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208 Western Ave, Augusta, ME 04330

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Where is Fast Eddie's Express Car Wash?

REVIEWS OF Fast Eddie's Express Car Wash IN Maine

Jeffrey Fairfield

Good service, proficiency in getting cars cleaned, excellent fluidity of vehicle flow.

Dawn Nichols

Quick, convenient and many options!

Ashley Healey

Purchased the most expensive car wash and then added the additional future wash and then when I went back to use the future car wash I paid for it won’t work and no there ever seems to be helpful! Won’t be returning!

Nathan Brassard

Easy drop in for a quick wash or fast detail. Subscriptions available. Great quality wash and service!

Evan Libby

Quick quality service.

Chris Carter

Beats the hell out of your car!

Mister Ma55h0l3 617

Love this car wash, highly recommend over anyone else!!!

Michael MacFarland

It IS fast. Great crew that seem to work well together and the car is always clean.

Richard Dulac

Best wash

William Dawe II

Super wash.. great wash and staff and are very helpful on any questions you have. Thanks folks!! Great response and A+ on customer service.. thanks I changed from a 3 to a 5 star. :)

alyssa lagreca

Not a fan of this car wash. Every time we go through, our vehicle is covered in soap when we drive away. Tried to contact them by phone but they dont answer and voicemail isnt set up it says. Not impressed.

Scott Brooke

Best ever staff and service.

Martin Rigoulot

Super job

Julie Anderson

They do a great job here!

Michael Bernier

Good wash, good price

Van Davis

The car wash does a good clean and the dryer works pretty well but I would bring a rag for a touch-up drying and I would have given it a five except they give you one token for vacuum and it's only good for three minutes not nearly enough to do your whole car.

Casey Lawrence

Not bad for the price

Toby Jandreau

This is the most awesome car wash ever. At first, I was a little apprehensive, but once I was in, my mind was blown. My wife experienced some motion sickness and I believe I had a brief moment of disassociation, sort of like an out of body experience. When it was all over, we had only travelled maybe twenty feet, although it felt like much more. The car was clean and I was a changed man.


First place I get my car washes at Fast Eddie's

Tori MC125

It used to be, for the longest time, that the only carwash in the area worth it's soap, was at J&S in Manchester. However, now there's a new carwash in town, Augusta actually, that not only rivals its Manchester neighbor, but out "shines" it in a few areas. First, it's run more effectively and efficiently as there are two automated lanes, where you select your wash, pay and select whether or not you want a FREE vacuum (that's another plus) that keep vehicles moving, in an alternating steady, course to the tunnel, second, instead of having staff collect money, and set the machine, there are attendants already sudsing up your car, getting all those areas an automatic carwash always miss, like the lower side panels and the glass directly under that rear window hood (if you have one). There have been as many as four, but it's usually three that descend on your vehicle. The third, I already gave away, you get a FREE vacuum with every paid wash and; finally four, the completed wash is superior, it's more consistent and it, at least for my vehicle, it gets into those areas that other carwashes miss. This could be the manual pre-scrubbing, the automated wash or a combination of the two. As I mentioned, you can select to get a FREE vacuum token with your wash. If you decide to take advantage of the perk, which I highly suggest, I mean, it's FREE, keep in mind it's FREE. Your time only lasts for 3 minutes, after that, you have to feed it your own money. There are, I believe, 6 vacuuming stations, on my first visit I seemed to get a good system with good suction on my next two visits I wasn't so lucky, as they barely picked up some table salt that spilled in my cargo area, but the last time, I actually picked the only machine that had it's hose disconnected from the swinging pipe. I should have looked, but still. It's a great wash, but it's not inexpensive. An Extreme Wash will run you $19, I believe they value it at $40 or $49. I'm not sure who gives it that value, but I can honestly say you would be hard pressed to find folks willing to spend that kind of money on a carwash, unless of course Tom Brady was there giving away Patriots tickets and we'd still expect the FREE vacuum. Anyway, at $19, it's still steep, but worth a splurge to get off the winter sludge. They do offer an unlimited monthly rate at $24.99. I guess if you swing through at least twice in a month you've already saved. Fast Eddie's is worth a try. They do a great job and I've been satisfied each time I've visited, but it will be costly if you plan on getting your vehicle washed there more than once per month. J&S also has an unlimited plan, it's $14.99 per month. That's probably a little easier to digest especially if you can do without the 3 minute FREE vacuum. Enjoy!

