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REVIEWS OF Safari Car Wash IN Louisiana

Craig Balestra

William Stein III

They did a great job on my truck. Lools like new and fast! Even during a very busy time. I have no complaints. Price is competitive and personal service.

jenifer plummer

Love this place! Their expert cleaning techniques got my car ready to be sold. It took off ten years and smelled like a million bucks! Taking all my cars here in the future.

Edgardo Zavala Pinet

This place was ok. Today was my first day. I usually go richs carwash. Outside wash I see no difference from the $8 at richs. Go for the $12 package and it's waaaay better than safaris. Inside, well, I always spent 10 minutes using the vacuum at ricks and it's also waaaaay better than safaris. I've attached pictures from inside taken 10 minutes after I left safari. Take a look and you make your own judgement. Me? I'm spending $8 or $12, even if I have to spend 10 minutes vacuuming my car. Waaay cleaner. I went with the $20.90 package plus $3 tip.

Katrina Veith

Service is pretty hit or miss. We paid for the $30 wash and the car was still dirty inside and out, there were 2 cars in front of us and only one behind us, so they weren't busy. The woman up front told us that the car was ready and had been inspected. There was still dust on the dashboard, things stuck to the windshield, and we didn't get an air freshener. Other times they have done a great job, the vacuum is always done well. Of course you have to remove the things from your car so they can get to the floors, but I know this and do so.

Richard Conville

Johanna Cuarezma

Barnaby Chancellor

Darryl Sanders

Greg Woodside

Gary Snyder

You pay more for less here. The wash itself has consistently left swirl marks in my paint because it appears they do not clean/replace their scrubbers nor filter the dirty water they cycle through in the first wash stages well enough. Your car might look clean but look at it closer on a sunny day after leaving this place! Even worse is the broom they scrub dirt into the back of your car with that gets rinsed over and over in filthy water. Not only do they not do the job well they punish your paint too. Over time this place will eat your clear coat. The vacuums they have don't seem to be as well maintained or suck as well as other places either, which isn't entirely a dealbreaker so much as an annoyance. Their prices are high. They're higher than most other full-service places and the results *do not show*. Having been to Safari Car Wash a handful of times because it's a little closer to me I can make a fair assertion that you should take your money elsewhere. Today cemented that decision for me. The guy who is usually awkwardly "helping you" select your wash accosted me today in front of my children. I pulled into the vacuums first because I always forget to pull into there after the wash because they're a bit out of sight of the exit. As I step out of my car this guy comes up to me and barks at me that I have to buy a wash first to use the vacuums. Upon my merely asserting that I was definitely buying a wash after and I went to the vacs first because I always forget he started swearing at me. When I tried telling him I came there frequently and was definitely buying a wash he came to a boil and cut me off and told me he was going to "kick my ..." if I didn't "take it to the street and never come back or he would knock my ....... teeth out" et cetera et cetera with a bunch of expletives. He was threatening me in front of my kids for the littlest thing! I warned him my dash cam was recording him in some hopes of avoiding a physical altercation with him hitting me or my car and it seemed to remind him he had something to lose for his petty anger and I was able to leave from there. I will be taking my weekly $12 wash down the street to the [insert Louisiana state bird name here ;) ] Car Wash from now on, where I get more wash for my money, less damaging equipment, an area where you can pre-soak the bugs on your car, better vacuums, and staff there don't have hair-trigger anger issues. Looking around at other reviews my issues with this place seem to be consistent. I don't know why I chose convenience over quality through giving this place too many chances for this long. Now that I'm "banned" for trying to use the vacuums first (trust me, with the attitude you had, I had already banned YOU first) I have no reason to give this place my money and I can only hope in addition to losing my patronage you the reader also heed my warning.

J Nguyen

Need a a quick car wash ? Stop here .. Friendly staff .. After my wash i noticed my windows were still streaky .. I called store . the manager took note for me to return for them to fix it ... Great customer service .

Brandon M

Tammy Ur

High price,

Brandon Cox

darian Jackson


Great full-service car wash. They also do detailing on a drop-off, reservation basis.

Joel Schroeder

Good place to get a quick car wash

Julia Ellingsworth

Eugene Thornton

Too expensive after repairs. Your location on Veterans was closed over a month. Prices increased due maintenance issues.

Cj Sciortino

Ben Brainis

The best in Metairie

Douglas Fortinberry

OK, I keep giving them a chance to do a better job. They just never do anything but an average one. I will probably not return. They just can't seem to get large areas of dirt and miss obvious spots. I'm not looking for an auto detail but at least get all the surfaces clean.

