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102 Elm St, Biddeford, ME 04005

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REVIEWS OF ScrubaDub Car Wash IN Maine

John Levesque

Went in for a interior detail with armorall. Paid $24plus tax, (not to mention I also threw a $10 tip) and this is what I received for my money's worth. Granted my Jeep did have some dirt on the floors, i just returned from camping. I didn't take a look at the Jeep at the shop, just hopped in and left, but what a mistake. I would of spoken up. They actually didn't vacuum the dash good enough and just closed the door, didn't see that until I opened it

Kws Boston

SUCKS! Dont go, Go to the next town and pay a few more bucks. Always have to clean my hood manually after this place. Never going back!

Lindsey Coté

Great car wash!


Terrible experience. Too bad there isnt an option for “0” star. I went for interior plus detailing for $35 and when I got home I see that the seats were all as dirty as I left them. The back of the seats werent even touched, they has light …

Stephen binsack

Best carwash great friendly sevice

Coralee Tulloch

This is the only place I wash my car. On the 11 I went in for a wash that cost $9 and came out with over $2000 worth of scratches on my car.I made a report they took pictures and said somebody would call me . Nobody did so I called .The person I spoke with said they are going to look at cameras to see if I came in with them scratches and get back to me in 10 business days to this date nobody called but am still waiting. People don't just go through anything car wash without inspection when it's all done. You will be amazed at damages done . Get out that car and look okay get out and look I never go back here again not after such experience and success horrible customer service

Brandon Provo

Free vacuums!

Artistgirl Forever

Very difficult to get in. Car wash options are difficult to see unless you're in a line.

George Martin

Love this place!! I purchased one of their unlimited plans and wash my Raptor every day and multiple times per day. No issues and they are very nice even after I run my truck through twice in a row.

Ray Ertha

They suck

Doug D

Awesome Crew !!! Good job guys.....

Joshua Marantz

Very hard to tell what the various price points get you during the actual wash. I think but the same exact thing happens regardless of whether you order the lowest or highest level service.

Pat D

Love thw monthly wash plan. Makes My daily use of the ctsv a little less painful.

Frank merino

Great place to wash you car

Khurram Faizan

Cheap gas. Nice car wash. Free vacuums. What's not to like?


Good value.

Cameron Sipka

always worth checking out. sometimes their gas is cheapest around. not always though.

Allison Bethune

Always nice service. Sweet guys who do the detailing service. And affordable.

Carlz R Pierre

Good people

Matthew Klein

They don't clearly mark when services are offered / not offered. The was was fine although some parts were not as clean as I would have liked.

Kavan Brown

Awesome place t get car wash n vacuum

maryann dinsmore

Free vacuums!

Michel Francisco

Quick and easy get in get out

Raymond Maldonado Denoly

I wash my car there every day for $25 dollars a month

Nadine Hopwood

Love the ease of getting the car vacuumed and washed.

Dylan Mack

Daniel Corcoran Jr.

Free vacs are awesome!

Jacob Marsh

Doesn't wash your car. After doing the deluxe my car clearly was dirty and dusty. Gave a print out for a free vacuum with no instructions on how to redeem. Better and cheaper to do it at home.

Sarah Saint Laurent

Would rath 0 stars if I could! Went in on 7/20, paid over $60 for a full interior detail and exterior wash, and got something but even worth $15. They used filthy rags to wipe down my dash and 2 front doors, rinsed off my weather tech mats, vacuumed the front floors, globbed armor all on the dash and front doors and called it a day. My back doors weren't even wiped as you can see in the picture. I'm really disappointed that I wasted my money here, because I HAD to wipe all my interior surfaces after, so I should have just done it myself in the first place and saved the money. Will never recommend and will not be back.

Jennifer Mann

Great carwash

Tom Hrabchak

Donna Robertson

I have always had black, special paint job cars. I recently got a new one and I love to keep my cars looking immaculate...which led me to ScrubaDub Car Wash. I am at the Salem, NH one sometimes twice per week and am never disappointed! My criteria consists of brushless, a thorough wash top to bottom, spot free, wheels, waxes...pretty much the works! In addition, they supply free vacuuming and supplies to wipe the car after your done! Best car wash I’ve ever used, very happy with this company!

Pallav Gupta

This was my first car wash in RI and it was great. Queue was too long, I had to wait for 30 mins for a car wash. I missed the last timing of interior cleaning due to queue. But good thing was they offer free vacuum and cleaning towels. So me and my wife, cleaned the car little bit from inside on our own instead of coming again and standing in queue next day.

Claudia Cipolla

This is the place to go to get your vehicle cleaned inside and out. The employee's do a fabulous job cleaning the inside.

Tina Conway

Always excellent customer service and high quality wash.

Jackson Lo

I've been here a few times and was never disappointed. The staff there is nice. I usually go for the $24 Ultra wash and their machine usually does a good job of getting most of the dirt off, even the difficult to remove brake dust on the rims. They have a self cleaning station where you can wipe your car/rims clean after you've gone through the wash (free). Their vacuum system is $1.25 for 4 minutes.

Mohamed Adam

Really place to be in......

Billy Raye

Place is filthy and the place needs updating

Eric Ferrara

This place is great! They have the best gas prices in the area and free vacuums and air (for tires). I haven't tried a car wash yet, but I plan to soon.

Ewan Burke


Betty Clarke

Management ways of handling issues sucks. Customer service skills suck. There was an issue with the soap not being rinsed off of several cars including my car. Instead of trying to figure out what the issue was, they continued to take the customer's money and told those that had an issue that they would need to get back in line. So basically, what I took from that is, they will take your money, provide half ass service and then inconvenience even more by having you wait in line to get the same half ass service. Thanks but no thanks. Keep the money I paid, I will go somewhere else with better service. I'll take the loss on this one but I will never spend another dollar there. Eventually they Wil learn the proper way to run a business but not at my expense anymore.

Paul Moreno

Nice guy

Bruce Douglass

The unlimited wash deal is a bargain! No better way to keep winter salt and summer pollen off the vehicles. The bar code sticker makes return visits seamless. FREE vacuums seal the deal. I always get a good car wash here.

Gary Tardiff

George Perry

Love the place go every week. Need new drying system

Robert Grenier

Cadillac Mafia

Paid for ultimate wash + new car got scratched during wash and they told me I had to vacuume it myself and wipe it down myself. When it says it's in the package. Called back to see what the package was and they told me what i expected but it wasnt the service I got. So i paid extra for a regular wash. Never going back again!

Fred Padovan

Great place to keep your car looking great

JD Nelson

This SrcubaDub has to be one of the most dilapidated auto wash centers I have ever seen/visited. The grounds aren't kept well, the drying rags are not very clean and the staff is a total disappointment. the vacuums are new and free but they literally SUCK, I'd rather pay the $1 for a vacuum that works. They also water the soap down so much there is hardly any soap at all. This site is the worst carwash I've ever been to. Actually I would rate this establishment a big red light ZERO. Owner should lose his franchise. This place is tarnishing the entire Scrubafub franchise. SMH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTE TO OWNER, you need to come and look at your shop, it is poorly maintained and DIRTY. you should contact people that had bad experiences and deal with the truth

Shellee Robbins

Good enough; local

Julie LeBlanc

Great people that hustle! Free coffee and WiFi if you get more than a car wash

Bayan Osman

David is rudest person I've ever met, He screams at customers,He ruins my mood ALL the time.

bill mintz

Great wash, good staff, always squeeky clean.

Andrea Lara

Every spot

Sandra Sanchez

Ok place sometimes packed but nice car wash

Reggie Edge

Very prejudice site only will higher spanish people doesn't work as a team

Caleb Valley

My car was still pretty dirty after I left the wash

Jeffrey Anderson

Great car wash. Automated, almost always a line and right behind a Stop and Shop Gas Station. The self service island is always stocked and they have staff on hand for detailing.

S Lamson

Free vacuum!!!


Great service and free vacuuming.

Trevana Moreira

Free vacuums but not as good as other ones. Small vacuum heads that are circular so can't get in hard to reach places. Put $1 +++ in machine for wipes and machine kept taking my money , worker realized and returned with some from inside. Free vacuums but not many as well, about 8 in total and sometime vehicles take up two vacuums leaving you to wait a while. Cashier inside was friendly, variety of snacks and Dr inks too

Andrea Kenney

Does a great job. Fair price. Towels and window cleaner when Done.

Pamela Jones

Every year for the past four years I have a negative experience with a new staff member. On November 11th I went to the Roslindale location on American Legion Highway and some female employee gave me attitude because I wouldn't pull my car forward while she ran inside the office. I explained to her that I want the staff to be available to supervise things and she said "Whatever". I was really surprised because I did not feel as though I said anything offensive. At the same location I witnessed a customer almost blow their tire because they did not align their tire correctly to the conveyor belt. Since witnessing this I demand the staff be more watchful. I have gone to the Dorchester location and have never had any issues with the staff because they were trained properly. I feel like the Roslindale location will hire anyone because it's a body. I will never spend another penny at this location and at this point I probably will not visit any of the others.

