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340 Kennedy Memorial Dr, Waterville, ME 04901

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REVIEWS OF Golden Nozzle Car Wash - Exterior IN Maine

Amanda Arris

I have a monthly pass so I try to go as much as I can. I do wish the attendants would spend more time on the initial spray-down. I know they try to move the line as quick as I can but usually I have spots missed.

Jennifer Smith

Great car wash, slow at times, kind of expensive

Erin O'Brien

Good but expensive. Go on Tues its 5 dollars

Meghan Wert

Robert Joseph

Anthony Williams

Decent job

Victor Vasquez

Great service

Christina One


Tj ohara

This place is horrible. It engages in deceitful practices They tell you that you only have to pay one month at a time. But they automatically renew each month without your permission. So if you wash your car or not, you are automatically charged. If you pay for the month but tell them you don't want them to automatically charge your CC, they cancel your permission for that month even though they have already charged your CC. They made me pay again for another car wash. I am reporting them for fraud to the NH Consumer Department, the BBB, and my bank. Do NOT give your business to deceitful companies.

sheldon Archibald

William Dawe II

Mike Graham

Free vacuums!

Daniel Gelina

Kim Hazelton

Joseph Campbell

Cameron Phegley

Don’t waste your time and money on their top packages! Left my car spotty with wax.

Kayla Mckenna


Vincent Fattorini

This carwash is convenient and works well. Also the free vacuums are a plus!

SecureIT Test

If you want damage to your car you found the right place . They obviously don't care if they keep customers. Management was very rude when I reported the car wash damaged my vehicle.

Toya Marie

Wish I could give them no stars old guy was rude. and paid 15.00 for the works but my car still still dirty never again

Scott Hamilton

Dan Rembert

Great place to shine up the ride

Deborah Dugas

Andrew Stiman

It looked like a 5 year old got ahold of the brush and cleaned my truck. Missed 70% of my truck and made it look worse than it did before I went in. It happened once before but decided to give it another chance... paid for the "best" car wash and it was terrifyingly terrible

Marcel Turgeon

Their tire shine actually does cover the whole tire.

Sandman Cat

Lisa Caron

Do a great job

Ethan Guerette

Good car wash but they dont open up on time...ever. They advertise 7am, but I've never seen it open before 7:30. Many wasted trips, and waste of $25/month. Makes the wash pass pretty pointless if I cant use it before work.

Phyllis Edwards

Did a great job.

Yury Grekov

Jason Battle

Rick Premont

The best wash in town

David St. Pierre

Good job. Expensive

milo 04sox

My ride was needed a wash and they gave me great service. Ron was good to work with!

omer koc

Madison Saunders

This place is awesome always greeted with nothing but smiles really feel welcomed whenever going in there really gain a connection with the workers as they do with the customers

Ben Mathieu

ALL THESE PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT PEOPLE cutting clearly dont pay attention. it says alternate merge that means one left one right. so if 5 dumb people get in one line and i get in the second thats empty they may think there being cut but the rule is one from each side.... get with the program


F.L. Roberts Golden Nozzle locations are all top notch to me.

John Cassidy

The car wash broke my rear view mirror which I immediately filled out a form for at the car wash. Called plenty of times and got the same answer every time that the manager wasn't there he will call you back. He never called back and I ended up biting the bullet, which they wanted me to do. Won't be going back.

Aswin Chalupadi

Pamela Hotham

Olivia Eberli

Vikram Karandikar

Affordable unlimited plans. The only downside is sometimes rinsing doesn’t clean the soap and air blow cycle is far too short to dry the car completely. Most of the time I end up wiping it up after coming home. Simoniz is a better option if you are willing to pay $5 extra per month.

James Kelby

Erica Mclean

Employees are excellent

Tanya Bennett

Love this place. I go daily with my pass

Paul Provencher

For 14.99 a month you can get your car wash every day if you want too , now that's a deal

Ruth Krapova


They washed my car.

Chris Porter

Being retired military, thanks for giving free full service on Veterans Day.

Yazmin rodriguez

Always a pleasure, fast service and free vacuums! Victor is a great employee always a smile on his face and so kind!

Korny Sinclair

Great place

Jim to Thorne

Zane Salam


Sarah Carnahan

This carwash is nice and pretty standard but the lines are always insanely long.