J Cole

Good job and don exceptional

Kurt Palacios

Was refused service after I just called for availability, lied about a chain bring broken. Lies!!!

Jaime Gurtler

John Perez

Too expensive. Horrible. Just wash your car yourself.

Micah Martello

Carol Cotton

Darin Bartlett

Quick service and they do a good job!

Luis Alberto Ortiz Ayala


Nice Guys Movers

Hannah Elle

I've been coming here for awhile, but will never return as this afternoon I pulled up to vacuum my car out. Sitting inside organizing my stuff I hear a hug "thud" I look to see the man emptying the trash hit my car with the vacuum hose and continued on with his work. I said "excuse me?" he shrugged and walked away! Luckily my car wasn't damaged but I couldn't believe the lack of respect for my vehical and me. I will never come back!

Chase Gitter

They did a very good job of cleaning my truck in the end. I got the safari wash with dash and door and leather cleaning. The team member that helped me choose which service I wanted was very nice and accommodating followed up by a very friendly cashier. However, the team member that wash doing interior cleaning after the wash was very grumpy and glared at me. After taking a quick look I realized that the door jams weren't clean and pointed it out to the final inspector and he took care of it instantly doing a great job. The only other thing to consider when going there is it normally takes around 45 minutes.

Kathy Ortra

They did a great job on my car. Lots of happy employees

Alex Varela

This is my first time coming here to safari I own a 2016 mustang GT I asked for a hand wash they did an amazing job they focus on every little detail I recommend coming here and detailing your car if you want excellent service Kyle(new guy) is great with customers and will be doing windshield repairs if needed so come here and check it out

Kristine Pichon

Melissa Lane

Not impressed at all. Was not worth $28.00 plus tip

Heather Young

Pretty decent for the money

Linda Leblanc

Does a beautiful job on cars, trucks, SUVs and vans

Edgardo Dalson

Steve Woodward

They did a great job on the inside but that was all . My windows were dirty inside and out. Chrome on the outside was not wiped down. Overall bad experience. I will not be returning

Rebeca C

Would of gave it 5 stars but the receptionist/cashier was extremely rude. Great wash though

Marcel Davis Sr

Just picked up my vehicle from sarfari carwash and very satisfied as usual. They did a great job detailing my vehicle and have done so for 12 years. The manager and staff goes above and beyond the call of duty when working with customers. I will be a customer for a long time to come in the future.

Tina Smith

Tina Spence

Paid a lot of money for the crap job they did, and then while cleaning the inside that they weren't paid to do, someone stole $20 out of my wallet. DO NOT GO!!! THEY WILL ROB YOU!!!


The best car wash in Metairie

tleaux tleaux

Quality wash for the price.

Olufisayo Otusanya

Excellent service

Arun Meda

Visited this place for a car wash. I had safari full package car wash with all interior cleaning and coating, interior refreshner etc., which costed about 29$. The car wasn’t vaccumed properly, there where tree leaves in the trunk, inner side of the door was not wiped properly. The air refreshner wasn’t provided which was included in price. When I asked the associate he wasn’t responsive. Will never visit this place again

John Boyd

James Brusgard

Glad I drove all the way out to Metairie for a car was only to find the place closed at 4:35 despite the hours being listed as closing at 5. If you are gonna close at 4:30 change your listed hours so people don't end up wasting time and gas going there for nothing.

Michael McAndrew

Kelly Ardoin

wish there was a safari in nola

Grant Dubyak

Tyler Arbour

I didn't think one could have a bad experience getting your car washed, but they managed. I went in about 45 minutes prior to closing to get my car washed and get a chip on my windshield fixed. For reasons not entirely clear to me, the windshield person couldn't be found and then took forever. Next thing we knew, the carwash was closing around us, we couldn't find a manager, and my windshield still wasn't fixed and my car was still dirty. What ultimately made me furious was nobody came to discuss with me any issues with personnel/timing. I just sat there, and when I asked what the status was they got defensive with me. I left with a fixed windshield, a sort-of hand-washed car after I expressed my dissatisfaction, and no apologies after being there for over an hour and 15 minutes.

Jeff Mayden

Always closed with no notice

Tm Jo

My car still had dirt on it. And one of the wipers sat in my car and the carpet was dirty after. I made a mistake and left money in my cup holder it was gone less than 5min after. Be careful.