Lauren Stevens

My husband I washed our car here after a long period of ice and snow. It was a warm day and we needed to wash the car however, after the wash there was still salt residue on the trunk. We were a little disappointed about that but overall we're glad that the majority of the salt was washed away.

Kevin dlr

Very cheap and very fast way to clean your vehicle 10/10 will go again.

Paul Martel

free vacuums

Amanda Gillet

Don't waste your money. It is fairly cheap, but you still have to do some cleaning on your own after you get it back. Waited an hour (with only 2 cars in front of me) for a quickie interior, where they spent maybe 5 minutes total on my car. After getting it back, the dashboard was still dusty, dog nose prints were still on the window, cupholder still had spilled coffee in it, and sticky juice stain on my (easily-wipeable) seat was all still there and untouched. They vacuumed the rugs fairly well, that's about all I can say. I will have to spend some time finishing up what they missed. Not worth the $10 and 1.5 hours of my time.

Donald Elie

They have good deal . Keep your car clean !!!

Stephen Lew

Clara Jacobs

Nancy Hammond


Tom Renkert

For a fully automated car wash this one is pretty great. They have towels to wipe down your car and lots of vacuums. Only downside is that it tends to be very busy (line can back up to 15 cars and into the street) at peak times. Try to go early or late if you don't have time to wait.

Ashley Estrella

Sean Preston

P. C. Battle

Good stuff

Robert Reeves

Free vacuum's


The best car wash around! These guys are awesome. With free vacuums and extremely fair pricing, there is no way to go wrong. The staff are also very professional.

Office ofMackeddyFils

No free vacuums...

elijah wilkerson

Goos quick service.

evelyn correa

Best vacuum stations!! Now that you are able to use your debit card, it's SUPER easy. Having the hoses on both sides makes it easier to clean your car especially when you have an SUV like me

Kenneth Barbalace

Free vacs and interior cleaning supplies. Entering the car wash its self requires a very tight turn along a concrete retaining wall, which could be tricky for a long vehicle with a poor turning radius.

Leo Harrod

Our start was a little shaky had challenge with using the automated ticketing system the wash itself was excellent very thorough prep and finish car wash the only complaint was not easily accessible to rags and window cleaner

David Guo

John Barstow

Always good service. Monthly plan makes for a great value.

Roger Borduas

Good customer service!

Jennifer Downey

Free vacuums! Need I say more

Rebecca Porter

Great service

P. TJ McGill

wirbin vasquez

Best car wash ever

unreal aim

Fast I was in and out


carlos castillo



Mark Thatcher

Good place to get your car or SUV washed!

marcus bowden

Great car wash all year round

Tony G

Viajero Explorador

Simple comun

Stephanie Cobb

They do a great job

damiyen Cummins

Not going back, paid 12 bucks for them to wash my car and the guys who brush your car did not even scrub the back . Needless to say my car came out dirty still. I have gotten better washes at a brushless car wash. Scrubba a dub dudd!

Xin Wang

I had my car ultimate-interior cleaned last month was happy about the job they did. However, the waiting room was small and smelly, I had to wait at a store nearby. One of the mats was lost.

Chanel Wilkerson

Great for free vacuum but my car got scratched on the hood the last time it was washed here.

Sudhanshu Joshi

Jay S.

Ordered the wash that cleaned my tires but only the tires on the driver's side were touched.

Karl Fisher

A little pricier than most car washes but they do a very good job!

Elsie Yu

Terrible washing job. My car was obviously dirty after still. The entrance way also isn't clear.

Mackeddy Fils

The best of the chain...

Doug Tracia

A dump!

Chris Purple

Very nice service, including free vacuums for visitors, a rewards program offered that lasts the life of your car, and plenty of discounts on washes on their website.

Ian Price

I thought ScrubaDub would be the perfect place to get my car interior cleaned for when I take my friends to the Drive-In movie theater next week. I was wrong. I visited two locations this past week. One in Natick (on the way back from work) and Brookline (close to where I live). Both times the interior service was closed without explanation. The first time, I looked up their services on their website and found a price listing. I saw no indication on their website that their interior service operated at different hours than their exterior service. I went a half an hour out of my way to get there after work and saw that the place was dead. I saw the sign that said the interior service operated at other hours. The rest of the place seemed closed so whatever, I went home. On the weekend, I found a location close to my home and be sure to call ahead to make sure that their interior service was open. I (of course) didn't get connected to a person but to an automated robot who told me to press 1 for their hours. I did and the robot said their interior services were open until 4:30. I got in my car, drove over, and the whole thing was deserted. There was a sign by the self vacuum service unceremoniously announced it was closed but it wasn't clear if this applied for the vacuums or the whole place. I got out of my car and there was a guy who came out. I asked if they were open and he said, "Not really." So yeah, I gave ScrubaDub a try. Twice. And both times I didn't even get a chance to see if they were any good or not.

Anjanette Smith

Millard Norton

I went to the car wash and it is fairly expensive for what you get. The vacuums are terrible. No nozzle on them. Inside the "food Mart" there is no food or coffee. Just snacks and car wash stuff

Jennifer Berube

Jodi Jenkerson

great place to get ur ride shiny and clean

Christian Waldron

Great job for a good value

joe carney

Good place to go cleans car good

Loren Beaver

Left scratches on the hood of my black car. Granted, it's not touchless, but it seemed like they just aren't making an effort to keep the equipment clean and in good order.

Steve M.

Great wash, if you not satisfied just drive around and get another one. Monthly rate is the best buy.

Anthony G

Ripped off my tail light and mirror back


Great customer service! Keep up the good work guys!

Paul Simas

Even in single digit temps this place is still open, car came out 95% clean.

Mandy Cole

So easy with the autopay you don't even need to roll down the window

Rick W

Go there because it's the only place in town. Lazy staff try to make up for poor equipment.

Sue J

The service is Awesome! Go there a lot.

James Perkins

Good place when things work


A couple issues here: 1) the driers are terrible. They do not dry your car and they have been using the same equipment since I’ve been going here the past two decades. 2) the kids working here take a very long time to get people through the wash. Because they are forced to sell packages, they take way too long to get people through. There is no consideration for the people in line trying to get their wash. 3) the driers are terrible 4) the cars don’t get clean the 1st run, most of the time. The kids working there should use a brush to the back of cars, especially in the winter time. The salt and dirt pile on the back tailgates and rocker panels

David Paolo

I am someone that uses car washes several times a week. This was by far the worst wash ever. I waited a few mins to get to the wash attendant which was good, BUT once I was there I asked for the exterior wash with the towel drying and interior cleaning, which is done in a separate bay that you drive to once you exit the wash. The attendant was not very friendly and said there was an HOUR WAIT! I said "AN HOUR!?!" He became more agitated and said, yes there are a lot of customers. I simply said, well you need to be able to manage the flow, it should not take that long to dry and vacuum. Being stuck in line headed into the wash I asked " How am I going to dry my car now?" The attendant said very cocky, we have blowers at the end of the wash. I laughed and said those don't work well ANYWHERE. Evidently they have no idea on how to clean a car, when I exited the wash my car was still wet and dripping so I had to use my towel out of my gym bag to towel dry my car. Had I drove off the water would have run and spotted leaving my car more dirty than when I went in... Sorry, but I have been to a LOT of washes an that one was the worst experience.

spring garden1

It was good I must say

Michael Ryan

Guys there are really cool. Locked my keys in my car and the manager luckily had a lock out tool! Go there all the time.

Richard Sideri

Excellent staff Salem nh

Edward Tam

Good place to keep the car clean and people are friendly

Shana Boyer

Really disappointed - I needed an interior/exterior cleaning and I was told to go here because it was inexpensive and the service was good - I pulled up to the wash bay first and the nice employee there seemed embarrassed to tell me that the GM had recently been in the store and had told them to close down the internal cleaning bay because it was raining...but the external wash bay was the GM retarded? I ended up backing out of the car wash and going to So Fresh and So Clean - which I honestly wasn't impressed with either. Who closes and INTERNAL car cleaning bay because of RAIN!? UGH!!!! Bad business for sure!

Chris Rotondo

Best automatic car wash in RI

Jorge Martinez, Sr.

Quick service.

Krishna Kotapati

Best car wash in Warwick. Unlimited wash is nice.

George Banis

I did the "The Works" wash mostly to clean up the salt accumulated from the snow storms. It was decent.

Alex Bejan

They are wonderful. Always a job well done, fast, courteous, and ready to go the extra mile to make a customer happy. We have a monthly subscription, an even greater value.

Angela G

Deniece Penta

Cars come out amazing dirty

Martine Janvier

Wind power saop residue

Joey Tev

Love the unlimited washes for a reasonable price you can also get your car detailed and vacuumed

Googyman .