Dawn Nieves


Jeff Deterlizzi

Hunter Dodge

Had a monthly pass and was going great till I waited one day five min for someone to come out. When I finally got sent through I came out and had a blown front tire. I went back around and filled out an incident report with the employee there... he gave me the wrong form to fill out and said I had to wait for the head manager (Nick) to show up where i was informed by his coworker he was out to eat with his girl friend and told he is usually gone for 2-3hours?!?!. After 40 min of waiting for the manager i finally left to get a new tire. While getting the new tire about an hour later I recieved a phone call from the manager wondering why I left and telling me to come back so I could fill out the form and so he could go home for the day as if I was incoviencing him .. when I got back to the wash the manager then proceeded to interogate me and inform me my car was falling apart and that it shouldnt even of been on the road.. Ignoring the ignorant commentary I proceeded to change my tire... at that time the manager could not get his hands on my wheel quick enough to then soak it with water to test and make sure there was a hole (as if it wasnt clear enough my tire was flat on my vehicle). After he made a muddy mess of my wheel he informed me his supervisor was requiring him to keep my wheel for evidence and that i wasnt allowed to take MY WHEEL..?!?! After informing him i needed my wheel so I could use my rim for the new tire he unwilling gave it back to me to put in back in my car SOAKING WET!!!! After calling serval times throughout the week i finally got a call from the manager saying he wasnt going to pay for the damages as there was not enough evidence to corroborate my story.. and that if it was that important to me to get a new tire i wouldnt have arrived back at the car wash two hours after the incident to fill out a report with him... where maybe if he was doing his job when he was supposed to instead of trying to cover his own ass there would have been enough evidence and more then enough time after to fill out an incident report. The worst prt about this whole situation too is you cant even deal with the supervisor of this wash directly you have to go through the manager who is trying to cover his own ass when he wasnt even there. My vehicle got damaged in their wash and they will come up with any excuse to not pay for the damages. Requested a call back multiple times with their corporate office and they avoid you like your the next plague. I highly recommend you do yourself a favor and not use this wash. I understand accidents happen but its the actions taken after the fact.. If they try this hard not to cover a tire imagine the difficulties youll have if you loose a mirror..

Kathy Bureau

I really enjoy the pay by the month as I wash my truck more often. I live out of the way and sometimes I make a special trip. 3 times this year I've made that special trip only to find that the car wash is not operational. Other than that, I like it.

Arthur Gilbert

Tire gloss sprayed on the body. Right side.

Thomas Libiszewski

The best car wash in town!

Chris Hill

Best car wash around

Clark Harvey

I have their monthly plan and the an have my car washed everyday if I want!!

Zachary Simmons

Amanda Morrison

jeff papillon

This is a well-run Quality Car Wash. I'm a monthly member and that is the best saving that I can wash my car every week for half the price that I would normally pay. If you happen to wash it twice a week it's only a quarter of the price you would normally pay and you're quite rewarded with a very clean car. Always smiling have good conversations

Milton Diaz

Caren Vitagliano

Easy in and out process..the wait looks longer than it is.

Peter Whiton

Doug Knox

Decent wash. Air dryer needs a little more power. Monthly subscription is nice. $15 to wash whenever you want is cheaper than 2 basic washes.

Jose Rivera

Quick service and free vaccuums that work well.

Josh Desharnais

Free vacuums

Phil Howard

Paid for "The Best". Got "sub-par". Sure, it cleaned my car, but not all of it. Only washed the wheels on one side and left swirled scratches in my passenger door and mirrors. Go to Simonz on exit one. Never had issues there through three cars and years of cleaning.

Steve L

Car wash attendant was impatient

Linda Davis

Rebecca Gonzalez

matt tully

The 2ND lane they added is a night mare . No one guides you in . People cut in front of each other causing people to wait even longer . Dropped the pass . Back to the regular way . Never any lines . And no more rude people that just cut in front of you .

boo st

do you have unlimited washes? - can't be beat - wash your car twice a day!

Philip Pouliot

Not the place for best vehicle wash and dry. But this place is the best car wash in town of Westfield compare to other golden nozzle and different company.

Patrick Cormier

Ran through twice and hosed off still soap all over truck 2nd time this has happened. Won’t be back

Steve W

Good deal !!

Dan Fagan

Great car Wash

Len Cranston

Free vacs

Philip Kocsis

Chris Manos

C. Heather Moody

Love their vacuums

Derrick Fortier


judy sorrajja

silver miner 5 oz

Very good car wash,well run and maintained.


Paid for the “best”. Amount of soap was minimal. The “pre-wash” was minimal. The overall wash did not get all the dirt off the body or the wheels. Not overly pleased with the car wash results.

Jennifer Randall

Keith Carrier

Marco Andrade

Vacuum are free and powerful

Maurice Davis

Sherry Vashon

Very friendly and good service.

Billy knights jr


Kathryn Smolko

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed. Online it says they have a touchless wash (this location doesn't). Also, there was still plenty of dirt left on my car when I got out... So I don't have much confidence in the cleanliness of the undercarriage.

Petr Yurchenko

Mini baby bill name will sometimes be changed

Love the smell of a just washed car. The attendants are quick and kind. Best place for a car wash.