Mel Pavon

Don't be discouraged by the line of cars waiting to be washed they move really quickly and are very detail-oriented when it comes to cleaning the interior and exterior of your car.

Ian Burnette

Rude. Expensive. Car wasn't cleaned well on interior.

Keith W. Bliven

matthew dauser


June Fallo

Been using Safari for twenty years. If you feel like somethings wrong, just point at it and 2 to 3 service men or a manager will be right there to fix it. 13th car wash free, no card they remember for you. Whether it's a quick wash or detailed service, Safari has always been polite, kind, caring and treated myself, my car and others with great respect. Well worth the stop and experience.

Sheran Elias

(Translated by Google) Friendly and helpful staff, clean and comfortable price. (Original) Personal amable y servicial , limpio y precio comodos.

R Pierre

Nice and clean they do a good job on your car

Amado Dávila

(Translated by Google) Of the last in its kind (Original) De los últimos en su especie

Pamela Rieth

Like getting a new car!

Dennis Willoz


Andre Davis

This is the BEST carwash in the region, no one does it better, the pricing is spot on, they are fair, constant and the quality of work is superior. Take it from me, my first job was at a carwash 40 years ago and I am an expert on cleaning a car. This group knows how to do it and they do it better then any in the area. OUTSTANDING

Julie Dubois

Edward Pepperman

Always good job on our trucks

Noslack 504

Didn't do a good job on the inside and the whip down on the outside was about 25% incomplete

Pascal Warner


They do a good job. A couple of things could improve, but you can't beat their $30 range cleaning. They do get a line but it moves pretty quickly. (I don't go right when they open, I find if you wait a while, the line is not so long.)

Janice Brown

Carl Bonura

Pretty good job but not perfect


Good job in car cleaning

Ab Melly

I normally bring my car to Pelican Pointe car wash for the $8 wash, and wipe it down and vacuum it myself. Since I'm in the process of trying to sell my car, I decided it needed a more thorough cleaning so I decided to try Safari Car Wash, which is THREE times the price of Pelican Pointe. Big mistake. The "detailing" of the interior only covers the front and back seats apparently. My cargo area was not vacuumed at all and that was my whole reason for wanting it vacuumed! Also, the bottom of the sides of the car weren't wiped down and the front of my car is still LOADED with bugs! I will never, I mean never, go to this car wash again. I thought about bringing it back and having them re-do it, but I was on my lunch break so I didn't have time. If I could figure out how to attach a picture of the front of my car that's still filthy, I totally would. The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because the cashier was friendly.

Gina Dean

They do a pretty good job cleaning my car whenever I go, though I always find stuff they missed. I was a bit ticked off today however to find that a pack of gum I had lying on a shelf under the radio had been obviously raided, with the carton torn and only three pieces left of an almost full container. Not sure if I will return if I can’t trust them not to take my things.

Buzz Rousselle

Bobby Hayes

Chad Washington

Donald Jones

I have been taking my truck to Safari for over a year and a half! I live in Texas, but work in the NOLA area. The folks at Safari are great, they always do a great job on my truck, great full service car wash. The only issue I ever had was when a storm knocked out the wash area and they attempted to wash by hand. But they are back online now and doing great!!

Leslie Dunn

Very satisfied!

Ramidi Priyatham Reddy

Car Exteriors Cleaning was definetely good and that's what the 3 stars are for. The deep cleaning for the Interior was not satisfactory. I would not recommend this place for Interiors. I paid $ 28.95 for both combined.

Bill Stavrakakis

Andrea F

They will close at a moment's notice if rain is pending. They are almost always packed. But they are quick and very attentive to details. Every part is vacuumed, polished and touched. They are quick and thorough. They are a well oiled machine. The longest I've ever spent here is 40 minutes. Awesome!

Rigby Hotshot

Kent Berger

R. Davis

Wil The Great

very awesome place.. too expensive though.. 28.99$ for a decent wash inside and out. the so called "triple wax" doesn't do anything

Austin Sherman

I always receive great service and leave with a thoroughly clean car at a reasonable price. It's the fastest and best car wash in the city IMO!

Monica G

I never leave reviews but this is the second time this has happened to me.... pay 28 usd and got back a dirty car, they didn't even took the trash out of the third row of my mini van... nothing was done in the back, my side doors where dirty as well.... save yourself some money and go pay 5 dollars for a car wash and clean it yourself inside you will get better result... the manager offer me to go back for another cleaning but honestly no thank you... checking out for sure

Peter LaRose

My Friend over here always takes extra special care of my Truck

Robert Gibson

Getting very expensive. Price now $29 for a Safari wash.