I received a gift card for $75. I looked at the menu saw they had a paint reconditioning service. Decided I would get this service..... Let me add my paint is not bad at all. I’ve gotten compliments on how well my paint looks for the year of the car. Just from calling to make an appointment I wasn’t happy. Apparently when you get this service you have to get a wax coating done. That is an extra $49 dollar charge. I asked if I could do this on my own. Not allowed! So why not just make the service $125 which is came out to!? It’s the gimmick how they bring you in. Okay fine I’ll pay the extra. Upon calling and finding out about these extra charges I made an appointment for 12 o’clock. Arrived 5 minutes early. No parking no attendant/worker to be found. Finally I park near the vacuums then check in. Didn’t seem to care I had an appointment. Got the same speech I got on the phone “Typically takes 2-21/2 hours some times longer. Okay fine with me 3 hours or so. Nope!! After 4 hours I called and got “your detailer says it will be ready for 4:30” I arrive at 4:30 car is sitting outside looking good. No one around garage doors shut! I do a once around looks decent not going to complain. Yes they pulled some surfaces scratches out but that was about all. So 41/2 hours later to do a job I could have done at home in about the same time. The following day I had a car show i was attending. Part of why I chosethis service to save me a day of work. I walk out the next morning and start noticed excess wax spots. I work those spots in. Unfortunately it rained during the car show and in my travels. It’s now two days later there is white all over!! Seems it was rushed. So my final say is if you are going to get a cut and buff service find a good auto body shop. It will cost you the same. Maybe a little more but it won’t turn out how this has. I will say after these issues. I did work with the manager and asst manager and got these resolved. so my review remains the same on the work. Customer satisfaction I will give 5 stars

paul webb

Closed at 6:45pm on a Tuesday afternoon? Says they're open until 8? What gives? * Edited: They were closed for employee appreciation, which is pretty cool. Hopefully some sort of cook-out was enjoyed by all the employees. Given the circumstances I would have liked to see big signs and cones around the parking lot to indicate such an event. Most of the pumps were filled up by confused folks, me included, who ended up going somewhere else for gas. Moved my review up from 1 star to 4. I will continue to get gas here because of their convenient location and of course the great price.

David Melo

Paid for the most expensive wash and then had to go get it washed again somewhere else! Paid extra to get tire shine. I ended up with a few shiny spots on my driver's side tires and absolutely no shine at all on the passenger side. Most paces spray your wheels with wheel cleaner before entering a wash. This place does not. Most places have people that vacuum the interior, clean the glass on the interior and hand dry the car when it comes out. This place does not! While they do have an area just after you exit the wash, where you can vacuum the interior and clean your own glass, I'd suggest driving to the car wash on Cowesett Ave instead. They will do all of the extra things that SrubaDub does not and it's cheaper!

Ikenna Momah


Megan Foran

I went at night, which may not have been the best choice to be able to see the car after the wash, but I was disappointed in the quality of the rinse. Before I left, I stopped at one of the scrubadub stations because my mirrors were full of soap; I had to clean them off myself. When I got home I realized soap was dried on to the trunk and driver side of the car, so I had to dump my water bottle on it and wipe it with a towel. Other than that, the service was quick, which was nice, and my car did get cleaned. I just hope the underwash worked after what I had to do to the outside.

Freddy Vega

In and out fast. Prices are good. Car came out shining.

Jessica McFarland

Free vacuum service, need i say more!

Lilian Rose

Looks like its open at night but the pumps are not, good gas prices... Not sure of the source.


I have nothing negative to say about these guys. Decent pricing and they offer good monthly/yearly plans

Manny Steiner

Always a good wash, but no car wipers at the end to finish it off.


Free air. Free vacuum. Excellent Car Wash options and deals.


Some of the hardest working guys I've ever seen. No matter what weather, they are out there cleaning cars. Get a monthly membership if you live in the area! It is worth it!

Samantha Beaumont

Just got my car detailed today, I was super happy with the job even though they missed a spot under the drivers seat, took it right back and they cleaned it in under 10 minutes no extra charge. Thank you

robert harris

I am always here

Sam Archer

This place is fine. I don't know if I know what s five star car wash looks like. Vacuums serviceable, normal auto carwash, ample polishing supplies and parking, right next to a gas station and grocery store, what more could you want? I guess it isn't any good if you don't have a car that needs washing!

Jackee Santiago

I like going there to wash my car but I'm still upset with them because when I had my car detailed they lost my rugs and they were supposed to replace them and they never did and also where my car was like a month old from taking it out of the dealership I had gone to the car wash and my bumper head fell offbut I never got a call from anyone I fill out a pink slip and never heard anything and this is the one in South Boston that I'm referring to

Ryan Hsu

Tim Day

Used to come here all the time - driving out of my way to go. Staff used to be professional, fast and friendly. Now they are slow and don't do a thorough job - just went for car wash and basic interior clean. Took over 1hr for what used to take 20-30 mins (same number of cars ahead of me) and interior was still dirty. Won't be going back and wouldn't recommend

Phebe Mack

Pricey and they didn’t clean the back of suv.

Neidine Andrade

You cannot get your car detailed here. There are vacuuming available and a drive thru car was.

Michael Katzman

All in one shop! Great prices.

Jay Dupont

Expensive and very tight quarters to maneuver you car in to one of the touchless wash bays.

William W

A lot of respect to them for working outdoor in extreme cold weather!

Delaine Nini

Love my free wash after 9. Great incentive!

Brittani Rebeiz


Joe Seppe

I've been a member for over a year and have always been fairly happy. For the last several months it's been almost impossible to find a working vacuum with suction. It would be nice if they labeled them out of order or even better fixed them. It's frustrating to drive to 6 vacuums to just find a decent one. The other issue is the line to the car wash. You have to wait for new members to sign up while in line! I've seen it take up to 5 minutes just to sign someone up. If you get two or more new members in front of you, plan on bringing a good book to read while in line. Why not just have new members sign up inside and allow loyal members faster service. Now that I'm thinking of it, why not have a section of vacuums for paying customs? I'm still a member but plan on looking for a better option; it's frustrating -- wasting people's time like that.


As clean as it could be!

Alicia Alleyne

Awesome service

Anthony Boston MA

Very convenient offer American Legion Highway it went extremely fast in the staff served me with a smile I'll come back

Steve Mack

Great car wash.

Andrea Robbins

Best car wash around

Charlene Rains

Friendly staff

Noir Free

Horrible experience.9:15 am Saturday February 04,2017. The manager was very rude and disrespected. I was patiently waiting in line for fifteen minutes. I finally made it close to the top of the line and another customer comes from the back of the line where people are drying and vacuuming their vehicles. The manager(not a good representative for Srub a dub brand) stood In front of my vehicle and he stops me to let that car go in front of me with no explanation at all. He actually stood in front of my vehicle directing a vehicle that was not in line to proceed ahead. I didn't realize that there is a VIP section around here. I guess my monthly debit to Scrub a dub can stay in my account because this kind of treatment is not worth my hard earned dividends. It's also a shame that you have to actually go through the car wash twice to get a decently cleansed vehicle. Just saying.... I would give zero stars but you need to give something in order to rate

She She

Prices reasonable but never seems to get all parts of the car

Jennifer Lamarre

Great gas prices!

Cesar Franklin

Good for a good car wash

Taylor Mann

The guy would not stop trying to upsell me. Take a hint, no means no. My car also had soap still on it after!


Great car wash, great price

Sam Gipstein

Quick, efficient, and competitively priced

Victoria MacKay

Sonya Henley

Good price for monthly plans and your car comes out without soap spots on it.

John Skyline

Free car wash

ADRIAN Acuna Borgeaud

I went to go give vacuum to my car and I couldn't use it bec supposably something was happening but I payed unlimited use of the vacuums and everything thats ridiculous I hope this can help yall fix this situation...

Clifford Harris

It's nice to Find a Place that offers something for Free nowadays and I mean there Vacuums and they Work pretty well too

Harshana Godamanna

I kinda live in this car wash. Highly recommend their unlimited deals

Jacqueline Demizio

Went to go get my interior cleaned they refused to take me because they close at 1pm on Sundays. It was 1:04pm and the doors were still open. The guy laughed, waved his hand and closed the garage door. Good customer service!

Isaac Newsome

Deni Mancebo

Fast car wash

Jay Ramirez

Easy and fast. Not as clean but good to get you by

Lawrence Baxley

Love this place

Omar Malkawi

Fast service, not a high quality wash

Tica Bella

I like the free vacuum.

Brian R

--EDIT-- from 2 stars to 1 star. Emailed customer support (as advised by response to this review) with no response after 9 days. Fixing the bad Armor All and getting it off the inside of my windshield will be time consuming and expensive. Definitely won't be returning here. You can't beat the price out in these parts, but you do get what you pay for. The car wash is a little upgrade over the $8 wash at your local Mobil gas station. For touchless, it does the job, and a decent one. Is the Ultra package worth $23.50? If you're in a hurry and need a good wash, maybe. I am extremely disappointed in the Interior Plus (the highest interior package before getting a detail). For some reason, my SUV was done in half the time it took to clean the little sedan in front of me. My car was pretty dusty and crumby and in need of some care. When they finished and I got in, I noticed that the dust and crumbs in my cupholders and center console was still there, just now caked in from spraying cleaner in there and doing a quick wipe. The seats were done very quickly since I noticed the crevice showed showed a haven of dust and crumbs; it was completely untouched. The Armor All is the most troubling. The Armor All was patchy (parts of my dash were sprayed but not wiped in), got in many places it shouldn't have (like on metal, fiberglass trim and my windshield). If Armor All is part of the package, it can NOT be done in a hurry, otherwise it's nasty stuff if done incorrectly; your car will come out worse than it went in. Finally, when I was all the way home, I noticed that the cargo bed was 100% untouched. I had sand and dirt back there that I was hoping would get a quick swipe of the vacuum. Extremely disappointed. The Interior Plus package left me with a car that was more greasy than shiny, and still ignored highly visible places in my car. I now have to take my car in (somewhere else this time) to get the interior cleaned of the poor interior cleaning. The ONLY thing that kept this place from one star is that the staff was friendly and professional, and that the touchless wash, while a bit overpriced, did its job well. I am aware I didn't pay for a detail. I wasn't expecting my vents to be cleaned with a cotton swab or under the seats to be thoroughly cleaned. I wasn't going for showroom appearance, and I definitely wasn't looking for anything advanced on the exterior. Bottom line is that if you're offering a service with Armor All, either do the job completely, carefully, and correctly, or don't do it at all.