Deborah Erickson

Good but didn't clean my car as good as I was expecting

Valerie Landry

Good car wash but cannot wash a convertable there.

Adam Schaff

Base wash includes undercarriage. Affordable.

tiffani belisle

Fast & they prewash your car in the beginning to avoid scratches

Terry Rose

Does an excellent cleaning job, worth the price. Plus you get a free vacuum with each wash. Location is quite handy and provides an efficient wash.

Lorien Winslow

I love taking my girls through this car wash. The staff is always awesome and 9 times out of 10 will draw a smiley face on the window which the girls love! The colors as you go through are also fun. Plus the pre rinse at the start helps to get my car super clean!

kris Soiett

They need a longer rinse time. Had to go rise my truck off after a wash there.

James Slocomb

My son loves this car wash.

Tammy Harrington

Awesome car wash! Cleaned off more road crud than any other car wash in the area.

Thomas Dumont

Love this place. Does a great job at a good price. I signed up for unlimited plan last winter and did it again this year. One price for the month, $24/mo. Great deal for what you get. Other local car washes are lowing prices in response to this place but this place is better. Great employees prep the car well before entering the car wash.

Going Somewhere

Good place.....compared to doing it yrself

Mark Richard

Great service

David Doughty

Nice new place

Shrikant Gupta

The only thing I didn’t liked here is 3 min limit for vacuum cleaner and again you have to buy a token. Never saw a limit on vacuum at any car wash

Angelica Booker

High tech carwash and all options have under body blast!

Faith Bardy

The man at the start was fantastic he really really got our car good before we entered the wash. Our very dirty car was spotless when we came out! Best service I've had, will be buying a membership for sure!


Gets the job done and does it well

Kenn Kid

excellent. The undercarriage on our car gets very clean on the monthly plan. You get this feature on the $7 wash too. Very necessary in Maine because of the calcium on the roads today.

Veronica Sterling

great pricing and a brand new wash system offering a free vacuum token each time you wash. available pet washing.

Joseph Marin

Ok wash, difficult location

Margaret Donaghue

Attentive staff noticed my back window was partially opened and made sure it was completely closed before I went in the auto wash! Quick and efficient

ginny scofield

My favorite place to go, my car well he quite likes it! Smells so good ~

jason tucker

Not very impressed with there car was

Lynette Eastman

Great service and great car wash.

Mats Gefvert

I'm scared everytime I go through it, but that happens every time I drive into a large machine with huge arms washing my car. But it's fast, super-convenient, the staff is efficient, and most of the time it does a really good job on the car. We've got the monthly subscription now (no extras) and it's working out beautifully, especially during the winter months - just dropping by for a quick five-minute wash every time the car gets dirty is amazing.

Justin Leighton

Does a good job

Steve Butterfield

Great automated car wash and a decent price

Ryan Duchette

Nice place to vacuum out the car just wish the drying area after the actual wash was a bit better. There were streaks here and there that didn't get dried

Cher Clary

Gets people through quickly, lots of price choices and free vacuum

Kathy Riley

Did a fabulous job!

Ginny Scofield

Always a great experience my car is actually very clean & shines like crazy.

Christopher Douglas

One of the area's newest facilities with easy access and exit. Discounted purchases for longer duration. Accepts credit / debit cards. The vacuum is a total waste of money - like a dollar a minute! You can do the drive through or use a wash bay.

Jonathan Hughes

The automated wash and its intake staff do a very thorough job. Was pleased with the finished result. Thanks!

Jessica Decker

Fast fast fast.... Need I say more.

