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Douglas Ward


Took my 1996 Jimmy in the auto washer for a quick clean. Splurged a bit and did the $8 wash. When done the blow dryer knocked a small piece of plastic trim off my truck, not a big deal! I got out to pick it up and saw that my entire vehicle was covered in a white film, my hood had big globs of dirt on it. Prior to going to this car wash I only had a couple of cat foot prints on the hood and roof and now it is dirtier than when I went in. Not real happy! Called the phone number and left a message. Will find out tomorrow if I wasted my breath and money. Called the day after and went down to show what had happened and was told that for the auto wash to work your car has to be "prewashed" to get clean. Still not real impressed but they did try to make it right and in the end customer service is sometimes more important than a product that doesn't work like it should


Decent place. On site staff is helpful.

Daniel Doucette

Unmanned, dated equipment, wands did not spin so only washed top of vehicle in straight lines and almost ripped my mirror off.

Clayton Connell

Way good carwash

Russ Wagnr


Tammy Waterman

Danielle Russell

I came to this car wash to get the most expensive one to have my car clean and the undercarriage cleaned. The undercarriage part didn't end up working and we paid for the most expensive one so I e-mailed them to let them know. I got an automatic response saying the would respond and compensate for the wash with an email or text. It's been 2 weeks and still have not heard a thing.. I will not be returning to this car wash. It doesn't run properly all the time and they don't follow their word.

Sam Rinaldi

I purchased the works which includes the bottom blast the bottom blast did not activate when I drove through slowly. When I tried calling the number all I got was a fax machine response.

Maine Transplant x3

The phone number is a fax machine. there is no way to reach these ppl and their car wash has damaged my car! Better Business Bureau will be my next step!

Scott Gillespie

Adam A

Went to the Car Wash, just after 8:00pm. I used my Debit Card. The vehicle was dirty, but not muddy, so I selected "Pre-Wash". I understand that Pre-Wash isn't high pressure, no problem.. But the pump wouldn't keep up with a trickle, so I switched over to the foam spray.. That worked fine, but now I need to rinse everything off... Selected rinse - noting. I mean, nothing. Now I have a vehicle covered in soap, now what? I resorted to Spot Free Rinse, but even that wouldn't keep up.. It would run fine for 30 seconds or so, then stall for 10-15 seconds or so... $20.00 later, and nearly 17 minutes later, I got most of the soap and grime off. The rubber barrel in the want, had a big crack in it, so I don't know how far I'd trust it.

Calley Warren

I used the car wash and my car slid on track damaging my front panel/wheel. I will never go back. I guarantee as I read the review below, I will also never hear from them and will have to pay for the damage out of my pocket.

Kendra Walisa

Seriously first time I've ever been here. I'll never go back. I have hot wax all over the front and back windshield that is smeared everywhere. Yes I followed the very simple directions.

Gregg Langley

Jamie Allen

Left soap all over our truck after paying for the most expensive wash..

Robert Simpson

Used the touch free automatic car was and it did a terrible job, my car wasn't even muddy for eight bucks I would expect it to be clean

Jon R.

A good place to get my car washed quickly

Melissa W

Thomas Farrington

Had a problem with the wash not rinsing my car at all. Attempted to contact them several times with no response.

Kimberley Kenney

Great car wash and there vacuum's are the best


this at one time was a good wash location but has gone downhill only some of the functions work half of the time resulting in a half washed vehicle.will not return

Jason Willett

Hey Bridget you are supposed to keep your rims away from the "Fence" bars that are painted bright yellow. No offense but they exist because people like yourself can't follow directions or a line painted on floor.Thus the bars. Even better wash it yourself. And I would suggest filing a claim to whatever idiot told you that you were special. Obviously fraudulent advertising. Hope you cross paths with common or in this case not so common sense


Already Left a rating and left many pictures... Is amazing that I had come here, used it, reviewed it, took pics, posted it and pics and then saw my post...... NOW, am asked again to post..??? Place is great - Highly Recommend...

Robert Ray

Tim Endner

Justin Eveleth

Best manual carwash in Cheyenne!

Ashley Spude

Dan Perreault

Wash bay on the right is a little tight on the right side as the rack comes inches from your vehicle. Cant go further left as there are guide bars on the floor

holly Washechek

Jim Farber

Does a great job and staff is great.

michelle amato

It's a good self serve brush-less car wash, and reliable for early and late hours.

Elizabeth Kutzer

DO NOT GO HERE!!! I inserted a $20 for a $14 car wash the machine said it didn’t have any change and gave me a receipt to give to a “cashier or clerk” they don’t have anyone EVER working there.... I tried calling there phone number multiple times with no response and I sent an email 6 days ago with no response so far. To top it all off the car was was TERRIBLE, car was still filthy. Do not give your money to them!!!


Chad Rutledge

Fun and clean

Abigail Martin

Charged us $10 for a $6 wash. Unacceptable. Update 1/9/18: the $10 was a pre-auth and fell off. Tried the car wash again. Got the most expensive wash (I think it was $10) and my car came out with the handprints on the trunk still showing. It got hardly any dirt off the back. MAD because this is the closest wash to my house. Now, I will be going to the Exxon car wash.


I love to handwash my car and they keep the bays clean and they are always friendly!! Even giving a few free tokens for their appreciation of you stopping in.

Owen Chismar

The equipment all works great. Coin op car washes are always a lot more expensive than you thought they would be. Don't come here expecting to pay less than if you went through an automated wash. The difference is, you'll do a better job and nothing will get broken.

Michael Harmon

Truck was dirty after best wash. Tried again with auto. It was half clean also

Jason Margeson

Diana Yates

Matthew Forsyth

Dylan Colley

Jason McConnell

Eliot D

David Pendexter

Andres Martinez


Krista Russell

Anna Mullen

I paid for a car wash, Half of The soap didn't go on my car. But it didn't properly rinse it off either. This is a waste of money and time going through the car wash because I had to go somewhere else to get the job properly done. Your equipment does not properly work. You're running a drive-through scam.

Jane Taylor

Recently updated, fast and very efficient.

Pam Ela

This photo was after paying $12 for a double rinse! I paid $12 because the last time I paid $10 (in the left bay) I had some spots on my car. This photo is after the wash in the right bay. I called & got voice mail; I emailed & got an auto response. Still no refund or human correspondence.

Jeffrey Sparks

Barely gets any dirt off your vehicle.

Cody Aery

Gets busy on the weekend!

Bill Cochran

Dana Oliger

Choppz 21

Rico Watchdog

Tried cleaning my seats with the foam brush. Foam brush was broken and didn't work. Tried calling the number on their site which didn't work either. The vacuum was on for 10 minutes which was useless. Never again!!

Eloy Martinez

Cameron Cook

Paid $10 for ultimate wash, it got stuck just straying foam. Not impressed.

Jon Roberts

Carly Hall

I paid for a $6 wash (which is the cheapest) to just get the dirt off my truck, and I just checked my bank statement realizing they charged me $10. Never going back.

Bernadette Parrish

Deanna Comer

The knob to change settings wasn't working right so I had to guess what was what. The little gun that dribbles soap is a joke. The vacuum had low suction and the timer was too short. I left with a dirtier car than I came with. Just threw my money away going here. Can't compete!


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