Tina Turner

Juan Rodriguez

Quick in n out

Dimitrios D

The car washes here are fine. It did however take approximately 30 minutes one time for my car's interior to be cleaned due to a small line of cars in front of mine. It's not like there was 100 cars in front, there was maybe two or three. A car wash should never take that long... But again, the service is fine, if you don't mind potentially waiting.

Anas Reda

Hector Amador

Clean and nice vibe

Eric Gallagher

Made my car wet

Abigail Ayala

Few of there machines dont work.

Del Wells

I took my car to this facility to get the interior cleaned after someone got sick in it. When I took the car in for an estimate, I asked about the ozone deodorizer in case the interior shampoo didn't get the smell out. I was advised by the employee that they would do it for free if the shampoo wasn't sufficient. I dropped the car off and was told it would be ready by 2. I called to check in on the work and was advised that the ozone treatment was required and would cost their normal rate. When I brought up what I was told earlier in the week, they agreed to do it for no charge and gave me a revised pickup time. I didn't hear back and when I called, I was advised it was ready and I needed to get it soon as they were closing due to weather. I picked up the car and all of the seats were SOAKED!. The cashier advised me to run the heater in the car for an hour and it would dry out (three hours, no appreciable result). It took two days before the car was finally dry and there are water rings left on the seats. My gripe is that if I hadn't called, they would have closed and I would have been out of luck and they condition of the car when I got it back. I will never let them detail my car again.

David H

2nd visit with same results. Excellent service and car in showroom condition. Worth every penny

Keith Daniel

I went there today and paid for a service that was suppose to clean my wheels, by the time I got to work in Quincy. It look like they were never cleaned. NO Scrub on my DuBs. Plus they were rushing like they had a bunch of cars waiting.

John McCarty

Sarah Cote

Great service

Gerry Dickson

Great place

Mark Sutherland

Ok not bad the price is right

Charlie Fuehrer

Had a free wash so I figured I'd give it a shot. Rims we're still a bit dirty but I just went with the basic wash. Free vacuums make it work it!

cleavroy tuitt

Vacuum free so they busy

Maurice Karpman

A perfectly fine carwash in a convenient location.

Harold Dixon


Paul Robinson

Because of Henrique and Chris!.. every time I ask them to spray my wheels they don't hesitate!...they know I like to keep my car clean inside and out! should consider them for a promotion and raise....they keep it going!

Fred Bidmead

Car was still a bit dirty after running it through the car wash for 25 dollars. Additionally, they don't dry the outside or vacuum out the car for this price.

Jim Snyder

Very bad experience. Equipment faulty, no change machine in order....COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.


A very professional establishment

GodIs Merciful

Fast, Clean. FREE VACCUMS! Make sure you wipe windows though after wash.

minnetta brown

Quick even when busy

Robert Bacon

Great prices and decent services

Laura Allison

Sarah N

Ismail Gomaa

ScrubaDub service isn't the best. At least this one has some free machines.

Armaan Bhutani

It's not about what I liked. It's about what I didn't not like. My car was washed and at the end of the day, that's all you can really ask for from a car wash.

Matt Fath

Had the best wash you can get and there was a few thing I wasn't satisfied with and they corrected it with no issues. All I did was call them and spoke with the manager . He asked me to come back for them to fix it. They fixed what I asked for. Excellent customer service in my opinion. My car is very clean, as if it was a new car. They even cleaned my tires and rims and it's not included with what I paid for. I recommend Scrub-a-Dub, I'll be going back.

f as

This is Mattapan, not Roslindale. And this is the best location, hands down.

Crystal Higgins

Mom Boss

I love the touchless car wash. My only complaint is that everyone else loves it too so there’s always a line. I have the unlimited plan for the regular car wash and go all the time!

ronald bourque

Best car wash!

Lauren Cabral

Scratches on my new truck. Contacted and never heard back about my concerns.

Adam Lascelle

Great place to wash your car. They have different types and the monthly plan is great

Yarse Mcmillan

They have free vacuum there... but they don't work well... they suck... literary

Brian Gallucci

A great car wash ... the best prices in the area


A tad busy, so be prepared to wait on along line. However price is reasonable and my Car looked great when done.

Julia Hogan-Jackson

Ruined by car mirror and refused to acknowledge it.

Illiana Montanez

Good deals

Michael Sweeney

Great job. Cleans well. Good service.

Jennifer Chavez

Always wonderful Staff!!

Luz Solano

Nice and cozy car wash, convenient near a has station

Happy 2019

Their vacuumes never have any suction. Also the soap at the car wash is low quality I'm gonna start washing my car at home by hand. I'm not buying another membership.

Joe Liu

Most convenient place in the area.

Halima Akhtar


Michael Campbell

Felipe Corcuera

The service was Ok I guess

Alex Paisner

Great carwash. Great people that work there. Consistent, and they care about their customers.

Deborah Rivera

Best place to clean you car they have the best machines to clean your car and also is very cheap $5.75 a wash and dry also they provide towels to finish your car

Atticus McDonough

chris howlett

Excellent job on a very dirty car, thank you

Piqui Berrios

Scrubadub monthly unlimited best value in car washery

Lear Lessing

Good service!

Marta Houde

Love the all you can wash monthly plan and free vacuum here great service.

Larry Collis

These guys are perfect they always go the extra step to make your car look great

Mike Ashworth

Good, quick car wash

Ellen Katz

Lex Lutor

Washing car here quit often. Don't do wash on Friday from 10 to 12. Very busy at that time. Lots of livery cars there. They have free vacuum, which is pretty good. Not of all locations can offer it.

Mo Armand

Sparkling car

Tattoo Inkman

Great crew and the monthly plans a great deal

Scott Roby

Quick line of cars

Lauren Fraser

People are always friendly and helpful. Car always comes out looking wonderful!

Tommy Vo

It is kind of annoying how the staff was watching me get change. I'm cleaning my car, not getting change for the meters

Anthony Eadie, Jr.

It's quick, but when I got home I still had a lot of dirt to remove, even after paying $23 for the Ultra Wash. Customer service is great though! Very nice professionals.

Adam Pena

Great Service and Price! I love this Scrubadub location. My family and I always go to Scrubadub to wash our cars!

Stavros Greek

Great service and free vacuums

Derek Welch

Today (10/31/17) was my first time at this location. I purchased the $15 wheel bright deal and my wheels still came out looking dirty. A picture of one of my tires was posted publicly on this feed if you want to look. It’s not worth the extra $4.50 to get the tires done. The clean itself was okay but not the best I’ve ever had. The top of my bumper was also kinda nasty. I took a wipe to it after and tons of black dirt came off of it. What got this location a 3 star instead of a 1 was the drying towels and the vacuums which were very powerful. My interior looks cleaner then the outside which is kinda sad.

Jason Sogard

I purchased an unlimited plan, the first wash I got all the add on's. The rest I just get the basic wash. No wheel brite, no tire shine and the dryer is awful. Twice I went and the place was closed for improvements. Only some of the vacs work properly. On top of that the cancellation process is a pain. It wont let me cancel unless it is 7 days from the billing date. Absolutely absurd. There are much better washes out there for your money.

Sri Aditya Vardhan Musunuri

Good place to wash the car

Greg DeCristofaro

First the good, the gas is very inexpensive, always at least $0.10 less than everyone else. 2nd, the vacuums are free. Finally, you can pay for your car wash at the pump which should save you time. Now for the bad, the pumps are excrutiatingly slow. It just took me 8 minutes to pump 16 gallons into my car. Second, the car wash is very very very expensive. Finally, whenever you pay for your car wash at the pump and try to print your receipt to get your car wash code, you get a message that says please see cashier and you have to go inside anyway.

Bonnie Felingiere

Great value

Willie Marshall

A friend of mine went there very good expensive as hell

Kat Wilk

Just a better car wash for the do it yourselfer!


The employees are nice. They do a good job. If you do not think your car was cleaned well enough they will let you bring it through again.

Artur Rodrigues

You guys need to close at the time your closing time is, not 30 min before or 15 min before. If i paying to get your service i expect to be reliable. Thank you!!!!!

Tania Saba

Have been a member of this ‘wash club’ for 5 years. Friendly staff, great wash process, but unfortunately due to their popularity vacuum spots are often all busy at peak days/times. Otherwise highly recommend.

