with their attention to detail, then I will not be back.

Mary Oyem

Good services

KGS Beauty

If you haven’t gotten your car washed here yet, you’re missing out!! I go out of my way to drive to Chesapeake Car Wash! I received an amazing wash and detail while waiting in a beautiful waiting area, and the customer service was beyond outstanding; You almost feel like family!

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