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1739, 14 Hamilton Ct, Topsham, ME 04086

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REVIEWS OF Auto Shine Car Wash Topsham IN Maine

George Umberhind

Michael Cuskelly


C.R. White

Michael C

Tri foam cleaner didn't work, tire shine blew air instead of tire shine compound, water pressure was very low, one bay was flooded and couldn't be used. Not worth the money.

Andrew Mass


Corey Allen

Card readers don't work.

Jennifer Sproul

Busy, however great place car shined up very Well. I went through the touchless carwash best one yet!

Nathan Green

Car wash was decent but the vacuums are all junk. There is absolutely no suction to them and all but 2 ate my quarters and never kicked on. Called the number to try and leave a message it just rang and rang. Hopefully i can get my money back tomorrow. Will not be coming back to this place. I will drive to wiscasset or bath if i have to.

Adrian Cote

The tunnel wash is always closed, and the touch free wash does little more than wet your car and half dry it. I went in with bird droppings and typical bug splatter and came out with the same. I've tried it twice now and wont be going back, don't waste the money.

Amy Santos

Crappy water pressure. It took too long to wash car there fore costing me more money. No triple foam, or clear protectant coat came out of thr nozzles. Been to better for less.

Brandon Bursley

TERRIBLE. 12$ for a basic car wash and you don’t even get undercarriage wash. I spend 10$ over at the car wash on pleasant street in Brunswick and it will get EVERYTHING. DONT waste your money here. I figured the reviews here were just from snobby reviewers as you always get those who want everything for nothing. Well I was wrong. This car wash literally sucks both in prices and service. Trust me if you want a good wash go to the New England Touchless Car Wash in Brunswick. I assure you will be much more highly satisfied with it and the price you’ll pay. The only problem there’s is the lines can be long (like most car washes this time of the year) but it will make your car look a lot better coming out.

Jon White

Kori Blake

oh ma

Absolute no. The part of the car that did get washed got scratched up. The other side didn't get washed. $16 is very expensive for a very cursory machine wash and it it were free it wouldn't compensate for the scratches. And the attendants gave me no instruction (a sign up on the wall is completely obstructed plus I was focused on driving between the tire track and then following their hand instruction to stop). No one said to put the car in neutral. That's the one instruction.. why don't they tell you? Why isn't there a sign while you wait before entering? They can't use a bit of their breathe to say "put it in neutral? just assume that everyone "just knows". I hope my transmission isn't damaged. And the only one other time in my life that I used a car wash years ago the guy came and did a hand dry of the windshield. On a sunny October day when there weremt other cars waiting.. it's clearly not in their model. They didn't ask if my car was ok or tell me what to look for. So, on all accounts, avoid

Joe McBrady

Thanks for the great work

D Fredric K

Casey Lawrence


Eugene Frye


The folks over here take great pride in maintaining their facility and making sure that everything runs smoothly. I've never had an issue here and they've always done good work and their machines are always very operable. The prices are standard for any car wash facility. They offer interior detailing here by appointment and they do a great job, the prices for interior detailing are a little competitive but I would recommend shopping around if you want a better price. I can't guarantee you'll get the same quality of work though elsewhere.

Michael Day

Corey Parsons

Worst carwash ever. Paid 16$ for a touchless car wash and didn't remove the dirty specs from yesterday's rain. Had to hand wash once i got home. Prices for each wash were pretty high compared to other local places with the same service. Completely ripped off.

Kyle Charest

Good clean wash facility. Other places offer free vacuums, but the place does not. Line can get long.

Ryan Sullivan

Greg Choquette

Not a great car wash

shawn mckeough

Adam Austin

Over priced

Satish Chamreddy

April Burgess

Not only did it not wash my car I put a 20 in the machine for a $16 car wash and never got any change and didn't get a receipt so I'm out for bucks and I'm out of clean car I'm not impressed will never go back I will never recommend this place to anybody

Gary Hastings

The blowers in the touch free wash has not worked in at least three weeks $16 and the car looks like it was washed in one of the stalls.

Scott Matlock

Dawn Toth

Always friendly and lines move quickly.

Erin Vandine


Lindsey Sulick

Butch French

It's ok for a quick pay and spray but don't plan on using any of their vacuums because they take your money and don't work!

Eric T

Machine stole my money. Says no change available, after I paid with a $20. No one to help with the issue. I will never return to this horrible place

Christopher DeRosier

Went through the touchless and it seemed like all the soap and chemicals were out. All I got was a high pressure water bath there. I could of done that at my house and saved the $15

Frank Fairbrother

Ronald Valade

Quick and easy.

Andrea Maillet

Overpriced, does a terrible job, doesn't get the soap off your car and management is unresponsive to complaints.

Jim Ridlon

Christopher Hallowell

Great place to wash the ole tank at 1 of the self serve stations broke down and they reimbursed me for the trouble, good people highly recommended

Oliver Walter Solmitz

Both change machines don’t work, had to go to three vacuum cleaners to find one not brocken, office where I finally got change was thilthy in my opinion.