Jebin Shakya

Touch free clean didnt do the work as I expected. I thought ultimate package they offered would do the job but there were still bird droppings on the car. The water marks were seen after water dried up. Update: I contacted them and i have not had any response since then.

Michael Mozill

Good car wash

Katie Dooley

These guys were super nice and helpful. They got my car washed and looking great in no time. Really great value for the cost!

Chasity Pellerin

Best prices in southern NH and does a very good job. They also provide window cleaner and towels to customers and a free vacuum with every wash.

Mohamed alghanim

Illarion Bykov

You can get unlimited car washes for $30 a month, and the subsciption is good at any Scrubadub location--even twice a day, every day.


Best car wash in town

kassandra bryant

Reasonably priced for car washes

Pierre Osirus

They provide great service & space for you & your vehicle

Jay Patel

Free vacuums! Big parking lot

Julia Park

Signed up for monthly, gave my credit card to them to take down for the monthly charges. My credit card company started calling within hours notifying me of suspicious activity. This is the only place I used my card in about a weeks time. I had to Cancel the card, now waiting on new cards to come in. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THEIR MONTHLY AS THEY WILL TAKE DOWN YOUR NUMBER AND STEAL!!!!!!! Tried calling them multiple times, no one available to answer the calls.

Joe Pepin

Great service. Great prices. Been a loyal customer for over a year now. Thank you for your hard work! A+

Shawn Campbell

Rick P

Arrived with dirty truck, left with shiny truck

Monique Eboni

Good washes. Good range to choose from.

Charlie Brown

Bradley McArthur

Half-ass detail job, spots missed rims were not even cleaned. Just disappointment for what you pay.

Craig P

Hands down the BEST full service gas & carwash! Equipment is always well maintained & most importantly the Team is professional, courteous & always on top of the details!


I specifically left a stain on a backseat (which you could easily wipe off) to see if they actually clean the interior and the stain is still there I even paid for the upgraded service which is $35(compared to $14) not recommended

Rob Vanacore

Paid the attendant (Martin) the additional $2.50 for "tire shine". which he up sold me on. After getting home I noticed Martin only sprayed both driver's side tires and totally skipped the passenger side. Perhaps he needs to be retrained or …

reidich .

I had not had the interior of my car cleaned since I bought it 11 years ago, and it showed! Three hours after dropping it off for the interior shampoo package it looks as good as the day I bought it. They really went above and beyond my expectations (and technically, even beyond the parameters of the package I purchased). I can't recommend the work they do strongly enough.

Mike Spaziano

Took my truck there and my father Cadillac for a carwash and a detail. 100% satisfied and the men who clean both vehicles were very nice a professional. we will be coming back next week to detail my wife car I will let other people know where to get your car detailed.

Roger Poirier

The staff at scrubaDub is great they do a excellent job

Sergio Leon

I opted for their most expensive auto-car wash and to be honest it left a lot to be desired. The driers at the end do not go on for long enough to properly dry your car so you end up with water spots. I also ran my finger through the car immediately after the wash and there was a lot of dirt/dust left. It's an ok place overall but I'm probably not coming back here.

Chuck Moreau

This is the 2nd Time in two weeks I came to get a car wash during business hours and they had a sign saying it was closed. I spoke to the clerk outside and he said it's been an ongoing computer error. I asked to speak to mgr but he was busy. So very close to cancelling my subscription and may demand a refund for June.

Ruddy Felix

It was out of service

David Colardeau

Easy in and out. I use the monthly unlimited service and I'm happy with it. It will get packed on sunny weekend afternoons.

Milton Neto

I go there everyday. Friendly and professional staff.

Housein Cornell

I come here a lot, cheaper than most places.. yet so so, washes. . Car doesn't get fully dry and wheels never get really cleaned even when I pay extra for it. Many times there aren't enough towels to dry off your car after the wash. Still quick and easy compared to other places.

Nancy Slade

Great place

Max Attax

Only car wash for me

Marlond Barrios

Excelent service, very helpfull staff everithing you need handy, I would love service after 8pm or be able some how to use touch free after hours with right plan. thank you

Jims account

Prices are very reasonable, But i did the express wash and when i got home there was stripes of salt (its winter) all along my drivers side.


Best deal . They have mony plans for unlimited car washes . Comes in handy with a black vehicle


This place suck my car was damaged because of mechanical failure . And they was not trying to help me . I did get it resolved only because my car insurance company sued them .. danger

Timothy Jordan

Month unlimited car wash pass rocks! Definitely recommend, it's a great value and they garentee a clean car or you can wash again. Good deal!

Zachary Gibson

Scratched my roof, driver side doors, trunk, and pulled paint off my hood and roof on my new car, they told me that it wasn't their car wash, even though I had pictures of it before and told me to take it up with my insurance company. I asked many times for the general manger, just to be told that he never works and I probably will not get a hold of him. after 2 months of trying to get a hold of the general manger, I called corporate, they didn't call me back on the day they said they would. I had to call back, just so the regional manager could say that he doesn't believe it was the car wash. This is beyond terrible customer service and I'm currently seeking a lawyer to see what I can do.

Michael S

$8.50 for a basic car wash...awesome!!!


Mizna Alremeithi

(Translated by Google) Their service is excellent and fast (Original) خدمتهم ممتازة و سريعين

Mark Smith

Good service for 1monthly price love the free vaccums

Barbara Mihalko

Servie Continues to decline. Continuously disappointed with the exterior Ann interior washes. Time to move on.

Kassie Bryant

so easy to get my car cleaned here

DJ Rebel

Their vacuums are a bit shabby but good enough to clean the car with,did also forget to mention that they’re free,the best part of it all. That freedom of use comes at a price,whilst vacuuming my car someone literally stole not two or a set but a single floor mat. She obviously did this while I wasn’t looking,otherwise I would’ve said something to the like of what are you doing madam. In the end of being baffled by what happened I brought it up to employee 1583 from shift 1,and was met with a shrug of the shoulders and no resolution. That’s where the services gets at its best,they simply didn’t care. With that I say returning here to get my car wash will be seldom at most as a result of their poor customer service. When,that is if, I do return to make use up their vacuums,I will leave my mats in the trunk locked up,away from wondering old thieves.

David Saint

Keri Thibeau

Love the free vacuums only major draw back is trying to get in and out where the vacuum area is. The best time to go is when it opens. Saturdays are normally busy during the nice weather for obvious reasons, but totally worth it and the car wash has decent rates too.

Joshua Janvrin

Great wash did a good job on my rims and tires...dryer works very no spotting

Warren Williams

Unlimited car washes

Leland Modoc

Not a detail shop, but does exactly as advertised. Crew there have always been helpful

Maggie McLaughlin

Stephen Hunt

I have a monthly subscription to unlimited car washes and they keep it open even when the temp outside is below freezing. I haven't counted the number of vacuum cleaners they have must be 12-14 and anyone can come in and use them for free.

Jonathan Zandberg

They have a nice place to clean the car once you go out of the machine with clean towels and cleaning spray.

Dale Lennon

Dume 24

Susan Mckinnon

Came here for the first time and boy do I love it! I talked to a great young man named Robby and he walked me through the different washes and prices. And answered all the questions I had without rushing me. Great customer service Scub A Dub! I will definitely be back because of Robby, and those free vaccum tokens, plus a nice clean car of course!!

kevin schomisch

FREE vacuums right behind the building! They do a good job getting the truck clean again and check out the great deal on unlimited visits per month especially during "mud season" (spring). You can go every day if you have time.

Heather Rose Nelson

Excellent place to get car wash and great customer service

Daniel Ruiz

The blowers need some work...

Erica Key

Steam cleaned and the car looks like new?! Toddler snack times and school girl finger prints all erased. Really impressive cleaning job.

Duy Nguyen

D McKy

Good options, attentive staff. Good guarantee



Christopher Wieninger

Bill W


Flavio Di Berardino

Worse car wash ever. Do not come here. And do not pay attention to other reviewers. They are scamers. :)

Zelaznog Anauj

Matthew Amaral

One of the few car wash establishments I don't hate going to. Their policy allows for a rewash if I'm not satisfied the first time through. The staff are friendly enough.

James Hatch

Jeffery Pynduss

Great wash options for your vehicle. Turning into the auto wash is extremely tight. I drive a half ton truck and making the turn takes some careful turning

Jaime Brown

Very friendly. Has kept the salt off of my truck.


They need to have a better rinse cycle. Soap is always left on my truck after I get a wash. Other then that it's a decent place to go.

Rick Cianci

A Relatively quick and pleasant experience. I used a gift card to pay for the basic wash and honestly my 7 year old car was bright and shiny when it was done. It's still very shiny ever after 5 days. They offer little snacks as some information on a little stand to your left when you're in line so make sure to grab some! And don't forget to get out after and remove the rear wiper cover that they put on it because they might not tell you that they even put one on. They also offer something that looked like it said "Lazer Wash" it had it's own separate line and I'm assuming it's a touch-less wash. I'll probably try the lazer watch next time so I can give a full review. I also tried the vacuums which gave decent space to open your doors fully. The vacuum itself had good suction and lasted about 3 minutes. Just enough to quickly vacuum the floors and seats(minus the back part) of my small hatchback. All in all its a petty good place if you want a decent wash and its conveniently located on main road.