Luis Alberto Ortiz

(Translated by Google) Good cleaning of cars (Original) Buena limpieza de autos

Tony Munson

Maryann Phillips

I went there yesterday to get my Jeep detailed and paid $23.95. Did not inspect my Jeep because they have always done a good job. Looked at it today most of the drivers side is still dirty part of the hood and passenger side as well. Tried to call and it keeps ringing and then goes to a fax.

Ruby Le

This is my first time going there and omg unbelievable!! There were a bunch of people and I chose handwashing via auto, assuming it's better since we're not machine. So after like 15 or 20 mins , my car was pulled up in the front and I was like "wow that's fast, I hope they did a good job." I went to take a look at my car and noticed dirt was still on my rims and hood was a bit dirty so I told the worker to clean it a bit for me and I was glad he did. I thought everything was good at that moment. I paid 45$ which included car wash and vacuum and I tipped 10$ for their hard work and my main focus was the exterior but boy was I disappointed when I got home. I found a white line going down by the passenger side which I didn't noticed earlier assuming it wasn't dried up then. No matter how much I try to remove it , it won't go away. I just now realized it's a scratch against something. My mirror is still dirty so is the back of my trunk. My new car now is ruined and I'm truly devastated. My first and last time going here .

Shelly DeAtley

I took my car here last Saturday for the first and last time. They were very busy, but I expected that on a Saturday. I got the $23.95 package to have the interior/exterior done. When the car first came out of the wash I was happy, it was so shiny. Then reality set in. I walked outside and noticed that employees were pointing/laughing at my car, so I went to see what was going on. I had a flat tire!!! My tire was perfectly fine before going there. And the employees were laughing!! I was so furious, they finally did change it for me, but it took a lot of complaining to get it changed. It was a joke to them, I was so shocked and upset. They gentleman said to be the manager was very rude and uncaring. And they didn't even touch my back seat, which needed vacuumed badly and the cup holder in the back seat wasn't even wiped out! I guess the back seat area isn't included in the "interior" part of the car. I have never seen such unprofessional people working anywhere. They really need to review the type of people they hire. And good luck with the cashier when you are ready to pay, she was coloring and not caring at all about checking people out. I will never trust these people with my car again.

kafi jasmine

Could have done a better job for the price. I could still see my son's hand prints on the passenger side of the car & they broke the anchor belt on his carseat. No one said a word.

Rolando Figueroa

Nice people...

Fred Frenandez

Frank Abell

Got the full “Safari” - Excellent! Terrifically clean inside and out!

irish nation

Employees chit chat to long.long lines which is fine but the added time that they talk makes my wait even longer for the price i pay i should not have to endure unnecessary extra wait time due to employees gossiping amongst themselves not with customers.

Luís Alberto Ortiz Ayala

(Translated by Google) He works on cleaning the car and has something like that true jijiji (Original) Se trabaja en limpieza del auto y tiene fiel algo así jijiji

Ms Angel SD

I've been to Safari twice. The car wash its self is decent about the same as any where I've been to. The cashier has an attitude and just sits there eating her candy and looking at you crazy if you ask a question. The wipe down was ok but alot of missed spots door jamns half done and windows still spotty and my ac vents. Last time i went they did a great job vaccuming this time there were spots missed and they didnt vaccum ubder my mats. Unless service improves ill be going to the other full service wash little further away but same price and better job.

Barnell tatum jr

Left and noticed my change was gone. Someone had moved my water bottle and took the coins under it. And my car is white so I could clearly see that around the bottom of the car was not done

Dustin Almond

Don't go, I spent $53 with the main focus on the inside of my truck. Not only did they leave the door jams unwhiped, the vacuum part of the inside was a joke. Go else where.