Cheryl Grant

Kevin Estes

Sarah Christopher

Best car wash I have found!

Gloria Wilson

Went to car wash last night 2 bays open automatic had barrel in front of. Went in bay closest to automatic. The pressure was horrid and wand just shook the whole time. Left a message and I have yet to hear from them. Put cone on remaining bay so someone else did not get stuck like me! Another FYI rubber tips for the sprayers ends only cost a small amount so you don't risk striking your paint. Potholes or crater in front of car wash is ridiculous. I don't understand why this car wash that was amazing has gone so downhill.

John Phipps

Alison Lee Freeman

Frederick Frenz

Your vehicle is manually scrubbed VERY WELL before going through the automated portion. Several prices for the various types/finishes offered. Outstanding results!

In Human Creation Media

John Boucher

Darcy Thirlwall

We used just the rinse function for about eight minutes, used a credit card, and found later that we were charged $14.00. Will never go here again!

Cathy Normand

Ritchie Cunningham

I tried this place 2 weeks in a row. First time hardly any pressure, car was still dirty, second time used a different bay same thing no pressure it almost a full minute just to wash the dirt off the back of my minivan, I left went to the Irving station next door got out to look at it and it still covered with dirt. I have used the automatic car wash and it worked fine. Disappointed to spend money to wash my van and have it still dirty.

Alison Freeman


Kyle Brown

DO NOT GO HERE. They don't even rinse well enough to get all the soap off let alone the dirt. $17 for "the best" wash, all I have to show for it is a still dirty car and some fresh scratches. Save yourself the trouble and go somewhere else.

brandon daniels

Went there yesterday for a basic self-service wash. First, there are huge gaps in the pavement when you enter and exit the facility. Noticed that there was no soap coming out of the wind in the first bay car wash. After five minutes of self washing the car, went to the office to let them know that there was no soap coming out of the wand. Was told “yeah, that hasn’t worked for several weeks.” No sign saying it doesn’t work. Pretty sleepy business practices. Asked for a refund or for them to put me into a different bay and all the little twerp could say was “sorry man”. The bay should not even be open.

Rob Hazard

$13. & nothing was soaped but the panels & the rinse didn't even get all the soap off. The worst!!

Tim M

Peter Havas

$100 detailing on my Jag. Attendant ran the car through the wash with the radio on, antenna extended. It broke and they claim they are not responsible for "accessories".

Brad Powers

Attendant pulled rear bumper loose for no reason. Then was completely rude and unprofessional. Said now that it was loose I couldn't go through "his" wash. Two of them working 10/19/16 have no business dealing with the public. The owner needs to hire and train quality people.

Paul Ducharme

Stopped into this location in Topsham three times, first time was typical, I paid and got my van washed, 2nd time there was no one in sight, after honking and getting out of my van the attendant appeared and seemed annoyed with me for having disturbed his time in a back room, 3rd time, one pickup truck already in, local police cruiser in front of me, no one seemed interested in getting vehicles through so after waiting for several minutes seeing nothing move I left, won’t bother a 4th time

Marco Navarro

Great carwash. Tim is great and always helpful!

Samiee Davis

The vacuums never work and there’s never anyone in the office to refund you.

Beth Barnes

Help! Manager unavailable to discuss damage to rear window wiper arm on my MDX. Long term customer loses?

Sy Ferr

Paid for the best wash and then watched the car ahead of me get a hand pre-wash. My car got no pre-wash. They just sprayed my car and put it through the auto wash.

Julie M

Great service.

Ronald Weeks

Loren Goodridge

This place has gone to the dogs. After waiting in a long line, got to kiosk where a sign was posted saying “soap doesn’t work, everything else works great “. Paid $16 for a premium wash, under carriage wash didn’t work, Pre-soak 1 and 2 did not work, high pressure rinse did work. Foam conditioning and clear coat did not work. Spot free rinse worked. I am looking for a new car wash. I will not be back. P.S. tunnel was out of order, 2 self wash bays out of order and trash all over lot at noon on a busy, sunny Saturday afternoon.

Tom Hartley

Bob The Biker

Top quality, great staff.

Benjamin Dauphinee

Louis Smith

Bob Lawler

Jason Russell

Steven Michaud

Consistently rude. Unhelpful. Expensive. But main issue is worst customer service I’ve ever seen

Joshua McMillan

Ashleigh Steeves

Kellie Coulter

Jaimy Friedrich

Cee V.

Jennifer Severance

B Swids

Wade Fraser

Paid $16 for the best wash automatic wash. My truck is still nasty, sand and salt all over it. Place is a rip off do not go. Now to go pay for ANOTHER WASH ELSEWHERE.

Richard Acker

It would be helpful for the hours of the full service wash to be posted on sign.

Guy Erdmann

Go there 1 a month

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