Niquie G

Long lines for the car wash but free vacuums.

John Mosher

Pulled the weather stripping off my truck. Staff didnt seem very concerned

Melanie Gause

Free pretzels

Lewanda Elliott

I just hope they fix the vacuums and setup better carpet cleaning.

Gwen Henderson

Great Service...i like the free pretzels and bags for trash great Service

Elizabeth Hart

Chad Pinelli

Does a good job and the car wash plans are a great option

Stephen Bernasconi

Quick, $9, and squeaky clean!

Julio Mejia

Very good

Shey B

Easy simple convenient

Pearl Olanrewaju

Really nice car wash. I wish the had one like this in the west coast that offers membership

Fendra Diaz

Great job on the car wash, but MEMBERSHIPS ARE TO EXPENSIVE.

Jim Fisher

By far the best car wash in the area. Purchased one of their monthly passes.


Friendly services real helpful

Reyna Shephard

It does a nice work of cleaning car

William Halacy


Long John

Free vacuum for members. The staff are great.

Tom Evans

Excellent unlimited program with hard working staff. Only downsides are cars are loaded a little too close for my comfort and location can be hard to get into and out of during busy highway times.

Jeanne Kent

Fast service once you get to actual car wash building. Sometimes the people vacuuming block your way in. So, Don't be in a rush when you go there. Often a few cars ahead of you. Because business is booming it appears. Usually a ten minute wait the most. But I went on a Saturday once or twice for that. The workers come out when that happens and you prepay to make line go faster. They just use the scanner on my prepaid sticker and I'm good to go. Best time to go is midday during the week. Most people at work. At the car wash building, before you go in, there are free plastic trash bags available, and a thick gray drying cloth for your use after the wash, in case of a few drops left on windshield. I grab the free bag of pretzels each time, too. You never know when you'll need a snack! Buy the monthly pass, it's worth it. Unlimited washes for $25 bucks a month! I had a hard time getting my car on the track at first, but now a pro! Now it's put it in neutral, foot off the brake, hands off the wheel with no problem. Fast car wash. Can't wait for next wash! UPDATE as of February 13, 2018. Someone must have read my review, because there are now orange cones separating the vacuuming area with the drive through area, and so I'm a happy little camper now. No more vacuumers trying to cut into the line. I forgot to say as a warning, be careful pulling out onto American Legion Highway. Sometimes cars are parked near entrance and exit, so it's hard to see as you pull your chariot out! Over and out Scrub-a-Dubbers!

Tuwanda Jones

Fast n easy

ricco gethers

Scrub a dub is a great place to wash your cars car mats tires leather seats and have free vacums for you all good

Jared Brodeur

Horrible customer service! First I show up and say I had an appointment and they all were looking at me like I had 3 heads! Then they say go inside and we will call you out when we're finished. I was supposed to get all my windows cleaned and the back seat streamed cleaned. I know a lot of other places that I can go to, that will go above and beyond the job that they're supposed to do. My windows were dirty, the back seat didn't look clean. They Did a horrible job cleaning my car! My 5 year old kid can do a better job than what they did. Will not go back there and will tell everyone I know not to go there as well. They called me up afterwards and the manager yelling at me on the phone saying I didn't pay when I had a receipt in hand! Horrible company!

Josh T

Just need a little of attention with the glass cleaner and the towels then all set!

Mike kazemi


William the fam

Fast service

Jacob Katz

Great service in the auto detailing

Joann Capuano

Most of the time my car comes out pretty good but there's been times where Scrub-A-Dub has missed some spots

Chris Karl

Wished it would scrub a little better

david bailey

Just got gas

Paul Gibbs

Nice car wash and Americans hang out here

Sasha Willett

The unlimited plan is the best, the staff is amazing and I'll never go anywhere else!

Brian Croft

Good wash and interior cleaning

Michael Els

Kimberly Gold

Under repair

Satadru Pramanik

Free vacuum usage!


Lobve this car wash, but since they started offering free drying, people have abused the machines and most of them don't work. Proven fact, people do not take care of things when they are free.

Felix Mendez

(Translated by Google) Excellent service (Original) Servicio excelente

Stephen McClendon

Best car wash, with a touchless option, in Southern NH.

sherri onorato

Ok car washes, free vacume, hard to get in and out. This location is on a busy road.

Bob Boyd

Good wash, do your own detailing with their products.

William Carrier

My car is super clean, almost like brand new. Scrub a Dub helps me maintain a beautiful looking car quickly and easily! :)

Dennis Oleksyuk

Does both the automatic car wash and manual detailing. If you want an automatic car wash make sure you go into the right lane, so you don't get stuck in the slower detailing lane.

Kristina Campagna

I love them they r the best

Matthew Ruppert

Carmen Marín

The best place to wash the car.

Bartolome Cruz

Free free vacuums

Oladimeji Akere

Needs a lot of work to compete with standard

Kevin Graney

Vacumes don't have that much suction. They don't wipe the car down like other cat washes do

Keith Kaminski

Vacuums barely work and they closed the car wash while I was in line.

Manny Lewis

Been going to this location for months. Always get the ultra wash and it works great. No complaints at all.


U get free vacuum

Jack Friedman

Scott Cox

Brian Young

Deivsson Oliveira

Josh Alt

As a new member I am pleased with the unlimited wash. The Boston location is quite nice customer service wise but they are in need for a more modern renovated car wash.

Tina Louise

long lines

AnneMarie Autotte

quick service

David Gomez

Really good place to wash your car and it is not expensive

Eric Martin

NO STARS: BROKE MY WINDSHIELD IN HALF, top to bottom. I filed a complaint the second I got out of the car wash. I heard and saw the glass crack as soon as the red "towels" came down hard on my windshield. There was a loud pop and I noticed it immediately. The manager and assistant manager were nice about it and were very quick to point out that this could be the cause of many things but they would call in the next day to three days. I never received a call. I did however receive a letter from their corporate office stating that this was not their fault and that "dispensing soap and water cannot cause a bruise or fracture"... obviously! It was the cleaning clothes that did this in the middle of the wash. I would come to this place a few times a year and I have friends who subscribe... they're all done with the company and poor customer service as well as lack of care for them causing damage to others property. They also stated that they "value our customers and give careful consideration to all customers problems" yet I haven't talked to a single employee live yet? All for a $369 windshield.

Danielle King

Free vacuum and car cleaner,air

Wise B.

Normally a long wait for a spot to vacuum or for the wash but the vacuums are free can't bet that.

Donna Rousselle


Elizabeth Main

Free car washes.

Shayne Varney

Manny Lymberopoulos

Carwash is gearing towards monthly subscription payments. They should offer use of vacuums without paying a premium for not being a member.

Katie Pare

For some reason the line is longer for the traditional wash, and the traditional wash is more extensive I believe. I love the touch free wash with the protectant. A lit sign tells me what is being done each pass. It smells pleasant. I can pay with my card, and for the touch free, there's no-one to tip!

Vigny F.

Free vaccums for all to use and friendly staff! Only complaint is that the automatic car wash misses some spots!

Jay Sii

Hi I would like to get in contact with Matt the owner

Mix Vibez

I am a member and go to this car wash atleast twice a week. The gentlemen have always been above excellent, hard working and outgoing. When I asked a gentlemen about sap on my hood and how to remove it he didn't just answer my question. He immediately went and got a product and came back and scrubbed off all sap from my car free of charge. Amazing customer service!

Kelly Stanzione

Free vacuum here

Christina Shea

Robert Schleimer

Best price and wash. Free vacuum too

ifeoma duru

Richard Wichmann

Terrible service and cleaning equipment.

linda garcia

A quick wash very pricy

R. X Phil

Free vaccum, descent price, ask about immediate deals if you plan on coming back.

Cinderlu Bowley

As far as automated car washes go it's an automated car wash. Both times I've gone recently through for the $13.50 car wash and both times lately I've had to go back because half my car was still filthy. The gentleman who are supposed to be prepping the car spend too much time talking back and forth smoking cigarettes visiting with other people etcetera. Here's a hint pick up a brush. I know it's automatic but it does take some elbow grease to get the salt and dirt off. Have some pride in workmanship.

David Sullivan

Great place to get the salt removed from winter driving.

Pho To

Great car wash

Ahmad Chatila

Very good friendly people

Stephen Pacheco

Love this place, but it is expensive.-1 star for price point not the outcome

Bishal Karki

Pamela Gagne

Was not happy with the wash...paid for a few extra things that never got done.

Scott Davidson

Hugo Otero

Over priced car wash and not completely clean when done.

James Desrosiers

Get the monthly plan for just a few bucks more!

Ma Jammel

Best car wash in the area, hands down. A bit pricey, but worth it. My vehicle was very clean because it's not brushless, and they have free vaccums, and detailing towels to use to finish your interior. Love it, and will go again.


Amir Moghadam

Bad...leaves suds on your car. Really expected better. Edit:. They really did right by me. They gave me a car wash and a refund for the last one. Went there and it went great this time around. Very happy with their customer service....they totally went out of their way to make things right. They have a satisfaction guarantee.