Ryan Mathieu

lisa miller

Michael Albert

Gamo Maya

Michelle F.

AJ Stowell

Jim holland

Car had tree sap and stains and did very well cleaning my car!

David DiMare

The $12 car wash isn't even worth 5. It was the shortest one I've ever had, with barely a pass of the scrubbers. There was still bug, dirt, and residue all over the front. It didn't clean anything off the windshield, and now it's even harder to clean because it sealed everything under a waxy coating. We will NOT be coming back to this one again.

Ann Blake

Long story short...Had my car washed..after that my radio was sounding badly...antenna had snapped off. Went back to them they found it on the ground in the car wash. Logan the manager was a Super Awesome guy and didn't give me any hassle. He was very professional and had me make out a accident form.... I had a estimate done and I was able to have it fixed at their expense. Now that's the kind of service that is rarely seen nowadays!!!! Thank you Logan and Golden Nozzle for taking excellent care of your customers!!!! Kudos to You!!!!!

Adam Tarbox

The unlimited car wash pass is very convenient and I try to stop in whenever possible. I've noticed that this location doesn't do as good of a job as other locations like Lewiston and Scarborough, but a good value nonetheless.

Pat Longway

My car looked great when it came out!

Kayla Rand

I dont know if the vacuum's are part of this business but they are terrible! Would not suck up and dirt I went to 3 different units that is just unreal... the car wash was fine but your vacuums do NOT SUCK in the worst way.

Rich B

Only use the vacuum

Brianna Greene

Best place to fill up discount car wash with purchase and FREE VACCUMES!!!!

Beba Mc

Kerry Lee Ryan

Jose Rodriguez

Place is Great , Manager is always willing to rewash my vehicle if im not satisfied , always a lasting shine and for 19.99$ a month for unlimited washes !!! Thats a Steal

Melissa B

Rosie’s vegan life/adventures Leger

Love taking my car for a wash...especially if you get the monthly pass. It's easy to go and your out with a clean car....

Amelia White


I just needed a piece of tape one inch by one to prevent blower from peeling off roof mounding on a new Tacoma. The manager came out and was rude stating we can’t give you tape all the time and completely overreacted so I’m canceling my pass. Usually it’s good service. Westfield Ma. Maple street location. He stated I would make a bogus complaint and tried to make the call on his phone stating I don’t want you to lie. A little piece of duck tape

john banfield

Randall Burns

Got go there everyday

katelin brown

Arelys Rivera

Love the pass

Cath O

Love the monthly feature!

Matthew Natale

This car wash is best and at a good price I always enjoy coming to see the workers nothing bust smiles especially Ron always there to answer any questions and very understanding

Carrie Johnson

They have a 1 month unlimited wash for $19.99 a month.

Stacie Laughton

Clinton Walka

Went to clean out my vehicle but the vacuum was frozen. I guess I'll never do that again. I got a refund though which is kinda worth it considering my cars still dirty.

Daniel n Gelina

Kyle White

Teresa Cooper

mark tousignant

Joe A Beane


Scratched my hood. They would not accept the blame despite proof.


They do a very good job. Tuesdays for $5 works out great

Jason Gilbert

An affordable way to keep your ride clean

Phil D'Agostino

I have not washed my car in at least 12 years it has as of today 343902 miles on it a honda 2002 crv awesome car. I went to Golden Nozzle because I had to meet my new boss had the car washed and it was awesome. The wheels looked like new. I promise to wash my car once a month now. Best $10.00 I spent in a long time

kevin matuszczak

Pass is a great deal

DawnMarie Long

Purchased unlimited plan on Two cars and The younger kid at night doesn’t even do his job spraying down the car prior to me entering the wash the last two times I’ve gone...then has the nerve to give the customer (myself) an attitude and is rude as all H.... when I ask him to do so!! Plus it’s 6:50 pm currently on a Wednesday and they wouldn’t let me enter and closed (same kid) yet they close at 8 according to your time so therefore it won’t benefit me to keep this recurring payment with work hours. Also agree with others with it leaving the cars with dirt and spots on vehicles!

Daniel Rosario

Sean Hoye

Trixter R

acl p

Cody Elkins

M Goodness

Chris Hotham

K Bart Smith

Cheyenne Burgess

BobaMatt 413

Tonia Martins Williams

Jimmy Thegent

Awesome place

Patrick Kennagh

The Car Wash Fanatic

This is By Far, The Best Car Wash in New Hampshire. I got the $19 Wash which is their Best Wash and it made my Car Shine! I would Recommend this Place!


Jeffrey Degroot


Good wash

Daniel Savage

One of the best washes for your car. They'll re-wash your car if not satisfied. Always been a great wash.

Margo Dun

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