Daniel Hogan

Great service


UPDATE 6/21/2016: Since my visit in January, I've come back two times in hopes of finding improvement. As you can see by my rating, they are finally meeting expectations for a full-service carwash at this cost. The front cashier employees are also more attentive and their customer service has improved. The first time back, their full service system was up and operating, and even though I was quite a few cars back, was finished within 20 minutes. The truck was very clean and the tire shine was applied evenly. They also vacuumed out every bit of grass/dirt from my carpet (which is black), so it's clear the effort and attention to detail were there this time. The second visit was just a week ago. Unfortunately, they have some issues with the roof, so the drive through clean area was not operating. For $30, they hand washed the truck without vacuuming, and finished in about 20 minutes. Not a bad price for what is considered a perk at other full-service washes. I appreciate the improvement I've seen here since my 12 visits overall and I hope they continue to regard customer feedback in their quality control process. ORIGINAL POST 1/12/2016: I've been bringing my car here the last 10 times I've need a wash and vacuum. Unfortunately, today was not a good experience at all. I arrived there at 9:40am and was about 3 cars back in line. The wait was short this time and they got my car through rather quickly after a good vacuum. However, they were experiencing technical difficulties and the car did not receive soap until halfway through the dispenser. Then, the rinse cycle did not function, as well as only one spinning side washer functioned. So, when my car was reaching the blower near the end, it was barely washed and covered in soap/liquid wax. There were three of us whose cars went through during this malfunction. I had to go outside and tell the drying crew to take my car around again for a second pass. What chaps my rear is that they didn't offer to move me to the front of the line (nor did they for the other two customers). So, I was there a total of 45 minutes while waiting behind 10 other cars who came after me. I didn't talk with any employees in the building about the huge inconvenience, as I was hoping they would show initiative and offer a consolation discount or refund. I stood in the building for the entire time near the front cashier and nothing was made right. So, I will NEVER be a patron of this business again. The lack of customer service was abysmal and shocking for a business that has been established in the area for quite some time. I will be publishing this review on every site I can think of.

Ryan Clark

Not satisfied at all with this car wash. I paid for the highest level but it looks like they just flew through it as fast as possible. The inside of my car, both the front and the back, was soaking wet when I got it back. None of my doormats were locked back into place like they were when I dropped it off. They also broke the cup holder in the back seat. The only reason I went to Safari was because I didn’t feel like vacuuming it myself at one of the other car washes but the vacuum job they did was subpar at best so I’m going to have to redo it myself anyway. Safari is not worth the time or money just go wash it yourself!

Erin McDonald

Fast service my car always looks great after

Frederick Haas

Byron Buck

Consistent product. Guys do a pretty good job inside and out. They use your lisence plate number for buy 10 get 11 free.

Robert Suhor

Vincent Piazza

Always closed

Nelson Sanchez

Evan Trapani

Good quality

Ana McMasters

Debra Bairnsfather

Never disappointed

B Hilbert

Great staff. Very throughout

Catahoula Tattoo

louis gambina

shiva adireddy

Maria P

I had a bad experience couple days ago. Got the most expensive wash and it had terrible results. The car was not even that dirty before the wash, but after wash it was just awful. For some reason it had a bunch of dirty spots, but the worst thing that it's all covered with wax, so those dirty spots are very hard to clean. It looks like you just basicaly applied wax on a dirty surface. My car is white color and all the dirt is visible. Not happy with the interior cleaning. I have white seats and interior. Had a splash of coke on the passenger door and it was still there after "cleaning". Over all just waste of time and money. Second star for the past experiences, but I think this is my last time coming here.

Aaron Hebert

Used to be 5 stars. Raised price and quality of wash went down.

Donovan Livaccari

Safari is a little pricey, but they do a good job.

Jack Tillay

Have used Safari for years. Today attendant would not allow me to use floor mat sqeege because mats were "wet". That is how it works best and name plate has no such restriction. Loved Safari but need to find one with trained and qualified attendants.

Tim Bourgeois

Omar Khalid

Sandy L

I took a Wash on The Wildside for $28.95. Unfortunately, when I got home, I had to finish detailing the inside. My doors had dirty scuff marks on it from my toddler's shoes, that came off easily when I wiped it down. They didn't vacuum the backseat at all. And there were other bits and pieces that I wasn't very happy with. $28.95 is an excellent deal IF you get everything they advertise.

Pearl Gloston

Libna Ponce

Rie Rivolo

Joey Polito

Did a great job.

Carver Grant

Nice car wash, they did a good job

Gnans Y

I guess these people care about money more than Quality. I have taken the safari car wash which is the top level car wash they offer at the cost $28.95. By this a customer would expect the Quality at top level, but the Quality i got is at the bottom level. The pictures speaks for themselves at the poor job that was done by this car wash. Bad Vacuuming(i guess they didn't even vacuum. The seat that's in the picture is the Driver's seat ), bad cleaning, Just terrible job. FYI: These picture were taken right after the car was handover to me.

Shane McBride

Nathan Wallo

A great place to get your vehicle detailed and cleaned. It's also a pretty affordable price, as far as detailing goes.

Bruce Montreuil

Good service funny people

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