Keith Hudson

Unreal deal. Get your vehicle washed as often as you like for set price. First month $9.99. Additional months are 14.99 per month. Car comes out shiny and clean everytime. Take the deal. You'll love it!

John Tronex

Generally friendly service. Sometimes back of car isn't totally clean after wash.

Abusayed Suman

Awesome car wash

Diane Sprague

Good deals!!! Free vacuums 24/7 vacuum your car for free!!!!

Sarita Pettengill

What can I say , it's a car wash

Chicka Bless

Love cleaning my car here. Really good service.

David Smith

Marco Antonio

Great place to wash your vehicle, free vacuum!

tammys algiere

Love the free vaccumns wish they all worked though!

Nikolai Gorbunov

Single basic car wash for 10.50$ ,overpriced, better than nothing in some cases, but for large SUV ( SHEVY SUBURBAN ) It is incomplete wash. Back door and bumper it self stays derty also even lower sides are questionable. Only good thing are many used ( washed over and over again ) tovels to make it just OK. Never will be back.

Isabelle Rosenblatt

I have a monthly pass here. The other week, I accidentally left my automatic windshield wiper on when I went through. My wiper snapped off. The employees here spent about 20 minutes helping me repair it. Just wanted to say thank you!

Leonard Krulewich

The car out nice and clean while there are sprays and cloths for finishing

salar hejabian


Love this car wash, no bad experience yet! Vacum is free.

Ramachandran Kasiraman

Tight little spot to maneuver the car into the wash and get the car vacuumed. It is located right behind the Stop&Shop gas station.

Joseph Loiselle

Keeps my truck looking good all through the messy fall winter and spring. Good work. Thanks.

Bev Jones

Car wash OK, but the "free" vacuum is subpar.

Semaj Thomas

my spot

George Higgins

Good wash!

BoB Hawkins

Anna Ray

Love this place. Great prices

Brian O'Connor

Nice wash and service. Free vacuum

Nancy Heron

susan nute

Offers a variety of cleaning ootiins and associated prices. Nice facility

bruno govani

The monthly passes excellent but I prefer to go to the one in Brookline location on Harvard Street there always have the clean towels the one on Boston street you always have to ask for it

Idella C.

Easy accessibility from the street. Free vacuums. Friendly staff.



Love the fact that towels are always clean and available along with free vacuum token with your wash :-)

Paul Locke

Fair price does ok job in the tunnel. If you have have a lot of dried on road grime may have to go threw a second time. But all together it does just as good as any other carwash.

Corrine Lentes

BDR P4jq

They are very rude and unprofessional, some of them are Good, but there is some bad employees there thinking they have to proof they are the biggest man with not costumer services at all. The manager is very Good, and the Owner too , but they let tge the employee get a way with. Murder. I'm I loyal costumer for a very loong time and planning to continue but please get some of the employees in line, like I said is some very good ones there and management is good, service is very good. I recommend this car wash 100% but I have a bad experience with one employee and witness another incident where police have to be call.

Salim Atiyat

Cheap service for cheap price.

Judith Noguera

Great service

Raja Wheaton

Nice wash and free vacuum service

Shawn Z

Disappointed by the interior service. Expected floor mats to be vacuumed but found them soaked wet with greenish detergent left on floor/sliding tracks.

Antonio LIenas

Great monthly car wash plans. Free vacuums

Scott Anderson

Friendly staff, very helpful.

Cesar A Lobos

(Translated by Google) Very good service (Original) Muy buen servicio

Samantha Pappa

Free vacuums. That's all I went there for.


Awesome for a fast clean of your vehicle, machines always work properly. Not that expensive

Tom Labatte

2 no touch wash bays. Each wash comes with a token for vacuum machines. Complimentary towels for drying plus other cleaning supplies provided.

Ade Olu

Proverbs 31

Always busy

Kenya Green

I love coming here. Free vacs that are actually powerful, how can anyone be mad

Nukul Jain

New to the city. Moved in as a student. Bought a car. Went to Brookline to get this done. I was told the most sophisticated interior and exterior cleaning would take $59 (35+24). Without a doubt, I opted for it. Despite pointing it out 10 times, there was still food paricles in the car, dirt all over and then they asked me to pay $120 for a full cleaning. Is this the way you loot your customers? It is sad that I had to shell out so much and still be at the receiving end of this sickness. Students don't have enough money for these cheap tricks. Hope someone is listening.

Lisa McIntyre

Quick and easy. Reasonably priced. Does a descent job. Gives free vacuum tokens

Henryce Jackson-Gumes

Didn't clean the car very well. Paid for extra gloss on wheels but they were still dirty.

TIm Dubois

Good car wash cheap gas what a place and to top it free vacuums

Echo Yu

Sticky fingers be ware!! Had my car detailed here for the first time today and will not return. After waiting for 4 hours I returned to pick up my car. Before leaving, I checked the car to make sure everything was in order, only to find a special lighter I got as a birthday present missing. I confronted them and was only told that they’re not responsible for lost items. The manager said I was to clear everything out of the car before cleaning. The only thing is that I had specifically put the lighter in the storage compartment between seats beforehand. It was not just laying out in plain sight. In addition, I was told they do not clean closed compartments in the car. However, a pine cone that was also in the same storage compartment was moved from the compartment to my cup holder. So they clearly opened the closed compartment and moved stuff around. During the confrontation, one employee ran out and brought me a chillum I didn’t even know was missing. So they took that too and was just going to keep it if I hadn’t confronted them??? What??? The lighter was never found. This whole experience was extremely infuriating. No one should pay $120 to get their car cleaned and then have stuff stolen from them. I will not return to this business or recommend anyone to come here.

monique rav

The prices are ridiculous the soap stays on your car after the wash the dry towels are all dusty the vacuums are free but NEVER work please save your money

George Graham

Offers an all-you-can-wash plan. Currently $14.95 per month charged to your credit card. It's great to be able to wash the car weekly--or more often. Free vacuums, air. Cheapest gas around.


The people there were very nice. I got the $35 inside cleaning only, shampoo, vacuum and armorall. I asked them if they could get the pockets of the doors really well and failed to do so I had to clean them when I got home. I understand it’s a $35 job but it’s a small two seater truck that took five minutes for them to clean. Seemed rushed, did not even bother to vacuum or shampoo behind or under the seats which I did not realize until I got home. I feel gypped I paid $35 for this. Attention to detail would’ve been nice

Cindy Favre

Mr. E

23 mfing dollars. My car was dripping with soap and my rims were filthy. Guess whos rims are still filthy after 23 dollars? You guessed it; mine!! Absolute waste of money. Cruise through my reviews you'll see how many 1 star reviews I leave. Quick hint, I dont leave very many. I dont live in the state. I appreciate the effort to reach out.

Robert Lightbody

Convenient and fast!

Zichang Ruan

Friendly staffs

Fred Fox

Jonathan and the crew are courteous, professional and friendly

Lucaus Beland

This place is Great! I subscribed and I use the Unlimited Wash plan myself! It's pretty awesome I can't complain

Gregory Tomlinson

I said NO to the extra wheel shine, got charged for it anyhow. Asked for "The Works" and got charged for an express wash and the works wash and the wheel shine for a total of $20.50! I'll never go back there.

Tracy Caruth

They get the job done.


Great place to wash and clean your car. A little small and cramped but pretty good. Free towels to dry you car and clean the inside. Complimentary tokens for the vacuums if you get a wash.

Lauren Rantuccio

Good prices and free vacuums.

Matthew Whetzel

These guys are friendly! The gas prices are about as cheap as they get for Warwick, Cranston, Providence, East Greenwich areas. Also you can get unlimited car washes for $15-$40 a month depending on the level of wash you want. I have had 2 small issues arise and they were quick and awesome to fix them and remedy the situation.

Jennifer Hill

My car doesn't get as clean in any other car wash! Go here!

Joe Beer

One of the few anywhere near me.

Olayinka Shittu

Nice affordable car wash.

Taylor Family

I have ultra package and I can get my truck washed at any time as many times I want plus free vacuums

Md Saiful Arefin

Not the best car wash! There was still foam on the front passenger door after the wash. Whoever said vacuum is free should have mentioned that it is free when you purchase unlimited wash, not for everyone. It costs $2.

fire king

Never again their staff caused a crash and they screwed me . Never

Richard Sullivan

I love scrubadub but this location has free vacuums available and attracts many people who don't even get their car washed and it makes it difficult to access the car wash never mind use a vacuum. It is very frustrating when someone who pays very monthly membership (as I Do) and cannot get to the car wash entrance I wish they would change this

marzouq alazmi

Paul Tremblay

Great monthly 1 x charge for unlimited car washes

Taylor Lockwood

I would describe the services provided by this location as mediocre, a very, "meets but does not exceed" experience. I primarily went to vacuum my car's interior on this particular trip. The machine costs $1.25 worth of quarters for what had to be no more than a few minutes of vacuuming time. In addition to that, I could have provided better suction with my own lungs and a bendy straw. Needless to say it did not do a particularly thorough job of picking up any of the dirt in my car's plastic all weather mats (not even carpet, this should have been an easy one). As for the car wash itself, my car was certainly made to be wet and soapy, and then dried off again, but washed is perhaps a stretch. The "tentacles" as I call them just kind of lazily drag over your car and move back and forth a bit, not much scrubbing action exactly. That being said, the car was clean-ish, though this is the second time I've had to manually take a towel and windex that they provide at the end to manually scrub off a few things. I think I would have been much worse off had my car not already been silver and only a little pollen-coated. PS- Pro-tip for the workers here: Spraying the driver's side of the car with the sudsy pre-wash hose while said driver's window is *open* is not advised.