W Clardy

Signed up for the monthly subscription (unlimited washes for less than $30 per month) last winter and it was worth it. Not only was it trivial to not have my truck coated with road salt, it was also great always having the cleanest vehicle in the parking lot (I would circle through the wash every couple of days). Highly recommended! EDIT: I see several folks have commented about scratching and dinged front plates, but I haven't had either problem, and I've been using this wash for over a year now. I'm guessing that the shape of my Silverado shields my license plate, but I've also taken a couple of other cars through with no problems. EDIT 2: I did finally experience a bent license plate with my son's RAV4. The front license plate came out shaped like a U (looking at it from the above), but I had no problem flattening it back out barehanded (I don't know if Maine specialty plates are supposed to be thinner, but this one felt only half as stiff as the lid off a can of beans). I replaced the plastic license frame (that was broken long before) with a $5 steel replacement from the auto parts store down the street, and haven't had it happen again.

Nick Pathiakis

Love this car wash. Excellent job. Great reduced price when you buy 2 washes

Ed Short

This car wash is "just ok". The two attendants are mediocre at best. One directed us in, the other shot a very quick blast of water across the grill, another shot across the windshield and then another shot down the passenger side. Then …

Ron Stewart

I dont care for brush washes but this one is ok

Lewis Corriveau

Fast and clean. It is how a carwash should be.

Daniel Roger's

Great service very clean car after. But trucks watch ur merriors.. almost 5 stars

Sharon Morang

I like taking my car here regularly. They do a good job of getting it clean. I have a monthly membership which means I can take my car through daily which is great in this winter weather. I get a token for the vacuum every time I go through as part of the membership also. I'm so happy with the plan chosen.

Norman Martin

Scratched my truck many times

alan russo

Windshield scratched on my brand new car


I took my 2017 truck to this Fast Eddie's Express Car Wash in Augusta, Maine yesterday not only did it come out just as dirty as it went in it left scratches on it. Without even looking at it the Owner through his manager said there is no …

Christie Goulet

Efficient, with every penny

Chris Dorman

Second time through, second time some thing was ripped off my car.......

Jeffrey Day

I went to get my car washed this morning after it was sitting under a wire for a month. It was covered with dried bird turds. The 2 guys that were working must have scrubbed my car for 10 minutes in an effort to get it looking semi normal. After they were done and I went through the wash, car was soooo much better. These guys were AWESOME and Fast Eddies is the place to go for a clean car and great service!

Alan Swett

The best car wash in Central Maine! They wash your car and then it goes through the car. wash machine! Cheap prices, great service!

Cee V.

It was fast, Eddie!

Uncle Tommy

Best car wash in Augusta are use it every time I go to visit for the month

Timothy Walter

Nice place to keep your ride clean

George Tzikas

I went yesterday paid for the extreme wash for $15.00 after going through I stopped to put my mirrors back out on my truck to see the bugs where still on the back side of mirrors the mirrors hadn't been washed the grill still full of bugs .my rear bumper still had dust on it. The people that work there now do not seem to do a good job I will be going to golden nozel

Carolyn Wheeler

I paid for car wash in advance and never got it. When they offer you a second car wash for 10.00 the computer doesn’t tell you it’s only good for 24 hours. What a gimmick. Who washes their car every 24 hours. Tried calling no one answers. Telling everyone I know to spread the word FAST EDDIES CAR WASH is a rip off

Joshua Adams

I know they state it doesnt scratch your car but I use to wash by hand 3-4 times a week I know all imperfections on my car and after the first wash here I had major scratches that I know for fact came from this car wash. I now go too the car wash on Brunswick road in Gardiner, nothing touches your car there but soap, wax and water and it does a great job!! Best part no scratches. I tried to cancel but it still charged me for another month $50. If you have a new or show car do not go here.

Terry Drake

Conveniently located car wash. They do a good job. Busy location but they do a good job of efficiently get you in & out.


It's fast. A couple attendants do a pre-wash. Only problem is the machines are notorious for bending your front license plate up. All around town you can recognize their customers immediately.

Irene Peaslee

Used pet wash services great to have

Kate Gurney

Great quick car wash with the option to vacuum included in car wash pricing.

Debbie Page

Best car wash I've ever gone to. Even with the least expensive wash, i received a very good pre-scrub down by the attendants & a token for a free vacuum. Very impressed by my 1st visit & I've continued to go back for the more expensive washes. Thank you for coming to Augusta.

Monique A

Great place for a quick thorough car wash.

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