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REVIEWS OF Tropic Car Wash Covington IN Louisiana


Can't beat works great on my convertible AND my truck. The hot wax actually protects, and I can just hose off pollen/dirt at home in between washes. There's a huge sign that basically says don't use the car wash if you drive a hooptie, these brushes are stronger than the duct tape that's probably holding your mirror on.

Jennifer Persac

Didn't come close to drying the car, and I purchased the most expensive wash.

Cynthia Magee


Christy Bigham

clean. neat. well taking care of car wash. Definitely will come back here many time to wash my car

David W.

Very nice carwash. Free vacs.

Allison Seamon

The back of my SUV has not gotten clean the last 2 visits. I even washed the back before going into the cash was with the brushes outside. I have used the cash wash for a while with no issues but the last few times it has just not cleaned my SUV well.

Janie Valle

Conveniently located. Vacuums work great. The carwash did not clean the top/roof of my standard sized car.

Richard Mendoza

Marie Hubert

A friend of mine went through the car wash and her car was damaged and they did nothing and would not give her their insurance information. The owner was very rude to my friend's daughter. Will NEVER go there again!!! BEWARE if you go there for a car wash and something happens to your car in the process of the wash!!!!!!!!!

Jeffrey Bertoniere

mary harms

Easy, convenient and low cost

Jonathan Jones

Works great....

Michael C.


Ok machine car wash, cheap.

Audrey Rowland

Joanne Kustenmacher

Good carwash

Shelby Adams

cynthia vizcaino

Great place to wash vehicle. $6.00 and up and free vacuum.

Linda Lord Timberman

Michael Siqueira

Another joke ,you would do,a better job doing it for your self.

Claire McGee

Great drive thru car wash and good vacuums! I use them all the time

Southern Yankee Robinson

My wife just bought a new car and this is the only carwash I'm allowed to use lol good wash if your in a hurry

Guillermo Bragg

Casey Loris

Great place to wash your car & vacuum !!!!

Michael Alphonso

Evelyn Starns

Anthony Moore

I frequent this establishment with not one thing bad to say. Check it out!

Blake Boudreaux

Clean clean clean

Ronda Oubre

I like to wash my car at lunch. Very convenient and inexpensive!

Jackie Marcussen

This is a great place to wash your vehicle and vacuum the inside. Must wash first and then vacuum. Cost is $6.00 unless you wa my wax, too.

LORENA Vallecillo

(Translated by Google) Very good work (Original) Muy buen trabajo

Daulton Knope

It's great because all the washes clean ur car but most of them only have 1 difference I'll notice... Maybe. Free vacuums if u go through the wash and DOY wash is free.

August Doucet

They do a very nice Cleaning job on your Truck or Car and they pre scrub your tires and side of truck or Car and they are very professional at what they do

jason george

great facility

Erwin Galeano

Kristian Burst

Sarah Coudrain

Dee Marie

Great value! But I noticed an increase in cost since they redesigned the entrance to prohibit use of vacuum abuse for those who do not get a car wash. But why put the cost on the regular customers who use the full service? Or was the price increase due to an increase of water? Inquiring mind wants to know. ....


Molly Daigle

Joshua Waltrip

Laura Morris

Augie Doucet

A very good place to get your vehicle wash clean prices are very moderate and employees are very kind and polite to you always

Wayne G.

Daniel Duet

BEWARE!.... Not only was the carwash throwing tire shine or grease all over the side of my car every time i washed it, but the car wash also caused $450 worth of damage to my car....WHICH THE OWNER REFUSES TO FIX....and i wasnt the first one with damage either

Dionne Boudreaux

Free vaccum clean

Jacob Tabony

Brad Branson

Jason Lampo

Curley Jones


Sandra Simpson

Andrew Tranchina

Mike Sharp

Danny Crutchfield

Aubrey Gaytan

Marcel Haik

Jessica Barrett

Jc Pomes

Friendly service. free vacuums. Free scrubbing section.

Christine Evans

Candy Sheridan

andrew vigueira

A good value at 5 bucks for a basic easy and free vaccumns.

Matthew Griffin

Christopher Cascio

Mahmoud Ahmed

My first time at this place I went in for a car wash and unfortunately the machine wrecked my car. It pulled half of my bumper off (see pictures). When I went to see the person working there he looked at the cameras and said they were not responsible because I had previous damage. I was given a picture of what my car looked like before it went in and they say we can clearly see that I had a small piece of my bumper sticking out which got caught on the machine. I was able to get in contact with Reagan the owner. He was really helpful and nice. I really liked the way he handled the situation. I believe he was trying his best to be fair and told me it's not their fault and they will not repair my car. I told him that I have been in many car washes with my "previous damage" and I never had this happen. From reading the reviews it seems I'm not the first person to have this happen to them here. I am giving this place one star because I honestly believe they are responsible for the damages and I am stuck with a broken bumper. Make sure your car is in good condition before going in to this car wash. Go to Pelican Point just 10 minutes away instead. They do a better job and it's only 5 dollars.