Dan Coleman

Expensive. Bout does a good job

David Torres

sam eid

Love it .best service.iam and member and unlimited washes. I enjoy the Express service.

Josh Parsons

All i can say is free vacuums. horrible location about died pulling in and out

Kenneth Jones

I've been to Scrub-A-Dub many times it's a great deal free vacuuming and cleaning out your car and I when your car comes out is very clean if it's not clean enough to you they will put it back through for free that 1499 week deal you can come as many times or two times I love it I would recommend it highly

Tuan Huynh

Love this location. Sometimes, i come during the business hours, but the lacation closes. It's weird.

sadiq Muhammad

Good service

Mister Miller

Great job with service

Linda Robinson

I feel like some of the vacuums could be looked at more because there are some stuff and trash stuck in the tubes of the vacuums. I go there every day, all the guys I've run into they're always nice. I just wish people wouldn't vacuum things that don't fit up the tubes

Theodore Wilbar

Norman Maines

Yes I was there and they do a good job but, certian times of the day on Saturday's like the time I went waited along time.

Joann M Capuano

I have a monthly plan great deal great wash

Roland Lawler

Friendly staff. Free vacuum

Nick Gonsalves

Car wash guy says, your card declined. call bank on the spot who says they dont even have the transaction, most likely a USER fail, paid cash and will avoid this place as they cant figure out how to swipe a card

Rock Martin

Freeb Vacuum, Busy Place, Quick Car Wash Place

Jessey Stevens

Mike Schofield

Free vacuums. Good carwash, wish i had one closer to gray/ new gloucester.

Michelle Montemorra

It did the job. It was a convenient location. Not having manned locations isn't too great though. They should always have an attendant on duty during business hours.

chris Winston

, they do not wash both sides of your car most of the time they just do one side

Joe M

This is the second time I’ve enrolled for unlimited car wash at this place. My first time was 2 years ago, but 2 months later I Ended up cancel because the machine scratched my Mercedes Benz. So this time I sign up again and the problem now is that every time I go there at 7:30am they always have a problems, is either the machine is broken or employees arrived late and people have to wait until 8am when the hours of operations starts at 7:30am. Today I went there at 7:30am and I waited for almost half in hour until some guy told me that they were having a problems with the Car Wash exit door and most likely they will be open until 9:00am so I ended up leaving. Also the car never gets Complete dry, they should upgrade the system. When it comes to the Car Wash Machine I don’t think the machine does a good job either and Not to mention that when snows they never showel and clean the area were people parked their vehicles to dry up. The only advantage they have is that they provided sprays and enough towels to clean and dry the cars, although I would be nice if they included for the price of the car wash the vacuums machines. Almost every car wash does that at no cost.

Md. Shaik

Cleaning is not perfect, you often need two wash to completely clean your car, if you have a long drive.

Lori Wulff

only place i know that has free car vacuum, free air pump.

judith motzkin

The interior crew did an especially good cleaning, helping me clear leaves from gunnels under hood and hatch. Love this car wash!

Teddy Eguale

Very good wash, fast and friendly staff.

Daris Boggs

Higher price but gets the car clean.

Howard Cimaglio

You can get your car wash 7 days a week from 7:30 to 7 p.m. for $15 a month can't beat that deal anywhere

David Firth

Best car wash around, my truck always looks great when I leave

mark colegrove

Staff is the laziest, never applies wheel brite even though I pay for it, scrubs every cars back window & bumper but never mine. Highly contimplating using Allston Car Wash for now on. I would definitely not recommend this place to anyone

John Perry

Great place to wash your car. I have the Ultra unlimited plan, and I love it.

Josh Holben

emanuel neves

I like the one on faneuil Street the best

Tom Avishai

Came at a not so busy time, had to spend almost an hour there. Very expensive, awful staff, car came out not so clean and when I commented about it they said they are not responsible for it. I ended up taking one of their towels and finishing the job myself. Will never go back, don't recommend anyone else to go there.

Arya Biswas

James Puma

Pretty big for a touchless, lots of room in the bay. Prices were normal, $17 for "ULTIMATE" with the clearcoat sealer or what not.

jelly baa

Fast easy and cheap ;)

Adrian Brown


Julia Brennan Brand

Free vacuum

Carl Andrews

They got free vacuums and the car wash does a good job, I can't complain about that!

J. R

People that work there are mediocre at customer service

Misfit Kitty

Joe Geary

Its just ok

Brandon Avery

Guys who work here look sketchy and half of the washes are way overpriced.

Paul Chacon

Great service package and amenities

Mohammad Baradaran Shoraka

The exterior wash is like any other place but their interior wash was exceptional

Mike Garcia

Always a great stop

Bhanu Teja

Tracy Day

Great job to detail and cheap and they dont take forever ni e timing

Paul Rousselle

Good car wash overall with free vacuums.

Aleksey Mihailov

Washing my car 2-3 times a week at this location

Tiffany Payne

The suctions are no good. They barely suck anything up.. Ever since they switched it for you to pay(which is $2) they actual suction vacuum doesnt work as well.. Dont waste your time..

Ja Ce

Apparently too much work for minimum wage 10$ hour when they making tons of money a day and can't give raises to employees who've been working for years!!


Pretty busy. They actually use soap. Best time is in the morning.

Dan Mares

Consistently good service and an effective wash. Space for vacuums and drying/detailing is at a premium and lines can be long on nice days/weekends but value can't be beat for the price. Note of caution - don't buy the multi wash packages at self-serve if you don't intend to use them within 90 days as they will expire. Management will make good on them but it's a bit of a hassle. This needs to be fixed Scrub-A-Dub!

Jeri Okamura

I have been going to ScrubaDub for over 10 years. I currently have a membership with a monthly subscription. I wash my car at least once per week. This location does a really sloppy job. I have been to this location at least 12 times in the past few months. The employees don't care whether your car gets washed. They only spray your car before it goes through the car wash, and they only spray the side of the car where they're already standing. Apparently, it's too much work for them to take a few steps to spray the other side of the car. They don't brush the back of my car, which is clearly dirty. They know that the machine doesn't wash the back of cars, but their approach is to make you go through the car wash again if it's not clean the first time. One time, when I drove back to go through the car wash again, the employee actually tried to tell me that the stuff on the back of my car was frozen water. It was cold, but definitely above freezing, low 40's. Another time, when I tried to go through the car wash again, I asked the employee to spray the other side of my car (I told him about the stuff on the side of my car that needed to be cleaned off.) He told me that he couldn't do it because the ground was icing, so it was too slippery for him to go there. It was 43 degrees. What ice? I only go to this car wash when I don't have time to go to another one, even though it's the closest to me. I often literally drive by this car wash during the course of my work on many days. Most of the time I've used this car wash in the past few months, I've had to drive through again. A COMPLETE WASTE OF MY TIME This is absolutely the worst of the SrubaDubs. The others I've been to always spray both sides of my car and brush the back. I rarely ever need to go through the car wash again. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS ONE

Bettyann Christiansen

Did not get my Car clean on bottom panels. Had to clean them when I got home. Not a very good job for the money

Justin O

Tony Kwon

I really like the unlimited deal (especially during the winter) don't like how vacuuming is extra having come from a place where vacuuming was included in the price. But I'm happy with the washes I get done here.

Joshua Porter

Jonathan Clackers

Nice wash, fair membership ideas but some of the reasoning behind the who, what and where to questions and answers about the wash, can be obscure in nature.

Bill Sulli

Awesome free vaccuum to boot!

Amer Alsamman

Love the free vacuum

Enox Alvarez

Great service and Towels for your windows or anything is great

Christina Loveday

Free Vacuum! :)

Bobby Vieira

Great car wash!

Susan Coombs

Love the free vacumes

Monssif Nexus

So far so good

Maria Nunez

I've bought the unlimited monthly pass which I'll cancel as soon as the snow stops. The Staff is friendly but my van always comes out spotty and dirty. My mirrors are always dirty and do is my back door. Barely any spraying down by staff and the system itself is not too efficient. I buy the 29.99 monthly plan. Will be seeking a new place come spring.

Alexander Addams

Small center. Tight fit considering the amount of traffic. Price is typically also. This one has vacuums (4).

kevin orourke

Was there at 6 30 AM.vac and automatic car wash was great

Jamila Hudson

They need to spray down BOTH sides of the car not just the drivers side. I shouldn't have to ask for that. There should be a person on either side to spray both sides of the cars

Tony Cruz

Affordable and reasonable prices

Otis. Simes

Andy H

Stevie D XD Durham

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