Joseph G.

Mark Alexander

My cousin had his vehicle damaged in their machines and just read a few posts stating the same thing. I even read a response by the owner who refuses to even compensate somewhat to satisfy his customers. BEWARE!!


Damon Dauser

quick fast and cheap, what more can you ask?

Mercedes and Family Cretchen

Very classy car wash.

Jason McCammon

Lori Earl

Love this wash !

Andrea Majoria

Best automated car wash I've been through. Every time I visit the staff is very friendly and my car comes out perfect after getting their top wash.

Jack Sickman

Free vacuums after you get your car done I selected the Supreme after driving back from Georgia the other day the car was well washed blown and waxed with the tire signs and everything good value I do it again

Brian Murphy

Great car wash with free vacuum use. Fairly priced as well.


Denis hossley

Carl Eberts

Ashley Estell

It's $6 now

Sandra H

Sharon Angelo

Eric Lee

Clayton Schuler

Jessica burr

Staff were friendly and extremely helpful!!

Johnny Ortiz

Great Service

Mike Treadway

Purchased the highest priced wash on 2 different occasions and both times a considerable amount of dirt was left on the vehicle. The tail gate looked as if the scrubbers hadn't even touched it.

suzi kloiber

Okay for self serve


$10 wash left a lot of pollen on top of the car.

Lauren Martin

micah oramous

To high of price

Dean Robinson

Free vacuums and carpeted floor mat cleaning after you go through the automatic car wash. They also sell a small selection of detailing products.

Holly Revels

bryan billiot

charles jeanfreau, jr

Chevy cajunguy

Easy and fast

Andres Saldana

Had to really vacuum my truck their vacuums are strong.

Aaron Long

Tiger Folks

9:45 August 27, 2016 business not open. Has happened several times on Saturdays.



Tonya T

Guys are efficient and quick as they get your car ready for a great wash. I always choose the premium for a shiny car and tires!

William Ware

OK car wash

Mark V. Winslow

Quick and easy!

Henry A Rodriguez Jr

My preferred carwash

Lindsey Butler

jamie baham

Nathan Judge

Bhavin Chauhan


Stylzz inc.

James Williams

Okay place to wash your vehicle. If you have a visor on the back...expect soap to still be on your car. ...I can wash my car at home and get all the soap off...

Joseph Strickland

MIke Henkey

Look no further folks this place has it all free vacuums affordable pricing and friendly staff. Why would you want to go anywhere else????

Connor Upchurch

Danny Carreras

I likey

Karen Supan

Jack Vincent

Equipment does a good job cleaning vehicles. Have washed cars and pick ups there.

Grant Risk

Nicole Bingham

Cruz Maria Morales

Their prewash area is great for getting an initial scrub before going through the wash and the vaccums work really well but the wash itself often smelled weird and was rough on the truck. We always had to readjust the mirrors and recently replaced the two passenger door handles that just so happen to be on the side that got banged the most.

Mchele Memtsas

My car is always very clean

Mark Tortomasi

Smurf Odyssey

Everything u need to wash ur car and nore. Great seevice

owais ali raza khateeb

tonya willie anderson

James Morgan

Everything works well to get your vehicle spotless. Well, dang close. Prewash and vacuums are more than adequate and I have never had to wait.

Gregory Morris

I have never had an issue with this place and have always been happy with the car wash. The first time I came to this location I didn’t realize they had the wash station before you go in for you to do. Which I kind of like more than someone just spraying your car. I can make sure I get the hard to clean areas or bugs on the front that are really glued on there. I didn’t realize this initially and they let me rerun it through to make sure I got my car cleaned.

Rockett Williams

kevin Jackson

Shannon Coats

I love the fact that they have prewash stations to get the hard to reach areas that car washes usually miss.

Devon Shinkovich

T Chow

Robert Polkamp

NOT a full service car wash but cost is reasonable.


Kinda run down. Vacuums need help, most are broken.

Mr T

Good wash, good vacuum and cleaning area. Very economical.

Linda Rodick

Loved this car wash everything in one stop .

Amber Lemoine

Used to be my favorite. Not so much now due to the new lanes in their lot. I prefer to vacuum my car BEFORE I wash it, not visa versa!

Gi Bock

Alexis Chrzanowski

Great carwash does a good job and free vacuums!!

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